Have You Ever Had a Psychic Connection with Someone?

psychic connectionHave you ever had a psychic connection with someone else?  If you have had a psychic connection with anyone please let us know in the comments section below.   Who was the connection with – a loved one, soul mate, twin, family member?  What specific events occurred that made you realize there was something out of the ordinary about the relationship?

Many twins often report a deep psychic connection in which they know what their other twin is thinking or even what they are doing if they are separated at a distance.

For example, in an article from About, comes the 2009 story of twin 15 year old girls, Gemma and Leanna Houghton.  One twin sensed the other was in trouble, knew she was taking a bath so went to check on her.  She found her sister, an epileptic, submerged and blue, apparently after having had a seizure.  She was able to pull her out and saver her life.   This isn’t the first time that a life has been saved through a telepathic connection.

For instance, Guy Lyon Playfair, the author Twin Telepathy, The Psychic Connection, noted that he was aware of three other incidents in which lives were saved due to a strong psychic or telepathic connection between twins.  This information was derived from first hand investigations that were done by Playfair.

Twins have also noted that they can experience pain or physical problems in body areas that correspond to trauma being experienced by their twin in the same physical area.    One twin experienced chest pains while his twin was having a heart attack in another location.

The strong connection between some twins is just one psychic relationship that exhibit signs of having a mind or psychic connection.  Besides twins, the connection between immediate family, lifelong friends and long time couples are other relationships that often involve strong psychic bonds.

Have you had a soulmate relationship or family bond that was psychic in nature?  Please let us know below in the comments section.

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39 Responses to “Have You Ever Had a Psychic Connection with Someone?”

  1. Rabie says:

    Yes, I have experienced this. I have someone very special, someone more than just a friend. And whenever I receieve a text from them, despite the fact that phone is on silent, I am sleeping heavily, even if they do it at 3am I would wake up without any notification. thats really strange. Even if they are just typing, I would wake up

  2. Robin says:

    I’m strongly connected to my husband whom I’ve been with for 18 years. Kinda funny… I can yell to him in my mind to get his attention. I can summon him. I call out to him in my mind over and over to, say, come to bed, and within 2 minutes he will come to bed. He falls asleep in front of the TV often and I wake to an empty bed, so I summon him. He describes dreaming of me calling him and he wakes, and comes to me immediately. When he is awake and I summon him, he describes hearing my voice in his head. I’ve experimented, it is successful 9 times out of 10. Once recently he had a fall and was slightly injured when out of my sight, and at that very instant I had a sudden unpleasant shock, knowing he had fallen. 20 minutes later, he walked up to me (no limp) and I immediately asked him if he fell and hurt himself. These types of occurrences have happened many times over the years and now he isn’t at all surprised or freaked out. It is just the way we are. I also feel my deceased father with me when I think of him or talk about him, always behind my left shoulder. We were always very close.

  3. Lynn Higgs says:

    HM Psychi connections with several people over the years. These seemed to be increasing the past few years as well as the explanations decreasing. Maybe part of the reason I decided to search for answers again about what it is about me that causes many psychic gifts to generate . When I was younger I had psychic connections with people I knew well. Some of these were children that were my friends. A few times it was during extreme stress from some event happening to them. I relayed certain things or called or pleaded with others to send help and find out that I was right on target with my thinking. Also I had met several individuals where I could repeat their thoughts to them. Sometimes I answered their questions before they asked. The past few years I found that this particular paranormal has evolved to include people I have little contact with. There have been times when I had dreams of these people who I did not know welll being in another country and speaking with them. I found out afterwards they wer ein those countries. I am a little more than irritated over the one person caused in my dream he promised to explained to me every thing when he came back. This man avoided me like the p[lague and was insisted on harming me . I am not sure if his efforts to harm or recruit others to harm was out of fear o9r something else. The thing is at times I have to work to keep this person from 9invading my thoughts. I ave at time contemplated maybe a mental illness was the cause only to find out the very thoughts were consistent with what this person was going through. I do not have any physical contact with this person, but I have received phone calls from some who do know him who felt it was necessary to tell me what was going on. The thing is it is always a 100% accurate. but then one of the physchic gifts I had since childhood was knowing things. I made many future predictions to the tee about personal lives as well as world events. Sometimes I scare people with that gift. However my point being is that I am noticing a recent increase in this ability to connect physchically with people including people I do not know. I do investigate by making a point to go and speak to the individuals to find out if the connection was real or a part of my over imagination. HMMMMMMM then it seems my life is full of oddities. Physically I am ambidextrous, empath, synthetase which is considered part of the Human experience but all these things rank within 1 to 2 percent of the population. So yeah really am thinking that there is more to all of this. Some of my Psychic skills is remote viewing including going to past historical events and experiencing them as well as experiencing present day and future events. Then there is mind reading and blocking mind reading,seeing Ghosts and speaking to spirits . A far as Indigo children well I came across that information when seeking ways to help my children. I can not place myself in that group as I was born way before it is stated. I was thinking today that maybe these things are part of an evolutionary process of Humans. I happened to have a few more human skills than most .

