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Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System
The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System is a collection of our best power-packed videos and audios combined with some amazing bonuses all created to help you manifest the life of your dreams.  We recently put it on sale to make it an incredible bargain. When you check it out be sure to grab your free 22-minute Super Confidence Audio.  It is 22 minutes of pure power guaranteed to boost [...]
Manifest Your Desires Video
Here is a Manifest Your Desires video that contains two different sets of mind power affirmations designed to help you activate your ability to manifest your desires and dreams.  The two sets of affirmations contained within are listed below.  The first set of mind power affirmations is at an audible level.  The second set is barely audible.  You may at times here them both mixed if you listen [...]
Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit
The folks over at MindPowermp3 are celebrating their first birthday by giving You some free gifts!   Head on over to grab your Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit that contains 5 brilliant mp3s to help transform your life! Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit The Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit contains some amazing audios: 1) New and Exclusive - Improve your overall health [...]
Manifesting Miracles – Free Report
Today we have a free ebook on manifesting miracles in your life.  Just right click the Download Now button above and save the report to your hard drive! This is a quick read at only 16 pages but reveals some great secrets for manifesting miracles.   Below is some of what you'll find in this free manifesting miracles report. What You'll Discover Inside your manifest a miracle report: ● The [...]
The American Monk Shares Secrets on Attracting Wealth
He is known as the American Monk and he is an expert on attracting wealth and manifesting his dreams and desires.  In this short 4 part video series he shares his wealth and money attracting secrets with you.   Who is the American Monk? The American Monk is also known as Burt Goldman.  Goldman has played many roles in his life and is currently most well known as the creator of the popular Quantum [...]
Manifestation Meditation
Here is a nice manifestation meditation video called the Manifest 3 Wishes Meditation.  In it you'll be put into a relaxed state and asked to visualize three different things that you want to manifest or materialize.   Feel free to manifest your heart's desire with this particular manifestation meditation.  Think big! This manifestation meditation starts with you visualizing that you are sitting [...]
Attracting Unlimited Abundance Video
This attracting Unlimited Abundance Video features some interesting insights by intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon.  In this unlimited abundance video Sheldon talks about the blocks that hold a lot of people back from attracting unlimited abundance into their lives.  She even takes it one step further by actually doing intuitive readings on folks who are trying to attract more wealth, money, [...]
Wealth Hypnosis Meditation with 528 hz Solfeggio Frequency
This wealth hypnosis meditation video uses the 528 hz Solfeggio Frequency and Afformations (that's right in this case - afformations!). If you are not familiar with Solfeggio frequencies they are ancient harmonic tones that are said to be beneficial to the mind.  They correspond to the scale  Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and in the hertz ranges of 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852.   These tones [...]
A Million Dollar Secret
Are you looking for a million dollar secret?  I know, who isn't? The good news is that Anthony Norvell, author of the Million Dollar Secret that Lies Hidden Within Your Mind has found it and is willing to share it with you.   Below you'll find an excerpt from his course.   And, above you'll find one of half a dozen powerful free mind power videos you can get just by visiting his site, Hidden [...]
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