David Blaine Gets “Electrified” This Weekend

david blaine elecrtrifiedDavid Blaine electrified?  Maybe, maybe not.  This weekend (Oct. 5-8) Blaine, the famous magician and illusionist will be in the middle of  tesla coils emitting a total of 1 million volts at Manhattan’s Pier 54.   He will actually be standing in one spot for 72 hours while the llightning dances around him.  Youtube has a live stream of the event occurring which you can access here:

Live Stream of David Blaine Electrified Oct. 5-8

Now, I’ve gone to watch it several times but had a little difficulty with the live stream breaking up.  Maybe just a bad connection on my part.

So David Blaine’s Electrified sounds dangerous but is it really?

Actually, not really according to experts.  Blaine will be in a stainless steel faraday suit, adapted from the faraday cage concept,  to shield him from the voltage emitted by the tesla coils.  All the current will be conducted through the suit not him.  Add to that the fact that the amperage produced by tesla coils are low and that a higher amperage is what makes an electric current really deadly and Blaine should be relatively safe from the actual electricity.

In fact, the most difficult part of David Blaine’s Electrified stunt will probably be the endurance factor as he will be standing for 72 hours straight and won’t be eating any food.  But, this might be easy for the guy who has spent a good amount of time standing in a block of ice, on top of towers and doing other endurance related stunts.

According to Blaine one of his toughest stunts was standing in that block of ice.  At the end he said he was actually in fairly bad shape as the video below details.  But, who knows, that may have just been part of that particular illusion as well.


Many of David Blaine’s longer illusions are a testament to his powers of endurance.  It is a good example of what the human body can endure and withstand.  However, in many instances the appearance of danger is just that – an appearance – and in the end it must be remembered that Blaine is a master illusionist.  Is David Blaine’s Electrified a showcase of mind over matter?  Maybe, maybe not…

In the end, it might be simpler to enjoy David Blaine for what he is – a master magician.  Below, are some videos of him in action.



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