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Kirtan Call for Krishna Das
So I just finished watching the movie One Track Heart that highlights the life of Krishna Das, an American born mystic, musician, singer and chanter.   He specializes in singing Kirtans, a devotional chanting from India in which the audience often particpates.   Born Jeffrey Kagel, Das moved from New York to the Himalayas in 1970 to become a disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, better known as Maharajji. [...]
Woman’s Psychic Vision Helps Police Find Body of Missing Boy
Pam Ragland had a psychic vision that prompted her to call a search hotline and connect with police concerning the search for a missing boy in Riverside, California.   As the police drove her around she found the area in her dream and it was there that the body of the boy, 11-year-old Terry Smith, was found. Have you seen the psychic vision training in hypnotist Steve G. Jones Psychic Desire [...]
Lisa Williams Psychic Readings
Here is Lisa Williams psychic performing some of her psychic readings.  You can visit Lisa Williams site here:  Lisa Williams Psychic Williams is an English psychic reader and healer who has starred in a couple of Lifetime tv shows including Life Among the Dead and Lisa Williams: Voices from the Other Side.  The former ran from 2006-2007 and the latter ran in October of 2008.  According to Wikipedia [...]
Indigo Children aka Crystal Children or Psychic Children – They’re Here
Indigo Children also known as Crystal Children or Psychic Children are said to be kids born from 1978 on that are sensitive to other realms and dimensions, many with psychic powers and healing powers as well.  These psychic children or indigos are so called because of their violet purple auras.  Skeptics say that these supposed indigo children are only kids with ADD or ADHD. Are the indigo children [...]
3 Spiritual Communities
There are many spiritual communities located around the world.  If you ever need a spiritual retreat why not spend some time in a spiritual community?   In this post we look at 3 spiritual communities:  the psychic town Lily Dale,  a yoga-type spiritual retreat called Ananda in California, and the legendary eco-community Findhorn in Scotland. Lily Dale In the video above we look at the psychic [...]
Wim Hof – Superhero Ice Man
Wim Hof is a real superhero known as the Ice Man.   Watch the video above to see some of his extraordinary feats. The video opens with Wim Hof  running in Lapland 20 miles north of the Arctic Circle.   Amazingly he is running without a shirt or shoes and the temperature is -26 degrees celsius. How does Wim Hof withstand the extreme cold temperatures?  He says that he uses the power of his [...]
Free Matrix Report
Be sure to grab your Free Matrix Report where former psychic spy Gerald O'Donnell reveals the truth about your mind's ability to master your surroundings, your life and even time! The video featured here is a brief video intro of the Matrix Report.   Give this video a little time to load as it seems to get hung up sometimes. You can get the full free Matrix Report by clicking the banner below:                
Psychic Medium John Edward
Psychic medium John Edward is featured in this video amazing others with his psychic insight.    Famous psychic Edward is the author of numerous psychic books including Infinite Quest, Crossing Over, After Life, and Final Beginnings.   He has also been a guest on many talk shows.  In addition John had his own show, Crossing Over, in which he did psychic readings for a variety of folks including [...]
The American Monk Shares Secrets on Attracting Wealth
He is known as the American Monk and he is an expert on attracting wealth and manifesting his dreams and desires.  In this short 4 part video series he shares his wealth and money attracting secrets with you.   Who is the American Monk? The American Monk is also known as Burt Goldman.  Goldman has played many roles in his life and is currently most well known as the creator of the popular Quantum [...]
Psychic Detective Annette Martin Solves Case
The late great psychic detective Annette Martin was featured on the Psychic Detective tv show a couple of years back.   On the psychic detective show Martin was called in to help solve a missing persons case.   Martin, who passed on on Sept. 11, 2011, was the author of or featured in several best selling psychic or paranormal books including the Ghost Detectives and Gifts of the White Light. In [...]
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