Mirror Gazing Meditation

Mirror Gazing MeditationMeditation is one of the best ways to develop your psychic powers.   One interesting meditation technique to expand these powers is the Mirror Gazing Meditation.

The Mirror Gazing Meditation can be done several different ways.   One way is to prop up a mirror in a place where you can watch your face while you sit in a meditative pose.   Usually you don’t want the lighting in the room to be too bright.  Keep the lighting low and just start gazing into the mirror and see what comes to mind while you watch your own face.  Believe me it can be a weird feeling as you sit there watching yourself.  You may feel yourself become a disconnected observer and start to see yourself separate from the  you you think is you!   Folks doing this meditation have reported all sorts of different phenomena including seeing other faces in the mirror as well as having their own face change in appearance.

Another way folks have done this meditation is to look in a mirror and meditate on an opposite wall through the mirror.  Again a variety of strange things have been reported doing this Mirror Gazing Meditation as well.

While definitely not a tradition meditation technique the Mirror Gazing Meditation may help you trigger a breakthrough in your meditation and mind power training.  Give it a try and see what happens for yourself!

We also have a video here that although labelled as a “mirror meditation” of a sort is really what I call a “reflection meditation” to help you reflect on your own image mentally.  Check it out it may be something that can help you in your quest for self examination and to feel better about yourself.

The video below is a reflection meditation from Julie Rader.


The video below is a quick 1 minute mirror meditation.  Very relaxing!


If you end up trying the Mirror Gazing Meditation let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. stephanie Choquette says:

    Hello I used to mirror gaze and I also saw figures, I am searching for books about this and safe ways to practice. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  2. Gazing has a lot of side effects so please don’t do it unless you know the exact method of Ain Mashaq Eye Exercise Which is doing using an art card and star printed on it to get the divine spark that opens divine on you otherwise there is no use of gazinng.
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  3. Dina says:

    I do this too helps me when I’m goin thru stuff …I see my Aurora like neon white and yellow…..I talk to my FATHER YAYUAH (GOD) IM SO INLOV WITH HIM BUT I MAKE SURE I MENTION HIS NAME

  4. Tash says:

    This is really interesting for a while now I have been practicing different methods of meditation and only today came upon mirror gazing as a child I wouldoften state in the mirror out of boredom and thought I seen things I guess I may have.also Ifind a strange coincidence of the Mandela effect with “mirror mirror on the wall”/magic mirror on the wall and mirror gazing maybe someone was telling us something lol just a thought

  5. Tyler says:

    I mirror gaze 2x a day. It really helps me get thru the hard times and eases my emotions. This should be taught in school, sadly its not. K-12 is nonsense. There are more interesting things out there to learn that are called BS but are slowly coming back.

  6. Misha says:

    The mirror gazing and seeing yourself change faces, colours etc is a form of clairvoyance (seeing visions). The ancient Mayans used to do it to uncover emotional scars and access them, and to ultimately resolve them. It can happen while looking in a mirror at yourself, and also while gazing at other people. Its nothing more than accessing the emotional scars of yourself (if looking into a mirror) or of someone else. If you see an older face appear with disfigurations…estimate the age of the face, notice the ‘injury’ or disfiguration, then note your current age. Now subtract from your current age the age of the old face you see (eg as a 40 yr old now, you see a 60 yr old face with a flattened nose), then subtract 60 from 40 = 20yrs. Subtract 20years from your current age to get 20 yrs old. So what happened to you at 20years old that related to a flattened nose? For me this is a real experience and I had my nose broken in a traumatic incident. I saw an older version of myself in the mirror with a flattened nose, worked it back and it brought me back to that moment. I use certain tools then to clear emotional baggage surrounding the incident.

    I also see other peoples’ faces change when I am present while looking at others through the eyes. Its a real practice that improves with accuracy with practice. Its nothing mystical but using parts of our mind that science has not yet been able to explain yet. It will become a normal sense in humanity in due course of your evolution.

  7. luvtwinkle says:

    hie i am luv, i want to start mirror gazing and i never tried this. what is the basic step to start this. send u help in doing this completely. and i love spirits very much, i dono really wheather spirits do exist or not, if really they exist, want to see them and communicate with them. hope any1 can help me. tq

  8. Joe says:

    Troxler effect…sorry to be a killjoy

  9. Dianna says:

    I have been gazing meditation for a while. maybe going on 5 year I believed .As a child I have always see thing. I remember me in my son decided to gaze in the mirror. And see who will last the longest. When I first did it my face change so many time. I was old I was a Indian a Chinese man a woman who face was deform on the right side. Then I started seeing red yellow green purple blue aura. All around me. In side the aura you can see a face in each one. I know other will be scare not me I wanted to learn more. I have seen figure of man woman in owl in a tiger on my wall. A woman with a hat in a oldest man with a beard on his face with a hat on it. And a lots of clear white aura. I just love it I also see number be showing up on my wall. I just want to learn more. I believed their is a reason why I see thing now I am so much into it now I am looking to Astro travel. For I can learn more.

