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Unlimited AbundanceThis attracting Unlimited Abundance Video features some interesting insights by intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon.  In this unlimited abundance video Sheldon talks about the blocks that hold a lot of people back from attracting unlimited abundance into their lives.  She even takes it one step further by actually doing intuitive readings on folks who are trying to attract more wealth, money, love and abundance into their lives.

In this unlimited abundance video, Sheldon is able to identify the individual energy blocks that are holding these specific individuals back from attracting more abundance.  This video is a bit on the long side at 18 minutes but well worth it to see how she intuitively analyzes those she is working with.

Christie states that she has actually taught others how to do this so this technique qualifies as a mind power skill you can learn.   What does she cite as the key ingredient to be able to read the energy blockages and clear them?   She says the number 1 thing is:

The Willingness to Know the Truth About Anything!

This is a powerful concept to grasp.  The key thing is to put the energy out to the Universe then that you are willing and want to know the truth about any specific thing.   Try that with a specific item and see if you can’t start becoming more intuitive with regards to that specific topic and area.   Secondly, she notes that you must also have a willingness to know and see what is up in regards to the specific type of energy field she is looking for in others.

We Christie was young she stated that she prayed to know the truth about things.   Later, when she was 20 years old she was in a library and was praying to know the truth about things when a book fell off the shelf and that book was a Silva Mind Control book.  (As an aside, if you haven’t read the original Silva Mind Control book it is quite good and offers great ways to train the mind.)  After reading and implementing the Silva Mind Control material she began to manifest an incredible amount of abundance.

Christie focuses on abundance energy because she wants others to be able to generate a better quality of life.  So, enjoy the video and watch Christie work with clients looking to clear blocks to their abundance.

If you are looking for unlimited abundance, try analyzing your own abundance blocks by asking to know the truth about them.  Once you know what is holding you back, sometimes the block will fade away.  If it doesn’t, once you recognize the block do what you can to overcome that particular block.

Just click the following to check out Christie Sheldon’s website.

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  1. Tina Robertson says:

    Looking for the free webinar on clearing blockages for abundance. could find the link to register for the offer at the end of this video? Thanks 😉

  2. Magda says:

    Hello to everybody!

    My name is Magda and I work in Mindvalley, the publisher of this amazing new product of Christie Marie Sheldon: The Unlimited Abundance.
    Go to the page where you can find out more about what blocks you might have that are stopping you from attracting more money to your live:
    We will also soon host another session with Christie on energy clearing and once we do – you will find all the information on this page!
    And if you have any more questions, just write to our awesome Customer Support team (or as we like to call them: the WOW team) and they will help you with any questions you might have:

    All the best!

  3. Danica Garcia says:

    I would like to save my spot for Energy block..

  4. xolani says:

    kindly put me in for the May 12 enegy clearing session

    thank you

  5. Karen Adams says:

    I would like to have a reading and clearing from Christie. I have just finished divorce after 25 years. I need all of this released so that I can move on and find the partner for the rest of my life. Thanks for any clearing assistance.

  6. joy thunder says:

    please register me for .may 12 webinar. thank you

  7. Cindy Betts says:

    Hi, I enjoyed this video and was wondering when Christie will be doing another free session on energy clearing/abundance type thing, (that was stated at the end of the video) I did not see a form to fill out to join so I assume it has past.

    thank you,

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