Psychic Dreams that Come True

psychic dreams that come trueHave you had psychic dreams that come true?   If you’ve had any psychic dreams and any part of them have come true please let us know in the comments section below this post.

Psychic dreams usually involve precognition or the ability to see events happen before they occur.  This is a  phenomenon that many have reported occurring.

In the video above a gentleman tells of his experience of dreaming about a train crash and then learning that one occurred while he was having the dream.   He also speaks about the interconnectedness of all those on the underlying spiritual level and how we can tap into that, especially in the dream state.   Chris in the psychic dream video also has a very nice life philosophy and is well worth watching.

I was just on another psychic site reading through an entire collection of interesting stories from those who have reported psychic dreams that come true.   Some of them are mundane, for instance, a child dreaming that she would receive a shirt, and then getting one from her mother the next day.  In another a person dreamed of a plane crashing in the woods and the next day the crash took place.

Speaking of plane crashes I remember reading of a famous (or infamous) plane crash I think it was in San Diego, in which an individual had foreseen the crash in a psychic dream and tried to contact the airport to tell them, but was not taken seriously.

What is the source of psychic dreams?  Who knows?  One explanation I’ve heard is that people with psychic dreams are able to psychically look at a projected time line from the dream state and see events that are projected to occur on that timeline.   One interesting thing I noted when looking over some of the stories of those who have reported psychic dreams that come true on a regular basis is that when they do have what they consider to be a psychic dream and then talk about them to others then the dream doesn’t always play out or come true like when they keep silent.  Don’t know if it is a real pattern or not.

One way to track any psychic dreams is to keep a dream journal.  I did that for a couple of years when I was learning lucid dreaming.  I got fairly proficient at lucid dreaming, or knowing I was dreaming and trying to control the dreams but never did recall any psychic dreams.

If you’ve had any psychic dreams that came true please let us know in the comments section below.  Thank you!

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249 Responses to “Psychic Dreams that Come True”

  1. Blue says:

    Ok so when I was 7 I uses to have bad dreams but not the sort of bad like a monster is hiding under my bed, I don’t remember any of them but my mom used to tell me that it got so bad I was afraid to sleep. So more and more they used to get worse and then they stopped…. I moved away and when I was 10 I was having lucid dreams, but small parts of things. For example I would see a face in a area and the area woul be a place I know well then the next day it would happens, I never told anyone but I always wondered. Then when I became 11 the dreams would come at any time, if I was walking everything would go black or white and Then I would see the dream and minutes later it would happens!

  2. Irfan says:

    When ever I dream , after 1 or 2 years my dream will come true and it always freak me out like for example when i was 15 i have this dream that i’m having a computer inside a lab with the people that i don’t know , after 3 years the dream come true with the same people , same venue and the same surrounding and the noise we have made

  3. Rebecca says:

    I consider myself a highly intuitive person. I would lucid dream often as a kid but it has become less frequent as an adult. (I wasn’t even aware of what lucid dreaming was until 2 years ago.

    I never have dreams that predict significant events like natural disasters or pregnancies. My dreams are more as if I’m watching myself in a movie. They are more realistic short scenarios or almost screen shots of conversations I have with people, or feelings I get in a situation. I’ve had the randomist and most insignificant dreams come true exactly months later. ( being in the exact place, remembering a feeling, or remember that my mom was going to say that, etc) It’s almost a feeling of deja vue but I know that I dreamed it before.

  4. Madi says:

    Once I had a dream my dog’s collar broke when I was walking her and she ran. In the dream, she got to the other end of the yard before I caught her. The next morning, it happened. I was ready for it though, because EVERYTHING was EXACTLY the same as in my dream.

    Later, I had a dream my best friend’s boyfriend would dump her and date another girl. A week later, my friend was dumped and the boyfriend started dating the other girl.

  5. mimi says:

    e I’m so glad to find this site.
    As a child I only had lucid dreams…I though that was the norm for all.
    At around 10, they started to fade and now that I’m in my 30s, they only occur 3-5 times a year.
    These past few nights I’ve experienced premonitions. The one that hit me the most is about a man with whom I feel a connection I be never felt with anyone else in my life. Its really hard explaining because its like nothing can be compared to it. As if I had to describe a color that doesn’t exist. Anyhow, I love him very much but I love people in general and I don’t see him categorized as anything when I place him in my life. Its more as if I want closeness between us, and not necesseraly a sexual one.
    I dreamed that he came into my room and kissed me, not passionately, but softly while hugging me. I opened my window and the sun was shining so bright and could see leaves on the ground ming gently on the ground. After, wewere in a room where he gave me a pendant. Gold with small diamonds and a fascinating red heart in the middle. It had an inscription on the outside in cursive that I cannot remember but I knew this had been his grandmas and gave it back not wanting to offend anyone in his family. He said it was alright, that we could wait until later.
    When I woke up, I was truly puzzled…the pendant was so vivid…the emotions so genuine. Later that night, I was invited to a party and he was there. Yes, we were drinking and eventually we danced and somehow we ended up hugging, he held my head in his hand and pulled me close to him with his other hand on my waist. He then said that he loved me and I said the same. He then starts to cry and thanks me for it. We kissed like in the dream. The next day when I woke up, I had left my window open and leaves were gently moving on my floor. The funny thing is that as I tried to examine my dream I thought of the fall. But forgot all about the leaves that got burried under the snow and were then uncovered by the sun.
    If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them.

  6. skye says:

    Hi everyone, 20 weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I’ve been having dreams about the ocean and tsunamis. Couple days after there were events happen about the earthquake and tsunamis. The freaky part is that 3 days ago I had a similar dream again about tsunami. And today I found out that there was an 8.0 earthquake in Chile that will cause some tsunami hit. Coincidence or a phenomenon?

  7. faz says:

    hi, iv had dreams that have previously come true. i all ways know when my aunts pregnant and have all ways dreamed the sex of her children, every time iv been right. iv often wondered if this means anything or if i have a skill that i can build on. other dreams of being out with my friends shopping and conversating have also come true within a matter of days where the lighting and conversation is accurate in comparison to my dream.

  8. Phoebe says:

    I’ve had three experiences where three of my dreams came true, the first one was when I was 16, i went to America for a few months, i had a dream about my ex boyfriends dad ( i used to spend a lot of time round him, talking about the war, he was 86) i dreamt that he was going to die, and in my dream i watched it happen, so from America that very next morning i rung my ex, to say i had a dream that he is going to die very soon, my ex was t very happy about my call and obviously left wondering “what?” Random call. Anyhow turned out 2 days later he died :(

    My next experience was my grandma, i had a dream that she was telling me to go and tell my father that she is dieing and doesn’t have long, i woke the next day and completely forgot the dream. Two weeks later my grandma died, and as she lays dead on the bed where we all went to say goodbye, i kissed her cold lips and cuddled her neck, it was all deja-vu my dream instantly came back to me, i felt very guilty and realised i was supposed to tell my dad it was going to happen, i felt very bad. A day later i built the courage to tell my dad that i had dreamt it all, it was all exactly the same as my dream, my dad was angry at me and said i was making it up.

    My third encounter was another ex of mine, we were students away studying at the time, his grandad was a little ill for a while, i came back from a lecture one day and felt tired and mentally drained, it ok a lie down, i dreamt my ex’s grandad is going to due the next day, so i contacted my ex from UNI, i said ive had a bad dream, i think your granddad’s going to die, perhaps best for you to go home now and see him before it’s too late (9hour drive away) he said dont be silly, it’s just a dream, i said ive had these dreams before, please go. He didn’t go, the next morning he had a phone call announcing his granddad was dead :( my ex was kicking himself, and apologised for not listening to me, he said i had something special ??

    • Phoebe says:

      P.s i dream when people are going to die, but it only seems to be close people, people around me. Weird huh! :)

  9. Rachel says:

    At the end of last year as I was waiting for my O level results to come out, I had a dream of myself in my school hall, receiving my results. I remember looking down at my results slip and seeing a ’12-13′ printed there. I woke up immediately after that and was like whew it’s not real (because it was pretty vivid). One month later I receive my slip and i see a ’13′! It’s so oddly specific and I don’t know if it was sheer coincidence or something more

  10. Sese says:

    About a month ago I had a dream I was in an earthquake. (I’ve never actually experienced a real earthquake before and I live in California.) The next day there was an earthquake somewhere in Southern California. Since then there has been way more earthquakes. Before I had that dream there was no news reports on earthquakes. I’ve also had about 6 other dreams that have came true but I try not to tell anyone because I will definitely sound crazy.

  11. Abigail Hernandez says:

    Hi, my name is Abigail. When I was younger I would have these dreams, about other places and people I had never met before and now that I’m older, the dreams have came true. How could I have seen my future when I was younger?

  12. kate Z. says:

    Hi this is something helpful to me. before the earthquake happens here in Cebu,Philippines Last october 15 i had a dream thats about an earthquake.It keeps on repeating but different setting. It keeps repeating for like three nights. So it was 7:30am i woke up to another earthquake dream. I just went to the bathroom and sleep again but exactly 8:30am there was a magnitude
    7.8 earthquake. I felt horrified because i thought it was the end of the world. Then last week i dream of something that was not the usual routine.I saw a pizza and got hungry also i saw someone got hurt it was like a cut from a knife. When i woke up i stroll at our neighbourhood, I saw the same pizza brand delivered at our neighbours house. When i went inside the house i saw my mother putting some bandage to her finger coz she accidentally cut it while chopping. I hope ill get some answers to this. I am afraid ill dream if something bad and come true. please give me an email to those who got answers.

  13. Donna says:

    Hi,Im Donna
    I’ve had so many dreams that have come true,its scary at times,3 dreams well 2 were dreamt and one was a repeated event that kept occurring ,so I’ve had a dream of my cousin being shot down,1wk later he was shot down and died,then for abt 2wks whenever I would open my kitchen cabinet a knife would fall out and almost stab me every time,then Iheard that my little cousin had been stabbed and died,there are so many more events,but they creep me out,what does all this mean?

  14. Lesley C.C. says:

    Hey okay so i might sound crazy but i think my mom’s side of the family has sort of an ability to see the future in our dreams.My grandmother for instant dreamed that two of her daughters was pregnant and a few days later my tia vero and my tia Maria found out they were pregnant and now both of my aunts had girls.On my dads side of the family my uncle had a dream when he was taking a nap.My uncle had a dream that my dad was driving and That he crossed the train tracks when the bars were coming down and he dreamed that my dad got ran over by a train. Thank god that he didnt but that same day before my uncle had that dream we were heading to my cousins house when suddenly we saw the train coming so my dad decided not to wait for it to pass by so he acelerated and crossed the train tracks befors the train rode by.I have also had sort of weird dreams for example once i dreamt that i was mad for some reason and my mom was mad at me too but for some reason i didnt know why .After the scene changed and we were in the downstairs living room and everything was exactly the same as our real living room it was as if i was actually there and my mom stood in front of me crying and said “lesley me and you are the only girls in this family and we need to stick togther we need to help and be strong for one another” and my stubborn self just ignored her and left and then i just stopped dreaming . I think it was either months or a year later that we where in my nanas house and then all of a sudden my parents blamed me and started jugding me and saying everything they dislike about me and saying i should change but of course me being stubborn said that i didnt have to change because this is me and why did i have to change why couldnt they but anyways it ended in a huge fight and i even told them i was moving with my grandma and that once we got home i would pack and on the ride home it was chaos but once we got home my mom started screaming that i wasnt leaving and i told her i already made my mind up and we were in the living room and then all of a sudden she said the exact same words to me as in the dream i had before and she was even crying and the everything was the same.Except for the part where i leave and ignore her i was in shock. I couldn’t believe how everything was the same, every word,every detail was the same. I dont dream i never really do and when i do dream its rare and its weird because i know im dreaming its as if im like half awake. But mostly for me its like blank ,once i fall asleep its as if nothing just black i dont remeber anything its just like i fall asleep and wake up. But i think my family might have like a gift i guess.

  15. Sandra says:

    Most of my dreams that have a lot of emotion in them come true. I’ve been experiencing this since I was 15 and I was going through many things like my first break up and the many deaths of friends and family. All of the unexpected pressures stressed my out so much that I couldn’t sleep at night. A month later I was able to fall asleep soundly and I had dreams of my ex wanting me back. It came true, several times unfortunately. I had a dream that my family went to Disneyland and a month later my dad ordered tickets to go in the summer. I had a dream that my great grandmother had passed away and she died right before my family’s trip to Disneyland. Since my mom was close to her, she went to her funeral. I had a dream that my mother was in a car accident and a few days later, she did. Thankfully, she was okay.
    More recently, I dreamt of getting accepted into a summer college program and in that dream I was with five other students who also got accepted. Two months later, I and the five got accepted. I also dreamt of my little sister crying because her boyfriend broke up with her and when I went to see her that morning, she was in tears and the break up was the first thing that came out of her mouth.
    This ability I have is a gift and a curse. I feel like I have a strong grip of things in my life because I can see the ‘future’ in my dreams however I dread the ones that haven’t happened yet. I don’t want to get my hopes up and then in reality, it resulting differently than what I thought would happen.

  16. Tamara says:

    I’m 21.
    When was 12/13, it all started. I had a dream about a plane crash, how it occured, where it occured, what happened. In the morning I woke up n the fever, told mom about the dream and later that day, saw the exact same thing on the news. It continued to happen from time to time, always with planes.
    However, when I was 15, I had a dream about lottery numbers, wrote them down as I always had a pencil and a notebook besides my bed, and day after, told mum to get a lottery ticker with those number, and – WON. Later, I had a dream about my grandma dying, and in the morning I woke up and heard mom crying and I knewwhat happened.
    The most recent one was last Christmas, also a plane crash. I always tell my parents about plane crash dreams, because in case it happens, that I have someone who would trust me. And I was sitting in my room when they called me to come in the living room and I just saw on the news a plane crash with my details.
    My aunt has the same “gift”, and it does sometimes seem very scary, but it is interesting on the other hand and I would like to know why it happens.

  17. Over thinker??? says:

    I debated for a long period of time whether to comment or write about any of this, as interested as I am about all this and have so many questions, I think the want and need are at battles, the fear of knowing or not knowing are both too strong to not put it out there…in 2008 after having 2 kids one prior and one with this man, me and my ex fiancé split, however were tied together thru the kids, so it makes forgetting about and moving on an unrealistacablly future. After the split throughout the 4 years we were not together, I had this same dream over and over and over again…..he was now with another girl and had just had their 3rd child together in 2013. The dream occurs at his house always….in the bedroom when I arrive and almost always from a POV perception, it’s usually dark and since it’s in the bedroom, the timing of the dream is at night at a time it’s quiet. While almost mute the entire time, the feeling is strong in the environment and this sort of unspoken connection is there and very real as well. That part of the dream does not usually pass without one of them leaving the room, leaving me in the awkward state of sitting with them for a period of time as well in the same manner, however I am stuck in the room until that passes and time passes there after….then I flash to my daughters room, I’m now in her room with her as she sleeps or sometimes the feeling of her being awake for a moment in that time, beginning or end is unclear and not always the case, but I am always on the side of the bed standing or sitting at her feet, just watching her until I wake up, that ends the dream. If I take a nap during the day and she is in her room for whatever reason, nap, time out, just tired of listening to them, I could get to her again, I would pass thru the house and go to her room and sit with her in silence…that might have happened 2x that I can almost vividly recall, again I stay until I awake, my emotions are always intact, how I’m feeling at that place and time. Summer 2012, had a very different dream of him, it’s a big room, he’s like the guest speaker where ever we are, the room is packed and shoulder to shoulder with people, I’m trying to get thru the crowd and it’s challenging for me, but he is moving with a sense of ease, as I get closer to him there’s this very different shift of emotion in the dream, we lock eyes, I’m so not sure what is happening at this moment, I turn around and can recognize some of the faces who I never cared to notice at first, I look back and he’s still standing there while I make sense of it and he waits patiently for me to get it tho, I’m so sad now just looking at him, he is too tho, or he was drunk the night before, sometimes if he had been out drinking it could look like he was up all night crying, I think it’s sad tho bc of how it shifted my own emotions, I start to cry he starts to turn, I beg him not to leave me, he looks back one more time I’m crying he’s turning around again and I wake up in tears….October 2013, 3 days before his 30 birthday, he was killed in an accident on a back road, 57 minutes after texting me to call him, we were mad well I was still kinda but not really, but I didn’t call him, where he was at, the direction he was heading, the timing of text, he took that road before, taking me home once. My question and this is where knowing seems just as hard as the not knowing, after so many readings on my own, trying to understand, was he a soul mate really to me, we read in a book at my moms that he was, 10-11-83 him 8-29-85 myself, is that why the dreams happened, did I astro out to him to comfort the moods of whoever I was left with, was I pulled from him mayb or did we bump into each other in the sleep world and just called it a night? I get y I was there and always ended up in my daughters room until waking, she had told me on more then one occasion that she didn’t like her room at the house bc of her own dreams, however this remains, was it my fault of her fears, did I scare n cause them, or did she ask for me at some point? Since his passing I have dreamt of him or can feel his presence in them without any of the senses awaking, other then when u know, u know….anyone who is patient enough to read and reply, is greatly welcomed and appreciated…they will not go unoticed….

    Again thank u,
    Over Thinker and Lost

  18. Michael mckenrick says:

    I had a dream that I was going to ask a girl in my class what is the color after yellow in the rainbow and she said green then giggled at me and then 2 days after it happened its weird how my dream knew exactly what was going to happen that day what does it mean I’m scared and the more I tell people the more they say I’m stupid and crazy

  19. Cheyenna Clearbrook says:

    I have been dreamt about lucid dreams and almost of them that has come true. I convicted myself that I am weird person and I always keep it as quiet cuz my family thinks I made up and try make them to believe in me but I know that I am telling the truth that I had been dreamt about dreams that did come true.

  20. jkaven says:

    I dreamt about Im on a bus and on the front side and experienced the whole accident. The bus i riding hit a car and saw clearly the flying glass debris the windshield of the bus slowly breaking and the car almost cut the top of our bus… after the incident i woke up. In the same time i was dreaming my father and nd cousins traveling from our province going to the city. And the bus they are riding was fought into an accident same time when were i was dreaming of the bus accident. And my dad got the most injury of the accident…

  21. KB says:

    A couple of years ago when my grandma died she came thur in my dream dresses for church tell me she doesn’t hurt and than all my dogs that have died are not in pain and they are watching over and sleep on my bed with me every night. After that I woke up and called my mom and she told me to hold on Cus she had call waiting and when and came back and told me my grandma died. I also know when my dog is sick I get very panicked Cus I know when my mom is keeping something from me before I even ask. I also follow my guy feels.

  22. Savv says:

    I had a dream last night about two car crashes on the highway near my house, I don’t remember the first one too well but the second was about a white ute coming off the highway, they were both going south. I woke from my dream and was driving to work and heard on the radio that the southbound highway was closed due to two car accidents, one was a white ute that came off the highway and hit a tree and the second was a motorbike rider got hit by a truck just 100 meters down the road from where the ute crashed, I don’t really know what to think about with this dream.

  23. April says:

    About two years ago I had a dream. It scared me but not as a nightmare. I was scared for the people. The pain and sorrow I felt was overwhelming. And here is my dream. It was a normal day nothing big until I went out side. As I traveled I noticed all the black cows in my area were dying. I thought it quite odd and continued in my travels and found they were dying all over everywhere. But only the black and black and white ones. Following the mass death of the cows was a great tornado one like had never been seen. And with it destruction. Not of houses but of people. And in the eye was the hand of God. He was reaching out and taking his people. The pain and sorrow I felt was from all those left by the hand of God. Starting this year I started seeing black cows dead. Only them. And to date I have recorded 49 so far with more every week. Look around and see if it is happening in your area as well please and tell me I am not going crazy.

