Increase Brain Power Training Videos

Here we have a couple of training videos to help you increase brain power.   The brain power video above features a brain game in which words that refer to colors may or may not be the color that they refer to.  For example, you may have the word “red” but it is black in color.

The video actually gives you several ways you can increase your brain power while playing the color brain game in different ways.  Enjoy!

And, below we have a video designed to help you improve memory and increase brain power from Dr. Dharma Singh Kalsa, proclaimed the world’s number one brain longevity expert.  Now, whether that is “self- proclaimed” or not I am not sure.  One thing is for sure, though, he knows his stuff and wrote the book on brain longevity.  So, if you want to increase brain power follow the advice of Dr. Dharma!


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