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Clairvoyant Energy Video
This Clairvoyant Energy video was designed to help you open to the possibilities that the psychic ability of clairvoyance is possible and to  help you become more clairvoyant once you have that knowledge.  The Clairvoyant Energy video contains two sets of affirmations to help you expand your mind and see beyond the physical. The simple definition of clairvoyance is the ability to see and know [...]
Awakening Consciousness Video
This Awakening Consciousness video contains two sets of positive affirmations designed to help you align your life with your soul purpose and to help you live in a higher state of consciousness.   The video keeps you asking your  mind if you are awake and then prompts you to Awaken Now.   To help expand your consciousness and achieve a higher spiritual state or level of consciousness in your every [...]
Third Man Factor Strikes Again
If you remember we featured the Third Man Factor in a recent blog post here at RealPsychicPower.    Well, I just recently came across another striking example of the Third Man Factor or syndrome. Here a young woman named Kelly, a holistic therapy teacher, is in bed and she hears a voice exhorting her to get out of bed.  Finally the voice tells her to "get out of bed now!"  When she does so the [...]
Manifest Your Desires Video
Here is a Manifest Your Desires video that contains two different sets of mind power affirmations designed to help you activate your ability to manifest your desires and dreams.  The two sets of affirmations contained within are listed below.  The first set of mind power affirmations is at an audible level.  The second set is barely audible.  You may at times here them both mixed if you listen [...]
Is This More Proof of Life After Death?
Dr. Alexander's Heavenly Tour Guide Is the story of Dr. Eben Alexander more proof of life after death?   It is just one more story in the huge and ever growing list that seems to validate the concept that we are more than just our body and that something survives after that body is gone. Dr. Eben Alexander story is an interesting one.  He is a Harvard trained neurosurgeon who developed a severe [...]
Indigo Children aka Crystal Children or Psychic Children – They’re Here
Indigo Children also known as Crystal Children or Psychic Children are said to be kids born from 1978 on that are sensitive to other realms and dimensions, many with psychic powers and healing powers as well.  These psychic children or indigos are so called because of their violet purple auras.  Skeptics say that these supposed indigo children are only kids with ADD or ADHD. Are the indigo children [...]
Does His Mind Make Him the Strongest Man in the World?
Today we feature a gentleman some say is the strongest man in the world.  When you look at him you might not get the impression that he possesses super strength.   And, certainly compared to bigger bulkier giants he doesn't seem like he should be as strong.  But does his mind make him the strongest man in the world?   Watch the short videos featured here and you decide. The video above features [...]
The Unconscious Mind and Bruce Lipton
In this Unconscious Mind video you'll learn the definition and meaning of the unconscious mind as well as the power of your unconscious mind compared to your conscious mind.  Follow along as Bruce Lipton expounds and expands on the unconscious mind and how you can program it to transform your life for the better. As Lipton explains there is the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.   Our conscious [...]
Rupert Sheldrake and His Experiments with the Extended Mind
In this featured video scientist Rupert Sheldrake explains some of the experiments that he has conducted that demonstrate that our minds are not just confined to our heads.  He calls this the extended mind.   One of the experiments that he discusses we featured in another video post asking are pets psychic here at realpsychicpower.   Basically it showed that people's pets seem to know when they [...]
Open Your Third Eye Chakra
Help open your third eye chakra with our relaxing video.   The chakras or energy centers in your body are said to control certain emotions and abilities.   Your third eye chakra or brow chakra is located in your head behind your eyes and is said to be responsible for your psychic sight, intuition, perception, imagination and awareness.   Help open your third eye now with our soothing video filled [...]
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