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derren brown mind controlToday we have some very intriguing videos featuring Derren Brown mind control expert.  Derren Brown is a real enigma.  He seems to blend hypnosis, nlp, illusions, and maybe even some magic to pull off his amazing feats.  He proclaims he is not psychic but he definitely seems to have some elevated powers of mental manipulation.   What you also have to keep in mind is that he is a master of misdirection.  So, even when he explains how he has done something I don’t know if that is the only or “real” explanation.  Without a doubt though you can see him use a variety of nlp and hypnosis when he is influencing others.

The first Derren Brown mind control video above features Derren setting up an experiment to influence those who influence us.  In this particular experiment he subliminally forces two ad executives to create an ad that he has already basically created.  Watch how it plays out above.  One thing to keep in mind is the power of subliminal influences.  If you want to influence yourself in a positive way check out our many free subliminal power videos at Wealthvibes.

Below, you’ll find another Derren Brown mind control video.  This one is great because Brown hypnotically influences a London cabbie to not be able to see the famous London Eye.  This is a prominent feature in London and this is a cabbie who has been driving his taxi in London for 3 years.  Pay attention to Derren Brown’s hypnotic suggestions when he begins speaking to the cabbie.   He states he wants the cabbie to take him to the London Eye (which looks like a big wheel).   Brown then begins his little story about waking up that morning and losing the wheel on a little toy car.   While he continues speaking Brown gives a rap on the glass almost as if he is anchoring in his suggestions.   Then  watch the entertaining results!


How does Derren Brown mind control expert achieve his illusions and tricks?   That is a good question.  But, if he indeed is using his hypnosis and nlp knowledge it is interesting to think what you could do with the same mind power!  For more Derren Brown mind control videos check out the video gallery below.

Derren Brown Mind Control Videos

Derren Brown Mind Control Video Episode 1

Derren Brown mind control expert performs some mind blowing feats. How do you think he does it?

Derren Brown Mind Control Video Episode 2

The second episode of the Derren Brown mind control video episode where he does some mind expanding tricks and illusions. He claims he is not psychic but he does seem to blend in mind power with his illusions.

Derren Brown and Kung Fu

Derren Brown gets together with a Kung Fu master and his students. They show him some of their tricks and he shows them a thing or two!

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  1. Chris says:

    If this guy is for real then he is amazing. You have to have a very high level of awareness and presence to stand a chance against his power of influence. If he is a fake then I would find him very entertaining. I’m still undecided weather or not he is real but I was definitely entertained and amazed.

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