A Psychic Dream of a New Pope?

A recent tweet by Yolanda de Mena, the girlfriend of Alejandro Rodriguez de Cabo, pointed to an apparent psychic dream of de Cabo’s from 4 am in which he saw a new pope and the pope  would be named Francisco 1.  At the time of the pope’s resignation, de Mena tweeted that her boyfriend had had a psychic dream the previous night  and that in it he saw a new pope named Francisco 1.

psychicdreamThere is some question as to the timing of Yolanda’s tweet, whether it was before or after the announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedictus.  What is clear is that there was never a pope named Francis until the newly selected pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who later claimed the name of Francis 1 for himself.

There definitely seems to be a psychic component to this psychic dream of Alejandro Rodriguez de Cabo.  What is your take on this story of a psychic dream?  Is de Cabo the new Nostradomus, or just another in the long line of those who have psychic dreams, or something different?   If you haven’t seen our post on Psychic Dreams that Come True yet head on over there and check it out.  Be sure to read the comments concerning the psychic dreams of many of our members!

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