Dissolving Clouds with Your Mind

dissolving cloudsClouds disappear or dissolve all the time quite naturally.   But have you ever tried  dissolving clouds with your mind?

I first tried dissolving clouds, also known as cloud busting or cloud bursting, years ago after reading an old Yoga book by Jess Stearn.   I think Richard Bach must have adapted the idea from him or maybe it was already out there in the mass consciousness because he later wrote about dissolving clouds in one of  his books – either Illusions or Jonathon Livingston Seagull.   Probably Illusions if memory serves.

How do you dissolve clouds with your mind?   You pick one cloud formation out of a bunch of clouds and focus your energy on making that cloud break up, dissolve or disappear.

The theory is that making clouds disappear or dissolving clouds with your mind is a psychic or mind power development technique.  The more you do it the better your ability to focus your mind on other tasks and abilities.  Anyway, the first time I did it, it seemed to really work.   Is it possible that the cloud I was concentrating on was going to dissipate anyway?   Of course.  But the interesting thing is the first time I tried dissolving clouds there were many clouds around and only the one I was concentrating on broke up.   I was able to duplicate the phenomenon so know it wasn’t a one time event.

Following my first attempt at dissolving clouds I tried again several times over the years and met with semi-success.  Many times it seemed to work.   Could it have been coincidence that the clouds I chose to make disappear were the ones that dissolved while the others remained intact.  I suppose, but I prefer to think that I had something to do with it…

Please watch the videos on this page to see actual cloud busters in action dissolving clouds using the power of their mind.   If you give cloud busting a try please let me and our readers know in the comments section below.

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  1. Michael Murphy says:

    I have done this countless times. It was a favored pastime when I was a long-haul trucker. Then I got an idea. If I can make clouds disappear, how about making them appear? And it worked. Not always, but often enough to discount coincidence. Just reverse the process. Pick an empty area of sky and visualize a tiny cloud appearing. It takes practice, but eventually, you will see a tiny cloud just spring into view. A tremendous amount of fun!

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  3. The observer says:

    I first thought when it happened a week ago that something was in the clouds, like seeing ships and all but when I created a twin cloud and both maneged to stop them both I begun to take it seriously.

    After a while I begun to see , and now I think that I did it myself seeing this site.

    That I’m able to create ships with my fantasy in those clouds and also rainbows .

    I still don’t know for sure now. Did I actually do this or is my conscience making contact with the universe that projects these things before me .

    I filmed several of this he’s events really strange to gain psychic powers..

    What is this that I’m able to do this by thought.
    Is isn’t the ascention what people talk about?

  4. Aaron says:

    What if i can stop a cloud while others keep moving by it?

  5. Michael says:

    I can also make clouds disappear with my mind. I can pick the one I want and it is gone!


  6. Nico T says:

    It must have been around 1969 that I saw a little tv show around Halloween where they talked to a Wiccan witch. Among the things she talked about was Cloud Busting. She suggested beaming a red light out of your eyes, to “melt” the cloud, or something. Hey, it was a long time ago; I don’t remember her exact words! I tried to get a red light to come out of my eyes, but I couldn’t do it. But the cloud melted anyway! The attempt to emit a red light caused the concentration needed.

    “Imagining” a red light has worked the four or five times I’ve tried over the years. I only do it to reaffirm that I can, because it seems utterly ridiculous to think that I can!

  7. etbuddy says:

    I did it too, it work each time. It was amazing. To be honest, i am not sure it is dissolve from me or itself. But i do believe it could happen.

  8. ericpaul says:

    Yes, I dissolve clouds. It’s a pleasant affirmation now and then, always feels good. Cheers

  9. Unknown says:

    All with this ability are here to do the same thing. Use this skill to erase the chem trails I have begun doing it and it works. This sounds so crazy and so few will truly understand what we are discussing without thinking we are all loons. We are here to help stop the powers that be from killing everyone. Wake up to your true reasons for existing now and choosing to be conscious now. This is our agenda.

  10. Brodie says:

    Dissolving clouds??? What about growing clouds. Changing the direction of the clouds. Making all the different clouds go in all different directions. Once you begin to feel the clouds more the more you can do with them. If you see clouds moving one direction try stopping them and then feel them going in a different direction. May take a lot of concentration but very cool. Also, try it with a river.