  4. Toby says:

    I have never had any psychic type stuff that I could confirm.

    I started hanging out with this girl, and we both shared things, everything about ourselves. She had told me about being able to connect with people in her dreams. Actually arrange to have a person meet her in a certain place during a dream and it would happen for both.

    Our friendship became strained a little later, and I started seeing flashes of images. Almost like through her eyes, but more like pictures. And with them came strong emotion. From that moment on, I knew when she was thinking of me. I knew her emotional state during times of large emotions. I knew when she woke up. I knew when she would be on Facebook. I knew when she was lying….
    It became so intense I was obsessed with her because she would not get out of my head. It was scary. On top of that, I blamed her for it. I thought it was a connection from her to me because of the story about her dream stuff.
    The first time I let her know it was happening, I was minding my own business and knew that she was either crying, or trying hard not to cry. This was very late at night. The next day I messaged her and asked if she slept ok, she said she was up and down. I told her I had gotten the feeling that she was very sad. She said “Hmmmm I dunno” I told her I thought she was either crying or trying hard not to cry. She said “This is kind of weird, last night I found emails from my ex husband and it made me really sad.”
    I still thought she was projecting it. She lied to me the following day, of course I knew better and instead of letting it go I confronted her. We are still friends, but we are not talking as much. The connection is still there though. But it is not always strong. (It is strong enough to give me a headache right now.)
    Last night is when I discovered the connection is not really from her. I was sitting at a bar, talking to the bartender. And suddenly I knew she had a funny shaped birthmark on her breast. I was a bit tipsy so I said “You have a weird birthmark don’t you?” she just stared at me with her mouth open, so I took my finger and circled my chest and said “Right about here right?” She said “Toby how could you know that? That is so weird! This is freaking me out!”
    I tried to force reading someone and couldn’t do it.
    So how was I able to get that by looking at a bartender?? Not emotional connection there.
    I told the girl I was talking about earlier about it and she has not responded. My feelings now is that she is connected to me as well and she is freaked out too. I hope to get to talk to her about it, but I know she is scared. I do not know if it is that or us being close that has her scared, but I know she is scared.
    So am I.
    I am looking up psychic connections for piss sake!
    I am 44 years old and have never had this happen before. Not like this anyway. I have known things. I had an experience as a second grader, I had a grand mal seizure and was out of my body. I witnessed everything that happened and when I woke in the hospital and asked my mom who was jumping up and down on my bed, she thought I had brain damage. But when she listened to the entire story, I was telling her things that happened that I could not have seen. And I described everything exactly as it had happened. She was scared and still will not talk about it at all. So basically, I am the only person I have ever heard of that had a witness to an out of body experience. Funny thing about that, I remember it all still. I could see in color, but I could not hear anything. I could grab things, (the rail on our balcony was freezing cold, like dry ice cold) but I cannot remember my feet ever touching anything. Which makes sense because I spent the whole time looking over my moms shoulder, and in the second grade I was nowhere near that tall.

    Anyway, what is happening now is what is freaking me out. It physically hurts at times and when it happens I cannot concentrate on anything else. When I get the feeling, whatever it is I see, I would bet everything I have that it is true. It has been 100% true for the last 2 months.

    I either need help stopping it, or controlling it. I do not care which one.

