Gain the Power of Influence

power of influnceWant the power of influence?  Want to be able to persuade others?   Well, your first step should be to read any of the many powerful books out there that discuss the secrets of influence and how you can develop the power of influence to persuade others.

One of my favorite influence books is Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion, the Psychology of Influence.   It is a great read and filled with actionable steps that are tried and tested in the field of influence.  In fact, we recently featured Cialdini’s Secrets of Influence video at Wealthvibes.  If you haven’t seen it yet I encourage you to do so.   In that Secrets of Influence video Cialdini gives 6 powerful secrets of influence and some examples of them in use.   Be sure to check it out after you watch our psychic power influence video here.

Now, in this power of influence video we give you several different affirmations to not only encourage you to train your mind by reading some of the famous books on influence and persuasion, but also to harness the power of your mind to exert influence in the lives of others.  Now,  it goes without saying that any influence you want to exert will be for that other person’s benefit.  I would say use it like a prayer almost to help them overcome addictions or take the actions they should take to benefit themselves.

You can of course use this power to benefit yourself but you don’t want to do it at the expense of anyone else.

Also at Wealthvibes you can grab the free ebook, 21 Powerful Ways to Persuade Others to Do What You Want.  As a matter of fact, if you right click that link you can download it your computer right now.  If you left click that link you can read that ebook right here (a new page will open up for you).

Want the power of influence?   Read Cialdini’s book.   Watch this video.  Read that free ebook above.  And, of course if you want even more influence power become wealthy or famous or both, excel in your field, and in general just be the best that you can be in everything that you do.  People will want to do your bidding!


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