Psychic Dreams that Come True

psychic dreams that come trueHave you had psychic dreams that come true?   If you’ve had any psychic dreams and any part of them have come true please let us know in the comments section below this post.

Psychic dreams usually involve precognition or the ability to see events happen before they occur.  This is a  phenomenon that many have reported occurring.   We now have over 1,000 psychic dreams reported in the comments below.

In the video above a gentleman tells of his experience of dreaming about a train crash and then learning that one occurred while he was having the dream.   He also speaks about the interconnectedness of all those on the underlying spiritual level and how we can tap into that, especially in the dream state.   Chris in the psychic dream video also has a very nice life philosophy and is well worth watching.

I was just on another psychic site reading through an entire collection of interesting stories from those who have reported psychic dreams that come true.   Some of them are mundane, for instance, a child dreaming that she would receive a shirt, and then getting one from her mother the next day.  In another a person dreamed of a plane crashing in the woods and the next day the crash took place.

Speaking of plane crashes I remember reading of a famous (or infamous) plane crash I think it was in San Diego, in which an individual had foreseen the crash in a psychic dream and tried to contact the airport to tell them, but was not taken seriously.

What is the source of psychic dreams?  Who knows?  One explanation I’ve heard is that people with psychic dreams are able to psychically look at a projected time line from the dream state and see events that are projected to occur on that timeline.   One interesting thing I noted when looking over some of the stories of those who have reported psychic dreams that come true on a regular basis is that when they do have what they consider to be a psychic dream and then talk about them to others then the dream doesn’t always play out or come true like when they keep silent.  Don’t know if it is a real pattern or not.

One way to track any psychic dreams is to keep a dream journal.  I did that for a couple of years when I was learning lucid dreaming.  I got fairly proficient at lucid dreaming, or knowing I was dreaming and trying to control the dreams but never did recall any psychic dreams.

If you’ve had any psychic dreams that came true please let us know in the comments section below.  Thank you!

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1,289 Responses to “Psychic Dreams that Come True”

  1. Maheshwari says:

    Hey , I have dreamet about many things ,events that take place or about someone’s death I don’t know what to do I become tired when I dream all these dreams and it feels like I am present when I am dreaming about all this and I am tired when I get up it is like I didn’t sleep at all and I sleep like 12 hours after these dreams if you have answer for me please contact me at

  2. Sam says:

    Almost every time a relative dies (or a pet) I wake up almost exactly at the time of death just feeling overwhelmingly sad- and I just know.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    My dreams started of small things like dreaming about a song and the following day id wake and i would have a message from my cousin sending me a video of that song then it turned more extreme of me dreaming about my gran getting ill and the following day we got news that she’s been put into hospital! i also get feelings during the day like for example i was on a walk in woods and i felt weird and my necklace (heart locket) was positioned by my heart indicating to listen to my heart to leave .. and that night there was a flasher flashing in that same area !!! I’m determined to get to the bottom of whatever type of physic power i have as its beginning to freak me out but also interest me but whenever i tell people they laugh…please help me come to the bottom of this!!!!!!

  4. Angela says:

    I, too, have dreams of the future. It started when I was a child. At least once a year I would dream in depth a whole afternoon that would happen the very next day. I still get these dreams but not as often as I would when I was younger. Now I get just small glimpses, and much more often. A quick glance at a young girl swinging, a man walking down a hallway, a split second of me looking in the mirror or me driving or me doing anything for that matter. And they always play out the exact same way as my dream did. But like some other people on here, I also have noticed that when I speak of a particular dream to somebody, it tends to not come true. Sometimes I don’t even have to be sleeping. I can just be laying down on the verge of sleep and I get flashes of randomness. I’ve already tested it by writing down exactly what I had seen after I saw it. I’m so intrigued by this. I wish I knew of a way to make it stronger!

  5. Jordan lee Rosales. says:

    HI My name is jordan lee ! i have physical dream that becaming truth ! i was dreaming sometime when i was goto bed i was yoga in 5 min and praying then i will thinking any before i go to sleep that is the way that why i have physical dreaming goodbye i will visit again this site when i having an extraordinary dream goodbye and godbless to all person and person have got bless of physical power!

  6. Desiree says:

    I have had a history of Phycic in my family, i don’t even believe most of the things i think or say. I have dreamed about things that have happened. Supposedly i am a gypsy and are family jokes about it but since i have been getting older weird things have happened lately. So now i am 15 and i joke around. my friend joking said what page am i on in my book i said page 52 she showed me her book and that was the page she was on. One day on April fools day i told my friend i would move back to my old town, i was joking. But i week later i found out we were moving back there.

  7. Courtney vue says:

    Um instead of telling story’s I need help… U see I had dreams mainly about my life and it becomes real and sometimes I had dreams I wish I knew before it happened like I remember dreaming into this white place n before I realized it, it was my grandmas funeral home n honesty I didn’t know what funeral homes looked like at tht time so technically I blame part of myself tho Ik it wasn’t my fault but I wished I had been more beware. And today I had the worst dream about my sister dying n I somehow remember hearing her screaming after her accident and because of my dreams becoming real I feel somewhat scared n like I need to do something but I can’t cause I don’t know where she died and when or what time I just remember how and what I heard. And somehow I feel like this was an cruse on me instead of an power, btw I’m 12 so don’t except me to understand why this is happening to me I just want to save my sister and if it does happen I’m pretty sure i remember myself crying for an really long time in the dream and i remember my current teacher telling me my sister died so I’m worried if it’ll happen this year or next. Please help me is all I can ask

  8. Nick says:

    Hi everyone im from greece and i saw many dreams in my life a few of them came to life ( conversations , images of the future and complex scenes ) but it took many days to realize what was happening it felt like deja vu , imagine a scene when you talking to someone and when you finish your conversation with this person you realize that you saw it in your dreams exactly the same words you talked about , clothes and circumstances what this all means? I now that im no psychic but can you help me to understand my situation? Thnks

  9. hi my name is yasmin and i have dream things and i see them come true the last time i was dreaming 3 numbers and i kept dreaming 368 and the other day there was a bus accident and the street was call 36 street and 8 people were found dead!!!!!!!!

    p.s.i am scared and i don’t know what to do.

  10. mel says:

    hi everyone. On Friday gone, (a couple of days ago) I had a dream on the morning about my friend stood on my driveway stood next to a black BMW car bonnet, all smashed up. nothing happened it was more of a standing picture. I woke up and was really confused and text the friend saying how weird he was in my dream.. On the evening of that night I was in a car crash collision, with a black bmw, both car bonnets smashed up. Since then ive been really creeped out and quite scared as I have strange dreams all the time and I hope its not some sort of reoccurring thing where they will come true. Its confused me, is it a sign from above? is I a scientific approach to dejavu etc. I completely am gobsmacked, and wanted to take part of a bulletin board to share with other people and try learn?

  11. Susan says:

    Hello. I don’t think I have ever had a “psychic” dream, but my granddad dreamed about me, before I was born. He dreamed that I was standing in his backyard, and he described my apperance, and as it turned out, it was me.
    His daughter (my mom) has had several psychic dreams. My dad always thinks she is having illusions. She once dreamed that my brother was going to be in a car accident, close to death, and one week after she had the drea, it actually happened.
    She also dreamed about the 9/11 attacks. She dreamed about two big towers, and that something would hit them and they would explode. And so it happened. If she knew that it was the twin towers, maybe she could have warned them about it,’s crazy..I wish I knew how someone can predict the future like that..and sometimes she didn’t know if the things she dreamed were going to happen or not..I wonder..Is our life already planned? Destiny?

  12. Gaurav Toravane says:

    I dream.I get a glimpse of something from the future.Then next day or days later that exact thing doesn’t happen but things like that door or building appear in real life.And then i realised that i have seen this.Somehow i know that place.But that has stopped happening.I lost it somehow.It doesn’t happen now.
    What’s wrong?

  13. Sash says:


    I dreamt 3 years ago of me being fired from the job. On the very day my seniors called up a meeting and they were entering conference area in the same sequence as i saw in dream, but the difference was my junior got fired not me. This all started from here.
    Then i always saw something happening in dreams and it all happened in a period of one week or two but with a little twist.
    I am not scared of all this, but obviously curious.

  14. Jesse says:

    I’m a big fan of the Oakland Raiders and the NFL. I follow the draft every year and very religiously. I had a dream a few nights ago about the draft and the Oakland Raiders drafted Karl Joseph. Tonight the Oakland Raiders drafted Karl Joseph with the 14th overall pick in the first round. He was only projected to be selected in the 2nd round and nobody had him listed for the 1st round or at best he was listed in the late 20s or early 30 selections. I also dreamed that the Buffalo Bills who were selecting 19th overall in the 1st round would be selecting a player with the letters “sha” in sequence, being the first 3 letters of his first or last name. When I was watching the draft with my mom the pick before the Buffalo Bills were about to selected a player, I told my mom about the “sha” premonition as well as the Karl Joseph selection. 5 minutes later the Buffalo Bills selected Shaq Lawson with the 19th overall pick. You can’t make this stuff up. Perhaps the Shaq Lawson was merely a coincidence, given that he was projected as a 1st round pick which is the first 32 players taken and he was selected at 19, but Karl Joseph was such a shock selection at 14th overall that he didn’t even attend the draft because he didn’t believe he would be taken in the top 32, nor did any of the analysts.

  15. Ollie says:


    i had a dream that happens can any one tell me why it is happening?

  16. Armani says:

    The day before Prince George was born, No one knew the gender of the Royal Baby. I had a dream that his mother and father were having a type of picnic outside and he was in shorts with a white or blue shirt on. I knew then that the baby was a boy – when I woke up to my surprise… it was true. I was really shocked and surprised! It felt pretty awesome to know my dream was true haha.

  17. Ever since I was 11 1/2 I have had dreams that come true, most of them would be about seeing a coffin and being able to see a man or woman (mostly men). Within in 2 weeks someone in my family would die. I have also had things come to me & tell me someone close to me was going to die (I was not asleep when this happened). The next day when I got off the school bus I could tell something had happened and my dad said that my favorite uncle was flown to the hospital. Later that night I heard my grandmother start her car and every time she hit the brakes are turned. By time she pulled up into are driveway I was crying because I knew he was dead. I learned over the years that if I talked about the dream it would not come true or the bad parts would change. The one time I did not talk about the dream was in Nov. 2007 I dreamed my cousin was in a wreck and seen him die, 2 weeks after the dream he was in a wreck and was dead when they found him. I was so busy in my own life that I did not talk to anyone about the dream. Now I am having a recurring dream about some old friends not sure about this dream it is very different and I am in it so I don’t know what to do with it, so I am confused I have never lived the same dream over and over but I am thinking it has to do with DNA testing that needs to be done for some reason. I also see things I have seen a demon and he even got into one of my dreams. Before I finally got rid of him I seen the same person in real life that he used in my dream when he was trying to kill me, that was very scary when I seen this human.

  18. Gregorius Jason says:

    my name is Jason,I’m15 years old …I live in Indonesia….
    it starts when I was 14 years old.What happen to me is when i sleep tonight and dreaming,it will be happen to me on a week( about 2 times a month)…I just confuse because all dream I had dream I can’t prevent .The dream is sustainable and that was really happen it was really same with my dream.I ever dream when I was having an English course and bring a coconut leaves to make “ketupat” then my friend open it and tear the leaves to 2 parts then she tried to make the “ketupat”, in my dream she says that she could finish it in 3 minutes and 5 days later it happen…I just sitting there without any react same like my dream and what did she says is same like my dream completely same!.it already happened many times and I just speechless when I feel that I have dream abot that.

  19. Enya says:

    i have had weird dreams that occur every week and they are always based on reality. i am getting confused and have had panic attacks when the dreams become strong enough to take over my body. after i have those dreams it leaves a particular image in my head which comes up every now and again x how do i get rid of them x 5 years ago when i was 7 i had a dream i was in my mums car on the way to see her boyfriends family in the dream and we crossed a bridge and next to the bridge there was a little house the next year the exact same thing happened but in eal life mum had a new boyfriend and we went to visit his family and we crossed a bridge with the exact house in my dream

    • Enya says:

      i have also had dreams this past week which include people from school .
      I was based in school and i was wandering about when some hugged my waist . i turned around and it was a boy i have all my classes with :-) i panicked and suddenly i realised he had a big grin on his face and asked me if i had a message from him . unforunatly i didnt but after i told him he said “oh , well i said would u go out with me” i replied with a yes and we walked off to class and basically shouted to every one we were going out . after school had finished i saw him walking with some of his friends and he just walked past like no big deal.
      thats all i remember of that dream but will it happen all i can say is that i am now consious of him and i try not to contact him at all . we havent talked much but me and my best friend ( a boy) have been talking non stop… some people have even suggested we date … i love him loads but i dont know how he feels about me …. what will happen ..
      please reply what u think will happen

  20. manu says:

    i had a dream wherin my frnd touched a photo on the medical colg gallery.i neva knew wich colg it ws. aftr sum days der ws announcement in our colg dat wer goin fr educatioal trip 2 dy. patil med. colg. n hospital n whn we entered da gallery, my dream came true. the pic in mah dream had a mom upholding her child, probably she ws the wife of dy. patil, n in reality the pic ws the same!

  21. Jessica says:

    I had 2 dreams and the second was a 2 part dream.
    First dream: I dreamt i took a pregnancy test and it came out positive with an equal amount of pink and blue lines not knowing if it would be a boy or girl. Next morning i took a text and was pregnant.
    Second dream : i dreamt i was giving birth and the baby ended up being a boy and looking exactly like the father. Well a couple weeks go by and i find out im having a boy and when i actually did give birth my son looked just like the dad.

  22. aj says:

    i dreamed my momwould miss a field tripp and she did

  23. Alex says:

    I had a dream about the Japan Earthquake that occurred on 4/15/2016. It occurred the week before and I remember seeing the headline in my dream of 25 dead and 1000 injured, wake up 4/15 to news of an earthquake occurring 9 dead and 900 estimated injured….bizarre

  24. Kris says:

    I had a dream about my uncle. In my dream we are walking down a street talking. A man walks toward us ,grabs my uncle and stabs him in the chest .I am frozen and can do nothing. He collapses ,then I here a voice ,it said they had to remove part of his lung,they did all they could. Two days later I get a call ,my uncle has stage 4 lung cancer.

  25. Theones says:

    I had a dream that my breakfast would be corned beef and fried egg. It came true with the exact looks and arrangement of the food xD.
    ~true story

  26. BHAVIK GADA says:

    Hi i have seen a dream of me getting felling down like earnquate and morning i got up the news show earthquake in nepal.

    about me am unlucky guy in the world i bet on cricket match but i always forex also i lost $500000.
    my eyes are bad luck for astrologers say i was born in bad luck(grah) that slowly takes your luch and yeah i m jobless.

    if you guys know any solution pls help(
    i have travel space too in dream n morning my bed was dust all ever dont know how n i was dry.

  27. Joshua says:

    So a few weeks ago i had a dream of going fishing with my cousin and and yesterday i did but it wasn’t a coincidence Every single step and word that happend in that dream happend yesterday and this isn’t the only time that this has happend and its really been threw out my whole life and its been good moments and bad ones id appreciate some type of feed as to maybe get an understanding as to why this happens to me thank you

  28. Susana says:

    Hello I dream the future all the time. I fell like I’m living my life two times. why does this happen? how?many questions I have! but I learned to accept it and not question it! when this started happening more frequently I was scared and didn’t understand why or how but I tried to figure it out and I really thought about it and I only have future dreams when I have a emotional reaction when my emotions are above normal levels like really happy or scared or when someone like a friend or someone i don’t know it’s going to a traumatic event I dream about it ! Maybe the the energy is so hot travels through time through my dreams and I dream the future ! things like places I never been and I know how they look like in side, gifts that are going to be given to me, gifts that I’m going to give like a card and I know exactly how it looks like. I even dream about things that happen in the past that I didn’t know about and I wasn’t even there and I go ask and that’s what happen! I dream that I’m other people at the time in my dream I think I’m them like I’m seeing the world throw their eyes in that moment and then I find out later on its my friend or someone I don’t know and then it’s on news that something happen to that person and I dreamed about it and I can do anything about it and feel terrible.I tell my boyfriend all my dreams and I started having a lot more of this dreams when I started going out with him I don’t if it’s because I’m been sleeping better I had sleep paralysis since I was 11years old I’m 21 now and since I been with my boyfriend I don’t have it as much but I have future dreams I don’t if it has something to do with it but just thought I would mention it. My boyfriend keeps asking me to dream the lottery numbers XD I wish haha I tell him I only dream about things that happen and my friend calls me witch haha so yeah life is good just trying to understand what’s going on maybe because my mind is so wake I have sleep paralysis and when I don’t have it and I’m in deep sleep my mind opens some kind of black/worm hole that energy connects and travels and that’s how I get information by a trigger in emotional connection I’m able to obtain future information just a theory of mine but if anyone as a better answer let me know I learned to appreciate it and who as it you should appreciate it too I think we all just have big ass 3rd eyes that open black holes that can see far in too the future. Thank you for reading and any feedback would be greatly appreciated :) X

    • Lala and Cece says:

      My friend cece has been having these dreams recently coming true of dreams from a few weeks ago and for me lala any realistic dream that i had ever had is all starting to come true now even ones form years ago and weeks ago

  29. Smoo says:

    About 9 years ago I dreamed about working in the corner of an office area and going to someone and asking them what I was supposed to be doing. A few years later after the dream I started a job and sat in the corner of an office and not long after working there I realized I had been there before. It was the place I had dreamed about. And the area in the dream that I asked my superior what I was supposed to be doing was the area that my boss worked. I felt lost in the position because it was new area that not many knew all that well.

    Since then I’ve had several dreams that were somewhat vague in depth but strong in visualization. Typically I forget about the dream until something visual triggers it and then I realize I’ve dreamed about this before and have a sense of déjà vu.

  30. Lukas says:

    though it’s not bad as a a lot of these premonitions are, a few months back I met my cousins best friend, they had gotten to be best friends through college. a few days later I then dreamt about my cousin texting me telling me he was dating someone and that it wasn’t a girl. it was his friend that I had met. this occurred maybe in like January. today, April 8th, a couple hours ago, I received a text from him telling me everything about his new gay relationship (I am truly ecstatic at the news of him and his best friend being together) but I am also like psyched out at the fact that I saw this before it happened. I’ve had other instances where my “Dejavu”, is something I had definitely dreamt before.