  5. Heather says:

    I have a bond with a friend of mine. It just appeared out of nowhere one day. Sometimes we say full sentences at the same time without any provoktion. when it first started we both said the same thing, turned to each other and said, and I quote, “A bond,” at the same time. Sometimes I will wake up with this odd sense of hatred or love towards someone, then later, after meeting up with her, she will say that she had talked to that person and feels that emotion towards them. I actually feel her emotions!!

  6. Jen says:

    I don’t know what to do about a situation that seems to involve a psychic connection. I met a guy last year and I immediately felt drawn to him as if I had known him before. He is very attractive, but I’ve met attractive men before and I’ve never reacted like this. I couldn’t stop staring at him, it was so weird, it was as if I was hypnotized. Then we started talking and I found out that we had the same trauma growing up. We almost had identical experiences. I then had dreams about him. In one, he was screaming in my ear, that he needed me to help him. It actually shocked me awake. Then I had a few other dreams about him that were showing me what was happening to him and I found out they were true when I asked him. Each time he was going through some kind of trouble and I would see it in my dreams and try to help him through it in real life. I feel very drawn to and protective of him, but he seems to be talking to me in my sleeping state, drawing me to him, but pushing me away in regular life. He’s scared of letting people in too close and I feel like I don’t know what to do. I put a lot of effort in to try getting closer to him. He agrees to meet with me and seems to like me, but on another level lets me down. He used to cancel on me half the time we agreed to meet (he’s stopped that since I told him it hurt my feelings), but he still doesn’t show up to events that are important to me and doesn’t call or text when he says he will. I mean he does respond when I text, but feel like I have to do most of the work to maintain the friendship. Does this mean I should just give up?

    • katgal says:

      Jen, I have almost the exact same situation as your’s. I just googled and found this page b/c I’m so confused about the connection I have to a man I met about 7 months ago. Meeting him and looking into his eyes was almost like a dream and I remember it so vividly. I felt like and still do feel like I knew him at some other time. I can’t explain and I have never, ever had this experience with anyone else. I think about him all the time, and have lots of dreams about him when I really don’t have a lot of dreams typically.
      He also pushes me away and hurts me by the lack of texting or not being able to get together. I have a psychic who says he’s been very hurt in the past and that’s why he pushes away, but I’m afraid it’s because he feels the way I do and it scares him. So he frequently just brushes me off. I feel like I’m doing all the work now too, and I’m about ready to end the relationship but I feel like I just can’t! The connection is too strong.

  7. Star says:

    I’m connected to a guy I once dated. Even though we don’t speak on a regular basis I can feel him thinking about me and I can sense when there is something wrong with him or when he is feeling down. I thought I was crazy. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  8. Mallory says:

    Yes! My best friend of 13 years and I have noticed this strange connection several times now, none as noticeable and strong as today, which is what made me look it up to see if I was crazy. I was at school, and I hadn’t been feeling well. I had 2nd period with her, and she could tell right away. Well, later in 5th period, I was on the complete opposite side of campus from her. I was alone in the parking lot by my car. No one could see me. I got really sick, fell to my knees and starting vomiting in the grass. About 3 minutes later, I hear her running, calling my name. She knew exactly where to find me. I asked her after I’d gotten settled at home how she knew what was happening. She looked at me and said “I really don’t know. I was sitting in class, and suddenly felt like I was fixing to puke. I ran into the hallway and just knew I had to find you. I started running, and my feet just carried me here to your car. I don’t know..”. It was very strange, but I am thankful.