  24. Caitlin Smith says:

    Oh and also I’m seeing people dream of crazy and drastic things and they come true, but mine are all the unimportant things that come true?

  25. Caitlin Smith says:

    Hi this has actually happened a lot. I can’t remember all of them but I’ve always remembered later in the day when something happened that happened in my dream. But the one I remember is the one time I had a dream about this boy I have see in forever and I dreamed about a black tornado, and in class the next day that boy appeared on my school news, then we were watching channel one and I saw there was a huge tornado in some state. That’s when I realized that that was strange. Ever since then it’s happened so much but it’s just the little things that happen a lot. I wish I could remember all of them and tell them. My mom is the only person I ever told. Because I was scared people would be weirded out

  26. Michelle says:

    I have had many of these dreams almost all of my dreams are ones that come true . I have them of poeple I know and ones I have never met . I once had a dream my husband would have a stroke and I told him he didn’t beleive me but he made a doctor apointment doctor found nothing that bad . Then 5 days later he had a stroke ! I have seen things and found them in the news weeks later and other have not happen yet . I think we need to learn more about this .

  27. Cheng says:

    Hi! I am also experiencing dreams happening into real life but I just plainly realized that I have dreamed of it once I was on the scenario itself. I don’t casually know when it will happen. Most of my dreams are happening now but I have dreamed then way back I was still 11yrs old. Can somebody help me? Im kinda freaking out because It triggers my heart pinching I dont know which source. And I often feel tired and my headaches whenever this happens. My heart pounding so fast from no reason at all. I always feel fear whenever my dreams will happen. And when I try to think what will happen next, there’s no certain answer. Then when the scenario occurs, I will just realized that I have dreamed of it.

  28. maggie says:

    Hi I’m shocked to see how many people have this ability as well. I’ve only had 2 experiences so far but it’s never 100% accurate. The one that freaked me out the most happened about a month ago. I saw my little brother with a huge hole in his head, like unreal, I could see half of his brain but he was still alive and breathing and acted like nothing was wrong. About a week later I found him huffing air sisters, which cut off oxygen to your brain. Coincidence? Probably but still..scared the shit out of me.

  29. tereeseia harrington says:

    Hi,my name is Tereeseia i’ve had dreams that come true only 2 as i recall,mabe 3 but they did come true and in one of the dreams it just continued every night until bout 1 or mabe 2 weeks later and my uncle killed somebody foreal,i have had 2 more dreams but not as horrible as the first dream and i haven’t had any more dreams since can you tell me what that mean??

  30. BAH says:

    I work in a school and the other week i dreamt that one of the teachers was pregnant, but the teacher i pictured in my dream was going by the name of another female teacher in the school. However, i told the teacher i had pictured that i had this dream and she said i am. She is in fact 15 weeks pregnant. Never had a dream like that before!!

  31. Printelf says:

    I have kept a dream journal since I was 8 years old I am now 51 needless to say I have a lot of journals. My grandmother told me I had a gift and that I should keep it to myself since it would just get me into trouble. She was right.

    Dreaming of things that will happen and a normal dream are quite different and I can tell the difference. Of this ones that will happen I am never wrong, never. I once tried to go to the local police station and tell them where to find a missing girl right down to the address. They wouldn’t listen. 10 days later the police were at my door and I was accused of knowing how the girl died. That was cleared up but I learned a valuable lesson. Never let people know. never ever.

    My grandmother has since past and her parting words were to keep the gift a secret that the world around us is not ready for those of us that are different. How true.

  32. els says:

    i have dreams all the time that come true. sometimes 2 days later sometimes 2 weeks or 2 months. but i always know there real instead of just a dream by how vivid and real feeling they are compared to regular dreams. i know if there real or not when im dreaming them, they just feel different. cant really explain it unless youve felt it.

  33. Suzyqube says:

    I’ve often had dreams about people I know being sad, crying and in the dream they won’t tell me what’s wrong. I try my best to console them. When I contact these people the next day, I’ve found out there were deaths in the families. Last night I dreamt that a friends daughter came up to me distraught. I called her mom the next day and discovered the little girl was crying all night because her kitty died.

  34. Izalia says:

    I’ve been having this happen a lot… It’s scaring me…

  35. Mohammed Mahir says:

    Hi, Im Mahir…
    I often have dreams, some are happy moments like enjoying and having fun, but some dreams are like horrifying, like death, accidents.

    And in my life few dreams have shown be some incidents that will happen in future, and i like to share my first experience:

    One day i had a Dream of a bus accident and i woke up suddenly and i remember the color and type of the bus, and i did not care about that dream. So after that few weeks passed and i went to my aunt home with my mom and, when coming back we were suppose to get a bus, and i was shocked when i saw the bus and i remembered the dream and about the accident and, didn’t
    say anything to mom and ignored that bus and waited for another one. And when i am on my way the bus that saw in my dreams and ignored to get on, has face a big accident on the road.
    So if i haven’t had my dream i would have got on to that bus and i will also be a victim.

  36. Stephanie says:

    I am 42 years-old, and I have had many dreams that have came true, but I have also had “Dream Visits” from loved-ones when they have passed away. From what I can remember, this started when I was 6, and my Grandma came to “visit” me in my sleep to tell me that she had to leave, but that she loved me, and would always be with me. Hours later, my Mom phoned to tell my brother and I that she had died that night. A few years later, I had a recurring dream that my Mom was sitting me down to tell me that my Dad had died. I had that dream for the last time on the night in 1982 when he passed away. It was completely surreal that morning when I woke up, and I heard the voices in my house that belonged to friends of my parents who would never be visiting so early on a normal day. For me, it was just going through the dream sequence again…knowing what would be said….and all that would happen.

    Some of my dreams have not been about such important, or catastrophic events. I dreamt about my best friend (who was new to my school) in 5th grade a week or so before I met her. The dream was so detailed that to this day I remember exactly what she was wearing. I have dreamt about completely irrelevant places that I have never been in, but have been able to tell people what we would see inside them before we went. Most recently, I had two dreams about my high school first love who I dated from 6th to 12th grade. He was just talking to me like you would an old acquaintance, but the oddity was that everyone else in the dream, old friends of ours, were people who had passed away over the years. After the 2nd dream, I had to look into things….and I found an obituary about his passing away that week. This just happened this last week. This happening yet again, and all of the other dreams that have turned into fruition is what leads me here today.

    I believe that I’m as sane as anyone out there, but I hesitate to tell people about all of this because I don’t want other people to question my sanity. However, I have to admit that all of this has my interest piqued as to why I do this. I’m not scared by whatever this is….I just wish that I could better understand it.

  37. Nomad says:

    I met some ppl one day then a week after i had a horribly long dream witch felt very real a small life time of chains of events then i forgot about it and at 3-4 months later they started unfolding everything and some parts that i remember are happening its seems crazy

  38. anonymous says:

    I know the fact that im a psychic , I had dreams of many things that comes true I even tried to stop some of them but I couldn’t, it just didnt happen that day ….
    I had dream that someone rubbing my father ‘s money so next day I give away money to poors because I believed I might be able to stop it , for a weak every night I had the dream and i was praying/ giving away money the next day , then one day I said ok Its not going to happen and Im not praying, In the afternoon I felt its happening and few seconds later motorbike passed our house I felt its the rubber I should run to street to stop him or to get my father but I ignored 20 mins later someone came to our house and explained what happened how street was so quiet and a rubber with bike came I felt it was my fault ….I was awake/sleep saw my grandmother waving and saying goodbye 10 min later my aunt called that she passed away 10 mins ago . I had dream of aboghoraib prison in Iraq ,I could hear their voice I could see the place and remember everything the next day I was so depressed for a weak because I was wondering what are these?why I see them?where is this place?a weak later I saw all the pictures and videos in news , many other dreams that happened in reality… after that I ignored every dream I tried to watch horror movies and see horror in dreams instead of what is happening to world and people because it was killing me .

  39. Ri says:

    I have had several dreams that later came true. The dreams are usually small things and happens so often that it’s a familiar feeling. One of the most significant dreams that I have had that came true was about my husband. I was going through a devastating divorce at the time I had the dream. My ex-husband had a drug problem and was becoming increasingly aggressive towards me. I was heartbroken by the loss and sad because I knew I would never trust to love again. Our daughter was around two-years-old.

    One night I dreamt that I was in my parents backyard and a man was with me. I couldn’t see his face but could see his hands. They were rough like he either worked with his hands on a daily basis or were just naturally dry. He was watching me play with my daughter. I couldn’t tell how old my daughter was but saw that she was old enough to play catch. As I watched this man play with my daughter, I saw a little boy with blonde hair. This little boy was the man’s son and he looked to be about the same age as my daughter. A thought popped into my head that there is another woman in this man’s life but that she is not the one for him. The dream ended with me watching this man play with our children under the tree in my parent’s backyard.

    Four years later, in a different town than where I was living when I had the dream, I met my current husband. My husband had a son from a previous marriage and his son was a little over a month younger than my daughter. My husband’s ex-wife cheated on him and even though he tried to make it work, it wasn’t meant to be. I did not even remember the dream until I saw a picture of my husband and his son that was taken around the time that I had the dream. I knew this because in the picture, his son looked to be about the same age as my daughter when I had the dream. In the picture, my husband and his son are under a tree near a fence that looked so much like the fence and tree in my parents backyard. When I saw that picture, the dream came back to me, and I knew he was the one. We are now living happily ever after, and I could not have asked for a better husband for me or father to our children.

  40. Karimect says:

    i didnt really have a dream i actually i knew someone was going to die.
    I cried a lot that night because i knew it was someone close to my family but i didnt know who.
    1 week or so later 2 deaths happened.? is that weird?

  41. fade says:

    I have many dreams like this, I dream about something and next thing it happened .
    I had a dream 5 years ago that I was partying with “Jean Claud Vandamme”. when i woke up I told my X girlfriend about it..
    After a week or so my friend ask me to go out to some club in Dubai.
    We were having some drinks and chatting with the crew and next thing guess what who s in the club ” Vandamme!! I was suprised crazy moment i had a dream about this fact a “week ago” it was just crazy to me how this is happening. So I went to say hi, everyone was trying to speak to him but the security didn’t let anyone go to his table.
    When Vandamme saw me talking to the security he called him and told him to let me in, and yeah that’s true, I dreamed about it and it happened and many more…. many times I had a dream about a person I haven’t seen for 5 years and when I woke up, the door ring and its him.. I never understood all that meanings but yeah i love it!

  42. Jordan says:

    I had a dream when I was 15 or 16. I was on my way back from a football game that was a long way from home, so naturally I slept. I had a sped up dream about the ride home, getting in the car with one of my buddies, and riding to his girlfriends house, sitting there for a while, getting home, going to sleep. The dream then skipped the sleeping part with me feeling groggy, waking up, putting on my glasses, looking at the tv. On the news it said there was a plane crash at lexington airport, the plane crashed because the air strip was to short, everyone died except the copilot, and that one of the passengers was the guy that owned finleys fun center. As soon as the broadcast wad over I woke up. When I woke up I looked out of the window, and we were passing lexington airport. Didnt think anything of it. Went back to sleep. The dream had started playing out. Got in the car with my buddy, went to his gfs house, left there, went home, went to sleep, woke up, and the news was on, they we’re talking about a plane crash that happend at lexington airport, airstrip was to short, everyone died but the copilot, and the finley guy died. I’ve actually had a few hundred dreams like this. I’ve always felt lime I have a special relationship with death. I don’t know though.

  43. hannah says:

    I had this dream last night about the missing plane, and I feel like I might have found it with survivors! they are on an island no one has seen this island before they are scared but they are ok. Maybe some dead but most of them are alive… I need to know what this means because I strongly believing that this is real.

  44. apple says:

    I had so much experience on this and doesnt give enough attention to it. Most of my dreams happens not exactly in the same way but same output/meaning.

    The first one happened was when i was in highschool at 90′s, cellphone was very famous by that time and you cannot get them easily, and when i dreamt about having a phone, after a week or so my dad gave me a phone but not the exact model, and whenever i dream about having new phones i always get new in real life. :)

    Then i also dreamt that someone asked me to bet on a race track and it won and he gave me money and then when i woke up i told them to bet for thar numbers but they did not, and guess what it won 3 times in a row, btw that time i was in my cousin’s house and they are having betting and watching race tracks those times.

    Just recently I transfer my house in a villa (which we are renting) with my officemates on the very first day we sleep there i had dreamt that the owner of the villa was killing all of them and i was the last one and did not get killed. i warned them about this, and guess what, after months, the owner of the villa got drunk and went inside our room and asked them to move out of the villa in the middle of the night (he did not killed them though, thankfully) and that time i was out of the town so i was the last one to know about the incident.

    And finally, the one struck me most but did not pay attention to it. I’ve had a boyfriend last year and he invited me to sleep over at their house, and i dreamt that he’s talking to a girl on the phone(that moment i knew she is same nationality with him back from his country-Jordan) and saying “I love you” to her. i woke up almost crying and told him about it, and he said that will never happened. and after 3 months he broke up with me and his friend told me that he has new gf, i asked if it is a Jordanian (cause i knew it, i dreamt about it) and he said “Yes!”

    I believe our dreams are somehow related to our dreams and also serves as warning to us most of the times, so if you ever had a dream that trully strikes you most (like you really remember what it is and having emotional feelings to it when you wake up) then pay attention to it.

  45. Trenton says:

    I have also had some of these occurrences but have learned to use them to my advantage, for instance my most common forms of this are having dreams if conversations and doing things that then happen with in 3 days of the dream… I have learned that by doing this I can see what the different outcomes will be by looking at the responses I get when I say them… I’m also a very lucent dreamer meaning I can control my dreams and what happen… However I would like to know if there is a name for people like us, or are we still not a named form of something? I revolve life around time and science and feel as if we should have a name that seperates us from the rest such as for example, mythical creatures such as werewolves and vampires are called just that but they are human like us… So should we not have a name as well? Such as dreamers or something like future viewers? That is just my input but what do I know? Well let me go to sleep and I’ll tell you with in 3 days haha (that was a little joke I wasn’t being serious) but ya if there is a name for people like us let me know,

  46. Rebecca says:

    I have had several occasions of dreaming something and that dream came true. I dreamed of a hillside a long time ago and kept thinking about camp in that dream (I never went to camp during that time). Several years later, I actually get to go to camp for the first time and long behold, I see the same hillside at camp. I just wonder why I dreamed of these specific moments.

    • caleb says:

      i also dream things before they happen. i dream very specificly also. it ha happened on multiple accations and i want to know more. and on a whole nother note i can also jinx people. and when i say that i dont mean like death. i mean like injury. example: my friend and i were swimming and we were diving through an innertube and every time he got closer and closer to the side. and i said jokingly ” what if you dove to close to the edge and skrapped your braces off. the next week i went to mississippi to visit relatives. and his mom called me from the hospiltal. and he was on the phone and that is exactly what happened. this has happened multiple times. like when he broke his arm. please let me know more if you find out anything else on this topic

  47. Ambrosia says:

    So I’m not going into much detail but I ALWAYS have dreams where it is odd enough where no part of it should come true. Like vampires and dragons and zombies pay parts in my dreams. But the WEIRDER parts are the parts that DO coffee true in a different but similar way. Example… I had a dream that zombies took over one zombie being my grandpa, that’s the only “living dead” I knew I’m the dream. The next week I got notice that my OTHER grandpa died. He was sick already, so it was his time. Another example is the fact that I had a dream at 12 that my mom passed away. Two months later she died and I found her. She visits my dreams quite often now. My most recent dream was that I had twins and they both literally lost their heads. Two days later, we find out My friend’s gf is pregnant with twins. Obviously it’s too soon for their heads to fall off, but I warned him about taking care of her for the fact that I would not want Jr to have a miscarriage. I have ways of “decoding” my dreams but not always do they come out true. I now act as if they were to though.

  48. Sarah says:

    My husbands sister is pregnant and last night I had a vivid dream that she had the baby, I woke up all sweaty and told my hubby about the dream and he jokingly pretended to check his phone and said “oh my god you must be psychic she had the baby!” But he was just trying to trick me as a joke and than later on today his sister called him and told him she had her baby this morning at 11AM. Kind of freaky!

  49. Nadia says:

    I have dreams that come true all the time. It usually happens over a period of time for me. My mom used to have dreams like this. she once had a dream she was going to die from asthma attack in her sleep, she did and she told me about it before she passed.

  50. Glenn says:

    Hi..I won’t bore you with details of my dreams, as they have been numerous, however, I am 53 and I’ve been having these since I was 13. I’ve been searching for answers for these dreams for years. It’s rough knowing things will happen to people you love months or years before it does. I even dreamed about meeting my first wife 5 years before I met her. I would like help with these dreams and to refine the technique. Any suggestions please contact me.

  51. SayWhat says:

    A few days ago, I had a strange dream that a clothing store I often go to is going out of business. Since I am unemployed, I thought it was a sign to apply for a job at the store. So, I went on the internet to see if there were any job openings and I found out the store just announced that it was indeed going out of business.

    In the past, I have often had dreams like this and it is very weird.

  52. maureen says:

    I’m 48 years old and have had premonitions and dreams all my life. I always just knew things about stranger’s, friends and family that no one knew or had ever told anyone else. Then years ago I started reading tarot cards and what ever I read for them came true so I stopped reading. Last night I had a dream that my “father” was speaking to me through an antique radio and he was saying that he was coming not to worry that he loved me and everything was going to be okay. Now I never call my father “Father” only the Creator and the voice wasn’t that of my dad or my grandfather it was deep soothing and I felt happy that he was finally coming. I felt hope and happiness. I have had other dreams which involved old radio’s and conversations with them and what ever was discussed came true. What does this mean, I do not know but I felt I needed to share this.

  53. Emmanuel says:

    I have dreams about people ive never met and people ive met before and within a day or so i always see that person out in public whether it be at a store or while jogging or sometimes i encounter the person in my day and no matter how many times this happrns it surprises me everytime and a strange feeling overcomes me but a good feeling, a universal feeling of connection to everything and everyone around me. There’s so much more thats been happening besides dreams of the future

  54. jonas says:

    I dreamed that I woke up and that I looked at the clock and it said 10:20 am
    then i woke up walked downstairs looked at the clock and it was 10:20 am

  55. Tyler says:

    I had a dream about 2-3 weeks ago that I would assume was my first psychic dream. The dream started out with me standing outside looking up at the sky with my family and some other people beside me. I knew in this dream instantly that we were in the midst of a bad war, and that the war was about to get even worse (I assumed that it was World War 3 that we were in). I asked this random guy standing next to me how this war got started, and he told me it began with an issue in Ukraine. As he said this it was as if I was watching a news broadcast with UKRAINE in bold red letters across the screen that appeared in front of me….. then the dream ended. I didn’t think much of this dream until 1-2 weeks afterwards when I found out that Russia had invaded Ukraine, and I was beyond freaked out! So either this was a CRAZY coincidence, or I had my first psychic dream, and World War 3 is coming soon!

  56. Anon says:

    I had a dream a friend would die in a car crash and a month later my friend died in one

  57. Brooklyn says:

    This is just one of the major events iv’e had: I had a dream that my grandmother had passed away and two days later it happened. As I said this is one of the more bigger dreams iv’e had. xx

  58. Ashley says:

    Hm, I don’t know what my dreams are called in all honesty so i don’t know if they are “psychic dreams” or not. But I’ve been having dreams that halfway came true ever since i was a teenager(I’m in my 20′s now). And here lately I’ve been dreaming about my ex that we recently broken up….Like i had a dream that we hung out at our friends house after he got his hair cut and breed trimmed. And that same day that he got it cut and trimmed we did hang out at our friends house. And i’m having a dream now about this weekend that kind of came true mainly because i learned he is jealous of this other guy who works with him who is trying to get with me. That’s the only part of the dream that is true, i will have to see what happens this weekend to see if the other part would come true or not. Any suggestions in what’s going on?