  11. Pete Mendez says:

    I have been making clouds dissolve for a few years now, no matter how many times I do it, I am still amazed, how can you affect something that is outside of you like that, I have done a lot of research into this phenomenon, very interesting indeed, one question comes to mind now when I make a cloud disappear, and it is, so what, I can make a cloud disappear, What can I use the ability for? what can I do with it? I can make a cloud disappear with my mind, but it is just that A CLOUD, can I help people with it? can I help myself with it? can I make an income with it? that would be nice, make a cloud disappear to pay my bills, But really does anyone have an idea what can be done with this ability? to be used fro some kind of good, if not, big deal, I can make clouds disappear, Whoopee, thanks peace out.

    • Kel says:

      I was wondering the same if I can dissipate clouds what else can I do?

    • Kenneth says:

      I also have done it many times. I found out two things. One, You dont have to concentrate on the cloud. All you have to do is look at it for long enough and it will go away. And two you can also look at the cloud thru a mirror and it will have the affect. On the cloud.

    • Christina says:

      Can your cloud dissolving ability create and maintain blue clear sky in a region where the whole sky appears to be covered by a whole sheet of thick clouds? I don’t live in an area where a single cloud can be identified, singled out, and dissolved, but I am really tired and fed up of a whole month of rain and a lack of sun breaks due to the over abundance of clouds overhead continuously. I would hire cloud dissolvers if my desired outcome of getting some sunshine can be generated, but don’t know if that is possible or a reasonable expectation. To discuss “price per cloud” wouldn’t work given the weather pattern in my region, and the alternative of flying myself to Hawaii would be a lot more expensive and not as practical as simply intending those clouds to disappear (or be moved away to another region that could use some clouds). I personally would be open to paying cloud dissolvers for achieving a patch of clear sky for me, and open to bartering as well for cloud dissolving services. It’s funny how I found this site after thinking about making a posting in search of cloud dissolvers within my network. I would want to only work with someone I could trust.

      • Caroline says:

        Yes! I have done this many times. I live in an area that is often gray for days at a time and, although I sometimes think it best to let nature be nature…sometimes….

        I would never take money for doing this. It’s an amazing gift just to know that it is possible. I did not learn this from someone else; I tried it spontaneously as a child and found I could do it easily – I think anyone can. Blessings.

      • lin galant says:

        did you ever get anyone Christina– too bad we all did not live close– we could have a cloud Busting Party.. for fun– and serious times… let us know.. thank you

      • Michael Murphy says:

        One thing I discovered…when I would dissolve several clouds in a session, in a fairly short period of time, say an hour, the sky would invariably become completely clear. It was a consistent result of cloud busting. Not if I just did one or two clouds, but if I did more than that, then the sky would clear. Residual energy?

    • Ty daws says:

      Try it on lsd. Talk about changing an entire sky.

    • Michelle says:

      We had terrible storms here this week, and before the most recent got going, I was “waving them away”. It worked…storm went north of us. I want to learn to weaken deadly storms.

    • I am starting to think now that if every cloud buster in the world united maybe taking down a hurricane could be attempted. chemtrail busting is my focus right now at home and keeping myself amused with cloud disappearing acts. ( newbie here i am 🙂 ) but thinking alot of developed powers need to unite and counter strike all the weather manipulation going on this month. just a thought. cant make any money from it but hey I LIKE CLEAN SKIES and hurricanes suck !! and earth quakes..and not forget the volcanos are feeling left out .
      but hey…if all i can do is chemtrail bust and cloud disappearance .. im happy to include it with my daily routine . and on the side keep practicing other things to see what ignites or not. 😉

  12. ! says:

    A couple days ago I was sitting on the front porch with my girlfriend. I told her I could make clouds disappear. She looked at me skeptically. I hadn’t done this in 25 years, so I didn’t know if anything would happen or not. I picked out a small cloud and focused. As it was it was getting small, a curve started to form on the left side of the cloud that looked like an ‘S’. In a minute it was a cursive “F’. In about another minute it actually SPELLED OUT MY LAST NAME in cursive writing!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunaltely my phone was in the house, and I knew by the time i found it, the cloud writing would be gone. At least I have a witness. I don’t know if it was a sign from my dad who passed away 3 years ago or a sign of something else. Has ANYONE had this experience????

    • randomdude says:

      Hi! That sounds amazing 😀
      When I first heard about cloud dissolving from a friend, we went on a bridge and looked at the clouds, and sort of same thing happened.
      Clouds started forming all kinds of funny stuff. First there was a horse who galloped, and his legs started to disappear. Then, a dragon was eating something, city was forming in the sky and so on. But, at the end, letters started to form. We couldn’t read what it was, but clearly it said something. We both saw everything at the same time. And now that I think about it, it is strange that we both didn’t think about trying to record it or whatever. We just enjoyed the scene.

