Psychic Dreams that Come True

psychic dreams that come trueHave you had psychic dreams that come true?   If you’ve had any psychic dreams and any part of them have come true please let us know in the comments section below this post.

Psychic dreams usually involve precognition or the ability to see events happen before they occur.  This is a  phenomenon that many have reported occurring.   We now have over 1,000 psychic dreams reported in the comments below.

In the video above a gentleman tells of his experience of dreaming about a train crash and then learning that one occurred while he was having the dream.   He also speaks about the interconnectedness of all those on the underlying spiritual level and how we can tap into that, especially in the dream state.   Chris in the psychic dream video also has a very nice life philosophy and is well worth watching.

I was just on another psychic site reading through an entire collection of interesting stories from those who have reported psychic dreams that come true.   Some of them are mundane, for instance, a child dreaming that she would receive a shirt, and then getting one from her mother the next day.  In another a person dreamed of a plane crashing in the woods and the next day the crash took place.

Speaking of plane crashes I remember reading of a famous (or infamous) plane crash I think it was in San Diego, in which an individual had foreseen the crash in a psychic dream and tried to contact the airport to tell them, but was not taken seriously.

What is the source of psychic dreams?  Who knows?  One explanation I’ve heard is that people with psychic dreams are able to psychically look at a projected time line from the dream state and see events that are projected to occur on that timeline.   One interesting thing I noted when looking over some of the stories of those who have reported psychic dreams that come true on a regular basis is that when they do have what they consider to be a psychic dream and then talk about them to others then the dream doesn’t always play out or come true like when they keep silent.  Don’t know if it is a real pattern or not.

One way to track any psychic dreams is to keep a dream journal.  I did that for a couple of years when I was learning lucid dreaming.  I got fairly proficient at lucid dreaming, or knowing I was dreaming and trying to control the dreams but never did recall any psychic dreams.

If you’ve had any psychic dreams that came true please let us know in the comments section below.  Thank you!

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    1. Leslie says:

      I’ve had this happen on several occasions. I had a dream that my coworker was pregnant, she wasn’t trying for a baby and seemed like the last person to get pregnant at the time. I had a vivid dream of her having her baby, and told her at work the next day.. we laughed about it. A month later she calls me and tells me she’s pregnant. A year later I have another dream that my best friends is pregnant, she was only with her boyfriend a couple months when I had it and again, seemed unlikely for her to be the one to pop up pregnant.. a couple months later she finds out she’s pregnant. Just recently, I had a dream that my grandpa died… 2 days later he ended up in the hospital where a month later he died. I’ve also had dreams with ex boyfriends where I dreamt they were talking to their ex girlfriend (someone who hasn’t been in the picture or spoken about for 9 years) the next night I had an urge to look at his phone and there it was, texts of him and his ex girlfriend. It was so crazy because I haven’t had a thought about her in years (I knew her too) and then I have a random dream about her and it ended up being true. It’s amazing how dreams work. I’m now convinced I’m gifted. Lol

    2. steve Gardner says:

      I have dream and they happen i get a really funny feeling i passed out once and was sent to a Er
      Can you explain why this happens Thanks You

    3. Michelle.J.B. says:

      Uh.. I also wanted to share my experience about these premonition of Deja Vu of my dreams coming true and my dream happenings… so first things first I HOPE YOU WON’T GET A HEADACHE READING THIS AUTHOR XD… okay so when I was still young, obviously an elementary student and I think I was still on 3rd or 4th grade that time, and that time I’am fond of dreaming, because dreams are so extraordinary to think, like a world of fantasy but a weird one with full weird things happening, I don’t know if I can do lucid dreaming when I was still young until today but I noticed that sometimes when i’m dreaming of flying and exploring something in my dream, I seem to control it a bit but after that I can only think of what is happening next and can’t seem to control it, and so I go with the flow of my dream. My dreams are very weird to think of and until today I still remembered many details of my dreams & happenings from the past years when I was still young and I can’t seem to forget about it but at the time of growing like today ( I won’t say my age but for a little info. I’am still young and a highschool student though.) some of the details of the dreams that I still remembered are now getting blur but the happenings are still clear, it’s weird, and I know that some other people usually forget about what they’re dreaming of, and honestly I’am now usually experiencing it (I don’t know why but I need an answer about why people usually forget about what they’re dreaming of in the stage of growing up, I usually noticed that people in a matured stage they usually forget about what they’ve dreamed and now often have dreams ) and now there’s this weird happenings of my dreams, I noticed from the years ago of being fond of dreaming, I have dreamed again of a dream that I have dreamed from years ago that I don’t know when, ( I don’t do a dream journal because it feels inappropriate or weird for me to list or writing it down, because it kinda feels creepy, weird and unbelievable except this one, I just wanted to share this and get some answers 🙂 ) so yeah, about the same dream that I have dreamed from the past, it happened to me like 2-3 times but I noticed that some details of the same dream that I’ve dreamt have add-ons. hahaha. and yeah, it feels weird to me, I don’t know if there is some meanings on it, I usually search about the meanings of the things happening and the things on it but it didn’t satisfied me of the result because it feels like there is a another meaning of it but I just cant find the correct answer or meaning of it to me but some does, right now I’m busy with life especially in highschool that’s why I still have no time minding it. So to the last one is about my dream that camed true after a few years later, so here’s what happened:

      I have dreamed that I was in our living room alone but after that I walked to our store ( I live in a place where a house and a store can be combined for a personal business, I wanted to say that I live in South-East Asia. So don’t get weirded.) and I can see outside of our store where you can see the street and the neighborhood because it was just covered or fenced with a metal poles and so yeah since I was still a kid from that dream I still have to climb a shelf to see outside, and what I see outside is our maid holding a chicken (closely to a close-friend), there were also creatures around like chicks & chickens, other dogs and my dogs, a goat, and birds, the memory of it was now kinda blur to me today so I can only remember few details of the dream but I can still remember the happenings, so yeah and in front of our store is where our white-multicab was parked and below it was my dog, Nova, resting and laid down the ground, everything happened fast like I don’t know, it was kinda like a slideshow operating automatically, and yeah after seeing outside I walked back inside to the living room and now, I forgot what happened after walking back to the living room, I just remembered that I was doing something and after that our multicab was activated and was going backwards taking an angle to rode off but suddenly I heard a cry of pain of a creature and panicked for I remembered my dog was there resting and that I suddenly run to our store and climbed back again to see what happened and there i saw my dog crying in pain while it’s feet was pinned down by the wheel-tire of our multicab while backing to rode off . So yeah, honestly the details and happening where now blur and can’t really remember what happened, but I know that everything was like a slideshow it happened so fast.

      so that is what happened on my dream. but after that dream I don’t know what dream I’ve dreamed next to what happened, everything was just so blur to my memory now, ( in my situation in real life in terms of memory, sometimes I experience short-term memory loss I don’t know, I think it is affecting my memory of my dreams too that was stucked in my mind when i was still young.) so yeah after dreaming of it, I didn’t mind that dream, until a few years later I think i was now in grade 5 or 6, I was in the living that time also and I think I was watching some TV shows and I heard that our multicab was activated and doing some backing to ready to rode off when suddenly I heard a cry of pain and I was familiarized the tone of my dog Nova, so that panicked me so I decided to see what happened to Nova outside so hurriedly walked to our store and climbed up to see that my dog’s feet was pinned down by the wheel when backing and I started shouting from the back a notice to our driver in the front’ seat not to continue the backing and so yeah he heard me and didn’t continue and he got off to see what happened and saw that my dog have a sprain i think or a pained feet, it didn’t have an injury actually, and it was sprinting away from the cab and was walking sideways. After what happened I paused for awhile I suddenly remembered something that was similar to what had happened, like a Deja Vu, but i still couldn’t figure it out of what it could be, so i let it aside to take care of what happened to Nova. But after I don’t know how many days, and what day that I suddenly remembered it was similar to a dream when i was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I was so bothered that time, that it was actually similar to the dream except my maid with the other creatures our maid was cooking lunch that time, and yeah it happened in noon.

      so now you know of it, it still bothers me and turned into some kind of interest, that is where i started to become so interested in fantasies but that was even more before of what happened.
      and that time until I graduated elementary, where it started a feeling of some kind of a deja vu and familiarity is surging into my reality and mind, until today but it happens rarely now. ‘_’

      I think that’s all!! Author and the reader I know it is a headache to read especially the wrong grammars and spellings. I’m not good in English and it’s literature,honestly, but it can be take cared. I’m still learning tho.

    4. Warren says:


      Last night i had a dream about a mass shooting. Myself and 13 year old son were both in the dream trying to find cover from the gunfire.

      To my surprise, when I got to work I was speaking w / a customer on the phone who just so happens to the have same exact birthday as me. He informed that there was a horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas where over 50 people were killed and hundreds injured last night.

      The shooting happened around the time I fell asleep and actually had the dream. Don’t know what this means but thought I would share.

    5. Jolie says:

      My dreams come real more often than not – the ones I remember that is.
      Though, I don’t ever dream of horrific incidents that many others have described in the comments. For me, I dream of things at school, places, people and moments and they always come true, fragments of dreams that often leave me with that horrible feeling of Déjà Vu.
      For example, I dream of walking down the hall and having a conversation that is serious and important with a friend and I can recall dreaming it. It may have been months ago or only days ago. I often dream of random things and they always occur, I hardly live a day without the sense of Déjà Vu.
      I know it seems that my story is a lot lesss interesting. I never dream of disasters or events that are tragic such as plane crashes and 9/11.
      I have lucid dreams that are random – not something I chose. I never have nightmares and my dreams come true. I suppose I reached out to this site in my youth to see whether or not I was losing my mind. I’m only fifteen and haven’t had much experience in life, but I’m fortunate to see that I really am not alone. I would really appreciate some advice to what may going on inside my head and around me. I find this all very fascinating, despite my queries.
      Thank you all.

    6. Nikki says:

      Idk where to start but when I was younger I been having dreams that came true I didn’t think of anything so I didn’t even bother believing it.. so couple years later I had a dream about my dad having cancer I told my dad and he didn’t believe me but when he was gonna try join the military again I also dreamt that he wasn’t gonna make it inside so he took the chances so they had to do all sorts of testing and my dad found out he indeed had cancer & didn’t make it in the military b/c his health condition as months go by I had another dream about my dad having the cancer successfully removed I told my dad still didn’t believe then guess what it was successfully removed! Now at 15 I’m starting to think do I have a gift or what but still I didn’t wanna believe it thought I was going crazy. Anyways at 18 In 2014 I got pregnant twice the 1st time I dreamt the baby was gonna be a boy still being clueless and not wanting to believe it, when I had a mc with my dr gave me the result that “HE” was perfectly healthy they didn’t know why anyways again in Sept 2015 I got pregnant again and within two months later I had a clear dream someone telling me ” I’m sorry your baby is gone” me not knowing what’s happening woke up at midnight and there I am bleeding a lot. From that day on is when I started trusting and believing my dreams more and it’s just been coming true more recently from seeing someone falling in a deep sleep ( woke up my dad passed out) seeing someone in the family having twins ( i didn’t know who but couple month later my sister mc with twins) and having one of me in my car and the tires light is on and when I drive off the next morning lights come on. I just wanna know what this means cuz I feel like I’m going crazy but I notice that this may be a psychic gift or something

    7. Josip says:

      Ok what should i do i had a lot of dreams like at least 50 of them through out my life that came true and im only 18 years old some dreams came true in just couple days and some occured years later can you help me did i turn to right place

    8. Ashi says:

      I am seeing many dreams and mind is like thinking everything , and I have seen many dreams from by birth that in future become real in like..!! It’s like I wanna know about this.. help anyone ??

    9. Diiya says:

      I had day dream or visions and sleep dreams one very frightening day dream was a September I was a passenger as we were on the free way I saw an airplane crash into a high rise building it blew and this repeated itself twice I told the driver that I saw a airplane crash into a downtown building it exploded next thing you know a couple of weeks later the 911 happened I had a chilling feeling run through my body Every since I was little I have dreams whether it be relatives or non relatives whether good or bad they soon come true like deja vu scary and unexplained nightmares coming true

    10. Cierra says:

      Hi My name is Cierra and I had two dreams about death that came true. The first one I had was in July of this year and it was on the 8th and I had woke and I had a dream about a casket going in the ground, the next morning I got a phone call telling me that my brother I had died. The other dream I had was something in August of this year and I had a dream that one of my boyfriends ex’s had passed away. Just last week he found out that one of his ex’s had passed away. I never had any dreams of this kind before and its kinda of freaking me and upsetting me because I never experienced anything like this before and I am at a lost for words because its scaring me. What does this all mean?!

    11. Kellen P says:

      About a month ago, I went to my friends house to stay the night since the next day we were going to go celebrate our friends birthday at a trampoline park. That same night, I had a dream where I was attempting to do flips standing. In my dream I failed every single flip. I though it was a sign that I was going tto do good flips at the trampoline park since I almost succeeded every flip. When we got there, we signed in and put our stuff into the cubbies. The first thing I did when I got on the trampoline was tried to do a flip. Sadly I didn’t finish the flip, so I landed face down; it resulted in a compound fracture of my left arm.

    12. Carol says:

      I had a dream that my daughter’s boyfriend was dressed in a funeral suit. This is a guy who has never worn a suit. All day long I was bombarded with weird energy, so much so that I could not get anything done that day. In the evening my daughter told me her boyfriend’s mom had been rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurysm. She died two days later. At the funeral he wore a suit.

    13. Claire says:

      I’ve always taken psychic stuff with a big pinch of salt, but five years ago I had a dream which really rattled me. At the time I had a 15 year old dog called Lottie, I’d had her since I was 12 and she lived with my parents. I was staying at my boyfriends house and had a dream one night that she went missing and we were looking for her. We eventually found her, she was hiding in a bush and wouldn’t come out. In my dream my dad said that she had gone there to die because that’s a common things for dogs to do when they know they’re dying. I woke up from the dream and it was morning. I got up and was telling my boyfriend about the dream and that it had really upset me. The phone rang and it was my mom. She said that for the last 30 minutes Lottie had been having a seizure and they’d called the vet. I said I’d get home immediately. It turned out this was the beginning of the end for my Lottie and she was put to sleep not long after. I can’t help but feel that this was some kind of premonition and that it was Lottie’s way of reaching out to me to let me know she wasn’t well and needed me.

    14. VICTOR says:

      Dreamed of no 45,46 and 47 to draw in classified pools fixtures on December 5,2016 and the three numbers came out as draws over the wkend on December 10,2016.I played it and got some good money out of it,this is not the first time though.

    15. Desiree says:

      I was 15 when I
      had this recurring dream…..
      I will explain this story in a dream state(sleeping) and reality state (wide awake).

      (Wide awake)- It was a nice quite nite, everyone was asleep in their rooms but I decided to stay up late and watch tv in our family living room. It was around midnight and I became very sleepy so I
      turned the tv off and fell asleep on the futon couch in the living room. Then it started .. was this a dream?Or was it real? Your thoughts on this matter is much appreciated!!

      (Dream/sleeping) I am asleep in my living room on my futon couch, a loud voice calls out to me “Desiree!! Desiree!!Desiree!! It shouted out my name with monstrous voice. The voice came from inside the dinning room. I was horrified! I got the courage to get up and walk to my parents room where my mother was fast asleep. I asked her “Mom can I come and sleep with you I had a bad dream!”. My mother says “that’s fine don’t worry it’s not real it’s just a bad dream now go to sleep and close your eyes”.
      -THIS DREAM REPEATS ITSELF 3 times! I’m still on the futon couch in the living room asleep dreaming of this monstrous voice calling my name very loudly!
      Now I’m ….

      (Wide awake-reality) – As I’m laying on the futon couch I awake from my dream …I hear a very loud monstrous voice calling out my name. I pinched myself to see if I was still sleeping and then realized that I’m actually wide AWAKE!! Everything that happened in my dream was happening again. My dream became a reality and it scared the crap out of me.So I decided to do exactly what I did in my dream… I got up walked into my parents room and asked my mom if I could sleep in her bed and she said the same words as in my dream … it’s not real ,it’s just a bad dream now close your eyes and go to sleep.

      The next morning at breakfast I asked my mom if I fell asleep on the futon couch last night? She said “yes”. I asked her then why did I wake up in your bed? She says “You had a bad dream & felt safe sleeping next to me”! I knew right then that my dream was REAL. That my dream became true and everything that occurred in my dream actually did happen. The voice sounded evil. What,and why it was calling my name ? Till this very day I have no clue? Iam now 37 years old.
      – I was 3 years old the very first time I heard a monstrous voice call out my name as it stood behind the bushes in the dark. My mother was hanging clothes on the clothes line and walked back into the house for more clothing pins. She left me alone in the dark , that’s when the voice called out to me for the very first time.
      Six years later
      -At the age of 9 as I laid in my bed at night. A monstrous voice called out my name again from the window behind me. I dreamt it came into my room and grabbed me by my feet and pulled me through my closet into a dark demented world.
      I awoke from my dream and heard the voice again from behind me outside my window. My closet door was open wide and I was frightened because of what I had just dreamt of. My sheets that was tucked neatly around me was laying on the floor and the curtains were blowing above me, I was horrified! I got the courage to pray to god to give me the strength to get out of bed and walk over to my parents room. I stood up and walked slowly out of my room as the door slammed behind me. I then ran as fast as I could went to my moms room , woke her up and told her what happened.

      -6 years later, At the age of 15 (which is the first story, of me on the futon couch!)

      -6 years later ,At the age of 21! I was wide awake laying down in my bed. A voice whispered in my ear my name, 3 times! The first was a whisper, second was loud, then third was a scream. I grabbed
      my boyfriend and hugged him tightly and cried. He said “What happened sweetie?”! I explained to him in detail that something evil is calling my name 3 times. He said your probably just very tired now go to sleep. So I laid down on my bed and fell asleep… and hour later my bf wakes me up hugging me tightly and in fear! I said to him what’s wrong babe? He said a voice yelled into his ears
      and said his name 3 times and it sounded very evil. He said “I now believe everything you said earlier,I’m sorry!” That night we both decided to sleep in another room.

      -6 years later, At the age of 27! I came home from a long day at work. My boyfriend was outside watering the garden. It was 6pm and I walked into my house, put my purse down on my dining table
      then walked into the bathroom to shower. As I undressed myself I heard a loud bang as if a door slammed shut. Then I put my clothes back on and opened the bathroom door. My daughters bedroom door was shaking the door knob was rattling. I walked as fast as I could to get outside my house but then I heard my cellphone ringing. I remembered I put my purse on the table but it was not there? I followed the ringing sound to the entrance of my home, my purse was hanging on the door knob and the door was closed shut! Confused as to how my purse got there as I clearly put it on table earlier when I got home. I opened my purse and grabbed my phone to answer it” Hello?!” I hear my name Desiree in a soft voice ….I look at my cell phone and it’s shut off?! The screen is black? I had chicken skin and through my phone down , opened the front door and ran to my bf in the garden. I sat there on a stone wall in shock. My bf asks “Are you okay , you look like you just saw a ghost?”! I replied
      … it happened again!!!! And explained in detail what just occurred.

      I later learned that townhouses my kids and I lived in where built on top of an ancient burial ground.
      My kids from when they were young until their teenage years would always speak to me about a young girl always coming to them at night. As they got older into there teenage years they spoke of that young girl.
      Until one day – I saw this ghost girl myself … I was outside in the front of my home with my bf, son,and youngster daughter in our family van. We were all going out to watch a movie at the theaters. My oldest daughter was the last to get in the car! I called out to her to hurry up and I looked at my window to my room and there stood a young girl starring at us. I thought it was my oldest daughter.
      I sent my bf to go and grab her in the house. I hear screaming … my bf checks my room for her but she is not there. I then see my daughter walking towards my van (she wasn’t in the house at all!)
      My bf comes running out of the house “I asked him what happened?”! He said he went into my room and felt a presence and then realized my daughter wasn’t there. Chills ran down his spine !
      -That was the day I realized my children were telling the truth all these years!

      ……But it didn’t end there! More spirits entered my home throughout 14 years we lived there! I had seen a male figure(lost spirit),a female spirit that would stand next to my children’s bed at night and she would put her hand on their shoulders or forehead? I’ve never personally seen this female spirit in action , it’s based on my children’s descriptions of the lady spirit. They explained that she was friendly in the beginning when she would visit them at night. But then she became scary and tried to harm them during the night.

      …. Then a demon or evil presence entered my home. At one point it possessed my oldest daughter at the age of 17 or 18! Friends and family who would come over my home to visit or stay the night always said they saw a dark male figure. One family member witnessed the little girl ghost at night and it scared the crap out of him, he left that same day!

      …. In March of 2016 I finally moved out of that evil home! It felt as if a 2 ton truck was lifted off of my soul! Living in that home almost killed me, the evil spirit possessed my bf years ago and he tried to kill me with a knife. He doesn’t remember or recal doing that to me.
      My family and I are now in a beautiful home and better place. Leaving our old home was the best feeling ever and I’m so happy!
      …. I pray there are no spirits in my new home .
      My friend stayed over one night and she slept in my sons room and she said she felt a spirit presence in his room so she decided to sleep in our living room instead.
      My son who is now 16 tells me he is sometimes afraid to sleep in his room. I asked him “Why son”?
      He said he just doesn’t feel comfortable in his room ?
      With that being said I just pray and hope my family and I are in a good place now and I just want all the spirits to leave us alone for good !

      So far everything seems great and it’s been 1.5 years living in my new home. Hope everyone enjoyed reading about my true life events and experiences. If anyone has had a similar experience
      Please email me at
      Or if you have any clue as to why spirits, ghosts,demons, call out our names, please explain in detail what it means because I’m clueless? Well for me …it seems to happen every 6 years ?

    16. Harakiri says:

      My cousin also my best friend dreamt of my Girlfriend, she’s holding hands with another guy while chatting and laughing. My Cousin chatted me in Facebook about his dream, my GF is beside me, we even laughed at him while he is telling his dream to us. Appoximately two weeks after, my GF broke up with me saying he wants space. I gave her space, but later on i found out she is chatting and dating another guy which she met on a hiking. That is the end of our 10 year relationship. I was really shocked couldnt believe. And what terrified me is my cousin’s dream came true, like a prophet.

    17. jerry says:

      i do all the time what good is it its hell

    18. Yary says:

      Hello everyone!! I got sick at the age of 18 and was in the hospital for about 1 month when my dreams started happening. They are very detailed and at first I was too scared of telling anyone. I had just started living with my boyfriend at the time and he thought I was crazy when I would share my dreams with him. Until he realized how right I was about my dreams. I’ve had dreams of people passing away, pregnancy, and people I will meet or other will meet. I’ve had some shocking ones like when 9/11 happened I had a dream of me walking on a field full of planes and they were on fire. That same morning my boyfriend arrives at the house and wakes me up saying have you seen the news and I’m like no, but when I did I couldn’t believe it. I’ve also had a dream that his bosses father died in his sleep and 2 days later he did. The most recent one I dreamt that I met a lady between 40-50 yrs of age with a dark blue shirt and short hair and her name was Helen. My husband does Uber part time and his first ride was a lady 50yrs of age with short hair blue shirt and her name was Helen. My husband tells me I don’t know how you do it , but keep your dreams to yourself 😂 I don’t know what you would call my gift but I’m glad I have it.

    19. Sinead Reynolds says:

      I had a dream last night that a female celebrity had cancer. In the dream she had lost her hair and was wearing a wig, when the wig fell off she picked it up and put it back on. She was in really good spirits and was having a laugh with a former best friend of hers.

      I woke this morning and was looking through instagrm, this celebrity had posted a pic on her instagram 5hrs previous (i was asleep, diffrent time zones….im in ireland and she is on the west coast of the the US)That she had skin cancer, but all is good. She said she has strong faith and a strong body.

      To be honest, i have vivid dreams on a regular basis and i am forever having de ja vous moments but this was in my face, i got a bit of a fright if im honest

    20. Leoni says:

      I rarely have dreams but whenever I do I freak out because they become true. This has happened many of times now, I always get a strong sense of when my partner would finish me within a relationship, around two or more days before. But the most recent visions that I had was when I was on holiday, I dreamt about one of my friends who was meant to be on holiday told me that he was infact moving and that I’d never see him again unfortunately the next morning as I woke up I messaged my friend about my dream and the bad news of him moving was in fact real, I had no idea this was going to happen. Also another vision I’ve had most recently on holiday was Infact of my auntie and my mothers close friends who we were meant to meet while on holiday, I had visions of them not being able to meet us because of medical conditions and well that happened once again. I don’t know what to do about any of this or how it becomes true

    21. David says:

      At the age of 5, I received a puppy and that night I dreamt it got runned over by a desiel and 4 years later it got runned over by a desiel. At the age of 14 I received a horse and that very night I dreamt it broke its front leg and had to be put down; five years later it broke its front leg and my brother had to put it down. Four years ago I dreamt of my best friend, and text him if his wife is pregnant as I dreamt they had a daughter. 7 months later she had a daughter, as he never told anyone, including me, that his wife was pregnant. I have many other examples, but one dream bothers me, and I question why? 10 years ago I almost married a women in Queens New York, and I lived in Las Vegas Nevada. We broke up 10 years ago and we lost contact, but I dreamt of her for 5 years straight, sometimes on a weekly basis. I was frustrated and even upset as I had no control of the dreams of her. I dreamt of her so much I started writing and dating each dream, all the dreams were detailed and at times she seemed depressed or stressed in all the dreams. Well, I got so sick of it I found her and sent her all my journals and she confirmed how my dreams basically reflect everything she’s been going through;eventhough, were 1000s of miles apart. I dreamed she had problems with one bf and another dream I dreamed she dated a police officer and she said all that was true. I don’t love the women and she is with some one as I am too. Matter fact, I’m the one that left her. The dreams finally stopped upon contacting her. Well, just 2 days ago I had a dream of her in New York, and in the dream she was very stressed and confused. I felt like she was confused and stressed as i felt she was moving in the future and didn’t want to Move. It weighed heavy on her. That morning I text her. How are you? Are you alright? And explained to her the dream I had of her. And I went on and explained my dream to her and again she confirmed it to be right on. she is very stressed as her bf wants her to move out of New York and she doesn’t want to go. It seems like I only dream of her when she is very stressed. I need to understand and know more then the psychological part of dreams. I need to know why my dreams come true? I need to know why when my ex gf gets stressed I dream of her? And why is it only her and not other ex gfs. I need to know how that is possible. Why is there a connection to people I know and why do I dream of things that come true about them, and how is it possible I dream of my pets exact death in the future and how they die. Anyone out there can refer me to any books? Or help me understand why I am still connected to this women years after we have broken up.

    22. Priya says:

      Plzz!! Help me!!

      I was firstly thinking that its a co incident but I am observing these dreams and some how it relates to my daily life yesterday I have seen that someone is getting into fire he had a child in his hand mother of the child saved him by pushing him aside but she was hurt and died.And today I got a news that my best friend mother is expired.

      Please help me I want to get ou of all this .I really hate all this.

    23. dreamer1988 says:

      had a dream my little brother was robbed infront of my house,i heard the commotion outside i ran out asked him who was trying to rob him he pointed at one of his boys i then shot him and the guys that he came with began to follow me as there leader i then started to levitate,the guys ask me how do i levitate i told them god gives us all powers we just have to find it in us and use it for good… the dream happened july 7th his birthday was the 11th it happended july 12th the day after his bday me and my brother were not speaking to eachother but i was playing my xbox when i heard him crash threw the back door of my house yelling they just shot me,and robbed me i began to panic i just dream this and it happen besides the levitation

    24. Kel says:

      So I seem to have physic pregnancy dreams that seem to come true! I’ve had about 6 now that have!
      Whenever I had a dream that one of my friends was pregnant I rang them the next day and with everyone I got the answer ‘no chance’ 2weeks later they rang me up shocked to tell me the news! I haven’t looked into this before but yesterday’s news made me look up and take notice. It must be about 5 years ago now, my friend was happily married with 2 sons, I had a dream about her that her eldest son 5 at the time was about 9 or 10 in my dream and she was pregnant with a little girl, but the dad wasn’t her husband but a handsome younger guy. Her and her husband split last year and she is now with a younger guy. Yesterday she said she was pregnant! I’d forgotten about the dream and so had she but one of the other girls brought it up which freaked us all out!!!
      I want to look more into this and what it means but no idea where to start! Any advice?

    25. Roya says:

      Hi my name is roya!
      I had alot of psychic dreams in my life that most of them happens the day after my dreams but one of them that was really shocking happened last month! I had this dream that I’m in the small plane with few peole that I didn’t know them flying around LA and suddenly everything turned frightening the plane had scary moves and we were about to crash i woked up and i was so scared my heart beating was so fast! Couple of hours later when i woke up i heard this news that the small plane crashed on the 405 freeway in Orange County! I was shocked the whole day! again i had another dream couple of days ago and again it same thing happened! That’s why i was googling to see what does it mean? Why most of my dreams come true! And i found this page

      • ashika says:

        m gonna be taking ya story as an example and inspiration for my blog. there r many people who avoid such psychic dreams and they don take into consideration.may be they can create some awareness .thank you roya

    26. Jade says:

      This is a short one, but a girl who used to be friends with my boyfriend is pregnant. Anyway one night when I was dreaming, this female ex friend of my boyfriend was in my dream and she had this baby girl, hadn’t found out what sex her baby was at this point. But from the dream I had a gut feeling that she was pregnant with a baby girl, she already has a boy which is the only child at the moment. I told my boyfriend about this dream a week ago, and today I found out that she is in fact, pregnant with a baby girl. I’m not sure if this is a psychic dream but it has to mean something right?

    27. cameron hill says:

      yesterday my mom past away and im 15 and two weeks ago i distinctly remeber a dream were i was at my nans and looking at my phone while a freind essaged me about the loss and ofcourse then i knew nothing aout her illness, then i remember listening to bypolar sunshine and mspelling the reply to my fiends i literally just had the exact same moment but didnt relise till after it happened it frightened me but gives me sence of purpose

    28. Kristen says:

      I have been having these dreams since I was a child, but it is usually random mundane things. Every once in a while, it is something major. I dreamed of the tsunami 2004 the night before it happened. Most recently, I had a dream my neighbor died of a heart attack. A few days later, he had a massive heart attack, but thankfully did not die.

    29. Hello All, I have dreams of future disaster’s that come true. But I don’t get locations, time, date. Ill tell you a couple of dreams that came true. One is a plane crashed, there were children around, a large lake. Some were I’m a city, A few weeks went by, then it happened. A plane crashed in to a school In a city near a lake over uk, Another was a house on fire that killed a indian family, few days later a family of 4 were burned to death on a indian reservation in Canada. I see a lot, I use to take notes or tell others, but they all think I am crazy. So now I keep a lot to myself. I see train, fire, planes. disaster’s from all parts of the world. Another is that I can receive messages from the dead….But that’s another story.

    30. Carmen M. says:

      Hi all,

      My name is Carmen. I don’t know why I am here but I guess I am scared and needed to know I am not alone.

      Seeing when people die (not only in my family) is very common for me. I guide them in the interim to make their decision if they want to take their death as final answer or go back with the knowledge that eternal love exists and that no matter what happens they can’t do wrong, as all is part of a massive canvas of energy.

      In addition to that I started to dream… day time, night time… whenever time… and whenever I am “there”, what I see comes true. My first introduction to that was three days prior to 9/11. I saw people falling out of the sky from a building, a plane crashing, I felt the bodies being buried under the gravel and woke up with the feeling that something heavy is lying on my chest and with the taste of dust in my mouths. Day three when I woke up – I lived in Greece at the time – I walked to work and past some sports bars that always played news in the morning. I nearly fainted seeing the images I saw on TV. I never was in New York and didn’t know that I had seen the twin towers.

      This was only the first time and that is now about 16 years ago. I felt guilty for a long time, since as it seemed, I had three days of a head start and didn’t do anything.

      Since then I have learned that my visions are at the center of it happening. If I am lucky, I might recognise clothing or a landmark that looks familiar. I check news but do not read them anymore as it’s only a repeat of what I see anyway and it makes me sad seeing it in real time, after it happened again.

    31. brandee bell says:

      Hi…since i can remember ive always haf freams or damhia Vu …but theres 3 i guess you
      could say. Major ones…in 1986 i was in sixth agrade..abt a week. Before the Challenger.exploited.i had dreamed it exploited right over my head…now i say there were dreams leading up to the explosion for about a month i would i would dream know about the space o wzs tting and it eould just pass wasnt tell the last dream of it exploited did ibtold my mom & 1girl school cuz it bothered me..i bever forget the look on her face wen they came in class and told us what forward to 2002 or 2003..l was. In late 20s and the spaceshuttle starts buy in my dreams was about the 3rx dream that i called my mom ..cuz we were far fromaway from each other…i asked her.
      If she new if there was.a Shuttle gettin. Ready to launch she said no but i think one ifore i went tgetting. Ready to land Anytime now…i already new she did too…….before i went to bed that i remember wacthing the news and they showed a picture of all them they werent gone yet i prayed for them wen i woke up..they were gone…one more ill make it short..i dreamed that a little oriental boy got.hit in front.of me buy a white car..white diver……But wen it happened in real life about 2 months later it
      Later it was a little white boy whogot hit buy a oriental man in a. White truck…i was the first one on the scence he was gone and i new it knelled down with my one year old and prayed for him
      Thank you for letting me tell you..Brandee Bell

    32. Suelen says:

      I have a little bit different. I dream babies I can tell ppl how there baby will look what gender it will be before the child is even conceived. I sometimes dream other things but I think fear blocks it out till the day of when something triggers the memory and I end up having very bad anxiety. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and OCD. I sometimes think it has something to do with some kind of sensitivity I may possibly have.

      A lot of things have happened to me when I was younger that I could not explain. I’ve never see anything but I alway can feel things and emotions that don’t belong to me.

    33. Emily says:

      Hi ok so I never believed in any of this until today. Three days ago on tuesday night i had dream that my friend made up with one of her friends she had cut off earlier that year.the friend had been absuive physically and emotionally to her and the friendship was very toxic. I have dreams every night, and i have never really ever thought anything of them no matter how obscure. However, when i woke up i had a sensation that this wasn’t just a dream. through the day reminded my self, “whys are you stilling thinking about it, why are you worrying, it’s a just a dream it wouldn’t ever happen”. I texted another one of my close friends about it because i had a weird gut feeling it could be real. Last night i was texting the friend i had the dream about. She told me she had something to tell me and so assuming it was just boy troubles or whatever i asked what it was. And she said “i made up with ___.” i freaked out. i couldn’t believe any of it. i called her and told her about the dream before she could tell me anymore details and the details all lined up. it was all real. it was the same. I’m now honestly afraid of dreams and can’t sleep. What does it mean?

    34. cath says:

      my aunt had a bad hip doctor said it was sciatica but i dreamed tht nite she had terminal bone cancer,few months later doctor confirmed she had bone cancer but had up 2 three years as it was slow growing couple months after tht i deamed she came to me in a dream withn my grandad who died 2-3 years before sayin im goin now cath i love u and i told her i loved her to,but she looked so well an younger,two days later i gta call she caught a infection,she died tht nite,also at a fireworks party i got such a feelin my son was in danger i shouted to my brother to grab him as i had 2 cups of hot coffee in my hands i ran over to him pulled him away and a firework shot out to wear my son had been an hit a little girl in her face she had to go to a&e everyone was lookin at me like how i new,i do not no its just a feeling,my son calls me the witch now.

    35. Myia says:

      Hello my name is Myia… I can say that have had these dream on Christmas night I had a vivid dream about a plane crash I was standing on the side of the road and as I look up I see an airplane fly over and all of a sudden the planes engine explodes the plane starts the noes dive in my direction and lands inform of me I was able to get a look at the planes number before I was awoken the flight was 232 It was so vivid it felt real so I went on my phone and looked up Flight 232 crash? And there popped up a plane crash but it had happened 11 years before I was born so how could I possibly known about this crash. I later tell my mother as she it’s on her phone looking through the news feed and as I tell her my dream and what I discovered she looks up at me as if she were scared and says that a plane crashed in the mediterranean. I let if past but la few weeks late I had another plane crash dream and 3 weeks after this new dream there is new from my friend that 2 planes in McKinney crash head on a she drives down the road. I really believed it then so I kept having these dreams and then there would be another crash. I’ve felt I needed to tell my story because it has happened again I spent the night at a friends and she’s know about my dreams well I had a dream that night last Wednesday and woke up and told her and a few mins ago I had a hunch that it had happened again so I looked up recent plane crashes and there it was a plane crash that week on Saturday in Florida.

    36. MightyWriter739 says:

      I never dream, unless it is a psychic dream. One of these dreams was that my friends were having the exact same conversation for three days straight but when I asked them they all denied it, it felt like I was in the movie Groundhog’s Day. When I woke up that morning for three days they were having the conversation, and each day I would ask if they already had that conversation, but they would all deny it and look at me funny. I’m curious if I should be worried becomes this past night I dreamt about a war, and me my dad and his girlfriend were in the car driving. Normally this wouldn’t concern me but next week we are going to North Carolina and it is just going tocbe me, my dad, and his girlfriend. I really hope that this doesn’t come true.

    37. Chantal says:

      Since a very young age I’ve had various encounters where I’ll have dreams that actually happen 2 days later. One of the earliest episodes that I remember still very well to this day was when I was only a child. One night I had gotten into bed and eventually fallen asleep to wake up horrified at having a dream that I was rushed into hospital. Two days later for the first time in my life I was rushed into hospital with crippling pains in my abdomen. Various other types of dreams have happened, one I particularly recall which was alarming. I had a dream about a random girl who used to go to school with me, but she was at my work in this dream standing waiting to be served at the cash desk. The next day when I went to work I had just come back from the staff room to walk back to the cash desk and there she, that same girl, standing exactly where she did in my dream waiting to be served at the cash desk. Of course these are very basic, but it’s started happening in my waking life as well. Someone random who I don’t talk to but know of will pop into my head abruptly and then minutes later I see them. There was a random fellow I saw one day in a local supermarket who I took a lot of notice of mainly because of his uncanny resemblance to my uncle who lives abroad. A few days later as my sister took me to work, that same guy popped into my head so I told my sister about him about how he looked the double of our relative. I left the car, signed in and put my stuff in the locker, as I walked onto the shop floor to start work that very guy was standing on my department browsing. My latest episode was the other night, I’ve had a big fall out with a few friends and sadly no longer talk. In the dream one of the guys I’m not particularly close to contacted me to ask if I fancied meeting up for drinks and food. 2 days later I got a message from the guy asking if I’d come meet up with him for drinks and food. I know other people have had far more serious dreams like train crashes etc. But I’d love to be able to tap into this a lot more. Does anybody have any tips? I really feel it’s something that could be developed, and rather than intermittently I’d like to be able to do it more frequently tapping into it.

    38. Meeting people in dream is normal to me and it is exciting to find others that experience the same. This is a story that I want to share with you because of what has just happened in the last three weeks. Today is July 6, 2017. Embrace the dream story about me and Cathy and our life and death experience.

      How did we meet in a dream? I was writing children stories plus one about my mothers life. I needed an editor for her story.

      I dreamed about meeting Cathy weeks prior our physical meeting and that was eleven years ago. I saw this woman walking towards me and I woke from the dream knowing she was an editor. I shared the information with my husband and daughter.

      I was taking a trip and boarded my plane. I was flying to meet with my daughter Lindy in Kauai and I took my seat on the plane. I had already had a dream that I would meet my editor so I did not have to look for one any longer because my dreams usually come true. I looked up and saw the lady in my dream walking towards me and I knew it was her. The funny part of this was that I did not want to be taken off the plane so when she sat by me on the isle seat and nobody took the seat in the middle I had no doubt but was concerned she might think I was crazy. Once in the air I leaned over and asked this stranger if she was an editor because I dreamed about a lady who looked like her who did editing and I was a psychic. She looked at me and said, “yes” and she went on to tell me she edited metaphysical material. We have laughed about that for years as we became best friends and in her own words sisters. Cathy edited my children books that you can find in the children center on my site. She edited all the stories on the blog and so much more. She visit my family several times over the years at holidays and we talked weekly.
      For Cathy and myself, we did not meet in the usual way so we both knew our relationship spanned time and beyond earth and that is where we meet again.

      The morning of June 16th 2017 I woke in the middle of the early hour feeling I should call Cathy. I waited for awhile because I didn’t want to wake her. She had not been feeling well these last few months. About four hours later I called Cathy answered and in a calm weak voice she said,” I only have a few days to live” My first thought was she means what she is saying and I we talked about meeting in dream and we agreed we would meet again and again. Her last words to me were, “I will whisper in your ear.” I told her I will hear her. She was taken to hospice that morning where she soon passed. Cathy had taken the holistic path when she knew she had cancer and she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want a fuss. I have no doubt she pulled me to this site this morning as I smile knowing she wanted the story told.
      If you want to see more about Cathy and see the snow angel she made for me one winter day you can visit Read the blog she created for the site and the children center where she edited the books and so much more.

      Cathy’s angel story is below.
      Remembering Cathy: On one of our projects for a children’s book was that I wanted a snow angel for the cover. I called Cathy asking where to find a good snow angel photo. She laughed, saying she was in a blizzard at that time and would make me a snow angel as soon as the storm passed. We had a good laugh about the fact that I needed a snow angel and she was in a snow storm, and she sent me several wonderful angels to choose from for my book cover. This story captures Cathy’s joy of living and playful nature–she experienced life fully and embraced every opportunity to dive into a new experience even my dream. 😉

      I have many people I have dreamed about and my husband is also one of them so when Cathy came to visit I was sitting with two people I had dreamed about prior to meeting on earth.

    39. Taylor says:

      I have had 1 dream that I consciously knew happened and subsequently came to fruition. This wasn’t during a very stressful time of my life, so I don’t want to go too far to say that this happened because of stress. When I was 14 years old, my mother and I had gotten into an argument and she ended up grounding me for a month. She also decided to take away the adapter that allowed my computer to connect to our wireless internet. I spent a good portion of my free time playing video games on my computer, so this upset me more than most things would. Two weeks pass by without video games, and I wasn’t as flustered or anxious about the video games as I was before. Around this half way point of my punishment, I had a dream where I got out of my bed, walked to my mother’s purse and took the purse to my bathroom. In the dream, I kneeled down and checked the inner, most left pocket, and found the wireless adapter. I was stunned. I woke up almost immedietely after discovering this, to the sunrise beaming through my window. The dream was the most vivid dream i have ever had. I dwelled and replayed the dream in my mind all day at school the following day and decided that at night I would see if the adapter was in my mom’s purse. That night, after my parents had gone to bed, I grabbed my mothers purse and followed the same steps i had done in my dream. The fucking adapter was in the inner most left pocket. Like, I have never understood how this happened. This wasn’t like foreseeing death or some crazy event that most of these stories tell about. This was essentially an irrelevant aspect of my life and somehow the dream paralleled the actual experience. I have always wondered why this out of all things came true and how I could tap into this psychic experience. An experience as vivid and concrete as this has never happened since then, but I’m waiting to see what the next one will bring.

      If you have something similar, please comment and let me know.

      Thank you for reading,


    40. Rebel says:

      Hello my name is rebel I would just like to say I have had no night dreams but every day I get day dreams my last day dream I had I was heading to chico ca I seen a blond female with a shit ford and that day I had to go to chico and I got into a very bad car crash it was the same blond in my way dream the first time I had all this happen I was 17 I died and came back I have to his it from my family cuz no one beleves me and if heard that if the government found out about r abiltys we would be taken and never seen agian and experiment on if u can plz email me back I would like to have these day dreams stop

    41. Hi I’m Chris… all I want to say is that I have seen dreams that really come true or similar……. I don’t remember most of the dreams exactly but once I saw a dream earlier Which I can’t explain….. I don’t know because I had never told this dream to anyone but one day I told my mom about this dream… the dream was about visiting a neighbor’s house with my mom…. We had to cross a bridge in between which was a wooden one and had some gaps (huge holes) on it…… I was just scared to cross….. Then I just looked down through a big gap… but my mother jumped and went…. my mother wasn’t aware that I can’t jump…I didn’t shout for her either ( because it was just a dream and you can’t do anything you want to do while in dreams and usually become like a fool, we don’t know how to act how we want in reality… And these we usually regret after waking up) she actually thought I was following her. She went back home through another way but left me here (this wouldn’t have happened if it was a reality) I was doing nothing but just looking because I’m in the centre of the bridge now and wondering how I got there (just a dream…. So any scene can change at any moment just like movie scenes). while I was still wondering my mom came back to take me…after that I don’t remember much.. Dream over..a few years later I told my mom about this dream but she told me that it really happened when I was a kid and the bridge existed too…. She told me what happened and it was just the same to my dream …… So what can I think about this….?? Did she see the same dream as mine? I don’t know… There are many other dreams that happened similarly….. Another dream: Once when my daddy wanted to go to his work in his office there was a flood so he had to come back…. And I also saw some hospitals in the middle…… Next morning when I woke up there was really a flood and my daddy couldn’t go for his work that day, I also saw two hospitals. Not only me, but also my mom saw many dreams that really happened or similarly. In my opinion these type of dreams are seen just before waking up early in the morning….just my common experience, and my mom’s too,…. and also last night I saw a dream which was very heartbreaking where my girlfriend’s parents didn’t agree with me and instead got her to someone, (I don’t know if this is common or even happens in the west but in China sometimes it can be seen that If the parents don’t agree… It usually means NO.. I’m just a bit worried about this because I remember it and saw just before I woke up….. That’s how I came here…I also read some similar articles, anyway not to worry so much, hope everything will be fine. Good luck guys

    42. Zulema says:

      Just wanted to add… yes! to this
      “One interesting thing I noted when looking over some of the stories of those who have reported psychic dreams that come true on a regular basis is that when they do have what they consider to be a psychic dream and then talk about them to others then the dream doesn’t always play out or come true like when they keep silent.”