  59. It all started when I was 16 I woke up crying I had just dreamt my mum had breast cancer and no one told me they all knew before me that morning I woke up happy to know it was just a dream so as I was getting ready for school I went down in the kitchen and told my mum about it and how scared I was. Fast forward two years and I was 18 and left my family to live in Australia I would talk to my mum n dad regularly one day on the phone I said I had to go because I was going out drinking with my mates she said all my family were visiting her and If I wanted to talk to them I Said no mum I’m in a rush I have to go but she said but I need to tell you something and I said what? What is it she goes I rite it in a message I don’t wanna say it on the phone and she did so I read my message and it read shenae I am so scared I just found out I have breast cancer straight away I rung back crying so bad flew back home and stayed and helped her for a month but she got better and now she’s being 5years cancer free. Another one was my sister in law and her family were living with us they had just moved back from Perth and were staying with us for a bit she was two days late so we were getting smart saying she was pregnant and having a bit of a laugh anyway that night I went to bed and dreamt of twins next day I told her and with in those days of telling her she did a pregnancy test it was positive she never went for any scans so when she hit 20weeks she was booked in as we walked in to do the scan I said its gonna be a boy because we were all wishing a boy they do the scan and we see two round heads I didn’t know where I was looking because that was the first scan I’ve ever being to in my whole 23 year life the lady turns to us and says its TWINS!! We couldn’t believe our eyes it was the most incredible thing we had ever seeing and now she’s having twin boys due June 2014 and now I come to my last bit which hasn’t come true yet and I’m begging it doesn’t I dreamt my mum has cancer again.and also dreamt my own funeral not long after these last two I’m hopping do not come true I’m two young to leave this earth and my fiancé and I’m to young to loose my mum there is more dreams that have come true there’s just too many too explain but I have no idea why this happens to me I can’t explain.

  60. Manda Paige says:

    I have had these sort of dreams since before I can remember. Imb17 now and have learnt very quickly that for me the more vivid the dream the closer it is to happening the foggier the dream the farther away. I see every thing from things that will happen to me to things like the tsunami in Japan. But as I have learned I have no power of changing the events. When I was younger I thought I was causing these things now knowing that its things to be it makes it worse be cause if someone would listen these things could be prevented.

  61. Virginia says:

    I had a dream about a little black baby named Layla I would take care of her and I watched Her grow. The next morning when I was having Coffee I was trying to spell her name. An hour later at church a grandmothers asked me if I wanted to see her granddaughter I said yes. It was her layla. The grandmother told me her name and I gave the baby back to her and almost feel on the floor.

  62. SWATI says:

    yes i had some dream when i was suffering from chicken pox watching my dead grandparents taking their brother with them and their brother taking my father with them and i trying to catch my father but i couldn’t.
    then on 2011 my grandparents brother died . then again i some thing that is that my father is in hospital suffering from disease that cannot be cured .that dream become true and my father died on may 23 2013

  63. Nathan says:

    I’m only thirteen as of this year but this sort of phenomena has happened to me for my entire life some were just as small as dreaming of an incident where someone I dreamed about had the exact same name, voice, and face. Even if some things may have been small not all of them were such as a dream of a crash on the nearest highway blocking traffic would happen that day. Even a time where when I myself had gotten into a car accident but I had even dreamed about it 1 week prior. To this day the only person I’ve told other than anyone reading this was my cousin who very often experiences the same. I’d like to thank you for listening.

    • Hi, I dreamt last night, that a family friend, had died. Then in the afternoon we got a phone call to say he had been found dead at 57 with a heart attack. He was not ill, but last year he had to get a leg amputated due to the flesh eating bug. He had not long moved into sheltered housing. He was in good spirits and looking forward to getting a mobility scooter. Gutted for him, but also shocked that I dreamt it, only a few hours before.

  64. reily says:

    when I have those sort of future dreams, it always involves someone I know: For example:
    2 years ago my husbands niece got married, the night before the wedding I had a dream we were in the church taking the family photos and someone had fallen or past out, but I saw her clearly leaning over and the EMT running in and a lot of was rather crazy..
    The next day at the church taking family photos the grooms grandmother took a fall in the exact place that was in my dream..and my niece was wearing the exact wedding dress that was in my dream..I had never seen her dress prior to the wedding…

    I have a few other weird dreams where I can see a facial image or hear the voice of someone I know who needs help but I cannot get to them…..sometimes within a day or 2 something will happen to that individual…If I have a couple of dreams about someone within a short period of time I am n the look out for possible bad news..

  65. Amber says:

    I dreamed last night that my uncle was leaving his wife, he was bad-mouthing to her and he told me not to tell my grandmother. Just a little over an hour ago, he came down to say that it looks like him and his wife are through because she’s accusing him of cheating, and he’s not (she developed paranoia a while ago). He’s NEVER had problems with his wife, which makes it more creepy.

  66. desirae says:

    I often have dreams about conversations before they happen or about meeting people before it happens

  67. Brian says:

    I’ve had many dreams that come true over the years, but unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately, as I read other posts about death and tragedy) nothing of significance. As a child I remember a few incidents where I could sense, or knew what was gonna happen right before it did. But a few years ago, I had a dream where I was working at the call center where I was employed. I dreamt I was standing up and some guy from across the room threw a paper airplane and it buzzed by my head. That morning I went to work and a few hours into my shift, I see out of the corner of my eye, some guy threw a paper airplane and it flew right by me. Naturally I was in a state of disbelief since I hadn’t seen or even thought of a paper airplane in many, many years. Frustrating tho, as there are so many important events during one’s life and of course I only have premonitions about stupid crap like that.

  68. Georgia says:

    This has been happening to me for years ever since I was a child. Most recently I had a dream about my step sister living in a new home and driving me to work (she hasn’t had her test yet). When I told her about my dream she told me that she had put a bid on a house and was waiting to hear, she hadn’t told anyone as she had been let down before and didn’t want to jinx it. Her bid was subsequently accepted. And then told me her driving test is next week. So far half of my dream has come true.

    A few years back I had the most bizarre dream about a colleague. That she was giving birth in my office. This was two weeks before her wedding. Two weeks after her wedding she had found out that she was 8 weeks pregnant, we were both astonished that I dreamt that she was pregnant and was pregnant at the time without her even knowing it.

    I have had so many like this. Not all of them as clear as the two I have told but elements of them always relate to something that later happens.

    Does anyone have any idea why this happens?? People always tell me it’s just pure coincidence but it happens far too often to be just a coincidence.

  69. Jaime says:

    About a year ago, I was sitting in my room one night and I heard my parents having a fight. It was only a small fight but I felt something weird and cried for about an hour. That night I had a really strange dream. It was all snapshots of random moments. One being the guy I like asking me out, one was sitting at a table opposite a girl who I had never talked to and other random things like that. In the dream the snapshots started going faster and faster and eventually something really bad happened but I didn’t know what. I woke up crying hysterically but I didn’t know why. I thought that something bad was going to happen but then I said to myself “don’t worry, he (the guy who I liked) is not going to ask you out, so the bad thing isn’t going to happen. A week later (I had totally forgotten about this dream), the guy I liked asked me out. That’s the first snapshot that came true. A few days later, I went to Japan. While I was there, all of the snapshots happened (even though I can only remember one properly). I was sitting opposite the same girl in my dream at a restaurant, she was wearing the exact same outfit and everything was exactly the same. I kept telling my friend that something bad was going to happen. Every time a snapshot came true, I felt a shiver go down my body. I kept feeling depressed for no reason on the trip and I could tell that something wasn’t right. When I got back from the trip, I was told that my parents had split up. Could my dream have been telling my this?

  70. Allie says:

    I had a dream a few nights ago a friend it haven’t seen in a while who was very young passed away in a horrible car accident… Two days later I wake up to a text message saying that this friend had passed in a car accident. I went to visit the site of the accident and it was the exact vision I saw in my dream. I’m extremely freaked out by this and I have not been sleeping well since then.

  71. Kiah says:

    Many of my dreams come true but NONE of them have been significant, at least not yet, it is simple things like being at work, walking through a mall, dropping a plate, and often the dreams take place months years or days before it happens in real life

  72. Kaleb Owen says:

    Lately more and more of my dreams have come true and they are mainly terrible things happening with a few good things here and there. A year ago I dreamed my grandpa would die and he died the next day. What’s happening?

  73. Natalie says:

    I am a very rational person trying to analyse and deduct out of every situation .Lately my dreams are just bouncing me off the grass. I cant get hold of reality . I feel like havent slept for years togather. I always felt i have met few ppl before i actually met them in reality .Then seen places before i actually went there . I was recently robbed , i saw the exact way it happened. i told my friends all they did was laughed at me . I am not sure how do I interpret these things. I have been looking out of answers. Recently i just saw a dream not like my usual vivid dream but a sound a name called “lucifer” was sooo strong . I have never heard that name before. Today morning when i opened up my eyes after this dream . i couldnt rememeber anything but that name n i couldnt open my eyes with pain like someone had punched hard on my eyes. this site atleast give me hope that there are more than 100 out there who are facing these issue.Right now all im doing is recording all my dreams as soon as i get up and see whats next . Atleast i will have some hard evidence that i am not loosing my mind lol :P .
    Please contact me on if you have any slightest answers for such conditions.

    • Nathan says:

      This often an occurrence that many people have and usually it’s small things like finding ten dollars at school. Other times it’s such as predicting major bombings or accidents. Most just call it Déjà Vu but many people have a religion pointing towards people able to predict the future and humans only seem to get this feeling and are the only animal on earth to have a religion ( after all it is mans very thought that creates it ). Also Lucifer is another name used for what Christians would call the devil or “demons”.

  74. Dreamer says:

    Weekly I have dreams like it it may come in small things but when it happens I’m like déjà vu and its crazy but sometimes I have full dates and events

  75. sally komsonekeo says:

    Ive been having lots of dreams since I was little. I used to get nightmares all the time too. One dream I had when I was little was lottery numbers. I wrote them down and gave it to my dad to go buy it the next day. He gave the number and money to a family friend to go buy it but she end up not going. The same exact number came out that day.

    I also dream about my friend who cheated on her bf. I slept over at her house and slept on her bed with her. I dream that she was sleeping with my one of my guy friend. They both have a gf and bf. And in my dream she slept with him and his gf came to the house and she told him to go hide in the closet. I woke up from my dream but was still in my dream. I was trying to wake up 3x and finally came to and told my friend I had a dream about you and that person sleeping with each other. She smiled. So that night after the club the guy got into it with his girl. And he left to my friend house. His girlfriend was trying to find him and also went to my friend house. He was hiding in the closet. And she never found him. And till this day they are now together with 1 kid.

    Another dream i had was 3 months before it happen in 2011. I dreamed I was single and was very sad when I went to vegas. I told all my friends this 3 months before it happen. In my dream I went to vegas sad and single. My friends was getting dress and about to go to the club. But I was sitting on a bench on a balcony with a cup of jagerbomb. My friends came and ask if i wanted to go out with them. I told them no i was depress and too sad to go out. So they left. The balcony was dark but you can see lights frm the vegas strips. In the corner of my eye i see a guy image wearing a long black button up shirt with black slack. I had a feeling he felt my pain, my sadness, and understands what i was going through. So I woke up frm my dream and I told all my friends, saying I had a weird dream going to vegas single and there was a guy who felt my pain and sadness. Well I was married and my friend is getting married in 3 months in vegas. 5 days before going to vegas my husband cheated on me. So I went to vegas so devastating sad and depress. My friends try to cheer me up. And they told me remember you say you will meet a guy on a balcony with a long black button up shirt. I laugh and went along with them. And met some new people that are the brides friend. And I also told them that im suppose to meet a guy with a black button up shirt on a balcony. Well long story short my friends guy friend ask to go with me to go buy a redbull for my jager. And the next day my friend was getting married on a balcony and while we was on the way there in the limo my girl friends laugh and giggled. Lets see if that guy who took you to go buy redbull last night shows up in a long black button up shirts with black slack. Well he sure did and we was on a balcony. So we end up talking months later and found out his ex also cheated on him before he went to vegas and he too knows the pain and how I felt. Till this day we are still talking. But as friends. And I havent dated since my ex husband cheated. Lol. I guess scared.

    Another dream I had was my friends house got raided…a couple days later it did.

    A couple months ago I dreamt about my friend who brought 2 pitbull puppies home. I said why you bring 2 home for now I got to kill one of it. But in my dream I felt like one of the puppies was sick. So I dreamed that day and told my friend what I dreamt. And next day her husband brought 2 pitbull puppies home and a couple weeks later 1 puppy dies frm parvo.

    I dreamt about a man taking picture of my friends backyard and a week later a man frm the bank came to take picture of the house and backyard.

    I dreamt about cops trying to find and arrest my brother. A couple weeks later they did.

    Dreamt about my friend fell asleep behind the wheel. And that also came true.

    I have lots of dreams and deja vu. Also a lot of people who passed away. And they come into my dream but idk what they want frm me. I sometimes hate to go to sleep cause I dont want to dream or have nightmares. My friends would tell me to not dream of them cause they get scared lol. My parents are buddhist and I went to see a monk in 2011. And told him about my dreams and how ive been having them since I was little. He told me theres something inside me that I need to learn to take care of. And dreaming it and they come true is bad he said. So he blessed me and gave me a necklace. I went home that night and dreamt about a lady monk dressed all in white who came and put her hand over face and swipe down my eyes. My tears came out when I woke up. I told my mom she said when I was a baby I would have none stop teary eyes so a lady monk blessed me and it stop. So after that dream from 2011 I havent had a dream since the monk blessed me and gave me a necklace. I felt a little weird but slept good with no dreams at all for maybe a year. Then we had a new year celebrating at the temple and I end up seeing a new monk. He was telling my future etc… he also gave me a necklace. But I had a weird vibe frm him idk why. Came home that night and started to have nightmares and bad dreams again. Till now I still have dreams. I would tell my parents and they would tell me if its bad or good. Im 31 now and I learned how to live with whatever I have. Every time when I dream I tell my friends. And its always a deja vu. They told me to write it in a book when I do. But I still havent lol.

  76. Jen Hamerlinck says:

    Last night I dreamt that an old boss of mine was my current boss and that her cousin (who was a man in my dream) came in to make an appointment at our office.

    This morning 39 minutes after I got to work the old boss I had dreamt about’s cousin (who was a female) called to make an appointment in our office. Then about an hour later my old boss called to make an appointment. I hadn’t talked to my old boss in 10 years, and I’ve never met her cousin.

    It was crazy that I dreamt almost exactly what was going to happen today.

  77. Gustavo says:

    I have dreams where I see things in the future happen! I’m 15 and I see this all the time. It happened last night again, I dreamed of myself driving by gas stations and talking to people, I remember what I said to them and everything. This usually happens to me a lot. Every time it happens I always remember it happening in my dream.

  78. sarah says:

    hi there, i have regular dreams that are so real, not to long after that my dreams started coming true, a few weeks ago i had dreamed about being involved in a major earthquake, a week later we had a massive earthwuake, twin towers i dreamed of it as it was happening, christchurch earthquakes i would dream of them before each major one happened… i would love to know what i am meant to do with this information as i feel i am being given it for a reason.
    last night i had an extremly vivid dream of an astroid crashing in to the ocean and casue a huge tsunami which i was trying to get away from and am scared it is a warning or premontion… please help…
    kind regards

  79. Emily says:

    I don’t dream very often. Im only a teenager . But when i do dream , they happen in my future . They are about 20 seconds, it could be anything , a conversation or something happening . They always happen from my point of view. They reoccur 7 times in the same night. I don’t really remember them when i wake up but am aware that it happened . Its only when it happens that i instantly remember and could easily say what will happen before it does. After I have had the dream It will usuallyNorthamptonshire end with what looks like a bang or an explosion of light . The ‘ future ‘ could happen any time after the dream, the same day has been the shortest and around 2 years has been the longest . I never really have believed it because it has always scared me. I have told a few people and they have just thought i was weird . I told my mum and she didn’t believe me . I once had a conversation with her which i had dreamed about and to prove to her I copied exactly what she said as she said it . She still just changes the conversation when i talk about it , but i want to know why it happens, because it scares me .

  80. skittles says:

    i have a lot of dreams that come true i always tell my boyfriend about them hes kinda scared of me now lol because they always come true one time i was spending the night at my friends and i had a dream he was messing with my computer and broke it! i went home early i told him he better not have broke my computer shur enough he told me he was guna get use it and how did i know he was thinking about that and blah blah blah im starting to remember my more of my dreams and i can sence when im about to get deja vu and well i think a few times ive actualy changed the future….

  81. Deanna says:

    I have had many dreams that have come true, I believe even saved my sister and her children one night from something bad that would have happened if I hadn’t woke from my horrific dream and called her. I also get feeling that alter my decisions and try to talk other people out of doing it and something bad happens!! I am now having dreams that I am not familiar with…..I keep having this same dream over and over of these people that I don’t know nor do I know the place, nor do I know the reason behind it. Not knowing why this dream is important is driving me crazy. I’ve also never had a dream that I am walking around observing and no one even seas or hears me but the children know I am there and their are woman and one man….the man gives me a bad feeling and he is aware of my presence but doesn’t say anything, just angry that I am there. He isn’t always there only when I am going toward the other room. I am not fearful just on alert and don’t understand what the hell it means…..I have been having this dream for to long and sometimes I’m not even all the way asleep!! And I also get feelings about certain people and get away from them and have flashes of things when I meet people and warn other people and they don’t listen and it happens…been happening since I was in my young teens. I’m sure if/when I ever walk into this place I might just have a stroke………stressing me out!!!

  82. sharon says:

    When I was younger (in my 20′s) I had a dream that my Grandmother was hurt but not real bad, so when I woke up I was sad but new that it wasn’t to bad of a dream, That day my mother called me to tell me that my Grandmother fell in the tub and broke her hip…WOW!!!! My next come real dream was back in the 80′s I worked at a bar and resterant, I had dreamt that someone had died that we all knew of this person and it was a horrible death, we were all crying and I woke up crying, that morning I went to work and I told my boss, she blew me off and said get back to work laughing at me, 20 min’s later a police officer came in and went to the owner and said one of her co-workers had been stabbed to death last night.. She didn’t laugh at me then..I haven’t had any real dreams lately, But I had a very wonderful feeling dream a couple of nights ago about flying, It was wonderful and beautiful…Good luck to you all and Pleasant dreams to you!!!!

  83. Jayne says:

    I have had 3 dreams that have come true. The first a man was missing after his girlfriend had died, i dreamt that he met his girlfriend in a taxi and they drove off together. The next day day they announced his death. The next dream was about an ill family member, they died in the dream and then died the next day. My last dream was about people walking around saying i’ve got cancer, the next day my friend told me she had cancer. I’ve never really thought deeply about these dreams but now i have had 3 i’m wondering how many more i will have. They don’t freak me out but i dont like having them.

  84. May says:

    I have had a few dreams come true. Once when I was little I had a dream that some kid fell sleep on my school bus and we had to wait an hour before his parents could get him. A few years after that a kid named Sage fell asleep on the bus and we had to wait an hour for his parents to come get him. There was another time when I dreamt my favorite uncle had died during autumn right when the leaves began to change. In late September of 2009, he passed way.

