Psychic Detective Annette Martin Solves Case

psychic detective annette martinThe late great psychic detective Annette Martin was featured on the Psychic Detective tv show a couple of years back.   On the psychic detective show Martin was called in to help solve a missing persons case.   Martin, who passed on on Sept. 11, 2011, was the author of or featured in several best selling psychic or paranormal books including the Ghost Detectives and Gifts of the White Light.

In this particular case an ex paratrooper is missing with no clues to his whereabouts.   Psychic detective Martin hits on several facts about the case and then eventually says that she feels he has passed on and will be found in a certain area in a 2000 acre forest.  Does she pinpoint it?  See for yourself how this psychic detective does.


Annette Martin on Psychic Detective 2


Annette Martin Helps Solve Missing Person Case 3

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