    • Pi says:

      I had a similar experience last night. I tried what I am now lovingly calling “cloudbending” for the first time ever, and a cloud transformed into a question mark.

      I can’t tell if this sort of intent-control affects the water, the air, or the air currents, but this is definitely interesting and reproducible.

    • lin galant says:

      yes– I see big Spirit Faces in the clouds ((I call them that)) they take the form of the cloud so I can see them– anyone can if they know what to look for– but they are there and they are watching all- an THEY DO NOT LIKE THE CHEMTRAILS.. that was a sign that they know you were busting the clouds– your name was spelled– try it again and look for a face– and you will discover more—- chemtrails have ruined our starry nite sky… they have no right to do that>>>> and yes the departed do contact us– God is not cruel — and it would be for a good reason— love does not stop at the grave… keep in touch and let us know what happens..

  13. Jenny says:

    I made a cloud disspaear yesterday while I was sitting enjoying the day in Central park. Then I googled if this was possible and came across this site. It didn’t take long at all to make the cloud disappear and the person I was with though I was making it up… all the other clouds that were surrounding it were still there though. Interestingly, right afterward, I was bursting to go to the bathroom. I wonder if the moisture of the cloud somehow transferred into my bladder… I had to run to find a bathroom and use a restaurants and it was an exceedingly full bladder indeed. MMmmmm! If I try this again Ill need to make sure I know where the nearest toilet is :)~

    • Richard says:

      That is so funny, Jenny! When I tired it two evenings ago, the same exact thing happened. It wasn’t 30 seconds after the could was gone I had to GO big time! I wonder if there is a relationship. What was that old saying about – if it is one person, it is nothing, and TWO people make it a “coincidence!” – BUT THREE, Yes THREE PEOPLE and you have full blown conspiracy!

  14. Farasat Saeed says:

    I agree that this is possible. i have experienced dissolving clouds but this is new that if phenomena can be captured on Camera.

  15. L. Rijklof says:

    Chemtrail busted!
    Hi, and happy greetings from the Colombian mountains to my colleague chem-busters!!!
    In my last post I wondered at the wisdom of ‘’demonstrating our awakening powers’’, just busting clouds at random. With that, I promised
    > But Chemtrails!!! By George, when and if I see another one, I shall surely do my utmost best to kill it! <
    Well, this morning we sat, happily chatting ‘bout this and that with our neighbor and her baby, when I unthinkingly looked up at the sky, and there it was, a long trunk of white. It differed in form from the other clouds, and it was obviously one of those wretched chemtrails, poisoning our air, our soil and our crops – and our minds.
    I pointed it out to my wife, and she hardly paid attention, being in cheerful conversation with the young neighbor mother, solving earthly problems and thangs.
    Still chewing my breakfast, I started concentrating. There was not much change. This, one has to do fully concentrated. But such an enormously long chemtrail? Would I be able to do it? Quickly finished the remainder of my arepita, and stood apart of the ladies, asking my wife to measure that cloud; it extended north-east to southwest, and it was very long. I wondered again…
    I just did as I did before. I stood still, barefooted, and looked straight at that white trunk thing. Just looked at one point. I ordered it to dissolve .. with just that thought: ‘’I want you to dissolve, NOW!’’ It lasted, but then I saw the dark blue stains appearing1 behind the area I had chosen, as I had seen before. I kept looking, just at that point, and kept repeating the same order. Nothing much changed, these things seem to be sturdy. I kept looking at that point, without moving my gaze, and then, finally it started thinning out. I still did not want to move my eyes until, indeed it had faded away such that I could see right through it. Wanting to remove all of it, I kept staring at it. It was then that I looked at to where this thang had extended, high up there to my right. And lo! The whole chemtrail was gone, the sky was liberated of it, by just pinpointing my attention on one part of it! The clouds which had surrounded it were still there, but that’s fine. That whole lengthy nonentity which had been there only seconds ago, had faded away in its entirety! When I called out my wife and her friend looked up, to see no chemtrail either.
    It was ten minutes of work, no more. And when only a while later I looked at the sky again, there were no clouds where this monster had been. Now, we don’t even see the high cirrus clouds which were above it anymore. Just blue skies with white floating pieces of cotton-wool drifting by. Amazing! Side effects of my uncanny fourth-dimensional powers?*
    This was not one c t I have seen coming out of those ugly grey gringo planes, so the probability can only be measured by our sighting of a long-drawn-out trunk, a tunnel in the air if you wish. But real chemtrail or not, it could not stand clean mind-power. I’ll sure be a chemtrail hunter from now on!
    So, my friends, I feel accomplished! For me no more busting of friendly white sheep in the air. Just and only chemtrails, will be condemned by merely watching them. We did it again!
    Greetings from the Colombian mountains,
    L. Rijklof
    *not ego boosting, just self-mockery
    1 these blue stains are not there, they are a consequence of staring with a fixed gaze at that one point

