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This astral projection video is one of the mind power videos in the psychic power video series.  It has positive affirmations designed to implant the idea that leaving your physical body, aka astral projection or astral travel will be easy to accomplish.

Astral projection defined is the notion that we all have a soul or astral body and that it can leave the physical body.  In theory astral travel or soul travel may be a form of spiritual practice and used to travel to higher spiritual realms.  Some have supposedly used astral projection to leave the body and sight see, often at the speed of thought.   A more in depth definition of astral projection can be obtained at Wikipedia.

There are many, many stories of astral projection.  One of the first books on astral projection I read was by Sylvan Muldoon.  He claimed to have his first OBE or out of body experience when he was just 12.  It was published originally in 1929.  I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was the guy’s name – Sylvan Muldoon.  Very cool.

I also read most of the works of Robert Monroe on his astral projection and out of body experiences.  Although I don’t remember reading about it in his books I later discovered that many of his astral “trips” were drug induced.   Those kinds of experiences have also been reported by others who have experimented with drugs as well.  Below you’ll find a trippy video called Astral Projection Ambient Galaxy by none other than LSDcoatedbrain!   Now, this should NOT be the preferred method of trying to leave the body.  Better to try guided visualizations and meditation and take a trip naturally!

Better yet just try our astral projection video and see if you can take a trip of your own.

One of the things I’ve noticed in the videos from those who have been successful at astral projection is that they recommend learning how to lucid dream and once they have accomplished that then astral projection was an easy next step.  Now, I practiced lucid dreaming for several years but never thought to combine it with astral projection – or maybe I was and just didn’t know it!   Anyway, over at Wealthvibes we’ve got a free dream programming ebook as well as a lucid dreaming video.  Both free tools to help you lucid dream.

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And, if you are interested in more detailed instruction you can get 5 free astral projection training videos when you visit the site below.

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Ambient Galaxy - Astral Projection Video

A trippy video with ambient music, neon mushrooms and soundbites from Dune with the magic spice.

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This is a great astral projection tutorial video from someone who has done it. Talks about the different ways to astrally project or travel.

Astral Projection

Astral projection primer.

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