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alpha mind powerHere is an alpha mind power video with isochronic tones in the alpha range for brain wave entrainment and to help put you in an alpha state.  It also has positive mind power affirmations along with a peaceful soothing music background.   This is all geared to utilizing the power of the subconscious mind along with the conscious mind.

The alpha state is found in the brainwave frequency between 7-14 hz.  The alpha state is usually associated with daydreams, creative visualization, meditation and accessing the subconscious mind.  Isochronic tones are a type of brainwave entrainment that can  help your mind better align or entrain with this frequency.   This alpha mind power video then is ideal for helping put you into that alpha state and allowing you to access the power of the subconscious while implanting the powerful positive affirmations in this video directly.

This alpha mind power video contains the following affirmations:

You can access high levels of thought.

Your mind is powerful.

You are a beacon of love.

You have a magnetic power that others are drawn to.

You have a magnetic personality.

You flow with unlimited power.

The power of your mind is infinite.

You are charismatic.

All are attracted to your powerful presence.

You flow with love and light.

You flow with love and light.

You flow with joy and happiness.

You flow with joy and happiness.

You flow with power.

You are powerful.

You are smart.

You are creative.

You are assertive.

You are attractive.

You are a being of love and light.

All are attracted to you.

Others sense your immense power.

You love to help others.

You are creative.

You are fun.

You respect others and others respect you.

Your mind is a masterpiece.

You are a master.

You are energetic and enthusiastic.

You are a powerful soul.

You connect with other powerful souls.

You meditate.

You are pure of spirit.

You are a master.

You are a being of higher consciousness.


Hope you enjoyed this relaxing alpha mind power video with isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment and positive affirmations.  If you are interested in isochronic tones for esp and psychic development check out the Unexplainable Store.

8 Responses to “Alpha Mind Power Video”

  1. Great video…Affirmations if used correctly, will really work. Thank you

  2. Denis says:

    Great video, I thought affirmations was suppose to be said as I rather than you.

  3. Amy says:

    Gratitude for my daughter having a job that she loves. I now send love, safety and abundance to everyone

  4. Geoff Wall-Davis says:

    Wow! This video is powerful.

  5. I love it, it’s nice and cool.

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  7. Jennifer says:

    Great video, love the affirmations.

  8. Phemie says:

    Bob, thank you for this wonderful, incredible video!!! I will use it every day with joy. Please don’t forget to do a video to help us manifest (for those of us who need extra help in this area), e.g.:

    “We are powerful, spiritual manifesting beings; we visualize, picture and imagine easily and clearly what it is we want to manifest; we feel, beliieve, and act that what we want to manifest is already ours; we believe that we deserve and are worthy of what we want to manifest as children of the Creator, and are sure that we will receive what we are asking for.”

    I am sure many will be so happy to be working with such a video and will achieve fantastic results; in this way we can help others.

    Thanks so much for the excellent motivational videos you have already … they are fantastic!


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