      – This ALWAYS happens. Something in me (my spirit) tells me to keep quiet and I sometimes can’t even get the words out. Funny thing is that every time I tell someone of my dreams it doesnt come true. When I keep hush about it, they do happen. To which I always tell people and people look at me like I’m crazy! This is why I log my feelings down in journals. When I take a look back and read them, I freak myself out and realize how much of the things I felt, came true

    43. Zulema says:

      Well, to me dreams that come true are a natural occurence. They’ve been going on since I was a little girl. Odly enough, my mom and sisters and their children have this ability too. My mother being extremely religious always says they were ‘bad spirits’ but I don’t see it that way. My religious part of me says its Gods way of letting us know what will happen to take heed, and my other logical/spiritual side says its part of the conscious collective. I believe in astrology and the possibility of dimensions that we have not yet explored. I think that in these dimensions there are pools of conscious thoughts, minds, future events that only certain people can tape into. This is where you get people who are clairvoyants, psychics, intuitive people. I wont go as far to say i’m psychic but I am extremely intuitive to the point that people always come to me. I say what I see and feel… and it ends up happening. Now onto the dreams… lol

      I have dreamt countless dreams that I have forgotten about in my subconscious and they reappear as Deja Vu. Others I have remembered but had repressed because I used to flag it as nonsense or just dreams. Well I remember two dreams specifically right now (have many)
      – 1 was a dream about my ex husband. A dream where I had dreamt him before I met him. At the time I thought it was someone else, but the physical characteristics didnt match that person. Well a couple years later, I met him and the rest was history. 9 years and 2 kids later, I realized that what i dreamt came true
      – 2nd dream was during the time that I had separated from my ex husband. I dream that I was ‘caught’ with another man and that my ex husband went crazy and I was hiding with this other man. At the time I thought it was nonsense because I had never cheated on my ex husband and we were still together. Well about a few weeks from that, my husband hit me across the face. (He had lost his job and I was the only one working. He was jealous and insecure that I was going to leave him. Which was absurd) When he hit me, I decided to leave him because I wasn’t going to back to the abusive lifestyle that we had gone through during the beginning of our relationship. I was tired of it. So I left him and about 3 months after that I had befriended a man who I later became involved with. Well turns out my ex was stalking me and assaulted me at work, I had to get a restraining order. My second dream had come true.

      as I get older I become more paranoid and/or more acceptive of my dreams because I realized that a lot of them come true.

    44. ilovehorseyrides says:

      In March 2017, I dreamt that my relatives went to a wedding in CA. I found out that will happen this September. Of the many weird dreams that I had over the years, the CA wedding dream was the only dream that actually predicted the future. The only inaccurate part is that my dream took place in LA and the real thing will take place in San Francisco.

    45. ilovehorseyrides says:

      In March 2017, I dreamt that my relatives went to a wedding in CA. I found out that wil happen this September. Of the many weird dreams that I had over the years, the CA wedding dream was the only dream that actually predicted the future. The only inaccurate part is that my dream took place in LA and the real thing will take place in San Francisco.

    46. Nora Adams says:

      I was having this reoccurring dreams for months that I was standing on top of a canyon overlooking a huge waterfall. I can remember standing on the bridge thinking I was scared because it was high off the ground and the bridge seemed unstable. Well it just so happens that me and my daughter planned a weekend trip to the mountains and on the way I was notified my boyfriend was killed in a car crash. Her and I still did our trip together. The next day we went for a drive and stopped at a beautiful scenic area and there it was. The place I had been dreaming about. What I thought was a metal bridge was actually a metal pipe that crossed over the canyon. There was a metal overlook you could stand in to see the waterfall. As soon as we got to the metal overlook it hit me that was the place I had been dreaming of. I know he was there with us. It’s been just under 2 months since he passed and I feel like he’s my angel watching over us now.

    47. bella says:

      ive had a few dreams that came true, or just had bad feelings i dunno how to describe it. i had a really bad feeling loads of people would die or myself and a week later there was an attack somewhere i was meant to be and people died. i felt awful. ive had few dreams too of bad things happening or good sometimes but when it happens ive felt so guilty bout it like maybe i was meant to do something? im glad im not alone though

    48. Zjoli says:

      I don’t dream often but when i do they come true. I also have lucid dreams and sometimes I’ll be watching tv and blink and then I can’t open my eyes and I can still hear the tv sometimes I leave my body and float around in my house and other times I can’t move and I feel someone lieying on top of me with their face breathing on my face and I can always tell when someone is lying to me, but I’m use to it so I don’t care and just let them because they don’t cause harm. And I can sense danger but I keep going because I’m curious and I’m always I’m. Also sometimes I sense a presence next to me when I’m infront of a

      • Zjoli says:

        Yesterday I was lying on the sofa and closed my eyes and then I couldn’t open them and I saw my fence outside was destroyed like something had fallen on it and it felt like i had my eyes closed for a long time. But when I finally was able to open my eyes I saw that only a few seconds had gone by and the same commercial was still on. Today on my way home I saw a house one block away from mine had a huge tree had fallen on the fence and broken most of it. We had a bad storm today.

    49. Archana says:

      Whats the solution if i want to shed this power of mine, my dreams really scare me away

      If i see anyone dying in my dream it occurs anyhow. Its feel like i am helpless.
      Help me

    50. Robert says:

      i been reading and strongly believe am in the same predicament , the last dream i had just recently was weird but safe and angel was showing me the end of the world but it look so real but far away i was felling like a kid holding the hand of my parents and just the people screaming out loud horrified but the funny part was at the end the angel show me the number 7 but when i asking the meaning he say a word but don´t know 100% if he said 7 months or years left since it look like a world text closing and i wake up, like i said most of my dreams had come true in my life time sure it takes around some time to pass , but my predicament is this have any one else had a dream like it ¿?¿
      will like to share experiences and learn from others and discuss any intel we can grow spiritually thank u and take care.

    51. Elle says:

      I don’t think I have ANY psychic ability whatsoever, but this was strange and I wonder if anyone has any ideas as to what is going on.

      I have sleep paralysis and feel like I’m laying there all the time half awake. But a few times I have fallen asleep…and dreamed.

      (This one didn’t necessarily come true but it’s weird.) Two years ago, I dreamed that I was standing over a hospital bed with an old man in it. He was saying my name.
      Two weeks later , I meet my dad for the first time and he said my grandfather had died two weeks ago(the night I dreamed) and he had been asking for me.

      A year ago, I was talking to my old recruiter. He was having marital problems and some woman stalking him. He told me that she might be pregnant. I dreamed that he would be kicked out of his house and marry that other woman. When the test came back positive, his wife divorced him and he married the other girl…horribly ugly dress btw. I wish I could un-dream that monstrosity.

      A few months ago, I dreamed that my now ex would rape me the day after the anniversary of my first rape in the same spot as the first time…he did.

      Last month, I dreamed I would see him driving his bmw, not his motorcycle, in the 210 freeway. He would be leaning forward in his seat and squinting…wearing a red shirt
      Guess what? It happened three days later.

      Here’s my question: what is going on?!?!?

    52. Lauren says:

      Hi ,
      I seem to have slightly elaborate dreams and wake up to what seems to have happened and see it on the news or it happens to someone I know personally.
      It can be very serious or mundane. For instance i dreamt that my partner was in an altercation with a bunch on people and they wanted to beat him up (he doesn’t get into fights with people ) but a couple of days later he was pushed by someone and hit . Another more less serious one was I dreamt our flat mate was making ham and cheese sandwiches ( I was napping during the day ) and I wake up to see he had been shopping and got ham and cheese for sandwiches haha. This morning I had dreamt of chaos in an airport and I turn the news on to see an airport locked down because on someone saying they had explosives goes on .

    53. Kia says:

      Hi, I’m Kia, I’m 11 years old and I am kinda freaked out and going to write this comment. So on May 20th I had a dream of a school being bombed, then a court being bombed and then a concert being bombed. I’ve had dreams like this before, scenes of my life that actually come true and darker things, mostly of death. I hoped my dream wasn’t true, but they mostly are and later that week it came true. These dreams run through our family, only the girls get it though. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one that has these dreams. Thank you to whoever created this website.

    54. Ryan says:

      I woke up one day and told my wife that I remember watching TV and ask her if the TV was left on last night because I saw a bear run up in a man’s face in the man stood his ground and then the bear growled but then ran off. Then a few hours later I was watching TV and ended up turning on Netflix looking for a movie but it wasn’t there but it gave me similar movies of that type so I picked this movie called An Unfinished Life and as we were watching that movie Morgan Freeman was the man of my dreams and the bear ran up to him growled and then ran away. I had never seen that movie before in my life and it was the exact Vision I saw on the dream of me watching that movie.

    55. Tiffany says:

      I only dream of births and deaths. Usually the occurrences happen 2 or more weeks after I dream. Doesn’t happen exactly to the person (s) but it happens. I had one last night. I have had these dreams for years. I had a dream where I was at a funeral and I told my dream the next day. I saw a light standing in front of me as I sat on my sofa, it looked as if it was coming towards me, and I reached out to touch it. Surprisingly, I wasn’t afraid of it and then I got the phone call that my grandpa had passed. I’m always there in the dreams… why do I have them?

    56. Nymeria says:

      For a while I have been having a feeling that a female was coming in between my relationship with my boyfriend. I began to chant and ask my aura to repel this specific person from trying to destroy my relationship. 2 days after I began the chant, I had a dream that the female came into my room while I was asleep and asked could she speak with me. I was than awakened after she asked me that question.

      Later on that morning while I was at work that person got my telephone number from another person and told me what I was suspecting for a while now. She started of her text with the exact same wording I had dreamed.

    57. Emma says:

      Unfortunatley i had several dreams of life events that came true and i didn’t care i always tought it was coincedence…until my dog died. i had a dream several months before he died, it was telling me he will die that he will get sick. and i didnt take that serious. When he died i remembered my dream. It warned me i could have helped him . This left a huge mark on me,like somebody killed a part of me.
      from now on i will think twice about what my head is telling me.

    58. Eloise says:

      I had a dream I think I was last year that I was looking down on a car crash near to where my dad worked and my dad was involved I was crying and all the sirens surrounding my head made the vision go black then a voice spoke and said “warn him” I quickly woke up at about 3:00am an hour before my dad got up for work and text him saying ” dad I know this is going to sound weird but please be careful going into work this morning because there is going to be a crash and it’s going to be bad”. He seen the message when he woke up and said “ok thank you” then later on that day there was a crash that involved a white transit and two artic lorries. We found out that the man who was killed was one of my dads friends. We were absolutely devastated. 😔 But I saved his life and this will forever be a part of me that I will never forget 🙂

    59. Elle says:

      Mine are years apart (event memories projected into dreams before they happen), for example before my son was conceived I had a dream I was in the car with his grandma (my partner’s mum) and we were arguing about something, I could see a baby in a car seat in the back. My perception of it was of me as a witness looking in through the back window of the car. At the time my relationship with my sons grandma was really good and having an argument with her would never happen under normal circumstances. It was so weird that I told my partner about it, “baby in the back of the car, arguing with your mum? How odd”… then of course dementia struck and at the time of the actual incident my son was 8 months old, it was the memory of it (reflection) I recognised after the incident (grandma was giving me instructions as if I were her chauffeur). I get smaller snippets of conversations and actions projected into my dreams but those ones later become ‘deja vu’ phenomenon. I have had other similar ones to the car one bit they haven’t happened yet….

      • Adrian says:

        I would like to contact you, I have had the same experience with the woman I love. I have been rejected by her, accepted, loved and then rejected again. Some of my dreams about her have been about future events that only when they occur I recall them as memories. I had tried to figure out the timing but there isnt any clear pattern. Sometimes the dream is three days before the event, other times its a year or even more ahead. After I realized it I began to write them.
        what I cant understand is the reason of it, because my other dreams, not related to her, never become real.
        Your description is really accurate, because somehow you never know exactly how the situation will develop but you end up at the image of your dream.

    60. Lita says:

      I had a dream of my sister crashing on a bridge it was raining really hard it was my foster brother and my blood sister she didn’t make it in first dream. Then the dream came back again it showed what happened again but she crashed and didn’t go over the railing maybe two hours later my dad got a call from her saying she got in a crash on a bridge

    61. Lita says:

      Iv had several dreams that have came true me and my brother dad and other siblings were getting to bed as I fell asleep i had a dream while my sister was on her way come to where we were at it was raining really hard her car slid on the bridge and crashed she didn’t make it but then I had a second one the same one but she made it alive maybe like 2 hours after we got a call from her saying she got in a reck I was qestioing how my dream came true iv had a bunch of dreams come true since and it seems there’s always something bad happens. There not all very bad but there sad and bad

    62. Josh says:

      For my entire life I would have thought of all this as pretty nonsensical and cheesy. A couple weeks ago I was sleeping late in the morning and dreamed I was at the store with my mother and she was buying me bed sheets estimated about 15 to 30 mins later as I was waking up aCynd my mother walked in my room with bedsheets I’m 33 years old. I won’t try to explain just how improbable it was for this to be a coinsidence just take my word for it, it wasn’t likely at all. In fact this seemingly mundane story was enough to turn me at 33 years old, a reasonably intelligent and rational person who values logic greatly, into a believer. For me it’s now a knowledge and though extremely fascinating to me, I now realize or view it as less of a “super natural” phenomenon, psychic abilities etc, and more of a scientically provable thing that just has not been figured out by anyone or understood correctly or I think most likely is simply beyond the limited ability of a human mind to conceive of, in regards to understanding yet we can experience it?? Your guess is as good as mine I just have a feeling it would make perfect logical sense if our ability to perceive logic was a bit more broad.

    63. Raj says:

      I have same the experience.. I got a dream two days before death of my granny. I saw Funeral ceremony. Someone was wrapped in white clothes. I was totally unaware who that person was. Then I saw many people discussing about the death. Then suddenly a wind came and unwrapped body. There was her, my granny. I was shocked. I woke quickly and started repeating sentence that nothing will happen to her. Exactly after 2 days, my brother-in-law called me and asked me “did you heard about your granny, she died.” I was shocked by this incidence.
      Like this many dreams became true till today.
      Most resent was last weak ago. I saw my sister asking about my phone number. She said she doesn’t have it as it is her new phone. I said that, I don’t have a new number, and will give her after few days. This was just a normal dream. I did not take it seriously. I wake up early in morning and went for jogging. I was walking on footpath, and there were no one on that road. Suddenly, two people attacked me and threaten me to kill. They started searching for money. I had 100 bucks and my mobile. They hit me really hard. They took both and flew away. Then i understood dream was about losing my mobile. Also i got new mobile from my sister.
      I don’t know what this power is. If I can get some idea how to use it, then it would be really helpful. At least, i would have saved my mobile which i brought by investing my whole one month salary.
      Is there anyone who would help me in this regard?

    64. Heather says:

      Ok so I’m not 100% it was a psychic dream but love to know. I was completing a Disney puzzle today when I placed the final piece of Flounder. It triggered something and remembered that I had dreamt this a few days before I had even purchased the puzzle. It was the exact same piece as well.

    65. Nalani says:

      I find this very creepy to me because this is something that happens on certain occasions like the time when it was a very short dream but I was in the doctors office but it was in a new place then a few months later I went to the exact place I had a dream of I was extremely creeped out because that place I had a dream of I didn’t know what it looked like until I had that dream!! This explains it all!! thank you for the into!….. 🙂

    66. Katy C. says:

      I’ve had a few dreams that have come 100 percent true and it’s really strange when they happen. First I would dream a very random event, like talking to someone, or, and this one actually happened in 2nd grade yet I still remember every detail about it and I’m in 8th now, tripping. Then when I woke up from the dream, which normally lasted around 7 to 10 seconds, I would forget a lot about the dream within 5 minutes of waking up. Then maybe a month or a year later, the event will happen and I will then remember everything about the dream. The really strange part about that in the end is that during the whole time of the event everything goes in slow motion and I can’t hear a thing. My friends always get werieded out when I tell them about it and think I’m joking, which I don’t blame them, I just wish there was a explanation for it because it’s kinda weird. Thanks for reading 😉

    67. Corina says:

      in march 2017 I had a dream of taking a pregnancy test and it was positive, 2 weeks later I tuck a test and I was pregnant but the pregnancy failed.

    68. Tobi Uchiha says:

      I had a dream about an Odd Eye Cat. It came towards me, and it embraced me and purred repeatedly. I woke up early as 6:40 AM then I went into our terrace, suddenly an odd eye cat came towards me, doing the same thing in my dream. I adopted it in our house, taking responsible for it. Its so….. intriguing but highly disturbing.

    69. Jason Ben Ballard says:

      I had a dream about getting into a relationship. I recall multiple glass candy dishes in the house. I also recall other detail I wish not to publish all of them came true. I got married. to a person in a house( a house that I remember from the dream its layout) that had many candy dishes. The other many details also came true a year later. We have been married almost a year mow, happily. I have had other dreams that came true later tho this was the most life changing. btw still dreaming, sweet dreams, mostly not always

    70. Alexandra says:


      I felt I need to share. Because if i dont i might go mad! Every morning when i wake up (even early morning) i remember exactly what happened in my dream. Every small minor detail. That includes what i could smell, hear, see , what i was doing etc. I often have dreams about very trivial things. That do not really matter. For example i drop my dog off every day before work to my friends house and she looks after him for me. One night i dreamt that my dog had gotten stuck in her washing machine. And her son was trying to tell her (her son is 2 years old).

      This is not something that has ever crossed my mind not even for a second. The next day i went to collect my dog as usual. And my friends husband said “Alex i must tell you beforw i forget, your dog got stuck in the washing machine today and Max (their 2 year old son) was trying to tell me he was stuck”

      My face dropped! We live around the corner and in the car which is a short journey from my house i was telling my partner about this dream the nught before. His face deopped also and he thought we where trying to spook him out.

      This also used to happen a lot as a child. I had a re-occuring dream of a little girl running through the park and she hides in a shed. Then all.of a sudden there is a light coming through the floor boards and the dream ends. A few years later my mother and I where watching a tv programme it was brand new and the opening scene was of this little girl running through the park but exactly how i pictured it in my dream. My mum.argued with me that i had not seen it but i lnew i had only not on tv in my dream.

      Also i have already without realising until recently started lucid dreaming. I am aware that i am awake in my dream but can stay in a sub concious state of dreamimg. I have been doing it for years but as i said only recently undetstood why i dreamt that way.

    71. Aaron says:

      Ihad a dream last night,
      of the fatal boat that sunk in Greece.

      There were 25 of us.
      Nobody was calling for help

      I woke up after a child had died in front of me. He drowned.
      it felt soo real
      I opened my eyes sweaty and wet.
      looked online about any boats sinking and or crashing.
      and there it was in front of me.

      am I going crazy?
      this isn’t the first sign…
      I can feel other peoples lives.
      Like I know who they are and what sorta person they are.
      My doctor put me on meds after I told him this.
      I’m not taking them.

      • Casey says:

        You are not going crazy. You have been given a precious gift. Try your best to embrace it. You can use herbs, healing stones/crystals and oils for protection. Carry the herb Dill and stones such as tourmaline and turquoise.Angelica root can enhance your ability. Call on the Angel of healing, Raphael, the protector of the West. Ask for his healing and protection. I do not have your gift, but am very intuitive. I’ve been reading through all these comments and yours was the first I felt the need to reply to. I hope you see this, I believe you need this information… All of us are connected in ways we couldn’t imagine. If this message reaches you, may it reach you well. I wish you the best Aaron.
        P.S. I’m glad to hear you decided not to take the meds. I’m like you in believing they are quite unnecessary.

    72. Rena Ehlers says:

      I’m gonna put this in a simple way. Every dream I have had in the past few months has came true… please reply

    73. Emily says:

      So I don’t really know if I fit in with anyone else, but I was wondering if someone could help me out. So the thing is I will be in a situation and there is just and over whelming sense of déjà vu. It’s in a time frame of about 5 seconds everything is in the perfect position, and I freeze. I zone out and my who dream come back to me and I realize I have seen this before. Someone will ask me what just happened and I don’t even hear them until I come too. I don’t know if I fit in with everyone else but I just wanted to share to see if anyone could explain. If someone would like to explain or talk to me about this my email is:

    74. Roderick says:

      I had this really weird dream two years ago that I was walking down my old street in Arkansas (I now live in Texas). I saw a girl far down the street and she walked up and said hi and asked who I was. However, she never said her name. We had the best day ever just walking around going to the mall and hiking… well at the end of my dream I asked the girl what her name was and she said “you will know soon enough” and said bye. I woke up and wrote everything down and drew the girls face. About a month ago I was walking through the halls of my high school and sorta felt off that day. I walked into my 1st period class and went to my seat, that’s when she walked in. She was the new girl from Colorado. My teacher introduced her and said her name… Grace. She sat at my table and for a second her and I just exchanged glances at one another, when I told her my name she looked just as shocked as I was. At that moment I had to know if somehow she had the dream too. I asked if I looked familiar and she glanced at me with a very weird type of stare and said in a very petite voice… yes. I then went on to tell her my dream and as I was telling her, her eyes started getting bigger like a was some type of demon. She didn’t believe me so I showed her the drawing I drew of her 2 years ago (which I had in my bag because I don’t want my mom going through it when I’m not at home) and she freaked. She then proceeded to reach in her bag and showed me a dream she wrote down in her journal. The two dreams lined up perfectly, it was/still is amazing. We are good friends now and still talk about how weird that dream was but it hasn’t happened since. We are currently debating on weather or not we have been friends for two years or one month.

    75. Sarah says:

      My mom has always been very good at telling when my younger sister would have a seizure, and when I was younger I thought nothing of it. But then just before the ice storm of 2009, my mom told me that something bad was going to happen. And being a 8 year old at the time, I didn’t really get it. But then the ice storm hit, and we had to move. Less then two years later, our small family was walking along a river, that ran through the town, and she just froze up. Will after a while I asked what was wrong, and being the oldest child, and the most mature, along with the need to row up fast, I understand when she said that the water would soon be rising. Will, I thought that meant we would get a small flood, but a few weeks later, the flood hit and it wiped out half the town. Then a few months later, she told me we needed to stock up on food,and to bring extra stuff home when ever I could. My sister and brother protested. But I did what I was told, after words, we had three terrible snow storms one right after the other. All the stores were closed and the gardens didn’t give anything, but we had plenty of food thanks to my mom. And not to long ago, when I turned 12, I started to have quick flashes of different stuff, and then say a week or so later they would happen. Nothing big at first, just that the teacher was going to give a test, or one of myself writing stuff, exact laters and all. And for me, being the worse speller in school, it really surprised me, but now I’m 16 and my dreams and visions and getting stronger, I can’t go a night with out seeing something impotent. I try to ignore it, but that doesn’t help,becomes as I’m living the vision in my mind, it Daysaview. Same thoughts, same place, same everything. I’ve tried to change them, but it doesn’t work. Though here lately I keep having the same one over and over, where I’m carrying a baby and running away from the apartments, I live in. Its wired, but I can’t get over the terrier I’m feeling, or the baby crying. I currently have a new baby brother who is 4 and the child looks a lot like him, but, smaller, and my brother is very, very big for his age, so I don’t know if I’m getting a new sibling, becomes I would say the dream/vision will come true with in the next year, depending on what I look like. And what the settings look like.Or if I’m going to have a kid. But something is going to happen. And in the dream I am being chased by some ONE and they are yelling something about rural blood. I would like to prevent this, but it hasn’t worked well in the past, but I don’t really wanna live it either, if there is any ideals on what I should do, please let me know. My dad has visions when he was younger, but they faded as he grew older, mine only seam to get stronger.

    76. Shashibalan says:

      Please help me. Im in troble i dreams so much of dreams they are good dreams and bad dreams. If i dream someone visit my home , i only remember for few days only andthen it comes true then only i can remember. I want talk to you guys more. Because of the dream i cant sleep at night. Please help me guys. No one believe me that my dreams are true. Its urgent guys. Im living in Malaysia and also i want to talk more about this problem. This is my phone number (0133449109). Please guys help me.

    77. Nancy says:

      I have these dreams in real time. When I wake up its already happened. Mostly accidents you can see on the news like plane crashes. I had one of these a few days ago. These dreams repeat always and in my dream state I somehow know to pay attention to detail each time more and more as its repeats. I also have different ones about various people I know sometimes very well someimes not so well. these ones are not always in real time but still do come true. They are shorter and a little harder to understand. My current boyfriend is sort of amazed and understanding of it . My parents when I was young were in denial of it. My ex husband was afraid of it. I do not tell too many people because it kind of freaks them out. Also I have had some dreams where I see people I know now (but didn,t know years ago) obviously in their past in a different setting doing different things than how I I know them to look or be now. If anyone else has this you are not alone. 🙂

    78. Mickey says:

      My dreams have been coming true since I was in kindergarten. My first time with this was when I had to go on the bus to go to kindergarten but I didn’t want to because that night I dreamed of a bus on fire going of a cliff on fire. After I got on the bus my parents where watching the news and I found out my dream came true a bus did go off a cliff with kids jumping out of it because the bus driver had a heart attack. Ever since then almost all my dreams come true but I found out my grandfather was the same way and I was told I got it from him.

    79. Crystal says:

      A couple of years ago like 2 or 3 can’t really pin point, I left my home to move to Georgia for a little while. I needed to get away for a little bit. I left my 2 babies behind (my cats) king and Daisy. Daisy was pregnant when I left. Don’t worry they were left with my twin. I checked in every now and then but I started working and didn’t check in as much so it wasn’t on my mind as bad as that sounds, but king is my cat and Daisy is my nieces. Understand, moving on. One night I had a dream that I’m back home laying on my couch and Daisy is laying next to me she’s on her side moaning with her paw in my hand her nails gripping my skin I could feel it. She was getting ready to have her babies. I woke up.
      2 days later I get a frantic call from my sister telling me she thinks Daisy is about to give birth, when my dream comes flying back to me. She asks me what to do and I tell her, and once everything is over to send me pictures. I still have two of the pictures for memories. Unfortunately they were gone when I got back home 😪

      Just another one I’ll never forget.

    80. Crystal says:

      The first dream I remember coming true and will never forget happened sometime in high school, I’m 29 now. I have a twin sister who had decided to run away and not keep in touch. It wasn’t the first time she had done so but it was the first for it to be so long before she came back,so I started to become really worried about her. The night before she came home I had a dream that I was getting off the bus from school I was walking the short distance to my house and right when I was getting to the door I see her flying down the steps coming out the door yelling my name saying she was home then I woke up. The very next day I’m getting off the bus walking the same road and it was like something hit me I said to myself my sisters home, the only difference was that the boy she had been dating before running off was waiting on the side for me to ask me had I seen it heard from her yet. I didn’t like him so I lied (kinda) I still wasn’t really sure if she was there or not, even though I really knew she was. Lol I told him no he left I walked up to my front door opened it and my sister is coming down the stairs saying my name telling me she’s home! I was in awe……

      I have to say that’s when I first noticed and paid attention to my dreams but it’s not the first time it happened..

      Most recent occurrence

      I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I was walking past my kitchen and I see my boyfriends meds on the counter but it was identical sets next to each other, I wondered why there were two and thought he must have forget to take them last night, then I woke up.

      My boyfriend was already up in the kitchen, I got up out the bed and he was coming out the kitchen, the first thing out of his mouth was “I forgot to take my meds last night” I said I know I just dreamed about it. My eyes got wide and I was like OMG babe I really did just dream about it I swear, he was like I believe you.

      It’s always a shock when it happens still. I don’t know why, maybe I don’t understand why it happens or what it means

      Anyways just thought I’d share….

    81. Jamie says:

      My sister dreamed about a boy that I secretly liked. She didn’t know I really liked him and my parents. She asked me a week later if I liked him and I told her that I did. She told me she dreamed of me and him going out. I liked the idea. She was right I did liked him, I wounder if her other part of her dream may came true? Us dating.

    82. Vickie says:

      I’ve had many psychic dreams in the past. I dreamed that my daughter was pregnant and would deliver a baby boy in the 3rd week of February. When she called with great news about being pregnant she said she was due in June. I’m thinking I was really off, my dream was so precise. About 3 weeks later she called and said she had a miscarriage. Behold! She called in July with news she was pregnant again and was due around the third week of February. My grandson was born on February 20th.

      A dear friend and boss of mine passed after a long illness. He came to me one night in a dream and asked me to get a message to his wife. He was really concerned that she would be in a car accident that week and wanted her to be extra cautious or avoid driving altogether. Well, I know some people don’t believe, so I contacted her hoping she didn’t think I was crazy. I found out later that she had a close call and managed to avoid the accident.

      This one really gets me to this day. We had a black cat named Tripod. I had rescued him from a bear trap, took him to the vet and unfortunately he lost one front leg. Many years later when my husband and I got back from a week vacation, we found out that our cat had died. That night Tripod came to me in a dream and rubbed on me and communicated to me how much he loved me and thanked me for taking care of him. The next morning I told my husband about the dream. He was stunned! He told me he had the exact same dream that I had. How do you explain this one?

    83. Sharimar says:

      Since I was young I always knew I was special but I never knew what my special gift was I was born with blues eyes then when i turned 1 one of my eyes turned hazel ever since I always had perfect vision specially at night but thats beside the point of this post ever since 2017 started I’ve been having dreams that feel crazy real 4 of my dreams came true witch really freaked me out ! My most reason dream was bout 2 weeks ago I had a dream that i was telling my mom that we need to run from the Laval because there was a volcano erupting I don’t watch the news but today as I was watching videos on my cell at work k I saw that a volcano was erupting in Italy now i dont know what to think i feel like I’m loosing my mind I did have one dream that haven’t be com real about a month or less ago I had a dream of a huge explosion that covered the skies with smoke and fire I recently found out trump wants the best nuclear bomb so they are working on a new and better bomb im afrai of something bad happening please email me to ease my nerves

    84. Sophie says:

      I’ve never done anything like this online before but after what happened I feel very on edge about this and thought I would share… my past relationships have never gone well, I’ve had only 3 relationships which the first one cheated on me, the second did not treat me very kindly and my last one was amazing everything I dreamed off.
      To cut the story short I’ve always been a very insecure person although I don’t like to admit it it’s true. I’ve still always been trusting in my relationships but maybe too much I don’t know.

      it was a Monday night when I was with my boyfriend, as you do it starts to get late and you fall asleep, I had this very wired dream that I was back with my first partner in his room hanging out with him then it went to me being in my bedroom tellin my close friend what happened, the dream was focused on me and my friend and my bedroom door which did not look like my door it looked like a classroom door with a big square window in it. As I had told my friend how I feel like I’ve betrayed my current partner that I’m with now I was asking her what I should do, “do I tell him do I keep it a secret” only to realise that my partners sisters boyfriend was listening behind the door and heard it all! That was the moment I woke up looking at my partner in real life thinking thank god it was just a dream!

      So it’s now Tuesday night and my boyfriend told me he wanted to go to the gym then go home so I was fine about that. All night he ignored my texts and did not even bother to talk to me in the morning untill afternoon when I had to message him. A week later I got a message from his EX girlfriend telling me they had met up, they had been talking for weeks and she needed a ride to the gym when it all happened! He picked her up behind my back and they had sex in the car.
      I was not to know this until a week later after it happened but it happened on the Tuesday which means my dream actually happened before this insistent occurred. Was this just my trust issues or was this a sign warning me?

    85. Jazzy says:

      I have had many dreams come true from what close I’m going to wear next week Monday to what assignment I’m going to get next month. But most of my drears are of me runnong from somthing or someone (I never see it but I know it’s there) and I always hear my name being called (from some where I don’t know but feel I need to get to) I alsoalways see a clock (always different) and I always start my dream in a building and then run outside (because it’s chasing me) the spot were my dream is i always end up seeing in real life. Can someone tell me what this means? Plz and thank you

      • Marina says:

        The fact that you see dreams that come to pass is a sign to you that your dreams have meaning.

        looks like you are running from something that is important because the dream keeps reoccurring

        You’re name is being called so what ever it is you are running from in real life is your calling, its your identity you are being called by name.

        The clock means the time is now you need to pay attention

        You clearly have a prophetic gift!

      • Bailey Moravec says:

        I’ve had a dream that I was in a room with a couple hundred kids taking a test I didn’t know what kind of test at the time because I was only 7-8 at the time and it looked like high school, shortly after finishing the test I told my friend next to me if he wanted to see something, I remember holding something orange and a pencil and making them balance. But now I’m 16 and had taken that test about a month ago now and what happened shocked me while I was in there because for a second I remembered that this played out in one of my dreams, I had just wrapped up my English portion of a Cal State placement test sitting next to my friend Samuel and we were talking, I slowly grabbed by name plate that had a specific code for my registration and it was orange because I was in group orange of 6 others, and I picked up a pencil put it on its eraser side and balanced the card on it. I was amazed that what I dreamed because a reality roughly 8-9 years later and told my dad later that day but it didn’t happen once but twice. I was about only guessing 7-8 at the time I had a dream that I was printing something out in school and asked my friend if I should print it out, later in school I had to turn a portfolio for CAD (Computer Air Drafting) class which was apart of our final and I was going to print out a dream car that I had worked on for the past month, I wasn’t finished but asked my friend Adel sitting next to me if I should print it out, I was shocked that it happened again I didn’t hear what he said because I was trying to remember what i did in my dream but I didn’t print it and continued to work on it and it was exactly what I did in the dream I went straight back to the computer to work on it, I don’t know how this phenomena occurred but I find it intriguing how this happened over a 8-9 year span. If this is useful please contact me happy to share my experiences.

    86. Jennifer says:

      I’ve had these dreams since I was 3. First a tornado in my town. Next day it happened. Of my kids of having two close together in age I was 7yrs old that one. Of going to prison 12yrs old had that one happen when I was 23. Next was my husband having a scar on his abdomen and being black age 14yrs at that time. Married at 28yrs old a man from Africa who has a hernia scar on his abdomen. I’ve had another but since it’s not yet completed I’m not speaking it’s details until it comes true.

    87. Verde says:

      A little more than a year ago I had a very vivid dream of myself staring into the eyes of a beautiful girl, the next day I sketched her face and have kept it in my journal. About a month ago I met a girl online, no idea what she looked like. We met at a restraunt and when I got there I went inside and the second I saw her I KNEW it was the same girl. I had this intense recollection of the dream and it was deffinitely her. After we ate we went back to my place and were making out and I pulled back and looked at her face. I might as well have been back in that dream because it was the same position, the same look in her eyes.
      I’m not gonna assume this means she’s my soul mate or anything but at the very least her and I are very spiritually in tune. She gets me like nobody has before and I’m not gonna lie, my feelings for her are growing extremely fast.

      • Ashley says:

        What has happened since then? I have someone who I think is my twin flame. I have had 8 dreams about him that have come true in the order I have dreamt. This has never happened to me in my whole life and I can’t explain this.

      • Marisha says:

        How is this even possible? I have been having similar dreams but not of a similar nature such as yours. Mine have been somewhat diabolical. Yet…instinctively I know them to be true…how did you identify with yourself…from this reality where we think things out in a logical, coherent manner…versus the dream world where everything seems so futuristic with uncertain possibility? Yet deep down you know whats coming…

        Is it not something scary? How is it that you so welcoming to this? Please…give me some sort of idea…to help me deal with what i call a ‘condition’, as I am also experiencing something like this…only different..

        I have been having recurring dreams from a long time, usually psychic? I’m not sure. But things have begun to get really strange as of late..theres been bruising…for instance in my dream if i’m scratched…i get up seeing scratches on me…Its not possible that it could be self-inflicted because I cant reach that position of my back and I sleep alone with no cats despite having a bunch of them…Is there something more at play here? Can it really be mind over matter? I think therefore I am?
        I know you no expert but perhaps from your experiences you could relate an explanation about the actual dreaming process itself and how you’ve learnt to cope…to welcome this GIFT? CURSE? ABILITY? AWARENESS? I know not…but its high time I figure things out NOW…


    88. Elize says:

      I’ve had several dreams that did seem to come true, there then were a few differences but the actions/outcome was the same, those dreams stood out from others as they had an emotional outcome and this feeling that I cannot get rid of the next day until someone reflects the same REAL story, sometimes it was something that I was in contact with and sometimes I was not connected at any way like once I dreamt of someone chasing people and killing them with an axe and for some reason I told my husband about the dream because it was bothering me and he then told me there was n story in the paper about a man(with mental problems) who killed people with an axe about the same time I had the dream. Other times were more personal to myself…I’ve also had some paranormal interactions in the past and feels that they might be connected??

    89. Jessalynn says:

      i’ve had many dreams that will come true. i’m a military child so i do move around a lot so i remember dreaming that i was in my new school sitting in the cafeteria and i was in the room (new house too) but i didn’t think too much then when i moved to Florida i seen the exact school, cafeteria, and my room that i seen in my dream. i was in the exact same place in real life like i was in my dream i was freaked out for a whole second. And i can dream about a specific couple braking up and then a couple days after they break up. it was like two months ago i dreamt that my guy friend was talking to all these girls while he had a girlfriend and he was lying to his girlfriend constantly just saying they were friends then like 3 later he tells me that they break up because she couldn’t trust him. i didn’t even tell him the stream either so i don’t know if that was just a coincidence but i was like dang that’s a little weird.ive had other wxpirences but i can’t really remember them right now

    90. Tina says:

      Through my life I have had several “dreams” that have happened and came true. One, my exboyfriend had a son that we never talked about, for several nights I had a dream that something wasn’t right not wrong per say but not normal. Two weeks later he received a letter that his son had a medical issue. Woman in my family have always been gifted in this way, but 2000 I was in a motor vehicle accident with my Aunt, Mom and Grandparents. I don’t remember that day another gift from God~ but my mom remembers my Grandma saying she dreamt of “this accident ” before it happened. God promises the gift of discernment as a gift he gives, I pray that I always have an open heart, clear head and Godly roots to have discernment, recently I have been struggling with PTSD and can’t trust my own gut, can anyone help me to know if I am just out there or does it sound like I should strengthen? There have been more I have had but that is the most obvious for the facts. Thanks to anyone~ have an amazing day!!

      • Marina says:

        sounds like the enemy is out to destroy the powerful women in your heritage (bloodline) …
        Keep going don’t allow that

    91. Akeeksa says:

      i ad a dream like last nigt tat my aunt was at my place and i wokeup to tell my mom and went to er room and my aunt was sitting tere also i wokeup a little restless but tis is all i remember

    92. Deborah says:

      I’ve had a couple distinct dreams of the future. I’ve seen things and sensed things. Once I even told someone what they were about to say, their chin dropped. One of my dreams was when I was a child. My father and brother went on a fishing trip in Texas. This dream came true with a horrendous wreck. My dream showed the wreck with two pickups head on and a woman halfway through the windshield. In real life the wind was strong that day. It blew my fathers pickup and another pickup going the other direction into the ditch between in the middle of the highway. They met head on. My father broke his ribs, the motor ended up in the front seat. He had to break out the passenger window to get my brother out. He wasn’t hurt. The other pickup had a truck full of Spanish travelers. Some in the cab and some in the bed of the truck. One woman was thrown half way through the front windshield. It took me a few days to realize I had dreamt of this wreck before it happened.
      My other dream is one I’ve had several times. I grew up living in a cut off neighbor hood. My parents have put a lot of work into their house that they have lived in for 45 years. They’ve never thought about moving. This dream sees them moving into several different houses. One house is being built one street above us. I walked out a few weeks ago and saw the frame of a house being built, the exact same shape. My jaw dropped. Am so curious about what it will look like when it is finished. Am actually afraid to drive by it. Very sure it will be the one in my dreams. Am worried now about other dreams coming true. Have always felt the things I sense, have seen and experienced may be because I was born the day before Halloween. Too many things to put it all down. Remember as a child I had a lot of bad nightmares. I would ask my guardian angle to sit with me as I fell asleep. There would be pressure on my bed and an indentation the shape of someone sitting there. I still believe in guardian angels and will one day have a tattoo of one. Not sure what to do with all this. Am relieved that I’ve found a place to tell my story. Afraid others would think me crazy.

    93. Robin says:

      So I have had dreams many, many times – I refer to them as “divine interventions”. I will share my most intense.

      My first one was years ago I went to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Vermont. I purchased a black and white cow baseball cap that said Cherry Garcia (my favorite Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt). When I returned home my Boyfriend said to me, “Do you know who that hat is named for?” I said “yes, Jerry Garcia”. He asked if I knew who he played with? I was never a Dead Head and didn’t know. When he told me I said, “He’s dead, isn’t he?” My BF said, “NO, he’s not dead” That night I went to sleep and my alarm was always set to a talk radio (rock) station I listened to. I woke up to the sentence “Jerry Garcia die in his sleep last night”!

      A few days ago I had a dream that I had 2 brown horses and I was feeding them gum. Some random person (I don’t remembere who) said “Horses don’t chew gum, they eat apples”. So I cut up some green apples and fed them and they were very happy! Several hours later I was standing on checkout line at Publix and looked up and there was this month’s O Magazine with Oprah on the cover feeding 2 brown horses green apples!

      Within the same week of the brown horse/chewing gum/Apples and Oprah dream I kept getting an ad on my FB page with the photo of a girl with bright red curly hair. The ad was for a criminal search website (i.e. The photo looked exactly like a very good friend of mine, Christine. I actually did a screen shot but never ended up sending it to her. It was actually months since we had communicated but we had that kind of friendship where we could go many, many months and then just pick up where we left off. This morning I receive a phone-call that rang once and hung up. I looked at the phone and it was my friend Christine who clearly pocket-dialed me and then hung um and didn’t call back. She has pocket-dialed me several times in the past and my plan was to text or call her later on asking what’s up? A few hours later a woman who was a neighbor of mine from across the street sent me a text. I moved away about 1.5 years later and we have had maybe 2 communications previous. The text she sent me had a mug-shot with my Girlfriend Christine’s face on it. Turns out she was arrested yesterday for resisting arrest (long story). Fortunately it looks like the case will be overturned.

      Also, about 10 years ago I had a dream that if I bet the number 33 I would win 44 million dollars in the lottery. I didn’t play on a regular basis but told my son I would play bet those numbers. I combined them with a series of other numbers (birthdays, etc.). I played 6 games. The evening of the lottery drawing a couple of days later and I bring up the numbers and the first thing I see are 33 and 44! I ended up winning on 5 out of the 6 games I played. Total win over $6,000! Bittersweet because I was only one number away from 17 million.

      Boy how I wish I would dream numbers again.

      I hadn’t had a divine intervention (psychic-type dream) in quite a while and now 2 this past week. I feel like my senses are HIGHLY elevated this week so going to play the lottery anyway! : )

    94. C says:

      I’ve had multiple dreams and the events coming true. 1. Death of my husband. Dreamed of a funeral and it’s surroundings and statues and floating above the funeral. Everyone was holding a black umbrella so I couldn’t see who was being buried. Woke up crying, I was so sad, heartbroken. A few days later my husband died and the cemetery where he was buried was the exact same cemetery as my dream. I never knew about it and was not from the area. Of course the sadness I felt in my dream came true. So many dreams of him after telling me little things that would come true.

      I’ve also had dreams of a few of my friends being pregnant. Most of them are honestly answering no, because they didn’t know, but they all have been. Had a dream once of my girlfriend and her baby. The baby had big brown eyes and looked like her mom. She kept saying she was okay. Called my friend and she cried. Said she was rear ended and was so afraid she loose the baby, since it was a really hard process to get pregnant.

      So many, I can’t list them all.

      • Francesca says:

        Hi. I’m 11 years old and I have had many dreams that have then happened in real life.
        First of all, I had a dream of a plane flying above dark water then suddenly disappeared before my eyes. The very next aa it was all over the news when MH17 went missing. I then had a dream that my brother was stealing something and the very next day he was told off for stealing. Next, I never knew anything about the Twin Towers encounters when they were knocked by terrorists in a plane, then the next day it was the twin towers anniversary… There are many others I can’t quite remember…is this a coincidence? Or is something going on? If anyone knows, please reply!

    95. joyce says:

      I have dreams and my mother had dreams. I put them on a calendar now and wait – I did this because i feel like people either think i am crazy or lying. Water represents death. I have had two dreams of car crashes that occurred – one recently. Three water dreams are to occur soon. One i was submerged in water – that is scary and means someone very close – i think. One may represent my granddaughters dog or possible one of my dogs – her dog went under water twice in my pool two others may mean close to death one was a car going vertical with me and (i thought one of my daughter but now think my cousin) we went over the top into water but we were in a capsule like the old space ship ones the reentered into the ocean and the other was rain and water at my front door. In neither of these two dreams did water touch me or anyone else so probably no death but fear of it. Dreams have been happening since I was 11 or 12 years old. The water dreams since my first pregnancy. My mother’s dreams were the water dreams.

