Is ESP real? Sony Thinks So

is esp realIs ESP real?  The answer is a resounding yes according to those who ran ESPER, the esp research project that Sony Corporation ran from 1990-1998.  ESPER stands for Extrasensory Perception and Excitation Research.  Great name as Esper is also the name of someone who has paranormal abilities and was apparently derived from a short story by Alfred Bester written in the 1950s.

After the numerous testing done by the Sony Corporation, the director of ESPER, Yochiro Sako , became a firm believer in extra sensory perception.   In 1997 at the annual meeting for Society of Scientific Exploration he stated:

“As the 21st century draws nearer, we can see that society’s materialistic values, fostered in many respects by modern science and technology, have become outdated and unworthy. It is clear that we have come to another turning point in history and science. What we require to meet the challenges of these unpredictable and confusing times is a new paradigm to guide a new age. I believe that the key to this new paradigm lies in the research of biological, mental, and spiritual phenomena such as “Qi” and other psychic powers that have been overlooked by modern scientists…. I think that the results of my research could help bring about a significant revolution that might force our materialistic society to turn around, and concurrently reform the ways of modern science and technology.”

The ESPER program did experiments that validated esp phenomena like qi energy, remote viewing, telepathy and more.  Though Sony recognized that ESP was real it shutttered the program in 1998.  Why?  The reason was that Sony is a public corporation whose mission is to make money and they couldn’t find a way to make money with the research.   Sony did state that the research conducted by their Psi Labs indicated that psychic powers are real.

So, if you’ve ever asked, “is esp real and is there any evidence for it?   Look no further than the maker of your PS3, one of the biggest corporations on the planet.   After 8 years of research their answer was a resounding yes.

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