  16. L. Rijklof says:

    Can rainclouds be made by mind power?
    Hello fellow Cloudbusters!
    I considered the topic ‘Dissolving clouds with your mind’ a bit, and I decided not to do it anymore. As I mentioned before, I don’t see the need to dissolve those beautiful clouds, even though I know I can.
    A new thought came up though, one I saw mentioned here by one or two members:
    Would it be possible to create clouds, instead of dis-creating them? I am thinking of the need of rain in areas like ours (in Colombia) where the draught is literally killing people now. There are so many cloudy days where we live, yet there is no rain. And I wonder -aside of the day which may soon come when I can initiate my chem-buster, and maybe cause the rain to fall over our barren fields- if it would be possible to create rain from these clouds, or even indeed, make rainclouds. Dissolving the manipulation of the biosphere we live in, instead of dissolving clouds. If it is so easy to make a cloud disappear, then there may not be much value in doing it anyway, unless we have to do with a dangerous storm overhead.
    If anyone can give any hints in this direction, I’d be much obliged, while my search goes on.
    Friendly greetings from
    L. Rijklof, Colombia

    • Del says:

      Yes you can make rain.Natives have been doing it forever with their rain dance.Just stomp around in a circle chanting something like Hoya. Hoya. Hope it works for you.It has worked for me.

    • Richard says:

      Wilhelm Rech discovered what he called “Orgone” – Initially, he mistakenly thought it was sexual energy created by humans. But his experiments led him to believe it was a natural type of energy in the atmosphere, and in places where humans treated other humans poorly (in some cases, for a variety of reasons), the energy became stale and kept the clouds and rain away. So he created a simple device to “Suck” the stale energy out of the air, and it was little more than a group of 6 to 10 foot metal pipes about an inch and a half in diameter, ans he connect the ends to smaller flexible metal hoses (like that flexible electrical conduit) and placed the ends in water. Running water like a stream was the very best since he figured it was helping to “suck” the stale Orgone out of the air. And it not only worked, but it WORKED GREAT! He could bring on rain any time, But he learned to be patient since he brought on a few floods! I just found that Wikipedia has an article and strangely enough, he called it Cloud Busting, Why he did makes no sense because you are CREATING them. Not busting them! Here is a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloudbuster

      I hope it helps you down there since you grow my favorite coffee in Colombia! – it is awesome!! I even sent a Thank You letter to the Colombian Ambassador of the US asking him to pass it on to the growers because I wanted them to know that they made a WHOLE LOT of people very happy in the morning! Which is far more than most counties do on this planet!

  17. L. Rijklof says:

    Hello, friendly greetings to you all!
    Well, I tried .. just for the fun of trying.
    Being all interest for breaking the chem-trail menace, and in the midst of building my first chembuster, I feel totally involved in this stuff, and all of it’s ‘sub-stuff’.
    A small cloud overhead, disappeared in minutes when I just gazed at it, and asked it, kind of, to dissolve. Another one, a little larger, in no time. Third one, gone!
    Then I called my wife, and asked her to observe. This time I chose a bigger cloud, and it lasted some more. It played me a trick, as if an animated being: It united with a neighbor, forming a larger cloud. I insisted, was interrupted by my wife´s finger playing over my spine, and then by my neighbor-boy, grabbing my hand. But after centering all of my attention on dissolving this white cloud, the part that I initially worked on, disappeared as well.
    My first question is: Hmm .. could I do this with a dangerous thunderstorm approaching, maybe forming a team of three to five like minds? I’ll sure give it a try!
    Then, more importantly: Why should we do this? Is there any reason we should ‘demonstrate’ our awakening powers, which have lain dormant for so many eons of time? They will be apparent soon enough!
    Kind Regards,
    L. Rijklof, Colombia

  18. Sach says:

    It started on its own. First I started creating clouds and to be believed it rain when I expected and tried.i told my friends and people but no one believed. Good to see here people like me. It actually happens. You can create and dissolve clouds with your mind power. All you need is concentration on some single topic over some period of time and relegation the same thing every day to make your mind occupied with that single thing. Then when you think or practice in open nature you will se cloud forming.