    I have also had a recent dream come true. My grandfather hasn’t been in the best health lately and worry about him constantly. He and my grandmother went away for a weekend and I had a dream that he had gotten hurt. When we went to visit them after they came back my grandmother told us my grandfather had fallen in the bathroom at the hotel and had to spend the night in the hospital.

    I tried to tell my parents about my dream coming true and they don’t believe me. Even my grandmother didn’t believe me. Its hard knowing that no one will ever believe me when I know it is true.

  85. Kaeli says:

    I’ve always seems to have had incididences occur that I have previously dreamt about. But lately it’s become a lot more prominent and it is happening more often. It usually happens with negative events. The past 2 times I have gotten pulled over, I dreamt about it the night before. Both times. I thought it was weird the first time it happened but when it happened again it really made me think. Then recently, I had a horrible dream that my boyfriend and I broke up. A week later, it happened. I’m curious to see how often this becomes an occurrence.

  86. Cindy says:

    I need help. Every night I dream of conversations or events that occer in my life. Then the next day or a few days later it happens. Last night I had a dream that I went to visit my grandma in her nursing home and it said on her door that she was deceased. I don’t want that to come true and I don’t wanna dream about it. I need help. I am scared and don’t know how much longer I can take this!!!!!

  87. Tonya says:

    I have had many dreams that I have certain feelings about, like my mind gets a message from it that did not actually occur in the dream. The latest dream was, I was in my kitchen with my family and a good friend of ours that happens to be deceased, brought a huge cake over for my daughters birthday. My husband tells me that our friend and his wife would be back later to have cake with us, just then my daughter says, a name I could not remember, she said this person has already come in for a piece of the cake, I then wake up trying very hard to remember the name my daughter said because I feel that this person is going to die. No matter what I do, I just can’t remember the name but, I kept getting the name and picture of a gentleman that my husband and I worked with. two days latter I could not get over this horrible feeling that this man was going to die, so I decided to talk to my family about it. We were all standing in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner as I began to tell them about my dream and that I could not recall the name my daughter had mentioned in the dream but that this other gentleman’s name would not leave my head and I told them I felt he was going to pass away!…. The following morning, my husband called me from work and began to tell me that I was really freaking him out. He proceeded to tell me that the man I told him was going to pass, did in fact pass two days prior which happened to be the night I had the dream!!!! It was not the first time this had happened I just never talked about these dreams and feelings. Now I am afraid to dream or to remember them because I feel helpless in knowing these things that I can’t stop. If anyone knows how to deal with this, I would love to know! Can I control these things from happening? If not, Why do I have this curse, what is the purpose besides freaking my self and others out???….

  88. ashish vinayak says:


    • Neev verma says:

      Totally same with me …… :)
      I want to know more about this… please if you have any more information then please share with me…


  89. Chelsea says:

    At times having that ability can cause problems.
    I asked my sister if she had her car accident when she bought her new car and two days later she calls you up demanding money because I caused her car accident or my sisters saying grandad will be around for many year and me saying you better tell him you love him now cos his time is up and sure enough he passes.
    The time I wake from a dream so real about my partner taking money and leaving me with nothing only to wake up and after explaining my dream he confesses that he has been!
    Dreams are mostly my warnings so far, and I’m greatful for them cos dreaming about one of my children running off and falling into a massive drain is scary, but it’s scary when she did run from me and was one step from falling into a storm water drain!! If I hadn’t had the dream not just once but three nights until the day, she would of been badly hurt or died.
    I can’t explain it and many would say what a load of bull, until it happens to them. I know that when I have strong clear dreams and it either repeats something or focuses on something when I wake I need to pay attention cos someone or thing is saying something for me!

  90. Catelyn says:

    When I was 12 yrs old I had a future flash. I told my mother that a glass was gonna break in the kitchen at 10:00A.M. Then , I heard a crash and then when I was 13yrs old I had dreams that came true if I had dream it 4 times or more, It is scary at the time. Why is it happening to me?

  91. Anthony says:

    I have had many dreams that come true throughout the years. It’s hard to explain buythese ffreaks have a different feeling…. I rarely remember a dream unless it’s going to come true. The problem is that it could be months before it does. The last dream I had like this I saw my friends grandmother passed away… I knew it was a special dream because I was standing in a different room than any I had ever seen…. I moved about 4 months after the dream and forgot about it and nevertold anyone…. Just a few days ago the dream came back to me as I was actually playing it out I warned my Friend about it and the next day she was admitted to the emergency room… The problem with these dreams is that I never have the proof I need that it will happen until I’m already in the scene of the dream.

  92. annmarie says:

    had a dream about 6mths ago my brother was dead and now it has come tru

  93. Marcella says:

    I have dreams all the time that come true. I receive messages in my dreams and sometimes I interpret them correctly and sometimes I over think them and the true meaning of the dream is understood after the events take place. The flood that happened in Illinois back in April of 2013, I dreamed about it and the dream showed me the flood was going to happen through out the south burbs of Chicago on thru the north west burbs of Chicago and it happened. There’s just too many dreams to list. I’m also very good at picking up on people’s energy be it good or bad.

  94. Samantha says:

    I am 24 and have recently been having psychic dreams. I first started paying attention when I had a dream that I was internally bleeding and I threw up my liver. As I was about to die I woke up from my dream and I was freaked out . The next day I wanted to call my mom but I got too busy. Two days later I get a call from my sister and she told me that my mom was in the ICU, she was internally bleeding and her liver failed. The next day my mom passed away.

    • Alice says:

      I have dreams like this I dream things happen to meor my family but it actually happewns to otheres for incidence first I actually tpok notice of was my 2year old son was really hurt n dying3days later were at bowling and a 2yr old boy hes brain had stopped workingas he was too hot and he was passed out aandhaving fits allmy dreams happen that week even few weeks ago I dreamt my house sunk n now all these sink holes happenning … only one dream I have is recurrent had it since I was 16 im now 21 its my house nw where I live but I never lived here when I got the dream my kitchen gets bombed but I hear a alarm n the plane before the bomb hits it never harms anybody but there was a blank face child one n my bfs lil sister upstairs sleeping I now have 2children n now the dream is them upstairs evetytime I hear a aeroplane go pasevacuate everyone out my kitxchen n look at the plane no dream I have are nice always hprrid alice x

  95. Xdreamer says:

    I don’t know if this is normal, but most of the dream that i had eventually happens. Few years ago, in my hometown, there was a man very sick, he was admitted in the hospital. One night, I dream seeing people carrying a coffin heading towards his home. It’s freak me out when the next day, we were informed he’s passed away. I had a dream that my sister had a son, but she never tell us about it, and when she came back hometown, she brought her son. I even had a dream about lottery number, I told my family and friends about it the next morning, so they actually wanted to buy it but too bad they’re too late because the number came out that afternoon, and surprisingly it was first prize. I dream my neighbour at my hometown came to me and she told me that they had a new car. Next few days, i just got to know that her brother was involved in accident and in very critical condition. I dream about my cousin telling me shes pregnant, which she never tell us, and next few days, i saw her update about her pregnancy. Whenever i dream about a fish, it simply means that money is coming in or lucks is goin to happen. I had a lot dreams that seems to happen for real. Most dream are just horrible and terrifying. It’s been haunting me since childhood until now. I always tell myself that it is just a dream and it means nothing but i just can’t because the fact that it actually has a meaning and it’s happen. Although nowadays the dream that i had didn’t show the exact vision of what is going to happen, but many of it just related. I need to figure out myself about the interpretation of each dream i had. Certain dreams, I already know what it mean. So it kinda effect my moods either to be happy or sad. That’s all I can share. To be honest, I don’t really want this in me. Haunted me for such long time having such dreams i considered as nightmares!!! Tell me what should I do.

  96. Sarah Bakes says:

    Hi, I have a about three dreams that have come true in a sense. When I was about 18, I dreamt I had my p’s and I was driving. Then all of a sudden, I lost control and I was skidding everywhere and I then crashed into a metal guide railing on the side of the road- sometime later I got my license and was driving home from collage (tafe). I was cutting corners and another vehicle came towards me. I swerved to miss it and lost control and then crashed into a side metal guide railing.

    About a year later I dreamt thati was down at the river and my boyfriend was cheating on me there. A few weeks later, I actually asked his friend (no so many words) was nick cheating on me? It took him a while to tell me, but finally he said he was sorry and that yes he did. I asked him where? And he told me it was down at the river.

    About a few months later, I dreamt about his brother. We were in a bed under the doona kissing. Months later, his brother was staying over for a few drinks (he is a quadriplegic by the way) later that night he went to bed and I was in there talking to him. Then next minute, one thing led to another and we were kissing- under the doona. (Right under whole body, head and everything like in my dream.

    So there you go. Thats it. Probably very weird, but there it is.

  97. Donna says:

    About 4years ago I had a dream that someone I knew had a child,at the time she had no children. I told her the day after the dream that the child was a girl but unlike my friend was chubby and had blonde curly hair. Also I knew she had a different surname to my friend and her name was Sophie. About 2 days later my friend told me that she had found out she was pregnant the morning I told her of my dream. We joked all though her pregnancy that I knew what she was having and when she had a boy I thought oh well I was wrong. 2years later she was pregnant again and my dream had been forgotten. After returning to work after maternity leave we were chatting and I asked the name of the girl she had had. When she said Sophie my dream came flooding back and we talked it though. It was then she said to me that she wasn’t married so the baby would take the fathers surname and that the Dad was chubby and blonde. My dream was so accurate that it was real weird

  98. laa says:

    i ve dream last 5 days that dinasours will come out beneath the soryy its sound like a jokes but noo..i just dreamed it.honestly all my dream came true.same goes to my boy who cheated.i ve encountered him with other girl from my dream since 2011.i dream about 30 times.sometime i dont dream but eveymonth i dream with the diferent place and soever.i dont believe at first but i do believe now.what ever i dream always psychic dream since 2011

  99. Jillian says:

    I dream about people around me becoming pregnant. When I have these dreams I always tell my husband as soon as I have them so someone believes me when those people actually announce that they are pregnant a few weeks later. So far I have had these dreams three times and all three people were actually pregnant but hadn’t told anyone yet. They were all freaked out when I told them about my dreams. My friends now ask me if they have been in my dreams lately haha

  100. Kaiylee says:

    I had a dream two years ago about meeting this guy. I was alone in an apartment staring out of the window when the door opened. He walked in and we spent the day together. I cannot remember all of his facial features because it was kind of a blur but I distinctly remember his build, skin, and hair. When I awoke I brushed it off and figured it meant nothing. A year later I was on Facebook and I received a message from this guy. I read the message and began getting to know him. When we finally met in person I felt as if I met him before. It was a weird feeling. It has been a year since we’ve met and we now we have this unbreakable bond. Neither of us can explain why we feel this way about each other. Was the dream telling me something?

  101. marc says:

    its true these dreams happen, sumtimes there mixed up and the wrong way round as if you were supposed too work it out in some sort of time frame before it got worse, and you do enjoy it, its a buzz you live for and you only break your silence when you want it to stop as the thoughts your controlling are about to worsting, so by talking you ruin it like waking up and not remembering what you dream’t of. when i say mixed up i had a dream i was in a silver renult police car with a butch police lady stood outside the police car and i was beating up up – then reality a few months later i was beating up then arrested by this butch police officer who locked me in her silver renult and stood outside the car, it does feel like someone is watching putting you fru it. this is deeep

  102. vrizz says:

    I’ve had a few. The most recent was about a humongous roach which I am deathly afraid of, nothing special about it. I told a girl at work about it because it was so disgusting. A few evenings later there he was!
    Before that my nail tech told me she was having a baby and that night I dreamt my friend was pregnant too. So I told my friend and it turns out she just found out she was having a baby too. They had due dates within days of each other.
    Also, I had a dream of my grandmother’s dog that she was laying in a pool of blood. I called the next morning to ask after her and my grandmother was stunned how I knew she had taken the dog to the vet. A few weeks later, sadly Mia passed away and she had been leaking blood.

  103. Ravi KUmar says:

    I am from India(Chennai) and I would require an expert to help me in getting rid of my dreams which is haunting me right from my childhood.
    Here is what I have gone through and I am going through currently as well

    Not all my dreams come true….
    Some dreams are based on what I watch on TV or heard which gets registered in everyone’s subconscious mind but that doesn’t bother me because I know it is not real.

    The exact problem is…
    I dream about myself and people who are close very close to me(Mostly the dreams is about me)…..If I am able to recollect my dreams the very next morning or before the incident happens I will be able to avert it.

    Most of the times it happens to me in this way, few minutes or secs before the dream comes true, I will be bank completely and it takes me to a different world and shows me everything that is going to happen and pushes me back to the real world again and nothing happens or I will take some counter steps to stop it. There are lot many things as well to be shared, but I am badly in need of some one’s help.

    When I tell this to others they make fun of me or they say I lack sleep but that’s not the case, Though I am normal to others I am going though a severe depression and mental agony within myself. Please help me out.

    • Kelvin says:

      Your Not alone that exact thing happens to me.

      I’m Only 11 years old and it’s been haunting me since I was 4.
      It’s very strange I black out and everything stops I remember my dream and I’m back and then my dream happens

      The way I see it we are blessed with some power that we can see the future I don’t tell anyone cause they all just would laugh

      We are the same were blessed or cursed with this….


  104. Ravi KUmar says:

    My email address is, I am from India(Chennai) and I would require an expert to help me in getting rid of my dreams which is haunting me right from my childhood.
    Here is what I have gone through and I am going through currently as well

    Not all my dreams come true….
    Some dreams are based on what I watch on TV or heard which gets registered in everyone’s subconscious mind but that doesn’t bother me because I know it is not real.

    The exact problem is…
    I dream about myself and people who are close very close to me(Mostly the dreams is about me)…..If I am able to recollect my dreams the very next morning or before the incident happens I will be able to avert it.

    Most of the times it happens to me in this way, few minutes or secs before the dream comes true, I will be bank completely and it takes me to a different world and shows me everything that is going to happen and pushes me back to the real world again and nothing happens or I will take some counter steps to stop it. There are lot many things as well to be shared, but I am badly in need of some one’s help.

    When I tell this to others they make fun of me or they say I lack sleep but that’s not the case, Though I am normal to others I am going though a severe depression and mental agony within myself. Please help me out.

  105. Reilly says:

    I had a dream that I had a dream of sitting with a girl on the bus and she is not even on my bus and then she was saying her Instagram to me and then she got off the bus and then I woke up and I looked at who I was following and I was following herand I have never tried to follow her and every dream I have has her in the dream and my friend says that if you have a dream of a girl you like she is missing you

  106. Strangeluck says:

    One more thing – can someone help me understand something. You know how your sitting on the couch watching tv exhausted from a long day at work or school. And you suddenly happened to nod off. Just for maybe a quick 2 minutes. Well when I do that I have vivid dreams of strangers doing something in there everyday lives then I would wake up hearing echoes of the dream fading as I shake off the grogginess , remembering everything that happened in that quick dream but if I get up and walk around I would instantly forget major parts of the dream.
    What the is that called?

    I have to remind myself to have a pen and pad handy when I wake from these express dreams.

  107. Strangeluck says:

    2011 is the year I met my girlfriend. I was madly in love with her. We were always together practically strapped at the hip. I had a dream that we were sitting across a huge table from each other separated,with our heads down. We broke up a few months later. I have many dreams of people I don’t know and later they come in my life. I hate the dreams! Cause they always negative!
    The only good thing about them I’m always right.

  108. Strangeluck says:

    2010 I dreamt of loud dishes, clanking noises. Dishes being washed, people screaming out orders and names of food. Then a year later after my divorce I got a job as a sauce chef. While working I heard the loud clanking sound of dishes being washed and waiter and waitress’s yelling orders. And I said to myself “I dreamt this last year”

  109. Matt says:

    Since childhood, I’ve had dreams of mundane events which occur in reality roughly 6-18 months after the dream. When the events occur, the feeling of deja vu surfaces. The night before my family members pass away, I dream of them.

    In addition to my gift for prophetic dreams, I’ve had a telepathic conversation and have the ability to intuit sources of discomfort.

    Where are the scientists researching these phenomena? I would love to be involved with any and all relevant studies.

    Thank you all for having the courage to comment on this article.

  110. Bailey Otis says:

    Last night I had a dream where there was a running sort of marathon idk but I chose to run in it and everyone was running to my grandmas house which was then next town next to me and I got there then I started dreaming about Pokemon (very weird) I woke up from my kitten attacking my back and also in my dream my back had a pinching pain. Anyway I woke up and later on that day me and my family web to my grandmas to celebrate my grandpas and my birthday and we has dinner he opened his presents then ingot to open mine and I got a 2ds and Pokemon Y and before we left I got a pinching pain in my back like from my dream. Idk if this relates to the topic or anything but I have been getting dreams like this for a while

  111. Dakota says:

    So I’ve read this site and many others but none explain what is happening to me I will have very vivid dreams and wake up with a cold sweat sometimes even a nose bleed and even cuts on my body I am rather scared cause I am not only predicting strangers deaths but also getting hurt myself please help

    • Junior says:

      Dakota my girlfriend has been having these exact same dreams for example last night she woke up around 3am because she had dreamt of somebody stabbing her in the stomach, when she awoke from the dream she had blood all over her shirt but absolutly no marks at all its been a while since youve posted this so i am wondering if you have found a solution as to how to stop these dreams from happening or even just the answer to why they are happening

      sincerely Junior.

    • Natalie says:

      hello i am natalie.
      I have been experiencing similar dreams . i have also seen deaths of people coming true . It comes true the imediately next day . I am also looking for answer havent’ found anything yet. The recent ones i have seen is yesterday ,its strange i dont rememeber anything but a name “lucifer” being called loudly like its haunting my mind every next sec in mid of working . when i woke up after the dream i had immense pain in my eyes like someone has punched me hard on my eyes. .Please contact me if you find any answer.

  112. Lexy says:

    I have dreams all the time that tell me how my day is going to be tomorrow, Before the Columbine school shooting I had a dream I was fleeing from a building that looks exactly like the building they were in while screaming. But when I would scream there was no noise coming out. I also have dreams of houses and places near where I live, like bad things happen there or bad people live there. And for some reason I have been having sleep paralysis, I will be fully awake and I cant open my eyes move or breathe. I don’t know if I am hallucinating or not but I could swear I heard a voice telling me don’t move over and over again. I think I’m crazy. LOL

  113. Joseph says:

    I had a dream couple of years ago I was dreaming about a girl and that I have never met in my entire life we were in WW2 and we bonded so well it felt like it was real it didn’t feel like a dream at all it felt really real. I completely fell in love with her for a stranger that you haven’t met. When I woke up I was sad because I was in love with her, 2 weeks later I met her in real life it felt like we knew each other since forever. This isn’t the only dream I had, I had 2 different dreams about other girls that I have never met either. I want to know what this is called and I need someone to talk to about this.

  114. JT says:

    I frequently had dreams of the future since young. These dreams are vivid until it actually happened to me, often months or years later. There were several times where i would have this strong sense of feeling that i have done something even though it’s my first time there and there are sometimes where even the conversation between my friends and my thoughts at that time matches perfectly.