    • Skim says:

      My dreams are exactly like that. It’s years when the dreams become deja vu. Like yours I don’t remember much, only about a 3 sec video clip. It’s scary when I have a dream of something bad because these dreams happen quite frequently that I start to believe that in a few years that horrible dream I just had could be reality. I get nervous when I feel that deja vu sensation, I try to go back and remember what that dream was about and how it ended…so weird.

    • that stupid that not dreaming the future

  31. Katlynne says:

    I’ve had dreams like this.
    One starting:
    I was in a dark room and people , faded out figures running and screaming all over. A man in the middle of it all was talking but you couldn’t hear him, then a flash of a girls face, and the sound of a Gunn woke me up.
    I was so terrified that I might have dreamt a shooting , begging my mom to let me stay home. I went to school scared, and we had an assembly. That man showed us a video, starting with a picture of a girl. He said she was the first to realise they were in danger and the first to get shot. There was a school shooting, just not at my own school.

  32. Mallorie says:

    Hey, I had a really weird dream a few months ago, and I get to school today expecting it to be any regular old day. Except in second period, a new boy had shown up. I thought this was sort of weird because the dream taken place with me meeting a new boy in the same exact class. A few events that occurred during the class period actually happened in the dream. At the end of my dream, it was 7th grade graduation day, which will be at the end of next month. The boy had asked me out and that’s what had happened. Only part of the dream has happened so far and I’m confused about the end. Does this mean I’m going to have a boyfriend at the end of school? (I know, it’s pretty crazy.)

  33. Eduardo L. says:

    I’m reading this because this has just happened to me 10 minutes ago. I had a really symbolic dream that I’d like to share with you.

  34. Corita says:

    I’m 42 now, it started when I was 9 years young.. I can grab people hands and feel there fear.. I grab my mom hand and I seen her crying and my dad leaving.. Two days later it happen just like that. It was the first time it happen and the last till I turned 12. And me and my brother was playing with this big ass stick I pulled real hard and he let go I feld on my but he grab my hand. And I seen my brother putting a knife up under his pillow and my dad coming in and my brother stabing him.. Same night my mom comes home from work early and go check on my brother first and my brother taught it was my dad and almost stab our mom. My dreams always give me clues on different life events that take place.. Within the last 2 years I’ve became attached to a certain one..and that bound became so strong where I seen myself get up from my body and go to his house and get in the bed with him and make love some strong where we both woke up in different homes but was over lust out..when we talk we were saying how we taught we was together that night we had to question each other… Since that happen we I’ve done similar things with him. I’m seeing things that are happening. Don’t understand I’m starting to think I’m crazy so I don’t talk about it till now this last situation I was driving with 3 friends when I seen in my rear view mirror I seen fire and my car driving real fast on the sidewalk and we were scared I look down real fast and as soon as I look up some asshole was shooting at us and I drove up on the side walk driving real fast we got away alive but car shot up..I’ve been seeing things I should talk to someone about.

  35. Shelb says:

    A couple weeks ago i had a dream about one of my sisters friends. Mind you, this friend is very big in size. i feel that this is symbolic in a way. In my dream he was hovering over me telling me that i was a waste of time and it was a waste that my mom brought me back home. (i recently moved from TN to WY and my mother brought me back.) I felt very small in my dream. he had his finger in my face and he just kept repeating himself over and over. Sure enough… two days later my sister and mother were fighting. My sister called me to come pick her up and long story short me and my mother ended up getting into it. (theres a bit of history between us). When we were fighting she said the exact same thing as i had dreamt. she said i was a waste and it was a waste of money to bring me back here. I find it odd that my sisters friend was the one who told me those nasty things in my dream. But when i took a step back and analyzed my dream, i came to the conclusion that it was him for a couple of reasons. one, he is a very large kid and made me feel very small with not only his words, but with how he hovered over me. and secondly, he is tied to my mom indirectly. for whatever reason, i believe that he delivered that message to me in my dream because i knew that my mom felt that way but she hadnt voiced her opinion on it until we got in that fight.

  36. Linda Stanfill says:

    I have had dreams that come true various times in my life.
    I dreamed of a man that was going to work at my next duty
    Station. I saw him and remember his face,race and how glad
    I was that he was. Working with us. Six months later after leaving
    Germany and being stationed in Texas. I was working one
    Day and one of my surpervisors brought the man that was in
    My dreams and introduced him as a new co worker. I said hi to
    Him and that we were very glad he was going to work with us.
    I am normally not out going. It was the exact man in my dreams
    And I felt as if he was an old friend I had known for a long time.
    That night I was thinking how weird it was that my dream came true.

    I had another dream where a friend who had
    Just gone through a divorce was marring a man in a white suite
    But I could not see his face. But I knew his name was Mike. I
    Told my friend at work what I had dreamed
    About her and she laughed as her ex husbands name
    Was Mike. Seven months later she was
    Standing at the front of her church marring
    A man named Mike in the navy. He was wearing
    His dress whites uniform.
    I have had other dreams where my loved
    Ones that have passed away come and
    Talk with me. I always feel comforted.
    I also have had allot of Dejavous.

    My daughter has had these dreams also
    But she has had many more.
    My mother had a few that happened when she
    Was alive. I am glad she told me about
    Them so that I was never scared when it
    Happened to me.
    I am a very empathic person my daughter
    Is also. I do not know if it had anything to
    Do with the dreams or not.

  37. Michael says:

    My dreams aren’t as crazy as I have read on here. Mine are a bit minor. Just recently on Easter, I was with my family. My younger sister recently had a baby girl. We were taking pictures and having a great time. There was a moment my mind freaked on me, and I was there living a dream that I had years back. Did I know my sister was going to have a baby? I’m not sure.. It just blew my mind that my niece was part of a dream I had years back before her birth, and I was living in that moment of a dream. I’ve had dreams like this before. Times where walking down a certain hallway that I have never seen before in a dream, then recognizing later as im there. I have a hard time explaining this to people. I just say “im having déjà vu”.

  38. Carly says:

    Just last night I dreamt my boyfriend was going to quit his job and well today he quit and I didn’t know till after he did it. Another time I dreamt of my friends dad, never met the man in my life. I dreamt he was kind short had a bit of weight on him dark hair kinda reminded me of a mafia man, oh and wore an all red suit with matching shoes. My friend goes wall you described my dad and his favorite color is red. When I finally met his dad I couldn’t believe I painted the exact picture in my dream of him. I have a ton of dreams like this and can not believe how real they actually are.

  39. Katie says:

    Sorry about this other one, but I must add it. Eh. If you’re just now seeing this, look at the first one first, and then the second one, then this one. Okay? Okay. This one will be way shorter than the other two, so don’t be like “another long one. Ugh.”

    Okay, quick thing, whenever my grandmother passed away, everyone was sobbing and crying and yelling and they were just broken.

    I stood there and watched from the corner. I wasn’t affected. And, no, it’s not because I’m heartless, hell, I cry whenever a freaking puppy gets hurt. Anyway, I just looked at everyone, and everything froze. Literally. My cousins were crying, but they were to young not to. Nobody even looked at me. It was as if I were a ghost, and I could see through the people. My grandmother had died in the house that everyone was at for a party. Whenever we prayed, and formed a circle around her, I kept my eyes open and stared at her. I could see her moving. But… But she was dead?!? She moved and looked at me. Whenever the prayer ended, she laid back down and it was like nothing happened. I was scared. Confused. Emotionally drained all of a sudden.

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Katie. I don’t think age means anything when it comes to these unexplained experiences. I have been dealing with various experiences that seem to have waxed and waned throughout my life that I can trace back to my childhood. When I was younger it seemed much stronger. It also seemed that this was something that was passed down to me…genetically speaking. I know of other family members who had dreams. Much of the dreams I have had that came true i could see from symbols. For example, when I was a child I dreamt I was living in a subdivided neighborhood. A black family moved in and all the racist people were complaining about the black family. In my dream I calmed everyone down and said, ” wouldn’t it be better for this decent black family to live here instead of someone like a beautiful blonde that our husbands would be gawking at everyday?” When I woke i told that dream to my roommate. He laughed…but a week later a black couple moved in next door. Then a month later they moved out and 2 white blondes moved in. The colors and the moving in this dream I believe we’re the symbols. Why I had this dream…why was it important? Who knows. Now with that said. When I was 17 my boyfriend was also in tune. He woke up one morning and told me he had a dream that someone was handing him a black rose. His exact words, ” I think it means my death and if so I think I am ready to accept it”. A week later, we were watching tv…the event that unfolded that evening were traumatic for me. He suffered an aneurism and passed away. It was so long ago. But all my life I have had dreams that were symbolic…I had one last week that has disturbed me greatly. Whenever I figure out how to post an original comment on this site. I will post some of them.

      • Katie says:

        Hello, Kathleen. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to answer me, I just expected someone to read and maybe even relate to my previous experiences. So, thanks for that! All that you’ve said is actually sort of helpful in a sense where I don’t feel so alone. Yes, we don’t have the same story, but we do have some things in common in it. So that’s relieving. I just want to figure out of this is all my imagination (not as if it weren’t real but as if everyone has these and I’m not special). You have very interesting experiences! It’s amazing how the symbols work through your dreams, and then practically come to life. Also, I’m very sorry for your lose. It must’ve been hard, even if it were years ago.

        Well, it was nice talking with you.

  40. Katie says:

    Yet another thing to be added to my other statement. Anyway, I’m that 14 year old girl that has those death dreams.

    Besides those dreams, I constantly have deju vu. All the time. It gets extremely frustrating, because I have no idea why. Then I remember dreams that I’ve had, that tell me what’s happening in the dream is happening there and then. I always ask my sisters, or brothers, or even my parents, if they have the same deju vu that I have. All of them usually laugh it off and say no to it all, but sometimes. Okay? Thanks for your honesty?

    Here’s another weird dream. Of me and my twin. We both had the same dream whenever we were young. We both had that same exact dream, same time, same everything. We both woke up and pretended it didn’t happen, because neither of us knew we had it too. About a couple years later we still remembered it. I mentioned it. He looked astonished, and we both decribed everything in full detail to one another. It was crazily funny. We finally sighed and decided to ignore it, once again. But every now and then, I would think of the dream, and a few seconds later, my twin would be like “oh, my God, do you remember that crazy dream we had whenever we were, like, 7?” And I would be so freaked out I would nod and laugh it off with him. Is this a sign? How come my brother only has limited dreams? He tells me he never has dreams anymore. Did I take all the dreams and nightmares, while he got left with a mind of emptiness? Is that why I have this ability in the first place? Because he got none of the dreams while I got two head fulls of them? I’m probably wrong. But who knows.

  41. Katie says:

    I feel like people aren’t going to take me seriously because of my age, but honestly? I’ll put it here anyway because this is more important. I’m a 14 year old girl that absolutely loves books. No matter what book it is, I want to grab it and read it until I’m completely done with it. So, with this reason being said, I always thought that my ‘dreams’ or ‘nightmares’ was a pure thing of my imagination. Maybe it was a conicendce? Maybe I just have a overactive brain whenever I sleep? Well, I just didn’t believe myself for a second. I couldn’t dream of someone dying. I couldn’t have. But I did. And ever since I was young, I would toss in turn for hours in my sleep, dreaming of people dying. Dreaming of daily events that happened to other people. I’m only 14 years old! Why would I dream of these things? Why would I drift off to sleep, only to wake up with the image of myself dying in my dream. That’s another thing. Dreaming of people dying? I can handle that to a certain degree. Seeing myself dying? I was a little freaked out. I’m going to die in a car wreck. Even before I started having that recurring dream, I felt odd in a car. I’ve always told my mother and father that I would NEVER drive. Never in my life. Every time I’m in a car, I drift off and imagine that dream. At first, the dream was so simple. I was in a car and I felt the impact before I slowly died. But every time I stepped into another car, or better yet, the car I KNOW I will die in, more and more images popped into my head and put the puzzle pieces together. I’m going to die in my twins green truck whenever we are only 10 minutes away from my dads house, someone will try to pass us, but my brother will speed up. They crash and we hurtle towards the ditch. We both die a few minutes after impact. Another point is, is that I used to wake up. Ever since about 9, maybe. But I would wake up in the middle of the night and literally have to sit in my moms lap just so I don’t drift off and have another dream about death or events. Only one true death has been justified, so far. But whenever their time comes, I’m guessing they will die the death I have dreamed of them.

  42. alessa says:

    I have had 3 dreams of people dying, one was of someone dying in a car accident, but it turned out that it happened to another family member not the one I dreamed of. Dream number two I dreamed of a lil girl I used to know, she kept telling me ” I will soon know the reason for her visiting me in my dreams” I didn’t understand until a few days later I found out she was on life support and passed away, the night she visited my dreams was the night she committed suicide. This last dream I dreamed my son had fallen into water and I saved him but I got pulled under and as I looked up through the water it turned out it wasn’t my son, I don’t recognize the boy ,but the very next day I found out a little boy was missing and it was the little boy from my dream, I told a few people about my dream, and where I thought the little boy was, and it turned out that the spot where they found him I recognized it from my dream..
    I feel awful because I had these dreams before these people died, and parts of me wishes since I saw this happen, I wonder if somehow I could have saved them? I am angry with myself, yet I feel some people are looking at me like I’m different or something because I told them what I dreamed. I know I’m not to blame but I really wish there was something that I could have done.

  43. rizwana kauser says:

    I have had dreams that have come true in the past not your typical story telling dreams its kind of like a monster or ghost telling me the story instead of me just seeing it in the dream I am lucky to be writing this everytime I try to say anything about it it’s as if someone tried choking me typing this makes my fingers ache and makes me want to stop I’m now scared what is happening to me my last dream included a dead girl covered with blood and as if she had been strangled then had her throat slit showing me her house and telling me how she got killed then saying avenge me and laughing hysterically and it came true a young girl got murdered in the next 2 days in that same house I could recognize her face because I got to see the body and it was true her stepfather strangled the poor girl to death then slit her throat whats happening those weren’t the only dreams either

  44. Tata says:

    I have had three dreams.. First was my father. In my dream he crashed his car into a tree and died. A year later he crashed his car into a tree and got lost in the woods and died. Second .. Was my boyfriend killed himself with drugs in my dream and two months later put a gun to his head. :( third dream was my ex from high school who i havent heard from in a long time. Had a dream he went missing and died.. A year later he calls out of no where and wants to meet up. But before we can. He goes missing. And still missing. Dont know if he is dead….. The thing that worries me is i keep having dreams of myself dying

  45. Tori says:

    I was in school and trump won president. so Isis came to my school and shot everybody, I even got shot but I didn’t die. I got shot in the arm. but I acted like I was dead bc I didn’t want them to know I was alive and o sat there and watched them kill others and as soon as I got the chance I got up and ran to the safe room. most of us got to the safe room (the computer lab) and everybody started coming in and kept opening the door and I was like come on they’re right there we have to go. eventually I just locked the door bc if we kept opening the door then they would know where we were and I still had my phone so I start texting this person who told me what to do next. and I also texted you to let you know I was okay and you replied back. so when I saw the coast was clear, I ran out of the safe room to outside where it was like dull and dark and just scary like something out of a scary movie. and I got to the house where they had these words lit up and I went around back and I had to climb up this wall to get a note and to get one of my friends. it told me to go through the forest to find a car under the trees and as we were doing it, some soldiers came by and we had to hide and keep quiet but that didn’t happen bc my phone kept going off (my alarm) so they caught us and we had to think of a way to get away from them so I did, They had one of their guns in the back and I got it and shot them and then we jumped out of the truck and we got to the car under the trees and it was a jeep and I drove away and more soldiers were chasing us. we got to their snack room and the people I was with started playing music from instruments so the soldiers gave us their guns and we gave them the music and I shot them and they told us how to get out and it ended up being a little hole behind a board and we escaped and then one of my friends told me she was pregnant after we escaped.

    and today (3-22-16) I woke up, I learned about Isis bombing belgium

  46. Jason says:

    So this happened today and it probably is a coincidence but I dreamt of a motorcycle crash and it was dark but I was in the dream and I witnessed it. Soon after my brother’s friend was involved in a motorcycle crash. Plus a while back my brother listened to this music group and we both liked them and I told him that one of the members died as a joke which wasn’t funny and shouldn’t be a joke but one week after I told him Simone battle committed suicide and I know that wasn’t a dream but it was freaky. I thought these dreams or whatever had stopped but it came back recently. I’ve been seeing dead people around my house, in my room when I sleep. My grandpa for instance and that’s probably normal but I see other people who I don’t know

  47. Praachi says:

    My many dreams have come true. Today 21/03/2016 I had a dream about Salaman Khan (Indian Actor). There were two Salam Khan I was interacting with one of them had a different Hair style. One with a Normal old hair style. In the dream I was confused as I was not able to recognise which of the two Khan who looked alike was the real one. I was asking both of them. Then suddenly the one with very small hairs ran down stairs.
    This indicates something I feel some new movie with him may come which will have twin salman Kan in it. Or else I feel that he is some kind of trouble. Or he may get into some kind of trouble. Lets wait and watch

  48. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been having dreams like that since I was probably about 9 when I dreamed that my grandmother’s porch would catch on fire which it did the very next night. But the thing with that is it’s not always exactly how the dream says it’s going to be it was the front porch they caught on fire and in my dream it was the back I’ve also recently had a dream that I broke my tooth in half and the next day I did break my tooth half like 3 days later.. and now at 19 years old I can play card games and before anybody looks at a card knows what the card is or even lays it down or anything I can guess the card like 9 times out of 10. I don’t know whether to be freaked out or to see where it goes.

  49. Dane says:

    I had a dream about hitting a taxable jackpot on certain slot machine, but the casino would not pay the jackpot to me. I never knew why in the dream they would not pay me. Well, around 2-4 months past and I did hit a jackpot on the same slot machine. The cashier would not pay me the jackpot, because of no identification! I completely forgot about the dream, but I realized it actually happened. This is not the reason I’m here and have another amazing dream story to share.

    Back in 2000 through 20008, I had two dreams about same very long blond hair woman. Once was at a pool side and other was laying next to me in bed. I was married with two kids at the time of both these dreams and never knew such striking long hair blond woman. I thought nothing of these dreams and just forgot about them. After I split up with my ex-wife in 2009, I signed up on local date site. This was not on purpose, but some random spam site. The next day I discovered it was Russian date site and was a mistake signing up on this site. I never considered a woman from abroad. I got to know some of these ladies and realized this was no mistake, which I was being guided to love of my life. I believed this was my lucky site. I come across someone after five years searching on the site and had gut feeling about her. We only exchanged three messages and ceased for almost couple of years. We just picked back up a month ago and I was watching a new video she created. She was sipping tea on her couch with long beautiful blond hair. I still never thought nothing of it until her music playing in the video was about dreams flooding in! This made something click in my head that she is the lady from my dreams. I went back and viewed her first message she ever sent to me and found something I missed the first time we crossed paths. She said, I believe in fate and not knowing that she made a decision to sign up on the site. Although, she knew about singing up on the site and was using these words as example of how she felt about her search. Basically, she was describing exactly what really happened to me on the site! Come to find out we are complete match with down to living in small towns to being just alike. What’s the odds of my two dreams, signing up by mistake on random site, her video being about dreams and her hair exact match, telling me about how I signed up, and us being complete match, and this just being a random chance of luck? I have already had dreams come true, so this could be a premonition dream? There is no such woman in my area with the kind of hair I had in my dreams. Input is always helpful, but quite a story, huh?

