Indigo Children aka Crystal Children or Psychic Children – They’re Here

indigo childrenIndigo Children also known as Crystal Children or Psychic Children are said to be kids born from 1978 on that are sensitive to other realms and dimensions, many with psychic powers and healing powers as well.  These psychic children or indigos are so called because of their violet purple auras.  Skeptics say that these supposed indigo children are only kids with ADD or ADHD.

Are the indigo children really a separate class of psychic kids arriving here on planet earth – or are they simply just kids with ADD and the product of the changing times?  Watch the videos we feature here in this post on the indigos and you be the judge!

For instance, the indigo children video above is a good introduction to the concept of indigos, also sometimes referred to as New Children.  Not only is it a good intro to the whole phenomenon but the music background is very relaxing and other worldly in itself!

In the beginning of the video above a young man injured playing sports is referred to an indigo child who is a healer.  He describes how the indigo child relieved all his pain within five minutes of laying on hands to the injured youth.

What I had not heard before and found interesting in the above video was the notion that a study done in 2005 by the University of Chicago revealed that children born in the 1980’s are showing two newly identified genes responsible for brain growth.   The genes are identified as microcephalin and ASPM.   70% of the kids show one of these while 30% have both.   The video posits that this may be some new form of human evolution.  Who knows for sure.

As the video goes on to reveal these New Children or Indigo Children are very intuitive and sensitive and possess many so called psychic abilities like seeing dead people, healing, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and so forth.   However, these indigos are often labelled as ADD and medicated accordingly thereby sometimes clouding their abilities.

The video below, The Indigo Evolution, is a longer (a bit over an hour) in depth examination into the concept of Indigo Children.  It was released in 2006 and shown in over 350 spiritual centers, wellness centers and churches at the time.  It was produced by James Twyman, author of Emissary of Love and Stephen Simon from the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

This movie is a wonderful look at some of the stories of the children themselves and those that have dealt with them.

One young girl Angelina states that all children have these abilities and awareness the difference being that Indigos are simply those children that are aware of them.

One of the stories that struck me in the Indigo Evolution documentary was the story of one woman who had an autistic indigo child.  The woman was going through a rough patch in her marriage at the time and while doing dishes began contemplating an affair with someone she had met.  Inside her mind she heard her son say NO very loud.  When she looked over at her son who was playing near the couch her son was staring at her and began saying, “no, no, no, no, no, no…”   She had no doubt that this was a telepathic communication.  In fact, the notion that there is a telepathic bond between indigo children and their parents is a reiterated throughout the movie.


After watching these videos of Indigo children do you believe that there really are indigo children on earth or is it just some strange new age concept?  Do you know any kids you might classify as indigos?   Are you an indigo?   Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about indigo children or psychic children in the comments section below.  Thank you!

indigo children Videos

CNN report with Anderson Cooper on Indigos

Anderson Cooper reports on Indigo Children - are they real?

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  1. Chisti says:

    I saw my mom murdered in 1977.I was born in 1971 I am a mixed race . Every since I can remember I have been able to see people spirits an intentions . I can see when people are gonna die six months to a year before they die. I see people demons around them I can talk to there loved ones that past and I can tell them what can happen in their future .I can travel to different realms. This gift has kept me in seclusion my dad knew I had this gift he protected me from everybody .my son has the gift he started talking at 3 years-old and not were you couldn’t understand as if he was talking the whole time we don’t watch any TV or listen to the radio that much it clouds your clarity. I find myself staying away from people with bad Ora’s. So we keep to ourselves when you go out in public you see normal people walking I see spirits and demons so it’s a graceful walk so I walk by faith not by sight and I let my spirit guide guide me through the days…
    Be true to yourself explore your talents and you will achieve all your goal remove all drama out your life. In order to focus.

  2. Brittney D says:

    im so into being physic and I love causing
    Problems .

