Can You Get Your Fortune Read at a Psychic Fair?

Have you ever been to a psychic fair?   And, can you really get your fortune read at one of these events?

Psychic fairs vary in what they offer but usually feature an assortment of psychics, palm readers, astrology experts, tarot readers and more all giving psychic readings – usually mini ones.   Rates are usually lower than the normal rates and usually of a shorter duration.   The purpose being, if you find a medium or reader at a psychic fair that you really resonate with you can make an appointment for a longer psychic reading or session later.

Psychic fairs also sometimes have booths with metaphysical products like crystals and stones, crystal balls, jewelry, new age and mind power books, and an assortment of other spiritualist products.

psychic fairPsychic fairs are popping up all over the place.  There are psychic fairs on a regular basis in New Jersey, Rochester, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Austin, Dallas, Sedona, Tucson, Reno, Seattle, Hamilton, and on and on.   As more and more people search for answers psychic fairs are becoming more and more popular.  There is bound to be one near you on a semi regular basis.

The psychic fair videos featured on this page give you a small example of what you may encounter at a psychic fair in your area.

I attended a psychic fair in my hometown years ago and came away with mixed results.  Although there were a variety of different kinds of psychics I paid $10 for a 15 minute session with a psychic channel.   I can’t remember for sure but I believe she may also have used tarot cards in the reading.   How accurate was the reading?

The first thing she said was that I would soon go camping.   Well, the psychic reading was being done in the afternoon and amazingly enough I did have plans to go on a camping trip that night!  I immediately complimented the psychic on her accuracy and decided to remove the hiking gear I was wearing… Just kidding…I wasn’t wearing any hiking attire and there really was no way she could have known I was going camping that night.  No way that is unless she had access to knowledge gleaned from another realm?

So, how did the rest of the mini psychic session go for me?   Honestly, not that great really.   The rest of the session seemed pretty vague and didn’t strike me as being all that accurate.   However, when all was said and done that one big hit was worth the ten bucks!

Anyway, if you have gone to a psychic fair please let us know how you “fared” in the comments section below.  Did you get any interesting information?  Did you feel that the psychic reading was accurate?  Was it worth the money?   Did you even get a reading or just purchase some of the goods?   Looking forward to hearing your story below!

psychic fair Videos

Psychic Fair Part 2

The semi skeptics from Solvent go to a psychic fair and one of them gets a psychic reading!

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