Does His Mind Make Him the Strongest Man in the World?

strongest man in the worldToday we feature a gentleman some say is the strongest man in the world.  When you look at him you might not get the impression that he possesses super strength.   And, certainly compared to bigger bulkier giants he doesn’t seem like he should be as strong.  But does his mind make him the strongest man in the world?   Watch the short videos featured here and you decide.

The video above features grand master strongman Dennis Rogers from Houston, who claims to be, “pound for pound” the strongest man in the world.  He s showcased in Stan Lee’s Superhumans series.

Dennis rips a phone book in half, bends a pickaxe and in the video below rolls up a frying pan with his bare hands!   In this video he is tested at the University of Houston’s Human Performance Lab.  There scientists have him also try to bend a wrench, which of course he does.   In both instances they note the heat left behind after he has bent the objects.


Below, Rogers accomplishes some more feats and explains where he thinks his power comes from.


As Rogers explains above, he has learned to bypass the governor in his brain that tells him to stop.  As Rogers, sometimes referred to as the strongest man in the world notes, a superhuman is simply someone who refuses to be average and takes every gift that they have to be the best that they can be.   With that in mind are you doing everything you can with all that you have to be the best that you can be?    If so, super human status might not be far off for you…

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  1. Chris says:

    Amazing! The power of the human mind really has no limits!

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