Developing Psychic Ability

developing psychic abilityThis post features several videos to help you in developing psychic ability.  If you are looking to enhance your psychic power or just to open your mind to the possibility of increasing your mental powers or psychic abilities, then use these mind power videos as psychic exercises you can return to again and again.

The first video above is a quick psychic ability or power doubler.   The hypnotic affirmation is repeated to double your psychic power.  It is quick but potent!

The next video is also short but sweet.  It includes hypnotic commands to help unlock your psychic abilities or powers.  It too can be rewatched again and again to implant the suggestions of psychic power.

The video after that is the cousin to our psychic power video aimed at developing your super mind power.  This one comes with 2 sets of subliminal super mind power affirmations blended together with flashing images of power.

Some are born with psychic ability or have an event (like a near death experience) that triggers their psychic powers.   Others are unaware of their psychic abilities or talents.  Regardless of your psychic level, developing psychic ability is easier if you take steps to activate the power.  Watching these videos will help you develop your powers.

2 Responses to “Developing Psychic Ability”

  1. Mark Winchester says:

    I was skeptical but the first 10 minutes of listening convinced me. Of what I’m not exactly sure but it most definitely is positive +.

  2. Zoe says:

    When will I be totally evolved??

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