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Is This More Proof of Life After Death?
Dr. Alexander's Heavenly Tour Guide Is the story of Dr. Eben Alexander more proof of life after death?   It is just one more story in the huge and ever growing list that seems to validate the concept that we are more than just our body and that something survives after that body is gone. Dr. Eben Alexander story is an interesting one.  He is a Harvard trained neurosurgeon who developed a severe [...]
Shared Death Experience Revealed by Dr. Raymond Moody
Have you heard of the "shared death experience?"   Evidently I am out of the loop. I used to be an expert in all things having to do with the near death experience or nde.   I have read most of Raymond Moody's books as well as Kubler-Ross and many of the others who studied and researched the nde. So, I hadn't done any real reading on the subject in years so wondered what ol Dr. Raymond Moody [...]
Free Matrix Report
Be sure to grab your Free Matrix Report where former psychic spy Gerald O'Donnell reveals the truth about your mind's ability to master your surroundings, your life and even time! The video featured here is a brief video intro of the Matrix Report.   Give this video a little time to load as it seems to get hung up sometimes. You can get the full free Matrix Report by clicking the banner below:                
Astral Projection Training Course
If you are looking for a complete astral projection training course this is it.    This Astral Projection Training Course comes with 18 high quality audios plus an advanced module and a lucid dreaming module.   As I discussed in a previous post that contained one of our astral projection videos, one of the things I've noticed in many of the stories from those who have been able to successfully astral [...]
Astral Projection Video
This astral projection video is one of the mind power videos in the psychic power video series.  It has positive affirmations designed to implant the idea that leaving your physical body, aka astral projection or astral travel will be easy to accomplish. Astral projection defined is the notion that we all have a soul or astral body and that it can leave the physical body.  In theory astral travel [...]
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