Famous Psychic Medium John Holland Tunes in Past Events

psychic medium John HollandFamous Psychic Medium John Holland apparently has the ability to tune into past events when at specific locations.

In the videos featured here, psychic Holland is taken to a couple of unknown locations and asked what he psychically sees.   One of them is the scene of the worst New York city disaster prior to the 911 disaster.   The other place he is taken is to a restaurant, which in the distant past had been the scene of a violent crime.  He is amazingly accurate when describing what occurred at both places.

How does Holland accomplish these feats?   Dr. Gary Schwartz thinks that psychic medium Holland is able to tap into what he calls “place memory.”  In place memory past events are stored in the location itself.  That combined with information coming over from spiritual entities from the “other side” could yield accurate details of what has happened previously at these places.

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The video detailing psychic medium John Holland and his psychic powers is part 2 of the series started in the video above.

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