    96. Skylar says:

      I have dreams and visions that tell the future and always come true and it terrifies me to death because I have had these happen to me since I was 3 years old and no matter what I do I can’t stop them and I can never tell when they are going to happen but they always involve me and always mean bad things are going to happen. I try to not dream at all but they also come as daydreams. For example, when I was five I saw myself watching the movie Twilight and playing my iPhone, of course, I had no idea what they were at the time but it came true. Then right afterward I got in a huge fight with a bunch of boys. This keeps happening and I swear on my life that I am not lying. I used to wake up screaming after I had these dreams and then when I was 7 they started to appear as daydreams to. But I am as serious and for real about this as I can be you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve had one of these dreams or visions. And for everyone who thinks I’m lying then I wish I was as stupid and arrogant as you trust me this is no laughing matter and it’s not cool especially since kids who find this out about me call me a freak or a liar. It scares the heck out of you and makes it almost impossible to sleep. So call me a liar I envy you and your ignorance to the facts and real world.

    97. aleah davis says:

      Hi, Im 15 and on February 2, 2017 my birthday I had a dream that night that came true, In my dream I went over to someones house which i didnt know who at the time, but the room was light blue and had posters on the walls and me and my friend were with two other people but they were blurry and then there was a woman there who looks exactly how she looked in real lifeand she asked me seven time what was my name, I would give like the whole story and way better details but I feel it would be way to much to write so thats like an over view of the main points and then 2 days later late at around like 12 ish me and my friend snuck out to hang out some friends which I had only met one of them at the time and the boys room looked exactly like my dream and every one was sitting how they were in my dream and his mother looked word for word exactly like the woman in my dream, she also asked 7 times what me and my friends name were just over and over agin. and I dont know what it means but I feel like kinda crazy and I also see numbers 27, 37,57,9:11, 47, 17 all the time since like 2 years ago I havent really told many people about this story

    98. Alyssa A says:

      So 2 years ago I had a dream that my favorite band (Green Day) were coming to my city. I was so happy cuz they’ve never been anywhere in my state before. In the dream I looked down at my ticket, and it had the date September on it. So back to the reality, Green Day announced their 2017 world tour, and it just so happens that they are coming to my city in September. (Which I have already bought tickets to). Idk but it’s kinda freaky that I had this dream 2 years ago and now it’s actually happening.

    99. Mohammed semeniuk says:

      Hey so a year ago I had a dream that didn’t really mean much to me at the time I was 17 working a min age wage job at Boston pizza going to highschool smoking weed you know normal teen stuff than I had the dream that fucked my whole sense of reality and this is true story for all you skeptics reading this. Alright I guess I should start at the beginning. One summer afternoon I just got back from work long day ran myself a bath, made myself supper and went to bed. Normal day right? Yea untI’ll I went to bed that is so it first starts with me at school I had lost my brand new Samsung s5 a few weeks back I was really cheesed cause I ended getting cheap replacement phone anyways I was walking to school and I came across this funnel in the grass it looked strange, outta place so I went to go check in out I crawled inside the dark tunnel and went further and further in I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but wouldnt you know it I found my lost phone I was filled with happiness and excitement and just a YES! Feeling you know that one when you find something you were actually looking for anyways I was so excited I wanted to get home and tell my dad and step mom Katie I had found my phone so I got into my Pontiac and started driving I was on 111 st 106ave right beside Southgate shopping centre and outta nowhere my car just abruptly stops idk maybe I hit something on the road but my car was no longer moving and I just remember sitting there thinking fuck I don’t even wanna go look and see how bad the damage is but I eventually do I reach for a my Pack of malbros cause I needed a smoke I get out and see that my front left tire is just done like the rim looked like a crushed up popcan. Than a tow truck guy appeared just really outta nowhere and was on the ground checking out the damage he’s actually asked me for a smoke I gave him one I ended up dragging my car home by the front end guess I’m like superman in my dreams. Anyways I walking up the driveway and all I’m thinking is fuck I found my phone but I crashed my car what an event full day but little did I know it wasnt over yet, just as Im walking up my front steps ready and eager to tell my parents about the day I’ve had I see them aguring through the glass door and I’m like fuck so I walk in and before I can say a word Katie my step mom say oh your home sorry Mody I love you but I’m leaving if you want to know why ask your father and right then and there I wake up…the emotions I was feeling was intense I was cheesed that I didnt really find my phone but glad that my car and family were still intact. I told my brother about the dream he kinda shrugged it off and so did I that was untI’ll a few weeks later I FOUND MY PHONE I went to the office looking to see if anyone turned in my cars keys cause I had dropped them earlier that morning went I got to school they said sorry no keys but then I noticed a cracked s5 on the desk and I was like oh fuck that’s my phone they asked me are your sure I was like yes this is myn give me that and they did filled with joy I go to my car and find the door unlocked and keys inside yea someone found my keys and basically robbed me thanks you highschool pricks. Anyways so a few days later I got off work and went to pick up my girlfriend and was on my way home to make sweet sweet love lol untI’ll christine got a call from her friend and her saying she was stranded at the mall and me being the gentleman that I am I told her I’ll pick her up and drive her home on my way there just passing Southgate btw I noticed a cherry red supra😇 and I took my eyes off the road for a second look back and I hit a curb going 80 car Flys 30 feet ahead of the curb that was fun. I ask my gf is she’s alright she replies “I’m okay are you?” I just rember sitting there again thinking fuck I dont even want to get out and look. My front left rim was crushed like a popcan it literally looked exactly the same as it did in the dream it was like holy fuck moment right there I called my dad he came and we called a tow truck and the guy that comes looks seriously similar to the guy in the dream he was also smoking a cigarette I was hmmm okay
      Few days later my step mom Katie is actin weird like crazy person weird she takes us to get a donair than she says she has to go meet someone I’m like okay cya at home. So I’m at home and Katie comes in like a hurricane like she’s looks seriously upset what was wrong I said and she said “ask your father” again I keep thinking wtf is going on. She calls my dad puts in on speaker she says were are you he says he’s a work he lied he was in town seeing another women I couldn’t believe it this shit was really happening Katie moved out that day and I never seen her again…this experience has truly changed me and it kinda freaks me out now whenever I have a dream about something i start waiting to see if this shit happens to be honest I don’t get alot of sleep anymore might be for the best.

    100. ASR says:

      I am a 24year old girl, I am really freaked out now and bit scared so many times it happened that I saw things in my dream later I was told it’s happening or it happened later.. I am away frm my country nd home for study purpose such dreams make me scared nd I get stressed. Surprisingly I slept for a while just today and I had a dream nd to my surprise jus now I came to know 80% of my dream is true. I really don’t know why this happens and it makes be scared.

    101. Isabel says:

      I had a dream a few months ago that my brother’s friend fell off his bike and cracked his skull and it happened to him a couple weeks later. Luckily it was minor, he didn’t even have a concussion but I was just shocked that i saw exactly what happened not long before it did.

    102. Daniel says:

      Yesterday I dreamt about my favourite jumper, and in the dream someone (couldn’t remember who in the morning) gave me a jumper for free and I was so happy and delighted y this – I remembered the feeling in the morning today. At lunchtime I went to the shops to buy milk and bread, and for some reason I decided to go into the charity shop, which I’ve never been – ever; and as I walked in there in front of me is the exact same jumper in the dream, in my size, and I was even wearing my own fav one too. Weird! Anyway because of the dream I bought the jumper only to find out on the receipt when I got home; that she hadn’t charged me for it – so just like the dream – the exact same jumper given for free…Super weird! And I didn’t mention the dream to the woman in fact I hardly spoke…tots freaked – but in a nice way…de-jar-vue happens to me a lot. Last week I dreamt I was visited by a ghost that sat beside me on my bed. I felt physically paralysed and I was screaming out so loud – it woke me up – then there was nothing there…massively weird! In my parents old house I often was made aware of a presence that never harmed me – in fact the opposite – it bang on the door of the living room when I was alone in the house to warn me about the fire. My dad also said he heard it banging around at night…it does bother me…but I don’t believe I’m in any danger – if anyone thinks this ain’t ‘normal ‘ – please get in touch? Am I phycic? Why haven’t I won the lottery lol…answers on a postcard? :Dan

      • Delaney says:

        Last night I had a dream that my dad came to my house to see me. I haven’t talked to or seen him in over a year and a half so that dream was totally random. Tonight, my mom told me that he sent her an email. He wants to see me in March. I am not making any of this up, I’m so freaked out.

    103. Danny says:

      Ive had lots of psychic dreams I was kinda tripped out by it as I wasn’t sure why my dreams are coming true but sometimes my dreams was of an avent so I was dreaming of somthing but within that dream there was an ambulance passing my house so the next day just doing daily life and I seen the ambulance passing my house so my dreams are of all kinds good and bad but my dreams arnt including why the ambulance was passing it was just that moment in my dream that a ambulance was passing but from that day farward I started to notice activity that was in my dream so I started to tell my fiancee the next morning of my dream so she can see it first her self but then I look stupid because what I dreamed if wasn’t actually there in real life but when I stopped telling my fiancee my dreams became Real again as though there’s someone in my head that as turned on a switch again.
      I don’t have them as much but through daily life I noticed real avents that take place what I dreamed of the the night before but as I said it’s not as much now it depends what my dream is about and when I’m having bad dreams “nightmares” about my self I’m hoping they don’t come true.
      This is my experiance by no means is it as bad as other people’s.

    104. Jeff says:

      15 years ago I had the only vivid dream I have ever had. I dreamt that myself and my wife (then girlfriend) were taking our children to Hawaii. The plane had troubles and was ditching in the ocean. I still remember my daughter in the dream clinging to my arm but utterly silent. Me trying ng to be brave knowing that we were meeting our end. I still recall the smallest details from this dream.
      Now 15 years later I have a 6 year old daughter who is obsessed with going to Hawaii. We are saving for our trip now and to be honest I am terrified.
      Should I face this dream down? I don’t know but I have been creeper out for months now.

    105. Daisy says:

      I have some dreams then another interups for a second and it’s of a skirt with a flower pattern on swishing. Later that day in class my teacher walks past with a skirt with the same flower pattern on swishing past me

    106. dhara says:

      I had a dream of Donald Trump becoming president. I dreamed about it almost 6 months before his actual win. In a dream, It felt so real. It was like I saw the future or something. Weird really. Also dream about my sister getting married one month before everything got fixed for her. I have been dreaming a lot of things and some how they sometimes comes true. Sometimes i feel like i am vising other dimensions in my dream. Like alternate reality where i see myself with people who have actually died in my life, or ex boyfriend who is my husband now. They all feel so real. The emotion i feel are so real. I am very close to my grandpa. He died when i was 13, i had a dream where i was at my grandpa’s house and he and my adult version were eating and laughing at someone, chatting while my grandpa was cutting us fruit, she scolded us for making fun of other people. That was so so real. I watched myself laughing with my grandpa. It was like i was observing it. Really really weird. I have stopped analyzing them since i have been dreaming every night. The more i analyse the more question arises in my head and i feel like i am going crazy. Any advice???

    107. Lars says:

      I had a dream of a loved one dying. It felt so real and everything in the dream exact metaphors etc everything came true. 🙁 . I’ve always had premonitions etc , I wish I could understand it better and somehow change the outcomes or go deeper and understand and be more in tune with these “powers”

    108. james says:

      my dreams have involved seeing 2 people seperately drowning on the same stretch of river which i could control the dream and play it over till i saved the older guy,also a train crash,and being in other peoples bodies one in a house in an argument,and an other with someone sitting in a car,in both of these dreams i searched a mirror and seen who these people were,the dreams came true within a week of dreaming and the rest subsequently over the following months apart from the being in other peoples bodies which was rather wierd as it felt as reals as sight smell touch,hearing,

    109. Candice says:

      Hello everyone, My name is candice and I am native american with born given spiritual powers
      I have yet to learn to use them all but im getting a batter understanding of what they are.

      One night, I had a dream my father died, and the morning after, I was told he committed suicide..
      One other encounter was, I had a dream my ex broke up with me and better yet the next day, he did… Iv’e had dreams about him many times and now that I think about it, maybe these were signs to the future.
      I have also predicted what people will say and whenever i thin it it happens seconds or minutes after…

    110. Isaac says:

      this happened to me just the other day i had lost my remote and searched for it for over an hour and then when i didnt feel like looking anymore i went to bed and dreamt it was behind the couch on the radiator and i woke up and looked and thats exactly where it was this may not b as grand as some of these other comments but still kinda weird nonetheless

    111. Z says:

      Ive had dreams since I was a child as well and many were not understandable, but my family started to see how it was affecting and I started to capture them in a journa . I had dreams of 9/11 happening a year before it did and my sister boyfriend who she was with yet almost dying in the hospital a year later as well(thought the dream initially was about a daycare child my mom watched would happen when he would get older. I’ve had dreams of seeing the devil a few diff times telling me “nothing I do matters” other times he was in a field that looked like Africa as just this black entity staring at me.

      Had a dream of my fiancée getting approved for a medical surgery and waking and telling her she will get it and then hours later her calling me saying they told she got it approve . The most recently was a latest bombing that happened on on 1/18/17 or 1/19/17 I woke up that Friday and CNN had the alert about a bombing that happened.

      I would like to learn about more too without bringing upon negative or evil things from trying to tap into this.

      • Marisha says:

        I also have a suspicion that such dreams of a dark nature may indeed be connected to the devil. what other explanation is there? our minds venture out there…in outer space? i dont know? the other side? I have long since tried to repress these things but hey they just come back to bite me from the past…

        You ask yourself, why me? what did I do to welcome this into my life? lol you look at the movie insidious…and you think omg that’s me 😮 Its all just so very overwhelming. We don’t go searching for negative things, for evil…but it somehow seems to prey on us…how? that remains a mystery in its own right. Would you consider your experience to be good over evil? What do you scheme is the source of such dreams? excessive thinking? horror movies? a psychic ability? a divine intervention? a witch’s spell? someone whose made a pact with the devil? mind control? NLP? subliminal messaging? It truly is thought provoking…

        perhaps seeking spiritual help may answer some of the questions…I have…though its all roughly vague.

        ZEE…what have you made of this thus far? Please do share..

    112. Aamer says:

      Most often, I fly in my dreams, and whenever I do, I get some success in my real life, and honestly I get more success in my real life than my competitors.
      However, some of my dreams came true exactly, what I saw in the dream, once I had a dream that my younger brother got a roadside accident, and I reached there by flying, and I shouted and people didn’t listen to me and I realized that I am in dream actually, and everything I saw in my dream, came true about that accident right after 1 year, including the time of accident, the place, people, and almost every single move!
      Similarly, several other dreams came true, exactly, what I saw, happened later!
      Most of the times I know that I am in my dream, but I can’t control or modify it, also I can’t plant a dream.

    113. Cody says:

      I’ve been having two types of dreams, one of them is at the start of every year I would dream of being a warrior fighting through thousands of enemies, close to the 300 story, then I would come to the enemies kingdom and siege the castle, furthermore there was always no one there but just one girl… and that one girl would always happen to be my lover, sometimes even if it was one-sided, and to add onto that I never met any of them! So this would always happen when I was young, so long it hasn’t happened… Perhaps I have already found my lover but yet I just don’t recognize it?

      Now my second one was a harsh one, once in a blue moon I would go to sleep, then in this dream I would dream about close family, very close family, being murdered or committing suicide…then in the real reality, the people I dreamt about would have passed away from age.
      Tell me what you think about all this

    114. Alondra says:

      This isn’t necessarily psychic meaning it comes true completely like my dream, but when I was a little girl I would have essentially the same dream just in different circumstances and different environments. They weren’t necessarily dreams, more like nightmares. In all of them I had a task to do to save my life as well as my mother’s. In every single dream I would come so close and every thing was so vivid and it felt so real, but at the last second I would fail. In that last second the last words I hear my mom say to me is how disappointed she was in me. Fast forward a decade and everything I do isn’t enough. Every time I hear her say she’s disappointed it haunts me. It hurts. I never noticed how the dreams I used to have when I was little reflect my biggest fear now as an adult.. the thing I hate the most. It’s fascinating yes, but kind of creepy at the same time. Those are the dreams that bother me the most. Other dreams I’ve had that come true entirely the same as I’ve dreamt them. Word for word moment for moment. I’ve tried to change the outcome of them a couple times but I never can seem to do it. It’s like I’m stuck and I can’t move. I just sit there stuck watching my dream unfold in real life. From small things to really big moments I have dreams that become a reality. Other dreams I have are disturbing and just scary. The only dream I had where someone died was during a very low point in my life. I woke up with an anxiety attack. We were walking along a giant cliff. I saw her get close to the edge and I tried desperately to grab her and pull her back but I wasn’t fast enough. I couldn’t save her. Her foot went off the edge and I grabbed nothing. All I could do was watch her fall and I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t go back I couldn’t fix it. I messed up and it was all my fault. I heard her scream for a long long time before she finally hit the ground with a crunch. She had just gotten married and had a baby. Her life was over just like that. I went down below to see what was left of her. She landed on her feet. Her organs were at her feet. I saw her face and she looked mortified. Not at peace, just mortified. I don’t know why, but that dream has stuck with me stronger than any other. I hope it doesn’t come true for me or for anyone else…

    115. Talya says:

      OK so thi’s happen for a long time, I don’t remember exactly when, but for a long time.
      Like for an example I will use this week that every day I had at lEast 2 visions and it happen differently, setime it’s just photos of people or a street right before I woke up, and sometimes it’s 5 second of me looking at something, just look at it and them, and lately there is like 10-15 seconds that I look at something and them, I realize that I dram about it and look away with a thought of “FML” and them it come true and I try to not make hat though happen and if I don’t think about the thought of FML the whole day just feel wired to me. Sometimes, but not that often, I actually dream about the grade I will get in a test or the weather or a fight that going to happend, and when its happen, I wanna scream so loud that every one will hear me, because it make me feel so bad that I know that going to happen and I didn’t tried to make ithe better, and it’s hard to me to move on with understanding why that happened to me

    116. I’ve had dreams that feel “different” in some sense, they are rare but when the dream feels a certain way it happens. I’d usually have a hard time believing this like most of us would. I dreamt I was attempting to save my family dogs life and she passed away in the dream. When I woke up in the morning I had a strange feeling, later that day she passed away of illness. This is only one example.

    117. Jaylene says:

      Ever since I could remember I have had dreams that come true its mostly about silly things but I never remember the dream until it happens. I can tell people about it and it still happens I have many questions about other things that occur with me as well and would love for someone to reach out to me and help me understand what is happening to me. My dreams always come true when I can’t remember them it doesn’t matter whether it is something as simple as dreaming about a toilet on a deck which turned out to be the deck in front of the trailer my mother moved us into after her divorce. I often see a spirit or ghost I am unsure what it is but she often makes her presence known to me in very real and odd ways. I had two large pill bottles from my medication that I set back on a shelf on my desk there was easily two inches between the edge of the shelf and the pill bottles. As my cousin and my daughter and I watched the pill bottles started twisting until they finally fell off the shelf. My mother said when I was a child I would play with two children a girl and a boy I could describe them in great detail from their features down to their clothes. I even told my mother their names. No one was able to see these “friends” of mine but me. Animals react oddly to me for example when I enter the barn at southern cross ranch in Georgia. My husband was astonished to see the stallions going nuts they were acting like I was a mare in heat and one stallion that I later learned was extremely difficult to handle. Allowed me to pet and loved on him when he would bite others who tried to do the same. So many strange things occur and I am really confused about it all help would again be greatly appreciated there is much I have not included as it feels very personal to me and I wish to explain them to someone who can help me understand them.

    118. Esmeralda singular says:

      I always had dreams since I was a little girl. I always had dreams that become true all of my life. I want to know why? From dreaming about something that will happened in a few months to next day dreams becoming true. I dreamed things that are not important like my apartment flooding to someone in the Hospital. I want to know why this happens to me. My family and my husband they all believe me, since i always tell them the dreams even if they’re unimportant I always tell the dreams so when they become true my mom sometimes will remind me. Remember you had that dream etc. Specially, if I meditate before I go to bed. The thing is I get scared of how my dreams become true. I don’t believe in psychic I don’t believe in ghosts…what is this? Anyone have any answers any logical answers? Thanks guys.

    119. Paul says:

      To this day, I vividly remember an event that occurred almost 30 years ago that rocked me to my core. I was a child at the time and I was camping with my parents. I was a bit of a pyro and I loved playing with the remnants of the previous night’s fire each morning (apparently we weren’t good about extinguishing it before bed). One particular morning, I was playing in the embers when a blue, plastic ring (seal from a gallon of milk) was tossed into the fire pit. As I sat there watching the ring melt, the color of the plastic, the way it warped on the hot coals, it was as if I had seen this movie before. I suddenly realized that I had seen this exact image in my dreams the night before. I haven’t had another experience like it before or since, and this many years later I am often left wondering if perhaps it wasn’t some sort of delusion, but I’m certain of how I felt at the time. It is a memory that will likely never leave me as I have always been amazed by the experience. And I can’t help to wonder what possible implications it may have.

    120. Swetha says:

      Three weeks ago I had a dream that I am putting rangoli in front of my house and it looks really nic, because of this work dinner got late by 10.30 pm and I don’t what to prepare for dinner already it had late. This dream had came true just two days before. What I saw in my dream had happened even with same timing and rangoli turned nice and I am in confusion what to prepare for dinner.

    121. Emily says:

      One night I had a dream I met my favorite celebrity, the first thing I did that morning was tell a friend.

      It wasn’t because I had met her that had me desperately wanting to share my dream, but the fact that this dream was very vivid and realistic in comparison to any other dream I had. Well, a day later – much to my surprise (or not) – I met this same celebrity. I was shocked and amazed, mostly because I had the same experience in a dream a night before, and now it had become a reality.

    122. lisa says:

      every since I was a kid everything I say or feel or dream comes out i can actually read people and I can sense when someone is up to no good or is lying. I always say my gut doesn’t lie but is not even that I can sit hear a think about something then a few days later it happens just like I said .. my inlaw just died and I told my husband exactly what his dad wanted for his funeral and everyone thought I was crazy husband went with his brother paid for everything for the funeral by the time he got home i said did u get this that this color he wanted to wear this all these things I got down to details and my husband said wth. how did u know all that I said your dad spoke to me he said your nuts he just died i said he also told me to tell u this and it was a secret i never knew .. and i mention jewelry and money and everything I said came out just like I said everyone tells me i was blessed some people think is voodoo some people just say u guest it. no. I’m 38 i have 5 kids and since I was young i can see and dream and read people sometimes I ask god why do I have these powers … im still wondering because sometimes I even scare my self ..when something happens to me i say dammit i knew it … but again. I still don’t no why I can do all these things

    123. Danielle Louise says:

      I always have dreams that come true and I’ve had a real shit life and whenever I sleep I dream that social workers are trying to make my life terrible and the very next day they take me into care but also that night when I was in my care home I dreamt of running away on a but to my dads house and it came true then in my dream I dreamt that I’d fine my mum who I have not seen for over 8 years and so I found her on Facebook and then I dreamt of running back to her in heartlepool and now I’m thinking that there might be something seriously wrong with me can anyone tell me why my dreams come true it would really help me

    124. Annalise says:

      I had a dream about my teacher giving my class new seats to sit at and she picked out this boy who I wanted to sit next to. Then the next day that whole dream repeated and everything was the same even the same words were said. Never had one of those dreams again

    125. Anonymous says:

      Every since before I could remember I have had a dream about the man I would marry, I have had the dream atleast 4 times a year and then the dream stopped a couple years ago, around the same time I met who is now my boyfriend. He has the same name and eycolor I have dreamt about long befire knowing he existed. And a few years ago for months I had a dream about recieving a horse for christmas, which then occurred, it was only then that I realized the house in which I celebrated the holiday, a house I have never seen, was exactly to almost every detail in my dream.

    126. Larry says:

      This may be a long post but I want to tell the whole story because I remember it like it was yesterday and this is the first time I’ve written about it online. It started on August 13, 1987. I picked my girlfriend up at Detroit Metro Airport, she came to visit and go to a friend’s wedding in New York. When we got to my home she was tired and wanted to take a nap. While napping, I had a very bad dream and woke up with an, as she described it, a startled agonizing shout”. I was soaking wet with sweat and I was very agitated. She asked me what was wrong and I began to describe a plane crash I had seen, in vivid detail. I told her that I saw it all unfold from a vantage point above the plane, like watching it on TV. A jet took off from an airport and appeared to have trouble climbing, it was silhouetted against the dark sky when it clipped a building with a wing tip, it banked to the left and went into a nearly upside down crash. The plane skidded along a 4 lane road and exploded when going under an overpass for another road. The plane exploded with such force that parts, luggage and other debris landed in trees and were also strewn along the roadway. She asked me if anyone died in the crash and I told her that oddly, I felt like only one person had died. The next day we drove to New York with friends for a wedding, we talked more about it on the way because it was really on my mind as if it really happened. On the way home we stopped at a hotel and all six of us were in the hotel bar when whatever was on TV was interrupted with a news report of a plane crashing taking off from Detroit Metro Airport. Later they showed a simulation of the crash based on witness statements. The simulation looked identical to what I had seen in my dream. The plane clipped a building, crashed on Middlebelt Road inverted and exploded just before it went under an overpass. My girlfriend turned to me and asked, “is that what you saw?” and of course it was, it was almost exactly what I had told her, I think she was more stunned than I was. The next day we awoke to the news that the plane had struck a light pole first and banked and the wing struck a rental car building and then caught fire, inverted, crashed and exploded near the overpass. Weird thing was that I felt that only one person died when in fact all of the crew and passengers had perished except for one. The only survivor was a four year old little girl. To this day that dream still bothers me. Three days later I had another vivid dream of a train crash and a few days later there was a crash of a freight train somewhere in West Virginia or Pennsylvania and as in my dream the cars began to come off the tracks and lay over on their sides and then tankers began to come off the tracks and explode. I had a few more dreams of train crashes but never saw anything about them in the news. I prayed that I wouldn’t keep dreaming like that, it was very unsettling and although I had several in the course of weeks, I can’t say that I have had any since. According to my mother I had a great grandmother who dabbled in psychic things and it sounded as if she might have had some premonitions but I’m not entirely sure.

    127. Wily says:

      My husband and I were on vacation staying in a nice condo in September, 2016. It was the last night there. I woke up about 3am because of a bad dream. My dream was that we were sleeping and someone broke into the condo. I sat straight up in bed, screamed and was shaking from the terror of the dream! At 5am, a man broke into the condo and came straight into the bedroom where we were sleeping. Just like in my dream, I sat straight up in bed and screamed….. I was terrified! My husband woke up as well and the intruder left thru the front door of the condo.

    128. G. Kelly says:

      I frequently dream about funerals. A couple of years ago I dreamt I was attending a funeral and my ex-husband and his brother were there. I instinctively knew the funeral wasn’t a member of my immediate family and was actually connected to his. A few months after my dream, my ex’s father died and I did indeed attend the funeral with my son. Before my brother-in-law died a year ago I again dreamt about a funeral. This time the funeral procession was approaching me as I worked in the garden – I knew they weren’t relatives of mine, but they were definitely heading in my direction. Needless to say, my brother-in-law died not long after. The procession was coming from the direction he lived in. I also dreamt a distant cousin got on a bus and was waving to me and my parents from the back window. She was at the window with my dad’s brother, who had predeceased her. She lasted about 1 year after that. I really wish I could have a premonition about something good for a change – like a big lottery win! – but I seem to be highly sensitive to the bad stuff! My last funeral dream was two days ago. Myself and a couple of family members were in the front row of the church, but were asked to move back a row. To my mind this means, once again, that the funeral is close to me, but not direct family – I hope so anyway! I have also dreamt about my brother-in-law being made redundant, someone having a miscarriage and someone close taking a scary ride down a hillside but being okay at the end of it. Someone very close to me had a scary ride with cancer shortly after and indeed seems to be okay. Weird or what?

    129. Katherine says:

      I have dreams where I see the future. It started int he beginning of seventh grade. At first, I was able to remember them, and then they happened a few days later. Now, I have so many of these dreams so they are hard to keep track. I don’t remember I had the dream until it happens because I sense de ja vu. Sometimes I see a whole class happen before my eyes, so in fear, I sometimes don’t do what the dream “tells” me to do.

    130. Maz says:

      I had dreams all the time as a child, I even slept walk
      I remember seeing a little old lady on my bed when I was 5 years of age, I described her to my parents, apparently it was my great gran mother who passed away the next day.
      Another dream I won’t forget, I was asleep in a granny flat on the bottom bunk and I had a stuffy came into the flat and tried to attack me, I woke up startled as in the dream the dog jumped on me, then to my surprise a staff climed through the doggy door & walked over to my bed, in a fright I grabbed the dog & threw it out. My house was completely fenced off, I found out the dog had jumped on the front verandah and would through the lounge room to the back laundry & walked down the steps to my granny flat, ever since then the dog didn’t stop following me, I ended up finding the owners. Also before that incident I had vivid dreams of a tribal man holding a spear to my throat, don’t know what that was suppose to be.
      Very last dream was a sunami in 2004 I had two dreams of this one were I was driving along a road close to the beach & a Great Wall of water appeared, giant wave.
      Also a boat out at sea with uni students, then not long after Boxing Day sunami occurred.

    131. Megan says:

      Ever since I was little I have had dreams that would come true. My dreams would always consist of people I know whether they were family friends or people that I would get to know very well in the future but yet have not met them yet. My dreams would happen in between my other dreams. This is how I would know to pay close attention in my dreams to what is being said and what is happening in the dream. Then weeks or even months later the exact same scenario from thw dream with the exact same people saying the exact same words would all occur. As it happens in the real non dream world I will question myself why it’s happening why I’m to be aware of this situation. Whenever one deja vu incident happens more of those moments will happen throughout the whole day. I never know which one will happen or when they will happen and I have no clue why they come true. I’m the only one in my family who has dreams come true and I feel crazy when I try to explain things to others such as dreams coming true.

    132. Melissa says:

      I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I was looking at the body of a dead child. He looked very young, four or five years old, and was almost frozen in appearance. The next morning, Aurora, Colorado police found a child’s body in a frozen over pond. The body has just been identified as six year old David Puckett, missing since New Years Eve. Very sad. My prayers are with his family.

    133. SavvyAnn says:

      How do you stop having these dreams?
      I don’t like nor want them, they are awful and make my life difficult.
      At first my family and friends found it interesting, but now they constantly badger me for dream information. Most of my dreams are nightmares, and I am helpless to change anything but watch them occur within a month’s time.
      I seriously want to know how to stop these dreams. I’ve taken sleep medication under the pretense of night terrors which helps reduce the dreams but it doesn’t eliminate them.
      My dreams are very general and not family/friend specific.
      Example, I watched Phillip Seymour Hoffman die alone on the floor of a filthy apartment, his windows facing a park across the street. His last word was ‘Philsee’ which was a nickname he went by. A month later my mom called to tell me it had happened and he was dead.
      Since 7 I have been plagued with these nightmares, my family wants me to ‘develop and channel’ my dreams, while I just want them to stop. Any advice on how to end these stupid, cursed dreams is much appreciated.

    134. Elan says:

      I have these dreams everyday and night should I worry? I think I am a abnormal person because I have telekinesis And it’s scary. I can make things movie without touching them!! Please tell me what’s going on!!!!!!

    135. Victoria says:

      This has been happening to me for years and it still does today but they have become more pointless, but I remember when it first started it totally creeped me out I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and we had been trying to find this white jacket my grandma had bought me we checked all around the house we even checked the lost and found at my school, nothing. I went home and later that week I had a dream a vision of it being in her closet and sure enough I went there and it was in her closet she looked at me and her jaw dropped she swore she looked everywhere. I honestly didn’t expect it to be there myself. It’s not dejavu it’s a dream occurring in real life that you just don’t remember having.

    136. Sara says:

      I had to quit my job in November because of an irate co worker. Since my time off I have been spending a lot of focus on mediation. On Dec 30 I had a dream that I was sitting in a room with many women that resembled this co worker. They would shove passed me on my back to get to their seat, even though there were other routes. After arguing with them back and forth the girl behind me apologized and we had a nice conversation.
      I woke up and spent the rest of the evening with my oracle deck and meditating. My phone started buzzing signaling to me that I had a text message. After my session I checked my phone. It was my ex co worker telling me how she was sorry. How I was a major asset to the team and how everyone was mad at her. That she wish we would’ve talked it out instead of me leaving. This happened maybe 6 hours after my dream.

    137. Shalah says:

      i have always known i was born a white witch via what my mother raised telling us about her and her mother and ourselves and ive always been a huge empath, but I never really thought of myself having and psychic powers……. UNTIL recently.
      For the past 2 years i have been having de ja vu like crazy! Like every other day. Then one day i started having dreams about my ex. Keep in mind that i havent thought about him or talked to him in about those 2 years but i did stay close to his family and i still love him with all my heart. Anyways.. these dreams that came to me were in normal settings but he was in the background yet the focus of my dream. I had these dreams for about a week and every single day i awoke i felt like a bus was on top of me with every single emotion you could imagine, and i couldnt get out of bed. For that whole week i went into a deep depression yet it was such a confusing feeling. So once i started putting it altogether in my head i instantly messaged his sister Kristy to see if he was ok. She replyed yes why whats wrong. i didnt want her to think i was crazy so i just said nothin i wanted to talk to him so give him my #. She did. When he messaged i explained what i was feeling and that i had a feeling that i needed to be there for him for some reason. I told him he probably thinks im crazy and he said no. He has always been opened hearted like me. …FAST FORWARD about month and a half. I get a call that Kristy has been shot, by her boyfriend, then he killed himself………. i lost it. She was like a sister to me and that was his big sister that raised him. Youre probably wondering how this has to do with my dreams….. Well…. at the funeral. EVERY SINGLE DREAM all week……. came true. to the T. And i didnt realize it until i got home and reflected on everything and soaked it in, I couldnt believe it. I ended up telling him everything and as of right now we dont know how to take it. Its strange yet a blessing all at once.

    138. Marissa says:

      Hi my name is Marissa i’ll be having this gonna weird dreams that is not only one that be having and I really need help because every dream that I have is come through and I’m Gary scary because I’ll be having a couple dreams this week leaving for and they’re ready come through so in the beginning when I start having these kind of dreams it was really weird when they come through so I never put them attention but now they come in more frequently is make me scary so when is going to happen did the dream is showing up is come back to my mind and I try to change it by Ken so if you can help me with that tell me what’s going on is going to be appreciated

    139. john says:

      I have a dream that have come true and it freaks me out i have encountered many of them most of the time i dream about my future and it comes true i have told my family about my ability to dream about the future but they don’t believe me. last time i dreamed about my future. i swear i have predicted my dream and it comes true. sometimes i dream nothing i just see darkness no colors,sound,face,nothing just darkness, but i can feel it and it fells like my self that i am standing watching on the darkness, and sometimes when i dream of something it really comes true i think i am experiencing the Psychic dream right now. can you help me with this any comment please or suggestion I’m hoping for your reply

    140. Mr Manhas says:

      I had given an interview in a company many months back. After some days, they called me and informed that I along with 40 other candidates have been selected and we will be called as soon as possible. After that, I waited for a number of months but received no call. Yesternight, I had a dream in which the company representative called me and told me that they are processing my request. But the real surprise came today morning, when I received an E Mail with Offer Letter from the company, that too signed yesterday(After that I had my dream). What could explain how it all happened?

    141. Isahia Salinas says:

      It’s just so weird how these dreams come true. One of the dreams I had was when I was in 4th grade at the time. I had a dream that I was in a class, there was a kid sitting in front of me looking at me as if he was talking to me. He was wearing a orange polo shirt. In front of the class the teacher was standing there and was teaching us something on the board. That was it of the dream. Then time passes till 7th grade. First day of school, 7th graders had to wear orange shirts, while 6th and 8th wore blue. Went in to my math class, sat in my desk, then this kid named randy, sat in front of me. Turned around and started talking to me, he was wearing an orange shirt, and the teacher was in front of the classroom, giving his class on the board. That shit freaked me out.

    142. Mike says:

      This happens to me frequently. A few instances to note:

      1) After taking a college exam for a certain math class. That night I dreamt I received a grade 93 on that exam. The next day the instructor put it on my desk face down, I said to my neighbor before looking at it that it was a 93, which it was upon turning it over.

      2) I had a dream there was a serious accident on a stretch of interstate near where I live. I was driving this stretch in my dream, a driver passed me erratically and drove off the interstate. The next morning a man was reported dead after he hit a patch of ice in that 5 mile stretch. This happened that night while I was sleeping.

      3) Last night I dreamt that I got into a serious fight with a man of a different race. He was yelling and fighting with a woman, so I intervened in the dream. Today while I was sitting in my car, a man of that same race was yelling into his phone in a parking lot where I was sitting, he walks by my vehicle and in a fit of rage due to his argument with the woman, punches my vehicle. This drew me out of the car where we had a heated exchange and almost threw blows at each other until I back down and decided to call the police instead. This was similar in nature to my dream in the race, an argument, and a near fight ensuing.

      4) I dreamt a friend of mine asked me to photograph her for her birthday party. Though it felt odd in the dream, I took on the task. I get up the next day and her main FB page had her sitting in a photo booth with numerous images taken. The correlation was between my taking a lot of photos and her having many posted new images in a photo booth.

    143. joseph says:

      hi i have these dreams but they are not about crashes they r mostly about my normal life. i see things that will happen eventually. like say a one to two weeks. but i cant control my dreams i only remember the setting or where i can see. it only happen for about 2-5 sec then im awake. i can see whose there and where its at. i just keep waiting till it happens, also im 15

    144. Edziu says:

      I have these dreams quite often. Sometimes once to twice a day. Even freaked out some friends because I predicted what people were going to do in that time. There is one that really gets to me. It all started when I was a child about 5 or 6. I would keep having this same nightmare a few times a month and it would continue for quite a few years. I would always remember different bits and pieces of the dreams and then around the age of 10, they all stopped. I forgot about them until the one night when I was 26 and the dreams came true. It wasn’t like my other dreams where it would last anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. This one lasted the whole evening. When the events of that night started to unfold, I realized what was happening and that this was the nightmare that I had while I was a child. Even though I know what was going to happen, I still couldn’t change the outcome. It was weird, kind of like I had no control. I was just a watcher and my body moved by itself. It was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had. Even after that night, every time I would lay down in a certain position, I would feel a big jolt travel through my body. The jolts continued on for almost a year. I have with many different spiritual people, specialist, and even psychics. None would even dare to dwell on that subject. It’s been 6 years since and I still have no answers. The more I think about that night, the more questions I have.

    145. Don't want to say my name. says:

      I have had these dreams from 06 upon now I dreamed of a car wreck and I couldn’t see the driver in the wreck and the girl who was in the car she got killed when the car wreck she was my classmate this isn’t the first dream that I’ve had Everytime I dream of them they happen two weeks later and it hit me so hard and I passout from them.

    146. Jordan says:

      the other day I had a dream about someone hurting his arm, and then today I found out that he hurt the exact same arm I thought he would hurt–

    147. Joy says:

      I had a high school friend who I hadn’t seen since graduation day in 1994, reach out to me via Facebook and he asked if he could spend time with me. I turned him down and he told me that it was fine but “you never know what God has in store for you”. This was 2009. We stayed FB friends and got to know each other while we each lived in different cities. In 2013 we lived in the same city at the same time. He reached out to me and for a minute it crossed my mind that we were inthe same city and might be able to get together but as soon as the thought came it left. So months went by of him saying he we should connect but never we never made a date. Jan 19 2014 after not seeing him in nearly 20 years I had a dream that we were in love and a couple. We went on a date on Feb 15 and by March 19 we were exclusive. We have been together ever since. We live together and are going to get married.

    148. Snowbird says:

      I have dreams like this all the time. They don’t make a whole lot of sense until they come true or something similar happens. Like one night, I had a dream that I was an old lady, maybe around 80 or 90, (I’m 23 now) and I lived in a little house and was doing mundane house chores but what stood out was that I had a couch, much like you would see in an old lady’s house, it was faded with a few holes and had a flowery design. In my dream, I was thinking “Man, that couch is old and worn, I need a new one.” And when I woke up and recalled, it made no sense. I told my husband about the dream and he made the statement that the couch I described sounded like a couch his grandmother had. Later that day, his mom called out of the blue and asked if we wanted his 93 year old grandmother’s old couch because she was getting a new one. Was it a psychic dream? I don’t know. Was I somehow dreaming and thinking things that my husband’s grandmother was thinking to herself? Did we have a bit of telekinesis going on? I don’t know. But that was just one instance. My husband gets a little freaked sometimes because I know what he or someone else is going to say or do before it happens, and it’s because I dreamed about it at some point. It could be coincidence.

    149. Cullen says:

      Thursday night I had a dream that I had a black eye. In the dream I was at working trying to cover it up with make-up so I could stay and work my shift. (I am a server and my managers instructed me to cover it up or go home). I was panicked in the dream as I was having difficulty covering up the bruising and swelling. I woke up in a somewhat frantic state Friday morning and brushed it off as a nightmare, based perhaps on my previous experience in which I had a very similar experience occur. That night (Friday) I hit the town with all my friends back from college over the holidays and ended the night getting into a serious fight with an acquantince in which resulted in a huge black eye and bruising all around my neck from getting choked out. I don’t work until tomorrow morn but I have a feeling things will undoubtedly play out as they did in the dream the night prior. This is not my first experience with this type of phenomenon but it is certainly the most immediate after the dream and the clearest. In other instances it happens weeks later and will not be in the exact way I had dreamt yet still hold true in many ways. A

    150. Nic says:

      3 days before a psychologist appointment I dreamt of filling out a sheet about my experiences with my doctor, after those 3 days the exact thing happen. I had another dream that came true but i
      I don’t seem to remember it. I was really confused and suprised. How did this happen and why? Does it involve spirits cause sometimes there is spirits around me.

    151. bhavya says:

      I had same kind of things. usually what ever I dream it will come to true 2 months after
      45% of my dreams had came true. the recent one just changed my whole world. I had a dream of my mother dying but it did happen. my mom died. even I told her when she was alive dat i had a dream of you dying she just ignored.. so dnt knw what to think……………………….

    152. heerika says:

      I also had a dream two years ago…. I dreamt that I had got 2nd in my annual exam… And the next day , it really came true!….
      Another dream I have, strangely, remembered is that I has got the chance 2 meet a famous superstar In a certain place that I have never visited before, I swear… And after some days, me n my family went 2 that same place which I had never, ever visited before in my life!!

    153. Subi says:

      This happened a month back. we usually give food to a stray dog living with us in hostel. And after few months we realized that she is pregnant. I after reading some stuff online about their pregnancy and delivery was very much sure that she is going to deliver in a week or two.
      I dreamt that she has given birth to 5 pups and that they are healthy.
      I told my friends about the dream the next day in a light mood but when it really did come true, I was amazed and beyond belief. I was in ecstasy and in disbelief. I was living the moment again as in my dream and it was magical.

    154. Ram says:

      My dreams becomes true, not exactly but some how related on the same day or next day of my dream.some of my experiences were i have a dream that “male dog was crossing a female one but the male is female” something like that on the next day i saw a dog thought it is male and i took it to my house and realized it is female then i remembered my dream.
      Another dream is “some hand killed a snake with cutting tool” i thought that hand was mine. Next day my car driver killed a snake at my home.
      Another one that happened to my dad he just woke up in his dream and shouted that i “i have lost 500 rupees” on the same day i lost some money(500 approx).
      My dreams will becomes true only on the next day. I have many more experiences like these.
      some times i dream that “some person it might be friend or relative was dead” on the same day i will come to know that some person was dead(not necessarily the same person in my dream). This death dreams happened to me more than 6 times and all times i have seen some other person dead on that day.
      Brain has a power of knowing thing before just like
      – you piss in your dream while you piss on your bed in your childhood.
      -you will have sex with someone in your dreams while you ejaculate on your bed.
      -you feel thirsty, hungry in your dreams when you actually feel it outside.
      These are all present predictions of the brain. In the same way brain also have a power of future predictions. I got all these dreams when i sleep for long hours.

    155. Cee says:

      Do you ever have a dream, think about it and then utterly forget about? Most of us do. Well, sometimes I have dreams, thunk about them, forgetc about them, and then later down the road remember them because they happen. Recently I moved to about other country and I’ve had it happen twice since being here. I don’t remember the specifics about the first dream but I remember seeing this drawing done in colored pencil in about other classroom. In the dream I had drawn it. Now I’m overseas and started working in about other classroom and there’s the drawing on the wall. Next on my walk to my work here I passed by this big white house with a weird fence around it. I aroundpecifically remember this house from aroundpecifically dream I had about dogs getting out of the fence and chasing me. I’ve been fixated on these 2 things ever since I’ve noticed them. I can’t quit thinking about what does it mean or if I’m crazy. I have very vivid dreams but most of them are so out there I know they could never be true. But I can’t deny that the house and drawing came specifically from dreams I’ve had.

