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Did Psychic Vision Lead to Lotto Win?
Did one man's psychic vision lead to a lotto win?  A waiter at a Turkish restaurant in England claimed to have a psychic vision in which he saw the owner with a pile of money.   He urged the owner to play the lotto and the owner gave him money to buy a lotto ticket.  When the owner hit for 1.7 million there was a dispute about the lotto winnings.  A court ruled that he had to split the lotto winnings [...]
What is Mindflex?
What is Mindflex you ask?  Well, depending on who you talk to it is either a mind power game which allows you to move a floating ball around various obstacles or it is a monumental waste of money.  Based on the Amazon reviews it might just be the latter as the 1 star (worst rating) reviews outrank the 5 star (best rating) reviews. It was with high hopes that I looked into possibly purchasing the [...]
ESP Evidence
Here is an excellent two part video series detailing the latest esp evidence from those psychic researchers conducting experiments to determine the validity of esp, psychic phenomena, psi power, mind over matter and more. ESP is extra-sensory perception or the perception of things outside of our normal everyday senses.  Psi phenomena as defined in the videos is described as "anonymous properties [...]
Are Pets Psychic?  Fido Knows
Are pets psychic?  Only Fido knows for sure, but here's a video featuring Rupert Sheldrake, of the morphogenetic field fame, who has done some research that seems to indicate that your dog may know when you are coming home. In the video above Dexter the dog was being looked after by relatives while his owner Nicole was away.   However, on the day that Nicole flew back from holiday, Dexter escaped [...]
Famous Psychic Medium John Holland Tunes in Past Events
Famous Psychic Medium John Holland apparently has the ability to tune into past events when at specific locations. In the videos featured here, psychic Holland is taken to a couple of unknown locations and asked what he psychically sees.   One of them is the scene of the worst New York city disaster prior to the 911 disaster.   The other place he is taken is to a restaurant, which in the distant [...]
Psychic Twins that Predicted 911
The psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center.  After their prediction in November of 1999, 22 months prior to the World Trade Center attacks, the twins say that their prediction were pretty much ignored. Many twins are said to have psychic or telepathic powers and that they are often guided by spirit guides.   Terry and Linda Jamison say they have "twin [...]
Famous Remote Viewers
Here we feature some famous remote viewers.  Remote viewing, to the unfamiliar, is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant target using paranormal means.  Sometimes the remote viewer is only given longitude and latitude numbers and told to report what they see.  Remote viewing became so accepted that at one time the U.S. military setup certain remote viewing groups whose job it was [...]
Are You Psychic Quiz – Guess the Right Number
This Are You Psychic Quiz  has you guessing a number between 1 and 7. In a way this is a future event psychic guessing game as the number you are trying to guess won't be generated until you click the link below. So, how good are your psychic powers? Take a second and ask yourself what the number is that will be generated as soon as you hit the link below? Take the "Are You Psychic Quiz" [...]
Psychic esp Test Video – Can You Pick the Right Card?
Take the psychic esp test in the video above.  In the esp test video above you'll be asked to choose from one of 5 cards.  The five cards are the ace of spades, the king of spades, the queen of spades, the jack of spades, and the ten of spades.   You'll be asked to look at the playing cards and then choose the one you think we will pick. After you take this psychic quiz please feel free to let [...]
Online ESP Test Featuring Famous Psychics
This is an online esp test featuring famous psychics.  Your task is to answer each question and choose which famous psychic has been preselected as the correct answer. The famous psychics, some celebrity psychics some not, mentioned in this online esp test include John Edward, Sylvia Browne, George Anderson, Rosemary Altea, James van Praagh, Dion Fortune, Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Jane [...]
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