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Recommendations and endorsement will only be made if one or all of the following conditions apply

The site owner has purchased and used the product or service. Therefore the recommendation or edorsement will be of a personal nature and from one perspective only. The site owner has done or has access to a study or survey that will validate the average results purported by the recommended/endorsed product or service. The site owner has validated this product or service based on third party recommendation. In this instance, the third party would be the product or service owner and his/her clients as well as reviews of the product.

When specific results are indicated on site or through testimonials it is understood that these results may not be typical and that you should not expect to get the same results. In fact, many times those who invest in said products don’t actually use the products and in that case results may understandably be far less than stated through testimonials and on the site. Consequently your results with said product may be substantially different than claims made.

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