  50. Sophie says:

    Several years ago, I had a dream with several unknown people in it. Just like flashes, and just like they were hanging out. There was one woman I noticed in there more than the others. The next day, I actually SAW HER IN REALITY! I was in a store, and she was in an aisle looking at things on one shelf and I passed her trying to think where I know her from, until it hit me. I was really shocked. I didnt know her, I dont know why I saw her, and felt it was just too weird to go up to her and tell her I had seen her in my dream the day before… I still think about it, and wonder whether I should have just spoken to her.

  51. NOEMI says:

    I dreamt last night my colleague had an stroke, This morning another colleague told me that last night her husband had an stroke. I dreamt this while was happening to her.

    Last week i dreamt with my best friends back in my country. I live 7000km away. Next morning they apered in my office to surprise me for my birthday. I dreamt of them while they were in the plain coming to see me.

    Years back i dreamn a friends Grandma, died. She never mentioned anything about her grandma. Next morning she told me the grandma died while i was dreaming with her.

    What this means…i dreamt things that are happening at the same time i am sleeping…. like a conection with this persons that transmit me their feelings….

  52. rihab says:

    All my life i’ve been seeing events that came into reality and i never was able to understand this phenomena. For example, yesterday before i wake up at 6:30 meaning 6.15 maybe, i saw this guy who works in the same company as me, and who i talked to once or twice but we’re not really friends, walking out of somewhere and stopping and looking at me in just a second. Well guess what, i woke up prepared my self to work, went out, and suddenly the same vision in my dream happens in reality he walked out of a coffee, saw me walking towards him so he stopped and started talking to me, i swear it was the exact same situation. And i’m telling this is not the first it always happens for me.

  53. elizabeth says:

    yeah its true i usually noticed that when i do have those dreams and tell them to anyone they dont come true bt if i dont the dreams happens exactly the way i dreamt

  54. Maria says:

    I have Been predicting things and event unintentionally very currently since last year May 2015.
    I always had a strong gut feeling about things but never though anything of them . when I started paying attention to these signs I realized it has been happening more often. I did not notice the event at 1st but a friend pointed it out for me. an example. In June 2015 I learnt that My ex Fiance to be broke up with me to be with another woman ( whom I later on learnt he cheated with ) I said whatever its done, I give them 3 months, Mid august she will leave him .
    Between August 12- August 15. I had a weird sinking feeling in my heart around that period ( keeping in mind that I have completely forgotten about my prediction). I end up finding out my ex was dumped by his new Girl around these dates. A friend came up to me and said MARIA HOW DID YOU DO IT , you predicted the exact dates .. and i was so confused and then i remembered it. Moving forward, my predictions with other things has gotten more accurate ( I wish in lottery though haha ), it was even to the smaller sense of a game of monopoly and predicting the next move or next dice.
    I keep seeing number 11:11 for few months now
    and lastly 2 days ago I had a massage appointment and I was snoozing in out of sleep at home prior to my appointment, and I beleive I was half sleep when I had thing image in my head of someone walking into the massage room but it wasnt my regular girl, so I said where is ” blah blah ” and the new person said oh she has an issue today she wont be able to take you, so in the dream I walk out of that room and my regular lady walks out of hers and says sorry I couldnt see you today I had some personal issues, i said thats fine.
    As soon as I said thats fine in my dream my phone in real life rings, Its the massage place ( in my head im just thinking … oh WHAT IS THIS ) I answer the phone and they are telling me how the girl cant see me today as she had to go home early due to personal matter.
    I hang up the phone, and the girl messages me apologizing for missing the appointment and that she has some personal issues in her relationship.

    I just dont know what all of this means ? some say it means I am on the right path, some say I have psychic abilities and others just say im crazy.

    I have even predicted when my friend was getting a job and a call for the job and around what time .

  55. Beth says:

    My dream is a lil different then most people’s. My dreams went on for months. I dreamed that I couldn’t find my husband. He was still alive in my dreams but I just couldn’t find him. I had this aching in my heart, almost like a broken heart. I would drive around wondering where he was, I would call his phone and no answer. I would wake up still sad from the dream but my husband was always right there still asleep. I couldn’t figure out why I kept having these dreams. They went on for months. Well about 5 months later I started to get vibes from him. Vibes that somethin wasn’t right. Vibes that I was losing him and still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Well about June of this year things between us had hit a rocky place and I had been staying some nights with my mom. I would call my husband and couldn’t reach him on the phone. I would drive around and couldn’t find him. Still not putting those dreams together and still not being able to figure out where he was or what was going on. I would call no answer…I would drive only to not find him. Well July 29th I got my answer. I had called his phone and he finally answered at 8:03 a.m. I will never forget it. He said “Beth, I don’t love you anymore” we are not compatible ” my world stopped at 8:03 July 29th. We separated for a while but later decided 20 years was to long to throw away so I moved back home…I couldn’t rest easy and I knew somethin just wasn’t right. He finally told me that he had been talking to another woman. I had deep down knew that already. It’s been a long road and I still haven’t forgave him for what he’s done. There is a lot more to this story, I just don’t know how to put it all together, but he has been home and trying to act like everything is normal. Well it’s not. I had another dream today that I received divorce papers. They had the tabs where he had signed and the tabs where I needed to sign. I don’t know where they come from or who even gave them to me, but I had them in my hand. Now looking back my dreams was trying to tell me what was coming. The drives that was plain as day. One in particular that I clearly remember, was I was dreaming I was driving and I was crying uncontrollable, well it come true the morning he answered his phone and told me he didn’t love me. Now the divorce paper dream, I’m listening this time, I’m not shruggin the dreams off this time. Somethin is trying to tell me something again. What kind of dreams are these? They are real, they have already proven to be real once. How long until the ones I’m having now become real. I’m not going thru that pain again….I will tell him to leave first. Will someone please tell me what I’m having and why?

  56. Ben says:

    I dreamt the football score of the game 13/03/16 Tottenham vs Aston Villa and i saw that the score was 2-0 and i dreamt that Harry Kane scored both and i checked in the 47th minute (when he scored his second in the dream and real life) im fucking baffled…

  57. bella says:

    I am 14 years old and since I was little i have never been able to sleep easily. This started in about year 2 (7 years old) where I kept on having dreams about little things like where and what we would play at recess and lunch and the next day that would happen. Now at 14 years old I keep on having dreams like this quite often and they are getting more intense, like for example 2 nights ago a family friend was having and operation and I had not heard anything that day, so I was worried and that night I had a dream that i got a message from him that he was ok, so I woke up feeling scared and went to my dads phone and as soon as I picked it up the phone buzzed and it was a message from him saying he was ok.

    These dreams always scare me and I do not like them because I can not sleep after I have one.

  58. Irenicus says:

    About 10 years ago i had a dream about my cousin on her wedding day.
    The next morning my mom got a call from her. She told her she got engaged and is getting married.
    I was shocked.

    That was the first and last time i had such dream come true.

  59. Nat says:

    My name’s Natalie. I’ve had this thing that started when I was around eight years old (four years ago). I keep living my dreams. I know it sounds completely absurd, but when it happens, you are so sure about it that there is nothing to be more certain about. Basically, I have a random dream. And something in it (just a small detail) comes true. They’re not even that important, but the exact same thing that happened in my dream happens in real life. When I first started getting these moments I almost couldn’t breathe. I got one a week ago. I actually forgot that I had dreamt it until I was in the moment – I was walking down the drive way, and suddenly everything just went into place. My foot was in the exact same alignment as in my dream, my head was thinking the same thoughts as in my dream, I have the same feeling and buzz of energy as in my dream. My heart beat is beating to the exact same rhythm, my looks are the exact same (the way I’m dressed etc) and I’m in the exact same place. It’s not like I dream of anything important, I just dream of random little things, but the EXACT same thing happens. And I know most people will just think this a random coincidence, but it has happened too many times for me to count and when it happens, when you’re in the exact breath, you know.

    And I’m not dreaming of grades I will get (that could just be coincidence) or whats going to happen at breakfast the next day. I’m dreaming of tiny random things, but they have something that most of your dreams don’t – detail.

    I believe that I am having prognotive dreams and it’s getting more extreme every day. But I’m not scared of it. I believe great good is going to come of it.

    I also have incredible instincts. I think that it might be slightly related to being physic like the dreams, but that’s another story.

    My main point is that I have a possession that most people don’t. I may not be able to see exciting things in the future just yet, but I CAN see into the future, and that is something to be proud off. But I’m not just going to be proud of it. I’m going to use it. Deep down I know that great good will come out of this. I just know it.

  60. Justin says:

    So I had this dream just last night, actually. I rarely have dreams where I’m upset or grumpy or anything, so it stuck out to me a lot. My dad’s girlfriend, who’s been living with him for 7 years or so now, didn’t exist in this dream, and he’d recently married some lay named Melissa. She looked like a soccer mom, essentially, kind of stout and with long blond hair in a ponytail. She was horrible. Everyone hated her. She was fussy and fake-cheery and kept calling me the name I was born with (I haven’t gone by that name in two years, so it bothered me). Even my dad didn’t like her, in fact, he was kind of scared of her. She kept trying to be “fun” and “exciting” so she planned this trip to take a lot of people on, and pissed around a sign up sheet for it where people would write their names and what they were bringing. On my mom’s suggestion not to put up with Melissa’s BS, I wrote “f*** you, go f*** yourself” when it got passed to me. It seems petty and childish, but it felt great in the dream.
    Today, I went to go spend a little while with my dad’s girlfriend and told her about the dream because I woke up with a great appreciation of her, because she’s one of the best people I know and I’m glad she exists.
    She laughed about it and told me she’d just been getting on my dad’s case for flirting/kissing up to this lady from work whoswho’s name was also Melissa. I laughed about it too, and then she offered to pull up a picture. I expected absolutely her to look nothing like what she did in my dream, because that’d be ridiculous, right?
    But then she showed me, and turns out she was exactly identical to the Melissa from my dream. It messed me up a little bit and I didn’t even know what to say. I don’t know this lady, and I didn’t even know she was a real person. I feel kind of bad for my subconscious deciding she’s just an absolute witch, since I don’t want to judge, but this is still bizarre. I’m actually honestly such a skeptic of this kind of stuff, even as much as I love reading about it. It’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me.

  61. Sultan says:

    I have dreams about, what seems to be, the future. It shows myself, looking through my eyes at events. It has been happing quite a lot lately and it’s strange. Everything became real, but it gives me these weird Deja Vu feellings. I dreamed about graduating and it did happen, but I’m also seeing a lot of fear and war. I know, fron my dream, a war is going to happen very soon and it will last for 30 years. Also, I’m seeing kids calling me mom (it freaked me out when I woke up) and I’m getting married?! These dreams are crazy someone explain to me why this is happening and why some people never have those dreams? I’m the only one in my family to be having these dreams.

  62. kay says:

    I have had two dreams that have came true so far. The first dream was a dream about my boyfriend cheating on me with my sister. The dream was very realistic and I woke up in the middle of the night in tears because I was unable to convince myself that it was just a dream. I was even mad at my boyfriend the next morning but I could not face telling him about the dream. A few days later I looked through his phone and found out that he did in fact cheat on me the same week that I had the dream, except it wasn’t with my sister. Another dream that came true was a dream where I tried to warn my half sister that her father and brother were coming over to our house and that they were very angry with her and that they had a gun. I warned my sister not to open the door when they arrived, she opened the door however and they came inside and started harassing her. When I woke up my mother told me that some sketchy figures had been over to my sister’s house that same night at 2 in the morning. She said that my sister saw them with a weapon and they kept ringing the door bell asking to come in. Luckily my sister did not open the door that night.

  63. MrsMcC says:

    Since my mid-teens, I have had a few dreams that come true sometime in the next few days after having the dream. Sometimes they are spot on, sometimes there are slight differences from the dream and what actually happens. They have usually been fairly mundane, but the two that stick out to me the most are as follows:
    - When I was 17, I was on family trip in Mexico. I had a very vivid dream that someone had smashed the windshield of my mom’s car that was parked back at home at the airport. I was really upset by it, and let her know. We returned home, and the car was fine. However, the very next day, I took her car to another city to see a concert with some friends. The next morning, we woke up to the hotel front desk calling to let me know the driver side window of her car had been completely smashed out.
    -The second, and most recent one, I had a dream a month ago that my husband and I were babysitting our good friends’ 2 kids for a month. In my dream, a third baby appeared out of no where. I told my husband about it, and he laughed and said to me “oh I wonder what this one means!” The next day, our friend (the father) was in town, and I told him of my dream. He went very white in the face, and told me that he wasn’t supposed to say anything to anyone, but that they had just found out a couple of days prior that she was expecting a third (surprise!) baby.

    I also had a medium approach me last year on my birthday, out of the blue, and spoke to me about some very personal things that had happened to me over the weekend. She also knew it was my birthday, and she told me that some people had a “gift” that they didn’t know how to tap into. I really wish I had gotten the chance to follow up with her!

  64. Tyler Manis says:

    I have had multiple dreams throughout my life that come true and i dont understand because it happens years after the dream. Its happened since middle school. And just the other day it happened again, in full detail exactly how i drept it. I also experienced my first “dream within a dream” dream and i was terrified. This is just a side note( i do things and say thing and then moments later they happen. Should i be concerned and or is their a way for me to control or utulize this gift”

  65. Juhi Debbarma says:

    Most of the time , i have this psychic dream that usually come true. when i was a kid, it use to happen alot of time that i get scared sometime ,if something bad gonna happen out of that dream. when i grow up its getting fade out but still some of time i have psychic dream. some time the dream comes true after many months or year. i remember those dream because i use to discuss it with my friends, though the dream usually get blurred but i remember those event that happen to me in my dream.

  66. Alex says:

    I’m 15 years old and about three years ago I had a dream of an iPhone falling to the ground and cracking the screen. The next day, my friend showed me her phone that had cracked the night before. Then, a few months ago I had a dream that me and this guy I didn’t know very well at the time high fiving and then he held on to my hand for a moment or two after. Now we’re good friends and just last night, he did what I saw in the dream.

  67. June Marie Liddy says:

    most of my strong dreams come true like a way to guide or protect or warn me

  68. rose says:

    When I was younger, I would get overwhelming thoughts (doing dishes)to stop everything and go visit people who I loved, mostly older. I now know after about 3 days they will die and Im suppossed to comfort them.

    I was painting a landscape of the yard 2 blocks from waveland, MS beach and my brain went empty on how to do. I thru my brush down and said I give up. doesnt usually happen. I saw 5 seconds of dark water pouring in front porch with fish in a whirlwind of waves. Thought I was losing it. Told my father. Took photos of everything in house thinking I need the memory pics for whatever. two weeks later katrina took everything.
    Another strong one,dreamed of a friend dying and her funeral at 4am. woke up. “Crazy; but so real. I just saw her before hand about two weeks and
    she was so happy and healthy. Two months later it all happened like a movie reel, the words spoken and what she was wearing in the coffin. very hard for me. Was life pre-written? like our movie tape brains? Or does time run parrellell and we are crossing over time?

  69. Alexis says:

    Sone of my dreams come true too! I’m 15 and this has been happening since I was around 6 years old. And the dreams that actually come true are the ones I really remember when I wake up. And the thing about telling people and it not coming true has happened to me before too! That’s why when I dream of things I want to happen I don’t tell anyone. But some things that I dream about and come true are really dumb, simple things that can happen either days, weeks, months, or even years later. For example, when I was really little, my parents got this dog for me and I had dreamt one night that it ran away. And a couple of weeks later I come home and he wasn’t there and my parents said they couldn’t find him. Oh!! And one time I told one of my friends from 8th grade about a dream she was in, (she was one of few people who believed that my dreams came true) and I dreamt we were getting ready to cheer in the high school locker room with a little girl which was odd at the time because when I described her my friend couldn’t seem to place her and neither could I. But when the dream was actually occurring I asked her if she remebered that I told her about this exact moment a year ago and she said yes! And the little girl turned out to be our cheer coach’s daughter! I would really like to know what this means or if it means anything at all. I’m so happy to see other people that have experienced this too! Now I don’t feel alone anymore :) )

    • Alexis says:

      By the way, I never know when I’m going to get a dream that is gong to come true. Either they happen randomly or they happen scheduled and I just don’t know about it or notice it.

  70. N says:

    I’ve had lil things come true in real life however, my mom lives thousands of miles away from me, and i dreamnt in feb she was pregnant and she just found out in march she was preggo.. she didnt know she was when i had the dream this is insane to me i knew in a dream i knew three weeks before she ever did…

  71. Lena says:

    I had a dream about the fetus of a woman, who was impregnated by my boyfriend at the time. I was walking in the back yard, a fetus was swaying in the air by the umbilical cord, over a bond fire. A month later, the girl lost the baby, after carrying the baby full term. The cause of death, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck twice. What’s crazy is, the girl was so mean during the pregnancy, she was mad at me, yet she slept with my boyfriend. I intentionally did not return the same energy, because I did not want to be the cause of her losing the baby…the baby didn’t have anything to do with the situation. I left the situation in God’s hands. I think a valuable lesson was taught for me and for her, concerning karma.

  72. Olivia says:

    well i had a dream I was walking from school and right before I woke up I got hit by a car, I woke up and got ready for school as I crossed the same road to school a car was turning and didn’t see me and I almost got ran over. So that happened…

  73. Katerine Brewster says:

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  74. Erin O'Donnell says:

    Hey I’m Erin and I’m 15. I occasionally have dreams that happen the next day/week. Around last week I had a dream where I was in this street that I have never been in before and I went into this specific house with a blue and black car parked out front (I can remember details from the dream like the back of my hand).
    Yesterday I was invited by a girl in school to a house party in a little village not far from my town (I’ve never been to the village before) and so I went. One of my friends’ parents picked me up and drove us to the house. As soon as we drove into her street I recognised the layout of the street, the houses, the lawns, and even the specific house I was going into! (Reminder – I’ve never been here before) and I was getting flashbacks of the dream I had because it was exactly the same!! When I got out of the car I realised it was the same blue and black car from the dream!! This is really freaking me out I’m not gonna lie, does anyone have any information? If so email me or tweet me @ErinODonnellll , thank you x

  75. Amber says:

    I am 14 years old and I keep having these dreams it’s strange because one night I will dream of like two people having a fight then a well or so later it happens and I get freaked out

  76. Lei Yah says:

    I hate dreams that coming true. When a certain thing happens, I felt like it happened before and I pointed out that I dream of it. It happens a lot of times. I recognize exact things in my dreams and from reality. I always dreaming when Im asleep. Sometimes m trying to change the situation for my dreams to undo but I cant.