    156. pranshu soni says:

      (my english is not good,sorry)…… i saw somethings for a little moments, after some they came true and before just 10 secs i stuck at the slow down or something everything become very slow and i remember that the dream is going to happen in real life and i just cant do anything i cant even change my words that i spoke in the dream and i cant do anything……….everytime this happened…….and there is a lot i cant even explain……i am so scared please help me.

    157. Amira says:

      I’m not sure how to start this but I guess I will just say whatever comes to mind.. I don’t recall how old I was when I had my first dream that actually came true, but I do remember ne dream so vividly. I was in middle school and I had a dream that my bestfriend was going to date this guy but I begged her not to because if she did she would die. She died in my dream, the next morning I went to school and found out a special ed kid from our school had died. I know it doesn’t sound like a connection but it felt so weird like it couldn’t be a coincidence. I told my mom about it and she said I could have a “gift “that has been passed down. She began to tell me she had dreams at a young age. Her first dream was that she could think of that came true was in third grade. She dreamt of her grandmother dying and the next morning she did. Since then my mother has had a serious of dreams that have come true. I wasn’t really sure what to think about this until I got older maybe in my freshman year of high school my dreams became more clear and understanding. I once had a dream that there was a plane flying insanely low under our house, I warned my family that we had to leave right away because the plane could crash on us at any moment. They simply laughed at me. I woke up and that day we saw in the news that a plane had crashed not too far from us! It seems the older I get the more clear my dreams become but I am still so lost nd confused. I mean what is this even for what is the point of having these dreams? is there something more to it? Just need to know if this shit is even worth looking further into or even mastering just please someone help me. I’m just trying to figure out the point in all this. message me if u have any ideas

    158. Carlos says:

      I was beginning to feel crazy and decided to look up dreams that come true and saw this website. My first dream that I remember is winning a football game my senior year that got us into the playoffs. The details of the dream all happened at the football game. I’ve also had a dream I was driving with a friend on the way to San Antonio and I drove off the road and wrecked. The dream happened early in the week. That coming sunday my friend and I (the guy that was with me) are coming back from San Antonio and catch a blizzard 2 hours before we get home. Well my car lost control as I was driving and went off the road… luckily nothing major happened but I thought it was crazy that I had predicted my own car wreck. Well that was years ago. At the beginning of august I had a dream of a student spraining their ankle. The very next day the student came up to me and told me he had sprained his wrist the day before. So I had a dream of him getting hurt the night he got hurt. Next dream two dreams happened this week back to back on Monday and Tueaday. On Monday I had a dream about a guy I went to high school with (I have not seen for years) we got in an argument and he was very angry. The next dream on Tuesday I had a dream of an old friend of mine that she was telling me she was very angry at her husband and they were fighting. Well I posted on fb that I’ve had weird dreams about old friends lately and hope everyone is ok. That girl out of nowhere messages me (we don’t talk on a regular basis) and is wondering what my dream is about and little did she know the dream was about her. I told her the dream and she confirmed that it happened the night before, her and her husband were having problems. So since that dreamed checked out, I decided to contact the guy of the other dream and told him. He said thanks for the heads up I will keep an eye out. Well yesterday he got pulled aside by his sergeant to tell him he will be relocating after being there 2 years without him having a say so. He messaged me this morning confirming my dream. Anytime I have these kind of dreams, they’re always so much more different than a regular dream. They feel different! If I could harness this power… that would be awesome! But right now it just happens at random.

    159. Hossein says:

      I dreamed in November 25 , 5 am o’clock that my wife and sons in a train that doesn’t move and another train was coming to it.
      I saved them and got up, but didn’t tell anyone. At 8 o’clock there happened in Semnan, Iran the same, but far from my family
      My sons haven’t gotten on train yet, and the train was an unusual object in my dreams

    160. Kylie says:

      For the past week ive been seeing things in my dream that i then see or experience the next day.
      For example last night, i came into contact with a spider in my dream. I felt afraid, overwhelmed, and discusted. today, I came into contact with a small spider in my bathroom. I was not afraid like i was in my dream. I killed the spider with relief. Could this be symbolizing me overcoming my fears and problems? Perhaps my unconscious self is trying to show me or guide me to ways of doing so. Very ironic to be seeing the same things the next day when its still so fresh in my mind. Either way pretty remarkable.

    161. Kyden says:

      Constantly, I’m having dreams. Not only do them come true, but no matter what happens, in the dream I control what happens. Lucid, I suppose.
      Anyway, one of the ones that came true recently was when I took a trip to Luisianna. I went to visit my family, but when I was there, something, a conversation, snapped my memory to that of a dream I had almost a year ago. For the rest of the entire trip, a week long, mind you, it was word for word and step for step my dream.

    162. Madison says:

      so I’ve had multiple occasions on where my dreams showed up in reality. the first one that I can remember was in July of my 4th grade year. I was sleeping with my mom and I had a dream about my grandpa passing away. a deep voice in my dream told me that he was going to pass away in exactly two weeks. I woke up crying and my mom continually asked me what was wrong, but I refused to tell her because I didn’t want to make her sad. I did ask her that night if my grandpa was doing okay since he had just went through a triple bypass surgery about a month before I had the dream. she told me he was fine so I went back to sleep thinking it was just a nightmare. two weeks later on that exact day my mom called me while I was at my neighbors house and told me to come home. I knew something was wrong and I had a gut feeling that it was my dream coming into my reality. I walked in my front door and my mom started bawling and told me my grandpa passed from a heart attack. I started bawling my eyes out and told her the dream I had and we both cried in eachothers arms for hours.

      another dream I had was when I was in… 9th grade maybe. this was the dream: I walked into my parents room really late at night, just waking up from being asleep all night. as I walked through the doorway, I saw 3 generations of my moms side sitting in my parents bed reading books and bibles. I thought “what in the world.. how is this possible?” (p.s. it was so crazy because it was my mom, grandma (whom I had never met, she passed away of cancer in her early 50’s), and great grandma (whom I’ve never even seen a picture of) anyways, my grandma said “come Madison. we’ve been waiting for you all night. come sit by me” so I walked up to her and crawled into bed between her and my great grandma and she read a page of the bible to me. then I woke up in real life and told my parents about it. I happened to remember the page of the bible that she read me, so I got my bible and found it. every single word was exactly the same as what I saw in my dream, and I had never read that page in my life.

      another experience happened to me, but honestly I don’t think it was a dream. I think it really happened. I was in 10th grade spending the night at one of my friends house with my highschool group of girls, we all went to bed that night and at about idk.. between 5-7 a.m I’m assuming, I felt a huge pressure on my chest. it felt like I had just gotten stepped on by an elephant right on my heart. after I felt that, all a sudden I was in a white tunnel that was so white words cannot describe. I remember seeing an even brighter white light at the end of this tunnel I was in, so I started walking to it. as I was walking, my heart was overwhelmed with joy, purity, happiness, and all things good. like I said, these feelings and emotions I had had no comparison to the ones I’d had on earth. these were my earthly feelings and emotions times a million. my heart fled with an unconditional amount of love and I had absolutely no worry other than reaching this light at the end of the tunnel. I continued to walk and my heart continually kept feeling a greater amount of pure bliss every step of the way. once I had finally gotten to the light I started tearing up because I was so happy; there was no place I’d rather be. right as I was about to walk into this beautiful, unearthly light, I felt another slam on my heart, I gasped for air and I woke up. I had tears running down my face, but I knew it wasn’t just a dream because even after I woke up, those unearthly feelings in my heart were still there, but soon went away. I tried to figure out what this meant, and I came up with two things. the first the was i thought God had sent me this dream telling me that this is where I’ll be going if I continue in the right path in His will. Another thing I came up with was that God was telling me that I needed to get on the right path, so that I would be able to experience that again. perhaps he was telling me I needed to change my ways in order to see that light again. I still don’t know to this day, I’ve prayed about it but I still don’t know. I’ve told very few people about it, I think I’ve only told my best friend and my parents, but I didn’t say a word about it for years. it was and still is such a sacred thing to me, but because I truly believe I reached the gates of heaven.

      my best friend in highschool passed away last July in a car accident and I was devastated. days after he died, I had multiple dreams about him. probably one every night for atleast a week. one that I can pinpoint and thoroughly remember was this: it was senior trip for my class and we all decided to go to the beach and rent out a beach house (which is what we were going to do in real life before he died) so a group of about 20 of us go to this beach house and rage. we threw a party at this house overlooking the ocean. everyone there kept talking about Cody (my friend who died in the car accident) coming to the party that day. I was in the kitchen and my friends continually asked me “when is Cody coming oh I can’t wait to see him” I kept telling them I didn’t know because in heaven he didn’t have a cell phone (so in my dream we all knew he was dead but he was assumingly given one last day to spend with us until he had to go back to where he came from). before I knew it, Cody was standing right behind me and before I could hug him, he was tackled by all of his friends and classmates. everyone was SO happy that he was finally back with us. they couldn’t keep their hands off of him because they missed him so much. I waiting for everyone to have their talk with him, then I took him outside on the top floor of this beach house on the back porch. we sat at this long glass table with my best friend allie and just watched the waves crash into bluffs and watched the sun set. I turned and looked at Cody and said “are you in a better place now?” (that was a really heavy question on my heart in real life. I didn’t know where Cody stood with God, he was a pretty wild child but so was I. I just knew where my heart stood with God) he smiled a sweet, soft smile and said “yes”. I was so relived and so happy knowing he was in a better place. allie and I started crying and rejoiced. the sun was going down, and I knew I didn’t have much time left with him. I asked “will I see you at the next party?” he said smiled and said “yes” in a soft voice. I cried again and woke up with tears all over my face and pillow. I was so relieved because after that dream I knew where he was, and after taking time to think about the dream, I think when I said “will I see you at the next big party?” and he replied “yes” meant that the next big party was when God comes back to Earth and saves the believers. then we throw a party once we’re all in heaven together. like a celebration of life.

      these dreams were very spiritual and emotional for me, which is why I’m talking about God so much. they are just so sacred to me in my mind. if anyone has any clue why I have these dreams or what they are or just anything please let me know! thanks, and thanks for reading 🙂

    163. Tabitha Irish says:

      I’ve had multiple dreams that came true and I experience extreme dejavu I want to learn more about my gift and how to control it I’m 11 and I have a gift but nobody believes me please help me control my gift and please give me advice

    164. Danielle says:

      I am extremely weirded out right now… I often find myself having these realistic dreams of UFOs and they are starting to occur more often. Most of them involve a takeover situation and I wake up with a sense of fear. This one particular dream I had though was different than the others. In the dream I looked up in the sky and there was a huge floating city hovering low to the earth. It stayed there for the entire day, and everyone just sat there and stared in shock, but no communication was made between the people on the ground and those in the floating city. This dream happened about half a year ago. Last night I had another UFO dream, and because of that, UFOs were on my mind today. I was just looking into UFO dreams, and I stumbled across this site that talks about “cloud ships”. After looking around on the site for a bit I stumbled upon an article that reported two separate instances, one in Africa and on in China, where the public witnessed a huge floating city above them in the sky. The cities looked exactly like what I saw in my dream!! Often times I chalk up my UFO dreams to just being a part of my subconscious that stems from researching UFOs a lot, but I had never heard of or seen something like the floating cities before I dreamt about it, so there is no way that my mind could have just been recalling something I had seen when I was awake. Does anyone have an explanation for that? If so, please share!

    165. Danielle.C says:

      Hi there,

      This articular or Feed has caught my interest- Well I’ve been having these weird dreams lately and some of them would come true. When I was a little girl I’ve had dreams about big storms and crashes, it would happen the next day I had the dream, I told my mom about these dreams and she was shaken by it since I was only around 5 or 6 years old. As I grew older these dreams happened some times like very month or so, but there is this one dream I can’t forget, I had it when I was 9 years old, I was in this house and staring out the window, it was sunny, years later when I am 15 years old I moved into the same house I dreamed about when I was 9 which at first I had my suspicious about it then I finally remember that dream and I got very creep out about it. I noticed I stopped having these dreams about storms and crashes as much but I am now having dreams about people who I haven’t met in my life, then in a month or so I finally meet them… I don’t know it’s getting weird for me and I am 16 at the moment not sure if it’s even normal to have dreams like this at a young age like myself.. Don’t know just I find it weird and creepy almost.


    166. joe says:

      it started when I was in high school my very first one was of my grandmother passing away in my dream she was at a store in a line waiting to check out and she was having issues with a horrible head cold and it caused her to get light headed and she fell and when she fell she hit the back of her head on the edge of the counter after this the dream went from store to the hospital and I saw my dad, uncle and three aunts at her side crying than the dream went to a grave sight. I woke up crying and with a horrible headache. this dream happened a few months before her passing, and on 9-11-2002 she passed away and it happened the exact way it did in my dream when she hit the back of her head it caused a very large aneurism and she wasn’t able to survive from this.

      I have had multiple dreams that has happened that same year in nov of 2002 I dreamt of me, my parent, my sister and a few others having thanksgiving dinner and in my dream I saw my grandmother and grandfather (both passed away) one on each side of my mom with a hand on each shoulder I looked at my dad looked back at my mom she was gone I looked at my dad he was crying, than I woke up in tears I ran to my dad and told him about the dream a week or so before thanksgiving my mom landed in the hospital with internal bleeding of her ovary and she survived but just they said if we would have waited another 30 min she would have passed and they could not find out why this had happen but she recovered from it.

      another one was of my best friend (which is like a brother to me) in this dream he went to his cousins high school to pick him up from school and his cousin said these guys was going to jump him after school and in the dream my bf cousin was shoot and killed in a ally next to the high school and the same for my friend I woke up in tears and I called him right away and asked him if everything was okay he said no, I said jon are you at north high walking with your cousin he said yes I said did he tell you some guys was going to jump him he said yes and than said joe how the hell do you know that did you have a dream I said yes ( I told him about the other dreams I had) HE said what happened in the dream I said jon get the hell out of there do not go by the ally next to the high school and restaurant you two are about to get jumped and both of you will get shoot and both of you will die. the both of them turned around and started to run the opposite way and I heard some ppl say there they go they are running away. they ppl that was going to jump them never caught up with them and the cousin transferred to a different school, thankfully my friend and his cousin wasn’t hurt.

      I can go on and on about this with the dreams, but there was one night I wasn’t asleep I was at work and one of my friends that worked with me we was walking to my car for our lunch and when I was inside the building I was feeling okay but when I got to my car I started to feel funny, like I needed to run for my life and I felt shaky all over ( kind of like when your in a boat with choppy water, or like your trying to walk in a earth quake) than i looked at angie my friend and said something isn’t right and I started to breath hard and my heart started to race as if I needed to run for cover. I never, NEVER felt like this before and my friend new something was wrong with me. she called me after work and said omg joe did you see the news I said no why she said japan had a huge earth quake and a large tsunami after wards and after that I said omg that what it was from I asked her about what time did this happen and it was around the same time that I had those feeling come over me out of no where. ik how this sounds it sounds crazy, but I never had this issue before or since that has happen when I was awake.

    167. songsar kro says:

      i dream of somwhere i have never been to and all those places i see in my dreams somehow pops up in my future. the same scene i have dreamt long before. I sometimes ask myself ‘have i been here before?’ but no I finds out its in my dream i have seen all that long ago. It seems my soul travels far beyond time. I dont know the true answer. I am clueless. HELP ME FIND OUT

    168. Piano Panda says:

      Once I had a dream that my sister was dumped on her wedding day. Then, about 6 months later on what was supposed to be her wedding day, the guy said they were through. My dream was a vivid and exact prediction of what would happen.

    169. Becca says:

      This has happened three time in my life now, all very significant, and only in the past few years.
      The first time is actually the saddest most upsetting one, because I had a dream that my dads mate passed away from a heart attack, (was only in his 50’s) and a week later he was found fallen out of bed, dead on the floor, hand in his chest 😭😭 I was so shocked I never said anything to anyone because it’s not like they would believe me and its not exactly something I feel I can ever bring up because it actually involved a death!

      The second time it was a tornado ripping through our town and we don’t get tornados here, I had this dream maybe three months ago and two weeks ago we had what was classed as a mini tornado rip through our region. It wasn’t as scary as my dream or anything, but it was classed as a tornado and it did some damage!! This is freaky, because we don’t live in a place that gets tornados!!

      The third, was last nights dream, it totally rocked me I can still remember every detail from beginning to end, who was in it, what I did, who survived, who didn’t (in terms of people who are significant to me). But basically I dreamt about a Tsunami, there was probably 200 or so people from my tegion, running from it. We weren’t home though, we were somewhere else, unrecognized territory. I could go into details of the dream but waking up to find a Tsunami warning in Japan is crazy. In my dream over half of the people didn’t survive which worries me. I’m going they are going to be ok… at least they have a warning!

    170. Jacqueline Martinez says:

      I have these kind of dreams, where I do not necessarily understand them until an event happens. Nothing in the dreams really make sense but I know that something will happen to the person with whom i dream of. I had a dream where my uncle appeared, when i woke up i could not remember much of the dream but about a week later i find out that he was in a car crash. I don’t really dream about myself too often, but when I do its about snakes, wolves, and like tsunamis. when i dream about other people that’s when I get all the real life events.

      • Parth Pandya says:

        I do have same kind of dreams, which creates some kind of anxiety.

      • Josephine Parris says:

        I trained myself to remember my dreams. Every dream i’ve had they came true and i continue to believe my dreams. It helps me. I can say i want to dream of a person and i will and it always reveals things to me about the person or a situation. I can easily remember my dreams now. I finish my dreams if i want its really all in the mind.

      • Mini says:

        I also don’t really dream about myself too. I do dream about tsunamis too a few dreams that I have had have came true. When people around me health is not so good I dream about it but my dreams are not clear so I don’t know who it is

    171. G says:

      I’ve had these dreams since I was a little kid. I’ve been told my great-grandmother had these dreams too. Mine only involve family or close friends. I had a dream that a friend was riding in a car with someone else and they were in a wreck. I called her, told her about it, and asked her not to ride with that other person for a few days. She laughed at me, but called me two days later to say she skipped a ride with the other person, and that person was in a bad wreck. I dreamed my aunt came to see me (she was deceased) and said my cousin was having problems with his dad and step-mom. She asked me to call him. I did call him, and sure enough, he was in trouble with his dad and step-mom. I dreamed about a friend who was pregnant. In my dream she went into labor, had problems, and had to have an emergency c-section. The next morning her husband called me to say that my friend just had an emergency c-section but she and the baby were okay. These are just a few examples. I had another dream about a family member last night that has my crying this morning. I hope it doesn’t come true.

    172. Jessica says:

      Bring an early morning nap I dreamed I was on a plane and it dropped and then held its position which woke me on the plane and then it dropped again I thought to myself I can’t believe this is happening we’re going down and the next thing I knew I was drowning. The dream was a very intense and I couldn’t shake it after I woke up. Shortly after that very same day I learned about the Malaysian flight that disappeared this was March 2012

    173. Arslan says:

      I get glimpse of the future in my dreams all the time, it would be like a normal dream with random stuff but those things actually happen the next day and it has become a mundane thing for me

    174. josh says:

      I’m only 14 and last night i dreamt about seeing a man in a red suite. today in history class i saw the same man and it turns out it was one man who helped theodore rosevealt become a naturalist

    175. Vanha says:

      I am happy to find this website since I have kept my psychic dreams secret for so long a time. Those dreams of mine are not good at all. they include lost, funeral, tears and worse. Even I tried to forget them as much as I can, The feeling of sudden realizing that something bad/terrible you saw in your dream turn into reality in from of your eyes is, sometimes, painful.
      A few month ago, I saw something bad happen to my 1-year-old daughter. it was like my mother (who is now taking care of her) did something terrible to her and I hit my mom a lot. it was like she was kidnapped. it was like she was taken away from me. I can’t remember them and I actually try to stop thinking about such.
      But when other psychic dreams are realized now, my scare grows bigger. my heart almost stops beating when I think about my daughter who is the mere reason for me to continue to live.
      please, if any of you have any scientific explanation or even a comfort advice telling me that psychic dreams are never true, please let me know….

      • Lisa says:

        If you look through history you will find out there has been several people who’s had dreams and visions that has come true. I have heard of it through different cultures. Not sure what your beliefs are. If you believe in God. You can look up in the Bible Acts 2: 17-21.. I’ve started having them at a young age. They started coming true when I hit my 20’s. For me it’s hard to say when it will happen. I guess certain details in your dream helps. I since when time comes closer. I seen when my son was born. I was having problems. I could see and hear my mmom crying. I think that was a warning. If didn’t make a good choice. My son and I could of died. There was one time I prayed and asked for certain friend to share the same dream I had. So know I wasn’t going crazy. Also to answer my question that it would come true. I was wanting to know what would happen in my future. Asked for him to see a glimpse of his in return.That friend a month later told me about his dream. It was zackly the same as mine. He also seen his. He was right on details, I seen later after that. I found out some of my ancestors who has had dreams and visions. My uncle , mom, my son and dad has had them. I consider it as a gift. Yes some can be sad. I think as the bad ones are prepareing you for what will happen. Some things are out of hands but I like to believe we could change some things to the good. I’ve also seen ones I never met in my dreams. The ones I’ve met they either helped me or I helped them. I hope this helps some. All I can say trust in your instincts . They will help you. Mine has..

      • Shalah says:

        hi hun. Im not here to tell you what you see is false or the other way around. But what i do want to say is what has helped my through my darkest times and when things didnt make sense to me. Its based solely on one statement. Law of attraction. YOU think positive and positivity is attracted to you. This is what has changed my life in a whole new level and if you open your heart to positivity you can too!

    176. Dedre says:

      every since i was a kid i have always dreamt that me and 2 others where sitting near a fountain listening to another guy next to a fountain. i have now met my two best friends this year and they have weird dreams too about the guy and the fountain. there is more but i am scared to talk about it. Someone please tell what is going on!

      • Arslan says:

        Hi, I would like to know the details of your dreams if you don’t mind,

        • Dedre says:

          Arslan i am scared because i dont understand. But here.

          i always get dreams of a tall dark guy. he wears a mask or something so i cant see his face, but he always warns me not to go somewhere or what to do. in the end i always do the opposite of what he says and end up making things worse. like me falling or ending up in a fire. the fountain is made of a type of stone it shines. i am not sure what it means but he talks about time. he talks to us but i am never sure what he says. all i know is that he says; your time will come, you are different. then there are other dreams with the fountain where i am just looking at it. not really sure what i am doing because that is all i know. there are a few more dreams.

          • Julio bello says:

            Isn’t slender man what you dream of if it is it must be scary as fuck
            I have few dreams that have come reality my recent one was before the final elections I dream Donald trump becoming the new president I even told my family and they said I hope it doesn’t come true because is more likely to be

          • Dedre says:

            Arslan are you ever going to answer? i have waited a bit less then a month now. please.. if you know something answer please. i have run out of options. everything is just creepy at the moment i keep having dreams. please answer

            • Shalah says:

              all dreams are interpretted differently but when i read your comments i got the chills. Not in a bad freaky way but more in an exciting, heroic feeling. sort of like this man is your trios secret mentor but there are others watching so he cant tell you much but he is trying to also guide you without giving the secrets away.
              When he says not to do things and you do it seems like he is part of your inner concious and when you dont listen to your inner self then you fail. I also feel that you 3 were meant to be together for a reason and with the mind power of the 3 of you, you can figure it out.
              The fountain on the other hand is the mystery. Thats the code that the 3 of you are to break.

            • David J. Wright says:

              Seriously if your facing perilous odds, make certain to be willing to push through anything to survive legally and morally. You may be pushed to the most extreme pain you can bear, know that someone somehow if at all possible will be impressed enough to save your soul. His name is Jesus, and the Christian communities have representation from every direction. He was real, and he is better than we ever hoped. Hers often real busy, imagine the horrific things he is attending to if he cant be beside you watching out for every direction as you need. he has others, and the psychic community has a reputation of doing great or impossible things for people against impossible odds.

    177. Bailey says:

      I’ve been having quite a few dreams that have come true lately. But they’re not good dreams like it’s been getting stronger and worse. It started out as small things like the weather or just things happening in school and with my friends. About a month and a half ago, I had a dream that one of my friend’s was in the hospital. That day, one of my best friend’s boyfriend’s kidney failed and he was rushed to the emergency room. I thought it was a coincidence until I had the same type of dream about a week ago, where someone I know was in the hospital. I was with that same friend. That day, her boyfriend got in a car crash (the same one who’s kidney failed) and was again sent to the hospital. I’ve been extremely concerned lately because recently I’ve been having horrid dreams of people in my family dying. And I’m not talking like a single dream, I’m talking nights and nights of dreams. I’m honestly scared and I’m not sure why this is happening to me. All I know is that it can’t be normal because this is just crazy and honestly, I’m starting to feel like I’m crazy. If anyone knows anything that could help me understand these dreams better and maybe get a better grip on them, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

      • Heather Brandt says:

        I’ve been having the same dreams as you , I dreamt of someone dying just random people INCLUDING my own father for for three nights in a row . They are very scary and extremely vivid . This morning I woke up to my friend calling me telling me that his roommate passed away in his sleep and I couldn’t believe it . He has a daughter that isn’t born yet and I’m so worried about his baby mama . That little girl will never get to meet her daughter . I believe my dreams were a warning from my spirits but I didn’t know what they meant they were actually making me sick . If anyone else is reading this please pray for his family . And his baby mama .
        Thankyou .
        Rip Musto .

    178. Iris says:

      Okay so I’ve been have psychic dreams since I was little, along with other various other things, but lately it’s taken a turn that I’m unsure about. I had a first person dream of self harming. All up my arms and legs. Only to find out that when I was asleep a close friend of mine had relapsed and her arms and legs looked exactly as they had in my dream. Is there any way to control this, I care about my friend and will do anything for her but this feels too personal. Invasive. I don’t want to look at her and know without her taking the steps to tell me herself. I was in her head. I was her.

    179. Candace says:

      I have had a number of dreams that come true. The earliest I remember being at 7 years old. I had drempt I was going to be in a parade and every detail of the dream occurred months later. I don’t usually remember my dreams unless they are of this variety. I had another set vivid dream last week. One part came true the following day. We’ll see if the restimate of the set comes true.

    180. Jessica Misserbiev says:

      My dream is very dear to me. I am 39 now(2016), when I 21years old (2000) I was not married, did not have kids, but did have a steady boyfriend. One night I drempt I took my daughter and her friend to our local airport to pick up my husband from his fight. He traveled alot and in my dream it was normal to go pick him up. I did not see my husband in the dream, just my daughter. She was tall with white jeans, a pink shirt and beautiful thick long dark brow hair. When I woke up I thought it was so strange, 1st I was not married in real life, 2nd my boyfriend at the time and I both had blonde hair. I always envisioned if I had a daughter she would be blonde like me.

      Fast forward to today. I did not marry that boyfriend, I did marry when I was 25 to a handsome dark haired man who worked overseas and traveled 6 months out of the year. We did have a daughter in 2004. She is exactally the girl I saw in my dream. I had not even met my husband yet and I drempt of our daughter. She is beautiful, tall, with the most amazing thick, long, dark brown hair. My family and friends claim she could not be mine. But she is. I have told her the story of my dream over and over. Every time I do, I end up in tears. We make many trips to our airport to pick up my husband, her father and we stand in the same spot I saw her in my dream and wait for him.

      I believe in God and I believe he sent a vision of her to me. I cannot explain it, but it is such a precious memory I have in my heart.

    181. Yazure says:

      Ever since I can remember i’ve had dreams of the dead, the future, and other very strange things. from an early age I would wake up terrified because the dead in my dreams would surround me and try to overtake me. In one of those dreams one of them actually touched me and it felt like a burning ice sensation straight from the grave. I would often constantly dream about things that were gonna happen. I also found out about a family secret that I would have no possible logical reason to know other than i was told the story by the dead.
      I keep dreaming about the future now tho… it’s like something is coming in my life, or maybe something is changing. I just feel a large change in the energy around me and my dreams are starting to become more and more vivid. They started out fuzzy and now they’re to the point where I can remember large chunks of them. Truly and honestly i’m scared because these dreams show me two paths to my future and one leads to destruction and the other leads to a blissful place. Well i really didn’t come here to talk about things, I came for help. Anyone any advice for this young teen?

    182. venkat says:

      Hi normally I see my dreams really happen I don’t remember them completely only a photo snap like that.recently I could memorize dreams in the month of December or January I don’t when the dream came but it happened its about my brother loosing job and getting mentally depressed yes it happened recently.
      I had a breakup in 2012. I left her and forgot her completely but she comes to my dreams I don’t understand why she is coming into my dreams as that dream comes that day I end up in sorrow thinking all day about her and again when I involve in my work deeply and forgot about her again the dream comes memorizing her.I couldn’t believe what was happening till we met accidentally twice.she still loves me and even I do but she is saying that I hurted her badly when we broke up so she couldn’t come now but my dreams predict she will be mine one day.interesting thing is Iam not getting any dreams though I am thinking about her through out the day.

    183. Josefina says:

      A few years ago one night before I went to bed, I was thinking of the children whom they use to announce on AMW were kidnapped. It was Friday night when I started to pray, right before I fell asleep, the Virgin Mary of Fatima told me to pray to her son Jesus and she had a frantic look of concern on her face. So as I fell asleep, and I started to pray through out the whole night. In my dreams, I saw a boy with blue jeans and a white shirt. it took place in Mexico where there was a lot of green pastures and hills. The boy was scared and I was not sure if he was lost or kidnapped by his predator. All I saw was the back of his body as he was calling out for his mother and father’s name, he said, “Mama! Papa! donde estan? (Where are you?) as I woke up Saturday morning, I continued to pray until Sunday afternoon. A week later, I spoke to my cousin Laura and she told me that the boy was found in the state of Vera Cruz Mexico. I asked her, “What boy?” She asked me if I knew about the prayer chain that was started at St. Mark’s church. I told her that I never knew about. I said to her that I started to pray and dreamed of the lost boy and that I prayed for him on Friday through Sunday. She was shocked because she mentioned that a lot of other people had a dream of the same boy and started to pray for him to be found. Now he is back with his parents.

    184. Lucy says:

      Hi people,
      so good to read your experiences. I have “psychic dreams” quite often but not about serious situations. For example today: I had dream today that reality agent came to our apartment. When I wake up I told myself: Oh shit, lucky it was just a dream as it’s mess over here! Haha. In 2-3 hours I recieve email from reality agent that they gonna do property inspection.Just like that. Huh. Yes, it not very interesting but it’s bit scary. It’s happening to me my whole life. Little things. Weird. Scary. Cool.
      I think we are hypersensitive to vibrations/energies of some situations, so we can feel the energy of creating something before it manifests in reality/what do you think?
      Thanks people,

      • Kasey says:

        Im kinda the same way. I think it all boils down to having a really good memory. Like for example you have probably had an inspection before and your brain remembered it through a dream the same time of year? Does that Make sense? I like your explanation too!!! It’s much cooler xD

    185. Kai says:

      Well, the day before school started recently I had a dream where I was in the classroom listening to my new teacher talk about what we need to bring the next day. I was trying to be funny and was repeating what she had said back to him in a funny voice. Then I woke up. About an hour later I had completely forgot about the dream until 4th period. The teacher was saying the exact same things as in the dream and I was repeating them to the same friend in the dream with the exact same voice. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly remebered my dream. And who knows, maybe ill forget it later.

    186. Jenny says:

      Around 17 years ago, I was asleep in my bed with my son who was under 1 at the time. I woke suddenly from a dream that someone was attacking me and something about a key under my front door mat. When I woke up I got up and went straight to the front door and looked under the door mat and sure enough there was a key under it. I called my landlord and he said he had the master key and my bf and I had the only two other keys in existence. My landlord came out and changed the locks that day.Was my dream somehow a warning to get the key before someone got into my apartment and harmed me? IDK…so crazy.

    187. Sneha_182 says:

      I have had many psychic dreams but don’t remember the actual day in which I had the dream ad when it came true. I wanted to see if there was a pattern so I recorded all my dreams each day. Then one day it came true.

      I sat at school during class and everyone was talking about taster day. It was a day in which we got a taste of the experience at high school. I sat at the back and three guys were talking about it. One of them said that they didn’t remember the day and asks the guy who sat next to me. He says he never went.

      When it happened in real life I laughed to myself. I finally got to record a dream that came true. The same day another dream came true that I dreamt on the same day as the other dream. I turned around in the class of a different subject to talk to a girl and she sat alone, the blinds were up and no one sat behind her. She asked for help on a specific topic on that subject and I couldn’t believe it happened again. The same day for both the dream I dreamt of and the day it came true. How odd?

      How does this happen? is my main question.

      • venkat says:

        Hi Sneha I have the same experience could you please send me message in Facebook so dat we can discuss my Facebook name Venkat bhuma

    188. Marisol Hernandez says:

      I’ve been having dreams that come true ever since I was a little girl sometimes I feel something is very wrong with me because of it and sometimes I’m awake confronting a boyfriend with names I think I’m just making up but turns out to be very real I’m afraid to tell anyone cause I think they will think I’m crazy just like I know when someone is coming and everyone said I’m crazy till the person shows up right when I say they will sometimes it scares me who can I talk to about finding out what to do or how to learn more about what’s happening to me??

    189. Tammy says:

      I was awoken from a dream about my son being on the side of the road and it turned out that my son had been pulled over at the exact to ethatihadthis dream and was sitting on the side of the road

    190. joshua says:

      Today everything i did was from a dream like when i was 5, the sub, the failed test, the background on the teacher’s google classroom. Nothing bad happened in my dream, this has happened before in 8th grade when i came to my new school.

    191. Misti says:

      I have had more than one dream come true. About a week ago I dreamed that I received a new hairbrush in the mail (I did not order one). Today I checked my email and was informed that I had won a sweepstakes and would be receiving a designer hairbrush in the mail in 4 weeks or less. Silly but true.

      When I was 11 years old I had a dream that my sister’s dog hung himself by trying to jump over the fence while tied up. When I woke up the next morning, my Mom was crying and told me that my sister’s dog had hung himself.

      I had a dream a couple of months ago where I was having amazing sex with a very handsome, very unique-looking fellow. I had never met or seen him before. About a week later, I was driving through the mountains and when I turned a corner, the fellow from my dream made a turn right in front of me. I was sure that it was him. No, that is not my entire dream coming true, but I thought it was an awfully strange coincidence.

    192. Noemi says:

      I don’t dream often at all but when I do 90% of the time it happens. It started when I was around 8, age is a little fuzzy. Ever since then, it has scared me. The last dream I had was in May of this year. I had a dream that my daughter died, all I saw was her head rolling. I called my family and told them, I had a dream and a feeling my daughter was going to die. Few weeks went by and I still had the yucky feeling in my stomach that something was going to happen. Well, in June of this year not even a month later. I called my daughter and we had a slight argument about something stupid. At the end we said our I love you’s. When we hung up, I called my co-worker and said. I’m telling you if my daughter doesn’t straighten up she is going to die. Two days later, I received a call that she was struck by a vehicle (trauma to her head). Crazy thing is she died the day after we talked but they could not ID her because she did not have her ID on her. I don’t know why I have these dreams, feelings and on one occasions a black out and I saw an accident but I didn’t ask for this. I can’t control it and don’t know when it will happen. It could happen years in between, months and or days. Why give me something I can’t control.

      • I feel the same way Noemi says:

        I’ve had three precog dreams over the years; the last, years ago. And each occurs the following day, EXACTLY as I dreamed it. The first occurred when I was 16, about me crashing my car into a driver two cars ahead of me, that I couldn’t see past the car immediately in front of me, which had stopped for no apparent reason. When I pulled out impatiently to pass them, my right front fender hit their left front. My fender was the same one that I’d finally had repainted by the body shop that had originally painted it, only to flake off. All this to say, my dream of this accident so upset me that I bolted awake saying out loud, “I’d just FINALLY gotten the garage to redo their work, and I’d gone and smashed it up. My intention is not to bore you with the specifics, but rather to demonstrate how detailed the dream was. The accident occurred the following afternoon, exacted as I’d dreamed it.
        There have been two more of this type of dream. They were both more of a scene, than any sort of action, yet I seem to perceive more detail than I actually see: the second occurred while on vacation at the Red Sea: all night I felt like I did not sleep at all and was still seeing the scene as I got up. With these two dreams, I was now 27 and 30, respectively, and by this time, married 7 or 8 years. With both of these distinctive dreams, I described them in detail to my spouse before we got out of bed, and in both cases, the scene in the dream took place exactly as I’d dreamed, and as I’d described them to my spouse. In fact, with dream 2, HE recognized the scene even I’d realized it myself as I’d already reentered the dream scene, and was temporarily mesmerized by the scene just as I’d been during the dream of the night before. Each time was very disturbing at the time, even more so for my spouse. I’ve never been able to understand why or how someone can dream of events the night before they happen. I now recognize the characteristics of. Precognitive dream when it occurs, and dread the following day. I wish someone could explain why and how they happen, Nd better yet, WHY ME?

    193. curioustoknow says:

      Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had these dreams that would come true whether it be a day, a week, months, years. The exact same thing happens word for word, action for action. I used to weird my mother and brother out by telling them to “say something different” because I knew exactly what was going to be said/done and told them what they were going to do as they looked at me like “how the hell did you know that?”. It happened so much that I started to not be able to tell the difference between a dream and reality. I had started to pinch myself, do things that could possibly wake me up from the experience. After a long time I just stopped and let things happen.

    194. Hailey says:

      I have these weird dreams every night. I will be having a dream and in the middle of it, it is interupted by a picture or still frame of a scene. The next day I always see that exact scene with something I’m doing or something that someone else is doing, and I know when it is. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I saw as the picture between my dream the night before ( I only ever was able to like 8 times over my life) I just find it extremely weird that this happens every single night and sometimes I see more than one image and the all end up happening. Just a weird bit of thing that happens with me.

    195. PHARAH says:

      I had a dream where I had just got to school and btw it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I was in the same grade,(7th) and about half the students were the same as in they really went to my school. We were in an underground garage thingy where all the busses dropped us off and there was blood on the ground. Everyone was talking about a highschooler who was hit by a baseball bat in there before we showed up. I didnt know her. We all gott on the busses to investigate and find the girl. When i got on some boy who, i do not recall ever meeting or aeeing in my waking life, sat down next to me and put his arm around me. I didnt do anything but we werent dating or anything. My ex who was sitting one seat ahead of me amd across the isle looked at me and asked who he is and why his arm is around me. (Note: that i have NOT talked to my ex since we broke up in real life) I cant remember what i replied with but i do remember telling him to get his arm off of me. He moved seats. Then my dream skipped ahead to i dont know when and i was at a lake or beach or something like that but it was a party. I dont know how i got there but i was surely confused. I dont remember much of that party. Then again, not sure how i got there, but i was suddenly at my bus stop. I walked home. In the neighborhood the houses were all old and kind of torn down and not taken care of but they were all vacant. There were parts of the neighborhood that were like my real one but it seemed bigger and kind of different. My house, was nothing like my real one and i went straight to the attic. The floor was falling apart and the roof was almost completely off. Just a few beams helt it together. There was two wooden beams between me and this very pretty girl about 19 pr 20 was on the other side and pulled up a hollogram around her and used it to show me dreases. They were all old victorian dresses. (Note: all of the people in my dream had modern clothes on except this part.) she was VERY skinny. I think she was anorexic and she had troubles with the was the dresses she tried on fit her. I didnt say anything in this part of my dream but she did. I woke up here. Now, its tge next day in real life and around noon in my day i was scrolling through instagram and seen a photo of a house. It had a caption about how people only care when youre dying or rich. And the photo behind the caption looked exactly like a house in my dream that was down the street from mine. I was very shocked. And then later in the day my mom and i were in the car and i looked up and seen a very farmiliar view. It wasnt from the dream i just explained but it was a dream i had about a week before this day. I looked sleft and my dream took place over there.

      AND MY INSTAGRAM IS : _.why.though._

    196. Brandon says:

      I have had a lot of these deja vu moments where they can be directly related to past dreams. The dream comes true, and I remember the dream. They are almost all of weird moments in my future life. I wake up and remember them for a few minutes, and then forget. The first time it happened, I was in fifth grade. I remember being in class, and I was sitting on the floor with some friends doing our work. I remember a girl drawing a picture on the floor of our teacher with a chainsaw cutting into a students head. Yeah, it was weird. It actually happened though. The exact same girl, and the exact same people were there. It was crazy. The most recent experience happened a couple of days ago. I was in English class and my teacher is fascinated with the clowns all over the country. He specifically said “People are so safe in our time they are worried about clowns.” He actually said it to. Even the way I look away from him to the notes on the board, then to my desk are exactly the same.

    197. GenSyD says:

      Just an hour ago, I dreamt something very creepy as hell and it’s really vivid like you’re actually there. I can’t explain it clearly when I woke up but it seems more like a memory than of a dream. It was about an unknown humanoid figure with great detail in which I cannot describe because there is no words able to describe of how hideous its appearance is. Furthermore, when I woke up, I read a creepypasta entitled “On a hill II” it was the second part of the creepypasta I was reading before I fell asleep. NOTE that on the first part, there was no description of the place and neither of the entity/monster/creature but when I read the second part where the place and the creature is being described, it was the very exact thing that I saw in my dream. The details said, the description suited perfectly as to what I have seen in my dream. Even the place, everything! I was crept out for I don’t have any logical or rational explanation for this. I dreamt of something that I have not known anything about before and eventually knew it moment after having a dream about it with exact detail and without fail. Can someone explain me this? You can send me a mail at Let yourself be known first before I consider you a spam. Please, thank you.

    198. Kylie says:

      Back in June this year My brother and his girlfriend were on a holiday and I had a dream that she was pregnant and over the moon about it so I messaged her telling her about it but she replied saying no not pregnant (she always talked of not wanting kids) then 2 months later they came around to tell us they were pregnant, and they were both extremely happy about it, I found out she would have fallen pregnant 2 days before I dreamt it.

    199. Scarlett says:

      I remember I had a dream when I was 12 that we were driving pass the same Nike billboard that we always drive pass to go to school when I took a look at it, it had been changed H+M sign showing a 29.99 red lace dress. I woke up thinging it was just a dream. When I was in the car going to school I decided to have a look at the billboard and the Nike posters had been taked down and the H+M one was up there with the same red lace dress at 29.99.

      • Rafa says:

        Those are the type of dreams I have.
        I had a dream that I couldnt feel nd my GF anywhere. Inlokked everywhere and it turned out that was at a concert. It was No Doubt at the Greek.
        I had no idea they were playing or even going to have a show.
        In the afternoon as I was driving home I saw a big billboard on the road that said No Doubt, Live at the Greek

    200. Anonymous says:

      For the past year I have had many of these ‘so real & VIVID’ dreams which do come true either a few days later or weeks/months which too me isn’t a coincidence anymore. After these type of dreams the occurrence will sometimes happen a day or few days later even a few weeks as I just stated or I won’t intentionally be thinking about it & something in my day to day life will happen and BAM it jogs my memory and I will be like ‘Oh yeah, I knew this was going to happen or I have dreamt about this’. I get the feeling that I know this is about too happen or it’s happened and I knew it would….I hope that makes sense.It’s very much like Deja Vu. But one dream I had in particular I feel like is a good example to share with you (well not good for me and my family 🙁 ) In my Psychic Dream I was downstairs in my current house I have lived all my life here with with my mum and nan… My nan had always lived with us since I was born but 3 years ago she unfortunately got the horrible disease Dementia and is currently in a care home; back to my dream… I remember I was sitting on my nans lap in ‘her chair’.. odd I know I am 20 but I can’t recall how old I was in my dream, I would always sit with her in ‘her chair’ when I was younger we were very close; Anyway back to where I was I remember my mum saying to my nan in this dream ‘What’s happened to your face?!’ in a worried and panicking voice and pointing her finger to the mark on my nan’s face and I turned around too look and the mark on her face looked very painful and red.. and when my nan turned round to look at me she looked very upset and vacant not the happy woman I knew back then…and I obviously felt very overwhelmed with sadness and confusion in this dream and I woke up. Cutting the long story short 2-3 weeks later my mum sounded worried and asked me too go and speak to her after she received a phone call…I spoke to her only to find out that she had got a call from my nan’s care home to say that a carer had hit my nan round the face and knocked her down to her chair. She had a mark on her face and was obviously very upset 🙁 any of us would be angry/upset to be hit round the face but to a Dementia patient…I can’t even imagine how my poor nan felt in that state of mind?! But yeah I have a lot of these vivid/’so real’ dreams and they do come true.. there is defiantly something in them or something trying to tell us or warn us what is going to happen! I love reading everyone else’s experiences on here aswell 🙂

    201. mike says:

      i fit bathrooms for a living and if i dream of water damage i can bet that the following day there will be a leak to fix i have never been wrong

    202. Ann Castro Baker says:

      On the night of April 2, 2016 I had a bad dream about my son. He died in my dream which made me wake up crying to him making noise in the kitchen. The dream has faded somewhat.. however I had gone into the kitchen with tears in my eyex and gave him a big bear hug and told him I loved him. He is 23 years old and gave me a weird look.. and asked me why I was acting weird and why was I crying. I explained I had a dream where he died.. and the hurt was so real and I was so glad it was a dream and he was there making all kinds of noises in the kitchen. He chuckled and titled his head as he gave me a hug and reassured me that it was just a dream… and walked away to his room telling me he loved me too…
      Not even 20 mins laters he walked into my room, his brown hair was drenched as though he just got out of the shower.. his speech was barely understandable. as he told me that the left side of his body was numb.. and that he was very hot. I asked him if he would lay down so I could watch him, but he limped away.. I managed to run in front of him, grabbing the cell phone along the way and stopping him at the front door. We lived on 2nd floor, and I didn’t want the chance of him falling.. so I was able to push him gently into the love seat as I dialed 911. I didn’t know what was wrong with hi, but once I hung up the phone he fell to the floor and became uncouncious. He ended up dying in the local ER, but they were able to revive him and intabate him. He was hooked up to every machine managable. The doc told me they need to stablize him in order to stick him on the flight for life helicopter to ride into the city where there was a brain surgeon ready to perform emergency brain surgery. I was like WHAT!!!? To shorten this long story… I learned that he had a brain hemmoragh and a blot clot as big as a golf ball still on one side of the brain. His brain’s midline was pushed all the way over to the other side….
      The ride to the city was the longest ride ever… when i arrived he was already in surgery. After 3 hours, the surgeon thought in order to save my son it would be better to cut a piece of his skull out and let the blood drain and bring the swelling down. He had tubes in his head draining the access blood and fluids.. he remained in a coma for 2 weeks…
      Presently, he can walk with a bad limp, and he does get tired easily, his arm is still numb and can’t really use it, and the brain damage was pretty severve, he was able to relearn how to bath, eat, dress, walk and brush his teeth. He cannot make any important decisisons, he is not able to complete simple tasks..
      All of this happen due to undiagnosed high blood pressure… But I dreamt about it the day before…If i would of dreamt about a tad bit earlier, i feel as though i could of saved him from going through this life altering experience.
      This wasnt the first time in my life where i knew something bad would happen, when I was 19 I had a vision or a dream not sure which …. in which I seen my brother-in-law trapped in a firey car. I had called that morning and tolf my sister in of the dream and because she told her husband, he was able to escape a fiery car….. It scared me that the whole thing happened.. i was told that I had a gift… but I just could learn how to control it or use it… I wish I could learn more…..

