Inner Light Meditation

inner lightThe Inner Light Meditation is filled with powerful positive affirmations designed to help you access your inner light and flow with light and love.   This Inner Light Meditation is also filled with affirmations to help you gain supreme confidence.

Grab the inner light now with this video containing  a nice soothing music background and nature video clips blended with mind power images!

The positive affirmations contained in this Inner Light video include the following:

Your inner light shines bright.
You are filled with love and peace.
Others are relaxed in your presence.
Your personality sparkles with universal light.
Your aura shines with universal power.
All are attracted to your powerful presence.
All are attracted to your loving light.
You radiate supreme confidence in everything you do.
You are confident.
You are confident.
You shine with an inner light.
You flow with power wherever you go.
Your aura radiates love and light.
You are a beacon of light.
You are a beacon of love.
You shine with inner light.
The wisdom of the universal mind flows through you.
You handle yourself like a master of light.
You deserve massive success.
You prepare for massive success.
You seize opportunities.
You are bold and confident.
Others are impressed with you.
You radiate an aura of supreme confidence.
You are a being of supreme light.
You are a being of supreme love.
You shine with the inner light of love.

Hope you enjoyed the Inner Light Meditation!

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