Is This More Proof of Life After Death?

proof of life after death

Dr. Alexander’s Heavenly Tour Guide

Is the story of Dr. Eben Alexander more proof of life after death?   It is just one more story in the huge and ever growing list that seems to validate the concept that we are more than just our body and that something survives after that body is gone.

Dr. Eben Alexander story is an interesting one.  He is a Harvard trained neurosurgeon who developed a severe brain infection about 4 years ago.  He slipped in a coma and when he came out he had a very interesting story to tell.

Apparently while he was in that coma he experienced in an NDE or near death experience.   He described seeing a bright white light and then meeting a beautiful young woman who guided him on a tour of what he described as a heavenly place.   During that time he found himself floating over a beautiful verdant valley.

While this story is quite similar to the thousands of others that have been reported by those who have experienced an NDE is it proof of an afterlife?  The fact that many others have a similar story where they meet loved ones and sometimes will see their body floating above an operating table (if they were in a hospital at the time) and often report hearing conversations while out of their body that actually took place should lend some credence to his account.  However, he had something else take place as well.

After his experience Alexander was sent a picture of a long dead sister he had never met or seen.  He recognized the sister as the person who was his guide during his near death experience.  Alexander has written a book of his adventure called “Proof of Heaven.”

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