    203. vickie says:

      I had a dream i was driving at night with my kids in the car, though there was a car in front of me in the distance that was important for some reason and then suddenly two large kangaroos jumped right in front of me, scared and swerved then woke up freaked out. months later the dream came true, the car in front was my husband and as it happened just like the dream i was so scared i stopped on the side of the road shaking until my husband noticed i wasn’t behind him he turned around to find me freaked out on the side of the road.

    204. Patrice Loibner says:

      I’ve had several! I don’t wish to talk about that! I’m tired of not knowing the meaning before it happens! I want to know how to interpret!

    205. Alisha Francis says:

      Is my dream coming true? I had a dream over a decade ago. I was a teenager. I don’t remember my age. I dreamed I was skinny married woman with kids. My current only daughter Hannah I dreamed in that same dream she was away at college. I was lonely I called her she acted as though I was bugging her. In my dream my husband was this massive muscular big guy. We lived in this huge beautiful house. Together we had like 3 maybe 4 kids. Our daughter who was like 5 yrs old did something to upset my husband like she made a mess of some sort. He was complaining to me about her. He was agitated. We weren’t happy. We have been fighting for a short time. I was lonely, feeling alone. I needed someone to talk to . so I talked to another man. I developed feelings for this other man that wasn’t my husband. I had an emotional affair with him. Somehow my husband found out. I remember me telling my husband I didn’t sleep with him.
      He says to me when he walked to my face. Our faces inches apart he tells me good I should’ve f’d him for all the trouble this had caused. I remember him telling me how he cherished me, loved me, etc. I remember feeling overwhelmed and ashamed. There was nothing I could say to make it better. Ive apologized profusely. I deeply regretted hurting my husband, my family, my marriage. I remember days went by. Every morning when my husband left for work I would tell him I love you he would never say it back. He wouldn’t talk to me. That hurt. That same day I remember leaving the house with a 3 or 4 yr old boy. I don’t know if he was my son or grandson. We walked to my aunts house down the street, it was cold that day. All the houses on our street were big and huge just like the next one. All the houses looked like they were newly built. I don’t know if we won the lottery or what. Im assuming we did. My aunt cant afford no huge beautiful home like in my dream. I never saw my husband so upset. The level of his anger scared me. I felt exhausted, defeated, depressed, lonely. I was a mess. But not as much of a mess I caused
      Will my dream come true? Did God send me my husband a man I met over 3 months ago. The man in my dream I believe is the man I met over 3 months ago. Just a few days ago he said if I came to where he lives (Arlington tx) he would marry me. At some point of time did he have the same dream about me? Did my mind mess with me over a decade ago? Is God giving me a chance to correct my affair? In my dream at time of my affair I was 40. Im assuming I will be married in 2 yrs. Give or take..

    206. Alyssa S says:

      I had a dream a month ago who the winner of a show (Big Brother) would be. Out of 16 people I dreamt of this one person. The finale show came on and the girl I dreamt winning had actually won in real life. Also a few months ago I woke up crying from a nightmare that I was at my grandmas funeral. She is extremely healthy 80 year old woman, she cuts her grass, maintains her own garden, live by herself, and has a love for Apple products. Last month she did unexpected passed away from a massive heart attack. I have dreams that come true all the time and these are just some recent ones I can easily recall. It is starting to terrify me

    207. S says:

      Hi – my name is S…. – I want to be anonymous. When I was about 5 I fell down the stairs and I was fine – no injuries at all. However, ever since then I have been having dreams which come true but I don’t remember them. In my dream, though, something bad always happens. When that moment I had in my dreams happens I remember what will happen next. For example, last Saturday I remember I dreamt about what would happen next. It was me seeing an evil spirit that tormented my step grandma’s dog, but then I forgot it happened. That moment didn’t happen. I dreamt about this a few weeks ago and I was confused, but ever since then I will try and remember what happens next.

    208. LOLZMASTER45 says:

      Every few weeks I do something that I have never done before and yet I remember in my dreams that that exact moment has happened and I have a mini flashback.. I have got used to it even though it is very uncommon in some people. It’s not really a whole event that I realized that happened, not a conversation or anything. It’s like I look in my desk at school in a dream while my teacher is saying something and a few weeks later the I look in my desk and the teacher says the exact same thing. I have looked into other cases and others seem to have had dreams and something similar happens in real life, but for me it’s the EXACT same thing. Also it only happens when it is from a dream, not something that I experienced another time in life.. and the event is always about me, not something that ends up happeneing to someone else. Is this normal?

      • Lucifer says:

        I also have the same feelings . When my sister did not born I saw her in my dreams, I saw, me and my parents are in a bus .We are going somewhere, and with us there’s a baby may three or four years old. I forgot about the dream. One day when my sister was about three years old we were going to visit my grand parents by bus. Every thing was normal , suddenly I felt that I have had this exact vision before, in my dreams. This was the special one, but this kinds of things often happens to me.

      • Austin says:

        Is it always the real vivid dreams for u. I have the same experiences but mine seem to come true when my dreams are very Vivid.

      • Shy says:

        Hey I have these things happen to me but they aren’t always vivid dreams but I’ve also noticed that right before I wake up from the dream, I know if I’m going to see it in real life or if it was just a normal dream. When I wake up and think about that moment in my dream, I think that it won’t happen because I don’t recognise my surroundings or what I’ve done in the dream is not something I would do in real life but so far every dream I’ve had the feeling that it would be like a deja but don’t believe it, it has actually happened but it’s usually a certain moment from the dream that I see irl.. I don’t remember what happens in my dream or what exactly it was about or the image I knew I would see again but it could happen in days/weeks/months but I always happen to see it again in the exact same way it was in my dream but I never know when it’s going to happen until the moment that I see it

    209. Gina says:

      I’ve had 3 dreams where people have died. Since I was like 11 or 12 until I was 22 i was having the same dream randomly every few months that my dad, stepmom, and 4 sibblings were in my dads expedition (which he had already sold by the time i was 22) driving down I-5 and we ended up going through the center where there is no divider to the other side against oncoming traffic. The car flipped a few times and i was standing outside the car screaming “someone come help my mom!” and crying. About 4 years ago I met my brothers girlfriend but did not know her intimately. One day after I finished working at my current job in a warehouse i went to pick my boyfriend up from his moms to go home and he began telling me (at 22 years old) that he saw an accident on the news it was really bad. He said it happened on the I-5. Immediately I cut him off and said “Did the car crash onto the opposite side of the freeway?” He said yes so i continued ” Was it a black or dark SUV? Was there a girl involved and she was crying for someone to help her mom?” i don’t know why i assumed this was the same accident from my dream but he said yes to all the questions and asked me how i knew since i was at work and had no access to a TV or phone. I told him I had been having that same dream since I was younger and that the car had flipped over and the windows were shattered and a lot of people got hurt but the mom is dead. We continued our ride and he said “watch it be someone we know.” he then said let’s go to M’s (my brother) house. So we drove over and my brother began telling us the story when we got there and set down about his girlfriend and her uncle, mom, sister, and that it was really bad. They were all in the hospital. I told him he needed to hurry and get there because he needs to be there for her because her mom is dead and she doesn’t know. He asked if i was trying to guilt trip him and i explained the situation and he left. He called later to tell me that her mom did die and he didn’t know how to comfort her so i volunteered and visited her in the hospital. I felt guilty that I couldn’t do anything to help her and knew but didn’t want to creep her out like i creeped my boyfriend and brother out.
      The 2nd time was more of a feeling. I had rescently got with my boyfriend and was staying a night at his house coincidentally because I lived out of town and needed to go to some court classes before christmas for my hearing. I was on my way from a class on the bus when i got this overwhelming feeling something bad was going to happen to me. I felt anxious, naucious, and scared. I kept thinking am I going to die? I’m going to die? Something bad is going to happen to me. So i got to his grandma’s house safely and tossed and turned all night feeling sick and breaking out into cold sweat and chills. When I woke up in the morning I felt at peace like everything was going to be ok and I was free. Then i knew. I had never met his step dad but somehow i knew he died. I knew he was in the hospital but not why or if he had recovered. My boyfriends grandma knocked at the door and said someone was on the phone for him and i couldnt bring myself to say anything. When i heard him sobbing i went to him and held him. I told him later that day about the dream and he knew i was telling the truth because I had told him the day prior what i was feeling and he felt the damp sheets from my sweat that night. All he asked was that if i ever have a dream about him then let him know but it doesn’t happen like that. It’s always people connected to people that I love and am close to.
      The 1st time this happened was when I was 16 I was going through a Lesbian phase and the girl i was dating lived with her grandma. Her grandma didnt like me in the past but we had gotten cool and one night i had a dream she died and that someone had called me after my first period class to say “Call N, her grandma passed away.” I kept saying i didnt want to but I ended up calling her and she was devestated. That morning i woke up I was freaking out and told my best friend but she said it’s okay it was just a dream. We went to school and after first period the call came. Her grandma died. When i called to tell her she didn’t answer but when she called me back she said she already knew.
      I had a dream a while ago (8months or so) about my now 7 year old nephew he was drowning and no matter what i did i could not save him. I don’t know what it means but i’m terrified. I had him for the first 2 years of his life after i lost my baby that would have been born 1month after him. He lives with my grandma now and there are a lot of kids in the house, 2 mentally ill (schizo) adults and my grandpa. I’m trying to figure out if that dream was truly about him or someone else’s kid or if it was a sign to try to save his mom, my sister who lives a very dangerous street lifestyle and was recently thrown out of a 3rd story window by her boyfriend and walked away with a gash (although arterial cut by the glass that almost caused her to lose her arm) in her arm which is what I feel it might have been telling me. I am terrified in either case…Im not sure what to do..

    210. Kumar says:

      I have dreamt about my dad dead from almost 1 yr in 2008 and multiple times and he actually died in 2009 . I wish i could have stopped it

    211. Ghada says:

      That happens to me, my sister and father a lot therefore we actually never thought it was strange
      I personally realized that when i say “oh i’ve seen this in my dream today” and people would be surprised

    212. B says:

      I had a dream I was laying with my 10 year old son helping him to fall asleep. ( Like I usually do) he asks me ” mom how can we live forever on earth” in my dream I grabbed my Bible n told him ” yes it’s true, you need to read this book , the Bible and it is possible.
      The very next day as I was trying to put him to bed he out of the blue asked me that very same thing… I paused , cause right then I remembered my dream from the night before. I thought to myself should I brush it off or tell him exactly what I said. So I told him, exactly what i said in my dream and he was as shocked as I was After I told him … I just could not believe that happened!! Amazed me!

    213. Rosemary says:

      Once i had a dream i was with some firends but i didnt know them then we moved to a different town that iv never been to and thoes friends were there i didnt notice till one night i was out and had experienced my dream it was really weird but i didt think any thing of it

    214. Jackie says:

      I had a dream in July that my mother was going to die. In my dream I got a call and it was a man telling me my mother had passed away. It was so intense that I called my mother the next day and told her about my dream, how he felt so real and it really hurt me. Then probably a month later she told me she had a dream she died. Then October came and I got a call from my moms phone. I was so excited to see that she was calling I had plan on joking with her like I usually do, but when I answered the phone it was a man, the same man I heard in my dreams. He was telling me that my mom passed away. I want to drop the phone because I had already been through this and was was feeling the horrible feeling I felt in my dreams. My soul was crushed. This is one of many things that I have dreamed that have come true. The other things I have seen in my dreams were small things. Like hanging with friends or dreaming of dropping something.

      • Josefina says:

        I understand what you mean. I believe in a way God prepares us for what’s to come. I had a dream that my Uncle Pablo died last week and I started to pray. I found out last night that my Uncle Mariano passed away. I have a lot of uncles. But I had a feeling that one of them might pass away and it would be someone who is pure and good. My condolences to you and your family. I’m sure she was good and pure.

    215. Chi says:

      When i was 18 i had an uncle who i hadnt seen for years come visit my brother. whilst he was there at the unit that me and my brother shared at the time i could feel this Uncle glaring at me when i stepped out of the shower in a towel to walk 2 steps to my bedroom which was right next to the bathroom. That night i had a dream that this Uncle kissed me on the vagina. I remember waking up from the dream feeling confused, scared and disturbed…but i told myself it was nothing but a dream so i went back to sleep and forgot about it.

      2 weeks later my brother travelled up north to visit my parents and left me alone in the Unit. I stayed because i was sitting my final school exams in a couple of weeks. This Uncle came to my door when my brother had left and he lied to me saying that my parents had called him and that i was to go with him because they were going to call me back. We didnt have a phone in our unit at the time. so anyway i went with this Uncle and he ended taking me back to his house and he raped me.

      I ended up taking this uncle to court and he got 3 years for the rape. but this dream opened my eyes to the fact that this dream was warning me of coming danger….opened my eyes to the meaning of dreams and how they could be psychic or messages.

    216. Kirsty says:

      I get dreams. I’m in to superpowers and everything, but I honestly didn’t believe they could manifest in real life. I’m 18 years old and I’ve had these dreams since I was 8. They aren’t very interesting or useful, and they actually revolve around school. But their always incredibly realistic so I have to be careful because sometimes my body mimics what happens in the dream (so going to the toilet, eating something, having a fight). It’s normally about what will happen in the school day, or a lesson we’ll be having. The longest gap between the dream and the actual event has only been 5 days. The school never tells us what our next topic is and I’ve never learnt any of this stuff before, so I’m evidently very shocked when it happens. I also forget the dreams somtimes and then 10 minutes (ish) before it happens I kind of see it again- doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It happened in PE once, we were playing rugby and I was in the middle of running and I just stopped and everyone chasing after me smacked into me – it hurt. Apparently my friends say that when i have my ‘episodes’ my Iris disappears. One of my friends too a picture on their phone and my pupil doesn’t blow up and cover the iris, and the iris doesn’t shrink. It’s not there anymore. It comes back afterward but it’s not the same colour and it takes up to an hour for it go to blue again. The only way my dreams don’t come true is if I interrupt what’s happening, if I go against what happened and exclaim that I’ve already dreamt this. Or if I tell someone to stop walking before they trip over or if I walk down a different corridor with the person. It’s rather useful to avoid a lot of trouble. I have seen people get seiousky hurt before, one of the schools rooms (science lab) exploded in chemistry – it was a day when I was off sick but what happened was a 15 year old girl put the wrong chemical into her tube, the fumes reacted negatively with her partners tube and everything went “KABOOM” the worst I injury was the girl ending up with a broken piece of table leg get stabbed through her thigh and she had 3 broken ribs. It was scary though, as I was 11 at the time.

    217. Mel says:

      This has happened to me my whole life. I have very vivid lucid dreams abd have had them always. About 4 weeks ago I had a dream that I was at work closing up for the day and my sister was there. At the time she did not work there. The following week she got a job there and was scheduled to close with me, as we were working I got a flash of what I dreamt. It was happening the same positioning clothes everything was the same as my dream. This is just one example it happens all the time even with small things like driving and being at the store. What science explains as deja vu doesn’t quite equate with what happens to me.

    218. Mon says:

      This morning around 7am I dreamt that I man in grey was running towards a woman sitting near some trees in a public square I heard her scream and the sword slice her up and I woke up. I had a really bad feeling for some reason and I couldn’t figure out why, I googled man attacks woman with samurai sword and in breaking news a woman was attacked and killed by a man with a samurai sword in China. The scenery looked exactly the same with the trees and the square and the perpetrator was wearing grey. But the article came out in August 2015, what does this mean please help I’m very scared and can’t figure out what this means in any other forums. I had not seen something happening in the future but I had a dream about something that happened in the past

    219. Amelia says:

      When I was very young I went out and I fainted and ever since then I have had dreams that turn out to happen or sometimes I have these images in my head ,when this happens my eyes feel like they change colour but I thought they were not and one day when I had one these images my friend said that my eyes changed colour and I had never told my friend about these images. Until when I was older they started to get worse and more often. For example one night I had a dream that I was a passenger on a plane and a wing set fire and it went down and everyone died but the plane was never found. When I woke up the next day my mum was watching the news and a plane I had gone missing over night, but when I had my dream it felt like I was using one of the passengers eyes. Also when I was walking my dog in a grave yard one the path and when I was walking past a grave I could picture how the person died. Plus sometimes in everyday life I have some sort of day ja vu like I have been here in this moment before and I don’t know weather this is linked with my dreams but I can hear what people are saying from places along way away from me. I have looked very where for a answer but the only thing that is linked with me is a old legend from Ireland called a banshee but for some reason I don’t think it’s that.

      • Caitlin Scott says:

        Hi, ever since I was a child would always have deja vu everyday, my dreams felt so real and in ahead of time I realize I’ve seen them somewhere. As time got by I’ve started to got used to them and know what would happened next.. I would have dreams of winning my softball games and they would be spot on true, or when my mother had a stroke in the middle of night I woke up and before I knew it I was in her room as she was being rushed into the hospital. I’m not sure what to say or how to explain this but there is many other stories… and to this day I know when I have a dream I’ve seen it before in the future even in the past sometimes.

      • Ak says:

        I work in the medical field. One morning, I woke up out if a dead sleep…and could remember my dream so vividly. I had dreamt i walked into work… And as I turned the corner they were wheeling a man out on a stretcher, he had needed CPR and had passed away. I could not tell who it was, or if I even knew him. I woke up at around 8:30 WIDE AWAKE… By the time I got to work I hadn’t really thought any more about the dream until my partner tells me a man had died that morning… They had started the code around 8:10am, and it was called around 830!!
        I had never met this man!

    220. Ashanti says:

      Hey my name is ashanti and im a 8th grader.I’ve been experiences this everysince like 4 or 3. Its like everytime I have a dream it comes completely true the next day or a couple days after the dream. I would love to get more answers I really want to know.I’m very interested. I also had a dream about my science teacher in the hospital and now it is true. People at my school sayin he’s died and or he’s not breathing I still havent figured it out yet

    221. Jessica says:

      I’m not sure if it was a dream or a memory. But it’s strange. In My mom sees the chair rocking and thinks it’s me but i was actually sleeping at the end of the couch next to her. After that she looks over and see a light i want to say it was red, just floating in the middle of the ceiling and then it disappears. That all of it but i can remember it like it was a memory but it’s through my mother’s view. I also had a dream where i walked in on my sister having intercourse with the guy i liked, well the next day i notice they both had hickies so i asked him and he told that they did hook up.

    222. William says:

      I get dreams of incidents that were not happen till that day…but when I woke up in the morning I didn’t remember the whole dream….but after few days when the same incident happen Infront of me I get clarity of my dream…and I can feel those things happened before…all I want to know is…why these dreams are coming to me…..
      Ex: one day I got dream of accident to my relative…after some days same thing happened in real….

      • Erin Renes says:

        I was looking to find some answers as to why I have had numerous experiences identical to yours. However the person is not identifiable until something triggers it, usually by familiarity of touch or glance of an item for example I didn’t know I had this dream when I woke that following morning but a few days later I was with my grandmother while she was getting a katscan and it was her shoes that triggered my memory, she passed less than a week there after.
        I only dream about death. Thank God it’s only two or three, usually 3 times a year but I can’t help but to feel I’ve taken part because they must be warning right? Can I prevent these deaths from happening?
        If you received any answers or maybe we could be helpful to each other by experience or possibly by understanding? I’ve heard sometimes people never find thee answers. Maybe it’s not for us to?

      • Anshi says:

        This is exactly what happens to me or even when i m walking across a place i have never been and i realise that i have seen this place whether in my imagination or dream.

    223. Kirsten says:

      I’ve had a dream where everyone was trying to comfort me because if something that happened… I got tired of everyone telling it’s alright and they felt so bad, and I got sick of it. That next day, when I came home with my mom and dad, I walked around, then they started yelling at each other. I ran outside to wait. It quieted down, and I walked inside. I sat on the couch and my dad was on the other. “I asked what it was about, and he told me but, right before he told me, I knew. I got this feeling, and my thoughts went back yo that dream. Later on EVERYONE tried to comfort me. I’ve had many others. Like my one friend turning on me. The dreams always have the same meaning, but not the same surroundings. Like, in the dream, I could be on a giant boat, but irl Im at school. The exact words don’t happen, but hey. Give my mind credit.

    224. noonespecial says:

      In the year 2001 I had a dream that “gorilla” warfare fighters where running through the jungle… Eventually one of them got onto a plane. I was on that plane. The plane took off from the airport and took an abrupt left turn towards a city. Everyone on the plane was screaming. The plane gained speed and crashed (with me in it) into the “gurters” of a building. A week later I woke up to see planes crashing into the twin towers of the world trade center. When I first saw the television footage on 9/11/2001 I thought it was a dream. I have carried around this feeling of guilt for decades. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

    225. Fernanda Rivera says:

      I’ve had them ever since I can remember as I’ve grown older they are less often. I have only changed one, (they’ve always been about parts of my life) I changed it by noticing it was happening and telling my mother what happened. In other times I have noticed that if I have a dream and tell someone it doesn’t come true. What I would like to know is if anyone knows a way to train in order to have ten more often o longer, mine last a few seconds.

    226. Erica says:

      Back in the beginning of 2009 I had a really vivid dream that I was standing in a kitchen and these two small children came running into the room. They were twins. One boy one girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. I was standing by the counter and who I gather was the father of the children was behind me with his arms wrapped around me. I couldnt see his face only his eyes and they were green. In this dream I knew that they were my family. My mother at the time was pregnant and hadnt even had her first ultrasound yet. Well when she found out it was a girl she said thank god its not twins and looked at me and told me that it would be my luck to get hit with it. At the time I had no clue twins even ran in my family. Apparently it skips a generation but it skipped 2 this time. Fast forward to this year. I found out in march that I was pregnant. With fraternal twins boy/girl. The father has green eyes and mine are brown. I have had strange dreams before that gave me deja vu days after I had a dream but this one has been by far the one that I have remembered every detail of.

    227. Katerina says:

      I feel like my whole life has been guided by dreams. I have very clear, realistic dreams and I dream almost every night since a small child. When I was 4 i dreamt being chased and bitten by a pack of dogs and since then i have a big fear of dogs. My phobia of spiders developed after I had a terrible nightmare with spiders when i was 12.
      I had a couple of dreams that came true when I was a child – meeting a friend or unexpected guests arriving at my oarents house or etc. Since then I didn’t experience a dream that came true (until yesterday). Yesterday at work a dream came back to me from a year ago. I was doing my job (i am recently employed at a restaurant), and suddenly something like a vision hit me and I remembered dreaming the exact setting of my current workplace, doing exactly what I am doing. It is a very strong feeling I can’t get rid of since yesterday. I remember a lot of my dreams, and this dream came to me a year ago of me working in the restaurant that I am working now. So, my dream came true with quite a delay, but oh my god, the details of my dream are astonishing – the place is exactly the same. And that restaurant is rather new in the city – less than an year since they opened it, so how could have I known? I am baffled, surprised and astonished.

    228. Tifffany says:

      I had an aunt who had a dream about my dad winning something from a lottery. It became true, he only won $100, though.

    229. Lena says:

      I had a dream a couple of months ago that I was helping my little brothers find their classrooms on their school schedules at their middle school orientation. I was walking up and down the halls filled with students / parents. And today, I experienced what I had dreamt. The buildings were the same as they were in my dream, I was walking at the same pace and my brothers were following me. I have never been to this school before. It’s mind blowing.

    230. tabitha mackieson says:

      hi i have been having been having dreams that comes true either months later or days later since i was 6 yrs old. it is only days when i experience the day that i dream about and it happens alot.

    231. Dhruv Sharma says:

      And again it happened today. i saw in the dream that bus driver went on to a sloppy road which was too steep such that there was low friction and at a point bus lost contact with the road and the bus eventually got upside down due to hill above.
      And today i saw a news where a bus in Jammu eventually “Slipped” off the road as driver loast control and the accident occur. the dream was also in the hilly regio which came to me. :/

    232. Pat. says:

      I had a dream that the nursing home my grandfather is living in, they are putting him in hospices I had this dream a week before I found out they put him in hospices. I also had another dream (witch I hope does not come true.) were my dad passed away because of his cancer and my mom stopped eating.

    233. Dreams that comes true says:

      I had a dream 12 years and months ago that I was playing with a baby boy who was about 6 or 8 months and, I ask myself in the dream who’s baby is this? Somebody in my dream told me is yours. I was shock and scare because I did had a boyfriend but, I wasn’t planing to get pregnant. Later during the week my sister call me on the phone and, told me the same thing that she had a dream that I was pregnant. I got really scare and decided to do a pregnancy test at home and, yes I was pregnant and, I didn’t even knew. I when to the doctor and he said that “I was already 3 months pregnant.” I have a 12 years beautiful boy and I love him so much! I do have a girl and had the same dream with her. I had another dream of my cousin that she was pregnant. I call her and ask her if she had a boyfriend and if she wasn’t planing to get pregnant to take care of herself ’cause she was going to get pregnant and it was going to be a girl. She laugh and told me that she didn’t believe me and, 3 months later she got pregnant and she had a girl and there’s a lot more dreams of people that I know and even of myself.

    234. Reece says:

      sometimes when I get bored I look at the wall and then my eyes closed and I have certain type of strange dreams and one time I had a dream that I was going to her birthday party and then I was walking around and then me and my brother sat at the table and ate a huge cake and then I woke up and didn’t it was my brother’s birthday day so me and him had a huge cake and we ate it but this occurred 4 weeks after I had this dream 4 weeks in 8 days I don’t know what this means and it’s been happening every since I was 5 and when I was 5 there was an old lady across the street that used to come up to me and saying weird things in a foreign language I think that’s what started this if anyone has any answers please let me know leave a message at my Gmail

    235. rich says:

      My dreams are constantly coming true. I first noticed this in 1998 when I had a dream about a hailstorm with tennis sized hailstones as well as a few others around the time. Started keeping a dream diary back then. These days I keep a digital copy of my dream diary on my phone which is constantly being updated. Generally there are two types of dreams; weird and normal. I’ve noticed that the normal realistic dreams are the ones that almost always come true. Some dreams will reveal more than one truth in the same dream, specific facts about specific people. There has to be some kind of quantum entanglement, or scientific explanation for this. In 2015 most of my dreams came true, or revealed something. More recently I started having vivid premonitions while awake.

    236. Amanda says:

      I have had strange physic things occur since I was a small child. But more recently dreams that are comming true. One after the other. ZTHE dream that started it all was a very very vivid dream of my boss laying in a hospital bed. I could see the gown he was wearing,the doctor who walked into the room and announced that there was a problem with his stomach and all of his co-workers around him. I saw each of there faces. (By the way we all work in a hospital) 3 days later he calls off because he drank ice cold water to fast in the heat and had an AFIB incident. He looked at me and said I’m sorry I laughed at you for warning me about your dream. Then 2 nights after and presently I have a nother and another sometimes clear as crystal sometimes not so clear. Like decipher a riddle.

    237. Dream Walker says:

      So I’m not too sure how many of these dreams are true. And to be quite honest my experiences are different. I have come to terms that my vivid dreams come true at one point in my life. To begin my dreams don’t come true within weeks and days. It’s taken months and more often years for them to come true. My first dream to come true was a soccer practice. It was an allstar season that I wasn’t very sure my team was going to get to. But we did. And I had a dream, I saw my teammates all arriving to the field ready for practice and one of them walked up to me and said, “It’s too hot to be playing soccer.” In the dream I just nodded and that’s it, nothing else. But when the regular season ended and allstars came up my team proceeded through and on a fateful Tuesday we had practice. I didn’t really think about the dream until my teammate came up to me and said, “It’s too hot to be playing soccer.” And when I chuckled and said, “Dude you said that last time.” She looked at me like I was crazy and I remembered that “last time” was my dream. When it first started happening I didn’t think too much of it. I thought it must be a crazy coincidence but now too many things have come true and it kind of creeps me out but it also amazes me. It’s not only dreams either I have so many different weird experiences. I guess I just kind of wanted to get that off my chest.

    238. Bruce (Jug) says:

      It’s pretty cool to see that I’m not the only one who this kind of stuff happens to. Ever since I was a kid I would have dreams, visions, or just being awake and knowing something was gonna happen…and they did. I will share a couple of stories that happen to me.

      A few months after hurricane Katrina I was in Texas and I had a dream that me and my sister was on a school bus going somewhere that I don’t know. And out the blue some lady stop the bus and told me and my sister that my mom was dead. I woke up and went to check on my mom and everything was ok. About 3 days later my mom was on her way back to New Orleans to check on her house. She call me and my sister and told us that my cousin was dead.

      Another dream I had….I was in a house or in an apartment and it was so dark that I could not see any light but from the street light that was shinning through the door way. All I could see was a man figure with dreads in the door way and he counted to 3 and I heard a gun shot then I woke up. I had post on facebook that I hate having dreams like. The next day I see on Facebook that one of my cousin said that he didn’t talked to our cousin for some time. 4 days after my dream, my cousin was found in a truck shot 3 times…smh.

      I had a dream that a friend of mine (who is like a cousin to me) was pregnant but it in up being her cousin (which one of my best-friends).

      My dreams are never straight forward they always comes to me like a riddle. I just hate having a dream when someone dies or get shot because they always come true but I just can’t do anything to help them. One that I do now is write my dreams down because it helps me remember the dream and I can compare my dream for what had really happen. I also meditate and started with Chakras, it helps out a lot for me because now I can control my dream. Another reason why I meditate is because the way I see things out my eyes I never met anyone who does and I’m trying to see if meditation will help me understand what I see.

      The best way that i can explain what I see is…When I look at the sky or anything else I see something that look like a pulse, a continual pules. When I look at the sky I see the blue sky and the white clouds, but I still see this pules. In away it looks like its trying to focus or something. Even when I meditating at times I can see something as if I was dreaming, It would play as clear as if I was watching television.

      It is a lot that goes on with me that I don’t understand that happens with me. A lot of people call me crazy but I know that I’m not and I know what happens to me. But if anyone wants to email me you can at

    239. Emily says:

      I’ve had many dreams where they’ve came true. Actually one of the reasons why I’m up right now was because of a dream, woke up and realized it just happened right in my city at 3am. I had a dream about a shooting, a male shooter running shooting a rifle. Turns out my friend is a police officer and told me they were on a hunt for a guy who stole a rifle and shot at the cops.

      Another one was I had a dream about air plane crashes.. I’ve had tons and I’m telling you they all come true. Remember the missing Malaysia air fight? Yup I had a dream the night before that a plane went missing into the ocean and well guess what.. I woke up to seeing that on the news and I was so surprised.

      My parents took a flight out one evening and I told them” be careful I had a dream last night about a plane crash, you won’t get hurt but some people will” turns out the next flight out crashed down.

      Those are just some stories but I thought I’d share my most recent ones 🙂

    240. Tazy says:

      I.dreamed a guy wouldn’t be around & three people would b reason why 1 year later he was found dead& three guys n my dream we’re picked up for his murder .I dreamed of a lady wit jeans & blue hoodie next day I.met a lady n.jeans &blue hoodie I.dreamed I was shot my mom shpt & stabd n.back ..her man left her 1 week after she co.sign.for his car

    241. Julia says:

      So far 5 of my dreams came to be true. I do not remember my dreams much often, 3 of the 5 were warnings if I had the wisdom of listening I could have prevented 3 bad events or at least minimized bad consequences. 2 were just prophecies of events to come. How can I tune more into my dreams and make something meaningful of them?

    242. sam says:

      i’ve had small dreams before when i’ve dreamt just little things happen like my family planning to come round or sometimes the weather when i think about it a lot and the next day or a few days or even a month later they’ve happened maybe i some how made them happen myself without knowing and the weather is really pedictable in london or maybe i really saw what was suppose to happen but but after what dreamed about im really scared.

      what i’ve realised about these dreams is that they are all really realistic and seem like there really happening i can feel the joy the pain and small little details that you would not notice in a normal dream and cause i have normal dreams i’ve realised the differences. i also lucid dream which is pretty cool.
      my mum had this accident when she was younger in her teens which caused her to be in a coma and she told me that she had an outer body experience and since then she is able to project herself the places she wants to go while sleeping i think thats pretty amazing and maybe thats got some part to play in how i am.

      i had this terrible dream where i was hanging out with my old friends and because one of them had a argument with my mum i took a break from all of them but now im kinda back in touch with them we were hang out like old times in this park behind my block of flats and we were joking and laughing it was late and then my mum shouted down at me saying how i should not be around them because of what happened and started to mumble while walking away so i told them that i had to go and they walked round with me. i was saying my goodbyes and one of my friends shouted my name and told me to look up. my mum was there on the balcony climbing over the railings and she looked straight in my eyes then jumped.
      i ran over to her and she was crying out in pain and i was shouting out to call an ambulance i was hugging her and there was blood everywhere and the tears rolling down my face felt so real i woke up i had never in my life ever had a dream like that it felt as if it was happening to me for real.
      my mum is not suicidal and i haven’t told her about this dream and im not going to i cant tell her something like that.
      the thing is one of my friend invited me out to hang on wednesday and i said i would, i haven’t seen any of them in ages and it would be great for me to reconnect with them.
      im scared because even though she is not suicidal im still scared if something like this could happen, but i’ve never had a dream like this before im 16 and my mum is the only person who i turn to for advice my dad passed away when i was little so i can’t ask him.

      i need help!!!

    243. Jan April says:

      This past few weeks, something weird is happening to me. First, I dreamt about strangers dying. My dream is very detailed. I saw exactly how they were killed. But I Ignored it. I thought it was just a bad dream until this one night when suddenly my friend sent me a msg. on I.G. telling me stories about people who died in their town the same way people died in my dream. Weird. Next, is my brother. This one is very disturbing. I saw him in my dream DEAD his body was in the sewer. His upper body was stuck inside but the lower part of his body (legs) were exposed. But No! He didn’t die and I hope and pray that he’s always safe and nothing bad happens to him. One time I was watching the news and something caught my attention.. A lot of bodies found in different cities. Police Officers said they were drug related. They showed the body of the victims. The Upper bodies were censored but the lower part exposed. Last night I had a dream about a little girl. She was so excited to see me. She even gave me a tight hug and sweet kisses..then we saw people passing by with balloons in their hands and we started to count each person with a balloon. And when I woke up this morning, I got out of my room and saw 2 balloons on our couch. That’s the reason why I’m here. Trying to figure it out.

    244. Clara says:

      Because of this, I have been able to prevent a lot of things that happened at school. One night I drempt of a moment at school where someone was running down that stairs and pushed two kids, one of them broke their arm, and the other broke their leg. I saw the time on the clock. So the next day at that exact time, I hurried and pushed the kids out of the way, and neither one of them got hurt. People think it’s weird.

    245. Nicholas says:

      sometimes when i walk around with my friends or family have some scence that i stare at a amount then realize that i saw this in my dream before like instead of predicting bad things i predicted what was gonna happen like my friend gonna do this or that. i always feel awkward for this and wanted an ans for this thing like almost now and then i see scenes in real life that i saw in my dream before

    246. Dhruv Sharma says:

      ok , i dont know if its a psychic dream or what dream. but i just had a dream tonight about a plane crash and whole dream was about the plane crash event . no broken stories /dreams in between. i goes like was in a plane and another was just outside the window and too close and that ppane overtook our plane from above to the right side. and no one saw it,only i experienced it as hands were on the surface of plane beside window and got a electric shock feeling. and after few moments what i see is left wing turbine engine was burning in flames and rhen there was an emergency landing at the road and people were safe . and the plane again with only wing flew feom the accident site to the destination. while on the strip there were iron bards onboth side. the plane was not allowed to stop and then took a turn and after few metres one person said the plane to stop. now when i woke up i red an article about investigation for flight 370 malasiyan is called of which is believed to first went west and the turned south. and i found it too relative. :/
      thank you if you rwd it.

    247. Kjo says:

      I have dreams that come to life. Several actually. I dreamed once, that a male voice informed that ISIS was coming. This was years prior to the knowledge of their existence. I had a dream that I was searching for a young boy in the woods, but as he was directing me to his position, I was lost in darkness, only to find him hanging from a tree. The next day, I awoke to the news that a local boy had hung himself in the woods at our community park. I had a dream that I was walking along side a deceased girl (family friend), and she was informing me that her husband was having an affair with her best friend, the night she passed away, a week later, the news broke of the affair and a love child between the two. I had a dream of a toddler going missing in the woods, the next day, a 2 year old disappeared in the woods in TN. I once dreamed that my step daughter was missing and everyone in the family was searching for her, 3 weeks later, my step daughter disappeared (she has since returned), but the entire family rallied around finding her. I’ve dream of my boyfriend’s infidelity, a month later, it was confirmed. None of this took place until I had a near death experience (technically it was death). Since that day, nothing has been the same. Has anyone else experienced these “dreams” following a near death experience?

    248. Rose says:

      Hi im rose i always dreaming about my ex lover and last year i always dreamed he’ll be back and it came true but he go back again to korea an now again im dreing about him a while ago only am i unconciuos only or is that going to be real because im about him this year several times …please give me some advise

    249. unknown says:

      hey m 21 yeras old.i dont knw wat is happening to me ..when i was 8th standard i saw dream about one of my trip tht just occured 2 months before..another dream was about my uncles death
      can u please explain wat is is happening.

    250. Sabrina says:

      I have had many dreams that have later come true. I have had dreams like this since I was a young girl. They have scared me. I can most of the time tell which dreams they are that are going to come true as well. They are so vivid in my mind when I wake up. And sometimes I wake up in a panic state crying if they are bad dreams. And sometimes they are things that really aren’t that big of a deal. For instance once I dreamed my cousin that was living with us knocked on my bedroom door and said she was walking to the store. When I woke up she knocked on my door and said she was walking to the store. Another time when I was 11 I dreamed of this house I had never been to. I dreamed of the big columns on the porch. I dreamed I was sitting on the steps of the house and told my sister in law that she would never see her son again because he was going to live in that house form now on. I woke up and told my sister in law about the dream, She said it described her mothers house to a T. Well her mother ended up taking her son away from her and getting custody of him she never saw him again.

    251. Stephen says:

      I had a drug overdose on meth and ghb and since then I have dreams that come true every day everytime I sleep I see something new its been kind of a comfort I still am having them and its been 2 years since the overdose I am living in Houston texas and I still have the dreams continually I have also seen things to come in the future and they are still coming true ive see 2 rockets that take off on or around april 2017 and this is going to be a major event I know I have been blessed with a gift I ask everyone to not freak out but take it as a gift I know I am comforted and soon everyone will see that a blessed event is going to open everyones eyes . I can also sun gaze anytime of day at the sun for long periods of time a lot of people here call me the prophet. blessed be to all of you.

    252. Ivon says:

      I don’t know what you would call this but whenever i dream that i am pregnant or that i am with a baby, someone i know is expecting a child. This has been going on for about 3 years, and so far i haven’t been wrong. This is usually the only time where i can predict a future event. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

    253. Sarah says:

      My dreams are very random, but on many occasions have come true. I’ve had dreams about meeting certain ppl and dreams about things I didn’t know existed until I googled them the next morning. Very strange, they’re becoming more frequent.

    254. Jacob says:

      I dream about small things like I’m gonna be at a certain place with certain people doing a certain thing then it happens in real life like deja vu but it’s exactly as it was in my dream

    255. Karime says:

      Since I was very little i had very surreal dreams. They seemed so insignificant at the time like me sitting in a class working on a project with people whose faces were blanked out or me talking about a movie that has not even come out. Years later these dreams would come true. Most people say oh no it was just dejavu you never actually dreampt it…but I know for a fact I did, and the age I did it at. Now that im 26 the time spans between the dream and when it happens seems to be shortening but more frequent. I cant help but fear that once I get to the day I dream of something and it happens that will be the end of me. Who knows maybe that will just be the last dream I ever have of what’s to come next. I know Ive tried to change the reality of the dream several times but when I do its like the memory of it changes as well but the outcome itself stays the same. I don’t know what all of it means and truly its not frieghtning just confusing. I just wish that when I had these dreams i could know of the time they will happen to be prepared like when I got my promotion I dreampt of it happening 3 years ago and at the time I was in a completely different job field so I had no idea if it was real or just my mind wandering off in my sleep praying for a better income. What if im just hitting the end of my ropes hitting where I am supposed to be in life and these dreams are just helping .make sure I stay on the right track ..I guess I will never really know until its the end

    256. Sanja says:

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I have lucid dreams on the regular and never know whether its just a dream or a psychic experience. I’ve had my dreams come true multiple times. Now when I dream something random, I voice it first thing in the morning to my boyfriend just to make sure I’m not having a Dejavu experience.

      The biggest mystery for me was when I dreamt about my coworker being pregnant. She was 6 months pregnant in my dream. At that point, her and her husband were trying to get pregnant for years with no luck. They even considered adoption, but every time they started the process, they would stop. When I told her about the dream the next day, she laughed it off and said hopefully it comes true. After I left the company, my friend text me and said that she was pregnant. When I found out about the pregnancy, it was about 6 months after I left the company. She just had the baby, who is healthy and absolutely adorable!

    257. Kieran says:

      I’m only 13, don’t know if age has anything to do with it but I’ve been having dreams like that since I was really young but not so much to do with death but I sometimes get dreams about something Happening and then they do. I’ve had the same dream since I was born it’s me throwing these things (don’t know what they) but they have a curtain touch and feeling when you touch them and just a week ago and today I’ve been experiencing the same touch from my dream in real life, now I don’t know if it means anything but just thought I would share my story even though I’ve had other dreams come true

    258. Julie says:

      Over the course of my life I have had a few premonitions that have shockingly come true. Sometimes I taste a food in my mouth suddenly, and find out later that my husband ate that food earlier in the day while he was at work. But today is the craziest. Last night I dreamed that a bird was lying injured in front of me and I had to kill it to put it out of its suffering. I didn’t know how to kill it so I stepped on its head. It was a horrible dream, but I didn’t even think about it today. I had forgotten I dreamed it….until… I heard a loud “thud” a few minutes ago. My heart sank when I realized a bird had just flown into my sliding glass door. It was laying on the ground injured in the exact position as my dream last night. A bird has never hit that door before. This is the first time. The bird died within 2 minutes, and I am so grateful because I really wouldn’t have been able to kill it in real life. I cannot understand how I dreamed this, then it really happened. It scares me a little. Kinda freaky…

    259. Marie says:

      I dream of the deaths and births of people.

    260. Katie Turner says:

      Hi my name is Katie turner, I’m 16 and ever since I was 3-4 I’ve had dreams where I can see something that’s gonna happen or has already happened but I dream about before I learn about the situation or event. When I was little my aunt’s dog was kidnapped and I had a dream about the whereabouts of the dog and when we went to the guy that had her but he denied it so we snuck around the barn he had and found her exactly where I saw her. And recently I dreamt that my brother found cancer in his back and well today I learned that he was checked for cancer in his throat and I’m worried that it’s true and that they aren’t goin to catch it but when I tell my family about it they laugh and say it was just a dream but I believe it’s something more. Usually I can tell if there real or not but this one is hard to tell, sometimes I’m not sure if it’s psychic or Deja vu.