  9. Natasha says:

    OMG! I’m so glad I found this, now I don’t feel crazy. A few years ago I met a man. I knew the night I met him something very profound was about to happen. In the hrs leading up to this event I had an unbelievable amount of anxiety and nervousness..to the point where I wondered if it was my last day of life. I actually had to soothe myself and calm down to get ready. Finally I did and a series of serendipitous events led to be being seated next to him, because where I ended up wasn’t my seat. He casually struck up a conversation and we talked for hours. For the last 4 years there have been periods if separation varying from 6 mos to just days and EVERY time without fail one of us responds to the others “calling”……I’ve tested it. I think he’s my spouse from another life. So much of our communication is subconscious. I traveled to his home state before I knew him and I remember when my trip was over feeling overwhelmed with sadness…like being separated from a spouse to gone to war or something. At the time I remember thinkin ” my husbands here”. I second guessed that crazy thought as ” I’m supposed to FIND my future husband here”. I don’t know if it’s premonition or if sometimes it’s actually spirit guides that tell us things, but when u look back in hindsight u see their/your interpretation was/ is LITERAL! I LITERALLY was leaving a place my past husband WAS at the time. I just hadn’t met him yet…2x I have had a somewhat panick attack/ emotional spell after some days apart, following a quarrel where I’ve called his name and looked up and we were at the same INTERSECTION! Each time these emotions came on SUDDENLY, and very strong! I have a complete calm about us and our relationship. Never do I worry about us permanently losing touch whether w each other or not. I love him and he loves me. There is a completeness we felt upon meeting that’s never been duplicated. That’s how u know. Your soul speaks and if u listen and pay attention doubt rarely enters.

  10. Kim says:

    Yes. I met someone online 4 years ago in a forum. Not long after we were interacting on the forum, I felt I had known him from somewhere before. A few months later, I began to have visions and dreams of this person. One day as I was wide awake, I closed my eyes for a moment and a photo of him appeared in my mind out of the blue. We had lost contact eventually, but the etheric happenings continued on and off. Then after Dec 21st 2012, energies began forming around my pineal gland, my crown chakra and my heart chakra. I also began to hear from my higher self. This slowly intensified the wake visions/dreams which began to manifest as picking up his emotions and even thought forms. Now this does not happen every day, but I can assure you there is some telepathy going on. I think I may be a Twin Flame, or a soul mate. Not sure which, as I have been studying videos from Gold ray twin flames (on youtube). Any how, I was in contact with him on and off through email for the past 4 years. In 2013 we reconnected by email. I began to tell him of the etheric experiences I was having involving him. Guess I should have kept my mouth shut, as he said good bye later that year. He knows he went against his ethical code he believes in however there were other circumstances that caused this (not putting up personal info here). Yes these psychic connections do happen and it appears there are many reasons behind them.

  11. Emzzzzz says:

    I became friends with someone I met, and eventually I fell in love with this person. I never knew how he really felt. But I knew there was more than just friendship between us even though in the end apart from kissing nothing else happened between us. After finally making the decision to let go and forget about him, I decided to try and move on. But something, some kind of connection would stop me in my tracks.

    All the time I had known this guy I was aware he had been in trouble in the past and was having to attend court, it was a very long ongoing process and went on for months.
    I no longer saw him or had any contact with him what so ever but when ever he was due to attend court, the night before I was up all night and could not sleep and he constantly stayed in my mind and body until the day at court was over. It’s hard to explain but It was like a very strong instinct that kicked in and something inside me hounded me to let me know where he was and what was happening. And it wouldn’t subside until that day was over. The night before he was going to court he’d pop up in my mind and stay there all night and keep me awake.

    But there was no way I could have known any of this and then something forced me to look on the internet at court reports and there is was, showing he had been in court that day. And all those months this was happening every single time he had to appear in court. It felt like someone was in my mind and body showing me, leading me. I know it all sounds crazy but I can’t explain it in words. Sometimes the connection felt like it was him trying to tell me something. I’ll never know what it was or why or it happens.

  12. Nicolette says:

    I am sure i have a connection with my husband of 15 years. Its not pleasent…my stomach turns and feels sick, i have shivers up and down my spine. And it happens when he is either emotionaly hurting or doing somthing that could hurt our relationship. I think i sence he is hiding something or plans to hide something from me. I always confront him and he always tells me the truth then the pain goes away. You can call it a very strong gut feeling and i am never wrong about it. Always trust your gut so they say. By knowing somthing is wrong i can prevent it from ruinning our marriage. I do belive he is my soul mate.