  77. Stan George says:

    Wow a lot of dreams I’m just gonna share a few dreams I had and still have I had one Dr about space many times the last one was a few weeks ago about an astroid spinning very fast coming this way and another dream I was told written on wall that alien life form will be found in a hundred years I had dreams of floods and my dream last night Feb 24 2016 I dreamt about a train crash I never had that kind of dream before it was very quick and scary I am 38 years I have had many dreams about the future it took me years to figure it as I got older I’m still trying to figure it out

  78. Rachelle says:

    I had a dream once that my boyfriend had cheated on me. I asked him if he did. He denied it. Four days later I had found out that he cheated on me the same day I had the dream.

    I also dreamed that the girl he had cheated on me lived with him in our home. Two days later, I found out that she had moved in.

  79. Emily says:

    A few years ago I had a reoccurring dream about my friends and I, there were five of us, sneaking into this asylum. When we entered through the front gate(which was open) suddenly the scenery changed and it went back to when it was opened and this woman suddenly appeared to my right side. She pointed at the building and kept saying Eloise over and over. I didn’t know what to make of this dream because it was so real- I felt like I was actually there. Then randomly at work that same week someone started talking about asylums and someone mentioned one called Eloise. I had never heard of it, been near it, seen it. But, when I looked it up it looked just like the place in my dream. So, I decided to go there and the entrance was exactly the same, the building I saw was the same as well. I walked around a little bit with my friends and came across some alarming things. I had dreams of this place before, the last building we came across- the firehouse- was in a reoccurring dream I had of people sitting outside the building talking and doing laundry in the dream I was standing there talking to someone outside of a fence. The house was exactly the same as my dream- down to the grass, the placement of tables, the large oak tree above me and the door itself. I don’t know what any of it means, I just know that I never want to go back because I had horrible headaches there like I was in another realm almost it was HORRIFYING. I found out later that the firehouse I saw was once the laundry house back when they opened in the late 1800s.

  80. Samm says:

    So… i have always had dreams that seem to come true… the two that stood out the most to me is.. when for the first time i dreamt of my best friends boyfriend.. in my dream i was telling him dont do drugs be careful the people you are with are bad news and i saw the police take him away. the weird part is i have NEVER dreamt of him or even seen him in person..when i woke up i asked my best friend where is Dallas (boyfriend) she said Samm he is in Jail.. he got arrested last night because his friends has drugs on them! i was shocked… i had a dream about that…

    ANother one that i remember was when my boyfriend and i made plans.. i fell asleep and i was dreaming that we were watching t.v and suddenly all his friends showed up to party and in the dream i got angry because it was our date night.. the next morning i told him i had a dream you and your friends ruined our date night with drinking and partying, he said babe im sorry but the guys are coming over tonight to party… how did u know.. i had a dream about what was going to happen before he even told me…. i know there have been many more dreams but these two are the most clear in my head and freaked me out..

  81. shashibalan says:

    the dream comes true for me.when i forget about the dream it will happen immediately.when i told to anyone it will not happen.plz help me theres bad and good dreams. im 17 only.this make my feel sad.

  82. Sachin Peter says:

    I am a 16 year old boy. I think i have some kind of power to see some small things that gonna happen. I feeling this ever since i was in 4th grade. I can see some small movie scenes,small incidences when at school,home,playground in my dreams. i saw this on my early morning dreams.

  83. Ashley Chan says:

    My dreams always come true when I didn’t tell people about. You’re actually correct. I tried it before. I told people some of my dreams and it didn’t happen and when I kept my dream as a secret, it will come true.

  84. Lesley says:

    I just want to comment that I myself have dreams that which come into reality. It feels like I’m living in two worlds mixed in one. And it bugs me I feel as if I never rest and I’ve been having this problem for at least three years or more now. This is not the only problem I have with dreams but I don’t want t get to into it.

    • Gina says:

      I have the same thing. Sometimes they are random…but I know if I have the same dream twice it WILL come true exactly as I dreamed it. Sometimes it’s ok. Some not. I have dreamed the exact way a relative was found, the actions of those who found them and the exact position they were found by when they passed, or how they died. But there are numerous others. My family gets creeped out at times over my dreams.
      I have also moved to a different state than my adult children, I know when something is going to happen. And in our previous home we had a ghost friend. We all have seen her at different times. Everyone described her on their own what she looked likes, her hair, her outfit everything to the T. Why can I see and know these things. N I completely trust my dreams. I know they will become a reality in time

  85. Kdosda Hegen says:

    I was dreaming I was in some strange looking place(like cave or temple). I was fighting mummies.

    That was my dream

    After few months I played game “The Mummy” on ps1 (One of my favourite games…). The eighth stage of the level 10 was seen somewhere to me. And then I remembered it was the same looking place from my dream. It was 100% same looking place and mummies were same too.

    How was this even possible? (I dreamed the part of level before even playing it)

    It is unknown to me to this day.

    If care how it looked:

    It starts at: 6:10

    • bella says:

      This is very similar to what happened to me. I had a dream where I was on a boat in one of those under-building-boat-dock-things (I’m sorry, I have no idea what they’re called).
      The next day I was watching Spectre (the Bond movie that came out recently) and the exact same scene was in the movie.

  86. rosie says:

    I had a dream a couple of years ago that my mom took my rabbit out of its pen and moved it into a bowl in our yard and began to pour a kettle of boiling water into the bowl. I wke up and strted to tell my mom the dream. It was weird because i had never dreamt about my rabbit before. After i told my mom my dream she told me that my rabbit had died during the night and my dad had found him dead that morning.

  87. Steve says:

    I have read a few of your comments above and unfortunately do not have time to read them all. Now on to mine. I am 34 now and have noticed this over the last 4-5 years of my life. I live my dreams on a daily basis, well except for the bad ones I tell my wife about. It is very strange to me. I have even been able to put a time line on them. Which is around 5 1/2-6 months. Meaning that what I dream about tonight will happen around 6 months from now. I know it sounds weird but trust me it is very true. I have also noticed that if I have a bad dream and tell my wife (or someone) about it, it does not come true. Example : Night before last I had a dream that I was at work with a guy I just met last week helping him trim some trees and the chainsaw that he was running kicked back and went across my face. Today I was helping him cut a tree down when he made the comment that he had removed the kickback lock from his saw when he bought it. You better believe as soon as I got home I told my wife about the dream. I do fully believe that if I would have not told her about the dream it would have came true. I know this may not be just a great example because it has not been 6 months but I feel like it was going to be unavoidable with the safety lock being removed. Another example is a few years ago I was living a few hundred miles from my home town when I had a bad dream about my grandfather. Which by heart and law was my father. In real life he had a stroke a few years prior but was in good health. Anyways back to the dream. I had started dreaming about being back home and was talking to my grandmother about my new job. Next thing I knew I was walking with my grandfather and he was very grey and up walking around. Like I said he had a stroke (he could not walk). He was laughing with me talking about fishing. Then he turned to me and said “Son don’t worry about me I am better now but I have to go home. They are missing me.” I was very disturbed by the dream and woke up and set on the edge of the bed and smoked a cigarette. I however did not tell my wife about it. About 5-6 months later I got a phone call about 1:30 in the morning. My grandfather had passed in the middle of the night with a heart attack. Like I said this happens on a daily basis.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Desteny says:

      This happens to me too. It would take a few months for this to happen. And if not months then weeks and it’s pretty scary that I can remember what specifically happened in the dream. By the way I am sorry for your lost.

    • Izzy says:

      I’m 40 years old and have been having these types of dreams since I was a teenager. I used to be so scared. (What intrigued me about ur experience Steve is that if I kept the dreams to myself they would come true too ). Both of my parents experience the same gifts. As I stated, I used to be very afraid bc my friends used to make fun of me and saying that “think your a psychic). When I started reading the bible and accepted Jesus, I realized this was a gift from God. God spokes to his people through dreams all the time. I started to embrace my dreams good or bad. For whatever reason, I knew when to be concern about a dream. I just know how to interpret my own dream. You don’t know how many times my dreams saved my butt!! Thanks for reading

  88. Jacy simpson says:

    I am 18 years and my dreams come true at least two to three times a week. I have had this ability ever since I can remember. I have dreamet about events like people moving, people getting married and even people saying things almost exactly as in my dreams. I always thought it was quite strange, but I am very spiritual. I have many ovations when I can read peoples minds. I don’t mean too, but it’s quite special I beleive. If there is anyone I can talk to about this it would be great to know a little more about this ability, good luck to you all!

    • Sonia Paz says:

      Omg !! Me too it’s so crazy because it also happens to me very often every weeks too and some lady was talking to me that she goes through that but I told her I never thought it was something important but it is and now I’m researching more

    • Quinton Komar says:

      I am 16 years old and I have been having these dreams since I was about 8 years old. The first dream I had I was in a hall tying my shoe and I asked someone in the hall if they thought I was cool. A few years later it happened exactly the way I saw it and I was asking a good friend of mine at the time in grade 4 if he thought I was cool. It was a very surreal experience. Ever since I’ve had many dreams about the future, though mostly just about my own future. Sometimes after having more intense dreams I wake up in cold sweats having what feels like an anxiety attack. Although I cannot read minds, I don’t know if these abilities grow stronger with time, all I know is sometimes it’s like the dream hurts to have once I am awake from it. The more information I receive from a dream, the worse the anxiety attack is. If there is any way of controlling these dreams or tapping into these abilities I would be curious to know since I’ve only ever had them while sleeping and they are quite random. Good luck to any others going through this!

  89. Audrey says:

    I never had these dreams in the past,but lately they’ve been occurring rather frequently. The most recent one was just last night, when I dreamed about there being a death in my family, and about half an hour my grandmother actually called me to inform me that my great uncle had just passed. This was definitely the most eerie one, which made me look into the meaning behind these kinds of dreams, but I’ve had at least three that I can remember within the past two weeks

  90. Paul Meas says:

    I have had several dreams come true these past weeks, most of them i dreamt about the events about 6-7 years ago. They include very trivial things, for example i watched a video today and i recall seeing the picture frame about 7 years ago. I have talked to others about this but they do not believe me. They brush it up as deja-vu even when i try explaining that i’ve seen this situation/moment several years prior

  91. Kristín says:

    So this has happened to me a lot, in fact it just happened about 15 minutes ago and what had happened was i was watching a show called “black mirror” that my friend just showed me last week and the episodes name is “The Waldo moment” and when it had finished i was switching to the next one and a there came like a snapshot of a scene where there is a blue bear on a big screen and i had a flashback to like a month ago or mabey longer i can’t quite remember but i remembered when i woke up and thought that was a weird dream because i vaguely remebered it and it was that snapshot and the name black mirrior and well i’m kinda freaking out right now because this has happened quite often before but i don’t know what to do with this. It’s always been very ordinary every day things never bad things, at least none i remember.

    • Kristín says:

      Btw this has been happening at least since i was 12 mabey longer but that’s the first i remember it and i’m turning 16 this year.

  92. Tiff says:

    Im having more and more vivid dreams. people dying and then watching the news or sosocial media and seeing my dreams / nightmares come true. Headaches too.

  93. Wendy says:

    Every once in awhile, i would get a dream that would come true. Like how one night i predicted that my aunt was going to have a baby girl, and the next week or so when she went to her ultrasound and i went with her to see the gender of the baby and it was a girl. I have predicted my step moms baby gender too, and i now have a half baby sister. Weird huh? Just like how I dreamt it. Yesterday, i went roller skating and everything was exactly like how I dreamt it a few months ago. I guess you can say that I’ve always thought about everything as deja vu. As if like, it was bound to happen. I find it weird how, i only remember the dreams that are going to come true or else i don’t dream at all, and if i do then i just don’t remember it at all. its been happening for quite awhile now. I’ve had alot of occurrences where its exactly like my dream, or its some what similar.

  94. Sarah says:

    I have had dreams before that have come true but nothing this powerful. My family and I got the news in December that my grandmother has stage 4 cancer. She had been doing chemo and visiting with her I found out she wasn’t really eating or taking her medication.

    The night was like any other I went to bed and was having such a hard time sleeping. I kept tossing and turning and it was clear over and over on a loop I kept seeing my grandmother’s hallway her bathroom and her in the floor not moving. Then there was this loud and I mean LOUD ringing in my ears and I felt extremely dizzy. I woke up in tears and texted my dad who is her oldest son at 2:30 in the morning telling him you have to go check on grandma I had this really weird dream and he just needed to check on her

    Two days later my dad called me and told me my dream came true. She had somehow fallen in her bathroom between the door and the small hallway to her bedroom. My dad had gone over there early that morning with a feeling he needed to check on her after I told him about my dream the days leading up she was okay but to have something this powerful happen and to know in such detail and having the feeling like I had hit my head and felt dizzy. The ringing in my ears did not stop until I told my dad. My grandma is okay but by the grace of God she is and still fighting her battle with cancer but this has really shaken me heart and soul.

  95. Akshatha says:

    I see random events in my dream, like the marks I will get in a particular exam and stuff and that will be perfectly true….

  96. Aaron says:

    When i was in first grade I had a dream that I was in an old barn and then a woman in an old wagon pulled by horses came into the barn. I remember feeling happy and comfort in the woman’s beauty as I reached for her hand to get into the wagon. The dream ended as I sat in the wagon but when I arrived at school she was real and was my substitute teacher.

    I also have had dreams that felt out of body or third person as I was flying, floating or really not even there. I would overlook a classroom but the roof would be off like it was a doll house though I never seen the place before. I remember months later going down to Mississippi and sitting in a classroom for military training with cold chills running through my body when I realized that this was the place I seen. Its like still photo’s when it triggers the response in my Brian when I recognize images at the exact way my dream laid them out for me.

    I had a simple dream of using the restroom in a low lit bathroom with a small wired window in front of the urinal. A while later while buying my first new truck I went to the restroom and when I looked up to see the same wire window the chills came.

    One of the most disturbing dreams was me in Iraq war as a soldier and my base was getting over ran. I remember pulling down the flag pole and getting out a razor, matches, silver coin, and a single round of ammo. I remember being terrified while I was cutting out the stars from the flag then I was shot and woke up. I wasnt in Iraq or the military yet at that time but was shortly after my dream. I was in training and the instructor asked how many trucks was in the base. The men said all sorts of big numbers and all to ensure up not being right. I decided to blurt out one being sarcastic because I thought it was a trick question. He replied yes and asked me if I knew what it was and I replied no. He said it was on top of the flag pole and I started to get goosebumps. I told him what I thought was in it using what I seen in my dream. I was chilled when he told me that I was right and explained why those things was in the truck on top of the flag that day had changed my life and kinda opend up my mind on who we really are as humans.

    There has been so much more dreams but im using my phone and the website is being leggy. I have seen things also in half states of sleep that have left me wonderingT

  97. Jo says:

    i have had many dreams that have actually happened later in my life.
    The first time these dreams happened was when i was 7 and thhey included some fantasy stuff but otherwise the realistic stuff happened. Like heres that dream-

    My family and i were driving somewhere for vacation. We were on a road next to a lake. There was a building under construction that had red tarp on it (i didnt know wat it was at the time, so in my 7 year old brain, to me it looked like a japanese temple thing). We past that building and then the fantasy part of the dream happened. We drove on these arches that we went under after the construction building and it was like a rollercoaster. Back to more realistic part of the dream.- We continued driving and it was in the city going to a freeway, but there was a huge hill that went straight upward which we drove on. i dont know how tht would be possible but its a dream Lol. so then i woke up.
    A few months later in the summer, we went on vacation. Everything seemed so familiar even though i have never been there before. we passed the construction building and i was like “That was in my dream!!!” and then i told them the rest of my dream, and sure enough, we went on to a city road and all of it was the same except no hill. but everything looked exactly the same.

    i didnt have any more of those dreams till 8th grade. Except i didnt think they were special dreams cause they didnt happen till sophomore year in high school. …Well, actually i figured out they were predicting the future in 10th grade.. had lots of deja vu before then. Heres one of them. But i dont know the dream specifically since it was probably from a long time ago. so im going to tell you the real life story.

    Ok so, my boyfriend came over to my house and we watched some animated movies. He had never been to my house before this. So we were watching the movie and his phone goes off. His mom is texting him wondering when he will be back. He said 10-ish, then his mom sent a smirk emoji and a kiss emoji and said ~okay. take your time. And THAT seemed wayy too familiar to me. Like i had definitely seen that before… which is impossible cause thats my first bf. so, i shrug it off and we continue to watch the movie. It gets to a certain part in the movie (btw, i havent ever sen this movie before) and i remember seeing that part of the movie. I remember seeing it with him before. Exactly how we were watching it then. I remember that exactly. And then i remembered that after that part of the movie really quiet part would happen and his stomach would growl really loudly and we would laugh. Well… a few seconds later… that happened. I was so sure that that whole situation had happened before but its impossible that that happened before so i must have dreamt it.

    Some other dreams are like of just walking down the hallway at school, people saying things about gossip and then about something that they are planning to happen like a party or just normal highschool stuff. but then in real life, exactly what i dreamt happens in the exact way i dreamed it. Everything was the same including their clothes. And its only for a few moments and then its back to a normal day. This stuff has been hapening more and more and its freaky cool.

    Sometimes i have dreamed that i am another person. Just casually living their life. I am them. Dont even know about me.

    one time in one of ^those dreams… i was someone else. A larger guy with a tan shirt with a strange pattern on it. About age 40-50, balding slightly, had glasses. I didnt know them. I was living their life, doing what they would do. I got in my car (technically their car but u get the point) and drove to walmart. The walmart the real me lives close to… Anyways, i go in the store shopping for whatever i needed… and i passed by myself and my mom. … I then walked to the checkout line, checked out, left, drove home, and then i woke up. <at the time of this dream i looked different and i think i was 14 when i had this dream… The self i saw in the dream was me 2 years later..
    So, i didnt recognise myself and thought that the person that looked like my mom was a random person that just loked like my mom.. i mean its a dream, there has to be a weird part in every dream…. right? Ok so 2 years later (and i dont go shopping much or out much in general) my mom took me shopping with her to get some food and stuff because im picky with food so she tricked me to go out… and … i passed this older guy, with a tan shirt with a weird pattern on it, balding a little, had glasses… and looked exactly like the guy from my dream. He looked at me while we were passing, and then we both went on our separate ways… Freaky.

