Kirtan Call for Krishna Das

KrishnaDasSo I just finished watching the movie One Track Heart that highlights the life of Krishna Das, an American born mystic, musician, singer and chanter.   He specializes in singing Kirtans, a devotional chanting from India in which the audience often particpates.   Born Jeffrey Kagel, Das moved from New York to the Himalayas in 1970 to become a disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, better known as Maharajji.  What could his musical career in the states have been like?   The band he left to move to India would later become Blue Oyster Cult.

When you watch him sing the Kirtan it really is less a performance and more a group spiritual celebration.  I’ve included some of his songs on video with this post to give you a feel of the emotion that he shares.  The song in the video above is Om Namayah Shivaya.  The songs are quite addicting.  And, speaking of addicting, the reason I bring you the story of Krishna Das on the real psychic power website is that he had some addiction battles of his own that were only relieved via an encounter with a powerful guru in Canada.

In the movie Das describes battling a coke addiction and then driving up to visit a guru he hadn’t seen or talked to in awhile.  As he entered the guru’s room, the guru with his back to him and apparently uninformed about his addiction, turned around pointed to him and told him to stop doing coke.   That single example of a guru’s apparent siddhi or psychic power was enough for him to quit cold turkey and resume his ever blossoming musical career.  In fact, he has become so famous that in the spring of 2013 he performed at the Grammys!

Mahamantra meltdown in Omega


If  you get a chance to watch One Track Heart definitely do so.  Very uplifting and a great guide to the power of following your own heart.   I watched it as part of my subscription to Gaiam TV.  Gaiam TV is like a Netflix for the Soul – lots of spiritual, motivational and health related videos that you can stream on almost any device you have.  A couple of weeks ago I told those on the wealthvibes list about another Gaiam TV movie I watched called Astral City.

The life of Krishna Das is a great example of someone who has followed his heart.  Although he put his first love, music, in the background to follow a spiritual calling, the Universe eventually led him back  to engaging in music, only this time music with a spiritual base.  Does the story of Krishna Das give you any ideas that you can use in your own life?

Let us know what you think of the life of Krishna Das and his music in the comments section below.   Here’s to a Kirtan Call for Krishna Das!

Krishna Das Videos

Krishna Das Interview

Interview with Krishna Das at the Open Your Heart Retreat

Om Namayah Shivaya

Om Namayah Shivaya with great images of Indian deities.

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