  13. Angelina says:

    I have a psychic connection with my friend. It all started when i joined a new school. I saw a girl and we kinda just started talking.We werent exactly friends, at first. but one day,we had to go outside together and we took a lot of pictures. that’s when i saw a picture of her, which looked exactly like me. Then, somehow, we both became friends. it is weird how we both say the same things in class, without a change in the words, time and the tone. i aslo have this very weird pain in my veins.
    I remember how my pain, kind of got contagious to her. It’s so weird!!

  14. Tanya says:

    I have a connection with a friend. We were friends 20 years ago and reconnected this past year. His name or his face will pop into my head. I will feel an urge to check my phone for a message. As I pick up the phone, a text message notice will literally go off in my hand as and it will be him. This has happened on Skype as well. I’ll check my Skype, and the call notice appears on my screen. He can tell if I’m sad or upset from a neutrally worded email or text. It’s kind of cool and a bit scary. We didn’t have this connection back then, so it’s odd.

  15. Kayla says:

    Hi, I know this is an old topic but I have a similar issue. I’m 23 years old, female and met a guy who is 27 yrs old at college. He helped me out during class when I was feeling heat exhausted and since then we have been talking. We seem to have a lot in common and I feel that we have made a link or connection with each other. I am empathic, meaning I can easily soak up someone’s emotions and physical pain. I’ve noticed that since we have touched skin that I keep having a telepathic message being put in my mind in repeat, “love me”. He has a history of anxiety and depression and I also have anxiety. He admitted to having an interest in me since the first day of class but never noticed him looking my way. So I’m wondering if I’m going mad or if he and I have known each other from a past life. I feel like we have known each other for more than we actually have and we share a lot of similar interests. Please share with me your thoughts. If you need more information just ask and I’ll oblige. Thanks

  16. Katelyn says:

    My best friend and I have noticed that what I feel she feels. If I’m feeling nervous then she feels it or if I want to cry she feels like she wants to cry. What is going on?

  17. Nostradamus says:

    Is there a possibility of a psychic bond with a mortal enemy? More Harry / Voldemort as opposed to Edward / Bella? Looks like lovers, twins, blood, and deep friends can share this but what of sworn enemies?

  18. TJ says:

    I have connected to several people before when I am open to it. I am saying when I am open to it because I sensed the death of an animal the other night, I suddenly had a pain in my chest and then became very sad and I knew it had died. I also have dreams of people dying shortly before it happens and I don’t dream about death any other time. I had a dream of my dad dying when I was 18 and he hassled away a few weeks later. I had a feeling of something bad happened and I got a phone call that my sister was in the hospital. The list goes on. I kind of feel stupid telling people to watch out or go to the doctor when I have one of my dreams but with so many of them having something to do with what is actually happening I started to share my concerns. I had a dream of my mother being put in a coffin and I called her to tell her to get a checkup. Turned out she had very high blood pressure and was put on medicine.

  19. Terri says:

    I have a connection with my niece, we have always been very close. Lately it seems we have an even deeper connection though. On many occassions for example, lately, one of us has made a comment via text or email about something, only to find that the other one was just either thinking about that or doing that! In fact just about an hour ago I sent my niece a text asking her when we are going to go to a swimming place again that we like to go. Now, we haven’t talked about going there in months. She texted me back about an hour later when she saw my text, that “an hour ago” (so that would make my text at the same time) she was just looking up that website to see when they were open!!! We constantly are thinking the same thing at the same time!