  19. Tom says:

    I’ve successfully dissipated clouds through the years;
    just for a psychic exercise, not to be malicious;
    I thought it was kind of a cool thing to do,
    and I’ve only told a couple of people,
    until I saw this page and decided to comment.

  20. Kathleen Nelson says:

    Yes, I can and have dissolved clouds. Concentrate on the cloud only, tearing it apart with your thoughts. It takes close to seven min. to completely erase it. I do not like to do it because we need all the clouds we can get here in Southern California. Maybe we should try to form them instead of destroying them. I heard a women mention it on a radio show about 12 years and went out side and did it the first time. That is when I realized our mind commands a powerful energy. So much more to learn and seek !

  21. Zax867 says:

    a fellow taught this to me when i was 10 or 11. just clear your mind and think only of the cloud you are looking at. don’t be foolish, pick a cloud that about as big as your thumb nail with your arm fully extended.

    • Zax867 says:

      i find it rains when in 3 days of doing this. i haven’t taken notice if direction has anything to do with it.

  22. LaShall says:

    Ok people I am psychic and I’d never even heard of clouds disappearing until June 2015. I looked up in the sky and saw three clouds disappear very quickly. I didn’t do that. It’s nature or spirits. I recorded two of them once I realized this phenomenon was occurring that day. So the next day no clouds disappeared. So a week later I looked and looked and no more clouds disappeared. I can say that I did it but I didn’t. I’m not claiming to have done this. I give mother earth or spirits that credit. Some spirits may have been showing me magic that day for some reason. And I don’t believe anybody else has made any clouds disappear either. That’s the spirits fooling you. And possibly an evil spirit fooling you. And it makes you sound ridiculous.

    • Truth says:

      You have no right ever calling yourself a physic with that closed of mind. Incredibly embarrassing.

    • Caroline says:

      Focusing energy on a specific cloud or area of a cloud can blow a hole right through it. So many people have done it — there is nothing foolish about it. It is a projection of energy. It is not a trick. If you haven’t done it before, do not denigrate others, please. I’ve been doing this for yeas and I am not a foolish person by any means.

      • Richard says:

        Hi Caroline,
        I agree. There is real, verifiable science behind this. Even though many scientists still deny it, we live in a sea of very powerful energy. In fact, it is what everything is made from. We live in a complex and beautiful Quantum Holographic Matrix (nothing as cheesy as the 1999 movie,”The Matrix” thankfully), and everything is created from patterns of energy at various frequencies. Some are low, and some are very high. For example, each different type of cell in our bodies has a unique frequency that its the signature of the DNA Anyway, is it this energy we control and focus on the clouds to evaporate or disperse them. We are truly “Co-Creators” in our universe. You must admit the design is nothing short of awesome!!!

  23. Pete Mendez says:

    Ok so I can make clouds disappear, what do I do with it now, there has to be more to it than just that, obviously I am able to send some energy out by thinking about it and affect a cloud but what else can it do, I have a feeling that it is only the tip of an infinite iceberg, if the mind has infinite capabilities, where do I take it from here, I want to use my mind energy to it’s full potential, I believe the fact that a cloud disappears is only a demonstration of an energy that is definitely there, it is absolutely amazing to me that this is even possible, all it tells me is there is a whole lot more it can do.

    • bj says:

      Hi Pete – I don’t know if you’ll see this post since it’s been a while. I put my intention on it that you will. My curiosity over the nature of reality has let me down the rabbit hole. We are so much more powerful than we know. I’ve done more than make clouds disappear and you can too. Mystics and physicists have been trying to tell us that “reality” is an illusion. I believe that our ability to make clouds disappear is proof – so is energy healing. A fellow sailor showed me how to prevent a distant water spout from touching down – just by waving your flattened palm under it -as to cut it off. Start reading everything you can about metaphysics. A good place to start is the book Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlet. Forget what you think you “know” about reality. Open your mind to new possibilities. Good luck and have fun!

  24. D boy says:

    I thought I was crazy. I took LSD about 5 years ago (no need to take it again) and I found that I could really dissolve clouds and create shapes in the sky. I later tried it when I was not under the influence and, although it was not as easy, I could still do it. I avoid using this mind power for my own gains now or to feed my own ego. Instead, I just admire the beauty in the sky and feel a great gratitude come over me. I never thought of trying to dissolve chemical trails and “fake” clouds. I will work on it!