    261. Jsnwhabai says:

      I’ve had sooo many dreams that came true lol like almost al of them. My dreams will come true the next day later on that year or like 5 years later it all just depends. But at least some aspect of every dream always comes true

      One dream I had n middle school was of my science teacher wearing a big red shirt and the next day he wore that exact shirt I dreamt of. It was a new shirt too he’d never worn it before and no he didn’t tell us about a new shirt he had ahead of time lol.

      One creepy one was this nightmare I had. It was jus a bunch of crazy weird fast moving images, pictures, and scenes. It was set up like the American horror story theme song (That type of weird). And one of the scenes was going up a dark grey stair well and then seeing a door opened at the top of the stairwell and it was really dark n there. And then the scene just stopped once it got to the door and paused for a while…. Thennnn when we took my sister to her dorm on her first year of college later on that year… We accidentally went up one flight to high when bringing her luggage to her doem. We were at the highest point in the dorm and I was literally looking at that scene I had n my nightmare. Except the door was closed. I don’t know what happened in that room but probably something evil. The college she went to was on a tv show for being allegedly haunted and it did used to be a slave plantation as well so who knows how haunted that area is.

      I will also have many dreams about being in certain settings and I will be in that exact place later in life. For instance, the first time I ever went into my boyfriends house was junior year of high school but I dreamt of his room years before I ever went in there.

      • Jsnwhabai says:

        Also when I tell people my dreams they tend to not come true for whatever reason..When I tell people this they think I’m crazy though..I knew I wasn’t crazy

    262. james says:

      ok so I haven’t had one in a long time but back in my younger years I would get the about twice a month. They’d be crystal clear when i’d awake detail for detail. Butthrn these moments in time wouldn’t happen until weeks somethimes up to a month in tike. Peoeple I’ve asked about this will say you wouldremember it and do what you did in the dream, follow it if you will. Now I sse it as different, I’m not tring to sound like a loon but I do belive that if so many of us have this phenomenon occur to use, plus lots more who haven’t seen this post then we must be actually be capable of something that is once again no understood by humans about humans.

    263. Elliot says:

      I’ve had two dreams where our house is being bombed and I’m now scared. Ive had other dreams where the U.S. is attacked and there is nothing living left.

    264. Elliot says:

      I have those all the time. Done make me feel happy, though some don’t. I’ve had two dreams exactly the same where people were bombing our house. Then another which I had twice where the U.S. was being attacked and everyone was killed. This hasn’t happened yet, and I’m a little scared.

    265. Christopher says:

      In 2005, I had a 3 part dream that picked up right where I left off. I slept, woke up to use the restroom, went back to sleep, right back into the same dream, and did that again in the same night/dream. Litteraly, a 1 night trilogy. Whats strangest is the dream was about a unified alliance of the middle east, north korea and china invading the u.s. by way of ground force under Radar, by way of bribing mexico and take over the nukes in mcrd san diego, and holding us hostage with our own weapons. I recently read that ISIS camps were confirmed on the texas/mexico border and rumors of briefcase size nukes were sold to ISIS via russia. I have shared this with my close friends years ago, now they are looking at me like WTF! I have also had deja vu since I was 13 or 14, always a still image like a still frame or cell, or like a single slide from a slide show. I am 40 now, back when I was in my teens and 20’s it would occur @ twice yearly, now its 3-4 times a week.

      • Christopher says:

        I was also shot in a drive-by when I was 16, I lost over 4 pints of blood, so my heart stopped for a bit, then they brought me back, the shotgun blast blew out my femoral artery, and mass nerve damage. When they resuscetated me, I was asked for written consent to amputate, I said F U, Id rather drift back to sleep, shortly after I was told a special vascular doctor was flying in. I was told Id keep my leg but never walk, I told the Doc about my destiny in the Army. He said, at best I might walk via a cane or crutches. I ended up plowing thru time n pain and am now a 7 yr Army Veteran, 2 tours Iraqi Freedom, medically retired, own my own non profit llc. reaching out to other vets against all odds. Lesson? Always get a second opinion, your own! I’ve been @ the world as an M.P. the S.R.T., sniper detail, protective service detail and bought drugs & guns undercover for a year @C.I.D. skys the limit?

    266. Anjela Shirin says:

      I often dream psychic dreams and they come true…. Wn i was in 4th stndrd i had a dream whr i was jst roaming around wd mu bddies n syng smthng… Dt exct dream cme true… N i flt so familiar with the situation.. Its not d frst tym dt its hs hppnd to me…. Some pranks dialogues n evn some dresses n fights i dreamt of cme true… N wn its actually cmng true i cud almst predict wt ws going to hpn nxt

      • Anthony says:

        Has anyone ever had multiple dreams that have happened in the space of a few weeks, all come true and are all linked to a certain goal they have set themselves

    267. Melissa says:

      I’ve had dreams that came true. I’ve had dreams about my future like for example: a few months ago I had a dream that I was walking to a friends and on my way, I saw a bird with a broken wing walk In front of me and it looked up and stared at me for a few seconds then ran. The next morning I was walking to a friends (forgetting the dream) then the same exact thing happened. I saw the bird with the broken wing walk in front of me, stare then run away. I have dreams like this about twice a month.
      Another thing is that I have dreams of the past than have happened to someone else, for example. A couple years ago I had a dream that I was walking down the stares the fell hit my head and blacked out, then I heard someone cry out loud “SELENA” which is my best friends name.
      The next day, at school my best friend told me she had a dream about her past, an incident that happened when she was younger, hitting her head.. I realized we had the same dream except it was her last and I was looking through her eyes. Idk if we were connected in any way, there are times where me and her look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking. The dream about my best friends incident has only happened to me once , but I have had some dreams through other people’s eyes. I don’t feel like this is deja vu.

    268. Prem Raval says:

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      or Fb me at .

      Prem Raval

    269. LOUISA says:

      Hi it started when I was young lost my mother when I was 10 years old
      I had this strange feeling that something was going to happen that day and it did . My mother send me and 2 sisters to my Grandma and when I got by my grandmother. I told my Grandma
      that my mother was going to die. My Grandmother said no such thing will happen.
      That night at about 12 we got the phone call that my mother had passed on
      Ever since I had dreams of family that will die and the next morning I will cry
      and my Grandma will say my dreams wont come true.but it did
      I don’t know whats wrong with me

      • Lisa says:

        I have dreams of family members or friends dying and it has always come true. They don’t actually die in my dream, I just dream about being at a funeral or a loved one who has passed coming and taking away a person. I feel like I’m crazy. Usually I don’t know who is going to pass, but it always happens shortly after my dream. I had one last night and now I’m freaked out that someone is going to pass. I don’t know who it was in my dream I just know it was a young boy. Ahhhh!!! Maybe if I talk about it, like I read on this feed, it won’t happen.

    270. Chell says:

      After reading so many comments it feels nice to know I’m not alone. I’ll try to make my story short. My dreams are often realized within two to three days. First one was of a river rising above it’s usual height. Just three days later the state river was close to flooding all the homes along its shores. Another dream was my meeting two babies, twins to be precise, a boy and a girl. I work at a resort so it’s not uncommon to come across babies once in a while. But I came across a guest who was standing next to a stroller with two babies. They were wearing matching outfits so I asked the mother if they were twins, of course she said yes, but when i asked if they were a boy and a girl she looked surprised saying they were. I tried to think of it as pure coincidence, until one night my dream involved baby animals. Now one of my cats were pregnant at the time so I naturally assumed I was dreaming of kittens. That is until the following day when I was working at the outdoor part of the resort I came across something amazing. Baby foxes. With the mother nowhere in sight i got my supervisor. Turns out those little guys had been there for a while and were a little light. If they weren’t found they would have probably died of starvation. While more of my dreams seems to come into reality little by little I find myself wondering if this is just temporary or if it’s going to stay with me my whole life.

    271. jessica says:

      I just had a dream last night about a german shepherd i named Rex. I loved him. I woke up and told my husband about him. I have some dog sale pages on facebook that i never check. I decided to look a few hours later and saw a german shepherd that looks exactly like the one in my dream at a very affordable price.

    272. Tania says:

      when i was 5 yrs i had a dream of my grandma dead days after i found out she died!
      As a teen i always had this dream of a ghost in my house, i would also feel it near me specially in the closet by the restroom.
      Another dream i had was that the firefighters and ambulance were in front of my house minutes after i woke up they actually arrived across my house.
      Another dream i had was that my uncle that was in jail he was bailed out and a week later he arrived to our house.
      Every time i would feel or sense something in my house i would hear this beep sound from far away like if the t.v. is on but it wasn’t. After my mother and i moved out from the building i didn’t have no mo re dreams or feel anything. My friend says i have a gift but now its gone could it be?

    273. Ariana says:

      I have so stand dreams where they actually happen. For example I navigated one of my friends through a neighborhood that I have never been in, except for my dream.

    274. Aline says:

      I lado have dreams that comes true! But is only about my life! I see in my dreams things that’s going to happen, it’s almost like something showing me. I believe it’s god! It all started when I was around 12 years old. But it is not often.

      • Bee2323 says:

        I have the same exact thing, it’s only about me or my life never anyone elses, and they don’t happen alot, have you noticed If you tell someone the dream it won’t come true? My dreams are kinda negative in a way, like one time know lie, my ex had a girl pregnant I dreamed of the baby 2 months before, but anyway glad to know I’m not only on this dream thing

    275. Ethel says:

      As a kid I often walked and talked in my sleep and had some pretty bizarre dreams but none as clear or odd as the one I had when I was probably around six years old.
      In my dream I was being gently shaken by my mother who said, “Ethel wake up, we’re going garage sale-ing.”
      I got up and looked out my window and discovered it was so early the windows were too fogged up to see out of. My mom led me to the kitchen where my sister was sitting. She sat in her matching red pajamas in the first chair on the left, far side of the table and was sitting on her knees eating Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal. I poured myself Trix cereal (when they still had the shapes and not just the puffs). I sat across from my sister and my mom came over and gave me two Flintstone’s gummy vitamins, I believe they were red and blue but I do think remember which shapes. Then all of a sudden I was in the car with my mom and sister and I saw a woman in a black coat walking a large black dog.
      In the real world I woke to my mother gently shaking me awake saying, “Ethel wake up, we’re going garage sale-ing.” I got up and everything in my dream unfolded in extreme detail, so much so that over ten years later I still remember most of it.
      As a young kid I had my strange, random dreams that I would quickly forget. However now I often get these feelings of deja vu and think to myself, “I dreamt of this a very, very long time ago.”
      For example, a few days ago I spent the night at my friends house and we watched a movie. Two of her little sisters were with us and they were both in early elementary school. One of them said to me, “I could watch movies all day.” And I had a moment where everything became very vivid and it all felt strangely familiar. I remembered when I was just as young I had a dream I was at somebody’s house, abput to watch a movie, and a young kid told me that they could watch movies all day.
      It was a weird memory but it matched up eerily similar to a few days ago. The strangest thing is that I had the dream when I was in elementary school and I hadn’t even met that friend until late middle school.
      There have been innumerable accounts of me remembering moments that I had dreamt of years prior to it actually happening. They all are dreams from when I was little so I don’t know if I’ll have any dreams like that now or ever. I’ve stopped sleep walking and sleep talking so I probably stopped dreaming dreams like that.

      • John P says:

        I recall the same thing happening as a kid, and I feel like as a kid I was more in tune with dreaming and remembering those events actually coming true months later . I’ve always questioned my dreams but always thought of it as de ja vu until someone told me
        They might be premonitions ! As I got older this has not gone away but if I can tap into it more as adult I would love to know how .

    276. Rose says:

      Every single night for the past two weeks i’ve dreamed that my boyfriend has cheated on me, each dream is with a new girl. I don’t know whether i’m dreaming this because i’m afraid of him cheating on me or if my dreams are trying to say something. call me crazy all you want this is just super weird. let me know what you think.

      • Jenny says:

        Hey just to let you know my experiences, I have had dreams of boyfriends cheating on me and could see in clear detail what was going on , it turns out I was right ,and when confronted one boyfriend had a sleepless night thinking I had cameras in the hotel room he cheated in! Hope yr boyfriend hasn’t cheated on you but it may be a warning something ain’t right.

    277. Jay says:

      When i was 12 i dreamed of my wife being beautiful from Florida older then me and into same things as me when i was 20 i met her 3yrs later i dreamed we would have 2boys 23months apart as of last 2mo ago that came true now in that same dream i kept seeing same numbers including winning the lotto in which i was able to remeber my numbers which i have not stopped playing in the dream i win right around the time my oldest turns 5 but there is always 2 or comes 1 is i die right before i win the second is i lose my wife and i really don’t know if me playing the lotto is worth either one happening

    278. belle says:

      Me too. i am having some, occasionally and it’s freaking me out.

    279. Chianna says:

      Yeah I dream every night about the next day and every day it comes true even if I don’t remember it I know IV eseen it before yet if as never happened to me like the other day for example I dreamed that me and my brother got into a fight and the next day we got into a fight with the exact words we threw at each other it’s been happening since I was 6 maybe 7

    280. Brianna Niemeyer says:

      I had a dream about 9 months ago and today jun 18 2016 the dream had come true
      this is the dream part …
      i was sitting on something but i could not make what it is and i was trying to get the color purple off of a whitish cream then i look up and there was a tv with a girl face and a guy and it was like a movie and it was frozen or paused i couldn’t tell and after that i woke up

      this is the real life thing…
      i was sitting on the couch and i was taking off the color black nail polish and putting on purple and i looked up and the tv was paused and there was a girl and a guy
      so i told my mom about it and she thought it was weird

      • SaNya says:

        Last night i had a dream that i would become good friends with a girl at my camp that ive seen.And sge kept calling me pretty. Then today im at rhe water park and that girl says your name is sanya right and u said yea

    281. Jean says:

      I’m not trying to say I have psychic abilities. I’m in a way hoping to putt these premonition to rest. Donal trump is our next president. I’m mutual I don’t care who is next president. Frankly I’m scared I may be a little crazy. I know the sex of babies before people even show a bump I knew Obama was going to be… Well that’s past tense. I know a few things I don’t say out loud and I’m right it’s not pride is strange and not natural. I had a few dreams as a kid and told my dad he told me not to feed those thoughts that they are a sin against God. I’m a Christian I’m no one special but if I’m right and this comes true it’s not me I have never made a deal with the devil maybe we all get told these things from time to time just some of us look too far into it. Or maybe it’s just coincidence.

      • Emer says:

        As a Christian you may know the story of Joseph the Dreamer, I believe it is a give of God to you. Your powers have a purpose and you must put it to good use.

        “Gifts are never a sin, use it with wisdom”

        By the way I dreamed of this like 2 times

    282. Nicole says:

      I had lots of dreams that came true and it’s to see them happing I was like happy and scared cause for I dream of something bad it could come true. But this dream u had it start of by me and my man going to the shop it was a small shop at the start I went in my mam was waiting in the for me I went in and then it was huge in side their was lots of check outs but every 1 was full like rows of people. So I went up stairs in the shop and came to my mam dad sister brother grandmother grand father and oncle but when my aunt and her kid came I went running and then I was falling from a wall So I got down from the wall and I was talking to a friend that I speck to in a long time the I was talking photos I found a phone but was my dads a had a meroer sim in it so I went home and me and my mam was going to the car but my father was in it and only 1 bar of petrol in the car So when I woke up my mam said that we were going to the shops to tescos When we were pulling out of the drive my mam was talking to my aunty and her kid was shouting and we. Neary in to the wall so we to the shopsI went in and did the shopping and when I got aroud to the check outs they were packed like rows of trolleys it didn’t click me there till I got home I got a text from a friend I dust speak to in a long time and den my dad said he could a phone a flip up Fone. And I said to him did it have a meteor sim he look and said yes. So that was it And their still happing

    283. Alexis says:

      I had a dream on Monday that my boyfriend was going to be a complete jerk and use me and leave me. Yesterday he did. I happened almost exactly how it happened in my dream. My dream was horrible, I woke up with tears on my face. I didn’t think that he could have ever done that to me. I was so shocked. I don’t understand how my subconscious knew that he was going to break my heart. Im honestly freaked out.

    284. Someone says:

      I had a lot of dreams that come true a simple one is abut conversation between two of my friends that was happening at the same time that I was sleeping that wasn’t a nice conversation about another friend and after two week they told her and it was at the same time and they side that because we were angry and they said everything they talked about it was the same word the same app the same feeling that they had in my dream,but I didn’t told them about the drama I don’t like telling people I fell it make me look crazy so only my family knows because when I was child I used to tell my family if I had a strong dreams than they noticed that it come true.
      The thing that I believe that i had
      1 strong feelings abut things that will happen Without a prior indication if that thing may happen and accurate feeling about someone’s personality like description of them and if they are dangerous even if I don’t know theme very will
      And dreams that came true developed by time I don’t know how to explain it but it become more accurate that what i can say this is why i don’t need a journal because it came so strong and clear
      But my dreams its like a small circle of people me,my family,friends and they are 3 i am not a social person
      But I can’t control it so what is the point?

      Any way I though that was special or unique but I did some online research and their are a lot of people that say the same thing I don’t know if they’re laying but it look like its a common thing among people even this page is full of comment that confirms it.
      Note:English is not my language so if something didn’t make any sense you know why .
      تصبحون على ماتتمنون

    285. Jacqueline says:

      Wow there are so many comments from everyone it’s rreally cool to see that. And very comforting to know that it’s fairly common. I don’t know what to make of what happens. Clearly it’s 9pretty common so that’s one huge sigh of relief there. I dream really really vivid dreams I always dream in color and usually it’s easily pieced together after waking. I have a dream journal I started it at 17 and am now 24. I started because my mother opened up to me and told me she would have dreams that would happen all the time. She also knew details about other people before she was even told. Many times she could meet someone for the first time and be able to rattle of things like what city they were born in. What their birthday was where they graduated from. I play watched her do this to someone in person once she didn’t wander around advertising it or anything. But I latched onto the dreams happening. At this age I was dreaming every night. Not always exciting things usually very realistic and close to my ever day life. I would sometimes get a strange feeling of deja vu like I had been to this place before even though I knew I had never been. Or the most interesting to me was meeting someone for the first time but having sworn I had met them before. I would even know small details about them before being told because I could of sworn I had met them before. But with this strange deja vu and what my mom told me with her experiences I thought it would be cool to write down my dreams.

      Now there is something I would like to add here. And this is actually a lot less believable then the psychic dreaming phenomena I’ve never talked to anyone except my mother and my best friend on subject matter like this but anyway…for as long as I can remember this menacing old woman has been appearing in my dreams. It could be the most mundane dream and I would see this woman and a terrible feeling sank deep into my stomach. Like dread. I’ve never seen her in real life despite how frequently she appears in the background of my dreams.
      I told my mom about the old woman one night and how I see her all the time. My mom thought it was very interesting becaue when I was 2 I started talking about an old lady who would visit my crib at night. I said that I saw her every night and that she didn’t hurt me but I was still afraid. One day I guess the elevator in our apartment building was down and we took the stairs up and on one of the walls was a picture of the man and his wife who originally owned the house. Unknowingly to my 2 year old self at the time both had passed on while still living in the house. But I freaked out when we passed the picture I told my mom over and over again that’s the lady. The lady who visits me at night.
      I was so young I didn’t remember it at all but when my mom did a little investgative work and pulled up her picture there was no doubt in my mind. There she is. The woman I see in my dreams. Still. To this very day!!
      I thought that was very odd and I was hoping someone might have a little insight for me beyond “go visit a shrink” any thoughts are much appreciated.

      Now back to why I first started this now enormous comment. After I started my dream journal I realized that my dreams really really were happening. I would reference my dream journal all the time. Mostly it’s everyday things. Conversations, home work assignments, New people things like that. Now a days it’s a lot about my work when we get new hires when something bad happens. Its so everyday and mundane it’s not worth mentioning a lot of the time but I swear to you there will be word for word conversations I’ve already dreamt of having with people. The mundane stuff usually I dream probably a week or two before it happens.

      It’s not always mundane. I’ve always known when a relationship is about to be over I dream about how it ends every time. That will play out within a day. Once was longer. I dated a guy for three years. 2 months before we broke up I had a dream that he switched careers and began making significantly more money and 9once he did he would feel like he’s too good for me and that he would leave me for a colleague of his named Christina. I actually didn’t want to believe it at all so i told him about it at the time he laughed. He told me he loved me and kissed me. But two months later his friend offers him a job in the tech field where he would be making more than double his current salary at the time. He left away for training in Orlando and I could feel dread seeping in my heart and I read and re-read the journal over and over. After he got back from training he broke things off with me saying that he wants someone who has as much drive in life as himself and he began dating his beautiful colleague Christina whom he is still with.

      That’s an example for one of the break up dreams I have those and they are always 100 percent spot on. But I’m starting to wonder why I myself let it play out when I already knew it was going to happen and could 9t prevented it.
      Like my car crash I dreamt it the week of it happening i could 9oft changed my route or something but I didn’t. I knew the exact kind of car that was going to hit me where it would hit me how close to work I was. The song that was playing the weather that day even the outfit I was wearing. I wanted to be on denial so I didn’t change anything and let it happen.
      I’ve dreamt of family members passing. That’s always very hard. It usually happens the night of and then I find out in the morning.
      I scare myself all th3 time with how frequently this all happens.
      But I’ve been more scared the past year than ever before. The old woman used to only appear in my dreams that didn’t actually end up happening but lately she’s started appearing in my mundane dreams that happen. She gets closer to me eveytime moving slowly from background to foreground. I swear her presence grows more frightening each time. Does she mean anything? Why is she always there now? Am I simply crazy?

    286. Robert G says:

      I would like to start by saying I was nothinking a believer if any of this. I have had two instances in the last ten years that have made me question exactly what my capabilities are. The first was over the lottery. As dumb as it may sound I had a dream one morning of my mother in law telling me 2.1.1. Would hit in the pick three. Considering they played frequently I did not take this too seriously. However, he dream felt so real. More real than most dreams. I called myou wife that morning and asked if her mom was in the hall shouting numbers this morning. She said no. Just a side note my mother in law speaks Spanish and I don’t but the dream was in English. I recall telling my wife I have to play those numbers. Well needless to say I didn’t that day but I woke up the next morning and guess the Pick 3 numbers that hit in the evening? You guessed it 2.1.1. In the exact order. Even then I was like no. This is simply coincidence.

      Fast forward to January 2015. I dream again one morning. Again like the last this dream was amplified. Senses, feelings, surroundings. Everything was amplified. It felt so real. In the dream I get a call from my mom early in the morning 5am. She calls hysterically crying. She’s gone. She’s gone my mom says. Who is gone I reply. My mom. She is gone. In my dream my grandma had just passed. I breakdown in my dream and quickly awaken. The nature and the feeling of the dream was too real to brush off. Later that night I’m talking to my wife and telling her about it and we decide to call my mom to call my grandma and check up on her. I tell my mom about my dream and she agrees to call. Fast forward two days. It’s a Wednesday. 5am in the morning and my wife’s phone rings. It’s my mom crying hysterically. All I hear is my wife say is what. Laura noo…. she hands me the phone. I say hello and my mom is crying hysterically… he’s gone. He’s gone. I respond who? Who is gone. She says he died he died in his sleep. My dad passed away in the night with no warning. The dream played out exactly on the emotions, the time, the way the message was passed. It was exact except for who.

      A couple of months after his passing my dream is amplified once again. Guess who it is this time? It’s my dad. In a room. White background. And we are having a conversation. Why did you go? It was just my time. Why would you leave us? It was just my time. Everyone misses you? I miss yall too much too but we will all be together again soon. And that was it.

      My dad’s death has been hard on me to handle. Since then i find myself looking for answers wanting to know more. Waiting for the amplified dreams to signal me to where he is or what will happen next. I believe I have a small gift that I am not able to control. I would like to. I would like to have more meetings with my dad. I no longer believe my amplified dreams are just coincidence… when the next one comes I know I will be ready.

    287. tazie says:

      Hi, I always dream everynight and even if I just take a nap still dream,I sometimes dream with different events that came true and even tragedy, sometimes if I dream about tragedy I always get scared coz it might happen anytime.but not all the time, there’s just some that really come and that makes me nervous..thank you.

    288. mahesh says:

      Its been nearly 15 years where i usually dream about births,deaths and other incidents related to my family members.Though they r not perfect they indicate me abut things going to happen.It all started before the death of my mother.I am usually very terrified after waking in the middle of the night after seeing the dreams.

    289. Eric says:

      I have had more than one dream that has come true the first I remember I was in grade 3 I dreamt that one of my sisters friend was out running and playing on the side of the road and she got hit by another kid that was riding a bike the next night this girl got hit by a like and the handle bar punctured her lung.t he next one I was in gade 5 I dreamt that a kid that I didn’t know was hit by a car in front of Vito’s the next day a kid feel out of a car and the parent driving stopped the car backed up and ran over the kid killing the kid. The next dream was when I was in grade 9 I dreamt about the space shuttle that had the teacher on and it exploding the next day we went down to watcthe shuttle in the gym I told my home room class it wasn’t going to make it and we all know what happened. The hole class looked at me like I had some thing to do with it. The next dream happened the day before my 16 the birthday I dreamt that my aunt was killed the next day we got a phone call saying my aunt was hit by a train and died.the next one after that was many years later I was in my 30 s when I had a dream that something happened to my grandpa the next day he died from an interim on the heart. A few years later I dreamt that my uncle had a heart attack and died the next he was shovelling his driveway and had a heart attack and died. Ever since that dream when I have bad dreams before someone gets hurt or dies I wake up in a cold sweat and my hear is racing like crazy.

    290. Linda says:

      Yesterday afternoon I had a dream of a friend who passed away a few years ago, in my dream she was standing there wit ha little girl in a communion dress, did not know who the little girl was, my phone rang & interrupted my dream, fell right back to sleep & the went right back to the exact same dream until the phone again woke me up, Than a few minutes ago went on Facebook & seem the friend I dreamt of pics of her grand-daughter’s communion that took place today. Let me tell you , what an airy feeling, it spooked me out. I usually don’t remember my dreams if any at all.

      About a week ago, took another afternoon nap and see n he numbers 240, told my daughter to play the pick it that evening, guess what that # came out that afternoon. This has never happened to me before, what is this??

    291. Darshan says:


      my dreams came true so many times, they are all normal incidents like just talking friends and hangouts, but these dreams will be max 10 to 15 sec and i can’t remember when i woke up but when this incident comes into real picture that time i will came to know that this incident came to my dream.
      Is this Good or bad?

      • Jeremy says:

        The exact same thing happens to me although after I dream it takes a couple months to happen in the real world!?!?

    292. Wayne says:

      I have precognition dreams all the time. I live in a densely populated urban city where just about everyone is a stranger. One morning I awoke from a dream where a stranger I had never met offered me a ride to work in her car. Where in todays world does a female offer a male stranger a ride in her car?! Lo and behold while walking to work that same morning the dream came true! Exactly like I dreamt it. Turns out the young lady worked for the company, we even promised to get together but never did. I have dreams that peer into the future all the time. But there’s no way for me to know which is precog and which is not. All I know is that there is something deep within me that lives in the future.

    293. Ari says:

      For the past couple of years, I have been having dreams that I forget, but then at some random point, either a week or up to a year or two will pass and the dream will come true. Whenever it happens I will just suddenly remember dreaming about what is happening and it freaks me out every time. Whenever it comes true it always has stuff that I have never seen. It will sometimes be in a place I have never been to, or clothes that I don’t own yet or have seen. I have even seen people I have never seen before.

    294. kayley says:

      I had a dream a about a girl I worked with I bearly knew her but in this dream there is 2 building where we work one building is for making parts and another was making a different part well in building 1 is were we work in real life but in my dream we was working in building 2 I remember what station and I have never worked over there in real ….!!! but I was going to a cabinet to get rubbing alcohol because this lady told me to and I seen my friend I bearly no in a station and I never said anything to her but she was there … well that was the end of my dream 2 months later the dream had came true I wasn’t realizing it but my company was taking valenters to work in building two and we both signed up and she was in the same station I dreamed her to be in and a lady told me to go in the cabinet to get rubbing alcohol then after coming back from getting I felt like I have done it before then I remembered I had dreamed about It and when I first had my dream I told my friend I dreamed about her and I told her the whole thing then when we was working in building 2 I told her she was in shock !! its crazzzyyy

    295. Crissy says:

      I don’t remember my dreams anymore but when I was younger, I had multiple dreams that seemed to come true. I had a month long, reoccurring dream about injuring my knee at school during practice. It seemed so realistic, I would even wake up with it bothering me. The following month, I did in fact injure that knee at school (almost exactly like in the dreams but with slight differences). It was a bad injury which required surgery and ended my athletic future. I’ve told very few ppl about it. I later dreamed for a week about hurting my wrist. That too happened shortly after that week. I’ve had some other really strange dreams that either happened or made me very uncomfortable (such as a very disturbing out of body dream). These dreams were always about events in my own life though and never about world disasters or dreams impacting other people.

    296. Mandi says:

      So I have been having dreams about my future since I was a young child,I dreamed that I was going to be a sister to a little dark haired girl with very curly hair.not long after my mom told me she was having a baby,I told her how the baby was a girl and what her hair was going to look like,so a few months passed and I dreamed about a white box that was pretty with silk and the baby I had dreamed about was in this box.I never understood what it meant,then my mom went in to have my sister and the baby died during labor when my mom came home with out my sister she had explained to me that she had passed and showed me a picture of a curly brown hair little baby girl in a white box with silk.I knew months prior that my sister wasn’t going to come home but didn’t.I also dreamed of things in my adult life as a child as well like having a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and what the father looked like,I had dreams of people going to jail that ended up doing years in prison,I don’t understand why or how this happens my friends think I’m crazy.its a scary thing to dream up your future and the future of people around me.ive dreamed of people then met them 10 years later and remember their faces its so crazy.I’m 33 and it still scares me.

    297. Yazmin says:

      About a week ago I had dream that I met a psychic and that in my dream she told me that I would remarry after age 40 but my persona would change as I experienced many loss. I recently got divorced and in my dream I asked what my relationship was going to be like with him in the future. She said he was going to die at age 23. In my dream, I would tell the psychic that was impossible because he was turning 29 this year. She said its too bad he cancelled the life insurance he had. She said that something was telling her 23. She mentioned that my ex husband was going to die of heart related problems. She mentioned that he got saved from a bad accident but he was suppose to go. That day I called my ex husband upset over my dream. The first thing I asked him was about his life insurance. He immediately advise me that he had cancelled the life insurance. (chills). I was overwhelmed with emotions. He recently had a really bad motorcycle accident and that made me even more upset. What I cant figure out is what 23 meant? I just hope someone knows.

    298. Kylah Allen says:

      I don’t know what’s going on. Like once before I even went to my new school I had this dream that I was going having a conversation about how well my reasearch paper was with my ela teacher then like two weeks later it happens every thing step by step. I asked my friend if she ever had dreams like these and she said no, so I thought I was crazy so I didn’t bring it up. Then like 2 days later I had a dream about me getting an answer wrong and then I look at some pictures that will help me answer the question correctly and 1 week later that’s exactly what happens. It all started when I was in 3rd grade now Iam in 8th. Some plz help I don’t know what I have.

    299. kimberley ann says:

      Hey so I have never had one of these dreams before I had my first one a week ago. I dreamt that I wasn’t myself I was like a spirit or someone else looking through the eyes of the two main people in my dream. I was first the lady. She was getting onto a plane and started talking to this man they were getting along very well they just so happened to be seated next to one another as they were talking I was seeing the conversation through both the man and ladies eyes. The fasten your seat belt light came on and rough turbulence began to happen then all of a sudden the plane blows up and then I was one of the few survivors in which being him somewhere I don’t know where but I don’t even know if we survived or I was a ghost I seen all the families crying of which who had died and again I was seeing it through the lady and man’s eyes she walked up to him and started yelling that I though you were a nice person and instead your a suicide bomber and then I seen it from his eyes and he said he’s sorry he was just depressed so he decided to blow up a plane. I don’t know what this has meant but 2 days later on the news a plane of 50 people has just vanished and they suspect it’s a terrorist attack. That has scared me because I don’t know if I seen this happen or if it was just a coincidence but I would like to know more please. I have been having relationship problems and maybe it’s a sign that you think you know someone but then they aren’t who you thought they were I don’t know please help me understand more. My email is

    300. Amber says:

      Two nights ago I had a dream that there was a plane crash and no one could find the wreckage. The next morning I was in my car and the radio was on, there was a plane crash near greece and they couldn’t find the wreckage. The next night (last night) I had a dream someone was talking about cocaine and how bad it is for you. About 15 hours later my brother had mentioned to my mum about how he and his friend was talking about cocaine and how bad it is for you.

    301. Heather says:

      I am a little freaked out. I dont know if this feed is still active, but I am desperate for help. I see/sense spirits and I also have had dreams that have happened the next day and the most recent one happened three weeks later, which is different from the rest. I can also feel emotions almost too strongly. I cry when others cry because I can feel every fiber of their heart. I need help. I dont know how to channel any of this and I feel like I am going crazy. If anyone can help my inquire about my email please. thanks

    302. Raven love says:

      My very first psychic dream was in elementary school, I dreamt I had woken up in a very dark room, with just the tv on. I sat down and it was 2 towers crashing down. The next day, I go to school and that’s when it happened, the twin towers. I had no idea what was going on cuz I was so young but now that I’m grown it amazes me.
      My recent one, is when I had a dream that my ex boyfriend put up a picture of his new girlfriend and him on Facebook for his profile picture, after only days of breaking up. And the next day I woke up, asked him if he had someone new, he said “no. I am not seeing anyone.” But couple days later, he writes a status saying he “scored” himself a new girlfriend and he tagged her. She looked almost identical, if not the same to the girl in my dream.

    303. Maheshwari says:

      Hey , I have dreamet about many things ,events that take place or about someone’s death I don’t know what to do I become tired when I dream all these dreams and it feels like I am present when I am dreaming about all this and I am tired when I get up it is like I didn’t sleep at all and I sleep like 12 hours after these dreams if you have answer for me please contact me at

      • Hannah says:

        i had a dream about having a boyfriend named Troy Whited and 1 year later i started dating a boy named Troy Whited.

        Email me at-

      • Thejas says:

        Today morning I don’t know which time, I saw two dreams.
        1. I am solving a rhombic cube.
        2. I am alone in one lonely road where the other side was covered by a huge building the width of the building doesn’t have start or end, I was trying to get inside the building but I was unable to get inside.

        Fortunately my first dream came true, one of my friend ordered a rhombic cube today and I was trying to solve it.don’t know about the second one.

    304. Sam says:

      Almost every time a relative dies (or a pet) I wake up almost exactly at the time of death just feeling overwhelmingly sad- and I just know.

    305. Ashleigh says:

      My dreams started of small things like dreaming about a song and the following day id wake and i would have a message from my cousin sending me a video of that song then it turned more extreme of me dreaming about my gran getting ill and the following day we got news that she’s been put into hospital! i also get feelings during the day like for example i was on a walk in woods and i felt weird and my necklace (heart locket) was positioned by my heart indicating to listen to my heart to leave .. and that night there was a flasher flashing in that same area !!! I’m determined to get to the bottom of whatever type of physic power i have as its beginning to freak me out but also interest me but whenever i tell people they laugh…please help me come to the bottom of this!!!!!!

    306. Angela says:

      I, too, have dreams of the future. It started when I was a child. At least once a year I would dream in depth a whole afternoon that would happen the very next day. I still get these dreams but not as often as I would when I was younger. Now I get just small glimpses, and much more often. A quick glance at a young girl swinging, a man walking down a hallway, a split second of me looking in the mirror or me driving or me doing anything for that matter. And they always play out the exact same way as my dream did. But like some other people on here, I also have noticed that when I speak of a particular dream to somebody, it tends to not come true. Sometimes I don’t even have to be sleeping. I can just be laying down on the verge of sleep and I get flashes of randomness. I’ve already tested it by writing down exactly what I had seen after I saw it. I’m so intrigued by this. I wish I knew of a way to make it stronger!

    307. Jordan lee Rosales. says:

      HI My name is jordan lee ! i have physical dream that becaming truth ! i was dreaming sometime when i was goto bed i was yoga in 5 min and praying then i will thinking any before i go to sleep that is the way that why i have physical dreaming goodbye i will visit again this site when i having an extraordinary dream goodbye and godbless to all person and person have got bless of physical power!

    308. Desiree says:

      I have had a history of Phycic in my family, i don’t even believe most of the things i think or say. I have dreamed about things that have happened. Supposedly i am a gypsy and are family jokes about it but since i have been getting older weird things have happened lately. So now i am 15 and i joke around. my friend joking said what page am i on in my book i said page 52 she showed me her book and that was the page she was on. One day on April fools day i told my friend i would move back to my old town, i was joking. But i week later i found out we were moving back there.

    309. Courtney vue says:

      Um instead of telling story’s I need help… U see I had dreams mainly about my life and it becomes real and sometimes I had dreams I wish I knew before it happened like I remember dreaming into this white place n before I realized it, it was my grandmas funeral home n honesty I didn’t know what funeral homes looked like at tht time so technically I blame part of myself tho Ik it wasn’t my fault but I wished I had been more beware. And today I had the worst dream about my sister dying n I somehow remember hearing her screaming after her accident and because of my dreams becoming real I feel somewhat scared n like I need to do something but I can’t cause I don’t know where she died and when or what time I just remember how and what I heard. And somehow I feel like this was an cruse on me instead of an power, btw I’m 12 so don’t except me to understand why this is happening to me I just want to save my sister and if it does happen I’m pretty sure i remember myself crying for an really long time in the dream and i remember my current teacher telling me my sister died so I’m worried if it’ll happen this year or next. Please help me is all I can ask

      • ----- says:

        Tell everybody. The more you speak about it, the less likely it is to become true.

        • ----- says:

          And try to just not let her be in any possible situation that involves an accident. You could even tell her about it and swear on your life it is true. It seems like it would happen either in the morning or late at night, so tell her to be extra careful then. If she goes missing for a long time, call her phone, try to find her, or try to contact her some other way. Just try your hardest to prevent it. Hope this helps.

          • ----- says:

            And also, if there’s no way to prevent it, just know, God has a reason for what he does and a plan for every one of us.

      • Katherine says:

        Hey Courtney.
        I have been having dreams about the future for all of my life. The unfortunate part is that because some of them come true, we are scared that any of the bad ones may also come true. I have had plenty of nightmares, including dreams about my own sister dying, that have not come true. I have come to notice over the years that my precog dreams “taste” different from my normal dreams/nightmares. Try to stay calm and do not over think it. The only thing you truly have control over is the fact that you are here and you can love and appreciate your sister and those around you while they are still here.

    310. Nick says:

      Hi everyone im from greece and i saw many dreams in my life a few of them came to life ( conversations , images of the future and complex scenes ) but it took many days to realize what was happening it felt like deja vu , imagine a scene when you talking to someone and when you finish your conversation with this person you realize that you saw it in your dreams exactly the same words you talked about , clothes and circumstances what this all means? I now that im no psychic but can you help me to understand my situation? Thnks

      • Julie says:

        Hi Nick,

        I have the same exact thing happnening to me. its been more than 4 years now and funny your are from greece as i stayed in kalymnos for 2 months and it was the best experience of my life. Have you gotten any answers as to what this may be? I feel trapped like no one understands me and i almost hate compairing it to deja vu becasue its not and often people are like ya ok thats what it is. I also get flush sometimes and go blank in my face when I have these feelings.

    311. hi my name is yasmin and i have dream things and i see them come true the last time i was dreaming 3 numbers and i kept dreaming 368 and the other day there was a bus accident and the street was call 36 street and 8 people were found dead!!!!!!!!

      p.s.i am scared and i don’t know what to do.

    312. mel says:

      hi everyone. On Friday gone, (a couple of days ago) I had a dream on the morning about my friend stood on my driveway stood next to a black BMW car bonnet, all smashed up. nothing happened it was more of a standing picture. I woke up and was really confused and text the friend saying how weird he was in my dream.. On the evening of that night I was in a car crash collision, with a black bmw, both car bonnets smashed up. Since then ive been really creeped out and quite scared as I have strange dreams all the time and I hope its not some sort of reoccurring thing where they will come true. Its confused me, is it a sign from above? is I a scientific approach to dejavu etc. I completely am gobsmacked, and wanted to take part of a bulletin board to share with other people and try learn?

    313. Susan says:

      Hello. I don’t think I have ever had a “psychic” dream, but my granddad dreamed about me, before I was born. He dreamed that I was standing in his backyard, and he described my apperance, and as it turned out, it was me.
      His daughter (my mom) has had several psychic dreams. My dad always thinks she is having illusions. She once dreamed that my brother was going to be in a car accident, close to death, and one week after she had the drea, it actually happened.
      She also dreamed about the 9/11 attacks. She dreamed about two big towers, and that something would hit them and they would explode. And so it happened. If she knew that it was the twin towers, maybe she could have warned them about it,’s crazy..I wish I knew how someone can predict the future like that..and sometimes she didn’t know if the things she dreamed were going to happen or not..I wonder..Is our life already planned? Destiny?

      • Jason says:

        I have often dreamt of events that have occurred after I have dreamt them done some research and found out we all have them ,but would like to investigate more.i have psychic dreams that are quite horrific sometimes other times I dream songs of which the choruses I remember

    314. Gaurav Toravane says:

      I dream.I get a glimpse of something from the future.Then next day or days later that exact thing doesn’t happen but things like that door or building appear in real life.And then i realised that i have seen this.Somehow i know that place.But that has stopped happening.I lost it somehow.It doesn’t happen now.
      What’s wrong?

    315. Sash says:


      I dreamt 3 years ago of me being fired from the job. On the very day my seniors called up a meeting and they were entering conference area in the same sequence as i saw in dream, but the difference was my junior got fired not me. This all started from here.
      Then i always saw something happening in dreams and it all happened in a period of one week or two but with a little twist.
      I am not scared of all this, but obviously curious.

    316. Jesse says:

      I’m a big fan of the Oakland Raiders and the NFL. I follow the draft every year and very religiously. I had a dream a few nights ago about the draft and the Oakland Raiders drafted Karl Joseph. Tonight the Oakland Raiders drafted Karl Joseph with the 14th overall pick in the first round. He was only projected to be selected in the 2nd round and nobody had him listed for the 1st round or at best he was listed in the late 20s or early 30 selections. I also dreamed that the Buffalo Bills who were selecting 19th overall in the 1st round would be selecting a player with the letters “sha” in sequence, being the first 3 letters of his first or last name. When I was watching the draft with my mom the pick before the Buffalo Bills were about to selected a player, I told my mom about the “sha” premonition as well as the Karl Joseph selection. 5 minutes later the Buffalo Bills selected Shaq Lawson with the 19th overall pick. You can’t make this stuff up. Perhaps the Shaq Lawson was merely a coincidence, given that he was projected as a 1st round pick which is the first 32 players taken and he was selected at 19, but Karl Joseph was such a shock selection at 14th overall that he didn’t even attend the draft because he didn’t believe he would be taken in the top 32, nor did any of the analysts.

    317. Ollie says:


      i had a dream that happens can any one tell me why it is happening?

    318. Armani says:

      The day before Prince George was born, No one knew the gender of the Royal Baby. I had a dream that his mother and father were having a type of picnic outside and he was in shorts with a white or blue shirt on. I knew then that the baby was a boy – when I woke up to my surprise… it was true. I was really shocked and surprised! It felt pretty awesome to know my dream was true haha.

    319. Ever since I was 11 1/2 I have had dreams that come true, most of them would be about seeing a coffin and being able to see a man or woman (mostly men). Within in 2 weeks someone in my family would die. I have also had things come to me & tell me someone close to me was going to die (I was not asleep when this happened). The next day when I got off the school bus I could tell something had happened and my dad said that my favorite uncle was flown to the hospital. Later that night I heard my grandmother start her car and every time she hit the brakes are turned. By time she pulled up into are driveway I was crying because I knew he was dead. I learned over the years that if I talked about the dream it would not come true or the bad parts would change. The one time I did not talk about the dream was in Nov. 2007 I dreamed my cousin was in a wreck and seen him die, 2 weeks after the dream he was in a wreck and was dead when they found him. I was so busy in my own life that I did not talk to anyone about the dream. Now I am having a recurring dream about some old friends not sure about this dream it is very different and I am in it so I don’t know what to do with it, so I am confused I have never lived the same dream over and over but I am thinking it has to do with DNA testing that needs to be done for some reason. I also see things I have seen a demon and he even got into one of my dreams. Before I finally got rid of him I seen the same person in real life that he used in my dream when he was trying to kill me, that was very scary when I seen this human.