  20. Brian says:

    First let me say, I am in no way shape or form a “creeper”, or some sort of “sick-o”, and have no desire in being with a woman that’s 30 years younger than me. I was married for 20 years, then our marriage ended quite suddenly. I am very content being single and am not …. or at least thought I wasn’t …. looking for another. My kids keep my life full enough.
    That said, I have to ask all of you about something that happened last night at a camp fire with some friends and family.
    I happened to be setting by a 19 year old girl (I’m pushing 50) that I know through family and friends. We’ve always been able to just talk like a dad would to a daughter, just about this and that, or anything that might come up.
    We were looking at each other while discussing the way the sparks were floating up in the air, when suddenly something happened that has never happened to me with any woman in my life. The same thing happened to her at the same time.
    I was looking into her eyes talking, when ….. this is going to sound really stupid … the rest of the activities and people around us ….. like … disappeared. There were no other noises but me talking. Ok, this is really going to sound like I’ve lost my mind because I don’t quite know how to explain it …… then…. it was like I was “in her mind”…..or ….. somehow “connected” to her. Her eyes got big, as did mine, and I was so freaked out that I quickly turned my head and looked at the fire.
    Here is how the conversation then went .. she spoke first:
    Her: Wow !!!! What was that?
    Me: I have no idea
    Her: My God, that was weird. Ha Ha …. We just had a “moment” Ha Ha
    Me: I know, I felt it too, that’s why I turned away … it like freaked me out. So you felt that too?
    Her: Ya, it’s like … I just looked into your sole.
    We both then got up and went over to join the rest of the party.
    What the hell happened there?? It kept me up all night last night, then woke me up this morning, it was so heavy on my mind. I was married for 20 years, and had other serious relationships prior to that and I NEVER felt anything like that with any of them. Is that supposed to happen before you get married? Is it common? Maybe that’s why my marriage failed. LOL.
    Please don’t misunderstand what I’m asking here. I have no desires to be with this girl … that’s what she is, a girl. But now I’m wondering, have I missed out on something all my life?
    Does this happen to many people?
    Is the term “Soul Mate” real?
    Is it possible to find someone to connect with like that (who’s not 30 years younger)?
    If so, I would put myself back in to the market and search the ends of the earth to have a feeling like that again. Even though it only lasted about 3-4 seconds, It was the most …. I can’t even name the feeling …. “fulfilling”??? Euphoric??? feeling I have ever felt.
    Any insight of what happened last night from you all would be most welcome.

    • JD says:

      Brian….chances are she has psychic abilities. Don’t let your emotions around her fool you. Psychics have the ability to consciously and unconsciously make others around them have feelings they have never felt before. They can even be euphoric for much longer than lasted with you and most feelings you actually have felt before but never to that intensity.

      Also if you want to go back to that state of mind you should know you don’t need to be in a relationship for this to happen. Start by letting out all negatives in your life, turn everything no matter what it is into something that could be positive or eventually have a positive outcome. Once you can master you own positive/negative energy your life as you know it will change forever.

    • Alexis says:

      Hello Brian, I’ve only just seen your post so you may have already come to understand what happened to you and this young woman but I had to reply to you as I feared you may miss an opportunity of a lifetime. Our souls are timeless so the only things that prohibit age gap relationships are the physical differences and societies’ disapproval. I’m not saying start up a sexual relationship with her straight away but I think you should look into this.

      I recently became attracted to an actor who is 20 years older than me (I’m in my 30s) but I was under no illusions that it was most likely a passing fancy, just a fantasy, and I was in no way emotionally involved. Without going into too much detail, one night, I was fantasizing about a character he played. I don’t know if it’s the same for most people but, as you come close to orgasm, any fantasy you’re imagining kinda falls by the wayside because it hard to concentrate on both (lol!) So my mind was empty as I came close to climax but, the second I came, I saw an image, clear as day, of him from just below his shoulders to his head (he was naked on top and, in the image, he was on top of me so I assume he was fully naked) and he looked pretty surprised to see me there, underneath him, apparently being pleasured by him, as anyone would be if suddenly you saw a stranger having sex with you! I assumed I’d accidentally psychically connected with him but still didn’t think anything of it; it was just a happy accident, for me, that is! It was so strong; it wouldn’t surprise me if it woke him from sleep!

      Since last year, I’ve been attending a psychic development class and at the end of class we pick an oracle card. In the fall, I picked a card saying I’d start a new relationship and that I would just ‘know’ he was the one. I’d all but forgotten this card until I started thinking of a man I was in love with for many years (he was also a fair bit older than me) and I wondered if he was the one for me. I realised that, just by asking that very question, meant that I didn’t ‘know’ if he was the one, which means that he couldn’t be the one. I then got excited about who I may meet, conjuring up a vague image of someone roughly my age that I’d never met or seen before and the actor wasn’t even on my mind but then my eyes caught their reflection in the mirror in front of me and then it hit me. The feeling I experienced wasn’t directly linked to the question I’d been pondering but, the nature of this epiphany did indirectly seem to answer it. What I realised/ felt was that this actor and I where lovers in not just one past life, but almost countless past lives. The realisation of this fact, and the intense feeling of our love for each other hit me like a lightening bolt and my whole body felt like it was electrified! This being able to experience his love for, and mine for him, lasted for a couple days. I was actually a bit gutted to find out he was my soulmate because I knew there wasn’t much I could do about it as it’s unlikely I’ll ever meet him. Having said that, stranger things have happened to me so I’m gonna do everything in my power to get to meet him (If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this life, it’s that too much of our lives’ are wasted in waiting so I’ll try my best but with the healthy attitude that, if he’s not interested, he’s not interested.

