1000 Psychic Power Images in 1 Minute with Mind Boosting Audio

Here is the 1000 psychic power images in 1 minute video with a mind boosting audio combined with a driving motivational music soundtrack.

Some of the powerful positive affirmations in this psychic power images video include the ones below:

The infinite power of the universe flows through you.

You flow with power.

You are energized.

You flow with love and light.

You are being of infinite power.

You are immortal.

These images activate your subconscious mind power.

You are one with the universe.

These images energize you.

Everytime you watch this video your power increases.

All are attracted to you.

Your mind is strong.

You are bright.

You are confident.

You are assertive.

You are strong in spirit.

You are strong in mind.

You are strong in body.

You are being of infinite love.

You are a being of infinite light.

These are just some of the psychic power affirmations found in the psychic power images video.  Now these psychic images flash by rather rapidly so your conscious mind may not see the full image but your subconscious will absorb powerful images.  Mixed with the mind power audio affirmations this should give your entire being a powerful boost.

Below is a very limited sample of some of the psychic power images you’ll see flash in the psychic power images video.


psychic power images

psychic power images

psychic power image

psychic image

5 Responses to “1000 Psychic Power Images in 1 Minute with Mind Boosting Audio”

  1. Chris Tanner says:

    To occultme and charlie:
    The answer is yes/however-
    When we were young we heard “You are this/that, positive and negative.” So to hear affirmations in this format we must listen as listening to our parents or someone of influence. That’s how I see it.
    Many blessings

  2. occultme says:

    The Affirmations are more powerful with the use of the sentence “I AM”.

  3. ramuk says:


    Please let me know how I can go about your mind power training. There is so much data available on the website that I am confused on how to go about the training. I have subscribed to the newsletter. I have downloaded 2 books.. unleashpower and psychic.exe… Do I just follow the E-mails or is there more?

    • says:

      Hi Ramuk,

      Just follow the emails. I will also try to add more training to the site soon. Also, if you can get hold of a good visualization book, like Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and also any of Jose Silva’s Silva Mind Control books (both should be free in your local library), read those as both are fantastic for helping you visualize and control your thoughts. I’m also going to try and add some audios in the near future as well. In addition, many of the videos featured on the site are designed to help you expand and train your mind and can be rewatched again for more effectiveness.

      have a fantastic day!


  4. Charly says:


    i wonder why the affirmations are not in the 1st person? Is an affirmation not more effective when written in the 1st person?



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