    That was the only incident where i saw myself in a dream where i was someone else… Does that mean all the other dreams i have had about being other people are actually real people?? My dreams tell the future?? I think this is all really cool. I have read some of the other comments on here and relate to a lot of them. glad im not the only one with dreams that predict the future… but havent seen others about being another person yet… hopefully someone out there relates to this.

  98. Danielle Louise says:

    I knew my boyfriend’s sister and her husband were trying to get pregnant. One night I had a dream that my boyfriend and his sister were in his apartment. I was there but it was if they could not see me. She was wearing a light jacket and she had told him she was pregnant. It was warm out during this time. The next day I told my boyfriend this story and of course dismissed it. About a month or so later, now it is November, he had told me his sister told him she was pregnant but she had not told anyone else. Not even their parents.

    A few weeks after he told me about the pregnancy, I had another dream. It was not as vivid but I woke up and told my boyfriend that I had this feeling something may be wrong with his sister and the baby. 3 days later, she went to the emergency room because she was experiencing abnormal bleeding. Thank goodness everything was okay.

    My whole life I have had dreams that signified future events. A few days before September 11th, 2001, I dreamt of a building collapse. My mother also has dreams like this. For almost a year she had dreams of floods and devastation. She started preparing for this. I thought she was insane because she started to fill gas cans and keeping them in our yard. Low and behold, a few weeks later hurricane sandy hit and almost all gas stations were out of service.

    Maybe having precognitive or psychic experiences can be hereditary.

  99. Logan Neu says:

    I have dreams where I will be dreaming and then all of a sudden there will be like a picture that will pop up into my dream. A little like sound goes off in my brain. When I wake up I remember that picture from the dream. Then I forget it, but then some time in the future I will be doing something and then. I am doing what the image is like the picture is in first person. From the view of my eyes, so I have dreams with pictures of the future. They repeat after the previous one happens in real life. Well that’s my futuristic dreams

  100. Aeon says:

    Well a week or 2 ago i had a dream where my friend slapped by a girl in my classroom then it happened today because he said that her teeth reminded him of a song black and yellow. :)

  101. Carol says:

    I have had dreams of 1985 metro airport crash also 911 crash in pensylvania

  102. MJ says:

    I had a psychic dream when I was 16 years old, in which I had a baby who died while he was an infant. That dream felt very different from other dreams, and I knew it was a premonition. I have experienced on several occasions a premonition dream and then when I tell people about it, it doesn’t come true. So, I now tend to keep them to myself if I want it to happen. But with this dream, I definitely did not want it to come true, so I told everyone I knew about the dream, for years. When I got pregnant the first time, I had dreams about what my child would look like. Those came true! When I got pregnant the second time, I again had dreams about what my child would look like, and they again came true. When I got pregnant the third time, I had my recurring dream again that he would pass as an infant. And I knew that this was the child that my dream was about so many years before. After he was born, he passed when he was 1 month old.

  103. Tia says:

    I have been living several of my dreams recently in the last year. I even told one of my coworkers about a dream i had pretaining to work and how i was working but it wasn’t the same place as i was working at the time and when i lived that dream the dejavu from it was so intense i literally stopped what i was doing to take it in. Since that dream many more have come to pass.

  104. pipi says:

    I’ve had these many times. 2004 tsunami: was there in Chennai beach a day before with my family (was around 8 years old), cried because I suddenly felt super scared of the water (and I’m the kind who usually loves it). No ‘choice’ but to go home. Same night / next day, tsunami happened on the same beach. Nearly entered a car when I was a kid (maybe about 2-3 years old). That car got into an accident where everyone in it died. I saw the MH370 dream as well. Found myself staring out of the window and telling myself in my head that a plane will fall and it did the next day. The Indian students who drowned in Beas river, I felt myself being washed away near a river in another dream. Even last night, I felt myself being wrongly accused and stripped in public because I am different from the others and the article came up about the 21 year old Tanzanian girl who experienced my dream in Bangalore. These are just a few of the many I have felt. For the last few years, all these dreams are coming together into a novel (actually a series of 12) and it’s going well, as I have ‘experienced’ them.

  105. Janice says:

    I have had these dreams throughout my life, normally mundane things – and even if I warn the person involved that dream still comes true. I had a dream of a bad car accident 2 days before my daughter died and I heard a voice saying… 1 is dead the other is dying..I woke screaming for my child. I warned both my daughter and her fiancé about this dream and I actually asked them not to drive in any vehicle, which was pretty stupid as how do we get around. However they vowed not to drive themselves. 2 days later they were passengers in a vehicle and were hit from the side . My daughters fiancé passed nearly immediately whilst my daughter lay dying for 4 months in a hospital paralysed and scull removed . I do not understand these dreams. I have spoken to many about them and now keep quiet , as some say it is evil, others look at me as if I am mad. These dreams happen and I do not know why.

  106. Brittney says:

    This is interesting to me.. I have always had dreams that to some extent came true l, for example a certain house that I had never been to or a bar and dreaming of certain people being in the places and then one day years later it’s happening..but only a few times have my dams ever really impacted me to where I felt like it was a premonition. The first one was when my best friend was moving from Wisconsin to Wyoming and her and her boyfriend at the time took separate vehicles..that night I drempt that she lost control of her car slid off the road hit a tree and lost her life it woke me up right away I sent her a text asking of she was ok and briefly told her my dream she didn’t reply until the next afternoon she called and said wow that’s crazy because she in fact lost control of her car and hit a tee and completely totalled her car but thankfully walked away without so much as a scratch!! The other time hits a bit deeper.. My father had been diagnosed with cancer the Dr.gave him the summer..about a month after this I was dreaming of him falling down into this dark tunnel he just kept falling and falling there was no end to it..I remember waking up and thinking to myself how strange it was and how uneasy it had me feeling…I got dressed for work stopped to see my family and when I walked in my mom says you should call in to work I asked why and she then told me the news that my father had passed..I still don’t understand the falling into a dark tunnel and when the dream comes to me now even after seven years I feel scared and wake up and try to shake it off…I never have seen anything after the falling… And lastly there is a love from my past that I have been close to for 14 years that I rarely ever see..but I have very vivid dreams of him I always have since I met him..anyhow the dreams of him are dark and I have them every single time he’s feeling sad and alone then I reach out to him and even after not hearing from eachother in months at one point years its as though I just pick up on his sadness through my me it’s just so strange and sometimes I feel like I’m nuts for thinking that I feel him…anyone else have this? Or have a explanation why this happens? I worry because I recently learned he has been using some bad drugs and I dream of him dying alone in the cold in a park!! The dream feels very real and I started having it many years ago..long before I knew of the drug use..

  107. Char says:

    I was at my old property where the house burnt down and I went to go check it out as usual when I go visit even in my dreams im wondering the property (looking for anything that might remind me of my childhood). As I come to an end the sun is just beginning to set so I start off through the long windy road where some type of critter had been crossing my path carrying an original Nintendo? I was so excited thinking of how happy my brother would be after showing him what I had found. Thinking after all the years of roaming around this abandoned property seeing bits of pieces through out the 2.5 acre property. I saw more in my dreams than I’ve ever found in real life as I approach this critter who now walking through the bush which now in the shadows of the “corner” (what my siblings and I called scary corner ” wrestled the system out of this critters grasp. I tough I had a clean get away but that critter was not happy, I had to run out of the branches and out on the dirt road running until I had run out of breath turning only to notice I wasn’t there anymore (my childhood home). I woke and the first thing I looked at was my cell phone and the first post is an original Nintendo for sale on one of the local buy and sell, a couple interested inquires including myself and as I look I noticed these people aren’t placing interest for themselves but on behalf of someone else (one a possible brother) I messaged the man selling the Nintendo and I got the system but had to pay an extra 20.00 in order to get him to agree to stay as long as it took me to drive the 55 minutes to purchase the Nintendo. Through the entire day I was so confused on how I can dream of finding a Nintendo than waking up to find one and eventually coming to own.

  108. Rali says:

    Hi, I had one dream that came true.. and another that I know will come true. It was 2013 when I had both dreams. The first one was about a boy. I was in some kind of labyrinth with a boy. I felt like I know him, but at the same time I couldn’t recognize him. We had all kind of trobles when we were trying to get out of the labyrinth. And when we were almost there the exit was so close. We were walking and we had some kind of exercise that we had to do before the granny that was sittin in one corner see us… the boy did it and passed the exercise … but when I was just to make the last step the granny saw me. I had to go back and start everything over. The boy wached towards me, but then he turned away and walked away.
    …. everything that was in this dream came true… the next year or a while before 2014 I met a boy… we really loved each other. He was everything to me. I would have risked everything just to be with him. And he did the same. He even moved to my town so we can be together. But we had big problems because of my family. We had to go true many things and it only made us stronger. But the day came… when we had to go on different paths… my parents really hated him. We were going to get engaged before the summer of 2016… but my parents made me choose between them and him…. that’s where I had to start from the beginning and he continued his own life… without me. :( we are friends but… that’s it… and he has a girlfriend so… that was the first dream…

    The second dream… I saw it like the same week… or the next day after the first dream. So it was 2013 anyway…. It’s my birthday and mom and dad are coming home with some guest. It was a friend the knew. But I didn’t knew him… so I was surprised … he gave me a present. When I opened it there was a engagement ring. I asked “why me” … and mom and dad said that they have given him permission to get engaged with me. The man was around 25 and I was going to turn 20 or I was 20 years old… after that he took me to a very expensive hotel. There was a big bed and it was really beautiful. Then he told me that he is a prince of so other country. And we lived happily ever after… the odd thing here is that. I met a men… he is 24 now. He is going to turn 25 before I turn 21 this year.. he is from another country, he is born in the same month and on the same date as my ex… and because I asked him how old is he …he asked me to gess and I knew… I knew without him telling me … I knew his age and date of birth … it’s just really creepy … and I just know what is going to happen next.. it’s too much… and no one believes me… even when I tried to talk to my sister or my mom… no one believes me… and I’m just really scared… oh and on top of that… I just see that he is already falling for me… couse we actually met like half an year ago… and have seen just like 3 times… well we have been texting for a week now… but everything is happening just like in my dream… everyone says that I can change my faith … but I don’t know… I believe in God… and I have been praying alot. Just I’m so confused…

  109. Jay says:

    I dreamt that I was talking to or kissing a girl that I went to high school with six years back . When I woke up I had a missed call from a unknown number I called back sorry I text back Who is this I have a missed call from you and they wrote the name of the girl that I had just had a dream with I asked her if she went to my high school and she said ‘yes’ it was the girl that I haven’t spoken to or seen in 6 years …wow… She told me she was looking through her contacts and she didn’t know who’s number it was so she decided to call ….. After that we talked for a bit I ended up hanging out with her at a bar we started making out for a good minute and that’s it. Nothing else happened. I wasn’t even bummed that nothing happened I was still amazed about the dream and that I even saw her …. This has happened to anybody please reply … This is not a joke this is real life it’s crazy wish somebody could explain this to me ….??

    • Jo says:

      Stuff like that happens to me, except usually the things i dream about happen a few days later or months/years later. And its freaky when it happens cause ur like “I dreamed all this… O.O wat..?? Is this really happening?”

    • Jessie says:

      I dreamt on the night of February 9 that four of my classmates proposed me and now iam afraid about it because I have seen a lot if dreams which came true within a week or 2. Will this dream ce true. I’m sorry to use the reply option since I didn’t find the comment option

  110. Alexa says:

    for some reason I have dreams of death and disasters! Sometimes good dreams. I had a dream that my boyfriend died. I told him he was going to die. To be careful. Of course he didn’t believe me. In my dream it show me how he was gonna died but when I woke up I couldn’t remember I only remember seeing him in a casket and me crying. A month later he died in a car accident! I felt so guilty because I couldn’t remember how he was gonna die . I kinda figure out how my dreams work! If I dream of someone in a casket! They are gonna die ! If I dream someone saying they died! They get really sick. I just had a dream of something that’s going to happen in politics ! I am scare to explain to much details in my dream. One good thing that I dream today was that the BRONCOS are gonna win the super bowl!!

    • Steffen says:

      The Broncos totally won the Super Bowl….

    • charlene says:

      I also have dreams that come true,it’s not freaky anymore.. And I did know the Broncos would win by a landslide the day before the game,should have made a bet on it,,,lol
      My dreams usually happen within 10 yrs,just like the Concord that went down, I dreamt about it 10yrs before it happened. I SEE IT AS A GIFT, I am spiritual in believing in God, but I believe that we all have gifts to use to benefit our lives and the world.

  111. jake says:

    I had multiple dreams that came true and it all started when I was around 10 years old.

    1st. I joined a sports club and we where playing our first match the next day. I go to bed and I had a dream where I was playing in the game and I made a huge mistake.. and the teacher flips out, well the next day I was playing in the game and everything happened in the exact same way facial expressions and all.

    2nd. I was about 18 years old I had a dream where my grandfather got really sick and he was taken to the hospital via ambulance ,in my dream I see my grandfather in a hospital bed intubated and everyone was crying , then suddenly he was in a wheelchair and then he was sitting and talking with me after he recovered completely . Next day I go to visit my grandfather and ask him if everything is fine and he told me he feels great. 3 weeks later my grandfather had a heart attack, he was taken to the hospital via ambulance we went to visit him in the hospital saw him in the hospital bed> intubated and everyone was crying > 2 weeks later he was moved out of ICU and was in recovery and I saw him sitting in a wheelchair and then later on visited him at his house and we were talking about all that happened. And during everything I told everyone my grandfather would be fine.

    3rd. In 2007 I was 22 years old and I was at college at the time. I had exams and was studying really hard . So the one night while passed out due to exhaustion I had the first dream in a long time that actually really scared me. In my dream I was at a garage buying some fuel so I pull out of the garage and the next moment my car does not want to move , so I climb out and everything around me was destroyed ,my car was completely rekt like it was set on fire ,buildings looked like they where blown up . So I start walking and I get to this old stadium we used to play at when we where young , so I go inside and these 2 “black” guys see me and they come sprinting towards me and I could sense the hostility in them, so I turn around and I bolt. I manged to lose them and then suddenly I got pulled into this room by this white guy. I ask him what dafaq is going on and he replies “they are hunting us ,killing every white person they can find”. He asks me what am I doing out in the open ? and I tell him ” I shouldn’t be here I was in my dorm room sleeping and the next moment I was in this place”.He asks me If I have some sort of ID on me and I handed him my wallet, and I could see he was like confused. I ask him what year it was and he replied “it’s 2020″. The fear,confusion and the loss of hope radiating from those people in the room made me sick so I ran to the bathroom puke my guts out and while on my knees I was looking down at my brand new shoes I bought like 3 days earlier and asking myself how is this possible then… suddenly I was awake back in my dorm scared shitless

    It was the most vivid dream I have ever had and till today can’t stop thinking about it. And as we get closer to 2020 ..well I don’t want it to come true

    Throughout my life I had many experiences that where I would randomly dream about people or old friends I have not seen in ages I would usually see them out of the blue in about a weeks time.

    last one : A few months ago I had like this dream that I was sitting in the passengers side of like a minivan and driving to some place with a guy I just met. In my dream this genius overtakes a transport truck on a double barrier line ,around a corner and of course we get into an accident .2 weeks later it happened the exact same way and we where in an accident.

    so those where my experiences believe it or not.cheers

  112. Julie says:

    My 10 year old son just started crying as we were doing homework together. When I asked what was wrong, he explained he had dreamed this a couple of days before. He told me in detail the exact things I had just done and said that he had dreamed. He said this had been going on for a few years but now it happens every couple of days. He didn’t want to tell me until he knew it wasn’t going to go away and that his dreams were always going to happen.

  113. Claudia H. says:

    I’m only 13 but around the middle of last year and into the beginning of this school year I’ve had dreams or moments in dreams that come true like me leaving my bookbag and talking to my friend on the bus, and we had the same conversation as in my dream or a moment in a dream. I also think of something someone will say or do, or will happen for a moment then 5 seconds to a minute later it would happen. It mostly happened when I was on vacation over the summer this has stopped for now for some reason but it still creeps me out

    • Carys says:

      I am 12 and this happens to me too…I have had deshavu from dreams years before…but just recently it has been a night before. When it happens I got so scared I fell onto the ground

  114. Darla says:

    I have been doing research on something that happened to me a number of years ago, which I haven’t been able to let go of. It was actually about 10 years ago. I had an uncle, who I was very close with. He was like a second father to me. He was a retired lineman. After he retired he worked a couple of days a week for a small, family-owned business in town, doing electrical work. One night I had a dream that he died. I dreamed he was working high up on scaffolding (which was weird because I don’t recall him ever working on scaffolding before). I dreamed the scaffolding collapsed and he fell to the ground below. I also dreamed he was hit by some of the scaffolding and died of a head injury. I then dreamed that no one could find my aunt (his wife) as she was out for the day. I remember waking up, sweating profusely. I remember the dream was so vivid I wasn’t sure if my uncle had actually died or not. I lay in bed the rest of the night, awake, talking myself through the dream and reassuring myself it hadn’t actually happened. I never mentioned the dream to my family as I thought it was rather morbid and would just upset them. The dream never really faded, though. For the next year and a half, I remember feeling like I had to really hold onto my uncle and that he wouldn’t be around much longer. It was just this feeling of dread, that he would be leaving us soon. I always tried to convince myself that I was being ridiculous. About a year and a half after the dream, it happened. My uncle was on a job, on scaffolding, about ten feet above the ground. The scaffolding didn’t collapse, but he fell off of the scaffolding, hit his head when he fell to the ground, and later died of a head injury. My aunt was out for the day and no one could manage to get in touch with her. My cousin, her daughter, had to go to the hospital and start making the decisions until they finally got ahold of my aunt. The only part of the dream I got wrong was that I dreamed that the scaffolding collapsed, when instead, my uncle fell from it. I remember thinking that if I had dreamed he died another way – a car accident, a heart attack, I could just write it off to a coincidence. Those would be much more common ways for someone to die. But, I basically dreamed exactly what happened. I’ve always wondered how it was possible to dream about something before it actually happened. I have had several dreams throughout my years that have come to pass. The other couple of dreams were of much more mundane things though.

