Famous Remote Viewers

famous remote viewersHere we feature some famous remote viewers.  Remote viewing, to the unfamiliar, is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant target using paranormal means.  Sometimes the remote viewer is only given longitude and latitude numbers and told to report what they see.  Remote viewing became so accepted that at one time the U.S. military setup certain remote viewing groups whose job it was to essentially become psychic spys for the government.

Some famous remote viewers include David Morehouse, Ingo Swann and Joseph McMoneagle.   All were supposedly used by the military at one time or another to help remote view.   I’ve personally read several books in the field, including books by Morehouse and McMoneagle.  In the books I’ve read famous remote viewer Ingo Swann was also prominently mentioned.

The remote viewing videos on this page highlight some of these famous remote viewers.  At the top you’ll see two videos featuring remote viewer David Morehouse.   And, below you’ll see a couple that feature Joe McMoneagle and Ingo Swann.


If you haven’t picked up your Free Matrix report I urge you to do so today.  It features famous remote viewer Gerald O’Donnell.

famous remote viewers Videos

Remote Viewing Workshop with Ingo Swann

Famous remote viewer Ingo Swan gives a workshop where he answers questions about this psychic ability from those in the audience.

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