Guided Love Meditation Video

guided love meditationThis is a guided love meditation to help you attract a loving companion in life.

This guided love meditation puts you into a deep hypnotic state designed to help you relax with each breath that you take.   The video will give you powerful suggestions and images to allow you to attract more love and loving relationships into your life.   It will have you imagining the best qualities you want in a perfect partner including dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, and interests similar to yours.   You’ll also be visualizing your perfect partners ideal qualities.   Next you’ll visualize being with your ideal mate in a beautiful relationship.

Basically this guided love meditation will help you attract an interesting and enjoyable companion by allowing you to know what you want and instilling the idea in your subconscious mind that you want to attract an ideal mate.  Further affirmations include that you are opening up your heart to receive more love into your life and that you deserve more love.

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