      After this, I looked for information on him, like his taste in music, what he is passionate about etc. and I found out that we are very alike.

      By the way, I believe I’ve connected to him quite a few times since this but lasting for a split second, apart from one recent connection. I wondered how I might connect to him intentionally (btw if he wasn’t interested, his soul wouldn’t allow me to do so) so I imagined roughly where he was likely to be and imagined the space between us folded up and that it stopped when our locations where right next to each other. I just sat there for a while wondering if he could see or sense me but I actually thought that it was unlikely to work as I’d not tried before. But then I got an image in my head that he was sat next to me but that wasn’t the best part. He was looking at me, again kinda surprised, as if to say “OMG! It’s her! She’s there!” He then lunged at me and started kissing me, as if he wasn’t sure he’d ever see me again and so had to make it count. It was amazing! The reason I know we connected was that the feeling of his lips on mine; the way he kissed me wasn’t how I had previously imagined (I’ve always found it hard to imagine how someone may kiss you) but, when I felt it, I knew that that’s how his lips would actually feel on mine! His kisses where tender but swift.

      I would look into it if you haven’t already. I believe everything happens for a reason so, even if it doesn’t turn out your meant to be with her, it had another purpose. It could just be that you’re are meant to learn to use your psychic abilities. Either way, it would be nice to hear from you as to what happened or what will happen.

    • melyssa says:

      Brian, have you ever heard of twin flames? They’re too much to write about, but you should do some research. Keep in mind, some will describe twin flames as beautiful and magical, but that’s usually not the case. However, it is most common that they incarnate at very different ages. They usually have wide age gaps. It may be worth looking into…

  21. Angie says:

    My husband and youngest son seem to share a connection with me (and my mother as well). My son was born on my 33rd birthday, same day of the week, 4 minutes from the time I was born, and we are Gemini. My husband and son had gone to pick up our other kids and when I was getting into the tub, I thought to myself, “they hit a deer”. About 5 minutes later, my husband called to tell me about the accident. This is just one of many instances where it seems I have had precognition/psychic connection with my husband, and when my son broke his arm at school, I knew before he came home.

    My mom and I have always shared that bond. If I think about wanting to talk to her, my phone will ring. I know it sounds silly, but I also know when she isn’t feeling well, or something is wrong.

  22. Dennis says:

    I believe I have a psychic connection with someone and its driving me crazy!! I met this person last year but only really started talking a few months ago. Since last year I had this strong connetion to her I could not explain. It has gotten very strong to the point where i can feel when she is hapy, sad, angry, and maybe at times even thinking about me. Im not sure on the last one but for weeks now every morning around 5am ish , I wake up, whole body feeling warm and she is locked in my head but unsure why.

    I am also able to sense when she writes something on the computer, text, or email. Like I could be watching TV and all of a sudden her name pops in my head and I feel the urge to check my computer or phone and sur enough there is something dealing with her. One time I turned on my phone and a picture of her from a website just apeared, and usure how or why since I was not on her site.

    We mostly talk on line, and I did tell her I like her more then a friend, but she just wants to be friend,I which i respect. I was also thinking of asking her if she had any thing like this with me, but it seems like the more I am looking for answers to why this psychic connection, the more I will end up pushing her away.

    it is stronger some days then others and i know I need to be patient to find out the answers. Any help on how to contol this and should I tell her about this ?

