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Weight Loss and the Mind
When dealing with the question of weight loss and the mind there seems to be some interesting evidence that hypnosis can work well.  In fact, the video above features Dr. Oz interviewing Dr. Paul McKenna who does hypnosis for weight loss. What is interesting about the weight loss hypnosis he does is that he uses an actual weight loss surgery technique as the basis for the hypnosis.  Gastric band [...]
Beware Too Accurate Psychic Readings
Beware too accurate psychic readings.  What you ask?  Isn't that exactly what you are looking for when trying to find a psychic?  Well, yes and no.  If the readings seem to be too good and come with a high price tag then you should be on high alert. How can you tell if a reading seems to be too good and you might be the victim of a psychic scam?  Think about what the psychic is hitting on accurately [...]
The Psychic Powers of Bigfoot?
Even though there have been thousands of sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch there is really as yet no definitive proof that the creature actually exists.  There are footprint casts, obscure video clips and images.   And see the video above for a new study by Melba S. Ketchum, a veterinarian who has studied 100 Bigfoot DNA samples,  and will supposedly reveal proof that Bigfoot [...]
Help from Beyond the Grave
If you've ever wanted proof that there is more than just the physical world this story of one woman's help from beyond the grave might just be it. This psychic help video features the story of one woman's encounter with a visitor from beyond the grave.  Bella was in the hospital with stage 3 cancer when she got an allergic reaction from her oral chemo treatment.  Bella reported that the pain was [...]
Third Man Factor Strikes Again
If you remember we featured the Third Man Factor in a recent blog post here at RealPsychicPower.    Well, I just recently came across another striking example of the Third Man Factor or syndrome. Here a young woman named Kelly, a holistic therapy teacher, is in bed and she hears a voice exhorting her to get out of bed.  Finally the voice tells her to "get out of bed now!"  When she does so the [...]
Is This More Proof of Life After Death?
Dr. Alexander's Heavenly Tour Guide Is the story of Dr. Eben Alexander more proof of life after death?   It is just one more story in the huge and ever growing list that seems to validate the concept that we are more than just our body and that something survives after that body is gone. Dr. Eben Alexander story is an interesting one.  He is a Harvard trained neurosurgeon who developed a severe [...]
Indigo Children aka Crystal Children or Psychic Children – They’re Here
Indigo Children also known as Crystal Children or Psychic Children are said to be kids born from 1978 on that are sensitive to other realms and dimensions, many with psychic powers and healing powers as well.  These psychic children or indigos are so called because of their violet purple auras.  Skeptics say that these supposed indigo children are only kids with ADD or ADHD. Are the indigo children [...]
Dowsing and Mind Tricks
Today we look at the world of dowsing in which dowsers use metal rods or pendulums to get answers to the questions they seek.   Sometimes, as with the perplexing Derren Brown Mind Trick video they might get more than what they bargained for! Now, traditionally dowsers use metal rods to find water and water lines so are sometimes called "water witches."  No there is no witchcraft involved here. [...]
Shared Death Experience Revealed by Dr. Raymond Moody
Have you heard of the "shared death experience?"   Evidently I am out of the loop. I used to be an expert in all things having to do with the near death experience or nde.   I have read most of Raymond Moody's books as well as Kubler-Ross and many of the others who studied and researched the nde. So, I hadn't done any real reading on the subject in years so wondered what ol Dr. Raymond Moody [...]
The Third Man Factor
The Third Man Factor or Third Man Syndrome is the belief reported by some individuals in very traumatic or stressful situations that an invisible entity or spirit visits and accompanies them through these situations. The Third Man Factor video above details one survivor's encounter with just such a being.   This video highlights the story of Dr. Jim Sevigny who survived an avalanche.  As Dr. Sevigny [...]
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