Are Pets Psychic? Fido Knows

are pets psychicAre pets psychic?  Only Fido knows for sure, but here’s a video featuring Rupert Sheldrake, of the morphogenetic field fame, who has done some research that seems to indicate that your dog may know when you are coming home.

In the video above Dexter the dog was being looked after by relatives while his owner Nicole was away.   However, on the day that Nicole flew back from holiday, Dexter escaped and ran to his masters house.  Sheldrake, a Cambridge educated research scientist, conducted a number of experiments that seemed to indicate that many pets seemed to have a telepathic relationship with their owners.  In one of his many experiments a lady named Pam was out shopping, while her dog named JT was relaxing at home.   At a random moment, a little after 3 oclock in the afternoon, Pam heads home.  Eleven seconds after Pam makes the decision to head home, JT gets up and heads over to the door where he waits til Pam returns.

Are pets psychic?  Sheldrake stated that he came to the conclusion that the dogs were responding to their owners intentions.  Sheldrake feels that the dogs and their owners are connected at a distance by what he refers to as a morphic field.

Anecdotal evidence that pets are psychically connected to their owners is abundant, but this may offer some scientific evidence to corroborate those experiences.   Are pets psychic?  What do you think?

One person who definitely thinks pets are psychic is famous pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick.  In the video below watch how she deals with an angry chihuahua and his family.

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