    • Paul says:

      Did this happen on the central coast of nsw
      I saw an older guy fall backwards off scaffolding .

    • charlene says:

      Beautiful…this is awesome
      when I was about 8 yrs old I would dream of falling down a black hole,night after night,so since then I have dreams that come true, I believe having dreams that come true are a beautiful gift

  115. Victoria says:

    I have an extreme phobia of snakes. I was at my cottage on night and had a dream of a large Python slithering on me while I was chained (stupid really) but i woke up screaming. It was speaking to me but I couldn’t remember what it said. The next morning when I was walking off the dock I saw the exact same snake on a rock. It hissed at me then went into the bushes. I was never so scared in my life

  116. Anon says:

    Dreamt several dreams:

    1) My dad talking to my mum ignoring me since they were not talking to me
    2) my 6 month old daughter and sister and brother in law getting kidnapped
    3) divorced and getting remarried ( daughter in dream is 6 years old)
    4) going out with my sisters

    Although none of these have exactly come true. What has happened is that I found out
    That my husband had cheated on me. I am preparing to leave him and this emotionally
    abusive relationship of 10 years for which I have left my family for and stopped talking to them all. I believe that these dreams were a sign of what is to come.. Rebuilding my relationship with my parents, sisters and perhaps even remarrying in the future.. Who knows. It’s strange that I had these dreams after i found my rose quartz crystal… Not sure if it had any impact since is moved away from spirituality for a while.

  117. Rauto says:

    I have had several of these dreams before. I dreamed once I was at a baseball field I had never been before, go hit in the head by a baseball, and had to go to the hospital. A few weeks later I was at my sisters baseball game and realized it was the same park from my dream, except where I stood in the dream was were the referee was standing. Someone threw a wild pitch later that day and a ref had to go to the hospital. I also had a dream I was walking with a friend and she got bit by a snake. When that friend helped me move, we went to my car and she stepped on a snake. The scenario had seemed like it could be the dream, so I had been carrying a gun around all day just in case, and it was really useful. I shot the snake as soon as my friend jumped back so the snake never bit her. These are the two major ones I remember, but once a week I get déjà vu over a small details or event that couldn’t matter at all and remember it from a dream.

  118. Nastassja says:

    Did anyone have a dream about most random things?
    My first dream came true last summer.
    In my dream I saw a lizard crossing a road, surviving. On a rainy day.
    The second dream was about me passing a difficult level in a zombie game.
    The third dream occured today in the morning. I dreamt about going on a job interview and there were only 4 candidates (including me), one male.
    I dreamt these dreams a day before the events happened.

  119. Sebastion says:

    I’m 15 and this happens all the time. I’ll have a dream and it will come true the next day or in a couple of days. I’m a little freaked out and I just want to know why its happening. What does it mean? Can someone please tell me?

  120. Maggie says:

    I’m 15 and since i was about 10 I’ve had dreams about just stupid normal stuff happening, Friends or family saying funny or dumb stuff or asking stupid questions and then about 2 weeks (3 months at the latest) it will actually happen. Could this mean anything??

  121. baso says:

    the most dream that astonished me was when I graduated from college and unemployed and was in very hard times for some period. that night i dream that I saw a school friend of mine that I haven’t seen more than 10 years and was pleased to see him, and in the same dream I dream also that I have another college friend I saw him and saw myself working with him and told me about my new work.
    the next morning I had to go to do some jobs for mom I saw my school friend was driving on moto I called him and he remembered me. the same day afternoon my college friend called from abroad and told me your visa is ready and guess what after like 2 month I joined his company to work in the same company he is in. this was 10 years before.
    last night I dream some kind of car accident and in the morning my car skids and spins in the middle of the road with no accident thanks God but was terrified when was happening as I remembered the dream :)
    take care, hope only the good dreams comes true to all of you
    happy dreaming

  122. Roger Williams says:

    Dreamed that water was pouring from the downstairs ceiling then woke up the next morning and told my wife Annette about the dream. Later that day I go to change the leaking valve on my water heater after thinking I got all the water out, well I didn’t and I flooded my downstairs.. Sad day..

    • Juliana says:

      Once I dreamed that I was hit into a wall by a boy. One boy did nothing and another said are you ok. Then I woke up. When I went to school I was helping a gym teacher and it was the end of the class. I went to get my stuff and a guy went to get the ball and he shoved me into the wall.

    • Brendan Papp says:

      I have been having these dreams that come true to me exactly 1 week later. Sometimes they are simple, but sometimes it is predicting something like me meeting someone in the dream and I meet the exact person IVE NEVER SEEN this person but in my dream, the name was right to. I like this girl. One time me and others (6 others) had the exact dream. Of course one week later it came true… The first day of the third quarter at the school we had the dream all the teachers will leave early… It happened some were sick and some just left. I had another dream last night about me coming famous and starting to date a girl named Jenna Ortega. I finally did research about her, she’s real. Oh did I’d I mention I was famous because of acting. People are coming up to me and saying my acting skills are great, if this dream comes true to then I will freak

      • Brendan Papp says:

        Please help me

        • Brendan Papp says:

          I forgot sometimes they tell me a complex future telling. I act until 71 and die at 99 I get shot at my house, I marry Jenna and we have 4 kids Timothy, Alexander, Lauren, and Harry again what is happening

        • Paul says:

          I can relate to some of your things .
          Some of mine come true in around the 1 week period but I also have things that happen under the 5 minute mark. I can think of some one and they will call me within 2 minutes max. Some times under a minute. Some times a song will come into my head just doing stuff at home and put the radio on and that songs playing The radio hadn’t been on for 3 days before. I was taking my dog for walk in the bush behind our house When I got outta the house had a vision of a bushfire and thought nothing off it. 20 minutes whilst in the bush we were surrounded by fire. I have plenty more but somethings are better not shared.

  123. Chloe says:

    I recently had a dream that my dad’s girlfriend was pregnant and had a baby boy who’s name would start with the letter ‘B’. My dad’s girlfriend was showing no signs of being pregnant, so i thought this dream meant nothing. However, 2 days later my dad told me that his girlfriend had realised she was pregnant but was only very early. About a week later it had been decided that if the baby was a girl she would be named Darcy, and if it was a boy he would be named BOBBY. I am yet to find out the sex of the baby, but so far it looks like my dream is coming clearer and closer to actually happening in reality.

  124. La'Trease says:

    Over the years I’ve always had dreams that would come true over the next few months and I would tell family and friends what would happen to them and then it would happen. This week I’ve been having several dreams each night but one of those dreams would come true the next day each day. It seems to me it’s getting stronger. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

  125. Chad says:

    I have a dream , a dream from the past which i dont know their is someone killed on that particular area and dream about future events, i already saw my death ill be die at the age of 36. ,,, besides i have 2-3 times nightmares most of the night i dont know why….
    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me

  126. Rose says:

    Hi. I am 34 years old. I have had psychic deja vu dreams all my life. When it really hit me that what I had was a type of psychic -phenomena after recognizing the concrete walls as I look up from my cell bed. I can’t recall how old I was when I had the dream but as soon as I saw what I did & you know the feeling. I have many many stories. This particular one stick out to me because it was such a life changing event. After my mom passing away, I was sitting beside her on our couch we had when I lived at home and she read the newspaper quite often and I looked over and writing stated,” My nickname-Toodle, it read-” remember she is dead”,& I looked over at her and saod..”oh mom-you are dead and I hugged her and she said…for me not to worry about her. All I thought about at her funeral was how I couldn’t bear the thought of them putting her in the cold ground. I also knew and dreamt of her casket and what it had looked like-I couldn’t attend the funeral home when my brother and sister picked it out. I have 2 children. I knew before Dr told me what I was having and I knew I would need a csection. There’s so many things I’ve dreamt of but often don’t recall until their happening. I would love to get more in tune with this side of me. Thankyou.

  127. Tolu dan says:

    Dreams come true..i dont know if ita a gift but its possible to also alter it i believe..i dreamed that we wetr robbed one day…i told my friend but we didnt do anything about..two days later i was at d door going. someome opened the door pointed a gun to my head..the only reasoni couldnt escape that was becs i was chatting with a gal and it slowed me down..the phone and other things were taking from me and my friend’s

  128. Utkarsh says:

    I am these weird dreams that are coming true that I will ran into fight with my friend and actually it did and yesterday I had a dream yesterday that an earthquake will come and when I woke up I checked the news , an earthquake in Japan came . I don’t know what is happening can u please explain

  129. yesterday i dreamt that A father died. in mu dream it was my bestfriends daughter that died. But in the real world, it was one of classmate’s fathe that died. By the secont i woke up i was scooping in my phone to fine my friend telling me that the father of our classmate died…honestly i was shocked. And more after i realized that i didnt only dream that a father was dead, but i also watched a movie the night before and in that movie, a father died….. A diffrent one; Onetime i dreamt that a friend was going to shout at me in school and people are going to look at us…adnd the following day, IT HAPPENED! I belive its more than just a coincidence…i mean the same thing happend alot of other times about…5 or 6 maybe 9 times id remember but what i know that this action of me dreaming and my dreams happening in real life happend to me more that just 6 or 7 times…im scared. I dream that my mother died and….idk what to do to stop this?!. I really need help! am i a psychic?

  130. Tiffany says:

    i had an hour break from work so i took a nap and I had a dream about my boyfriend playing with this child, a child he knows, and when he got home i asked him where he went he told me all these places but the one i had a dream about so when i told him i had a dream you were here, knowing he is not to be there he said he was there and claimed i only knew that by going on facebook, i had to laugh because i knew i had that dream, i have them quite often mow and they are always true. Ialso had a dream about my sons father before he passed. He came to me and just smiled but, then i heard his brother say, (now mind you he died 8 years ago) ” come on bro its time to go” and i woke up, shortly after i get a call saying he had passed,

  131. Alice says:

    There have been many things in my life witch have pointed twords abnormal preditction..i had a dream when i was a little girl about a fire next to my house a red car had run into a pole the electric spark lit the building with in seconds i was so sure it was real i ran and woke my parents up pulling them down stares i frantically pointed to the poll but there was no dent no red car in peaces i looked up at my mother and cryed i told her we needed to go out side and tell the neighbors to get out while they could my mother told me it was just a bad dream i conitnued to cry for about an hour around 3:30 i had fallen back to sleep but woke up in the same state swareing the car has just hit the pole i woke my parents up again to there dismay we retreated back down stares but this time when we went out side we could hear a strange noise a car had blown a tire and was speading down the empty street with in minuits the red toyota had knocked the pole over the house lit up i fell down on the lawn and cryed the man who was driveing lost his life that night my neighbors got out alive but i felt responsible for it my mother and father huged me tight but i knew they didnt understand the guilt i felt

  132. Erin says:

    I have always had very vivid dreams. Last Monday, I had dreamt that I let a cat in the door, and when it came inside, I noticed its paw was injured. The next day, I spoke with my mom on the phone and she told me that my parents’ cat’s paw was injured after being outside the night before. Pretty bizarre, if you ask me.

  133. isabel says:

    I am 13 and have had several times were parts of my dreams come true. I had one just a few minutes ago, and I have one every couple of days to 2 weeks apart. I was out on the porch arranging my family’s new outdoor furniture and assigning seats when I notice I have seen this before. I cought myself before I could witness the rest of it. the dream was like 2 years ago. what does it mean? how can I ‘see the future’? why does it happen?

  134. Elena says:


  135. Maria says:

    I’ve had these psychic dreams for a couple years now. It amazes me how scary and accurate they could be. Recently I had a dream that this guy I’m talking was talking to someone else. In the dream I saw my phone seeing he sent me three pictures with him and a girl and in my dream I was saying “why is he showing me this?” Three days I find out that he was talking to a girl. I was mad at the moment but at the same time my dreams warned me. Also days before I had other dreams and each dream interpretation said someone is going to betray me. I had it coming now I feel like a psychic:)

  136. Sowndharyaa says:

    I had few dreams that came true but i culd only realize that i dreamt abt it when it happens…when i was 9 yrs old i had a drm abt a lizard and i complete forgot it when i woke up. After few days, when me and my frnds were busy talking abt something in our room, a lizard came in and everyone went crazy and one of my frnd chased it with the broom. Suddenly from out of the blue i had this weird feeling and images of the lizard losing its tail and it took me a minute to realize that my frnd had hitted it with the broom and it lost its tail. I thought it was dejavu so i ddnt take it seriously….. After few yrs, when i was 11 yrs old, i had the strangest drm in which ma mom tells me is going to join me in a tuition and abt tiles, scooter bike crush and asusual i ddnt remember until the incident….after few days my mom asks me whether im interested in going for tuition and i ddnt remember the drm that time….first day of the tuition went well…few days passed and suddenly on second week of tuition, I was staring at the tiles and I remembered my drm both the tiles were similar thn i had i really bad feeling abt the bike…..i culd feel myself shaking at that moment….few mins later I heard a honk, we went out and i saw my mother sitting in her bike with her left leg bleedung……she said she met a accident on her way to pick me and ma brother from tuition… i was totally terrified that day…..i saw it coming but i culdnt remember….since that day, whenever i hav those drms which i can’t remember, i will be freaking out for a whole week…..terrified by the fact that it may come true and i wont be able to stop it….i even had a drm of my ex-boyfriend coming to my higher secondary school annual celebration and make a huge scene since he no longer studies in my school….exactly he came on that day wearing the same shirt and staring at me…..after few mins he made a huge scene and our principal had to send him and his frnds out….this celebration was my last school day….im 18 now and for now i havnt had such drm yet

  137. Jasmine says:

    I have had several dreams like that. One of my dreams I was in gym class outside. I was sitting on the bottom bench and turned around and my cousin went walking one foot in front of the other on the top bench behind me. I had not seen her in years at this point. I watched it come true before my very eyes. I ended up going to Middle school down in Georgia for a little while and when I was there I seen it all play out in my gym class. Another dream I have had like this was not so much that the dream came true exactly how I dreamt it however. I had a dream that I was at my late great aunts house and when I was there. I had a sit down conversation with my 3 relatives. 2 of them were my great aunts and one was my grandma. In my dream I knew that my 1 great aunt and my grandma had already passed away in real life. I knew they were no longer living in my dream but it was as if they had never passed. My other great aunt Mable was there I had not seen her in years either. I knew this dream signified that her time was coming. Not even a couple weeks after that my Great Aunt Mable passed away too.

  138. I have it almost every month for 5 – 6 times and most things actually happen 2 months after most of times. If i talk to people about it they just say im insane or stuff like that and that it isn’t possible or might be a bug in my brain.

    It can’t be coincidence that many more share this point of view about this stuff.

    I think life is actually a kind of script (simple to say hard to understand), that we can see stuff ahead to prevent things for the good or wrong.

    I guess it has a purpose. It can’t be all of a sudden.

  139. Joshua Ponce says:

    Most likely you won’t see this as it took me like 3 minutes of scrolling to get down here to reply but I guess I could try well when I was about 8 I had a dream where I was going to go camping next spring and that my dad was going to get lost in a hiking trip at night well that’s exactly what happened my father had gotten lost waiting for my uncle and his son to catch up finding out my uncle and his son had gone down the wrong route and leaving my dad by himself lost fortunately he did find his way back but he had left for the hike at 12 noon didn’t come back until like 11:pm when it was supposed to be a 7 hour hike I’ve had many small predictions like what my friends would say where they would be the next day and like what I will get for Christmas which has happened 3 times which ruins my surprise when I see ugly Christmas sweaters or socks but I have actually prevented 4 accidents like me breaking my leg me breaking my arm my friend getting hit by a car and my mom breaking her hand unfortunately my grandma didn’t take the warning I gave her and she ended up breaking her arm I have a few more so reply if you want to hear or if you could help me out because most of the time whenever I wake myself up I have a throbbing headache and I see a really bright light so much it has made me faint on occasion and it happens sometime right before the event happens

  140. Denise says:

    i had one very vivid dream and part of it came true. Does this mean the other part will as well?

    To give you background, we sold our house in March 2015. It was a very difficult time as it was a short sale. I was really feeling low and my husband almost left me. One night around then, I dreamt that we had driven by our old house and the person who bought it was painting it green. Then my realtor came by and said he felt really bad about everything that happened and gave me an engagement diamond with a certificate stating the diamond was worth $220,000. I woke up and tried to figure out what the dream meant.

    Well, I found out recently that the new owner did paint the house….and it’s green!!! Not a very common color for a house so I got a little freaked out. Am I to expect $220,000 now?

    Thank you for any input

  141. Justen says:

    Ive had quite a few through out my life but my most recent one wasnt very interesting like a train crash or something magnificent. In my dream I am simply looking out my window an see a turtle sitting on this tree stump. The next morning I awoke to hearing something ruffling in the leaves. I looked outside an there was a turtle in front of the tree stump. I watched him for a bit, kinda amazed at the fact that I was seeing this turtle. Not sure if it means anything at all probably doesnt but I always enjoy these crazy situations. Most of the time im silent about these occurrences because it seems unreal but i really think its a wild an cool thing to experience. Hope you enjoy my turtle dream!

  142. Li says:

    When I was in third grade I dreamed that my grandmother in another state had died. I woke up and asked my parents what had happened to her. They said she was fine and I’d just had a bad dream. Moments later the phone rang. It was my uncle calling to tell my father that their mother had died in her sleep during the night.

    About ten years later I dreamed that my sister was in danger. We were to meet at my parents for lunch and she did not show up. Soon the phone rang and it was a highway patrolman calling to let us know she had been side-swiped by a tractor trailer truck on the interstate. She was not hurt but needed someone to come pick her up since her car was demolished.

    Five years ago, my mother went in the hospital for a routine heart procedure. My sister and I were with her before the nurse came to get her for the procedure. Suddenly, the room became very cold and my feet turned blue. We all joked about how freaky I am. When the nurse came to get my mother, I moved to touch her and instinctively told her we would meet her on the other side. My sister punched me and said “don’t say that!” An hour later, we learned that our mother had died during the procedure.

    There are many other incidents similar to this that have happened during my life. I’ve never know whether to fear this curse or embrace the gift.

