Is This a Real Mind Reading Device?

mindreadingdeviceIs there such a thing as a real mind reading device?  There may be now.   Discover for yourself the truth from this TED talk from Rebecca Saxe on how brains make moral judgements.   More telling than anything may be the fact that the government is looking into her research.  That fact is telling and scary at the same time.

Saxe is a cognitive neuro-scientist who tackles the question of how to read minds from the perspective of analyzing various regions of the brain and looking at how specific regions may be responsible for influencing how our minds perceive moral problems.  Saxe refers to that region of the brain as RTPJ or the right temporal parietal junction.

Saxe examines the question of looking at other people’s thoughts by looking at how the perspective changes in development as one progresses through childhood and how the perception changes.

There is all sorts of potential for good and bad uses of a fully developed device of this nature.  What will ultimately happen to the project and the device?  Who knows, but if it is secreted away for government application we may not know for years.

Another question to consider – what if you could somehow combine our knowledge of brain anatomy and function in mind reading with a psychic telepathic approach?

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