  115. Maurya says:

    I sometimes have dreams that come true. But I dont always remember it untill it really happens in my real life…these dreams are just moments of my real life like my friend calling me or that my teacher is teaching sums…it can also be that my mom is shouting at me..the dreams that I have are like flashes of my real life..i can never remember it untill it really happens…

  116. Jenelle says:

    I have had several dreams that have come true. My dreams are very strange and do not always give me the full vision of what happened. I do think it is ironic though how they happen. My first dream happened when I was 15 years old. I had a dream I was walking up a hill in my neighborhood on beautiful sunny day like I did every day. As I walked past my neighbor’s house I saw him bend over to pick something up from off the ground in the driver’s side of his car. Needless to say the next day as I took my daily walk, my dream had been right on point. The next dream I had involved this same neighbor and I having a conversation at a local school we both lived by. It was a very pointless dream and at 15 years old I did not understand it. Two years later as the same events occurred from my dream, I started to get a little freaked out. My dreams took a pause for about two years and the next one occurred when I was 19 years old. I liked to nap a lot being young and only going to school for a few hours a day. One October day I came home from school to take a nap and little did I know the dream I was about to have would be a realistic nightmare. I dreamt that there was a man sleeping next to me. He was a bulky man with dark hair and had on dirty work boots and seemed to be in a uniform. He was laying directly pressed up against the right side of my body. He was warm and I could hear him breathing. I turned over in my bed and it was as if he had rolled on top of me, this time he wasn’t so warm. As he rolled onto me I could feel he was stone cold, heavy as a boulder on me and he was not breathing. A way a person would feel as if they were dead. Later that night I was at my friend’s house playing video games when his dad walked in and told us there was a shooting at our local Dairy Queen and an officer was killed. When they showed on the TV the picture of the officer I lost my breath. This man that had been killed was the man I had dreamt about nearly 9 hours before his death. I couldn’t even begin to fathom how ironic the situation was. I will never forget the feeling the came over me as I watched that news. Chills ran down my spine like I had never experienced before, my stomach has never been so nauseated as it was that day from the events. The most recent dream I had that had came true occurred almost exactly a month after the death of the officer. I dreamt I was in a big house and I walked into the bathroom of the house to find a young woman lying in the bath tub, which in this case looked like a coffin. I could not see her face. There was a window above the bath tub, it was open and it was cold, I could hear the rain coming down hard as the shower curtain blew around furiously. Later that evening my mom and I had went to one of our local Walmarts. As we were checking out this girl from another high school I knew of was there. She kept looking at me for some reason, it was like she couldn’t break connection with me. I did not know this girl personally, but she had been to our high school proms and dated a boy from my high school, so in essence I knew who she was. Ironically enough, the girl was parked two cars down from my mom and I. She looked at me one last time as she got in her car to leave. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would ever make eye contact with her. About two weeks later we had found out that two girls were coming home from Walmart on a cold, rainy night and had wrecked into a car impound. The girls vehicle was not discovered until about 12 hours after the accident had happened. Both girls in the vehicle had died. The driver was the girl I had seen two weeks prior at Walmart. I don’t understand why these terrible dreams come true and I wish I could stop them, but I do not know how to. I am absolutely terrified of them. Maybe it is my motherly instinct taking over now that I have a child. Either way, I never want to have another experience like those.

  117. Alison says:

    Hi…I’m a 50 year old woman, who appears to be experiencing dreams coming true more and more frequently. I dreamed 2 months ago that our holiday home, which I absolutely adore, had a leak from the upstairs bathroom, I could see quite clearly water gushing through the ceiling, and there was a river running under the house. All my neighbours were gathered outside watching, when the roof collapsed and the house fell down. Today as I have been looking at flights to spend Christmas there, I learned that yes there had been a leak from the bathroom, through the ceiling in the exact spot that I saw, fortunately although the damage was bad, the house did not fall down! I also dreamed that my husband when going out to the desert with friends had an accident whilst driving over the dunes…I had is dream twice, very clearly. He went to the desert a few days later with friends, ended up driving a friends car ( I wouldn’t let him drive his), and had an accident, not serious though. I have many dreams like this. I also have facts and figures pop into my head for no reason, and I’m right each time. I have no idea how I know these, but I do. I also know by ring tones who is calling on the phone, even though the ring tone is the same. I know that’s quite a common one. My family are convinced that I’m a witch ha ha, and I have to admit, sometimes I freak myself out. My mother swears she had a physic gift, and when I was born it disappeared. Our combined weird dream was about a house. It was an old house and the bedroom had muslin curtains, there was an old dresser at an angle covered in blue and green perfume bottles. The furniture was covered in dust sheets, and the house obviously had not been used for some time. When I came down for breakfast that morning, my Mother arrived at the door. We started chatting and I told her of my dream..she said ‘that’s my dream’,and then described in detail the bedroom layout complete with dresser at angle, and all the perfume bottles…we actually then sat down and drew our rooms, and compared…exactly the same! Spooked us both out! We had both up until then dreamed a lot of walking through houses none of which we knew, and for us both it was many years before we started these kind of dreams again. Which has just reminded me of another experience. When I was around 16/17 yrs old, my Father, Mother and I visited York for the day, it was getting late, and we decided to stay overnight somewhere instead of driving back to Glasgow. After several phone calls we drove to a bed and breakfast about 20 mins outside York. It was now dusk, and on driving up the road, I said ‘I’ve been here before!’ My father laughed and said ‘no you haven’t, I’ve never been here’…I then told them that around the corner there were woods,mand adjacent to the woods a large Georgian styled mansion house, with a glass domed roof. Sure enough there it was! My folks then pointed out the glass domed roof, and next to it a small house, which looked rather incongruous to the large house next to it. They both remarked that they wondered what it had been used for, I immediately replied it had been the local schoolhouse? The following morning we asked the lady who owned the bed and breakfast about the houses. She told us that the big house had belonged to a Textile merchant, and as they could not have children of their own, they had built the schoolhouse for their employees children to have an education. This was back in the 1860′s !

  118. Steffer22 says:

    I’m 16 years old, i cant recall the age, but i remember the first dream i had that came true. It happens often for me. The first dream i had that came true was that my friends grandmother was wearing a red sweater.. Around fall time, and she stretched with a yawn outside.. It happened and idk when i dreamed it but i remember that i dreamed it then it happened exactly the same. My dreams seem so real that i get scared because i dont know if it’ll happen or not.

  119. Enigma says:

    I had dreams very often but i usually used to forget it and instead only remembered a part of it. But this changed from last few weeks when a part of my dream came true…i was shocked.
    In my dream i saw a person whose finger was bleeding terribly as it got cut but when i got up i tried hard to recall who the person was… but i couldn’t. Later that morning my mom told me that my neighbor met with an accident that morning and lost his three fingers.
    Today i saw a sweet little baby in my dream who was wrapped in a white cloth and wondered who’s baby it was…then just now i got to know that one of my friend’s sister in law gave birth to a child. I fear to dream something bad…

  120. Well i recently a month ago October 2013 came from a trip i made to Chicago in efforts to meet with someone. This trip i made was like a journey and a road trip i had fun, met people and recorded my trip on camera. Back to the Physic Dreaming from when they started to the present , they seem to last longer and happen more often like yesterday i had one. My dream prior the trip to Chicago might have been 2 weeks before i even went to Chicago. There i did mostly walking no driving and i was by myself. I remember it in the afternoon it was cold around 5pm maybe. i was walking crossing the street in a shopping plaza and as i looked to the middle i remember me Dreaming this place or as i walked the street. In that moment it was like a shock. ” oh shit this was in my dream” i raced dodging cars, this was day 2 in Chicago. Day 3 came still in Chicago this time it was time to go home back to Atlanta,GA. At that moment Day 3 was a rush/fear i had. In my Dream i also noticed i walked into some Mexico Event/Store ? i questioned myself the day i woke up from that dream. But on Day 3 in Chicago at night i was followed by a suspect after knowing that something was not right , similar faces inside the Greyhound Bus Station were reappearing from my Dream. I was in shock/danger i fled the Greyhound with my Bags, i stashed them behind a dumpster and changed clothes to disguise. i roamed the streets in Downtown Chicago in fear. I felt like in the movie where I’m the one being chased and hiding from the stranger. Lucky i came across a street being worked on, there are more citizens walking ( so i can blend in ) was my first thought! i noticed a big building it was an arts musuem it somehow told me to walk in . The moment i walked in i again experienced what i had Dreamed. There it was MEXICO signs and lights and colors just like my dream. It was an event called MEXICO? … The host asked if i had a pass to enter i said No.. I only came inside because i was being followed. She made the Oh my Face , So i then left walking trying to get back to the Greyhound Bus Station. At this time i knew i walked a couple blocks away and might have went too far. I asked for directions and walked , i sat in the Bus bench (runs the streets/city) as a girl was sitting there i felt able to blend more and ease my mind/thoughts. Soon we start talking and decide that i invite her for a coffee .. we roam the Downtown Chicago looking for an open store that has coffee, It took as a while Downtown Chicago has nearly no stores open at night . Long Story short we find an open store go back to the Bus Stop and she leaves, I leave to the Greyhound Bus Station and the Strangers that seemed to be looking for me were gone!! i was more relieved but still on the look-OUT Well i made it home back to ATLANTA<GA safe the END . That was my story according to my Dream i had .. Thanks for Reading & i would have made a Documentary of my recordings But some "so called friends" stole my camera .. They don't want to confess who stole it!! " I AM STILL MAD ABOUT THE FACT I RECORDED EVERY DAY/NIGHT" It was an experience and first time. -JONATHAN ESPINOZA

  121. Pearl says:

    It’s nice to know I can share this without feeling funny. I have had premonition of events especially severe illness or sudden death in the family from both my father n mothers side since i reached late adulthood . This has been distressing since I can’t do any thing to help turn the course of events . I don’t realize why I have to get warned , it’s just not a good feeling . It makes me sad n worried since all I see is dead relatives before someone passes away in the family . I wish I dint have this so called ability especially if I can’t help any one change the course of events. Bye n peace to all .

  122. shay says:

    I am a 17 year old female.
    I’ve been having dreams, that are in a sense coming true in real life, this is happening frequently.. I’m getting sleep deprived became these dreams aren’t good, or positive. I’m not use to being able to remember my dreams, its happen sudden. I know I’m missing pieces so its confusing, but I remember specific details on my dreams focal point is, details as in, numbers, body language, photos, setting. I’ve had 3 dreams less than a weeks time come true, its scaring me to go to sleep in fear of having it escalate and effect myself in reality fearing it will come true. I don’t have exact clips or scenes of what is coming true, but the details I can remember are, as in warnings, secrets, advice,feelings, pain, i know there isnt any possible way i could know what im learning before it happens, I need advice, I want to feel more control and safe so I can sleep and still have these dreams continue, I like glimspeing the future, but I need to know more so I can not fear and have more understanding. The first dream experience, I woke up feeling overwhelmed by emotion, I got up to go use the bathroom and fainted except, I was conscious when I fell but paralyzed? …it lasted about 40 sec, i try to talk to my parents but im only sounding pretty crazy, advice ? Am i crazy or is there a explantaion..

  123. Ian says:

    For just over a year now, I have learned that a majority of my dreams come true (usually) within the next day. I have tried explaining this to some select individuals and it seems that no one understands. I just want to know that I am not alone and that there are others struggling with the same situation as myself.

    • Parker says:

      I like you constantly have dreams like that but the thing in the dream can happen days, weeks, or even months after I have them. When the thing happens in my life it is like I’ve been their in the seen before. It always happens the same as the dream I just never know what dream will happen and which wont

  124. Amber says:

    I have these dreams alot since i was little. I had a dream that i was in a car and driving somewere and when i got out of the car i had a baby doll stroller and i was pushing it along side a building, i dont know how long it took for it to happen but i knew cause it happend before. Sometimes it takes months for them to come true.

    • Amber says:

      Oh and i also had a dream that i was reading a book, just a few days ago i was reading a book and part of the text i read in my dream i rembered when i read the book.

  125. Jerry Lynn Evans says:

    After cruising through YouTube videos and checking out some of the ” Top 10′s ” type videos I came upon a few regarding Dreams … and I thought to myself that I’ve had dreams that I didn’t remember after waking up … the only way that I remembered them was when I was in the exact same moment , doing the exact same things that I had dreamt about and it gave me an intense feeling of deja vu … My mind will seem to disconnect for a few moments as I rush back in memory to the dream I had, that this exact event was dreamed about …

    My last feeling of deja vu and recognizing it was a dream I had a couple years ago ?? was while backing my semi and sand hauling trailer into position to dump the load while training a student at my job … I have only had the job since October 2012 till recently November 17 2013 and it is a type of trucking that I had never did before. I have always drove regular semi’s to deliver freight to businesses and warehouses locally … but as I was using my mirrors to back my dump trailer into position to dump the load of cement sand, my trainee was talking to me and asking me questions and suddenly I had that disconnected feeling of deja vu and I realized I had dreamt this exact event in a dream awhile ago.

    I cannot remember the exact time of the dream as I never have a dream and the next day or week or year that it comes true, and hardly any dream that I remember upon waking comes true like that … so my curiosity was up and I had to find out if there was a name for these occurrences … that is how I found this site through Google … search term used , … what are the names of dreams you have dreamt that have actually came true …

    And to further clarify what the ” disconnected ” feelings are when they happen … it’s as if I am suddenly an observer to the situation not as a float above it all and looking down observation but sort of scooting back in your seat a few inches and watching things unfold exactly as they had in the dream. Sort of an out of body type occurrence I guess … but I am still controlling the situation but it’s all happening on cue exactly like I had dreamed … then the feeling goes away and a sense of wonder or amaze lingers for awhile after …

    I have had these events maybe 4 or 5 times in my life so far … I cannot be sure.
    I am 50 years old now and the past 20 years is when the majority of these have happened.
    I saw in dreams my current wife and her family and I interacting at some family function of theirs 10 years before it happened or I met the people.

    Is there some study or practice I could do to bring about or sharpen this phenomena ??

  126. Roz says:

    I’ve dreamed that while shopping my mom asked me about a shirt. I said no and offered another one. Some time later, that exact event, down to the fabric choices and everything (precisely to and unimaginable level) occurred. I had simar dreams often in my teens. I haven’t had any recently, but my dreams have always been unexplicably odd. So vivid I remember every detail and love to return to them no matter if they’re horrific or lovely. I am a logical person. I am not a believer of anything, but I know thoughout my teens I was plagued with dreams that would come true and leave me with an uneasy feeling of déjà vu. It wasn’t déjà vu though… It was more. In any event, it makes me feel better that others have felt this phenomena.

  127. Nick says:

    Ive had dreams of the future since I was a kid…I have other smaller unique gifts like reading minds and being able to astral travel to many places around the world…ive also been approached by alot of religious people and been told things like I have a great an old soul by some gypsys….eve had dreams of past lifes….how I died…would like to meet like minded people to discuss more if possible….oh I also dream alot about crystals.other dimensions and portals.i can differenciate between a dream and a ‘vision’….

  128. Ellen says:

    Last night around 9:30 I got a text msg. I didn’t even look at my phone, I went to sleep instead. I dreamed about my younger brother and my younger sister whom I haven’t talked to in months. This morning when I checked my text, it was from my younger brother simply saying night night. This happens to me all the time.

  129. De says:

    I have dreams from the person having the occurrence point of view. I had a dream of an older gentleman and a younger boy in a small plane crash, saw the area of the crash, the planes interior, what the people were wearing…all the way to the ground. If they die, I wake up. I remember the entire thing. I have had a dream recently of a younger man in a tornado/storm. Orange houses everywhere, things were flying all over the place. I could see the tornado, which direction it was hitting, how it destroyed the area. The next day in the news the video and pictures were all over the internet from it happening a few hours before in a foreign country. I had a premonition while on my honeymoon, while awake, a VERY strong sense that something was going to happen to the area and we needed to leave. We left that day. The next day there was a tidal wave that took out the area we were staying and the ferry we would have taken sunk. Another time I saw my relatives getting in a car wreck, driving off a cliff and going down a mountain hitting trees the entire way down. That weekend, I saw them at a family dinner and when they walked through the door, they were all bruised up and cuts on their faces. I was shocked, this was probably the first time I actually believed my dreams and that they weren’t just a coincidence. When I started talking to them and telling them about their wreck, they looked shocked, they hadn’t told anyone about it yet. This happens to me quit often.

  130. tamie says:

    I had a dream about a month ago and it was bout a crowd of people in a parking lot and the cops searched everyone to drugs and about a week or so later there was a drug search in the motel I was living at. Another time all I remember about the dream was a cop car turning a corner and a few day later I got pulled over at that same corner.

  131. Kayden says:

    I’m scared of having dreams because when I do they ALWAYS come true and when they do come true not much later something very bad happens like in one case I dreamt that a dog would chase a cat away from my house (note that my neighbourhood had 1 dog and 7 cats) and the week later it happened and in just a few days I learned my father had died of am anxiety attack (ps he was scared of cats. Don’t ask why) and on another occasion I dreamt that my friend was walking with me after we met outside a coffee shop called andrey O’s and the next year it happens but this time my apartment got condemned because of a gas leak and I still just can’t handle the thought of dreaming again because NOTHING good ever happens when I dream

  132. Dianne says:

    Well i had many dream the most recent i was in my car with my son n boyfriend n we got carjack next day my car got tow n i was with my son…then i had a dream about fb n my boyfriend n find out he was flirting on fb. I dream i was pregnant n yrs i am but now im scare i dream somebody wants to hurt my baby after is born cuz he is special n im hoping to god that this time it dont come true

  133. Linda says:

    I had dream that one of the most horrific thing happen to my daughter, it was so vivid. I told my husband and my daughter my dream, their response I shouldn’t think like that its so negative. It’s my dream. I talked to my daughter about being distance from the family how we love her etc.. Well not even two weeks pass and my daughter had the most horrific thing happen to her.. It broke my heart she’s ok now thank God. It was the worst day of my life. I have had dreams since that have came true not so disturbing. For the longest even before the dreams, I always tried to control my dreams doing the right thing as in real arena of my life. However I can’t control those dreams that come true. It’s like it’s happening real time.

    I’m afraid, so I focus on not having those dreams.

  134. Richie says:

    I once had a dream that I was walking toward my fathers jaguar at night. I walked out of my house and as I approached the car, it began to drive by itself and I was scared to go near it because I knew that no one was in the car. the car crashed into a poll and proceeded to speed (I remember hearing the car going like 100mph) in the distance and finally there was a large crash. I didn’t see it, I just heard it. In my dream, my father came out of the house yelling what had happened and I responded to him that I had no Idea. The dream was so vivid that it was crazy. The next morning, I called my dad and told him the dream, to which he laughed and so did I. (the thing is, I have never called ANYONE before, just to tell them about a dream. Later on that day, I was at work and the news came on. In one of the first reports, the night before (the night I had my dream) There were young boys who stole a jaguar and crashed it into a pole and another car. Here is the article: I called my dad as soon as I saw it, and we were both FLOORED. I just couldn’t believe that My dream so SO SIMILAR to what happened. I am still shocked….. Can anyone give insight?

  135. rudeboey says:

    in 2008 i saw a dream in a house with a girl an di was in love this time came in 2011 and i remember the dream it was exacly the same in 2012 i saw a dream that i was sad and my gf have let me but i thought that was a dream today 6/11/13 after 3 weeks break up happen the same as i saw on the dream i am a lil bit scared explain me this pls the pictures is exacly the same and the feelings!