    • costas says:

      Cloud shaping- making clouds (all kind of shapes )with your mind in the sky is pure demonic. The truth is that demons take the form of a cloud – whatever form or shape you’re thinking- or insert in your eyes and make you believe that you are doing it ( that you have powers within your mind). By staring clouds -thinking you can change their shape- you are already obeying to demonic thoughts and so demons ( whenever God allows them) take the right to continue and deceive you more and more. And at the end you become so possessed that even if someone like me tells you the truth – your ego has become so huge (cause youve given so much time doing these cloud-busting) that you don’t listen nobody and the only thing you do is just wanting to believe that you have so-called psychic powers

    • Bitrat says:

      Are you kidding me? If I could do this, I’d hit Las Vegas so hard they’d think nuclear testing had resumed. I’d give 90% of the money to charity & live simply off the rest , using my time to volunteer for NGO’s, etc

  25. Dave mccawley says:

    Set my mind on clouds tonight 3 different times with my grandson and wife. Freaked them out all 3 times the clouds dissolved

  26. ChemTrailzSuk says:

    By the way…
    The ability to affect the environment with intention and energetic output is very real. I agree with the poster that says one should not dissolve NORMAL clouds. Learn discernment between real and chemtrail created clouds, and Mother Earth will be happy… and you will be as well, since you will have done everybody a service!

    • L. Rijklof says:

      I do fully agree with you, C.T.Zak.
      I was amazed that I could do it just one-two-three without any training. Now, I am not going to make a circus about this ability which probably everybody has to his/her disposition.
      But Chemtrails!!! By George, when and if I see another one, I shall surely do my utmost best to kill it! And when (not if) that happens, that is when I know that I can use this cloud- dissipating thing for the good of all, without even having to brag about it.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Greetings from the Colombian mountains,
      L. Rijklof

  27. ChemTrailzSuk says:

    We all need to pitch in and dissolve the chemtrail created false clouds! Don’t bother with the ones created by mother earth… as a previous poster has stated. I do this constantly, and have learned to easily discern between real ones and chemtrail created ones. We need to help Mother Earth!

    Also, good idea about the using intention to create shapes out of clouds. What does this say about “reality”? Well, it’s only as real as you believe it to be.

    I am going to create a big heart next time I see one.

  28. ChemTrailzSuk says:

    I only burst chemtrails and the false clouds that they create. They are easy to spot. If I see a chemtrail being made in real time, I immediately dissolve it. It is actually very easy to discern between natural clouds and false chemclouds. Good idea about making shapes, btw!

  29. Pink Light says:

    Please don’t try to burst any more clouds. This isn’t natural and is a negative destructive ability which if encouraged can cause negative implications. Please believe me I have seen this for myself in a so called ‘hippy’ who became obsessed with it and he then turned very nasty, destroying lives. I’m fed up of hearing people brag that they burst a cloud, like their ego is the only thing they are caring about. Clouds contain water and are formed by mother nature as part of the delicate balance that keeps earth alive. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? What did the poor clouds ever do to you?

    • Mikal says:

      Pink Light – “dissolving” a cloud, only means that the moisture(water) inside it is MOVED AROUND, spread out. It does NOT MEAN the water “no longer exists”. The water is still there, in the sky. It will simple re-form again as another new cloud, at a later time. The water in the cloud, WILL STILL FALL AS RAIN. “Dissolving the cloud” has nothing to do with “how much rain will fall” at all. I’m sorry you watched your friend go crazy – but going crazy is not a part of “Cloud busting”. Going crazy has absolutely nothing to do with “cloud control”. Period. This story you’ve shared doesn’t really apply to this topic. And again, nobody is “hurting” these clouds. They’re clouds. Mother nature will just “whip together a few more” if she needs to. She’s good at that. Please settle down and stop trying to control other people. Controlling other people is not your right.

    • L. Rijklof says:

      So right, Pink Light,
      but if one trains for using it for doing good next, so as f e to bust chemtrails, then there is no harm done, on the contrary.
      But I do agree with you as to that ego thing we are apt to be so happy about.
      L. Rijklof, Colombia

    • Caroline says:

      I agree that it’s important not to abuse the knowledge of this.