  143. Daria says:

    my dreams are different than plain/train crashes. My dreams are about guys, and i really dont know why. A few days ago i had a dream that i was really close with this guy as (in the dream) he was my boyfriend. but i can see their faces for only a second and then its just a blur. but after a few weeks i actually meet them in real life; therefore sometimes i dont even know if im dreaming or not, and because of that i daydream very often. and i’m only a teenager, and i’m really starting to get freaked out. Some of those dreams are really crazy, and i lately found out that one of my best friends also has those dreams, and its really creepy, but its good to know that youre not the only one i guess…

  144. Andrew says:

    I have had dreams that have come true on several occasions. I don’t know why or what triggers these nor do I always remember the dream after I wake. Then something will happen and I remember dreaming it, usually right down to the exact detail or just a little off due to my interpretation of the dream. To explain what I mean; I had a dream that I was sitting across the table from an ex girlfriend (who at the time lived in another state and really never thought I would see again) I looked down and was wearing what i thought was a dress or skirt of some kind. Now I have never dressed in women’s clothing or ever imagined that I ever would so just dismissed it as crazy, right? Wrong. About a year later I had moved back to the state she lived in and was working as a cook. One day a server told me I had a visitor. It was her. I sat down across the table from her and the dream came rushing back to memory. When I looked down I still had my apron on. This is what I had seen in the dream. Everything else was exactly as I had dreamed it. Due to these dreams I am of the opinion that life is predestined. If anyone can “factually” explain these occurrences I would greatly appreciate knowing what causes this phenomena.

  145. Unbelievable says:

    I got this type of dream. I should get a new computer this Christmas, but all of my family members said that the shop didn’t make it on time. This night I had a dream that my mother came to me and said: “Don’t go to the kitchen, there’s your new PC, you wouldn’t be surprised.” Right after I woke up, I headed there and the PC was there…I can’t explain this to myself!

  146. Mrvica says:


    i do have dreams that often come true and it sometimes scares me as i am scared that i would dream something bad and it would come true. My last dream that came true was just this morning.

    I dreamed that i met two girls form my elementary school. One of them studied medicine and was my maid of honor this year and the other one became a lawyer. In the dream the lawer girl said that she is not happy in her profession and that she wants to quite and got for medicine.

    I contacted them both today and told them about the dream, and the lawer girl just said that today she resigned from her job as she does not want to do this anymore!

    So i wonder how can i control my dreams or predict situations?


  147. Adan says:

    I had a dream that i had a car crah and i reality it happen.. but the thing is that why the cop let us bothe walk away like nothing happen with no ticket, just told me if im able to take the vihecol back home i whant to now why ..?

  148. Hannah says:

    Hey! I have had a few dreams that eventually came true and they keep happening and getting more meaningful. In the first dream only a little bit was meaningful and there was a lady chasing me with a knife and she chased me through a corn field and the second she ran out of the corn field the dream ended. The scary thing is that I am in middle school and i wait for the bus by a corn field and the next morning one of my friends that waits for the bus in the same place saw a part of the corn field that looked like someone had ran through it! It wasn’t that big of a deal to me and i kind of just shook it off until the next dream. In the next dream the same lady chained me to a tree and set the tree on fire and i remember the moon could be seen behind the tree and the moon was huge and the the fire over the moon made it look red, this was two days before the supermoon blood moon eclipse that happened in September of 2015 and i didn’t even know about the eclipse until 4 hours before it happened due to the occasional checking of facebook. Eventually I had another dream about a teacher and she was in her classroom and she just stood there saying the name kenny over and over again and i actually still don’t fully understand it but the creepy thing is that i stay in that teachers classroom instead of going to lunch and one day she said to me that her classroom was boring and that she wondered why i ever stay there instead of going to lunch, and then a few other students walked in and started talking to her and right before lunch ended they said that her classroom was fun and that they should stay in there during lunch more often and then both me and the teacher started freaking out because of what we said almost half an hour before that. She also eventually told me that it was really ironic and that irony seems to always be at play when i am in her classroom. I also seem to have the tenancy to be at the right place at the perfect time, one day i was looking at an old video on you tube of movies that would eventually come out next year or that have already came out this year and then i walked into the living room to tell my brother about one of the movies to find that the commercial for it was playing on the T.V. he was watching. I also have an eidetic memory which most people would think of as a photographic memory and i remember thing that happened when i was 2 years old including a dream that i had when i was three. The dream was of me going to my grandfathers funeral which i actually eventually did attend.

  149. Khadija Manning says:

    HI, I have had many dreams that came true like recently one of my friends came to me with the exact same outfit and did everything exactly how the dream said it would happen or even my dreams would show up a year later does it mean im psychic or is ti just normal it really starting to creep me out.

    • Alex says:

      I had a dream of a coworker that engaged in personal affair with me but her face was a blur and in the distance was another blurry woman standing as if she was watching and in the dream I had a sense this other person in the background was sad due to my relationship with another coworker..there was a specific thing she had did in the dream which was put her back towards me and flaunt as if she’s showing me an outfit she tried on.. End of dream.. The next day this exact same thing happened with a coworker and she had did the exact same thing as my dream and it turns out we ended up having a relationship.. The exact turn around motion as if she was showing me a new outfit happend as I arrived to the event. The thing that still makes me wonder is who was the woman that was sad and blurry in the background in my dream.. I wonder is the dream that came true yet to be over. Or is the blurry woman that was sad in my dream is someone from the future to whom I haven’t ran into yet?? Idk pretty strange and so on point yet the dream that came true I feel isn’t over yet…as if I seen the future

    • Robin says:

      Back story- there were 2 internet celebrity’s that I followed on social media frequently, they were an engaged couple, (not using real names I’ll call them Tony and Kristen), I enjoyed watching their YouTube channel most of all. All of a sudden they stopped posting videos. I was honestly worried (maybe a little too worried

    • Liv says:

      Hi im liv i had a dream that me my dad and my brother ethan were drandma and grandads house. We went for a walk around the lake but me ethan and my dad were the only people walking and we we were riding on a cow around the lake all of a sudden we hit a tree covered in roots and ivy and ethan falls into the lake and his head gets stuck under the water i run and try and help him i cant get it up from the water, then i turn around and see my dad beeting up the cow i ran to my dad to stop him but he donst hear or see me then i run to ethan and i cant help him, then i woke up and started crying later on that dad i went to my dads house and my grandma and grandad turn up then they start to talk about going for a walk around the lake i refuse worring abiut what would happen i dont know if this is just a coincidense but it was freeking scarey. Could my brother of died please reply

    • Luciano says:

      Hey Everybody,

      My mom is starting to really freak me out. She had a dream. She died in this dream.
      I will tell you the events that occurred in her dream. I took down some notes.

      1.She fell asleep thinking of the song “You are my sunshine” and she woke up hearing me sing “you are my sunshine” very randomly. Immediately when my mother awoke, I began thinking of this song and felt the urge to sing it. Very weird.

      2. The next thing that happened in her dream was that my little brother, age of 9 crushed his toes underneath her bed. Her bed is defective. The next thing that happened that morning, my brother crushes his toes underneath the bed and begins to bawl.

      3. My mother cannot really remember what happened next.
      This is the stage that is happening right now. Me looking stuff up trying to learn as much as possible on these events. Time: 1:41 pm

      4. The next thing that happened in her dream was this:
      she was on the Champlain Bridge (if you live in America you wouldn’t know what that is)
      she was in her car alone. ( This bridge is very unstable. Warning of it collapsing.) Well, the bridge cracks right through the middle and she sees herself falling. Off the bridge. She was trying to find a way to survive the landing. The date and time were pretty much exactly the time of right now: winter, afternoon.

      I would really appreciate it if someone were to help me out here. What does this signify?
      According to her dream the next event is her falling off the Champlain Bridge. Lol.

      Thank you for your time.

      -Luciano Bossa

      P.S. if you have any information that could maybe help me out my email is

      instagram: weird_posts_lu

  150. Isaac says:

    I’m new to this website but thought i should share, i’m 16 and i have been having dreams of random things like a receiving something or meeting someone and then a few months later it actually happens and then i will soon after have another dream that i feel like is really happening and then wake up and it happens a few months later its weird but i do want these dreams to continue

    • Charlotte says:

      I get that too and its really creepy and when they come true it makes me feel like im going to faint or something. And when they come true I see it exactly how I saw it in my dreams.

  151. Kylah says:

    Well I had a dream that my best friend took me to a cold place at the far right of the school. I took around a week for it to come true, but he told the same words in the dream “I’m gonna take you to a magical place”. You don’t believe I had day dream that I would crawl around the desk because I dropped something and the teacher didn’t care and I was talking to my friend. After a month a dropped my eraser on the floor and the teacher didn’t care and my I crawled over to my friend and started talking. I got scared and I shouted “Lord!” in the middle of class because It was weird, but scary. My best later said to me later that day…”Welcome to the Dreams-cape”.

    • lovely valentina says:

      in my perspective i dont think tht this is true. i mean come on what your telling us is completely confusing. like be more descriptive of what your putting that way ppl understand what your trying to say.

  152. Nick says:

    Hundreds, if not thousands of dreams that came true. After having them for half my life, I’m thirty now. When I start to realize one is happening I try to change it. Sometimes it’s over before I suddenly recall. But graphic detail of just general conversions, occasions, nothing too specific
    The one craziest one, I went to see the movie called vanilla sky, in theatres, for the first time. Five minutes into the movie I realized I had dreamt the entire movie in vivid detail, which I then explained to the person I was with and was absolutely right about everything I said.

  153. Kathleen says:

    Hi all,

    I have had many dreams that have come true over the years. I remember having this discussion with my friends in school cause it kept happening and I wanted to know if it was just me? Turns out it was just me I told them about one of my dreams involving all of them and what happened in it. That very day everything I had said down to their results in a school test I was right so much so that one of them asked our teacher their thoughts on dreams and them coming true. Needless to say he said about de ja vue and coincidence but they did not believe him. As for me what ever it is I’m so used to it at this stage it’s second nature for me. I don’t have horrific dreams about death or accidents. It’s nice to see that it is not just me and it has happened to others. Seeing things before they happen is something that I am greatful for. Sometimes it gives me comfort. One time when I was 8 my granny was in hospital. I did not know this at the time but I seen her come to my house and what she was wearing when I told my parents my mother said it was nothing. When my grandmother did get out of hospital and came to visit us she had made a purchase of new clothing the exact same that I had described to my mother and father. Maybe seeing that I was supposed to offer comfort to my parents that she was going to be ok. Maybe it was coincidence or de ja vue.

  154. Alicia says:

    I had a dream the other night that I was driving to work on the same route I always take, when I looked out of my window I saw a man lying on the ground, he looked hurt and wasn’t moving. Nobody seemed to notice him at first and I remember panicking that I needed to pull over and check he was ok but then I saw people rushing to his aid. The dream seemed to end there it was very short and to be honest I didn’t really think much about it the next day until I sat down to read the newspaper on my lunch break and there was a story about a guy that had been found injured that night on the same road that I had seen him on in my dream the only difference being that he was found at 1.50 am and I’m my dream it had been daylight. Found it quite spooky that the night I dreamt it is the night a man was attacked and left on the same road as in my dream.

  155. Jahnae says:

    I had a dream about one of my family members had hit the lotto . Which really happened and I thought to myself its just a coincidence but when i had another dream I said to myself i have to do some researching and here I am sharing my experience.

  156. russell says:

    I have these one the regular and it gets quite annoying. The reason I say it’s annoying is because I’ve already seen what is going to happen to me in my future when I die. I’ll be jogging in die from a heart attack. Anyway, The thing is, I seen my self winning the lottery to but I just don/t know when. But up onto that point of me winning the lottery I’ve been having dejavu moments on the daily. At first I was kinda of freaking out, even started to question my insanity. But nope, I’m definitely sane last time I checked but the point is… this gift feels like a trail to the purpose of life… if anyone else feels they have an answer to this gift let me know.

  157. Anahita says:

    i don’t know if my comment will get showed beneath all the comments above. but still i have to give a try.
    i have been in this condition since my childhood. when i was able to feel pain based on life events instead of breaking toys. 80-85 percent of my dreams comes true. and i don’t know if anything is wrong with me. most of the time i get upset after this bad dreams. and have a hard time getting out of the bad mood. my mom knows that. and few of my close friends. almost everything i’ve seen became true. i would like to mansion few of the events. i knew my sisters first child will be a daughter. because i saw it when i was like 18 years old. and after 6 years it came true. my aunt had a accident, a saver one. i saw some of hints about it. before my detachment with my romantic interest, or the boy i really liked, i saw him on willing leaving me, and thats what really happened. i don’t know why i still dream of him even though he does not talk to me anymore. i dream he is having a bad time in most of my dream. and i wonder if he is really in trouble.
    few days ago, i saw my friends mother had an accident. and it was true. my other friend mother had.
    i don’t know where am i heading. sometimes i wish i had good and positive dreams so that my future can turn out better. the feeling makes me cry. all the time. feels like i have the ability to see what is going to happen but not control.
    i wish there was more explanation for this. don’t know if i want to stop this, but surely wish i was more prepared for this.

  158. Shannon says:

    I had a dream where I was at my uncles house with my cousin and while he turned left then I woke up immediately then two days later it happen i was at my uncles house watching TV and my cousin turned left then my head just pulsed and went light headed. I told my cousin about my dream, he believed me and I keep having these psychic dreams like twice a month.

  159. Alexis says:

    I had a dream when I was 14. It was of my in a house surrounded I had never seen before with two women around me with blurred faces and muffled voice. The younger of the two was on the phone calling for an ambulance, crying hysterically. Her voice was no longer muffled and she was pleading for them to hurry, begging me not to die. The older woman had such old hands, they were so cold. One hand was gently caressing my face while the other kept my head back. I heard her say, “please be alright.” The ambulance finally get there, I grab one of the emts and said, ” I am the ever growing starfish.” I get into the ambulance and ask the younger woman to ride with me, she agrees. The emt is setting up an IV, I turn to the woman and ask her to sing our song. She begins to sing through her tears Row Your Boat. She hesitates to sing the last line, I look at her blurred face and tell her, “It’s okay, finish the song.” Crying harder she sings the last line. I die.

    7 years later:
    My girlfriend of 2 years and I are staying the night at her grandmothers. Next thing I know, my girlfriend is calling an ambulance for me, begging me to stay alive. Her grandmother’s cold hands pressing a wet rag to my forehead asking me to be alright. Everything I had dreamed all those years ago became my worse reality. My girlfriend and I are in the back of the ambulance, she sings Row Your Boat. Luckily, when she sang the last line the emt who was setting up the IV pushed a drug to counteract what was in my system.
    I dreamed and watched myself overdose. I have never told her about this crazy dream I had so long ago, that was until it became our reality.

  160. Monsceratt says:

    I had this experience when my dream come true the next day, I told my friends this and they thought I was going crazy so they told someone to talk to me about this.

  161. Laurie says:


    • Laurie says:


  162. Micah says:

    Most of the dreams that come true for me happen to be about guns.
    The first dream that I had was really more symbolic, since a couple weeks later it came true during school. The dream was where I was being held hostage by a guy wearing a dirty white pillow cover on his head, but I managed to disarm him. When it came true, we heard news of an unfounded rumor that a gunman wearing body armor was walking around the neighborhood with a dog, so we went into soft lockdown. Just last Sunday, another dream occurred where I was in a location I assumed to be Disneyland California, about 50 miles from San Bernadino. Suddenly, some guys with long barrel guns showed up and started shooting. I heard at least one person yell “Allahu Akbar”. Today, I learned that one of the culprits had pledged allegiance to the Daesh.

  163. Brett says:

    I have dreams about events that come true in real life several times a year. So far none of the events have been any big events and are just events I’ve encountered in my life. However the events aren’t ordinary everyday event as there’s some unique event, or thing. For example, I had a dream that I was running along the bike path towards my home in Chicago and I encountered a greyhound type bus off loading a bunch of police men and they were cheering the guy in front of me on because he was running barefooted on the paved path. A couple of months later I encountered that very situation in real life, as a bunch of police academy recruits were doing something at the park and were unloading their bus at a weird spot and they were crossing the running path. Sure enough, the guy running in front of me didn’t have any shoes!

    The thing is, when I have these premonition dreams, they don’t happen a day or so later, as it can be a year later, but I have a good memory and can clearly remember the dream. I think I remember them just because there’s something unique in them, but not so strange that it couldn’t be real. I’m a very visual person and think more in images, not words. It’s different than Deja Vu as I’m 100% certain I’ve had the dream and remember doing so — although I’m sure I would have a hard time pinning down the exact day I had it.

    Sometimes I remember right as it’s happening and others it takes me a little bit. My theory is that everyone dreams of the future, but they don’t consciously remember doing so, so when they encounter an event they dreamed about they get Deja Vu because their subconscious remembers the dream, but the conscious mind does not.

    After having this happen several times, I considered keeping a dream log as proof, but decided against it because the events I’ve remembered dreaming about weren’t of much importance, and I thought it would disrupt my sleep. I love to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night to write detailed intelligible diary entries would be maddening after awhile. If I was dreaming about important world events that I could possibly prevent, then it might be worth doing.

    I think it’s cool when it happens, but I know that closed minded people don’t believe me when I tell them. It cracks me up that some closed minded people think they KNOW exactly how the universe works and there’s no such thing as.. . I tend to avoid these types as in my opinion their eyes/minds aren’t truly open and their scared of anything different.

  164. Dhyey says:

    yeah sometimes I have psychic dreams. It all started when I was 5-6 yrs old, when I saw our Guru (spiritual teacher) dying. Next morning I told my mum about that, but mum didn’t took it seriously. Three days later, we got news of our Guru’s death and mum got shocked that time. Then few months after, my grandpa’s brother was in hospital breathing for his last days because of cancer. Nobody knew when he would die. But one night I had dream in which I saw a scene of just 2-3 seconds. The first thing I saw was a clock timed of 4:05 pm and doctor tells, “he is dead.” Next day I knew about it so I told my grandpa. That day afternoon my dad who was in hospital with patient called my grandpa and told him that his brother just died at the exact time which I told him. Then many times I see some scenes of just 4-5 seconds and next day it comes true, like once I saw a heavy rain and a strong stormy wind and I was in my living room. Next day was very sunny and no one would imagine rain that day. Also rainy season was at least 1 month away. But suddenly climate changed, sun got disappeared and winds started blowing strongly and rain came heavily. The scene came true and I was in the living room also. Then many times I see some buildings which I’ve never seen before but next day I see that. My recent experience was I saw a scene in which my dad tells my mum that his cousin’s engagement is decided on 26th Nov. Next day when my dad came from office, he tells my mum that his cousin called him that day afternoon inviting for his engagement which is on 26th Nov…. I don’t know how it comes.

  165. Julia-Claire says:

    My dreams are not as formal or important as a few in the above comments, but I feel the need to share them anyway.

    DREAM 1:
    A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was in my classroom. For privacy reasons, the girl in my dream will go by the name ‘Jane’, although that is not her real name.

