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esp evidenceHere is an excellent two part video series detailing the latest esp evidence from those psychic researchers conducting experiments to determine the validity of esp, psychic phenomena, psi power, mind over matter and more.

ESP is extra-sensory perception or the perception of things outside of our normal everyday senses.  Psi phenomena as defined in the videos is described as “anonymous properties associated with consciousness unanticipated by widely accepted modern theories.”

What these videos that detail esp evidence reveal is a new understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and a better appreciation and respect for all manner of psychic phenomenon.  In fact, one of the reasons I started the Wealthvibes and Vitalwaves sites, as well as realpsychicpower was based on the studies that indicated that our thoughts and vibrations have power and could effect the environment around us.  I set those sites up to specifically impact others in a positive way through individual and group thoughts.

The esp evidence examined in these videos is not simply derived from those who have experienced esp or psychic events but rather from scientists who have set up and conducted experiments that increasingly point to the reality and validity that psi power, psychic power, or esp is real.

Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science, noted that he gives lectures to standing room only groups that reveal a real interest in all things dealing with esp or psi phenomena.  Radin himself has conducted a number of scientific studies that validate the existence of psi energy and can be used as powerful esp evidence.  In addition, his studies have been repeated and verified by a number of others at various institutions throughout the world.

As research and esp evidence pours in from diverse fields most of the researchers acknowledge that this information is critical to how we perceive ourselves and our place in the universe.   Brenda Dunne, a psychologist from the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) noted that this knowledge was crucial to all of our debates and philosophical questions and will take us away from our purely dualistic way of looking at the world.

Roger Nelson, a psychologist and director of the Global Consciousness Project, stated that he felt that the research was pretty indisputable that we are all interconnected and that our consciousnesses extend out into the world and intermix with each other.  It was also revealed that something special happens when the thoughts of a large number of people come together.

In fact, the Global Consciousness Project was begun as a way to study the effects of major events on the consciousness of the world using random number generators.   As explained at the Global Consciousness Project website, when a great event synchronizes the feelings of people, the network of random numbers generators that they use becomes subtly structured.  They note that the probability of this occurring by chance is less than one in a billion.

Garrett Moddel, a Ph.D physicist, noted that there are now hundreds and hundreds of scientific studies revealing psi and esp evidence.  He also stated that there are now some high quality studies revealing insights into how psi actually works.

These videos detail some of these studies.   When the totality of the experimental results are examined, the probability that the results indicating the existence of psi are a result of chance are less than 1 Trillion to 1!



One of the studies that you’ll see depicted in video 2 is known as the Ganzfeld experiment or Ganzfeld effect.  A subject is deprived of sensory data, usually sitting or lying with ping pong ball halves covering their eyes while listening to white noise while wearing headphones.

While the subject is in this state of sensory deprivation another individual at a distant location attempts to psychically send them an image.  When the sending is completed the subject is asked to choose one of 4 images that the subject thinks was being psychically sent.   Because the subject has a 1 in 4 chance of getting the correct answer, the expected percentage of correct answers over a number of trials should be 25%.   However, this Ganzfeld Experiment consistently shows a percentage of correct answers at 32% over a number of trials.   This seems a clear indication esp evidence or psi existence.

These videos seem to indicate that psi or esp evidence is real.  The next step in our journey into this realm would be to increase our understanding of this phenomena and then to learn how to use it to help us and those around us.

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