  30. Joy says:

    Thanks for this post. I once just decided to see if I could make clouds disappear and it did, I had never heard it from anyone before or even read about it! it came just a thought as I relaxed outside and I just did it without any effort at all. I felt very powerful!. I came to this site because I am interested in interpreting different types of cloud formations. Whenever I see the white bubbly clouds I get a good feeling and immediately think of someone I love!! Anyone out there who can assist me with more information on this? Thank you in advance.

  31. Brian says:

    Wow, I had no idea this was possible. Think I read once somewhere that someone was able to reshape clouds the way they wanted but never really gave it much thought. Just got done meditating and looked out at the sky as the sun sets and saw a small cloud. For whatever reason, I wondered if I could make it disappear. I focused my attention on it with my intention and energy in my third eye (if that makes sense, don’t know how better to describe it). After about a minute, I noticed that it was dissolving and another minute later, it was gone. Immediately I felt very powerful but to make sure it wasn’t a “coincidence”, decided to try it on a couple of other smaller clouds. Same results. So I just now sought to see if there was any info out there about it and my search led me here. Everything truly is connected.

  32. sheri says:

    9bI have made three clouds disappear. I have no doubt this was something i caused to occur based on my desire and intention. I discovered this a few months ago and at 51 it is probably one of the most profound self realizations to date. I am excited to discover more and help others recognize their own power within.

  33. patti says:

    I read about cloud bursting on a meditation site as a focus training method..It is awesome..I did it the first time and showed my friend ( a cherokee sp? native) she had never heard of this as she was not raised on a reserve. We both found this amazing and fun to do..It really IS easy..BELIEVE IT and do it..PS..> start with a small cloud, it will be easier and give you confidence. Best of luck Blessed be to all.

  34. Zanisea says:

    Thanks for this. I started to attempt to shape clouds with my mind, into whatever shape I wanted, but the clouds were not shaping, instead, they were disappearing. So I decided to go with it, and started attempting it more often. I find it works pretty much all of the time, but I always wondered, “was this cloud going to break up anyway?” I need to stop having negative thoughts like that, and just believe it was me. I had not really heard of dissolving clouds with ones mind before, so I decided to google it, to see if it was something that was out there, an actual thing people could do. I learnt a lot from reading this, about psychic/mind power so it is something I am going to try more often. I am too scared to share it though (I trust my partner) but I fear as soon as I show him it wont work. I was also wondering what technique was best. Do I just imagine it gone? Picture it breaking up? Imagine a big burst of wind pulling it apart? Keep saying the cloud is not there? I thing that just focusing on it and putting my energy into it seems to work best.

    • L. Rijklof says:

      “was this cloud going to break up anyway?” . It was not, dear Zanisea, not without your (or our) interfering . Yet, we´d better find out what forces we´re fooling around with . and, indeed, as I saw on this forum .. why should we make clouds disappear? They have their function, like the ants, and the white dunes at the sea side.
      Another thing is busting chem-trails. I was as amazed as you express, to be able to do this, but at once stopped, and watched my ego, even when I showed the family this phenomenon.
      BUT: whenever I see another chemtrail up there, I am sure to bust it and try to send it to where it belongs.
      Kind Regards,
      L. Rijklof, Colombia

  35. Paul says:

    I first noticed I was able to make clouds disappear a few years ago, at first I thought I was tripping,but I tried it again and again, everytime with 100% success. I was confident enough to show my cousin, I even had him pick out a cloud for me to burst and like my previous experoences it worked.. I wonder what this means about “reality”.

  36. nicholas combest says:

    Man i burst my first cloud a few weeks ago after an evening of fungal revelation..it was easy, just pure intention! the only true form of magick comes from an unshakable faith! Give it a try and dont underestimate yourself..we are one with the great dreamer

    • says:

      Fungal revelation – I love it lol! Great job on the cloud busting and great words of encouragement for others! And, for those looking to do their own cloud busting, give it a shot of your own – no fungal revelation required…

      Thanks for the great post!


