Positive Spiritual Affirmations

positivespiritualaffirmationsThis video contains a variety of positive spiritual affirmations to give your mind and spirit a nice boost.

The positive spiritual affirmations found in the video include those listed below:

You recognize and acknowledge the divine spirit in and around you.
Divine gifts flow to you.
You are the creator of your destiny.
You are loved.
You are loving.
You welcome the divine spirit within you.
You listen to the messages of the universe.
Your inner vision is clear.
You see with inner sight.
You glow with inner lght.
You radiate a powerful spiritual presence.
You are one with the divine.
You are at peace.
You spread peace and love wherever you go.
You deserve much love.
You flow with the light of the universe.
You flow with love.
You flow with peace.
You are whole and healing with every breath.
You choose love in every moment.
You are the master of your life.
You are the master.
You are intuitive.
You use love to melt all hearts.
You believe in a higher good.
You look for the best in others and find it often.
All are attracted to your divine aura.
You flow with the light of love.
You are at peace.
You always expect the best from yourself.
You are blessed with a high moral character.
You are a being of infinite spiritual power.
You flow with power.
You flow with light.
You flow with love.
You are responsible.
You choose to live abundantly.
You choose to spread the wealth.
You flow with abundance and love.
You flow with power.
All are attracted to you.
You are a shining beacon of love.
You flow with spiritual power.
You flow with infinite joy and loving abundance.
You attract much love into your life.
You are grateful and generous.
You share your success with others.

Hope you enjoyed this Positive Spiritual Affirmations video.

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