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manifestation meditationHere is a nice manifestation meditation video called the Manifest 3 Wishes Meditation.  In it you’ll be put into a relaxed state and asked to visualize three different things that you want to manifest or materialize.   Feel free to manifest your heart’s desire with this particular manifestation meditation.  Think big!

This manifestation meditation starts with you visualizing that you are sitting at the waters edge of a glistening ocean that is sparkling like diamonds.  The soothing guided meditation then relaxes you and has you visualize three pebbles on the ground in front of you, each symbolizing one of the dreams you want to manifest.

You are then encouraged to pick up one of the pebbles, hold it to your heart and then picture and really visualize what you want to manifest.  In the background you can hear the ocean waves as you visualize your desire accompanied with an intense emotional feeling. As you put the energy of your deepest desire into the pebble the leader of the meditation notes that part of this process is that you’ll be giving this pebble away with the knowledge that this wish will return to you.   You are then encouraged to release your pebble into the universe by throwing it into the ocean.   As you throw the pebble into the universe, symbolized by the ocean, you are told to do so knowing that the energy of that particular wish will be returned by the universe to you.  You are then congratulated for making your intention known to the universe.

After releasing that first pebble into the ocean/universe you are then taken through a similar process of imbuing the next two pebbles with the same heartfelt intention to manifest a particular dream or desire.

One of the things I liked about this manifestation meditation is that it reminded me of a giveaway meditation I did with a buddy years ago in Sedona, Arizona.  We went up there to do some camping and decided one day to do a meditation in Boynton Canyon, one of the  four reputed “energy vortexes” found in Sedona.

Now, I must say, it was a bit comical at first because as we started the hike into the canyon and spied what looked like a small cave or ledge that could have been used by native americans in the past I heard the distinct sound of tennis balls being smacked back and forth.  I soon realized the sound was coming from one of the nearby five star resorts for which Sedona is famous.  So, recognizing the absudity of the universe at times I had a good laugh.  However, after hiking up and in a ways we came to a quiet area that put us at eye level with the tops of the trees in this gorgeous canyon.  It was absolutely serene with the only sound coming from the wind and the occasional bird flying over the forest.   So, we sat down on an outcropping, lit some incense and did a little meditation.

Anyway, after meditating for awhile we then each picked an item to throw into the forest as a giveaway.  My item, like the item in this manifestation meditation turned out to be a stone.  In this case, it was a cool jade-like stone I had had for years.   After the funny start it turned out to be a great spiritual experience.

Hope you enjoyed this manifestation meditation.  Let us know if you liked it and if you get any positive results from doing it.

8 Responses to “Manifestation Meditation”

  1. jenetta haim says:

    Beautiful meditation. Thank you. Blessings 🙂

  2. when will my wish come true?

  3. kamal says:

    thanks ,really peaceful and relaxing meditation.waiting for my wishes to come true

  4. Stephanie Walker says:

    I would like to get in touch with Christine Sheldon, or someone who has her training. How would I get in touch with them. Thanks!

  5. Phemie says:

    This was a beautiful meditation for manifesting Bob … it was so peaceful and relaxing … I am expecting miracles also! I will be waiting for your video for manifestation eagerly.

    Thanks Bob!


  6. Brandon Tinsley says:

    Thanks…waiting for miracles!

  7. David says:

    What a great visualization meditation for letting go. Just what I needed.

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