    • rudeboey says:

      n 2008 i saw a dream that was in a house with a girl an this girl was the same ius i was in love….sorry somthing happen when i rite

  136. cody says:

    Ever since i was little ive had werid dreams nightmares even a dream about being a blue animated bird but ive also had strange dreams that are just random bits of my life like standing in a line at school or sitting in front of my tv watching a tralier for kangaroo jack a year before it came out i could never really find out why or how it happens but if you could give me any info about these dreams it would be much apreciated

  137. Ben says:

    i frequently have dreamed of the future it doesn’t happen as often as it used to but every now and then i have these dreams. at first i couldn’t remember the dreams untill they started coming true but after a while i was able to remember for example one dream i had when i was very young i dreamed i was watch tv but it was a cartoon iv never seen or herd of when i woke i figured it was nothing but years later they make a new cartoon and at first i did know it was same as the dream but after i saw the same episode i saw in my dream i knew i dreamed of the future

  138. terry schafermeyer says:

    I always tell someone…..doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…..sometimes the outcome can be changed, just by telling….so please always tell may save a life……other times won’t matter if it was meant to happen will happen anyway…..yes I have them from the mundane haircut to robberies and death…

  139. Charlie Q says:

    About five weeks ago I had a dream that my sister in law had a baby boy. It was a vivid dream and it woke me during the night which is why I remembered it. I saw him in her arms and I can still picture his beautiful little face when I close my eyes. I mentioned it to my brother the following day and he laughed. They have been trying for the last five years to concieve. Today they told me that they are expecting and get this she’s five weeks pregnant. I have no doubt it’s a boy and it was his way of letting me know he was coming. It’s not the first time its happened to me as I’ve had similar experiences before not all dreams but a sense of when something big is about to happen. I’m confused and a litlle freaked out. Thankfully this was a good one but I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me why this happens. I’m a logical and rational person mostly and feel I need an explantion. If anyone has and ideas it would be great to hear from you.

  140. Jas says:

    I barely dream and when I do it happens in the future. When I first had one I was so scared. Then little ones occurred and it isn’t a big deal now. One dream I had was when my mother and sister was standing in front of me and we were talking and she seen my tongue ring. I’ve had my tongue ring for a long time without her knowing because she doesn’t like any piercings at all. When this dream occurred we was at my doctors office and I had to stick out my tongue. Maybe a few of my dreams happens the same but some don’t. I even had one like if I was telling the future or I was in a trance the way it was happening.

  141. Kellie says:

    I have had dreams since I was little they might happen immediately or many years later. I was raised in a very abusive home and I would have a dream of a situation that hadn’t happen and in the dream I responded one way and my mom had gotten very mad with the screaming and spankings, so when it actually happened I responded the opposite way and it totally changed my dreams out come. Many times I dream of places that I have never been then I would go to a foreign country with my husband years later and I totally remember a location or a situation that happened in my dreams years earlier. It’s more like déjà vu and the dream comes totally back to my mine. I have found that a lot of times I can actually change some of the bad out comes from my dreams, It’s pretty neat but It’s kind of weird. it is nice to know other people have this also as I have never found anyone that this has happened to.

  142. marry says:

    hi i am going insane it started ant the start of the school year i had a dream that someone said those rings are mine and i was really confused a few days later i had a dream my grandma was yelling at me about a remote and i saw her standing by the tv in the living room two days ago a friend acused me of stealing her plastic rings she got of a cupcake and later i went home and my grandma came over and yelled at me later i had a dream about a woman who told me her name was mary and that if she was real the basment light would be on, so i got home and cheched the basment the light was on, and so i looked up past owers of the house and she was listed yes this all happened and i am frightend

  143. Tracy says:

    When I was about 11 my papaw was in the hospital. He was recovering and everything was fine. I was staying at his house with my family and had a dream that he was in the hospital sitting on an exam bed and told me he loved me and that he was going to die. I woke up crying and everyone said he was fine. We got a phone call that they were going to take him off breathing and he could leave soon. 10 minutes later we got a phone call that he had died. A couple years later I had a dream that we got a phone call my aunt in Florida had died. A week later we got a phone call that she was in the hospital with pneumonia and they found cancer. 3 days later we got a phone call that she had died.

  144. Beth says:

    Hello I’m 52yrs old I have had dreams that came true for as far back as I can remember.
    they seemed the strongest when I was pregnant with my daughters especially my eldest daughter.
    I dreamed about my 7month old sons accident it was like a movie with clips I woke that morning stunned an would not talk about until evening with my fiance . Later that evening I ran up to the store an had this over whelming feeling I needed to go home, when I got there my son was gasping for breath I knew we had to get him help we got in the car it took 5 minutes to get to the hospital.
    I remembered the ride to the e.r. from my dream I knew 2 people would greet us. the next 3days were the hardest in my life I was 19yrs old then I knew in my heart he was not going to make it on the 3day my mom on 1 side an my best friend on the other side I again remembered from the dream. it was the last time I seen him alive there was no more brain activey an we had to take him off life support. I feel it was to prepare me for my lost. 9 months later again I have a dream of my fiance falling down stairs an a gun going off later that day he had been at a house an fell down the stairs an the hand gun he had went of an killed him. I remember not wanting to dream or sleep I was afraid I have lots of story’s I can tell u about dreams of family or friends death never a clear picture but enough I also get these feelings that are hard to put into words and have told people to tc I feel something is going to happen an then sure to form they tell you was right I was… I do not understand an I know I still dream some mornings it is as though some one is holding me down an not letting me wake up( almost as thou they are saying u have to look at this just look ) just happened a few days ago I felt out a breath an almost like I have to push them off me to wake up. it is a powerful unsettling feeling is the only way I can describe it. I know am not crazy but I still do not always understand the why me?

  145. Heather Easterling says:

    I have dreams all to often, I don’t keep a journal of dreams, however…I do share them with myhusband. They frequently freak me out. however, mine are not just about things to come….I’ve had some repetitious dreams since a child, that I only gently talked to my mother about. I described the person’s in my dreams and they died before I was born. The dreams I’ve had of things to come, but only scare me but my family too. I don’t know when to say something to the individuals in my dreams out of fear that they may think I’m crazy. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  146. rose says:

    Plz help me to understand all these

  147. rose says:

    Since from child hood i see dreams and by the time or so these dreams are reality……these drrams are for me basically and for my fanily……one more weired thing iam still not able to understand is……since from my childhood iam seeing black cobra,,,iam 29 now still see tht cobra in my dream,,,,and in real life i cnt face cobra,s ,,,,,,iam not affraid of thm ……but still feels like to weep and some strange feelings which iam not able to understand……tht why i cnt face cobra,s evn if iam not affraid of them and they are quite often in my dreams till now……..AND MY PREDICTIONS ARE ALMOST RIGHT WHENEVER I DO…..THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WHICH ARE WEIRED for me

  148. Mel says:

    Been happening since i was 18. Some dreams i had 15 years ago have been coming true recently. Of course when i dreamt them, there were things that didn’t make sense. Like in my dream, i see someone but don’t know who they are and never met them before, then meet that person 13 yrs later. Most that come true are when bad things happen. I havent slept more than 5 or 6 hrs at a time since a real violent one against my daughter happened recently. I dreamt it 13 yrs ago. Some are snippits, others full on events. I try not to dream now.

  149. Karah says:

    I am have had dreams in the past that would give me a sense of DeJa Vue. I ways just took that as a sign my life was on the right track. I dreamt of being pregnant a week before I found out. I am now 2 months pregnant with my first child. I wasn’t feeling well so I slept on the couch. I had a very vivid scary dream of someone peeping through my living room windows at me while in the couch. I was so startled from the dream I almost got up to go to bed where my husband was. I wake up the next morning and while watching tv a strange man came and peeped through my windows!! When I got to the window he had went to my shed to steal. I couldn’t believe within 4 hours of the dream it had come true. Thankfully my husband was home and stopped the robber from taking our things. Pregnancy intuition???

  150. Barb says:

    I had a dream about the future when I was three . I dreamed about the September eleven attacks the day before it happened. Then I saw it on the news the next day. Was this a warning ? I didn’t know how to tell any one when I was that young.

  151. Hasia Smith says:

    Ever since I turned 11 I’ve had dreams that come true some time later on, and it’s like a sense of deja vu hits me. The first time it happened my mom, sisters, and I were living in an nice apartment. I had a day dream about a commercial that had something to do with a magical floating ball: and a couple weeks later I saw it on tv. I was highly confused, and shook it off, but it still stuck to me. From there on every where I’ve lived so did these dreams. These dreams could happen anytime, but what intrigued me the most was how spot on they were, even when they happened in my daydreams.
    Once before I met Aj -a very close friend of mine- I had a day dream about a little girl but I was seeing it from her point of view. I saw I couldn’t see out the car window but on the far left I saw a Toy’s R us: we were waiting for someone I had on a frilly pink and white dress and cute shoes to match, and then all of a sudden I look as far as I can crane my neck out the window and see a white van pull up. This had stayed with me for a long time ’cause I wondered who the girls was, and was she okay. While at a sleepover a t Aj’s she started telling me this story about being in a car when she was three to five years old. I stopped her mid sentence “Wait, were you wearing a pink dress with white shoes?” she stared at me “Yeah.”
    I continued “Where you outside a Toy’s R Us parking lot, with two cars and one of them a white van.” and she told me that they had been there to take her to an adoption center. I swore to her that I had envisioned it and she laughed and told me I seriously could be like Raven Simone.
    But we are the bestest friends ever she told me to just take my dreams as warnings and a heads up. I’ve been retained once, and one night at church after I got saved our director told us to write a letter to God about anything we’re going to change and have a mother pray over it for us. i wrote my letter and lost it, so I wrote another one, But as I looked at it after I finished writing it I just envisioned someone writing on it at the top right saying “We it.” I didn’t know what to make of it and I knew it had to be me,because it was my handwriting. Not wanting to get my hopes up I pushed it aside. Over the summer while sleeping over at Aj’s I got a call from my mom saying that the report came saying that I had been promoted: I was overjoyed, and when i got home I found my old letter and wrote “We did it!” ad realization suddenly hit me: it was me.

    Lately I’ve had dreams that are still coming true. I honestly don’t know how this helps but my mother is from North Carolina, her grandmother is full blooded Cherokee Indian and the torch is still passed on. Please tell me, has this spiritual trait been passed down to me cause this is WAY more than coincidence.

  152. Amanda Yoresh says:

    Hi I’m Amanda and I’m thirteen. For the past few month 6/7 dreams I have come true. They always drain energy and I feel like I haven’t slept at all. Please help

  153. lucidity says:

    When i was 7 years old, my Great-Grandfather died. I did not expect it and I knew close to nothing of death but i knew he was dead from a dream. He came to me in a dream, at my Grandparents’ house, where he lived. He brought me to the backyard and showed me three doors and told me that when the time comes, to “go through this door. Not this door and never this door,” he said as he pointed to each door in turn. In the morning when I woke up, I told my Mom that he was dead, which she did not yet know. I remember how frightened she was about this and she did not want me to attend his funeral because she was afraid I was too young, but I told her I wasn’t afraid to see him dead, because I already had.

    A few years later, when I was 10, I had a dream that my Great Uncle Verge came to my front door. His coloring was bluish and he told me gently that he had died and that he’d come to say goodbye. Uncle Verge had been wheelchair bound from a stroke that had left him unable to speak for years, I’d never heard him say a word before that dream, nor ever before had I seen him walk, but he did in the dream, holding a hat in his hands. In the morning, I told my Mom about the dream and I will never forget her expression or how she paled as she went to the phone to call my Grandmother to ask after Verge, or how frightened she looked to learn that he had died.

    Within a couple years of that, I had a terrible dream about my Mom that has not come true, but today, decades later, I’m still scared that it will. The dream was very, very vivid, right down to being able to feel carpet beneath my bare feet.

    When I was away at college, I dreamed of my dog. He let me kiss him, he was happily wagging his tail and then he trotted upstairs, paused on the upper landing to look at me. I knew he was saying goodbye. He turned the corner and went the rest of the way up. I called home the next day and I knew he’d died, but I didn’t tell my parents about the dream, afraid of scaring my Mom again.

    On a fairly regular basis, I have far more mundane dreams that “come true.” A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that my young son came to wake me to tell me that he didn’t feel well and in that dream, I realized I was dreaming, so I woke and went to check on my son, but he seemed fine. A couple of hours later when he woke up, he came to me and told me that he had a very sore throat. By afternoon he had a fever. (He recovered within a couple of days, it was a mild virus but had no symptoms of it the night before when he went to bed.)

    Less frequently, but on occasion, I have what I can only describe as visions that happen just before I fall asleep. In them, I usually see war, although from a distance. Most of the time, any people that I see are dressed in clothing from a long time ago.

    My maternal Grandmother often spoke of dreams and she did have some astounding luck when it came to lottery numbers and contests involving guessing or random luck. After she passed away, I have had many, many dreams where she comes to visit me. I’m never frightened of her in the dreams, I’m often sad due to missing her (I will forever miss her, now even so many years after she’s gone) but sometimes her presence in the dreams is troubling and I sensed that she felt stuck. She also usually appeared to me as looking dead, either in pallor or an inability to express emotion with her facial features (quite unlike how she was in life.) I haven’t had a dream like that of her recently though, so I do pray she has found true peace.

  154. Suzie says:

    I dreamt 2 months ago that my friends partners daughter took an overdose, I went to her house for a coffee and told her of the dream, today she called at mine only to tell me her partners daughter had taken an overdose a few days ago but was ok, this leaves me feeling strange as I had also dreamt another friends daughter was pregnant, they didn’t tell anyone that she was and unfortunately she lost the baby but I did say to that friend I had dreamt a baby was coming and she was shocked that I knew and it was a girl, she confirmed she had been pregnant and had lost it days earlier , she did go on to have another child , a girl , may coincidence I don’t know ??

  155. big john says:

    I have dreams all the time that play out normally how I dream them.or it could b a crazy dream that makes no scenes at all place I never seen or been.years later ill stop dead n my tracks seeing something I seen years ago.last 3times I lied about some body dying n use that as my reason 2call out of work.NO LONGER THAN A WEEK THAT PERSON IS DEAD.I watch Wat I say n don’t speak anything crazy on myself n others.I thank about somebody out of the blue or ask how they been.same day its random stuff.just alot 2 talk about hope I don’t sound 2 crazy or nothing n hope others can relate. 1more thing I.can move pain from 1spot 2another n my body.sometimes I can stop the pain completely

  156. BellaLuce4 says:

    I have have premonision dreams on occation during my life. usally they occur during a more troubling emontional time. The first dream occured while I was in college.

    It was so upsetting, i woke up and wrote the entire dream down in a letter to my boyfriend. They next night while with a firend, the dream wouldn’t leave me. I convinced her to drive home over 1.5 hours with me and arrived at 2:30 in the morning. Walked into the house and my dream from the night before was unraveling in front of me. I took out the letter. Let my boyfriend read it and knew at that point it must have been for a reason, of which I am still unsure of today.It freaked him out even more.

    There have been instances over the past years but not so much. Last night I began Mediating again…………….

    Guess what, Just last night it happend again. i dreamed that the regional manager presented me with my award. I won this award in May and it is now October, and have not even thought of it for quite a while. the dream stayed with me all day today becasue the manager was so heartfelt in his presentaion, which I did not expect. Today when I got home there was a box in the mail. It was a cystral trophy for my May award.

  157. Elaine says:

    I have had numerous dreams that come true. Most of them are dreams about events. I will wake up the very next morning and it will be on the news. Very detailed events that match my dream. The most interesting dream involved a snake that was blocking my front door. My parents arrived the next morning and my mother starting screaming. There was this big snake blocking the front door. I did tell my husband about the dream as soon as I woke so he was amazed. It is freaky.

  158. Jojo says:

    I had such experiences a couple of times. The creepiest one was when I dreamt of a 4-digit number which I’ve never seen before. In my dream, I saw my aunties and late grandparents. As soon as I woke up, I texted my sis the 4-digit number and told her to help me buy lottery. A week went by, the 4-digit number didn’t come up as one of the lottery winnings. I was slightly disappointed.

    A week later, I went on a road trip with my friends to Great Ocean Road. I was busy texting as we were travelling uphill, passing mountains after mountains. All of a sudden, I looked up and I was shocked at what I saw! I saw a wooden board placed at an awkward area amidst the mountains. The 4-digit number on the wooden board was exactly the same as the one I dreamt about!

  159. Lauren says:

    Yes!! I was always told that I have a gift!! Every time I go to a spiritual person am told I have a six sences and always had it!! Well it coming to me in differences ways. I have dreams and they come true!! I feel spirts in a room, I can tell when something going to happen!! I can read a persons feeling when they are near me!! It dosnt happen all the time but I feel it a lot me now that am getter older what you you think?

  160. ryan says:

    i started doing a ecxersice called standing like a tree. after some months i began having phsicic dreams. one of the most clear occasions was when i was working at dominoes pizza in westlake, Austin TX. I had a dream that my GF was standing next to a purple bike. thats it. when she called me the next day (because she also worked for me) she said she had something to show me. i said yeah i know you got a new bike last night. she was like ughhh. who told you, i wanted it to be a secret… hang up! at that time i knew my phsicic stuff was pissong people off and it was real… there have been many examples of this thru the years. God Bless.

  161. Bradley says:

    I myself have had several physic dreams that have come true in the following months or year.
    Each time it happens I have an emense sense of déjà vu and I try to avoid the bad thing I have seen in my dreams.

  162. mmpaa says:

    september25,2013 at 5:30 am

    at night i dreamt of a spiked and dangerous lizard, and a comedy show next day it both happened, my family showed me the same lizard which i saw and i read that my fav. comedy shows set was it a psychic power of my dream

  163. sam says:

    ^^^^^^ like i said before i knew every word!!! i asked her if we had had this convo before and she was like no… it just happened today!!!:O i am freaking out!!!

  164. sam says:

    okay so yesterday i had a dream that this girl on my cross country team was in science and got tar on her hands and it stained so at cross country after school when practice ended i asked her what happened and she started to explain and every single word that came out of her mouth i knew she was going to say. every “um” and “like” i new… and i even asked her questions that i had asked in my dreams, and i knew what her answer would be word for word… i am really freaked out this is the 2nd time it has happened to me before… what should i do!!!??? should i go see someone!? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  165. Cynthia says:

    I’ve have had dreams that come trus as welll not exact acforcurately but true. Like for example I dreamed that two people were going to get shot couple days later my uncle and aunt died shot, also me and my mom sometimes have issues and i dreamed she was pregnant and the the next week she tells me she is, unfortunately she had a miscarriage, most recently I dreamed she took a pregnancy test and i was there waiting with her for the results, and then the pregnancy test said no, 2 days later exact same thing happened!!! Also when there was the earthquake in japan, i dreamed that we were to get away from the water we were going to get flooded and 2 days later, it happened. I have many other stories, but those I thought were interesting.

  166. Pamela says:

    I am having dreams so vividly…So Real, Wake up in Tears, Shaking…For Years…Of The Worst…and It comes true..I started as a teenager. They Are Horrilbe experiences…I am terrified to dream anymore…, My Husband, My Parents, My Friends Children…Dead Now All Passed From accidents of sort. .And I feel their emotions and hurt through my dreams …And I knew something already and bracing myself fearing the worst…What is going On? I’m truly doubting myself. It frightens me. I’m 42 now..4 Beautiful Children..But, absolutely scared of the next “Dream”…Where to turn?

  167. rosethorn18 says:

    When i was a little girl, around 6 or seven, i had a dream that i was eating red popsicles under a tree with 2 girls who looked a few years older than me, one with brown/black hair and a blonde. Later, when i was eleven or twelve, i was helping my friend move, and THE EXACT THING HAPPENED. My friend was the brunette i dreamt of, and her other friend was the blonde. how can i have dreamt of people who i’ve never met and a house i’d never been to? This ability terrifies me and i’m afraid i might be crazy.

  168. Robert Brown says:

    I have had dreams that have came to true right down to picture perfect. Once I was able to prove it to a good friend at the time. I use to tell him my dreams, some how we got on the subject once and he dreamed diffrent then me. Any way one morning after meeting up with him i said I had a dream that him and I was down in a basement playing pool it was my shoot as I was walkied around the table he was on the opposite and I seen a yellow brick wall. Three months later it happened and I said Doug u remember that dream I told you about and he caught on right away and u could see how un nerving he got, and said your scary man. They dont happen often, I notice if I dont drink or anything get good rest excersise they happen more often.

