Is this 4 Year Old Boy Psychic?

psychic_boy_the-sixth-sense-Is 4 year old boy Elijah Howell psychic?  Not only do his parents seem to think so, but now a well known psychic, Denise Lescano, says that yes indeed the boy is psychic.  The parents said the boy psychic regularly talked to his deceased grandparents when he was younger and that he accurately predicted his mother’s miscarriage.  The Naples, Florida family called in psychic Lescano to test the boy and she confirmed it.

This psychic boy is said to resemble the character of the boy psychic in the movie the Sixth Sense.  You know the one that said, “I see dead people.” For more about him and his family watch the video.

Have you known any psychic children?  Or anyone for that matter with psychic abilities?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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