    320. Gregorius Jason says:

      my name is Jason,I’m15 years old …I live in Indonesia….
      it starts when I was 14 years old.What happen to me is when i sleep tonight and dreaming,it will be happen to me on a week( about 2 times a month)…I just confuse because all dream I had dream I can’t prevent .The dream is sustainable and that was really happen it was really same with my dream.I ever dream when I was having an English course and bring a coconut leaves to make “ketupat” then my friend open it and tear the leaves to 2 parts then she tried to make the “ketupat”, in my dream she says that she could finish it in 3 minutes and 5 days later it happen…I just sitting there without any react same like my dream and what did she says is same like my dream completely same!.it already happened many times and I just speechless when I feel that I have dream abot that.

    321. Enya says:

      i have had weird dreams that occur every week and they are always based on reality. i am getting confused and have had panic attacks when the dreams become strong enough to take over my body. after i have those dreams it leaves a particular image in my head which comes up every now and again x how do i get rid of them x 5 years ago when i was 7 i had a dream i was in my mums car on the way to see her boyfriends family in the dream and we crossed a bridge and next to the bridge there was a little house the next year the exact same thing happened but in eal life mum had a new boyfriend and we went to visit his family and we crossed a bridge with the exact house in my dream

      • Enya says:

        i have also had dreams this past week which include people from school .
        I was based in school and i was wandering about when some hugged my waist . i turned around and it was a boy i have all my classes with 🙂 i panicked and suddenly i realised he had a big grin on his face and asked me if i had a message from him . unforunatly i didnt but after i told him he said “oh , well i said would u go out with me” i replied with a yes and we walked off to class and basically shouted to every one we were going out . after school had finished i saw him walking with some of his friends and he just walked past like no big deal.
        thats all i remember of that dream but will it happen all i can say is that i am now consious of him and i try not to contact him at all . we havent talked much but me and my best friend ( a boy) have been talking non stop… some people have even suggested we date … i love him loads but i dont know how he feels about me …. what will happen ..
        please reply what u think will happen

    322. manu says:

      i had a dream wherin my frnd touched a photo on the medical colg gallery.i neva knew wich colg it ws. aftr sum days der ws announcement in our colg dat wer goin fr educatioal trip 2 dy. patil med. colg. n hospital n whn we entered da gallery, my dream came true. the pic in mah dream had a mom upholding her child, probably she ws the wife of dy. patil, n in reality the pic ws the same!

    323. Jessica says:

      I had 2 dreams and the second was a 2 part dream.
      First dream: I dreamt i took a pregnancy test and it came out positive with an equal amount of pink and blue lines not knowing if it would be a boy or girl. Next morning i took a text and was pregnant.
      Second dream : i dreamt i was giving birth and the baby ended up being a boy and looking exactly like the father. Well a couple weeks go by and i find out im having a boy and when i actually did give birth my son looked just like the dad.

    324. aj says:

      i dreamed my momwould miss a field tripp and she did

    325. Alex says:

      I had a dream about the Japan Earthquake that occurred on 4/15/2016. It occurred the week before and I remember seeing the headline in my dream of 25 dead and 1000 injured, wake up 4/15 to news of an earthquake occurring 9 dead and 900 estimated injured….bizarre

    326. Kris says:

      I had a dream about my uncle. In my dream we are walking down a street talking. A man walks toward us ,grabs my uncle and stabs him in the chest .I am frozen and can do nothing. He collapses ,then I here a voice ,it said they had to remove part of his lung,they did all they could. Two days later I get a call ,my uncle has stage 4 lung cancer.

    327. Theones says:

      I had a dream that my breakfast would be corned beef and fried egg. It came true with the exact looks and arrangement of the food xD.
      ~true story

    328. BHAVIK GADA says:

      Hi i have seen a dream of me getting felling down like earnquate and morning i got up the news show earthquake in nepal.

      about me am unlucky guy in the world i bet on cricket match but i always forex also i lost $500000.
      my eyes are bad luck for astrologers say i was born in bad luck(grah) that slowly takes your luch and yeah i m jobless.

      if you guys know any solution pls help(
      i have travel space too in dream n morning my bed was dust all ever dont know how n i was dry.

    329. Joshua says:

      So a few weeks ago i had a dream of going fishing with my cousin and and yesterday i did but it wasn’t a coincidence Every single step and word that happend in that dream happend yesterday and this isn’t the only time that this has happend and its really been threw out my whole life and its been good moments and bad ones id appreciate some type of feed as to maybe get an understanding as to why this happens to me thank you

    330. Susana says:

      Hello I dream the future all the time. I fell like I’m living my life two times. why does this happen? how?many questions I have! but I learned to accept it and not question it! when this started happening more frequently I was scared and didn’t understand why or how but I tried to figure it out and I really thought about it and I only have future dreams when I have a emotional reaction when my emotions are above normal levels like really happy or scared or when someone like a friend or someone i don’t know it’s going to a traumatic event I dream about it ! Maybe the the energy is so hot travels through time through my dreams and I dream the future ! things like places I never been and I know how they look like in side, gifts that are going to be given to me, gifts that I’m going to give like a card and I know exactly how it looks like. I even dream about things that happen in the past that I didn’t know about and I wasn’t even there and I go ask and that’s what happen! I dream that I’m other people at the time in my dream I think I’m them like I’m seeing the world throw their eyes in that moment and then I find out later on its my friend or someone I don’t know and then it’s on news that something happen to that person and I dreamed about it and I can do anything about it and feel terrible.I tell my boyfriend all my dreams and I started having a lot more of this dreams when I started going out with him I don’t if it’s because I’m been sleeping better I had sleep paralysis since I was 11years old I’m 21 now and since I been with my boyfriend I don’t have it as much but I have future dreams I don’t if it has something to do with it but just thought I would mention it. My boyfriend keeps asking me to dream the lottery numbers XD I wish haha I tell him I only dream about things that happen and my friend calls me witch haha so yeah life is good just trying to understand what’s going on maybe because my mind is so wake I have sleep paralysis and when I don’t have it and I’m in deep sleep my mind opens some kind of black/worm hole that energy connects and travels and that’s how I get information by a trigger in emotional connection I’m able to obtain future information just a theory of mine but if anyone as a better answer let me know I learned to appreciate it and who as it you should appreciate it too I think we all just have big ass 3rd eyes that open black holes that can see far in too the future. Thank you for reading and any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂 X

    331. Smoo says:

      About 9 years ago I dreamed about working in the corner of an office area and going to someone and asking them what I was supposed to be doing. A few years later after the dream I started a job and sat in the corner of an office and not long after working there I realized I had been there before. It was the place I had dreamed about. And the area in the dream that I asked my superior what I was supposed to be doing was the area that my boss worked. I felt lost in the position because it was new area that not many knew all that well.

      Since then I’ve had several dreams that were somewhat vague in depth but strong in visualization. Typically I forget about the dream until something visual triggers it and then I realize I’ve dreamed about this before and have a sense of déjà vu.

    332. Lukas says:

      though it’s not bad as a a lot of these premonitions are, a few months back I met my cousins best friend, they had gotten to be best friends through college. a few days later I then dreamt about my cousin texting me telling me he was dating someone and that it wasn’t a girl. it was his friend that I had met. this occurred maybe in like January. today, April 8th, a couple hours ago, I received a text from him telling me everything about his new gay relationship (I am truly ecstatic at the news of him and his best friend being together) but I am also like psyched out at the fact that I saw this before it happened. I’ve had other instances where my “Dejavu”, is something I had definitely dreamt before.

      • Skim says:

        My dreams are exactly like that. It’s years when the dreams become deja vu. Like yours I don’t remember much, only about a 3 sec video clip. It’s scary when I have a dream of something bad because these dreams happen quite frequently that I start to believe that in a few years that horrible dream I just had could be reality. I get nervous when I feel that deja vu sensation, I try to go back and remember what that dream was about and how it ended…so weird.

      • that stupid that not dreaming the future

        • Katie says:

          Uhm, that’s in no way stupid. It may seem that way to you, but to me that seems like a potential thing to do to see the future. So if you wouldn’t mind not being completely and utterly rude for telling her(or him) that their clips of the future are stupid, then that would be great. You could say, “This doesn’t seem like something about the future,” then that would be perfectly fine. It’s your own opinion. But calling it stupid? Nope, not going to deal with that. Use a different word next time. Thanks.

    333. Katlynne says:

      I’ve had dreams like this.
      One starting:
      I was in a dark room and people , faded out figures running and screaming all over. A man in the middle of it all was talking but you couldn’t hear him, then a flash of a girls face, and the sound of a Gunn woke me up.
      I was so terrified that I might have dreamt a shooting , begging my mom to let me stay home. I went to school scared, and we had an assembly. That man showed us a video, starting with a picture of a girl. He said she was the first to realise they were in danger and the first to get shot. There was a school shooting, just not at my own school.

    334. Mallorie says:

      Hey, I had a really weird dream a few months ago, and I get to school today expecting it to be any regular old day. Except in second period, a new boy had shown up. I thought this was sort of weird because the dream taken place with me meeting a new boy in the same exact class. A few events that occurred during the class period actually happened in the dream. At the end of my dream, it was 7th grade graduation day, which will be at the end of next month. The boy had asked me out and that’s what had happened. Only part of the dream has happened so far and I’m confused about the end. Does this mean I’m going to have a boyfriend at the end of school? (I know, it’s pretty crazy.)

    335. Eduardo L. says:

      I’m reading this because this has just happened to me 10 minutes ago. I had a really symbolic dream that I’d like to share with you.

    336. Corita says:

      I’m 42 now, it started when I was 9 years young.. I can grab people hands and feel there fear.. I grab my mom hand and I seen her crying and my dad leaving.. Two days later it happen just like that. It was the first time it happen and the last till I turned 12. And me and my brother was playing with this big ass stick I pulled real hard and he let go I feld on my but he grab my hand. And I seen my brother putting a knife up under his pillow and my dad coming in and my brother stabing him.. Same night my mom comes home from work early and go check on my brother first and my brother taught it was my dad and almost stab our mom. My dreams always give me clues on different life events that take place.. Within the last 2 years I’ve became attached to a certain one..and that bound became so strong where I seen myself get up from my body and go to his house and get in the bed with him and make love some strong where we both woke up in different homes but was over lust out..when we talk we were saying how we taught we was together that night we had to question each other… Since that happen we I’ve done similar things with him. I’m seeing things that are happening. Don’t understand I’m starting to think I’m crazy so I don’t talk about it till now this last situation I was driving with 3 friends when I seen in my rear view mirror I seen fire and my car driving real fast on the sidewalk and we were scared I look down real fast and as soon as I look up some asshole was shooting at us and I drove up on the side walk driving real fast we got away alive but car shot up..I’ve been seeing things I should talk to someone about.

    337. Shelb says:

      A couple weeks ago i had a dream about one of my sisters friends. Mind you, this friend is very big in size. i feel that this is symbolic in a way. In my dream he was hovering over me telling me that i was a waste of time and it was a waste that my mom brought me back home. (i recently moved from TN to WY and my mother brought me back.) I felt very small in my dream. he had his finger in my face and he just kept repeating himself over and over. Sure enough… two days later my sister and mother were fighting. My sister called me to come pick her up and long story short me and my mother ended up getting into it. (theres a bit of history between us). When we were fighting she said the exact same thing as i had dreamt. she said i was a waste and it was a waste of money to bring me back here. I find it odd that my sisters friend was the one who told me those nasty things in my dream. But when i took a step back and analyzed my dream, i came to the conclusion that it was him for a couple of reasons. one, he is a very large kid and made me feel very small with not only his words, but with how he hovered over me. and secondly, he is tied to my mom indirectly. for whatever reason, i believe that he delivered that message to me in my dream because i knew that my mom felt that way but she hadnt voiced her opinion on it until we got in that fight.

    338. Linda Stanfill says:

      I have had dreams that come true various times in my life.
      I dreamed of a man that was going to work at my next duty
      Station. I saw him and remember his face,race and how glad
      I was that he was. Working with us. Six months later after leaving
      Germany and being stationed in Texas. I was working one
      Day and one of my surpervisors brought the man that was in
      My dreams and introduced him as a new co worker. I said hi to
      Him and that we were very glad he was going to work with us.
      I am normally not out going. It was the exact man in my dreams
      And I felt as if he was an old friend I had known for a long time.
      That night I was thinking how weird it was that my dream came true.

      I had another dream where a friend who had
      Just gone through a divorce was marring a man in a white suite
      But I could not see his face. But I knew his name was Mike. I
      Told my friend at work what I had dreamed
      About her and she laughed as her ex husbands name
      Was Mike. Seven months later she was
      Standing at the front of her church marring
      A man named Mike in the navy. He was wearing
      His dress whites uniform.
      I have had other dreams where my loved
      Ones that have passed away come and
      Talk with me. I always feel comforted.
      I also have had allot of Dejavous.

      My daughter has had these dreams also
      But she has had many more.
      My mother had a few that happened when she
      Was alive. I am glad she told me about
      Them so that I was never scared when it
      Happened to me.
      I am a very empathic person my daughter
      Is also. I do not know if it had anything to
      Do with the dreams or not.

    339. Michael says:

      My dreams aren’t as crazy as I have read on here. Mine are a bit minor. Just recently on Easter, I was with my family. My younger sister recently had a baby girl. We were taking pictures and having a great time. There was a moment my mind freaked on me, and I was there living a dream that I had years back. Did I know my sister was going to have a baby? I’m not sure.. It just blew my mind that my niece was part of a dream I had years back before her birth, and I was living in that moment of a dream. I’ve had dreams like this before. Times where walking down a certain hallway that I have never seen before in a dream, then recognizing later as im there. I have a hard time explaining this to people. I just say “im having déjà vu”.

    340. Carly says:

      Just last night I dreamt my boyfriend was going to quit his job and well today he quit and I didn’t know till after he did it. Another time I dreamt of my friends dad, never met the man in my life. I dreamt he was kind short had a bit of weight on him dark hair kinda reminded me of a mafia man, oh and wore an all red suit with matching shoes. My friend goes wall you described my dad and his favorite color is red. When I finally met his dad I couldn’t believe I painted the exact picture in my dream of him. I have a ton of dreams like this and can not believe how real they actually are.

    341. Katie says:

      Sorry about this other one, but I must add it. Eh. If you’re just now seeing this, look at the first one first, and then the second one, then this one. Okay? Okay. This one will be way shorter than the other two, so don’t be like “another long one. Ugh.”

      Okay, quick thing, whenever my grandmother passed away, everyone was sobbing and crying and yelling and they were just broken.

      I stood there and watched from the corner. I wasn’t affected. And, no, it’s not because I’m heartless, hell, I cry whenever a freaking puppy gets hurt. Anyway, I just looked at everyone, and everything froze. Literally. My cousins were crying, but they were to young not to. Nobody even looked at me. It was as if I were a ghost, and I could see through the people. My grandmother had died in the house that everyone was at for a party. Whenever we prayed, and formed a circle around her, I kept my eyes open and stared at her. I could see her moving. But… But she was dead?!? She moved and looked at me. Whenever the prayer ended, she laid back down and it was like nothing happened. I was scared. Confused. Emotionally drained all of a sudden.

      • Kathleen says:

        Hi Katie. I don’t think age means anything when it comes to these unexplained experiences. I have been dealing with various experiences that seem to have waxed and waned throughout my life that I can trace back to my childhood. When I was younger it seemed much stronger. It also seemed that this was something that was passed down to me…genetically speaking. I know of other family members who had dreams. Much of the dreams I have had that came true i could see from symbols. For example, when I was a child I dreamt I was living in a subdivided neighborhood. A black family moved in and all the racist people were complaining about the black family. In my dream I calmed everyone down and said, ” wouldn’t it be better for this decent black family to live here instead of someone like a beautiful blonde that our husbands would be gawking at everyday?” When I woke i told that dream to my roommate. He laughed…but a week later a black couple moved in next door. Then a month later they moved out and 2 white blondes moved in. The colors and the moving in this dream I believe we’re the symbols. Why I had this dream…why was it important? Who knows. Now with that said. When I was 17 my boyfriend was also in tune. He woke up one morning and told me he had a dream that someone was handing him a black rose. His exact words, ” I think it means my death and if so I think I am ready to accept it”. A week later, we were watching tv…the event that unfolded that evening were traumatic for me. He suffered an aneurism and passed away. It was so long ago. But all my life I have had dreams that were symbolic…I had one last week that has disturbed me greatly. Whenever I figure out how to post an original comment on this site. I will post some of them.

        • Katie says:

          Hello, Kathleen. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to answer me, I just expected someone to read and maybe even relate to my previous experiences. So, thanks for that! All that you’ve said is actually sort of helpful in a sense where I don’t feel so alone. Yes, we don’t have the same story, but we do have some things in common in it. So that’s relieving. I just want to figure out of this is all my imagination (not as if it weren’t real but as if everyone has these and I’m not special). You have very interesting experiences! It’s amazing how the symbols work through your dreams, and then practically come to life. Also, I’m very sorry for your lose. It must’ve been hard, even if it were years ago.

          Well, it was nice talking with you.

    342. Katie says:

      Yet another thing to be added to my other statement. Anyway, I’m that 14 year old girl that has those death dreams.

      Besides those dreams, I constantly have deju vu. All the time. It gets extremely frustrating, because I have no idea why. Then I remember dreams that I’ve had, that tell me what’s happening in the dream is happening there and then. I always ask my sisters, or brothers, or even my parents, if they have the same deju vu that I have. All of them usually laugh it off and say no to it all, but sometimes. Okay? Thanks for your honesty?

      Here’s another weird dream. Of me and my twin. We both had the same dream whenever we were young. We both had that same exact dream, same time, same everything. We both woke up and pretended it didn’t happen, because neither of us knew we had it too. About a couple years later we still remembered it. I mentioned it. He looked astonished, and we both decribed everything in full detail to one another. It was crazily funny. We finally sighed and decided to ignore it, once again. But every now and then, I would think of the dream, and a few seconds later, my twin would be like “oh, my God, do you remember that crazy dream we had whenever we were, like, 7?” And I would be so freaked out I would nod and laugh it off with him. Is this a sign? How come my brother only has limited dreams? He tells me he never has dreams anymore. Did I take all the dreams and nightmares, while he got left with a mind of emptiness? Is that why I have this ability in the first place? Because he got none of the dreams while I got two head fulls of them? I’m probably wrong. But who knows.

    343. Katie says:

      I feel like people aren’t going to take me seriously because of my age, but honestly? I’ll put it here anyway because this is more important. I’m a 14 year old girl that absolutely loves books. No matter what book it is, I want to grab it and read it until I’m completely done with it. So, with this reason being said, I always thought that my ‘dreams’ or ‘nightmares’ was a pure thing of my imagination. Maybe it was a conicendce? Maybe I just have a overactive brain whenever I sleep? Well, I just didn’t believe myself for a second. I couldn’t dream of someone dying. I couldn’t have. But I did. And ever since I was young, I would toss in turn for hours in my sleep, dreaming of people dying. Dreaming of daily events that happened to other people. I’m only 14 years old! Why would I dream of these things? Why would I drift off to sleep, only to wake up with the image of myself dying in my dream. That’s another thing. Dreaming of people dying? I can handle that to a certain degree. Seeing myself dying? I was a little freaked out. I’m going to die in a car wreck. Even before I started having that recurring dream, I felt odd in a car. I’ve always told my mother and father that I would NEVER drive. Never in my life. Every time I’m in a car, I drift off and imagine that dream. At first, the dream was so simple. I was in a car and I felt the impact before I slowly died. But every time I stepped into another car, or better yet, the car I KNOW I will die in, more and more images popped into my head and put the puzzle pieces together. I’m going to die in my twins green truck whenever we are only 10 minutes away from my dads house, someone will try to pass us, but my brother will speed up. They crash and we hurtle towards the ditch. We both die a few minutes after impact. Another point is, is that I used to wake up. Ever since about 9, maybe. But I would wake up in the middle of the night and literally have to sit in my moms lap just so I don’t drift off and have another dream about death or events. Only one true death has been justified, so far. But whenever their time comes, I’m guessing they will die the death I have dreamed of them.

    344. alessa says:

      I have had 3 dreams of people dying, one was of someone dying in a car accident, but it turned out that it happened to another family member not the one I dreamed of. Dream number two I dreamed of a lil girl I used to know, she kept telling me ” I will soon know the reason for her visiting me in my dreams” I didn’t understand until a few days later I found out she was on life support and passed away, the night she visited my dreams was the night she committed suicide. This last dream I dreamed my son had fallen into water and I saved him but I got pulled under and as I looked up through the water it turned out it wasn’t my son, I don’t recognize the boy ,but the very next day I found out a little boy was missing and it was the little boy from my dream, I told a few people about my dream, and where I thought the little boy was, and it turned out that the spot where they found him I recognized it from my dream..
      I feel awful because I had these dreams before these people died, and parts of me wishes since I saw this happen, I wonder if somehow I could have saved them? I am angry with myself, yet I feel some people are looking at me like I’m different or something because I told them what I dreamed. I know I’m not to blame but I really wish there was something that I could have done.

    345. rizwana kauser says:

      I have had dreams that have come true in the past not your typical story telling dreams its kind of like a monster or ghost telling me the story instead of me just seeing it in the dream I am lucky to be writing this everytime I try to say anything about it it’s as if someone tried choking me typing this makes my fingers ache and makes me want to stop I’m now scared what is happening to me my last dream included a dead girl covered with blood and as if she had been strangled then had her throat slit showing me her house and telling me how she got killed then saying avenge me and laughing hysterically and it came true a young girl got murdered in the next 2 days in that same house I could recognize her face because I got to see the body and it was true her stepfather strangled the poor girl to death then slit her throat whats happening those weren’t the only dreams either

    346. Tata says:

      I have had three dreams.. First was my father. In my dream he crashed his car into a tree and died. A year later he crashed his car into a tree and got lost in the woods and died. Second .. Was my boyfriend killed himself with drugs in my dream and two months later put a gun to his head. 🙁 third dream was my ex from high school who i havent heard from in a long time. Had a dream he went missing and died.. A year later he calls out of no where and wants to meet up. But before we can. He goes missing. And still missing. Dont know if he is dead….. The thing that worries me is i keep having dreams of myself dying

    347. Tori says:

      I was in school and trump won president. so Isis came to my school and shot everybody, I even got shot but I didn’t die. I got shot in the arm. but I acted like I was dead bc I didn’t want them to know I was alive and o sat there and watched them kill others and as soon as I got the chance I got up and ran to the safe room. most of us got to the safe room (the computer lab) and everybody started coming in and kept opening the door and I was like come on they’re right there we have to go. eventually I just locked the door bc if we kept opening the door then they would know where we were and I still had my phone so I start texting this person who told me what to do next. and I also texted you to let you know I was okay and you replied back. so when I saw the coast was clear, I ran out of the safe room to outside where it was like dull and dark and just scary like something out of a scary movie. and I got to the house where they had these words lit up and I went around back and I had to climb up this wall to get a note and to get one of my friends. it told me to go through the forest to find a car under the trees and as we were doing it, some soldiers came by and we had to hide and keep quiet but that didn’t happen bc my phone kept going off (my alarm) so they caught us and we had to think of a way to get away from them so I did, They had one of their guns in the back and I got it and shot them and then we jumped out of the truck and we got to the car under the trees and it was a jeep and I drove away and more soldiers were chasing us. we got to their snack room and the people I was with started playing music from instruments so the soldiers gave us their guns and we gave them the music and I shot them and they told us how to get out and it ended up being a little hole behind a board and we escaped and then one of my friends told me she was pregnant after we escaped.

      and today (3-22-16) I woke up, I learned about Isis bombing belgium

      • Samantha says:

        Well I kind of had the same experience with a dream. I don’t know if it’s psychic or not, but I kind of felt we were i a similar situation. Last Thursday, I had a dream/nightmare about me running from red lightning. Friday when I woke up, I looked up the meaning. Most of them explained that red lightning was a symbol that something bad and unexpected was going to happen soon. I kind of freaked out at first because I didn’t want anybody in my family to get hurt. But on Saturday, the New York bombing occurred. I don’t know all of the details yet but, I found it kind of strange. And I also really needed to get this off my chest, where people might actually understand, and not think that I’m crazy. It probably is just a coincidence, and I’m kind of hoping it is, but if it isn’t then. . . I honestly dont know. It would be great if you could reply, so i dont fell like a total nut job, thanks.
        (p.s. If you made it this far and actually read the whole thing, then congrats! And thanks for listening, too.)

    348. Jason says:

      So this happened today and it probably is a coincidence but I dreamt of a motorcycle crash and it was dark but I was in the dream and I witnessed it. Soon after my brother’s friend was involved in a motorcycle crash. Plus a while back my brother listened to this music group and we both liked them and I told him that one of the members died as a joke which wasn’t funny and shouldn’t be a joke but one week after I told him Simone battle committed suicide and I know that wasn’t a dream but it was freaky. I thought these dreams or whatever had stopped but it came back recently. I’ve been seeing dead people around my house, in my room when I sleep. My grandpa for instance and that’s probably normal but I see other people who I don’t know

    349. Praachi says:

      My many dreams have come true. Today 21/03/2016 I had a dream about Salaman Khan (Indian Actor). There were two Salam Khan I was interacting with one of them had a different Hair style. One with a Normal old hair style. In the dream I was confused as I was not able to recognise which of the two Khan who looked alike was the real one. I was asking both of them. Then suddenly the one with very small hairs ran down stairs.
      This indicates something I feel some new movie with him may come which will have twin salman Kan in it. Or else I feel that he is some kind of trouble. Or he may get into some kind of trouble. Lets wait and watch

    350. Stephanie says:

      I’ve been having dreams like that since I was probably about 9 when I dreamed that my grandmother’s porch would catch on fire which it did the very next night. But the thing with that is it’s not always exactly how the dream says it’s going to be it was the front porch they caught on fire and in my dream it was the back I’ve also recently had a dream that I broke my tooth in half and the next day I did break my tooth half like 3 days later.. and now at 19 years old I can play card games and before anybody looks at a card knows what the card is or even lays it down or anything I can guess the card like 9 times out of 10. I don’t know whether to be freaked out or to see where it goes.

    351. Dane says:

      I had a dream about hitting a taxable jackpot on certain slot machine, but the casino would not pay the jackpot to me. I never knew why in the dream they would not pay me. Well, around 2-4 months past and I did hit a jackpot on the same slot machine. The cashier would not pay me the jackpot, because of no identification! I completely forgot about the dream, but I realized it actually happened. This is not the reason I’m here and have another amazing dream story to share.

      Back in 2000 through 20008, I had two dreams about same very long blond hair woman. Once was at a pool side and other was laying next to me in bed. I was married with two kids at the time of both these dreams and never knew such striking long hair blond woman. I thought nothing of these dreams and just forgot about them. After I split up with my ex-wife in 2009, I signed up on local date site. This was not on purpose, but some random spam site. The next day I discovered it was Russian date site and was a mistake signing up on this site. I never considered a woman from abroad. I got to know some of these ladies and realized this was no mistake, which I was being guided to love of my life. I believed this was my lucky site. I come across someone after five years searching on the site and had gut feeling about her. We only exchanged three messages and ceased for almost couple of years. We just picked back up a month ago and I was watching a new video she created. She was sipping tea on her couch with long beautiful blond hair. I still never thought nothing of it until her music playing in the video was about dreams flooding in! This made something click in my head that she is the lady from my dreams. I went back and viewed her first message she ever sent to me and found something I missed the first time we crossed paths. She said, I believe in fate and not knowing that she made a decision to sign up on the site. Although, she knew about singing up on the site and was using these words as example of how she felt about her search. Basically, she was describing exactly what really happened to me on the site! Come to find out we are complete match with down to living in small towns to being just alike. What’s the odds of my two dreams, signing up by mistake on random site, her video being about dreams and her hair exact match, telling me about how I signed up, and us being complete match, and this just being a random chance of luck? I have already had dreams come true, so this could be a premonition dream? There is no such woman in my area with the kind of hair I had in my dreams. Input is always helpful, but quite a story, huh?

    352. Sophie says:

      Several years ago, I had a dream with several unknown people in it. Just like flashes, and just like they were hanging out. There was one woman I noticed in there more than the others. The next day, I actually SAW HER IN REALITY! I was in a store, and she was in an aisle looking at things on one shelf and I passed her trying to think where I know her from, until it hit me. I was really shocked. I didnt know her, I dont know why I saw her, and felt it was just too weird to go up to her and tell her I had seen her in my dream the day before… I still think about it, and wonder whether I should have just spoken to her.

    353. NOEMI says:

      I dreamt last night my colleague had an stroke, This morning another colleague told me that last night her husband had an stroke. I dreamt this while was happening to her.

      Last week i dreamt with my best friends back in my country. I live 7000km away. Next morning they apered in my office to surprise me for my birthday. I dreamt of them while they were in the plain coming to see me.

      Years back i dreamn a friends Grandma, died. She never mentioned anything about her grandma. Next morning she told me the grandma died while i was dreaming with her.

      What this means…i dreamt things that are happening at the same time i am sleeping…. like a conection with this persons that transmit me their feelings….

    354. rihab says:

      All my life i’ve been seeing events that came into reality and i never was able to understand this phenomena. For example, yesterday before i wake up at 6:30 meaning 6.15 maybe, i saw this guy who works in the same company as me, and who i talked to once or twice but we’re not really friends, walking out of somewhere and stopping and looking at me in just a second. Well guess what, i woke up prepared my self to work, went out, and suddenly the same vision in my dream happens in reality he walked out of a coffee, saw me walking towards him so he stopped and started talking to me, i swear it was the exact same situation. And i’m telling this is not the first it always happens for me.

    355. elizabeth says:

      yeah its true i usually noticed that when i do have those dreams and tell them to anyone they dont come true bt if i dont the dreams happens exactly the way i dreamt

    356. Maria says:

      I have Been predicting things and event unintentionally very currently since last year May 2015.
      I always had a strong gut feeling about things but never though anything of them . when I started paying attention to these signs I realized it has been happening more often. I did not notice the event at 1st but a friend pointed it out for me. an example. In June 2015 I learnt that My ex Fiance to be broke up with me to be with another woman ( whom I later on learnt he cheated with ) I said whatever its done, I give them 3 months, Mid august she will leave him .
      Between August 12- August 15. I had a weird sinking feeling in my heart around that period ( keeping in mind that I have completely forgotten about my prediction). I end up finding out my ex was dumped by his new Girl around these dates. A friend came up to me and said MARIA HOW DID YOU DO IT , you predicted the exact dates .. and i was so confused and then i remembered it. Moving forward, my predictions with other things has gotten more accurate ( I wish in lottery though haha ), it was even to the smaller sense of a game of monopoly and predicting the next move or next dice.
      I keep seeing number 11:11 for few months now
      and lastly 2 days ago I had a massage appointment and I was snoozing in out of sleep at home prior to my appointment, and I beleive I was half sleep when I had thing image in my head of someone walking into the massage room but it wasnt my regular girl, so I said where is ” blah blah ” and the new person said oh she has an issue today she wont be able to take you, so in the dream I walk out of that room and my regular lady walks out of hers and says sorry I couldnt see you today I had some personal issues, i said thats fine.
      As soon as I said thats fine in my dream my phone in real life rings, Its the massage place ( in my head im just thinking … oh WHAT IS THIS ) I answer the phone and they are telling me how the girl cant see me today as she had to go home early due to personal matter.
      I hang up the phone, and the girl messages me apologizing for missing the appointment and that she has some personal issues in her relationship.

      I just dont know what all of this means ? some say it means I am on the right path, some say I have psychic abilities and others just say im crazy.

      I have even predicted when my friend was getting a job and a call for the job and around what time .

    357. Beth says:

      My dream is a lil different then most people’s. My dreams went on for months. I dreamed that I couldn’t find my husband. He was still alive in my dreams but I just couldn’t find him. I had this aching in my heart, almost like a broken heart. I would drive around wondering where he was, I would call his phone and no answer. I would wake up still sad from the dream but my husband was always right there still asleep. I couldn’t figure out why I kept having these dreams. They went on for months. Well about 5 months later I started to get vibes from him. Vibes that somethin wasn’t right. Vibes that I was losing him and still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Well about June of this year things between us had hit a rocky place and I had been staying some nights with my mom. I would call my husband and couldn’t reach him on the phone. I would drive around and couldn’t find him. Still not putting those dreams together and still not being able to figure out where he was or what was going on. I would call no answer…I would drive only to not find him. Well July 29th I got my answer. I had called his phone and he finally answered at 8:03 a.m. I will never forget it. He said “Beth, I don’t love you anymore” we are not compatible ” my world stopped at 8:03 July 29th. We separated for a while but later decided 20 years was to long to throw away so I moved back home…I couldn’t rest easy and I knew somethin just wasn’t right. He finally told me that he had been talking to another woman. I had deep down knew that already. It’s been a long road and I still haven’t forgave him for what he’s done. There is a lot more to this story, I just don’t know how to put it all together, but he has been home and trying to act like everything is normal. Well it’s not. I had another dream today that I received divorce papers. They had the tabs where he had signed and the tabs where I needed to sign. I don’t know where they come from or who even gave them to me, but I had them in my hand. Now looking back my dreams was trying to tell me what was coming. The drives that was plain as day. One in particular that I clearly remember, was I was dreaming I was driving and I was crying uncontrollable, well it come true the morning he answered his phone and told me he didn’t love me. Now the divorce paper dream, I’m listening this time, I’m not shruggin the dreams off this time. Somethin is trying to tell me something again. What kind of dreams are these? They are real, they have already proven to be real once. How long until the ones I’m having now become real. I’m not going thru that pain again….I will tell him to leave first. Will someone please tell me what I’m having and why?

    358. Ben says:

      I dreamt the football score of the game 13/03/16 Tottenham vs Aston Villa and i saw that the score was 2-0 and i dreamt that Harry Kane scored both and i checked in the 47th minute (when he scored his second in the dream and real life) im fucking baffled…

    359. bella says:

      I am 14 years old and since I was little i have never been able to sleep easily. This started in about year 2 (7 years old) where I kept on having dreams about little things like where and what we would play at recess and lunch and the next day that would happen. Now at 14 years old I keep on having dreams like this quite often and they are getting more intense, like for example 2 nights ago a family friend was having and operation and I had not heard anything that day, so I was worried and that night I had a dream that i got a message from him that he was ok, so I woke up feeling scared and went to my dads phone and as soon as I picked it up the phone buzzed and it was a message from him saying he was ok.

      These dreams always scare me and I do not like them because I can not sleep after I have one.

    360. Irenicus says:

      About 10 years ago i had a dream about my cousin on her wedding day.
      The next morning my mom got a call from her. She told her she got engaged and is getting married.
      I was shocked.

      That was the first and last time i had such dream come true.

    361. Nat says:

      My name’s Natalie. I’ve had this thing that started when I was around eight years old (four years ago). I keep living my dreams. I know it sounds completely absurd, but when it happens, you are so sure about it that there is nothing to be more certain about. Basically, I have a random dream. And something in it (just a small detail) comes true. They’re not even that important, but the exact same thing that happened in my dream happens in real life. When I first started getting these moments I almost couldn’t breathe. I got one a week ago. I actually forgot that I had dreamt it until I was in the moment – I was walking down the drive way, and suddenly everything just went into place. My foot was in the exact same alignment as in my dream, my head was thinking the same thoughts as in my dream, I have the same feeling and buzz of energy as in my dream. My heart beat is beating to the exact same rhythm, my looks are the exact same (the way I’m dressed etc) and I’m in the exact same place. It’s not like I dream of anything important, I just dream of random little things, but the EXACT same thing happens. And I know most people will just think this a random coincidence, but it has happened too many times for me to count and when it happens, when you’re in the exact breath, you know.

      And I’m not dreaming of grades I will get (that could just be coincidence) or whats going to happen at breakfast the next day. I’m dreaming of tiny random things, but they have something that most of your dreams don’t – detail.

      I believe that I am having prognotive dreams and it’s getting more extreme every day. But I’m not scared of it. I believe great good is going to come of it.

      I also have incredible instincts. I think that it might be slightly related to being physic like the dreams, but that’s another story.

      My main point is that I have a possession that most people don’t. I may not be able to see exciting things in the future just yet, but I CAN see into the future, and that is something to be proud off. But I’m not just going to be proud of it. I’m going to use it. Deep down I know that great good will come out of this. I just know it.

    362. Justin says:

      So I had this dream just last night, actually. I rarely have dreams where I’m upset or grumpy or anything, so it stuck out to me a lot. My dad’s girlfriend, who’s been living with him for 7 years or so now, didn’t exist in this dream, and he’d recently married some lay named Melissa. She looked like a soccer mom, essentially, kind of stout and with long blond hair in a ponytail. She was horrible. Everyone hated her. She was fussy and fake-cheery and kept calling me the name I was born with (I haven’t gone by that name in two years, so it bothered me). Even my dad didn’t like her, in fact, he was kind of scared of her. She kept trying to be “fun” and “exciting” so she planned this trip to take a lot of people on, and pissed around a sign up sheet for it where people would write their names and what they were bringing. On my mom’s suggestion not to put up with Melissa’s BS, I wrote “f*** you, go f*** yourself” when it got passed to me. It seems petty and childish, but it felt great in the dream.
      Today, I went to go spend a little while with my dad’s girlfriend and told her about the dream because I woke up with a great appreciation of her, because she’s one of the best people I know and I’m glad she exists.
      She laughed about it and told me she’d just been getting on my dad’s case for flirting/kissing up to this lady from work whoswho’s name was also Melissa. I laughed about it too, and then she offered to pull up a picture. I expected absolutely her to look nothing like what she did in my dream, because that’d be ridiculous, right?
      But then she showed me, and turns out she was exactly identical to the Melissa from my dream. It messed me up a little bit and I didn’t even know what to say. I don’t know this lady, and I didn’t even know she was a real person. I feel kind of bad for my subconscious deciding she’s just an absolute witch, since I don’t want to judge, but this is still bizarre. I’m actually honestly such a skeptic of this kind of stuff, even as much as I love reading about it. It’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me.

    363. Sultan says:

      I have dreams about, what seems to be, the future. It shows myself, looking through my eyes at events. It has been happing quite a lot lately and it’s strange. Everything became real, but it gives me these weird Deja Vu feellings. I dreamed about graduating and it did happen, but I’m also seeing a lot of fear and war. I know, fron my dream, a war is going to happen very soon and it will last for 30 years. Also, I’m seeing kids calling me mom (it freaked me out when I woke up) and I’m getting married?! These dreams are crazy someone explain to me why this is happening and why some people never have those dreams? I’m the only one in my family to be having these dreams.

    364. kay says:

      I have had two dreams that have came true so far. The first dream was a dream about my boyfriend cheating on me with my sister. The dream was very realistic and I woke up in the middle of the night in tears because I was unable to convince myself that it was just a dream. I was even mad at my boyfriend the next morning but I could not face telling him about the dream. A few days later I looked through his phone and found out that he did in fact cheat on me the same week that I had the dream, except it wasn’t with my sister. Another dream that came true was a dream where I tried to warn my half sister that her father and brother were coming over to our house and that they were very angry with her and that they had a gun. I warned my sister not to open the door when they arrived, she opened the door however and they came inside and started harassing her. When I woke up my mother told me that some sketchy figures had been over to my sister’s house that same night at 2 in the morning. She said that my sister saw them with a weapon and they kept ringing the door bell asking to come in. Luckily my sister did not open the door that night.

    365. MrsMcC says:

      Since my mid-teens, I have had a few dreams that come true sometime in the next few days after having the dream. Sometimes they are spot on, sometimes there are slight differences from the dream and what actually happens. They have usually been fairly mundane, but the two that stick out to me the most are as follows:
      – When I was 17, I was on family trip in Mexico. I had a very vivid dream that someone had smashed the windshield of my mom’s car that was parked back at home at the airport. I was really upset by it, and let her know. We returned home, and the car was fine. However, the very next day, I took her car to another city to see a concert with some friends. The next morning, we woke up to the hotel front desk calling to let me know the driver side window of her car had been completely smashed out.
      -The second, and most recent one, I had a dream a month ago that my husband and I were babysitting our good friends’ 2 kids for a month. In my dream, a third baby appeared out of no where. I told my husband about it, and he laughed and said to me “oh I wonder what this one means!” The next day, our friend (the father) was in town, and I told him of my dream. He went very white in the face, and told me that he wasn’t supposed to say anything to anyone, but that they had just found out a couple of days prior that she was expecting a third (surprise!) baby.

      I also had a medium approach me last year on my birthday, out of the blue, and spoke to me about some very personal things that had happened to me over the weekend. She also knew it was my birthday, and she told me that some people had a “gift” that they didn’t know how to tap into. I really wish I had gotten the chance to follow up with her!

    366. Tyler Manis says:

      I have had multiple dreams throughout my life that come true and i dont understand because it happens years after the dream. Its happened since middle school. And just the other day it happened again, in full detail exactly how i drept it. I also experienced my first “dream within a dream” dream and i was terrified. This is just a side note( i do things and say thing and then moments later they happen. Should i be concerned and or is their a way for me to control or utulize this gift”

    367. Juhi Debbarma says:

      Most of the time , i have this psychic dream that usually come true. when i was a kid, it use to happen alot of time that i get scared sometime ,if something bad gonna happen out of that dream. when i grow up its getting fade out but still some of time i have psychic dream. some time the dream comes true after many months or year. i remember those dream because i use to discuss it with my friends, though the dream usually get blurred but i remember those event that happen to me in my dream.

    368. Alex says:

      I’m 15 years old and about three years ago I had a dream of an iPhone falling to the ground and cracking the screen. The next day, my friend showed me her phone that had cracked the night before. Then, a few months ago I had a dream that me and this guy I didn’t know very well at the time high fiving and then he held on to my hand for a moment or two after. Now we’re good friends and just last night, he did what I saw in the dream.

    369. June Marie Liddy says:

      most of my strong dreams come true like a way to guide or protect or warn me

    370. rose says:

      When I was younger, I would get overwhelming thoughts (doing dishes)to stop everything and go visit people who I loved, mostly older. I now know after about 3 days they will die and Im suppossed to comfort them.

      I was painting a landscape of the yard 2 blocks from waveland, MS beach and my brain went empty on how to do. I thru my brush down and said I give up. doesnt usually happen. I saw 5 seconds of dark water pouring in front porch with fish in a whirlwind of waves. Thought I was losing it. Told my father. Took photos of everything in house thinking I need the memory pics for whatever. two weeks later katrina took everything.
      Another strong one,dreamed of a friend dying and her funeral at 4am. woke up. “Crazy; but so real. I just saw her before hand about two weeks and
      she was so happy and healthy. Two months later it all happened like a movie reel, the words spoken and what she was wearing in the coffin. very hard for me. Was life pre-written? like our movie tape brains? Or does time run parrellell and we are crossing over time?

    371. Alexis says:

      Sone of my dreams come true too! I’m 15 and this has been happening since I was around 6 years old. And the dreams that actually come true are the ones I really remember when I wake up. And the thing about telling people and it not coming true has happened to me before too! That’s why when I dream of things I want to happen I don’t tell anyone. But some things that I dream about and come true are really dumb, simple things that can happen either days, weeks, months, or even years later. For example, when I was really little, my parents got this dog for me and I had dreamt one night that it ran away. And a couple of weeks later I come home and he wasn’t there and my parents said they couldn’t find him. Oh!! And one time I told one of my friends from 8th grade about a dream she was in, (she was one of few people who believed that my dreams came true) and I dreamt we were getting ready to cheer in the high school locker room with a little girl which was odd at the time because when I described her my friend couldn’t seem to place her and neither could I. But when the dream was actually occurring I asked her if she remebered that I told her about this exact moment a year ago and she said yes! And the little girl turned out to be our cheer coach’s daughter! I would really like to know what this means or if it means anything at all. I’m so happy to see other people that have experienced this too! Now I don’t feel alone anymore :))

      • Alexis says:

        By the way, I never know when I’m going to get a dream that is gong to come true. Either they happen randomly or they happen scheduled and I just don’t know about it or notice it.

    372. N says:

      I’ve had lil things come true in real life however, my mom lives thousands of miles away from me, and i dreamnt in feb she was pregnant and she just found out in march she was preggo.. she didnt know she was when i had the dream this is insane to me i knew in a dream i knew three weeks before she ever did…

    373. Lena says:

      I had a dream about the fetus of a woman, who was impregnated by my boyfriend at the time. I was walking in the back yard, a fetus was swaying in the air by the umbilical cord, over a bond fire. A month later, the girl lost the baby, after carrying the baby full term. The cause of death, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck twice. What’s crazy is, the girl was so mean during the pregnancy, she was mad at me, yet she slept with my boyfriend. I intentionally did not return the same energy, because I did not want to be the cause of her losing the baby…the baby didn’t have anything to do with the situation. I left the situation in God’s hands. I think a valuable lesson was taught for me and for her, concerning karma.