  169. Jessica says:

    I have these dreams and at first I would pay no attention to them. But I began to noticed that the ones that left me feeling emotional were the ones that meant something. I have dreams all the time. But when I have a dream that has me wake up upset then I know I need to think about it. I don’t get the all the time. The last one I had was on Monday. It’s Friday now and I’m still hurting inside. I don’t know how to approach this dream because it has to do with my husbands past. I have no idea where to go for help on how to deal with these dreams. And I’m hoping I could get some help. I’m tired of everyone just telling me that they are just dreams and then watching parts of my dreams unfold right in front of me.

  170. Cam says:

    My dreams are normaly vivid and are all spread into many different short dreams, but I’ve noticed that some of the emotions in my dreams are felt I’m the same order as they did in my dreams, and some events that happen in my dreams, happen in real life,

  171. Barb says:

    In the middle of summer ,I got this gift of walking in other people’s dreams. (Like my friends and other people i know)I can also talk to them in in the dream world.would they remember when I did this the next day? What does it mean?

  172. yuuko says:

    i had multiple dreams that came true.. first i dream about baby and after a month my aunt is pregnant … i also dream of a big flood….and after a day the rain wont stop on our country… the rain didnt stop for 3 days and now big flood is approaching … i dont know what to do.. im afraid to sleep.. because every time i had a dream it sometimes came true..

  173. Ankit Sanwarey says:

    hi frnds..this is Ankit from INDIA,something happening 2 me..
    i saw some dreams and they turns out 2 be true in real life..

    1 month back i saw a dream dt i am having samsung duos in my hands…nxt morning i told my mom..she said..ok it is just a around 2 pm my neighbor..he came 2 me & show his new samsung duos..& i handled it like i did it in my dreams..

    my nxt dream was dt our maid was telling my mom dt she has been injured while dusting…at first i thought dt its happening in real..its just me who is listening 2 them in sleep..
    bt later on i realized dt around 10 AM same thing happened…

    after few months i saw dt my dad is wearing a shirt with spcl buttons..and nxt morning my dad was wearing dt shirt..

    few yrs ago..wh i was a student in Btech..
    i saw in day dt one of my frnd is hit by a ball..
    i told him dt pls stay away frm this ball u will be hurt…bt he refused…after some tym the ball hit im very hard….

  174. Mike Boozer says:

    my name is Mike: i am a 50 year old disabled vet. All my life i have had dreams of being on a plane crashing or seeing a plane crash or just riding on a plane. And a couple days later a plane will crash some where. I have several people who i have told i dreamed about a plane crash and then it happens. it is not the same plane that i dream about it is planes usually a jet. I was always told if you dream of something something will happen to remind you of it. so i have never give it much though till the last years. It kind of scares me that they come true. TWA-800 i dreamed i was in a plane that broke in half and i was falling . it crashd the next day and alot of crashes since. i don’t know if i dreamed of every crash but lately every crash that has happened i have dreamed of it a day or two before it happens..whats wrong with me am i crazy ??? other thing i have seen i want write about scares me to.. can somebody tell me whats wrong with me why do i dream this stuff??

  175. Brian says:

    I had this dream about a week ago. I remember great parts of it and seeing it was future like. The buildings, cars, even the people looked different from todays world… Well the major part about this dream was I found a name “Beth” the name haunted me for a few hours that day. A few days later I met a girl in a cafe or starbucks if you want specific detail. But her name was Bethany, first few days we have been talking i’ve called her Beth for short. It seemed to bother her a little bit for only she likes family members only to call her that. But still i’ve seen these hints in my dream. I don’t know if this is Gods way of showing me a path, the next person for a major event, or.. idk. I know what I saw in my dream and some how it led me to Bethany. I’ve had more dreams but very disturbing showing me other hints in life or disasters. If anyone found intrest in me about this situation or has had the same experience. Please help, i’d like to talk.

  176. Cashmere says:

    Iv been having dreams that come true since I was three , funny thing is that I dream in black and white but when they come true they are in color. So when I dream in color I get nervous and I am hoping one iv been having since I was five never comes true but its in color so I am worried it will.
    Sometimes I think I am in another dimension especially when I dream of gaints , there are two that have been chasing me since I was little , we’ve actually grown up together , as I age so do they but the chase hasn’t stopped and theses dreams are always in color

  177. Sara says:

    A year ago i dreamed about 3 little kids who were physically abused by his father and i was trying to rescue them before their father got home. They were around 3-5 years old and it was a girl and two boys. The dream was really deep and i felt like i was living it. I was too late in my dream the father had arrived and saw me trying to rescue the kids he pushed me and punched me. At that time i woke up. Around 2 months later i was surprise to hear this. The news came up that 3 little kids were found dead. Child abuse. i was surprise that the kids were around the same age as my dream and it was a girl and two boys. I have many dreams that come true a week,months, or even years later. When i see the exact thing happening i just daze off and say i did this already, exactly the same and i smiled. Many of my dreams come true, or places i see in my dreams i see them in person later in my life. i find this as a gift.

  178. Nikhil says:

    Hi chris….
    I had few dreams and all were about my loved one passing away…I do get this. Dreams usually week before the incident could happen and how they will happen and they happen exactly the same way. I see them in my dream
    …this kills me inside

  179. andrey says:

    i dont know if this is psychic but i can’t seem to find an answer but i always dream of stuff and then i won’t remember them when i wake up then a few years/months later i would be watching tv or in a place somehow and then everything will look familiar and it’ll just clicked for me that i have dreamt of this before. i was watching a reality tv show and i see this girl and then i’ll think for a second then it’ll click for me, that i dreamt of her, i dreamt of that show. i watch the wolverine last last week and i after i watched it everything seemed so clear, i know i’ve dreamt about the movie before. we stated at a place once and just everything seemed so vivid when i’m doing this because i jsut remembered i dreamt of it. it’s usually normal stuff. dreams i usually remember never go real. theyre just dreams and that’s that. i don’t know if it’s psychic or something tbh i just wanna share i hope people have this other than me :)

  180. kataloona says:

    I one of my dreams is recurring which happens a lot, the thing/s. will come true whether, ive tried to get the best happiest thoughts in my head before I go to bed because I dont want to dream up somethingnbad and that to be true.
    I dont get a. whole big dream il get clips of the following day, like writing something on a peice of paper and then il realise, hey that’s what I dreamnt about last night. its also very handy as one time I had a dream of the answers of a test, and sure enouhh those were the answere the next day, to questions I didn’t even know! only happened once though. I do get loads n loads of dreams that come true, but like I said before their usually just clips.
    I kinda like it, as it makes me feel like im seeing into the futer.haha not quite.
    i was wandering if there was anything that could help me or anyone else controll what they want to see in the futuer, like what happens at the right time in your dream n see if its the same time when the actually happens,
    any help? i have a habit of just guessing something thing and knowing what or where it is.

  181. Leslie says:

    A few years ago I dreamt that my grandpa fell and broke his arm. I didnt think much about it after I awoke but a few days later it was still weighing on me so I called him. My grandma told he had fell while feeding the dogs and broken his arm about a week earlier. I was shocked to say the least. Back in 2000 I was 2 months pregnant with my second child when I dreamt I was holding a tiny baby about 2 inches long but then I dropped it and it vanished. Two days later I miscarried. The most recent dream about 4 weeks ago was about a Facebook friend of mine. I dreamt he was crying alone and cold and scared. I could hear myself saying his name over and over again. I woke up and messaged him and explained the dream and asked if he was okay. He was shocked needless to say. He had been going through some emotion stuff and having to do it alone. We have never met each so this surprised us both.

  182. Micheal says:

    I’ve had more than on dream come true. First dream that I can recall was of my wife long before I met her, I was about 12 or so and I dream only of her face and in that dream it was like she was wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair. The dream had a very strong sense to it (No not an erotic) that it was important. Over the years that sense of that dream faded some and was only had that one time. My wife and I were introduced by a mutual friend while I was 20 and she was just shy of her 18th birthday. We were married after 5 years and remain married today. Here’s the thing, when we met she had very thick glasses looked nothing and I mean nothing like she did the day we married 5 years later. It was only after we were married that I snapped awake one night and remembered my childhood dream and realized it was her. We are still married going on 32 years.
    The 2nd most striking dream I’ve had was of 2 old childhood friends Mark and Stanley. We usually did everything together, attended the same church and went to the same school. I watched them both get married. After marriage as a lot of times happened I moved away from my home town and more than a decade went by went by without seeing or calling each other. I had this powerful dream one about Mark, Stanley and Mark’s wife Deb. In this dream it was kind of like the dream of my wife as I only seen their faces. In this dream or image Stanley was in the front next to Deb and they were laughing like it was the biggest joke in the world and behind them Mark was crying a broken man obviously. As before this dream left a strong sense of importance. A month or two later my brother who I hadn’t seen in a few years stopped by unannounced with his wife. I was showing him around our garden when I asked about Stanley, as my brother and Stanley were brother-in-laws. My brother looked uncomfortable and then answered,”Stanley left his wife and had an affair with Mark’s wife Deb.” I will say here that at this time I wasn’t surprised at his news as I had been having dreams for years that had came true and always with with strong sense it was not ordinary dreams.
    The 3rd and most horrifying dreams was came one night of a young man being chased down though an old stone building that gave me a dungeon type sensation and all I could see of the young man was the back of his head and suddenly I was him in his body. The attackers caught him and it was several men. Their intentions were clear they were going to rape this young men and it was a prison. I could actually feel many hands grabbing and tearing at his clothes. I was terrified beyond anything I ever felt in my life and wanting to escape. I fortunately woke before the worst, but felt so frightened and the sense of the violation that was going to happen that I couldn’t go back to sleep. Years later I found out that a young relative who had gone to prison had been raped. The image of the back of the head became very clear, it was of that relative who had very blonde curly hair. I have suffered from insomnia since, I only fall asleep after total exhaustion and don’t dream during these exhausted periods or move and ache all over. Once and awhile I’ll dream still dream but fight myself awake if it starts to feel intense.

  183. Jean says:

    I have had numerous dreams that become reality, I had a dream and it scared me when I woke up, in the dream my 4 year old son was ran over my a truck it took most of his head off, well a few weeks later a little 5 year old boy was ran over by a cement truck, it took his little head off. That dream became reality, then I was trying so hard to get pregnant with my daughter Mary, Well I had a dream in November, where I had all of these kids Most were mine I had 5 prior to conceiving Mary, but in this dream their was this pretty little girl Named Mary and she was born in September, well at the end Of January I found out I was pregnant with my Daughter, who we named mary she was born on the 16th of September. Some time’s these dreams are bad, to the point where I pray they don’t become real, but with any gift you take the bad with the good.

  184. Taryn says:

    I have had many psychic dreams. In my dreams I have dreamt of places I had never been to before in my life or seen in pictures, the next day I was in the car and my fiend called with a flat tire. Low and behold I was in my DREAM, most eerie feeling ever. I also have déjà vu on a regular basis, I’ve also been told that I have a magnetic personality and can communicate very well with everyone. I can read emotions easily, even when someone is very good at hiding them. I tend to “know” things I could not possibly know, with an uncanny perception of “the bigger picture” long before others. I really do enjoy reading of visits from relatives who have passed on! This is what originally scared me but also woke me up to a part of the world most would deem non existent. I have always been “different” but I have always felt something, not sure what yet. But something has always been with me. I told my mom of great grandma visiting me with wings like a bird and touching me on my head and flying away saying everything is ok. This was when I was three yrs old. Just three days ago I was in my best friends moms dream. The eerie thing is I asked what time she thought it had been at because I had awoken at 2:30 a.m for no reason and laid awake till 3. Kind of startled, well my friends mom said she checked her clock at 3a.m to go to the bathroom! So I had been awake while she dreamed of me even though we have not seen each other in almost a year! Freaky stuff, but I am believing this more and more

  185. Alana says:

    I have been having dreams that come true since I can remember. The dreams became more real and emotional after my best friend died when I was 16. I now know when I have a intense dream with no words, just emotion, it is a dream that is trying to tell me something, I have noticed that over the years the time between the dream and when it came true is closer and closer. Use to be a year or two now it comes true within days.

  186. jj says:

    I have many psychic dreams from the tsunami. That hit years back to the grene of sitting under a tree. The one thing I learned after it was to late,even the so called,”expect psychics and other spiritual help I sought out for help,either didn’t. Know or want me to know is: As soon as u wake up from a devastating psychic dream, change its course by prayer. For example my devastating. Dream was about work, the CFO resigned my 2 Bosses left abruptly, I lost everything and hate to move to a state I loathe. Yes that was the dream.
    It took a year for that dream to show itself to reality. I had forgotten all about it,pass the dream off as stress. I didn’t give the dream much thought. Well just enough thought to see a psychic.
    my point to the readers is,sometimes the dream is a warning,what I should have done when I awaken from the dream was get on my knees and pray it would never come true.
    Don’t let bad dreams come true, just the good owns.

  187. Amethyst says:

    I have had vivid, realistic dreams ever since I could, as a child, remember them. I had a dream on May 14, 2013 and I was arguing with my mom, In the dream I was also pregnant. 14 days after on May 28th, This dream came true. The only difference was I was not pregnant, but found a pregnancy test while arguing with my mom.
    As of May 12 I had dreamt of my Cat coming back home (He ran away) about one month ago, and as of 19 days later, May 31 -today- I woke up to see how hot it would be outside, and there he was, at the door sitting trying to come inside. So of course I was so happy to see him home again, But it dond on me that I had dreamt of this 19 days ago! I re read my journal just to make sure and It really happended!

  188. tushar says:

    its about my mother’s dream when she was newly married.she dreamed about a guy who is screaming shouting and crying in front of my mother and asking her to him as he is killed by his own brother but somehow his brother manage to make his death look like a sucide…
    The crying man also disclose his brother’s name.So the next morninng when my mother told her dream to her mother in law she just shut her mouth and order her not to tell this dream to anyone becoz the guy she saw in her dream is actually her husband’s cousin who was murdered by his own brother.

  189. gregory carter says:

    I wrote a poem “April will meet a oceanic friend; the angry winds of western will descend . the ground trembles with each breath exhaled; as April takes her victims in prevale; this is the first of what is to become a tale”. I also paused the movie “I am legend” at a specific moment where the address was 419 on a building.”i got really thirsty” I wrote and posted the poem 2 months before april. The poem was a dream. also for some reason a watch “I am legend” 4 times in one month; as if a clue. That is how I get these ideas. through dreams or hints. I certain number will stand out to me. the boston bombings was like a predicted it but didn’t know what it was. the brother was killed on april 19th and his brother captured. I have many dreams that have come true and I have poems that prove this.i also have images/symbols that I have dreamed. ever since I was a child I have had weird experiences. my head gets like a humming throbbing sensation and everything goes in and out; like distant and then focuses.what is wrong with me? can anyone help me please. they are getting more frequent and vivid.
    Please help me get some answers.

  190. Anne says:

    I have had psychic experiences in the past, but last night’s dream was new to me. I was a passenger in a car on a certain road when the driver – a female – started going the wrong way. I tried to tell her to pull over, but she wouldn’t listen and seemed confused. Then she hit someone head on. This morning I saw on the news there was a head-on collision at 1am on this road, the driver was a female and died.

  191. Rosey45 says:

    Ever since I can remember, I have been getting these dreams. Only now I have decided to research them and their meaning.
    When I first began to get them, they occurred only once a month or there about. And they were simple images, such as a certain day the teacher wrote up some facts on the board, and then within the next three days that exact image occurred, in every detail, from the words on the board to who was sitting in front of me (and this scene had never happened before).
    Now more recently, they occur up to three times a day. And have progresses to full on scenarios, everything is the same, what people say, where I am, the weather, EVERYTHING!
    But the strange thing about my dreams is that I often don’t remember the dreams until they occur in real life. Which is strange and unexplained in any physic websites. :(
    When i tell my friends, none of them believe me, neither do my family.
    I would just really like to be able to control them so that I can remember them before the scene happens.


    • admin says:

      That is interesting. It is actually not that unusual to forget things from dreams or even “real life” and then have that memory jogged later on. If you can remember anything when you get a psychic flash try to write it down and then as you do you may remember more of the dream or psychic flash. I use to do this when I kept a dream journal for a couple of years. I would wake up in the middle of the night, remember parts of the dream I just had and then start remembering more as I wrote it down. Of course, after two years of this I got fairly adept at semi-controlling my dreams, but I was losing a lot of rem sleep lol. So, I put the dream manual away and counted it as an interesting experiment. (I had started doing this after reading LaBarge’s Lucid Dreaming book if I remember correctly.)

  192. Dezeray says:

    Every night I will wake up from my dream the moment I open my eyes I black out. I see visions of things and places I’ve never seen. My sister was to go and meet up with a few buddies but the morning before I saw her get raped. I warned her not to go. Sure enough they were at the same spot I had seen but they didn’t do anything to her since I had arrive to take her home since she wasn’t “feeling well”. But ever since I was a little girl I’ve been able to know what will happen right before it does. I’ve never understood it. Maybe I’m phyco. Maybe I’m a witch. I don’t know what these visions are

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you’re psychic not psycho! Great that you were able to thwart a negative vision as well. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep using your gift to help others!

      all the best,


  193. Richard says:

    Hi. I’ve had some weird dreams in my time and a few have turned out to actually happen, or close to it. First i’ll tell ya about the one I had back in the mid 90′s that came true.

    Dream 1 – I dreamed that I saw a semi-trailer petrol tanker crash, it tipped onto its side and slid along the road for a bit, then it caught fire just after the driver got out of the cabin.

    How it came true – Anyway just a hour or so later I was at work at the wharf where we were on call 24/7. I told a mate about the dream, at about 4am. Afterwards a few of us were at his place at about 6am when the news came on and said a Semi-trailer petrol tanker tipped on it’s side just north of the town we were in and caught fire after the driver escaped. The news said the crash happened at around 5am, After I had told my mate about the dream. Weird hey.

    Here’s the reason why I mention that dream……lastnight/this morning, only a couple of hours ago, I dreamed of a industrial train crash in a factory of some kind. In lastnights dream, I was at first in the factory noticing that someone had failed to link a carriage or remove something that would enable the train to come in safely to the factory. Then all hell broke loose, people were running. At this time I was looking down on it all, as people ran for their lived and the train was crashing out the other side of the factory. The factory was open on all sides, like a washplant in the mines would be.

    So i hope there isn’t a crash like this somewhere, coz it was very similar to the truck crash dream. So now it’s on record. :p.

    Another dream I had recurring a lot, was in the late 90′s/2000. I dreamed I was inside a really tall building and from inside the building I could see another one beside it which was similar. Both buildings were just your average high buildings. Then suddenly the buildings as I looked at them, consisted of just metal frames. All of a sudden I found myself having to jump from one building to the other and somehow land on the steel beams, but as I did, that building was coming down. I always woke up just before I hit the ground.

    I had that dream over and over and I would wake up in a fright each time. Here’s the freaky part, I stopped having that dream after September 11 2001. It didn’t occur to me until about early 2012 that I hadn’t had that dream after that day.

    And finally, in the late 80′s i dreamed I was in a bad car crash in a green car.
    Two months later I wrote my car off in a bad accident – my car was green.

    weird but i’ll leave yas to figure it all out coz I gave up figuring it all out years ago.

