10 Humans with Superpowers

humanswithsuperpowersIn  my internet travels I came across this video highlighting 10 humans with superpowers.  Some of them you may have seen before.  Several of the folks featured in the video directly attribute their superhuman powers to the power of the mind.

Those listed as humans with superpowers included:

10.  Michael Lotito – a man with the ability to eat anything including glass, rocks, and metal.  I don’t know if he was superhuman or supercrazy but it was said he digested 9 tons of metal during his life!

9.  Mas Oyama – called the Godhand, a nickname taken from the Japanese motto “one strike, certain death.”   This karate master fought over 50 bulls and could kill them with one blow.

8.  Scott Flansburg- the Human Calculator.

7. Ma Xiangang – the Electric Man said to be immune to electricity.

6.  Wim Hof – the Ice Man.  Able to withstand extreme cold we featured him in an earlier RealPsychicPower post.

5.  Isao Machii – the Super Samurai.  Machii has been photographed slicing pellets shot by a gun in half.   This is one case where someone taking a knife to a gunfight might actually stand a chance!

4.  Dave Mullins – the Fishman.  With a single breath the fishman swam 244 meters over 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

3.  Kim Peek – the Human Google.  Need to know an obscure fact just Google it – or ask Kim Peek.  Peek was the inspiration for the Dustin Hoffman character in the Rain Man.

2.  Ben Underwood – the Bat Man.  A real life batman, Underwood who lost his eyes from cancer at the age of three, used echolocation like bats do to get around.

1.  John Chang – Dynamo Jack.   Chang was a quigong master and reputed healer who was said to generate heat with his hands.

These are just 10 humans with superpowers that may or may not be due to the power of their minds.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands more with superhuman type abilities.   We have featured a few of them here at realpsychicpower including the following:

The Ultramarathon Man

Strongman Dennis Rogers

Master Zhou

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