Is it Possible to Time Travel?

is it possible to time travelIs it possible to time travel?   This time travel video explores the topic of time travel.  It is part 1 in a series.  The other parts of the time travel video can be seen by clicking the link within the video itself.

I remember reading a time travel book several years ago, by I believe Jenny Randles.  In it she speculated that some of the stories of ufos or unidentified flying objects may in fact be time travellers from the future going back in time to witness certain events or time periods.   Now, who knows whether that in fact could happen or not.  According to our present understanding of science it seems a bit difficult to fathom but with increased knowledge and experience and of course advances in technology who knows what could be possible.

For instance, those asking the question is it possible to time travel may encounter a lot of skepticism and doubt.  But, again look back a little more than a century ago when the Wright Brothers made their historic first airplane flight in 1903.  At that time asking whether or not one could go to the moon or not would undoubtedly be met with the same amount of skepticism and doubt.  Yet, less than 70 years later man landed on the moon.    Think about all the advances in technology and understanding we have had since then.  Now, project forward another 100 years and contemplate what the future may look like and what may be possible then.

For more info on time travel see the Wikipedia entry here:   Time Travel Wikipedia.

And, for another interesting video see this on Chaplin’s time traveller, Is this person a time traveller?

So, is it possible to time travel?   Although some claim that we already have the technology (I’ve heard a lot of different theories about from where and who), even if we don’t it isn’t difficult to imagine that sometime or where in the future it may be developed and utilized.

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