    • admin says:

      Great and interesting comment – thank you Richard! Some theorize that time is just a straight line and that some aspects of our spiritual selves reside outside that timeline and can see some probable futures and that we may be able to access this info through dreams and the like. Who knows, but it does seem like you have the radar! Again thanks for sharing!

      all the best,


  194. Grace says:

    My mum told me when I was a child that she hadn’t wanted me and wished I hadn’t been born. It had a devastating effect on me and I had a breakdown in mid life but Mum seemed oblivious to the cause. When she died it was a relief in a way because I could stop trying so hard to please her and make her love me. I didn’t grieve, I just felt relief. A few months ago I had a very very vivid dream. I wandered into a building, a sort of small hospital with a central room surrounded by a corridor. I walked into a small room and found a woman (who had her back to me but who I knew was my Mum) and she pointed to a chair with a missing arm and asked me to ‘look for the missing arm’. I was puzzled and said I couldn’t find it and she said “That’s OK, you will.” I left the room and wandered around the peripheral corridor where I saw two Indian men shaking hands while holding a sort of ballet pose standing on one leg with the other leg in the air. Very strange. They smiled at me and sent me a telepathic message which said “We’re psychic, welcome.” I looked behind me and there was an Indian woman in a sari who also sent me a telepathic message “Hello, I’m psychic. Welcome”.

    I told my friend about the dream and that it was so vivid and different to my normal dreams which I soon forget. So he can vouch for when I had that dream, about 18 months ago. Three months ago I started working at a very small psychiatric hospital. I work for two male Indian doctors and another Indian female doctor. Several weeks ago the office manager asked a colleague to put a warning sign on a chair in the staff room because it had a missing arm. I sort of felt a strange feeling but I didn’t connect my dream with my current circumstances – until today.

    Today I was in the staffroom sitting by the chair with the missing arm. We have a man who comes in weekly who brings children’s books and different gadgets for us to buy if we choose to. There were a few items on the table, and I noticed a small pink box. I picked the pink box up and the bow on top of it suddenly flew off, fluttered in the air and fell to the floor. I opened the box and inside was a bracelet with the words ‘Beautiful Daughter’ inscribed on it. There was also a poem about what daughters mean to their Mum’s. I suddenly recalled that dream, my Mum asking me to ‘look for the missing arm of the chair’ and I realised she’d been trying to contact me using the Indian doctors I work for as mediums. Just as that was sinking in and I was gazing at the bracelet in awe, the doctor I work for walked in and said “I’m waiting for a personal message by special delivery today. Will you let me know when you’ve received it please?” I looked at the bracelet in the box and just said “Yes.”

    Suddenly the dream and the reality merged and I thanked my Mum for getting through to me and for the bracelet, which I bought. And I feel I can forgive my Mum for the things she said to me about not wanting me and wishing I hadn’t been born. That very strange but very vivid dream has come true and I feel my Mother was telling me to watch for signs (the armless chair, the psychic doctors etc) so that I would know she was sending me that bracelet.

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  196. Anna says:

    I have had many dreams that have come true, most of them are little snippets of the dream that come true the next day. For example, I had a dream once where my best friend had come up to me to ask me this question and another person walked past us. Then the next day, the same occurrence happened. I’ve had many cases of deja vu, ever since I was in elementary school. Also, a couple years ago, me and my family had taken a trip to Colorado. It was then one night there, I had a dream of me and my family in a white van on our way to some place. We then passed a blue house/shop and there was a family walking out of the store, and another family walking into the store. The next day we got into a white van to go white-water rafting and we passed the same exact house/shop with the same two families wearing the same clothing as in the dream, and one was walking into the store, the other out of the store.

  197. Debbie says:

    Albert you have just described my experiences to a tee. My experiences were similar (never a major incident) just an everyday moment that was completely exact. Nothing that could be predicted n any way. Moments with people in exact clothing, with exact words …….I am now 47 and when this used to happen to me as a child and teenager I accepted it as “normal” at first. As I got older I guess it kind of shook me a little.
    It has not happened now for a very long period of time and I often think back now and wonder why not?? It also has given me a very strong belief in things that simply can’t be explained. People don’t really believe me if I ever mention it ……..but I think it is quite exciting that I personally know there is something else out there. Things beyond our known earth that we are yet to discover.

  198. I myself have had dreams that came true usually a few days beforehand started in grade 2 during a marble game a recess, I lost my last marble to a kid who cheated me, I became agitated about the situation so much , The teacher came over to intervene . All of a sudden the marble didn’t matter as I became of the fact that this happened in my dreams. The people were the same, same clothes same words same sunny day, WOW I was in awe. However no one seemed to believe me. I’am happy go lucky didn’t really care that anyone cared , So I never really talk about that stuff has happened to me many times . I feel unforunate that it has not happened to me in a long while though, I wish it would It was very cool. I love dreaming. I was on some medication that stopped me from dreaming. I stopped the med’s because my dreams are important to me . I would like to learn more about how I can get back or enhance my dream state.

  199. Steven Narbonne says:

    Captioning very poor. Disappointing and distracting.

  200. kayla says:

    When I was younger (5-10) I would have dreams that I was shot dead or just being shot at. when I was 15 three of my family members were shot in seperate incidents over a course of two years. I always knew what my children looked like even before I ever started menestration or puberty at all. Another thing is I would dream of homework assignments and several months later I would recieve the assignment I had dreamed about. For about a year before it happened I always seemed to look at the clock when it read 9:11, it did not matter if it was am or pm. Now the past few weeks I have been doing the same thing again only now it is always at 4:19 am and I have this unexplainable feeling of being watched all the time….. What does all of this mean? Am I psychic? Am I crazy? Is it all just a coincedence? Why after about 12 years of not experiencing any of these phenomenons is it all starting back up agian? If anyone can help or has any advice please know it would be greatly appreciated!

  201. Danielle says:

    Meteor Hitting Russia…had dream that looked just like the video

    my dream, I was in a bed about to go to sleep. My kids were in the next room. However this was not our House. We were in a building with a city across from us.
    I looked out this huge window which was right next to the bed..(btw: I have this huge window next to a bed many times in dreams) anyway I looked out the window and I looked up at the sky. I saw 3 bright red lights ..that my husband informed me was a jet..I said it was a ufo ..but in my dream I agreed with him who usually has the more logical explanation for things..then 2 seconds later a huge flash went off in the distance in the city and exploded. It was very bright white with like a blue aura. The bulidings started coming down 1 by 1 like how the wtc looked. I thought we were under some kind of attack. Brian and I ran next door to where we knew the kids were and the room was blasted out. However they both ran out and ran into the streets filled with lots of people. They started following kids to a park and went down a big slide. I noticed Ethan was bleeding from his nose and then mouth and rushed to pick him up ..we hurdled thru the crowds and then saw a man..he was helping Ethan. This older man like 78 with this black glasses. white collar short sleeve shirt. Thisck grey hair with blackish tinges.. I think he was a doctor. He had a bandaid..but that’s not what we needed..I looked around as I was crying and weeping and everyone was somewhat in the same state ..then all I could remember was trying to get on an elevator to go up ..but was scared because of what I saw ..everyone was pushing to get into this elevator..22nd floor maybe 27th 9th not sure..but once we got there I felt the building shake a bit..that was all I could felt very real. woke up and yahoo news shows video of huge meteor crashing into city with big ball of bright light..probally during my dream it happened.

    • Mohamed says:

      hey danielle me too i dreamed about meteor hitting russia and it happened the next day i saw it on tv

      does anyone has an explanation for this sense please

  202. Sophie says:

    I also have these dreams. I had repeated dreams about things related to cancer and within a few days my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. In my dreams it’s not directly the person who is in my dreams. I dreamt about my sister when it was my brother-in-law. I never know what my dreams will mean. My Aunt’s and my Grandma all have/had dreams too. I started a dream diary. Hopefully it will help me sort them out.. Peace

  203. Wendy says:

    Hello, I am 38 years old and I have had dreams that came true countless times since I was in fifth grade. Also, I hear “flashes” of conversations that are taking place at the exact same time I’m hearing them, even though I’m nowhere close to whoever’s having the conversation. For example, the first time I experienced thus in fifth grade I was actually in class while hearing my mom speak to my brother. The dreams I have are always when something bad is going to happen but the people I dream if are not who is in the actual incident when it takes place. The most disturbing dream that came true was my cousin getting into a car accident, landing in a pond and screaming and reaching for help. My dream played out in real life two days later. His mother is haunted by the fact that he may not have died instantly and wants to contact a medium to try to find answers….I know the answers to her questions but, as a mother, I would never want to hear that my child burned alive and was in fact screaming for help. She obviously knows he burned but she doesn’t know the horrible, final details.

  204. Nyx says:

    I generally have dreams that often come true, but they’re never direct.

    Often my dreams would be link to what is to come true like seeing magpies or seeing someone in the dream, it would generally imply that something is going to happen to me concerning the people/things I see in the dreams. But there was this one time where I dreamt something and it happened almost exactly as my dream.
    I dream of a tsunami that occurred near one of my friends home and she lived in Japan. A few weeks later, the tsunami actually happened.

    This “gift” seemed to be passed down from mother to daughter as I know my grandmother and mother has similar “gift” expect for my mum it used to be lotto numbers but she would always forget a few numbers.

  205. Veronika says:

    I have a lot of dreams that come true, they involve myself and my surroundings my family and my life , they do change and i dream about them few times before it actually happens .
    I have to write them down , a lot of other dream that i dream come true as well but i dont watch the news or any other events that happens in the world it self so if i dream about others and what happenes to them i dont know if they even happened as i dont look for them on the internet or news. I do have dreams with people that are already dead and they do talk to me but where ever it`s just a dream or if it`s a actual event i dont know as i dont have people to help me sort that out, altou if i drink enough alcohol i do num the dreams:-) maybe i even comunicate with other trough dreams but unless someone can explane to me if I truly am , then theres not much i could do about it…:-(

  206. David says:

    Hi I have had many dreams that seem to have come true, or strangely coincidental. I really don’t believe in religion. My dream which is most vivid one morning I woke up crying and very sad clearly upset. I proceed to go to work and relay my dream to my work mate, who has often remarked how eerie my dreams were at the time.
    The dream was of children and people in a large building built from sandstone shouting for help and in a state of distress there was an almost desperate feeling from their cries of fear, this I felt and woke up crying as I said before.
    Although not knowing the news this morning when I was telling my work mate this exact dream, when his mother came into our work as she was passing to tell us the terrible news that there had been a terrible shooting at a school where children and adults had been killed in dunblane. My mate turned to me and was shocked said I was weirdly connected, later on when I spoke to my brother about this terrible tragedy, my brother told me he had been in Dunblane that exact morning for a job interview and was near the school when it happened. Am I connected? Who knows but I have had quite a few dreams like this. There are many times I my life where people tell me I have a certain way with things hard to explain really.
    Weird thing also I have been in quite a few accidents and walk away, when I was 5 I was hit by a car full on and had only minor scratches on my knees. Another one where I was a passenger and hit black ice and hit a phone box and went through a solid iron rail hanging over a pier wall looking at the ocean. And a concrete post mm away from my head and I walk away. I also had a forklift truck run over me which only chipped a small bone in my ankle. Also I had dangerous chemicals spray into my eyes no damage. I have had many things happen. And I can’t remember the last time I had a sick day off work either I am talking 25 yrs or more. The flu. Don’t think I’ve ever had it? Although I have have illness measles etc chicken pox twice normally u get it once I got it twice.
    My dreams are vivid, my last dream was of fish and catching fish and the previous one was in colour. I have dreamt of flying and catching people. I’ve also fallen a hit the bottom onto a spike. I’ve spoken to dead people in dreams. Plus many more. I’ve had dreams of aero planes crashing one blew up in mid air. And I actually read about this one in fact there was a spate of these at one time. I had a time where I had no dreams and recently they are coming back? I mite write them down this time. There could be new meanings to these new ones. Although I seem to build up a log of them before one becomes more vivid.
    Strange I guess

  207. Sara says:

    I have had many dreams that ended up happening to me in real life. I get a de ja vu feeling, and it amazes me. Most things were bad, like loved ones dying, or being harmed in a way, and it goes from dream to reality. On my mother’s side of the family they all have this “gift” of dreams coming true.

  208. Mai says:

    hi, I’m 33 years old and I allways see and feel what’s happening or what will happen, and not necassery dreams but I thought it’s normal because I’ve seen events all the time since my childhood and they’re not about me or my family, generally they’re about daily things, like plane crashes, sinking ships, environmental disaster… more like about everything. Also I can move hanging things without touching like wind bells, those things are normal, right, everybody can do stuff like this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mai,

      Thanks for sharing. And, no other folks generally can’t move hanging things with their minds alone – at least not in this present time period! So, you have some extraordinary abilities!


  209. kat says:

    hi my name is kathy i’m 35. I dreamt about the earths crust cracking, it was on the news in my dream and the earth would be no more, in my dream it centered around my son i couldn’t find him i woke up screaming crying terrified. that was hours ago now and it is still very vivid in my mind. i just seen at around the same time this morning that i was dreaming iran had two earthquakes. this coincedence happens to me freakishly often. it happens without dreams too, like i’ll talk about a song i haven’t heard in years and within minutes it comes on a station i always listen to.its the weirdest thing

    • admin says:

      Hi Kat,

      Thanks for sharing. It seems more and more folks are having psychic experiences. I have a weird thing where I’ll see someone that reminds me of someone I know and then I’ll end up running into that person I know usually within a day or two. And, sometimes I haven’t seen that other person in years. Hasn’t happened lately but now that I’ve mentioned it will probably happen soon!


  210. cheryl says:

    I never really thought that I would believe until I went to go see psychic a back in 1996,she told me that I had a gift and was also told I was going to get hurt by someone but didnt know who it was,two months later I decided to visit a friend and on the way I avoided climbing over a snowbank and a car came around the corner and hit me therefore breaking my knee and was thrown 50ft. hitting my head hard.Thats when things started to get freaky for me.I was wide awake and saw a car accident happen in front of my house involving three cars one was white and one red but never saw the color of the third and was asked when it will happen but didnt know…two weeks later the accident happened but across the street with two cars instead there were just a white one and the red one stil haunts me til this day.There was another dream that came true when I moved to the first fl.apt,I was talking on the phone while standing in my bedroom…the next day there I was talking to a nurse on the phone in my room.Just this past friday morning I had a dream that the guy I just met the previous day got down on bended knee in the back of his truck and asked me to marry him and I said yes,now that one I do hope does happen,there was an immediate attraction between us.Who says there isnt love at first sight?I believe it does happen and we are meant to be.

  211. bryan says:

    I’ve had dreams of every school I’ve ever been to. They are scary because they don’t always happen the same but I fear they might.

  212. sabrina says:

    this has been occuring for me since i was young. from deaths of my relatives, to meeting new ppl and events to which i meet those new ppl.
    eg, 6 years back i dreamt of myself in a forest with my cousin, we were trekking and out of the blue i pointed to this particular part of the forest( i got no idea where the forest is) and my cousinsaid,hey dun point! he will die!i continued to point
    when i woke up i found out that my uncle had passed away in the forest at a village in malaysia.that area where i pointed to was where the village was where he passed away
    eg i went to turkey for my holiday like 2 and half years back i dreamt of my uncle saying, hey sab, did u call ashlan for the ambulance
    so when i went to turkey my dad actually fainted during the last few days of the trip due to his diabetics and my uncle said hey sab did u call ashlan for the ambulance? ashlan was my turkish tour guide.

    etc etc
    i think im psych too, i do card readings for my friends too and some some sense too


    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing that story Sabrina. Many folks have dreams and visitations when relatives pass on. I definitely believe I have. You may have more ability than the average folks though!

      all the best, Bob

  213. jacqueline says:

    This has been happening to me resent. Once I dreamed that I got a snake and what you know next day in class we learn about snakes. Also once I dreamed that I was taking care of eggs for some reason and next day at school in cooking class we are learning about eggs. I’ve had more. Kinda get scared.

  214. Chris Ngari says:

    I rarely dream but when I do they come true. Many things good or bad that have happened in my life they occur in my dreams a day or days before. What I do if it’s a bad or negative dream I tried very much to remember and mitigate in some ways. An example:
    In 1989 I dreamt geting involved in an accident with my family. So as usual I remender the dream the whole and avoided traffic jam and driving around. After work I went straight home. However one of my cousins paid us a visit and since the husband couldn’t come her we had to drop her home. On tthe way home a drunk drive rammed into our vehicle just as the dream had reviewed.

    Other exprience I have sometimes are:
    1) Power of my thoughts and words to impact or course another person get hurt or negatively impacted in the journey of life. For years now I dont wish some one bad or think negatively as it manifest in them
    2) Ability to relate with my loved ones and know when in distress, danger or even when dying. In death instances, wherever I am my moods changes abruptly day time and at night I wakeup and hear their cry.

    My family sometimes think am “witch” for seeing the future.

    I got introduced to “The Secret” 2H2012 and started practising the priciples then and have started getting results. (in 1996-2002 I achieved anything I thought of to the amazements of my of those around me but fell off later I believe now unforgivenmess of my superiors where I worked etc. But nopw I know). However, I stil don’t understand how I get to know some future occurrence in dreams and move some things with my mind. How can you help I learn and understand myself and harness the good traits

    • sabrina says:

      hahaa same i can sense things pretty well. u should read THE ALCHEMST by paulo coelho

    • admin says:

      Chris – thanks for sharing – it sounds like you’re very intuitive!

      all the best,


    • Lilly says:

      I’ve just searched this topic, because for a long time i’ve been experiencing the strangest parts of dreams which come true the very next day. It’s not specific however.
      An example is I dreamt I was a character in a computer game, going through different levels and finding hidden bonus levels. The very next morning a few friends of mine where having a discussion and one said, “life is like a computer game, your the character going through levels and scoring bonus points.”
      These sort of things happen to me daily. Is this psychic or am i just strange. If it is psychic I don’t know the use of it? What does it mean?

      Cheers :)

    • susan says:

      Remember a dream that came true at the age of 6. Dreamed location of a 4 leaf clover in my yard. First thing upon waking, rushed outside found it immediately and picked it.Kept it for years,but gone now.Can’t forget it,my mother was upset with me because I just immediately ran outside in my night gown and bare footed.Don’t know if I’m actually psychic per say,but always had good intuition and can read people.

    • Christina Madle says:

      Hey Chris,
      I hope this gets to you. I see it has been year since you have been on. But I read your posting and im going through the same thing. Honestly I am freaked out. Im 25yrd but this has been happening off and on for years. I wanna know if there is more I can do or read about this if u have any suggestions.

      Quick story about mine… my mother lives in south carolina and I lived in california and one night I had a dream a cult took over her and killed her and when I called my brother on the phone in my dream to tell him he cussed me out and said who cares do to the time of night. I woke up sooo mad at my brother and called and told him about it. He joked and a week later my mom called me told me she had pancreatic cancer and I called my brother to tell him and long and behold he did what he did in my dream

      Another time I went to make me and my husband coffee and I just stop and it was like I wseeing a movie pkaying in front of my eyes and it was my ex bf jumping up and down screaming yessssss in excitement. I texted my ex and told him what I saw and he said christina for verbatim that is what I just did.

      Im all the time having this and kinda freaked out but really want to see what else I can do. Again I hope u can get back to me. Here is my direct email

    • michele says:

      I dream about plane crashes before they happen. Lately I’ve been dreaming about people’s health conditions. A few weeks ago,I dreamed that Barbara Bush was in the hospital with pneumonia, which I told my spouse about, and now she is. I saw my sister get in an accident hours after she left my house. As you can see, I’m very psychic. It has increased so much since I became a reiki master. It is what it is.

  215. Paje_Brazil says:

    Its a normal phenomeno case 2 me,because I had it since I was a kid and manies times after,untill today, I have dreams thats occured,somethimes in the day after or in some close futur days,infortunatly,in the majority times bad things.

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