    • jackie says:

      Hello. My name is Jaclyn. I was looking at recurring dreams and dreams that come to be. Something that I have been blessed with as far back as I was very, very young. 6/7yrs.. It started witha first person dream (I could see that I was wearing a white lace dress and watched my little white shoes as I looked down. I knew I was behind my Aunt’s house although it had taken on a few new characteristics. As I walked toward it I looked to my right and saw a beautiful gazebo. Being a city girl, I know there was no reason for me to know what it was, as I’m sure I had never seen one. As I got closer, I noticed that the walls were glass and there were steps leding to French doors. None of this seemed strange. I opened the doors and in this large room were chairs and haggardlooking people wall to wall in black cloaks and rags. They all looked at me and I woke up.a few yrs later my mom, little brother and I moved into this house. It want until then that the dreams stopped. Other dreams of this house included me in my school uniform standing on the other side of the fence watching pilgrims walking in the front yard. Two seperate windows where the bay window was. Changes that hadn’t been made. My Aunt met a man and he brought me and my brother and my mom to live there. He made life into a dream itself, instead of the hell we were used to. The first dream, which is as vivid to me as if it actually happened ten minutes ago (not 30yrs) I figured out at 14. See, one of the )1st things he did to the house was put a gazebo in the yard. Right where i saw it. Then an addition. A huge kitchen with windows for walls and wooden steps lading to french doors. He was burried on the very day that they were supposed to marry in that gazebo. It was not a communion dress as I had believed to have worn in my dreams. It was a wedding dress. I was just too young to have realized. Not until he died did I put it together. He was also having a wrap around porch put on. The bay window are way for2 seperate ones. Unfortunatel, he passed before getting to put up that porch. I never saw one in my dreams. I’ve had experiences. Voices, some use my name, most don’t. The last time I was spoken to, I was threatened that if I, yes, I were alive she (whomever she was) called me Elise and assured me that she WOULD kill me. Yet while playing a song on my aunts after school one day, I was praisepd by a smooth and loving voice. “That sounds beautiful, Jaclyn.” I believe it was my grandmother. She died in that house. The room that the piano was in actually. When my aunt bought the old Victorian, the mentally I’ll elderly woman promised that every one my aunt loved would die there. Her mother. Her fiance. Less that 2yrs ago, her. There was garlic in every corner. A cross/crucifix either hung or dug in with some tool over every single door and window. Sorry, I’m rambling. What do u make of it? It would be nice to either get validation or told that I’m a wacko by someone whose a believer. I want to work on developing my esp. There are so many more things I could tell u. How are you going about it? Strengthening your gift..?

      • L. Rijklof says:

        This may lead you up to further investigation, Jackie . maybe you can try Carl Gustav Jung´s expalnations of your o w n dreams .. nobody else can do it but you . the dream is vivid enough to try and unravel, even more so because it is repetitive. Again: C G Jung gives the best road to dream-explaining.
        L. Rijklof, Colombia

  37. Ali says:

    I tried cloudbursting at a bus stop over a year ago after seeing ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’, completely spontaneous decision, just to kill some time. Random Tuesday morning or so.

    And guess what. It happened. My jaw just dropped and I couldn’t believe it. Of course I tried again and again until I got really tired – and had to go to work anyway. Every time it worked. Took abt 2-5 min per pop and I only picked small fluffy clouds. But every time 100% success!

    I never stopped. I learned a lot about how and when it works best. Tried different techniques. Never told anybody because my friends would just think I went bonkers if it doesn’t work on display. I won’t mention any of this until I get really strong and feel confident to cope with stress of others watching. It’s a bit cowardly but hey, I got all the time in the world don’t I ?

    I train myself dough – I do it in public, just discretely to see if it works among crowds. And it does, most of the time, however sometimes it feels really hard and takes longer – especially when I’m tired. Or clouds move quite fast and I can’t chase them long enough.
    I sometimes do it at work to remind myself I can do it when I sit at my desk – and people ask me to get back to Earth thinking I’m daydreaming. I just smile to myself. They don’t know.

    Guys, you just need to try and you’ll be shocked. Once it works, you know you won’t stop trying harder…

  38. Robert Walker says:

    I first dissolved clouds probably in 1973 or so, after reading about it in a book about yoga, as I recall. After doing it several times, I became convinced that it was a real event. The realization that I was actually doing it was somewhat overpowering. The method that I employed was to pick a cloud that was surrounded by other similar clouds and then fixing my focus on that cloud. Gradually the cloud seems to appear as a dense core and thinner areas around the edge. As the thinner areas disappear, the dense areas shrink. This continues until the cloud is gone but the surround clouds remain unchanged. I’ve been fairly careful about who I have discussed this phenomena. Most jump to the ‘obvious’ causes, the cloud went away one its own or my eyes were effected by staring. One of my best friends was very suspicious that this really happened when I told him how it worked. Several years later, he excitedly told me that he had actually made clouds dissolve. He didn’t understand how but he was convinced that he had really dissolved several clouds. It’s the kind of thing that one can’t really appreciate or believe until you’ve done it yourself, but once you’ve done it you just know that it was a real event.

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