Mind Power Exercise

Here is a mind power exercise video courtesy of Al Perhacs creator of the Mind Force mind power programs.

In this mind power exercise video Perhacs is going to put you into a light hypnosis and ask you to spread your fingers out on one hand as far as you can.  He then asks you to visualize that there is a very thick strong rubber band that stretches from the first finger to the last.  He then has you visualize that the rubber band is starting to close your fingers.

Now, did this mind power exercise work for you?    Perhacs explains that the mental imagination causes your physical body to follow suit.   Perhacs notes that the first time he did it it worked for him.  He also notes that if you don’t get it to work right away, you might want to take an actual rubber band and put it on your hand to jumpstart the process.

mind power exercisePerhacs also noted that this mind power exercise is a small example of what one can do to covertly persuade and hypnotically influence others.

Perhacs goes into more detail in his Mind Force mind power programs.


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