  3. Jade says:

    I’m 16 years old and when I was maybe 2 a psychic told my mother I was an indigo child. I was just recently informed this but have always been sensitive toward the different psychic abilities. Reading over the traits of indigo’s I have realized I posses all of them. I have always felt different from everyone. Do you think I am an indigo? Or is it like the video where everyone is an indigo child?

  4. z says:

    I remember and have discussed a lot of strange experiences from my childhood, mostly with my mother. Not all of this lines up with my story – for example, I have always excelled in literature and fine arts, but been absolute shit in abstract mathematics. (I do, however, love studying physics, most likely because the numbers represent something I can conceptualize easily.) I didn’t have friends that stuck around as a kid. As an adult, I have plenty, but I felt like I had to become sensitive to how people interact and kind of imitate it in order to fit in and make relationships last. If I connect with someone very well (it’s rare), we tend to overlap and say the same things at the same time. It’s uncanny. I’ve always been able to see ghosts, and they don’t speak to me, but often if I ask a question or acknowledge their presence, I’ll receive a response in some other way. (My childhood dog comes around sometimes. I once saw a ghost who looked uncannily like my grandmother, and I was afraid my grandmother had died that night. She is still alive, but her dementia has nosedived, and she no longer remembers almost anything, including me.) I remember things from my childhood that there is no way I should be able to remember (most prominently remembering having chickenpox, which I had before the age of 3. I’ve told my mom what I remember, and she was freaked out by how accurate all of my memories were), and according to my mom I used to make strange observations out of the blue (those, however, I don’t remember, but it sounds like I was very observant of other people’s auras). I can no longer see auras – if I meditated I might regain the ability, I don’t know – but a friend of mine who is more spiritually attuned has said that mine is bright purple. Who knows.

    I stumbled on this site while trying to find some possible solutions about some very strange and vivid dreams I’ve been having lately. If anyone could point me in the right direction on that, I’d be extremely thankful.

  5. Melanie says:

    Interesting! I came across this site because I was trying to figure out if I was seeing the future or possibly having out of body type, seeing through others, or if I was manifesting things by thinking to hard. Anyways, this was the first I’ve heard of the indigo children thing. I was born in 83 and sure enough, went to my gene app, and I have both of those new genes! I notice somebody saying they have been in special Ed because of their reading backwards thing, yeah I totally understand that! I wasn’t put in special Ed, but I’ve always had problems with the reading, but otherwise I was way above average without really putting any effort into it. I remember the first grade teacher basically teaching me how to speed read. That was the only way I could remember any of the story to be able to take the test. She really walked that fine line just right, thanks! Thinking back, I always felt like I fit in more with the different kids, I was friends with most of them. Must have just been the path I was supposed to take, getting put with the so-called normal kids. anyways… I’ve noticed that my abilitys seem to take the strongest effect when I cry! or I cry because I’m feeling? I had night terrors as a child, my mother said she couldn’t understand where I would get such dreams/thoughts being so young and not yet experiencing anything. I thought at first it was past life experiences, but the other day somebody said that maybe I was phychic! So… I feel like I’m understanding why my son isn’t picking up the talking thing like people might think he should be, thanks for that bit of ease of mind! Violet has always been my favorite color, odd?

    • hey says:

      I’ve heard the new generation of crystal children are having delayed speech development up to age 3-4. But however, they say that they are TELEPATHIC. So he may be trying to communicate telepathically with you and you may just not know it, or be able to do it yourself.

  6. Mel Martinez says:

    I have also noticed that children with psychic abilities tend to know alot more about the paranormal than most children their age. They more often that not can precieve the fact that some spirits appear with injuries and blood and others don’t and will express just that.

    Imagination is pretty easy to see. Usually if it imagination the story gets fantastical and always changes. I true experience tends to stay similar in description every time it is spoken of.

