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free your mindThis Free Your Mind video was created to help give your day a superboost.   It is filled with two sets of powerful positive affirmations designed to help you start your day right – and finish it right.   The audio affirmations are at two different levels.  There is an audible set of affirmations on the surface and then a semi-audible set of positive mind power affirmations just below it.  If you concentrate hard enough you might just be able to pick the second layer out.   However, it is not necessary as your subconscious mind will register this second layer of affirmations without you consciously knowing it.

This video also comes with isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment.  You’ll barely notice the rhythmic thumping underneath the hypnotic music and affirmations of freedom.   Because these are isochronic tones and not binaural beats you don’t need to wear headphones to the get the full effect but I always think it sounds better with the headphones on anyway.

I might be biased because I created this motivational video, but I have found it quite addicting.   It is my new favorite morning meditation boost.    One of my favorite repeated affirmations in the video is, “today is your day.”   Why not make today your day every day and watch this video once you get up in the morning?

The powerful positive affirmations contained in this Free Your Mind video include those listed below:

Free your mind.
Release thoughts of lack.
Retain thoughts of power.
Free your mind.
Now is your time.
All else is in the past.
Release the past.
Free your mind.
Retain thoughts of power.
Now is your time.
You can do anything now.
Your mind is free.
Today is a new day.
Today is your day.
Make today a day to remember.
Make your days ones to remember.
Make your life a life to remember.
This is your life.
Live the life of your dreams.
Live each day to the fullest.
Today is your day.
This is your life.
Allow the power of the universe to flow through you.
Your mind is free.
Today is your day.
Make it special.
This is your life.
Make it special.
You are empowered.
You are free.
Know that you can do anything.
Know that you control your life.
Know that you make the choices in your life.
Know that you control your mind.
Know that you are the architect.
Know that you are the master.
Know that your mind is free.
Know that you are free.
Release all unwanted thoughts.
Release all negativity.
Allow positive thoughts to flow through you.
Allow yourself the joy of freedom.
You have the power.
Today is your day.
You are free to do as you choose.
Your mind controls your body.
You control your mind.
You have the power.
You are free.

Hope you enjoyed this Free Your Mind video with isochronic tones.   Play it often and remember – “today is your day!”

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6 Responses to “Free Your Mind Video”

  1. StormyRain says:

    This is an amazing video & couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was in kind of a negative low energy funk (for some unknown reason) over the weekend & this video has helped put my mind back on a more positive energetic level. Thank you!!! I think I’ll add this twice a day, like suggested in the description. Loved the music, affirmations & images. 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks Stormy Rain, glad it helped! This is one of my favorites and I like to play it 3 or 4 times a week for a quick lift!

      Have a wonderful week!

      Bob K.

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  3. kamal says:

    superb,this video is mind blowing,thank you bob
    love this magnificient video

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  5. Phemie says:

    Wow! Bob these new videos are powerful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Thank you also for doing a manifesting video we discussed.


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