Long Island Medium Making Believers out of Skeptics

long island mediumLong Island Medium Theresa Caputo is making believers out of skeptics in TLC’s new tv show, The Long Island Medium.

Theresa is a whirlwind of energy as she gives readings wherever she goes.   Along the way she seems to be making believers out of many of the skeptics or non-believers that she reads.   Maybe it’s just the way the tv series is cut, but she seems to be “dead on” in many of the psychic readings she gives for those she encounters.

From the coffee shop to the winery to getting her hair done the Long Island Medium can’t seem to stop herself when the spirits apparently come calling.  For instance, in the video below she stops in at a coffee house for a drink and the barista and her mom get more than they bargained for!

A Skinny Decaf and a Ghostly Grandmother to Go!


In the next short video, Theresa stops in to her hairdresser but can’t sit still when another spirit comes through!

Long Lost Friend Passes Over


Below the Long Island Medium gives a quick reading at a winery!

In Vino Veritas



And in the following video, spirits come through meant for her tv crew!

Ghost Check

The Long Island medium tv show can be seen on TLC.

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  1. Tina Kim says:

    I am a visionary. I dream things and am compelled to deliver messages to whoever “Spirit” sends the message to. I need guidance on how to enhance my psychic ability. Do you have any suggestions?

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