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heart chakra healingThis heart chakra healing video features Carol Tuttle, a master energy therapist and chakra mastery trainer.   Tuttle has developed an entire system for healing your chakras.  She also has a free 3 minute chakra test to see if all of your chakras, or energy centers are balanced and how they are influencing your life.

In this heart chakra healing video Tuttle focuses on the heart chakra.  The heart chakra center is located in the middle of your chest and is like a pulsating disc.  The color associated with the heart chakra, or Anahata, as it is sometimes called, is green.

Tuttle notes that many suffer with the illusion that their heart chakra energy has been hurt or damaged, maybe due to something that occurred in childhood or possibly a bad relationship.  Tuttle stresses the fact that nothing can damage or hurt your heart chakra, that it is in fact is powerful and energetic.  Tuttle states that your heart is “like steel” in regards to its strength.

In this heart chakra healing video, Tuttle emphasizes that if you open up your heart chakra it will heal you!   Once you give yourself your heart energy then you can give that same powerful loving energy to others.

Tuttle then proceeds to take you back to your childhood for a little heart chakra healing meditation.  Hope you enjoyed this heart chakra healing video courtesy of Carol Tuttle.   Don’t forget to take the free 3 minute chakra test that Tuttle has on her 7 chakra site.

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  1. sosa says:

    Awesome video. Heart chakra it is a feeling of love i think and green color is the symbol of heart chakra. It is really nice. Heart chakra healing therapy is essential for now because stroke is now a dangerous disease i think. online chakra balancing

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