  23. Emma says:


    I think I had a psychic connection with someone about a year ago. It’s a sad story, because at that point our connection was already “in danger”- we were taking different paths in life- I had stopped doing drugs, and he hadn’t. I wanted him to stop for his own sake, because he had had a amphetamine-psychosis only recently. Anyway, I had gone completely “cold turkey”after witnessing his psychotic reaction, which is why I decided to take a safe distance from the “partying crowd”.

    Anyways, one morning I wake up all of a sudden at 4ish in the morning, and suddenly I had this cold, but at the same time burning feeling in my nose as if I’d just sniffed a line…although I swear I hadn’t taken any, I’d been in bed sleeping like an innocent baby. And about two hours after that I kept going to the toilet if I’d drunken buckets of water, although I hadn’t. So for no particular reason. (This is what you usually do after taking amphetamines, likewise when drinking) Anyway, I started thinking of this guy straight away, and thought “dammit, there he goes again!” :/ Never found out whether I was right or not. We are no longer in touch (on any level), as he chose drugs while I decided to face my demons! …So you can see we clearly had a very different life plan.

  24. skn says:

    i have connection with the one close to my heart .when i m with her i feel i m in heaven.she is about 15 years younger than me.when we first met she was in class VI and i had a 1yr old son. i always liked her but social conditioning kept us apart.
    When she falls ill or meets trouble , i really get uncomfortable, sometimes very suffocated. When i ring her mother to know about her, my feelings always prove me right.
    We got very close for sometime and that was also like a miracle, She is the only girl in my life that has touched my soul. we transcend to a different plane altogether when we are together.
    i dont know which thread holds me tightly bound to her. Without her i m miserable.

  25. I have a connection with some friends that live 4 hours away. My friend Ruth is like the sister I never had and we share a loving bond. She feels my pain – headache, menstrual, backache when I have it and I feel her fibromyalgia. Her daughter Kerin, one of the twins that was born. Ruth miscarried one of them when she was pregnant. Kerin has congenital heart failure and has just been put on a heart transplant list. A couple of months ago, she had some major chest pain and I felt it. I was a twin too, but really never knew if my twin lived, or was adopted or something. I still feel a missing part of me as I always have my whole life. I do not know if its possible to find my twin with my mind – but if it is … I need to know how. Thank you for the video.

  26. Nancy says:

    Yes, I have had psychic connection with lots of people, and family members that have passed away. I have felt my twin soul touch me. That was connection to him became so important to me and I miss him very much but he has left my life. My son passed away and for the first few years I could feel him around me and he would come to me in dreams. But the last time he told me that he wouldn’t be back that it was time for him to do something else. Occassionily I can hear someone thoughts, it has happen both with stranger as well as people close to me.

  27. Solomon says:

    danny your the one i am writing to

  28. danny says:

    i do it all the time with people , dead or alive … i connect to them and then can choose what to know or to feel … somethimes they have pain and don’t know the corn , when i connect i become them and take away the corn , i start talking and thinking like them and even my body starts to react the same way like theirs… or i can tune to someone and start thinking, feeling or doing the same … or i connect to someone that died and become that person …. or i become their unconscious and know what is holding them to whatever and change the corn ….
    so it is not only with twins , when you become aware then it is just choise what to know , what to feel , from who and when and what to do with it ………..and so you can connect with someone and heal that person or take away anger , pain , grief , fear etc etc or just have a nice time or know what is going on in them or or or … endless posibilities ………and i can close that connection or stay in it …

  29. ? says:

    I’ve had a few situations being connected with someone else. One of them was with my message therapest. I was focusing on my lower back it was hurting. As soon as I was about ask him to rub it for me he had moved and begain rubbing there. I mentally thanked him and he said you’re welcome in responds to me.

  30. Peter says:

    I have a psychic connection by 8 time zone
    i think she is my soul mate
    it was great

  31. […] the feelings or emotions of the other twin.  You can see more examples of this phenomena on our psychic connections page here on real psychic […]

    • hannah says:

      I had a psychic connection with my best friend. Is this possible?

      • admin says:

        Hi Hannah,

        That is certainly possible. In fact, in most of the cases I’ve read or come across usually the closer you are to the person the deeper the connection.


    • Ginny says:

      I believe I am psychically connected to someone at my work. its the weirdest thing , for no reason at all I think of this person and they just show up out of nowhere

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