  10. LexiOfTheLight says:

    I have been intuitively doing this to myself since childhood. Not to this degree but I’ve always stared into my eyes when looking in a mirror. All these intense realities would open up in my mind. Over the past 18 months I’ve been staring into my eyes – trying to figure out what it all means. Then one day, Christmas Day I believe, 2015, I sat down on my bed and happened to look into the mirror at the same time. I was listening to binaural beats in my headphones and I’m sitting there staring into myself. I felt the energy shift. I kept seeing myself disappear into the wall behind me and into the mirror. Nothing for solid seconds then I’d come back and it’s done that since then anytime I’ve tried. Today was more intense for I set up a mirror close to me, about 2 ft away, lit a candle, and gazed. I saw a few faces (which isn’t uncommon for me anyway, even in broad daylight,) and saw this transparent colored energy wafting around my room. I saw a spot on my forehead start to look like fine grained tv static and it’s color was purple (third eye) and I immediately knew that this meditation was a portal. I feel like practicing this regularly will help me in my psychic advances and prove fruitful in life in general. The anxieties I had before meditation are significantly lessened and I find beauty in my reflection through my eyes.

  11. Robert Webb says:

    Why did you remove my explanation of mirror gazing submitted .

  12. Carla Webb says:

    I have been mirror gazing for a while and something that I do is set the mood and use a few things to help aid my experience.I am drawn to Native American and have a spirit guide from this culture.Pop some Native American music on,maybe place a feather and a figure of an owl and a lit candle and your ready.I have seen my face change and sometimes many images appear before it settles on one.Allways pray to protect yourself before starting.Onetime my guide spoke to me and said when you don’t see the reflection know that the reflection is still there.

  13. Constance says:

    When I meditate in front of the mirror the right side of my face turns black, and the left stays bright, I think it may be a good side and a bad side of myself, or maybe a known side and an unknown side of myself.. pretty trippy. Also I see myself as an old woman. I would reccomend trying it.

  14. elizabeth says:

    Can someone please explain this to me….When I was a teenager i found myself gazing into the mirror and rubbing two fingers together and i believe at that moment that i may have been meditating but what happened during this was i actually felt “embarrassed” by myself and quickly snapped myself out of it. I also have done this several times in the mirror but i don’t do it anymore although i could do it quite easily but i don’t see any point in it seeing as it’s always the same result. Any ideas of why i would feel this way???

  15. suleiman samsodien says:

    Every time I close my eyes I see images of people black line outs moving around in front of me
    If I look at the t.v when its off I see the same thing black line outs of people moving around.

  16. Ito says:

    My email is ItoMaraba@gmail.com
    contact me if you have an opinion yould like to share. im interezted in any opinion or ideas. thank you:)

  17. Ito says:

    Ive mirror gazed multiple times and seen many different things. ive seen an older version of myself almost every time that may be a future me but gives me the feeling of a past life with a viking or warrior feel. i have no way of really knowing. the most frightening image i have seen is this: my reflection slowly but drastically morphs. my body becomes very tall. at least ten foot. i barely fit in the mirror anymore. my face becomes that of a white mask with no features except for one eyehole and a small symbol under this eyehole. there is no mouth or nose but a mouth sometimes appears and dissapears to form emotions. i can also see what looks to me like a large black aura around my body. this is a very odd experience to me but i now find it more curious and interesting than frightening. if anyone could give me an opinion on this, iwould be very interested. thank you all. that being said, i would recomend mirror gazing to anyone with an open mind and the ability to think logically and calmly about unusual sights:)

    • J.SPACK says:

      I taught myself mediation through my mirror and am so glad to know this is an actually thing! When I do it the surrounding of my face where my hair is turn black then my face does. I do not think it’s an aura. Like what Tom was saying I believe the mirror allows you to see different dimensions. I always see this black flash through my mirror without even meditating. I believe it is a ghost. well one time i went really far into the mirror gazing and as my face turned black another face appeared through it, almost like in snow white and the magic mirror. I am almost certain it is the ghost. I can describe her perfectly and she moved her lips trying to talk but I chickened out and lost meditative focus. I also think mirror mediation can be used for astral travel which could be why you see your body enlarge or i also use it for self appearance and self confidence. i think the changing color of your face to white and mine to black open a mirror way to another dimension.

