Cool Jedi Mind Trick to Play on Yourself!

cool Jedi mind trickNow, normally when you hear about cool Jedi mind tricks they are mind power or persuasion tricks that you do to influence or persuade the minds of others.  However, in this case, we feature a cool Jedi mind trick that you can play on yourself.  Why would you do that?  Because this mind trick can help you change the way you feel in an instant.    Feeling depressed?  Change your state to one of joy.   Feeling insecure?   Change your state to one of super confidence.    Feeling hopeless?   Change your state to one of hopeful enthusiasm.

So what is the power behind this cool Jedi mind trick?   It is actually pretty simple and exemplified perfectly in this video featuring motivational guru Tony Robbins.   Watch the video below which showcases one way to use this trick, and then I’ll tell you about this cool Jedi mind trick that can be used 2 different ways to change your very state of being!


In this video Tony works with a guy who claims that he is very depressed because his wife has just signed the divorce papers and he is extremely sad that he won’t be able to see his kids.

Tony, the master at changing someone’s state in an instant, asks him how depressed he is on a scale of 1-10.  The guy says 9 and then Tony asks him to think about his situation and go to 9.5 and beyond.  As you see the guy thinking about this he slumps even further and bows his head and he appears to become even sadder.

Now, here is where Tony works his magic.  He immediately tells the guy to go to a time when he felt super empowered and asks what he felt like then.  You can see the guy become visibly more powerful in seconds.  Just by changing his inner thinking he has changed his entire state of being and his outer appearance as well.    And that is the key to the first secret to making this cool Jedi mind trick work for you.   If you are ever in an emotional state that you want to change, just think and focus on a time when you exhibited characteristics that exemplified the total opposite of your current state.  Think and feel what that was like and let the power of those feelings totally saturate your being.

For instance, if you are currently feeling sad, remember a time when you were incredibly happy and draw those feelings into you.  As you do this you may notice that your entire physical state may change to reflect your new attitude.   This is a common occurrence and brings us to the second secret of making this cool Jedi mind trick work for you.

What is the second secret?  If you are having trouble flipping your mental state, you can start by flipping your physical state first!   What do I mean by this?   Going back to our sadness example, instead of thinking back to a time when you were happy, put your physical body through a happiness routine.  For example, start laughing.   It might seem crazy and you might think you are losing your mind but in truth you’ll be gaining it back as your mental state will start reflecting back what your physical state is doing.  The physical act of laughter should make it much easier to transcend your feelings of sadness and much easier to help you think of a time when you were joyous and happy.   Then, if you are acting like someone who is happy and thinking about something that brings you happiness – guess what – odds are you are in a state of happiness!

So there you have it, two different ways to utilize a cool Jedi mind trick – on yourself!

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