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Attracting Unlimited Abundance Video
This attracting Unlimited Abundance Video features some interesting insights by intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon.  In this unlimited abundance video Sheldon talks about the blocks that hold a lot of people back from attracting unlimited abundance into their lives.  She even takes it one step further by actually doing intuitive readings on folks who are trying to attract more wealth, money, [...]
Who is John of God?
What got me interested in answering the question of Who is John of God?  Well, although I've heard of him and seen some healing videos of him in action, it was because I was listening to a beautiful music track by Gerald Jay Markoe off Markoe's Healing Energy cd.  The entire production was said to be blessed by John of God and that notion piqued my interest in him further! Who is John of God? [...]
Long Island Medium Making Believers out of Skeptics
Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is making believers out of skeptics in TLC's new tv show, The Long Island Medium. Theresa is a whirlwind of energy as she gives readings wherever she goes.   Along the way she seems to be making believers out of many of the skeptics or non-believers that she reads.   Maybe it's just the way the tv series is cut, but she seems to be "dead on" in many of the psychic [...]
The Greatest Mind Power Master?
Who is the greatest mind power master?   There are many legendary figures now and throughout history whose names come to mind.  Legendary tales of mind mastery have been told about Jesus, the Buddha, various yogi masters, Houdini, Bruce Lee, and many more. Amazing feats and miracles have been claimed and written about of these and other mind power masters.   But who is the greatest mind power master [...]
Psychic Tana Hoy talks Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
Famous psychic Tana Hoy talks about guardian angels and spirit guides in the psychic power video above.   According to Tana Hoy the difference between guardian angels and spirit guides are both spiritual energy beings but guardian angels have never lived on earth and they do actually have wings while spirit guides are those that have lived many lives previously on earth. In the video above psychic [...]
Famous Psychic Medium John Holland Tunes in Past Events
Famous Psychic Medium John Holland apparently has the ability to tune into past events when at specific locations. In the videos featured here, psychic Holland is taken to a couple of unknown locations and asked what he psychically sees.   One of them is the scene of the worst New York city disaster prior to the 911 disaster.   The other place he is taken is to a restaurant, which in the distant [...]
Psychic Twins that Predicted 911
The psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center.  After their prediction in November of 1999, 22 months prior to the World Trade Center attacks, the twins say that their prediction were pretty much ignored. Many twins are said to have psychic or telepathic powers and that they are often guided by spirit guides.   Terry and Linda Jamison say they have "twin [...]
Famous Remote Viewers
Here we feature some famous remote viewers.  Remote viewing, to the unfamiliar, is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant target using paranormal means.  Sometimes the remote viewer is only given longitude and latitude numbers and told to report what they see.  Remote viewing became so accepted that at one time the U.S. military setup certain remote viewing groups whose job it was [...]
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