    • nisha says:

      Hii I want start this plz help me

  18. Tom says:

    I’ve been doing this for a while now, and have noticed an increase in how ‘intense’ the mirror-gazing sessions are. The whole time I’ve been making assumptions as to what these faces (and attached feelings of energy) are. Initially I thought – intuitively, and after the opinion of a psychic – that these occurrences were spirits in and around my physical proximity, but as I’ve seemingly gotten ‘deeper’ into this form of meditation I’ve had to reappraise my first thoughts. I’ve starting seeing energy waves around the room. These energy waves are transparent, and seem to take on two vague, hazey colours: purple and yellow. These energy waves respond to my spoken, and internal thoughts. I’m thinking that these energies are perhaps ‘resident’ in other, higher frequency dimensions, and that this form of meditation allows you to gaze into other dimensions?

    Also, there are times where a feeling of inner gravity pulls into myself; a kind of feeling like a vacuum sucking my ‘energy-self’ into the depths of my body. These feelings are along with an awareness of the ‘inner-body’ in the form of tingling sensations in my hands and feet. At these moments it feels as though I could leave my physical body, to do with the fact that there is an awareness of form of the physical body, and the formless of the energy-body.

    If anyone can shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate it!


    • J.SPACK says:

      Your theory on being able to see other dimensions has to be spot on. i totally agree. you should read my response to the ITO comment. i actually use mirror mediation to attempt to astral travel and it seems you’re a step ahead of me. go for it and leave! Mirror gazing helps with focus on the third eye. for me i see frequencies in the room, i can hear them too but it isn’t just through my mirror. they become so much my surroundings are the frequencies. i cant pick up on any exact colors but they are a ton of dots that seem to be vibrating. everything turns to this white haziness. As for hearing them it is like a white noise that kind of reminds me of the snap crackle pop sound from rice crispy treats.

  19. R Davis says:

    “What if you slept?” wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge. “And what if in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if in your dreams you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you woke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah! Then what?”
    Sometimes dreams forecast the future. A few days before his death, Abraham Lincoln dreamed that he awakened in the night and wandered downstairs in the White House, where he came upon a throng of civilians and military guards surrounding a corpse. When he asked who had died he was told, “The President. He was killed by an assassin.”

  20. R Davis says:

    The alternative is –
    The Roman Catholic Church still has practicing exorcists & they are on the increase due to demand.
    As does the Greek Orthodox Church.
    And the Jewish Faith is very big on the expelling of evil, unsavory & unwanted spirits.
    I heard of a young, newly wed Jewish couple who had their house “done over” by 4 rabbinical exorcists before they would move in –
    Go figure how much monies people are prepared to spend & know that there are just that amount of sharks waiting for them.

  21. R Davis says:

    What if :-
    You look into the mirror, you are there at all times, & see your face change,
    & not just one image but many,
    & that’s not all, you feel the personality/character of the faces that you are seeing, which is not at all you, or your life,
    & they are also you, but not you – like a feeling of past lives
    & you also get a sense of who these people are,
    & when & where they lived & what their lives were, even what happened to them,
    & you are there & are incorporated into the personality of the new face, or the new face is incorporated into to your personality,
    You also see background – the room that they are in – the landscape,
    You can feel the background/surrounding atmosphere,
    & you smell the smells – perfume, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, food etc;
    you see multiple persons – in period costume – they & their personality flash past/ pop in & out,
    Are we talking PSYCHIC POWERS here …/?
    I personally don’t think so.
    According to physics, the universe never forgets & everything in the universe has memory, like a memory chip in a computer etc.,
    Physics does not believe in future, but if the universe never forgets – anything – & everything has memory – then every minute fraction of every second is documented. Therefore – just like a computer can predict – future probabilities – so can the universe – hence it is safe to theories that there is future – albeit future that can change at any given fraction of a minute second.
    We are electromagnetic – our mind/brain can time & space travel, past, present, future.
    We can tap into the mainframe/memory chip of the universe –
    Like Princess Leia appeared in hologram in the movie Star Wars
    So are the images in the mirror – touchy – feely holograms.
    And there is more, much, much more…
    I like the supernatural & shape shifter ghost stories & who does not like to be scared to death – but hey, reality is more interesting & true & possible.
    I think that it is time we looked at all this stuff with the clear eyes of today’s world, instead of the looking at it through the eyes of the superstitious fraidy cats of the days of yore….
    Stay cool all.

  22. mike says:

    I’ve done it a few times and it works for me, it seems that my third eye opens up more when i do it.

    Mind plays alot of tricks and when u look in to the mirror u confront yourself directly.
    It makes it harder to tell lies about yourself and the question “who am i” comes up.
    That question right there is meditation when it’s asked truly.

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