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Tapping into Real Psychic Power

real psychic powerThe evidence for real psychic power is all around.  But, is there a way for us to tap into it to better our lives and the lives of those around us?

Here at RealPsychicPower.com we will show you examples of psychic power in action.  The more examples you see of psychic power in action the more you’ll realize that you also have latent and sometimes, depending on the situation, not so latent psychic abilities of your own.

Here we will give you steps you can take now to increase your intuition and open and expand your mind as well as develop your  psychic abilities or esp.

Your first step should be to sign up for our Free Mind Power Training.   Just enter your best email address into the signup box on the sidebar of this page (right underneath the header), confirm your email and you’ll immediately join our Free Mind Power Training Program!

When you do join the free mind power training program list you’ll also get immediate access to download some great ebooks designed to boost your mind power.


Free Mind Power Training!

tap into psychic powerWhen you join our Free Mind Power Training List, the first mind power ebook you’ll get to download is a mini psychic power training manual.   The second book is called Discover and Unleash Your Power, How to Make Your Thoughts a Reality.

Although the evidence that real psychic power exists is abundant, the fact remains that there are also a myriad of psychic scam artists and frauds preying on those looking for answers to their problems – from relationships and love life to lost loved ones, and money woes and financial hardships and beyond.   In that regard we’ll offer advice on psychic hotlines and psychic readers as well as a variety of psychic networks.

In the end though you’ll want to rely on your own  intuition and mind power when confronting situations in your life.  Why put your faith in someone else’s predictions when you can let your own inner guide indicate the best path.  Increase your sensitivity and mind power here with our free training.  While it is certainly ok to get psychic readings take them with a grain of salt.  Ultimately you’ll want to be your own best psychic!

On this mind power site we also seek your input.  In the various article and video posts detailing the paranormal please leave your comments letting us know of any psychic related experiences you may have had, any psychic scams you may have experienced as well as if you have any psychic abilities of your own.

We intend the real psychic power site to be a collaborative effort.  Let others know what works for you in relation to increasing your own psychic abilities or mind power.   The more we share with each other the more help it will be for all of us!

Once again please join our free Mind Power Training Program list to start attracting more of what you want into your life.  And while here definitely amp up your power with all the free content here at the  real psychic power site.

Weird Psychic Powers
Do you have any weird psychic powers?    If you do please let us know in the comments section below.  In fact, if you have any psychic powers - strange or not - let us know.  I've got a couple of weird psychic powers of  my own one of which I'll detail below.  They are nothing spectacular but all the same strange. As you've seen here on Realpsychicpower.com we've featured a number of folks [...]
Accurate Predictions About 2014
No, these are not some psychics predictions about 2014 that may or may not come true.  Rather they are predictions made in 1964 by writer Isaac Asimov.  Now, these may be less psychic and more a look at societal trends but I found these predictions of the future to be interesting nonetheless. Watching this video triggered a memory of some books I have read about those who have had future life [...]
Quantum Jumping Meditation – Be the Super You
Just created a new Quantum Jumping Meditation video for you loosely based on the concept of Quantum Jumping.   What this positive motivation video does is give you affirmations that encourage you to be the best possible you - a Super You. The video is based on the premise that there are multiple alternate dimensions that may contain alternate versions of you.  This is loosely based on Burt Goldman's [...]
Kirtan Call for Krishna Das
So I just finished watching the movie One Track Heart that highlights the life of Krishna Das, an American born mystic, musician, singer and chanter.   He specializes in singing Kirtans, a devotional chanting from India in which the audience often particpates.   Born Jeffrey Kagel, Das moved from New York to the Himalayas in 1970 to become a disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, better known as Maharajji. [...]
10 Humans with Superpowers
In  my internet travels I came across this video highlighting 10 humans with superpowers.  Some of them you may have seen before.  Several of the folks featured in the video directly attribute their superhuman powers to the power of the mind. Those listed as humans with superpowers included: 10.  Michael Lotito - a man with the ability to eat anything including glass, rocks, and metal.  I [...]
Psychic Protection Video
Here is a new Psychic Protection video I've just created.   Listen to it to help cleanse your aura of any negative influences.  Psychically protect yourself from psychic vampires, bad energies, negative thoughts and influences and more.  The more you listen to the psychic protection video the more you should carry around with you the feeling of being protected wherever you go. Affirmations in [...]
Woman’s Psychic Vision Helps Police Find Body of Missing Boy
Pam Ragland had a psychic vision that prompted her to call a search hotline and connect with police concerning the search for a missing boy in Riverside, California.   As the police drove her around she found the area in her dream and it was there that the body of the boy, 11-year-old Terry Smith, was found. Have you seen the psychic vision training in hypnotist Steve G. Jones Psychic Desire [...]
The Real Super Powers of Master Zhou
Enter the world of Master Zhou.  But is he a master of real super powers?   You decide! One of Master Zhou's supposed real super powers is his ability to withstand intense heat.  In the video above not only is the Master able to run his hand over a red hot bar but he actually sticks his tongue on it as well. Zhou was to be featured on Stan Lee's superhero show as a person with real super [...]
Is This a Real Mind Reading Device?
Is there such a thing as a real mind reading device?  There may be now.   Discover for yourself the truth from this TED talk from Rebecca Saxe on how brains make moral judgements.   More telling than anything may be the fact that the government is looking into her research.  That fact is telling and scary at the same time. Saxe is a cognitive neuro-scientist who tackles the question of how to [...]
Positive Spiritual Affirmations
This video contains a variety of positive spiritual affirmations to give your mind and spirit a nice boost. The positive spiritual affirmations found in the video include those listed below: You recognize and acknowledge the divine spirit in and around you. Divine gifts flow to you. You are the creator of your destiny. You are loved. You are loving. You welcome the divine spirit within you. You [...]
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