  7. John says:

    I was diagnosed as being gifted when i was younger and a friend of my parents said i was an indigo child but i believe they are one in the same. As a child I had an imaginary friend and it turned out it was the man that died and lived in the house before us. My mom said I once predicted the death of one of her close friends and she kept the newspaper clipping that announced his death because she wanted me to remember and the world to know. There have been other cases where I’ve shown psychic abilities such knowing where missing things are and being able to know what people are going to say and finishing their sentences in my head word for word before they say it out loud and once I had an experience I now think was me astral projecting. But even after all these life experiences I am still unsure if I am psychic or if these are just random events or dumb luck.

  8. Heather says:

    I believe I am an indigo. I might be a little older than most other indigos but I am still one!
    To me, a major characteristic of an indigo is their lack of righteous judgment of others. They do not box people into being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. This is because indigos have an innate wisdom and appreciation that people are much more complex than just being good or bad.
    Another – and maybe the most important – characteristic of indigos is the TRUTH. All problems in this world are the result of a lack of knowledge or understanding. When people have the truth, when they get the explanation they need, they become free and happy. Because the truth is so vital in creating happiness, lying is one of the worst things people can do. Exaggerating or deliberately creating an illusion also creates many problems.
    One of the greatest challenges we are learning is to be true to ourselves and to reveal our true self to others. Indigo types experience this struggle personally but it is important that they experience it so that they can then have empathy for others and be able to help others be more true to themselves, despite the fear of rejection or ridicule. They are to be example to others of how to be true to yourself.

  9. lisahampton says:

    im I think im a psychic child I was born on the west coast of sandiegoca was born in 1965 april 14 1965. in sandiegoca im lisahampton born in the morning at paradice hosptlal I always felt different like I was soupost have a forth eye and sure aenough I have a have a fouth eyes. but its such a long story . how that came about at 8;00 to around 9;00 at night on a Monday in the year of 1990 march 16 1990.but it felt good like then I am inspirtal ever sents then

  10. Jenny says:

    For more information about indigo children look into “Project Brainchild” It involved testing and training of children between ages of 7 and 12 taking place around 1988-1991. (A Dr. Quimper was involved heavily in this project.)

  11. Cashmere says:

    I was born in 87 and I have always been in special Ed starting for my reading , I was reading backwards , I didn’t talk to people . I was in the states custody from 8-13yrs and was very heavily medicated I believe they tested meds on me and none of my parents knew. No one understood me then and they still don’t .
    I try to bring up people’s awareness and try to help others help the earth , unfourtantly even with my abilities I haven’t been able to release the pain this world has caused me, and it gets more painful everyday because everyone’s always hurting each other .
    I believe my purpose here is to help mankind raise their frequency to love so we can beat the evils.
    But I’m so lost myself I don’t think I will complete my mission, if I don’t do what I am supposed to do I won’t be able to go home.

    • Melanie says:

      I understand the pain thing and people hurting each other! What a terrible waste of time, it really confuses me too and has influenced my life very much. What are those evils? Are they real beings? I see them in dreams, but thank goodness not in waking hours, my heart couldn’t take it! Tho I try not to look around too much, and don’t socialize because of the evils in life! Now that I think about it… I guess I lived with somebody who tops the charts for scary, and I don’t fear him one bit, only try to understand and help him if I can. I just can’t imagin this world if it keeps going the direction it’s been! So scary! People need to look up from there phones and enjoy what we have now, it’s so amazing!

  12. lisahampton says:

    hay what can I learn about star child andwhat is there to.know.and everything else.

  13. Power says:

    I have abilites and a couple months ago they grew masswvly read them their emotions why they act ans their thoughts flashes of pictures fill my head and they vome true and i have felt fear and leave then something happens and then i can see shades on people wats happening to me?

  14. Alexander says:

    The reason I strumble with this site is because I experience some of these fenomenas since I was 5 years old, and throug time they had developed.
    I strongly believe in mental communication, other realms of existance and in the power of the mind. The indigos children’s news doesn’t surprise me, it makes me even more convinced.,we all are created the same way.

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