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Quantum Jumping Meditation – Be the Super You
Just created a new Quantum Jumping Meditation video for you loosely based on the concept of Quantum Jumping.   What this positive motivation video does is give you affirmations that encourage you to be the best possible you - a Super You. The video is based on the premise that there are multiple alternate dimensions that may contain alternate versions of you.  This is loosely based on Burt Goldman's [...]
Positive Spiritual Affirmations
This video contains a variety of positive spiritual affirmations to give your mind and spirit a nice boost. The positive spiritual affirmations found in the video include those listed below: You recognize and acknowledge the divine spirit in and around you. Divine gifts flow to you. You are the creator of your destiny. You are loved. You are loving. You welcome the divine spirit within you. You [...]
Universal Mind Meditation
This Universal Mind Meditation video is designed to help you connect and access the powers of the universal mind.  Watch the video, put yourself into a meditative state of mind and allow the powerful positive affirmations to help you achieve that higher level of consciousness now. The affirmations in this Universal Mind Meditation video include the following: You are one with the universal mind. You [...]
20 Free Meditation, Music and Mind Power Gifts!
The folks at mind power mp3 currently have a special promotion in which you get 20 meditation, music and mind power gifts all for FREE!     Just click the following link or the banner below to grab your gifts! FREE MEDITATION, MUSIC AND MIND POWER GIFTS! I don't know how long this offer will be available so be sure to get it now while it is still on!  Just click the link to see all the [...]
Awakening Consciousness Video
This Awakening Consciousness video contains two sets of positive affirmations designed to help you align your life with your soul purpose and to help you live in a higher state of consciousness.   The video keeps you asking your  mind if you are awake and then prompts you to Awaken Now.   To help expand your consciousness and achieve a higher spiritual state or level of consciousness in your every [...]
Mind Body Spirit
Our new Mind Body Spirit video encourages you to improve each of these areas and achieve a balance between all three.    You may have heard the adage a "sound mind in a sound body."  Simply put the two areas work in harmony to help uplift and balance the other area.  The same is true when incorporating the "spirit" into the equation.  The ultimate is to balance all three constantly improving your [...]
Inner Light Meditation
The Inner Light Meditation is filled with powerful positive affirmations designed to help you access your inner light and flow with light and love.   This Inner Light Meditation is also filled with affirmations to help you gain supreme confidence. Grab the inner light now with this video containing  a nice soothing music background and nature video clips blended with mind power images! The [...]
Cosmic Consciousness
This Cosmic Consciousness video is designed to help you elevate your mind power and expand your level of consciousness.  Saturate your mind with these positive powerful affirmations and meditation designed to help you achieve this higher state of consciousness known as cosmic consciousness. What is cosmic consciousness?   I believe it is a state where you can access the collective consciousness, [...]
10 Power Words for a Higher State of Consciousness
In this 10 Power Words for a Higher State of Consciousness video you'll get 10 different words of power to meditate on.  As they come up think about them and how you can incorporate more of the essence of that particular word into your life.  As you saw with our previous power words post featuring the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto words have power.  The words featured in this particular video have the [...]
The Power of Your Words
The power of your words to influence the world around you including yourself, those you come in contact with and even your environment is becoming more apparent all the time. You already know that the power of your words can influence those you talk with.  Use positive joy filled language and words and those you talk with are often inspired.   On the other hand, when you use negative hate-filled [...]
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