    374. Olivia says:

      well i had a dream I was walking from school and right before I woke up I got hit by a car, I woke up and got ready for school as I crossed the same road to school a car was turning and didn’t see me and I almost got ran over. So that happened…

    375. Katerine Brewster says:

      My name is Katerine from Ohio USA. I have to give this miraculous testimony, which is still unbelievable to me until now. I had a problem with my husband 2 years ago, which lead to our break up. when he broke up with me, I was not my self again, i felt so empty inside me, my love and financial situation became worst, until a close friend of mine told me about a powerful spell caster who helped her in the same problem, his name is (Lord Dr Bakiza.) I email Lord Dr Bakiza the powerful spell caster and i told him my problem. and i did what he asked of me, to cut the long story short. Before i knew what was happening my husband called me and told me that he was coming back to me in just 2 days and i was so happy to have him back to me. We have two kids together and we are happy. Thanks to Lord Dr Bakiza for saving my marriage and for also saving others own too. continue your good work sir, If you are interested to contact him and testify this good news like me, the great spell caster email address is ( Thank you for your good work Sir. Once again his email address is: (

    376. Erin O'Donnell says:

      Hey I’m Erin and I’m 15. I occasionally have dreams that happen the next day/week. Around last week I had a dream where I was in this street that I have never been in before and I went into this specific house with a blue and black car parked out front (I can remember details from the dream like the back of my hand).
      Yesterday I was invited by a girl in school to a house party in a little village not far from my town (I’ve never been to the village before) and so I went. One of my friends’ parents picked me up and drove us to the house. As soon as we drove into her street I recognised the layout of the street, the houses, the lawns, and even the specific house I was going into! (Reminder – I’ve never been here before) and I was getting flashbacks of the dream I had because it was exactly the same!! When I got out of the car I realised it was the same blue and black car from the dream!! This is really freaking me out I’m not gonna lie, does anyone have any information? If so email me or tweet me @ErinODonnellll , thank you x

    377. Amber says:

      I am 14 years old and I keep having these dreams it’s strange because one night I will dream of like two people having a fight then a well or so later it happens and I get freaked out

    378. Lei Yah says:

      I hate dreams that coming true. When a certain thing happens, I felt like it happened before and I pointed out that I dream of it. It happens a lot of times. I recognize exact things in my dreams and from reality. I always dreaming when Im asleep. Sometimes m trying to change the situation for my dreams to undo but I cant.

    379. Stan George says:

      Wow a lot of dreams I’m just gonna share a few dreams I had and still have I had one Dr about space many times the last one was a few weeks ago about an astroid spinning very fast coming this way and another dream I was told written on wall that alien life form will be found in a hundred years I had dreams of floods and my dream last night Feb 24 2016 I dreamt about a train crash I never had that kind of dream before it was very quick and scary I am 38 years I have had many dreams about the future it took me years to figure it as I got older I’m still trying to figure it out

    380. Rachelle says:

      I had a dream once that my boyfriend had cheated on me. I asked him if he did. He denied it. Four days later I had found out that he cheated on me the same day I had the dream.

      I also dreamed that the girl he had cheated on me lived with him in our home. Two days later, I found out that she had moved in.

    381. Emily says:

      A few years ago I had a reoccurring dream about my friends and I, there were five of us, sneaking into this asylum. When we entered through the front gate(which was open) suddenly the scenery changed and it went back to when it was opened and this woman suddenly appeared to my right side. She pointed at the building and kept saying Eloise over and over. I didn’t know what to make of this dream because it was so real- I felt like I was actually there. Then randomly at work that same week someone started talking about asylums and someone mentioned one called Eloise. I had never heard of it, been near it, seen it. But, when I looked it up it looked just like the place in my dream. So, I decided to go there and the entrance was exactly the same, the building I saw was the same as well. I walked around a little bit with my friends and came across some alarming things. I had dreams of this place before, the last building we came across- the firehouse- was in a reoccurring dream I had of people sitting outside the building talking and doing laundry in the dream I was standing there talking to someone outside of a fence. The house was exactly the same as my dream- down to the grass, the placement of tables, the large oak tree above me and the door itself. I don’t know what any of it means, I just know that I never want to go back because I had horrible headaches there like I was in another realm almost it was HORRIFYING. I found out later that the firehouse I saw was once the laundry house back when they opened in the late 1800s.

    382. Samm says:

      So… i have always had dreams that seem to come true… the two that stood out the most to me is.. when for the first time i dreamt of my best friends boyfriend.. in my dream i was telling him dont do drugs be careful the people you are with are bad news and i saw the police take him away. the weird part is i have NEVER dreamt of him or even seen him in person..when i woke up i asked my best friend where is Dallas (boyfriend) she said Samm he is in Jail.. he got arrested last night because his friends has drugs on them! i was shocked… i had a dream about that…

      ANother one that i remember was when my boyfriend and i made plans.. i fell asleep and i was dreaming that we were watching t.v and suddenly all his friends showed up to party and in the dream i got angry because it was our date night.. the next morning i told him i had a dream you and your friends ruined our date night with drinking and partying, he said babe im sorry but the guys are coming over tonight to party… how did u know.. i had a dream about what was going to happen before he even told me…. i know there have been many more dreams but these two are the most clear in my head and freaked me out..

    383. shashibalan says:

      the dream comes true for me.when i forget about the dream it will happen immediately.when i told to anyone it will not happen.plz help me theres bad and good dreams. im 17 only.this make my feel sad.

    384. Sachin Peter says:

      I am a 16 year old boy. I think i have some kind of power to see some small things that gonna happen. I feeling this ever since i was in 4th grade. I can see some small movie scenes,small incidences when at school,home,playground in my dreams. i saw this on my early morning dreams.

    385. Ashley Chan says:

      My dreams always come true when I didn’t tell people about. You’re actually correct. I tried it before. I told people some of my dreams and it didn’t happen and when I kept my dream as a secret, it will come true.

    386. Lesley says:

      I just want to comment that I myself have dreams that which come into reality. It feels like I’m living in two worlds mixed in one. And it bugs me I feel as if I never rest and I’ve been having this problem for at least three years or more now. This is not the only problem I have with dreams but I don’t want t get to into it.

      • Gina says:

        I have the same thing. Sometimes they are random…but I know if I have the same dream twice it WILL come true exactly as I dreamed it. Sometimes it’s ok. Some not. I have dreamed the exact way a relative was found, the actions of those who found them and the exact position they were found by when they passed, or how they died. But there are numerous others. My family gets creeped out at times over my dreams.
        I have also moved to a different state than my adult children, I know when something is going to happen. And in our previous home we had a ghost friend. We all have seen her at different times. Everyone described her on their own what she looked likes, her hair, her outfit everything to the T. Why can I see and know these things. N I completely trust my dreams. I know they will become a reality in time

    387. Kdosda Hegen says:

      I was dreaming I was in some strange looking place(like cave or temple). I was fighting mummies.

      That was my dream

      After few months I played game “The Mummy” on ps1 (One of my favourite games…). The eighth stage of the level 10 was seen somewhere to me. And then I remembered it was the same looking place from my dream. It was 100% same looking place and mummies were same too.

      How was this even possible? (I dreamed the part of level before even playing it)

      It is unknown to me to this day.

      If care how it looked:

      It starts at: 6:10

      • bella says:

        This is very similar to what happened to me. I had a dream where I was on a boat in one of those under-building-boat-dock-things (I’m sorry, I have no idea what they’re called).
        The next day I was watching Spectre (the Bond movie that came out recently) and the exact same scene was in the movie.

    388. rosie says:

      I had a dream a couple of years ago that my mom took my rabbit out of its pen and moved it into a bowl in our yard and began to pour a kettle of boiling water into the bowl. I wke up and strted to tell my mom the dream. It was weird because i had never dreamt about my rabbit before. After i told my mom my dream she told me that my rabbit had died during the night and my dad had found him dead that morning.

    389. Steve says:

      I have read a few of your comments above and unfortunately do not have time to read them all. Now on to mine. I am 34 now and have noticed this over the last 4-5 years of my life. I live my dreams on a daily basis, well except for the bad ones I tell my wife about. It is very strange to me. I have even been able to put a time line on them. Which is around 5 1/2-6 months. Meaning that what I dream about tonight will happen around 6 months from now. I know it sounds weird but trust me it is very true. I have also noticed that if I have a bad dream and tell my wife (or someone) about it, it does not come true. Example : Night before last I had a dream that I was at work with a guy I just met last week helping him trim some trees and the chainsaw that he was running kicked back and went across my face. Today I was helping him cut a tree down when he made the comment that he had removed the kickback lock from his saw when he bought it. You better believe as soon as I got home I told my wife about the dream. I do fully believe that if I would have not told her about the dream it would have came true. I know this may not be just a great example because it has not been 6 months but I feel like it was going to be unavoidable with the safety lock being removed. Another example is a few years ago I was living a few hundred miles from my home town when I had a bad dream about my grandfather. Which by heart and law was my father. In real life he had a stroke a few years prior but was in good health. Anyways back to the dream. I had started dreaming about being back home and was talking to my grandmother about my new job. Next thing I knew I was walking with my grandfather and he was very grey and up walking around. Like I said he had a stroke (he could not walk). He was laughing with me talking about fishing. Then he turned to me and said “Son don’t worry about me I am better now but I have to go home. They are missing me.” I was very disturbed by the dream and woke up and set on the edge of the bed and smoked a cigarette. I however did not tell my wife about it. About 5-6 months later I got a phone call about 1:30 in the morning. My grandfather had passed in the middle of the night with a heart attack. Like I said this happens on a daily basis.

      Thank you for your time.

      • Desteny says:

        This happens to me too. It would take a few months for this to happen. And if not months then weeks and it’s pretty scary that I can remember what specifically happened in the dream. By the way I am sorry for your lost.

      • Izzy says:

        I’m 40 years old and have been having these types of dreams since I was a teenager. I used to be so scared. (What intrigued me about ur experience Steve is that if I kept the dreams to myself they would come true too ). Both of my parents experience the same gifts. As I stated, I used to be very afraid bc my friends used to make fun of me and saying that “think your a psychic). When I started reading the bible and accepted Jesus, I realized this was a gift from God. God spokes to his people through dreams all the time. I started to embrace my dreams good or bad. For whatever reason, I knew when to be concern about a dream. I just know how to interpret my own dream. You don’t know how many times my dreams saved my butt!! Thanks for reading

    390. Jacy simpson says:

      I am 18 years and my dreams come true at least two to three times a week. I have had this ability ever since I can remember. I have dreamet about events like people moving, people getting married and even people saying things almost exactly as in my dreams. I always thought it was quite strange, but I am very spiritual. I have many ovations when I can read peoples minds. I don’t mean too, but it’s quite special I beleive. If there is anyone I can talk to about this it would be great to know a little more about this ability, good luck to you all!

      • Sonia Paz says:

        Omg !! Me too it’s so crazy because it also happens to me very often every weeks too and some lady was talking to me that she goes through that but I told her I never thought it was something important but it is and now I’m researching more

      • Quinton Komar says:

        I am 16 years old and I have been having these dreams since I was about 8 years old. The first dream I had I was in a hall tying my shoe and I asked someone in the hall if they thought I was cool. A few years later it happened exactly the way I saw it and I was asking a good friend of mine at the time in grade 4 if he thought I was cool. It was a very surreal experience. Ever since I’ve had many dreams about the future, though mostly just about my own future. Sometimes after having more intense dreams I wake up in cold sweats having what feels like an anxiety attack. Although I cannot read minds, I don’t know if these abilities grow stronger with time, all I know is sometimes it’s like the dream hurts to have once I am awake from it. The more information I receive from a dream, the worse the anxiety attack is. If there is any way of controlling these dreams or tapping into these abilities I would be curious to know since I’ve only ever had them while sleeping and they are quite random. Good luck to any others going through this!

    391. Audrey says:

      I never had these dreams in the past,but lately they’ve been occurring rather frequently. The most recent one was just last night, when I dreamed about there being a death in my family, and about half an hour my grandmother actually called me to inform me that my great uncle had just passed. This was definitely the most eerie one, which made me look into the meaning behind these kinds of dreams, but I’ve had at least three that I can remember within the past two weeks

    392. Paul Meas says:

      I have had several dreams come true these past weeks, most of them i dreamt about the events about 6-7 years ago. They include very trivial things, for example i watched a video today and i recall seeing the picture frame about 7 years ago. I have talked to others about this but they do not believe me. They brush it up as deja-vu even when i try explaining that i’ve seen this situation/moment several years prior

    393. Kristín says:

      So this has happened to me a lot, in fact it just happened about 15 minutes ago and what had happened was i was watching a show called “black mirror” that my friend just showed me last week and the episodes name is “The Waldo moment” and when it had finished i was switching to the next one and a there came like a snapshot of a scene where there is a blue bear on a big screen and i had a flashback to like a month ago or mabey longer i can’t quite remember but i remembered when i woke up and thought that was a weird dream because i vaguely remebered it and it was that snapshot and the name black mirrior and well i’m kinda freaking out right now because this has happened quite often before but i don’t know what to do with this. It’s always been very ordinary every day things never bad things, at least none i remember.

      • Kristín says:

        Btw this has been happening at least since i was 12 mabey longer but that’s the first i remember it and i’m turning 16 this year.

    394. Tiff says:

      Im having more and more vivid dreams. people dying and then watching the news or sosocial media and seeing my dreams / nightmares come true. Headaches too.

    395. Wendy says:

      Every once in awhile, i would get a dream that would come true. Like how one night i predicted that my aunt was going to have a baby girl, and the next week or so when she went to her ultrasound and i went with her to see the gender of the baby and it was a girl. I have predicted my step moms baby gender too, and i now have a half baby sister. Weird huh? Just like how I dreamt it. Yesterday, i went roller skating and everything was exactly like how I dreamt it a few months ago. I guess you can say that I’ve always thought about everything as deja vu. As if like, it was bound to happen. I find it weird how, i only remember the dreams that are going to come true or else i don’t dream at all, and if i do then i just don’t remember it at all. its been happening for quite awhile now. I’ve had alot of occurrences where its exactly like my dream, or its some what similar.

    396. Sarah says:

      I have had dreams before that have come true but nothing this powerful. My family and I got the news in December that my grandmother has stage 4 cancer. She had been doing chemo and visiting with her I found out she wasn’t really eating or taking her medication.

      The night was like any other I went to bed and was having such a hard time sleeping. I kept tossing and turning and it was clear over and over on a loop I kept seeing my grandmother’s hallway her bathroom and her in the floor not moving. Then there was this loud and I mean LOUD ringing in my ears and I felt extremely dizzy. I woke up in tears and texted my dad who is her oldest son at 2:30 in the morning telling him you have to go check on grandma I had this really weird dream and he just needed to check on her

      Two days later my dad called me and told me my dream came true. She had somehow fallen in her bathroom between the door and the small hallway to her bedroom. My dad had gone over there early that morning with a feeling he needed to check on her after I told him about my dream the days leading up she was okay but to have something this powerful happen and to know in such detail and having the feeling like I had hit my head and felt dizzy. The ringing in my ears did not stop until I told my dad. My grandma is okay but by the grace of God she is and still fighting her battle with cancer but this has really shaken me heart and soul.

    397. Akshatha says:

      I see random events in my dream, like the marks I will get in a particular exam and stuff and that will be perfectly true….

    398. Aaron says:

      When i was in first grade I had a dream that I was in an old barn and then a woman in an old wagon pulled by horses came into the barn. I remember feeling happy and comfort in the woman’s beauty as I reached for her hand to get into the wagon. The dream ended as I sat in the wagon but when I arrived at school she was real and was my substitute teacher.

      I also have had dreams that felt out of body or third person as I was flying, floating or really not even there. I would overlook a classroom but the roof would be off like it was a doll house though I never seen the place before. I remember months later going down to Mississippi and sitting in a classroom for military training with cold chills running through my body when I realized that this was the place I seen. Its like still photo’s when it triggers the response in my Brian when I recognize images at the exact way my dream laid them out for me.

      I had a simple dream of using the restroom in a low lit bathroom with a small wired window in front of the urinal. A while later while buying my first new truck I went to the restroom and when I looked up to see the same wire window the chills came.

      One of the most disturbing dreams was me in Iraq war as a soldier and my base was getting over ran. I remember pulling down the flag pole and getting out a razor, matches, silver coin, and a single round of ammo. I remember being terrified while I was cutting out the stars from the flag then I was shot and woke up. I wasnt in Iraq or the military yet at that time but was shortly after my dream. I was in training and the instructor asked how many trucks was in the base. The men said all sorts of big numbers and all to ensure up not being right. I decided to blurt out one being sarcastic because I thought it was a trick question. He replied yes and asked me if I knew what it was and I replied no. He said it was on top of the flag pole and I started to get goosebumps. I told him what I thought was in it using what I seen in my dream. I was chilled when he told me that I was right and explained why those things was in the truck on top of the flag that day had changed my life and kinda opend up my mind on who we really are as humans.

      There has been so much more dreams but im using my phone and the website is being leggy. I have seen things also in half states of sleep that have left me wonderingT

    399. Jo says:

      i have had many dreams that have actually happened later in my life.
      The first time these dreams happened was when i was 7 and thhey included some fantasy stuff but otherwise the realistic stuff happened. Like heres that dream-

      My family and i were driving somewhere for vacation. We were on a road next to a lake. There was a building under construction that had red tarp on it (i didnt know wat it was at the time, so in my 7 year old brain, to me it looked like a japanese temple thing). We past that building and then the fantasy part of the dream happened. We drove on these arches that we went under after the construction building and it was like a rollercoaster. Back to more realistic part of the dream.- We continued driving and it was in the city going to a freeway, but there was a huge hill that went straight upward which we drove on. i dont know how tht would be possible but its a dream Lol. so then i woke up.
      A few months later in the summer, we went on vacation. Everything seemed so familiar even though i have never been there before. we passed the construction building and i was like “That was in my dream!!!” and then i told them the rest of my dream, and sure enough, we went on to a city road and all of it was the same except no hill. but everything looked exactly the same.

      i didnt have any more of those dreams till 8th grade. Except i didnt think they were special dreams cause they didnt happen till sophomore year in high school. …Well, actually i figured out they were predicting the future in 10th grade.. had lots of deja vu before then. Heres one of them. But i dont know the dream specifically since it was probably from a long time ago. so im going to tell you the real life story.

      Ok so, my boyfriend came over to my house and we watched some animated movies. He had never been to my house before this. So we were watching the movie and his phone goes off. His mom is texting him wondering when he will be back. He said 10-ish, then his mom sent a smirk emoji and a kiss emoji and said ~okay. take your time. And THAT seemed wayy too familiar to me. Like i had definitely seen that before… which is impossible cause thats my first bf. so, i shrug it off and we continue to watch the movie. It gets to a certain part in the movie (btw, i havent ever sen this movie before) and i remember seeing that part of the movie. I remember seeing it with him before. Exactly how we were watching it then. I remember that exactly. And then i remembered that after that part of the movie really quiet part would happen and his stomach would growl really loudly and we would laugh. Well… a few seconds later… that happened. I was so sure that that whole situation had happened before but its impossible that that happened before so i must have dreamt it.

      Some other dreams are like of just walking down the hallway at school, people saying things about gossip and then about something that they are planning to happen like a party or just normal highschool stuff. but then in real life, exactly what i dreamt happens in the exact way i dreamed it. Everything was the same including their clothes. And its only for a few moments and then its back to a normal day. This stuff has been hapening more and more and its freaky cool.

      Sometimes i have dreamed that i am another person. Just casually living their life. I am them. Dont even know about me.

      one time in one of ^those dreams… i was someone else. A larger guy with a tan shirt with a strange pattern on it. About age 40-50, balding slightly, had glasses. I didnt know them. I was living their life, doing what they would do. I got in my car (technically their car but u get the point) and drove to walmart. The walmart the real me lives close to… Anyways, i go in the store shopping for whatever i needed… and i passed by myself and my mom. … I then walked to the checkout line, checked out, left, drove home, and then i woke up. <at the time of this dream i looked different and i think i was 14 when i had this dream… The self i saw in the dream was me 2 years later..
      So, i didnt recognise myself and thought that the person that looked like my mom was a random person that just loked like my mom.. i mean its a dream, there has to be a weird part in every dream…. right? Ok so 2 years later (and i dont go shopping much or out much in general) my mom took me shopping with her to get some food and stuff because im picky with food so she tricked me to go out… and … i passed this older guy, with a tan shirt with a weird pattern on it, balding a little, had glasses… and looked exactly like the guy from my dream. He looked at me while we were passing, and then we both went on our separate ways… Freaky.

      That was the only incident where i saw myself in a dream where i was someone else… Does that mean all the other dreams i have had about being other people are actually real people?? My dreams tell the future?? I think this is all really cool. I have read some of the other comments on here and relate to a lot of them. glad im not the only one with dreams that predict the future… but havent seen others about being another person yet… hopefully someone out there relates to this.

      • Sara says:

        When I was in 8th grade I used to ride horses. One night the day before my lesson I had a dream I was riding on a horse but it wasn’t mine, and I could see the field where I would ride my horse started to run and I felt afraid and helpless I could see what I was passing and then there was nothing and I woke up shaken. The next day thinking nothing of it I went to my lesson when I got to the stable my trainer told me she had to let someone else less experienced ride my horse and she had another one for me to ride that day. I began my lesson and was learning to ride English (for those of you who aren’t familiar that means you have no horn on the saddle and you hold the reins differently) for no reason my horse started to run and it was like my dream was happening before my eyes. I tried to stay on my horse just to see what happened that I couldn’t see at the end of my dream but was forced to jump from my horse where I was injured. I’ve never had a dream come true since that time but I have constant de ja vu and find it easy to pick up on others Vibes and sometimes feel as if I’m being watched.

    400. Danielle Louise says:

      I knew my boyfriend’s sister and her husband were trying to get pregnant. One night I had a dream that my boyfriend and his sister were in his apartment. I was there but it was if they could not see me. She was wearing a light jacket and she had told him she was pregnant. It was warm out during this time. The next day I told my boyfriend this story and of course dismissed it. About a month or so later, now it is November, he had told me his sister told him she was pregnant but she had not told anyone else. Not even their parents.

      A few weeks after he told me about the pregnancy, I had another dream. It was not as vivid but I woke up and told my boyfriend that I had this feeling something may be wrong with his sister and the baby. 3 days later, she went to the emergency room because she was experiencing abnormal bleeding. Thank goodness everything was okay.

      My whole life I have had dreams that signified future events. A few days before September 11th, 2001, I dreamt of a building collapse. My mother also has dreams like this. For almost a year she had dreams of floods and devastation. She started preparing for this. I thought she was insane because she started to fill gas cans and keeping them in our yard. Low and behold, a few weeks later hurricane sandy hit and almost all gas stations were out of service.

      Maybe having precognitive or psychic experiences can be hereditary.

    401. Logan Neu says:

      I have dreams where I will be dreaming and then all of a sudden there will be like a picture that will pop up into my dream. A little like sound goes off in my brain. When I wake up I remember that picture from the dream. Then I forget it, but then some time in the future I will be doing something and then. I am doing what the image is like the picture is in first person. From the view of my eyes, so I have dreams with pictures of the future. They repeat after the previous one happens in real life. Well that’s my futuristic dreams

    402. Aeon says:

      Well a week or 2 ago i had a dream where my friend slapped by a girl in my classroom then it happened today because he said that her teeth reminded him of a song black and yellow. 🙂

    403. Carol says:

      I have had dreams of 1985 metro airport crash also 911 crash in pensylvania

    404. MJ says:

      I had a psychic dream when I was 16 years old, in which I had a baby who died while he was an infant. That dream felt very different from other dreams, and I knew it was a premonition. I have experienced on several occasions a premonition dream and then when I tell people about it, it doesn’t come true. So, I now tend to keep them to myself if I want it to happen. But with this dream, I definitely did not want it to come true, so I told everyone I knew about the dream, for years. When I got pregnant the first time, I had dreams about what my child would look like. Those came true! When I got pregnant the second time, I again had dreams about what my child would look like, and they again came true. When I got pregnant the third time, I had my recurring dream again that he would pass as an infant. And I knew that this was the child that my dream was about so many years before. After he was born, he passed when he was 1 month old.

    405. Tia says:

      I have been living several of my dreams recently in the last year. I even told one of my coworkers about a dream i had pretaining to work and how i was working but it wasn’t the same place as i was working at the time and when i lived that dream the dejavu from it was so intense i literally stopped what i was doing to take it in. Since that dream many more have come to pass.

    406. pipi says:

      I’ve had these many times. 2004 tsunami: was there in Chennai beach a day before with my family (was around 8 years old), cried because I suddenly felt super scared of the water (and I’m the kind who usually loves it). No ‘choice’ but to go home. Same night / next day, tsunami happened on the same beach. Nearly entered a car when I was a kid (maybe about 2-3 years old). That car got into an accident where everyone in it died. I saw the MH370 dream as well. Found myself staring out of the window and telling myself in my head that a plane will fall and it did the next day. The Indian students who drowned in Beas river, I felt myself being washed away near a river in another dream. Even last night, I felt myself being wrongly accused and stripped in public because I am different from the others and the article came up about the 21 year old Tanzanian girl who experienced my dream in Bangalore. These are just a few of the many I have felt. For the last few years, all these dreams are coming together into a novel (actually a series of 12) and it’s going well, as I have ‘experienced’ them.

    407. Janice says:

      I have had these dreams throughout my life, normally mundane things – and even if I warn the person involved that dream still comes true. I had a dream of a bad car accident 2 days before my daughter died and I heard a voice saying… 1 is dead the other is dying..I woke screaming for my child. I warned both my daughter and her fiancé about this dream and I actually asked them not to drive in any vehicle, which was pretty stupid as how do we get around. However they vowed not to drive themselves. 2 days later they were passengers in a vehicle and were hit from the side . My daughters fiancé passed nearly immediately whilst my daughter lay dying for 4 months in a hospital paralysed and scull removed . I do not understand these dreams. I have spoken to many about them and now keep quiet , as some say it is evil, others look at me as if I am mad. These dreams happen and I do not know why.

    408. Brittney says:

      This is interesting to me.. I have always had dreams that to some extent came true l, for example a certain house that I had never been to or a bar and dreaming of certain people being in the places and then one day years later it’s happening..but only a few times have my dams ever really impacted me to where I felt like it was a premonition. The first one was when my best friend was moving from Wisconsin to Wyoming and her and her boyfriend at the time took separate vehicles..that night I drempt that she lost control of her car slid off the road hit a tree and lost her life it woke me up right away I sent her a text asking of she was ok and briefly told her my dream she didn’t reply until the next afternoon she called and said wow that’s crazy because she in fact lost control of her car and hit a tee and completely totalled her car but thankfully walked away without so much as a scratch!! The other time hits a bit deeper.. My father had been diagnosed with cancer the Dr.gave him the summer..about a month after this I was dreaming of him falling down into this dark tunnel he just kept falling and falling there was no end to it..I remember waking up and thinking to myself how strange it was and how uneasy it had me feeling…I got dressed for work stopped to see my family and when I walked in my mom says you should call in to work I asked why and she then told me the news that my father had passed..I still don’t understand the falling into a dark tunnel and when the dream comes to me now even after seven years I feel scared and wake up and try to shake it off…I never have seen anything after the falling… And lastly there is a love from my past that I have been close to for 14 years that I rarely ever see..but I have very vivid dreams of him I always have since I met him..anyhow the dreams of him are dark and I have them every single time he’s feeling sad and alone then I reach out to him and even after not hearing from eachother in months at one point years its as though I just pick up on his sadness through my me it’s just so strange and sometimes I feel like I’m nuts for thinking that I feel him…anyone else have this? Or have a explanation why this happens? I worry because I recently learned he has been using some bad drugs and I dream of him dying alone in the cold in a park!! The dream feels very real and I started having it many years ago..long before I knew of the drug use..

    409. Char says:

      I was at my old property where the house burnt down and I went to go check it out as usual when I go visit even in my dreams im wondering the property (looking for anything that might remind me of my childhood). As I come to an end the sun is just beginning to set so I start off through the long windy road where some type of critter had been crossing my path carrying an original Nintendo? I was so excited thinking of how happy my brother would be after showing him what I had found. Thinking after all the years of roaming around this abandoned property seeing bits of pieces through out the 2.5 acre property. I saw more in my dreams than I’ve ever found in real life as I approach this critter who now walking through the bush which now in the shadows of the “corner” (what my siblings and I called scary corner ” wrestled the system out of this critters grasp. I tough I had a clean get away but that critter was not happy, I had to run out of the branches and out on the dirt road running until I had run out of breath turning only to notice I wasn’t there anymore (my childhood home). I woke and the first thing I looked at was my cell phone and the first post is an original Nintendo for sale on one of the local buy and sell, a couple interested inquires including myself and as I look I noticed these people aren’t placing interest for themselves but on behalf of someone else (one a possible brother) I messaged the man selling the Nintendo and I got the system but had to pay an extra 20.00 in order to get him to agree to stay as long as it took me to drive the 55 minutes to purchase the Nintendo. Through the entire day I was so confused on how I can dream of finding a Nintendo than waking up to find one and eventually coming to own.

      • Hannah says:

        Well i’m not replying but i had a dream once when i was in 2nd grade (i’m in 6th grade now) i had a dream about this thing called the wax museum and i saw this girl dressed up as lady gaga and when i got into 4th grade i saw it for real not in a dream and it freaked the hell out of me because i could remember the whole dream right when i saw that girl dressed up as lady gaga and i don’t know what to do because it keeps happening like i had a dream about getting a boyfriend named Troy Whited and 1 year later i acctually got a new boyfriend named Troy Whited!

        Thanks for reading,

        Hannah Elizabeth Simpson
        Email me @

    410. Rali says:

      Hi, I had one dream that came true.. and another that I know will come true. It was 2013 when I had both dreams. The first one was about a boy. I was in some kind of labyrinth with a boy. I felt like I know him, but at the same time I couldn’t recognize him. We had all kind of trobles when we were trying to get out of the labyrinth. And when we were almost there the exit was so close. We were walking and we had some kind of exercise that we had to do before the granny that was sittin in one corner see us… the boy did it and passed the exercise … but when I was just to make the last step the granny saw me. I had to go back and start everything over. The boy wached towards me, but then he turned away and walked away.
      …. everything that was in this dream came true… the next year or a while before 2014 I met a boy… we really loved each other. He was everything to me. I would have risked everything just to be with him. And he did the same. He even moved to my town so we can be together. But we had big problems because of my family. We had to go true many things and it only made us stronger. But the day came… when we had to go on different paths… my parents really hated him. We were going to get engaged before the summer of 2016… but my parents made me choose between them and him…. that’s where I had to start from the beginning and he continued his own life… without me. 🙁 we are friends but… that’s it… and he has a girlfriend so… that was the first dream…

      The second dream… I saw it like the same week… or the next day after the first dream. So it was 2013 anyway…. It’s my birthday and mom and dad are coming home with some guest. It was a friend the knew. But I didn’t knew him… so I was surprised … he gave me a present. When I opened it there was a engagement ring. I asked “why me” … and mom and dad said that they have given him permission to get engaged with me. The man was around 25 and I was going to turn 20 or I was 20 years old… after that he took me to a very expensive hotel. There was a big bed and it was really beautiful. Then he told me that he is a prince of so other country. And we lived happily ever after… the odd thing here is that. I met a men… he is 24 now. He is going to turn 25 before I turn 21 this year.. he is from another country, he is born in the same month and on the same date as my ex… and because I asked him how old is he …he asked me to gess and I knew… I knew without him telling me … I knew his age and date of birth … it’s just really creepy … and I just know what is going to happen next.. it’s too much… and no one believes me… even when I tried to talk to my sister or my mom… no one believes me… and I’m just really scared… oh and on top of that… I just see that he is already falling for me… couse we actually met like half an year ago… and have seen just like 3 times… well we have been texting for a week now… but everything is happening just like in my dream… everyone says that I can change my faith … but I don’t know… I believe in God… and I have been praying alot. Just I’m so confused…

    411. Jay says:

      I dreamt that I was talking to or kissing a girl that I went to high school with six years back . When I woke up I had a missed call from a unknown number I called back sorry I text back Who is this I have a missed call from you and they wrote the name of the girl that I had just had a dream with I asked her if she went to my high school and she said ‘yes’ it was the girl that I haven’t spoken to or seen in 6 years …wow… She told me she was looking through her contacts and she didn’t know who’s number it was so she decided to call ….. After that we talked for a bit I ended up hanging out with her at a bar we started making out for a good minute and that’s it. Nothing else happened. I wasn’t even bummed that nothing happened I was still amazed about the dream and that I even saw her …. This has happened to anybody please reply … This is not a joke this is real life it’s crazy wish somebody could explain this to me ….??

      • Jo says:

        Stuff like that happens to me, except usually the things i dream about happen a few days later or months/years later. And its freaky when it happens cause ur like “I dreamed all this… O.O wat..?? Is this really happening?”

      • Jessie says:

        I dreamt on the night of February 9 that four of my classmates proposed me and now iam afraid about it because I have seen a lot if dreams which came true within a week or 2. Will this dream ce true. I’m sorry to use the reply option since I didn’t find the comment option

    412. Alexa says:

      for some reason I have dreams of death and disasters! Sometimes good dreams. I had a dream that my boyfriend died. I told him he was going to die. To be careful. Of course he didn’t believe me. In my dream it show me how he was gonna died but when I woke up I couldn’t remember I only remember seeing him in a casket and me crying. A month later he died in a car accident! I felt so guilty because I couldn’t remember how he was gonna die . I kinda figure out how my dreams work! If I dream of someone in a casket! They are gonna die ! If I dream someone saying they died! They get really sick. I just had a dream of something that’s going to happen in politics ! I am scare to explain to much details in my dream. One good thing that I dream today was that the BRONCOS are gonna win the super bowl!!

      • Steffen says:

        The Broncos totally won the Super Bowl….

      • charlene says:

        I also have dreams that come true,it’s not freaky anymore.. And I did know the Broncos would win by a landslide the day before the game,should have made a bet on it,,,lol
        My dreams usually happen within 10 yrs,just like the Concord that went down, I dreamt about it 10yrs before it happened. I SEE IT AS A GIFT, I am spiritual in believing in God, but I believe that we all have gifts to use to benefit our lives and the world.

    413. jake says:

      I had multiple dreams that came true and it all started when I was around 10 years old.

      1st. I joined a sports club and we where playing our first match the next day. I go to bed and I had a dream where I was playing in the game and I made a huge mistake.. and the teacher flips out, well the next day I was playing in the game and everything happened in the exact same way facial expressions and all.

      2nd. I was about 18 years old I had a dream where my grandfather got really sick and he was taken to the hospital via ambulance ,in my dream I see my grandfather in a hospital bed intubated and everyone was crying , then suddenly he was in a wheelchair and then he was sitting and talking with me after he recovered completely . Next day I go to visit my grandfather and ask him if everything is fine and he told me he feels great. 3 weeks later my grandfather had a heart attack, he was taken to the hospital via ambulance we went to visit him in the hospital saw him in the hospital bed> intubated and everyone was crying > 2 weeks later he was moved out of ICU and was in recovery and I saw him sitting in a wheelchair and then later on visited him at his house and we were talking about all that happened. And during everything I told everyone my grandfather would be fine.

      3rd. In 2007 I was 22 years old and I was at college at the time. I had exams and was studying really hard . So the one night while passed out due to exhaustion I had the first dream in a long time that actually really scared me. In my dream I was at a garage buying some fuel so I pull out of the garage and the next moment my car does not want to move , so I climb out and everything around me was destroyed ,my car was completely rekt like it was set on fire ,buildings looked like they where blown up . So I start walking and I get to this old stadium we used to play at when we where young , so I go inside and these 2 “black” guys see me and they come sprinting towards me and I could sense the hostility in them, so I turn around and I bolt. I manged to lose them and then suddenly I got pulled into this room by this white guy. I ask him what dafaq is going on and he replies “they are hunting us ,killing every white person they can find”. He asks me what am I doing out in the open ? and I tell him ” I shouldn’t be here I was in my dorm room sleeping and the next moment I was in this place”.He asks me If I have some sort of ID on me and I handed him my wallet, and I could see he was like confused. I ask him what year it was and he replied “it’s 2020”. The fear,confusion and the loss of hope radiating from those people in the room made me sick so I ran to the bathroom puke my guts out and while on my knees I was looking down at my brand new shoes I bought like 3 days earlier and asking myself how is this possible then… suddenly I was awake back in my dorm scared shitless

      It was the most vivid dream I have ever had and till today can’t stop thinking about it. And as we get closer to 2020 ..well I don’t want it to come true

      Throughout my life I had many experiences that where I would randomly dream about people or old friends I have not seen in ages I would usually see them out of the blue in about a weeks time.

      last one : A few months ago I had like this dream that I was sitting in the passengers side of like a minivan and driving to some place with a guy I just met. In my dream this genius overtakes a transport truck on a double barrier line ,around a corner and of course we get into an accident .2 weeks later it happened the exact same way and we where in an accident.

      so those where my experiences believe it or not.cheers

    414. Julie says:

      My 10 year old son just started crying as we were doing homework together. When I asked what was wrong, he explained he had dreamed this a couple of days before. He told me in detail the exact things I had just done and said that he had dreamed. He said this had been going on for a few years but now it happens every couple of days. He didn’t want to tell me until he knew it wasn’t going to go away and that his dreams were always going to happen.

    415. Claudia H. says:

      I’m only 13 but around the middle of last year and into the beginning of this school year I’ve had dreams or moments in dreams that come true like me leaving my bookbag and talking to my friend on the bus, and we had the same conversation as in my dream or a moment in a dream. I also think of something someone will say or do, or will happen for a moment then 5 seconds to a minute later it would happen. It mostly happened when I was on vacation over the summer this has stopped for now for some reason but it still creeps me out

      • Carys says:

        I am 12 and this happens to me too…I have had deshavu from dreams years before…but just recently it has been a night before. When it happens I got so scared I fell onto the ground

    416. Darla says:

      I have been doing research on something that happened to me a number of years ago, which I haven’t been able to let go of. It was actually about 10 years ago. I had an uncle, who I was very close with. He was like a second father to me. He was a retired lineman. After he retired he worked a couple of days a week for a small, family-owned business in town, doing electrical work. One night I had a dream that he died. I dreamed he was working high up on scaffolding (which was weird because I don’t recall him ever working on scaffolding before). I dreamed the scaffolding collapsed and he fell to the ground below. I also dreamed he was hit by some of the scaffolding and died of a head injury. I then dreamed that no one could find my aunt (his wife) as she was out for the day. I remember waking up, sweating profusely. I remember the dream was so vivid I wasn’t sure if my uncle had actually died or not. I lay in bed the rest of the night, awake, talking myself through the dream and reassuring myself it hadn’t actually happened. I never mentioned the dream to my family as I thought it was rather morbid and would just upset them. The dream never really faded, though. For the next year and a half, I remember feeling like I had to really hold onto my uncle and that he wouldn’t be around much longer. It was just this feeling of dread, that he would be leaving us soon. I always tried to convince myself that I was being ridiculous. About a year and a half after the dream, it happened. My uncle was on a job, on scaffolding, about ten feet above the ground. The scaffolding didn’t collapse, but he fell off of the scaffolding, hit his head when he fell to the ground, and later died of a head injury. My aunt was out for the day and no one could manage to get in touch with her. My cousin, her daughter, had to go to the hospital and start making the decisions until they finally got ahold of my aunt. The only part of the dream I got wrong was that I dreamed that the scaffolding collapsed, when instead, my uncle fell from it. I remember thinking that if I had dreamed he died another way – a car accident, a heart attack, I could just write it off to a coincidence. Those would be much more common ways for someone to die. But, I basically dreamed exactly what happened. I’ve always wondered how it was possible to dream about something before it actually happened. I have had several dreams throughout my years that have come to pass. The other couple of dreams were of much more mundane things though.

      • Paul says:

        Did this happen on the central coast of nsw
        I saw an older guy fall backwards off scaffolding .

      • charlene says:

        Beautiful…this is awesome
        when I was about 8 yrs old I would dream of falling down a black hole,night after night,so since then I have dreams that come true, I believe having dreams that come true are a beautiful gift

    417. Victoria says:

      I have an extreme phobia of snakes. I was at my cottage on night and had a dream of a large Python slithering on me while I was chained (stupid really) but i woke up screaming. It was speaking to me but I couldn’t remember what it said. The next morning when I was walking off the dock I saw the exact same snake on a rock. It hissed at me then went into the bushes. I was never so scared in my life

    418. Anon says:

      Dreamt several dreams:

      1) My dad talking to my mum ignoring me since they were not talking to me
      2) my 6 month old daughter and sister and brother in law getting kidnapped
      3) divorced and getting remarried ( daughter in dream is 6 years old)
      4) going out with my sisters

      Although none of these have exactly come true. What has happened is that I found out
      That my husband had cheated on me. I am preparing to leave him and this emotionally
      abusive relationship of 10 years for which I have left my family for and stopped talking to them all. I believe that these dreams were a sign of what is to come.. Rebuilding my relationship with my parents, sisters and perhaps even remarrying in the future.. Who knows. It’s strange that I had these dreams after i found my rose quartz crystal… Not sure if it had any impact since is moved away from spirituality for a while.

    419. Rauto says:

      I have had several of these dreams before. I dreamed once I was at a baseball field I had never been before, go hit in the head by a baseball, and had to go to the hospital. A few weeks later I was at my sisters baseball game and realized it was the same park from my dream, except where I stood in the dream was were the referee was standing. Someone threw a wild pitch later that day and a ref had to go to the hospital. I also had a dream I was walking with a friend and she got bit by a snake. When that friend helped me move, we went to my car and she stepped on a snake. The scenario had seemed like it could be the dream, so I had been carrying a gun around all day just in case, and it was really useful. I shot the snake as soon as my friend jumped back so the snake never bit her. These are the two major ones I remember, but once a week I get déjà vu over a small details or event that couldn’t matter at all and remember it from a dream.

    420. Nastassja says:

      Did anyone have a dream about most random things?
      My first dream came true last summer.
      In my dream I saw a lizard crossing a road, surviving. On a rainy day.
      The second dream was about me passing a difficult level in a zombie game.
      The third dream occured today in the morning. I dreamt about going on a job interview and there were only 4 candidates (including me), one male.
      I dreamt these dreams a day before the events happened.

    421. Sebastion says:

      I’m 15 and this happens all the time. I’ll have a dream and it will come true the next day or in a couple of days. I’m a little freaked out and I just want to know why its happening. What does it mean? Can someone please tell me?

    422. Maggie says:

      I’m 15 and since i was about 10 I’ve had dreams about just stupid normal stuff happening, Friends or family saying funny or dumb stuff or asking stupid questions and then about 2 weeks (3 months at the latest) it will actually happen. Could this mean anything??

    423. baso says:

      the most dream that astonished me was when I graduated from college and unemployed and was in very hard times for some period. that night i dream that I saw a school friend of mine that I haven’t seen more than 10 years and was pleased to see him, and in the same dream I dream also that I have another college friend I saw him and saw myself working with him and told me about my new work.
      the next morning I had to go to do some jobs for mom I saw my school friend was driving on moto I called him and he remembered me. the same day afternoon my college friend called from abroad and told me your visa is ready and guess what after like 2 month I joined his company to work in the same company he is in. this was 10 years before.
      last night I dream some kind of car accident and in the morning my car skids and spins in the middle of the road with no accident thanks God but was terrified when was happening as I remembered the dream 🙂
      take care, hope only the good dreams comes true to all of you
      happy dreaming

    424. Roger Williams says:

      Dreamed that water was pouring from the downstairs ceiling then woke up the next morning and told my wife Annette about the dream. Later that day I go to change the leaking valve on my water heater after thinking I got all the water out, well I didn’t and I flooded my downstairs.. Sad day..

      • Juliana says:

        Once I dreamed that I was hit into a wall by a boy. One boy did nothing and another said are you ok. Then I woke up. When I went to school I was helping a gym teacher and it was the end of the class. I went to get my stuff and a guy went to get the ball and he shoved me into the wall.

      • Brendan Papp says:

        I have been having these dreams that come true to me exactly 1 week later. Sometimes they are simple, but sometimes it is predicting something like me meeting someone in the dream and I meet the exact person IVE NEVER SEEN this person but in my dream, the name was right to. I like this girl. One time me and others (6 others) had the exact dream. Of course one week later it came true… The first day of the third quarter at the school we had the dream all the teachers will leave early… It happened some were sick and some just left. I had another dream last night about me coming famous and starting to date a girl named Jenna Ortega. I finally did research about her, she’s real. Oh did I’d I mention I was famous because of acting. People are coming up to me and saying my acting skills are great, if this dream comes true to then I will freak

        • Brendan Papp says:

          Please help me

          • Brendan Papp says:

            I forgot sometimes they tell me a complex future telling. I act until 71 and die at 99 I get shot at my house, I marry Jenna and we have 4 kids Timothy, Alexander, Lauren, and Harry again what is happening

          • Paul says:

            I can relate to some of your things .
            Some of mine come true in around the 1 week period but I also have things that happen under the 5 minute mark. I can think of some one and they will call me within 2 minutes max. Some times under a minute. Some times a song will come into my head just doing stuff at home and put the radio on and that songs playing The radio hadn’t been on for 3 days before. I was taking my dog for walk in the bush behind our house When I got outta the house had a vision of a bushfire and thought nothing off it. 20 minutes whilst in the bush we were surrounded by fire. I have plenty more but somethings are better not shared.