Increase Your Clairvoyant Energy Brainwave Entrainment Video

increase clairvoyant energyToday’s psychic power training video features brainwave frequencies designed to help you increase your clairvoyant energy.   What is clairvoyant energy?   Clairvoyance is the ability to discern information about people, things or events without using any of the human senses (or at least ones we don’t profess to know!).   Clairvoyant energy is just the energy associated with this psychic ability called clairvoyance.

Now, the video above was created with specific brainwave frequencies to help you open up and develop not only your clairvoyant energy but also your intuition as well.  In addition, the video features a relaxing piano background soundtrack.

This psychic power video comes from the mindpowermp3 folks who are currently giving away 5 free mind power audios as well as some other great content to help you boost your mind power!   If you haven’t picked up these fantastic freebies yet get em while they’re still available!

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