    I was sitting towards the right side of my classroom, and I was handing a present to ‘Jane.’ The gift was wrapped in Christmas paper. This is all that I remember about the dream.
    When I woke, I thought absolutely nothing of it. But then a few days later, we found out who we would be buying for for our class ‘Secret Santa.’ I pulled a name out of the box, and it was ‘Jane.’
    I’ve bought the present, and wrapped it, and it’s been placed under our class’ tree. She hasn’t opened it, but I wonder if that is how it will happen on the day.

    DREAM 2:
    I also had another dream a few days ago. I recorded this in my dream journal because I felt as though if it did happen in real life, it would be a big thing, and I wanted to have people to maybe know that it may happen.

    In this dream, I was watching the news. It said specifically: “One Direction’s anniversary tomorrow.” This let me understand that in the day inside of my dream, it was July 22nd. I unfortunately do not know what year it was.The local news presenter, Jennifer Keyte was on the screen and talking. I stopped watching, and looked out of my bedroom window. I can see the buildings in the city ( Melbourne ) from my bedroom window, and I saw that they all had the Canadian flag projected onto them. I only dreamed this a few days after the Paris Attacks, so that could be why I dreamed about it. But why Canada, and why July 22nd?

    I told a few friends and family members about this, but they all called me crazy. But if this does happen, my dream could be a warning.

    My dreams have come true in the past as well. For example, when I was around 10 I dreamed that my sister would be in hospital at some time in April, and again, the year didn’t really pop up at any point in my dream. Then in April this year, my sister broke her collarbone while she was on school camp and was sent to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

    These dreams may just have a personal meaning or message behind them, but I still felt the need to share them. Thanks for reading :)

    • Julia-Claire says:

      Also, if I might add, I remember having a psychic feeling one morning. I woke up at around 2 in the morning, and I felt this strange sense. I remember thinking ‘Someone has just died’ and I couldn’t get back to sleep. It was like that person was connected to me or something. It was really strange. There was this picture of a man in my mind. He was young, and had brown/blonde features. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was really scary for me, because I had no idea who the young man was.
      Then I finally got to sleep, and woke up at around 8. I went downstairs and my father, who reads the newspaper on his iPad every morning, didn’t realise that I was there. He said to my mother that the coach of the Adelaide Crows (AFL Team) coach was killed by his son at around 1:55. I remember getting really freaked out, because that was around the same time that I woke up, but also because when a picture of his son came up on the T.V, it looked exactly like the young man that I couldn’t recognize.

      I didn’t tell anyone about this, but it was a really weird experience.

      This isn’t exactly a dream, but is also a little bit of a psychic experience that I have had in my life. I am only 13, so I don’t really know what to think about any of this.

  166. Chaotician says:

    Ever since i was a small child,iv been getting dreams which turn into reality exactly the same way i had seem them…not a single change so far…. also,the frequency of such dreams is really high…. few turn into reality the very next day.few after years..even if i have a 5 minute nap n i dream of something,that often turns into a reality….is it the ability of our brain to calculate and configure the future events by simply organiing the present data it has? DO Help!

  167. Megan says:

    – That was my dream. As I was dreaming about waking up, I was waking up on my couch (in my cognitive state), where I had decided to take a nap after studying for a long period of time. I live with my fiancé and two roommates, who happen to be great friend to us; even before we all lived together. Anyways, as I woke up from my dream I had this feeling something bad was about to happen. I felt extremely nervous as I stared into my kitchen at the cupboards; my mind filled with confusion about reality and dream state. Moments into my daze my roommate, who had seemed to be on drugs and/or possessed by something in my dream, had closed the door to his bedroom and walked down the stairs. He proceeded to walk from the living room to put on his shoes and go out the side door into the garage. Before walked out the door, without thinking about it said, “Hey ____”. He looked at me all bug eyed, but kindly, and replied, “Oh, Hello.” He started rambling about some trail mix he was eating then walked out the door into the garage.
    Since that dream, I have felt strange when I am with him alone. I feel as if he had done this creep violation in real life, but just never talked about it. It is a strange feeling and something in my gut keeps telling me to be careful. My dream was about 4 weeks ago; since then, it almost has seemed like he’s been belittling me and always tries to argue with everything I talk about that I’m currently learning in my college courses. ( I am a talkative person and love sharing the information I learn with people around me).
    Now, _____ has always been a great friend to me. Since that evening of my dream though, it seems like he has some kind of hatred towards me. I have not even told him about my dream. I would not want to offend him with such disturbing content in regard to what I had dreamt about him doing to me. It was has been about 4 weeks now, and today something so strange happened I almost went into a panic attack.
    -My fiancé was at work my 2 roommates, a friend of theirs, and I had all been smoking in the garage. My friend ___ ( from the dream) and I were sitting next to each other in the circle of chairs we have set up. Maybe _____ didn’t think I’d mind or thought he was smooth, but he had put his foot on top of mine like we were playing footsy or something. I felt so awkward I just looked away and waited for him to move it. After a good 20 seconds of feeling utterly uncomfortable I decided to move my foot myself. We acted like that didn’t happen then a few minutes later I went back inside. Now I’m here typing this.
    I feel as though something bad is going to happen. I know that he is using meth ( I do not neither does my fiancé or our other roommate) and something about him is changing. It is as if I am slowly starting to perceive him as the man in my dream. I feel like he is actually going to do harm to me in my future. I cannot decide if I am experiencing abnormal thinking or if my senses are trying to tell me something.
    Any input would help. I am feeling nervous. I cannot believe after years of friendship.. right after that dream, he behaves inappropriately towards myself and his friend (my fiancé). I have locked myself in my room… and I’m about to break out to grab food.
    Say something lol
    tell me i’m crazy.
    get a life
    anything. I just need opinions other than my own on what is going on en mi cabesa

  168. Keith says:

    I have dreams that come true all the time. Whether it be something that someone does in a video game, or simply me dreaming about sitting down with family or friends just watching a movie or something. I’ve had about 20 dreams come true or maybe even more probably. I never really found it a issue till now. Well not really an issue. Thought it was a phenomenon to be honest. But now reading this article I can see a lot of people have the same power. Crazy how everytime I have a dream and wake up, I say to myself, “I hope this one comes true”.

  169. Ash says:

    I have experienced vision that comes true for several times in my lifetime. Well, I have no idea how it happens so I would just say “deja vu” when I feel I had been into that place/situation. If this is psychic thing, is it possible for me to control it

    • leon says:

      Hello ash , i have these same dreams many times since about 11 years i am now 22. You have a dream you completely forget about , then later down the line you remember the situation most of mines are like quick pictures of random things..then you get s strong feeling as if youve seen it before in a dream. .. many people lie about this ability but i can tell yours are real. I have the answer you seek ash. These dreams have lead me tp believe nothing happens by accident. . Everything thing that happens , happens at a specific time dedicated for it to happen. You want to control this ability but it has side effects .we are not meant to have control over these abilities. But ive found a way to have them more often.. you need a drug to unlock a part of your brain. This drug is LSD .. ive told you what has need to be said ash. Remember everything happens for a reason … the rest is up to you.

    • Jay says:

      I have experienced the same thing ,.. didn’t really like what I saw in my dreams sometimes so I try void it

    • Juneau says:

      Yes, when your visions come into your mind they are an energy that you must grab ahold of using your third eye in the left side of your brain near the center. That is your psychic eye that takes time to process muddy scenes. The more open the energy is flowing from the person, or object the better you can see and understand what is going on in each scene. The most strongly associative emotions will be the first you pick up on they are the energies already existing in the object of person. You can break down very serious events that occurred to that person or when they felt strongly. By asking questions to the person or about the object you can easily decipher your visions and with more practice you will be able to access another dimension surrounding the person or object. It takes about 10-20 minutes to frame and create a vision then about 10 to decipher with the person. Don’t overthink or assume. Use the facts. This is how I give psychic readings to strangers. Only works if they have free flowing and not constricted energy. Not sure how I learned to do this, I also have psychic dreams. Once I swam in the Galveston ocean before the storm that destroyed the city hit. I was boogie boarding and caught a dangerous wave. It threw me on the shore and the board string tied around my ankle and pulled me beneath the tide. For a second I pondered what would happen if I never stood up and let the waves wash me away as I was caught under a powerful tide. Suddenly I pressed my elbows into the sand and shoved past the current into the open air three feet above me. The storms waves were so powerful, I could’ve drowned and gone forever. I went gown remembering this exact moment of the waves in the powerful storm pulling at my spirit and began experiencing lucid dreaming, night terrors, and some mind reading but mostly psychic visions. Once when my cat of 13 years died, another of an infidelity. I’ve had many about the world ending and running from the government. Highways crashed into service roads and people on fire running towards me. I am merely a teenage girl.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t know how to add a comment so I’m just replying. I’ve had dreams like this since I was a kid (I’m 26 now). I had a lot of difficulty differentiating real life from my dreams because the dreams would come true. There was one dream as a child that I had where my sister got bit by a neighbor’s dog. I told my sister to stay away away from the dog the next day and the neighbor actually scolded me for “spreading rumors “. Shortly after, the dog but my sister, exactly as I dreamt it.

      Years later, I would have these dreams ALL the time’s mostly about stupid things, like a boy I liked kissing me or something like that. Those small dream occurrences continued as a weekly event throughout college. I thought they were coincidental, but then one night I had an extremely vivid dream. It was about Billy Mays. It was strange already because who dreams of Billy Mays? I dreamt that he passed away. I woke up the next morning, and was eating breakfast with my roommates and telling them about my dream. One of my roommates turned on tv and it was all over the news that Billy Mays had died. THAT dream completely freaked me out.

      Fast forward a few years and a new career later. I am currently in my final semester of nursing school, I had a dream that I received a 59% on a test. This was very odd and I blew it off because my test average is 94- so I knew it was a dream that couldn’t come true. I took the test and my score popped up as a 59%. I was in disbelief.

      My question is why do these come and go for me? What is it that makes me have these dreams? I am able to realize when I’m dreaming sometimes and therefore change the outcomes of my dreams, but not with these. Is there a way I can take control of these dreams?

      As a side note, I also have other weird things happen to me. Like sometimes lights in a house will all shut off or blink a couple times before shutting off completely. It has happened To me in multiple homes, on multiple occasions for no reason. Anyone else have any other strange things happen to them aside from premonition type dreams?

  170. Courtny says:

    I had a dream of a test and I wrote down what I saw. I headed off for school and we had a test and it was the exact copy and I chose the same answers I did in my dream. Another time was, I dreamed of a friend coming back after moving and a week later it happened.

  171. Fara says:

    It’s so fascinating to read how many of you have gone through the experience of premonition dreams. I have had them throughout my life as well. Some mundane as many of you mentioned and some that were powerful omens or significant events. I’ve always had an active dream “life” and they’re full of symbolism. It’s always so strange to me when I have friends say they don’t ever recall their dreams. One of the most ominous dreams I had was nearly 5 years ago. I was in the early stages of dating my now husband. I had a dream about him, there was nothing but blackness behind him, he was so angry his eyes were filled with hate. He was walking towards me with his arms and hands in a predatory type position like he wanted to grab me. The dream was happening as though I was looking through my own eyes at him not like watching a movie as some other dreams. I woke feeling very afraid, I had a pit in my stomach, I didn’t want to be near him. I ended up breaking up with him because it freaked me out and I felt like it was a warning. A couple of years went by and eventually those feelings faded with time. I convinced myself I was being ridiculous and it was probably nothing. (You all know how we like to dismiss it because it just seems CRAZY). I ended up reaching out to him and we began dating again. Things were wonderful in the beginning. I started to notice subtle aggressive/angry behavior about 4 months in. I just ignored it and other times accepted it. We got married and not long after is when the real abuse started. I don’t want to get too much into that because that’s not what this is about. It was about 7-8 months after we got married that my dream became reality. It was a particular fight and as he came toward me, I saw it unfold. The dream I had. Everything about it was the same except it wasn’t black behind him, it was our home. His eyes, position of his body, hands, all of it. I felt so sick and scared. The abuse continued until I got the police involved. We are still together, the physical abuse has stopped, but the emotional abuse is still going on. I share this with the hope that it will give someone else the courage and confidence to listen to your instincts, pay attention to your dreams, don’t ignore any kind of sign the universe/God gives you. Had I done that, I would spared myself a lot of pain. Premonitions ARE real, we do have them, they are gifts, and we need to so grateful that we have that ability.

    • manisha says:

      Hey FARA!!
      I must tell you that i faced a bit of similar situation but yours was more intense.
      I was in a relationship with a guy from the last one and a half year… Things were pretty cool in the starting .. But after few months.. things changed.. or may be feelings changed,. we could only talk about one thing which was breakup. Well this breakup patchup thing continued for quite long.. but then may be i got addicted to his stupid and immature behaviour that i continued this relationship just to go with the flow.

      .. One day i dreamt of a palmreader .. He was predicting things while noticing my palm.. HE just told me that letter K is not going to b good for you.(His name starts with letter K). ANd He also said that you deserve someone better or different u can say.. Well such kind of dreams, which could say something is not going to be good from his side, kept popping up..

      I decided to avoid them because i felt that true love connection with him .. OR may b as it was my first relationship i was emotionally taken or something. Well then came d point where we decided to let our parents meet .. Yess I was thinking about marrying him…. well but things never go the way you want them to be.. His parents demanded dowry and behaved quite differently on the very first meeting.. AND the Most shocking and saddest part was that my guy(ex) didn’t took any stand for me in this whole scenario…

      It was hard to believe but as they say.. Instincts are always right….It has been a month now ..I have obviously ended up my relation with him.. But there will always be this regret in my mind that i could have saved myself from this ugly situation way before if i would have trusted my dreams and instincts..

      There are many more dream come true things that happened to me.. But d recent one is this only.,, SO U MUST NEVER AVOID LISTENING TO YOUR INSTINCTS, Just try to believe in yourself.. U will definitely save yourself in whatever d situation is..

      FOr U.. i must say… Do not let him do any kind of inappropriate behavior to you.. Respect yourself.. Stay strong!!

  172. VanLee says:

    I started having dreams of death at a very young age. At the age of 8 I had a dream that my brothers girlfriend died in a car accident. I dreamed that she was ejected out of the car and died on impact… I learned later that day that it was true. A few years later I dreamed of my brother’s friend got decapitated during a motorcycle accident; one of my brothers walked into my room asking if I have heard a loud *bang* and I was wide awake mumbling “he died” over and over again. I was only 10 years old. I later had a dream that my father had a bad heart attack; a week later, he had 2 strokes and a heart attack. I can sense when some kind of presence is with me and I treat him/her with the most respect and favors are given to me the next morning… Something I was about to do but forgot about; or something I wanted to get to but too tired from work that I fell asleep. I don’t know if my knowledge is too strong in belief or is this really happening? Ive been dreaming about my best friend having a girl (she is pregnant) but she wants a boy.

  173. Julia says:

    I had a dream that my dad was dead and he died the same day it was very sudden. This one is even crazier….. I had a dream my grandpa died when I opened my eyes I told my sister about the dream (we shared a room) and she says that’s weird as soon as those words came out of her mouth my other sister walks in the room and says grandpa just died!!!!! :/ I feel bad it has happened to me twice!!!!!!! And those 2 dreams are the only dreams I have ever had where somebody dies! In the dreams it’s not A dream where they die it’s just a dream where I fully understand that they’re dead.

  174. Kylie says:

    I have always had a ‘knowing’ gift. Can’t explain it. Had dreams as a youth of being held down, immovable except for eyes, dark shadow people above me. Would wake upside down on my bed. Would be spiritually attacked in my dreams.

    Recently my dreams have come to me a symbolism I have to figure out afterwards. The first was week before the Boxing Day tsunami. In my dream I was i the basement of a building and there was an earthquake. I got above ground to find 3 buses piled upon one another against the building. I couldn’t figure out how that happened. There were no people. I found a suitcase. It had 12 eggs in it. I found another person alive and opened the suitcase to show the eggs – they had multiplied to 26 eggs. Then I woke. When the tsunami actually happened I realised how the buses got piled up and the eggs – 26th day of the of the 12th month.

    The next was earlier this year. I awoke KNOWING it was a premonition and told friends/family to help me fugure it out. A friends farm/backpackers had thieves stealing stuff. I looked down and there were 3 eggs, one was broken. The next week 3 motorcycles were stolen from my friends farm. One of the thieves fell off and died.

    Last week I dreamed of a 3 storey house/building lifting into the air and exploding into 4 parts like it was in a hurricane. I felt it was a premonition. A few days later the Paris terror attacks occurred. I didn’t think of my dream – until thy shows a picture of the Bataclan Theatre. That was the building in my dream.

    What I don’t understand is why all this symbolism is used in my dreams. Most of these others I have read about are exact in detail but mine aren’t.

    I believe this is a gift but what good is it if I can’t help those who are living or dying?

    How can I communicate directly with those sending me these dreams?

    I wish kind blessings to you all and most especially to those touched by tragedy.

  175. Charlotte says:

    I’m not a spiritual or religious person. I don’t really believe in all this stuff, which of course begs the question – what am I doing here? As much as I try to convince myself it’s coincidence, I have had two dream premonitions in my life. The first was several years ago and was very mundane; the dream was just about a regular geography lesson. I went to school the next day, and that geography lesson happened. It was like really intense déjà vu – I could talk along with people as they spoke, because I knew what was going on because, for me, it had happened before. Then, about a week ago, I had a dream that I’d forgotten to set my alarm for college missed an entire half of the day. As I am a very academic person, it was a horrible dream but I soon got over it. Then, yesterday, it happened, exactly as it had in my dream. I’m not sure what to do with this ‘power’ or whatever you’d call it. It just seems too far fetched for me to accept, and yet I know that it happened. Someone call Mulder and Scully, this is some supernatural stuff!

  176. nicola says:

    So many of my dreams have come to be over the years of my life. I have seen any thing bad happen in my dreams but it I will see an event in my life during a dream a year or three in the future. The first one a remember was from when I was about 10 years old.

  177. Rachel says:

    For a few days I felt like my boyfriend cheated on me, I had no idea why I felt that. I wasn’t going to start an argument if it wasn’t true and I thought I was just thinking something untrue. A few days later I find out that My boyfriend cheated on me, and I was at school when I found out. So of course I went to see my friends after class to tell them what happened and as I was telling my friend I remembered I dreampt of that exact moment, feeling that emotion, wearing the same clothes, and the same spot. EVERYTHING. And that explains why I felt that emotion but had no idea why. I kept a drram journal for a while but stopped, but I also lucid dreamt a few times

  178. Christine says:

    I want to start by saying that I’m not crazy. This has been happening for a long time but at first it was just little things. Like 2 years ago I was bullied a hell of a lot by this one girl and I had a dream that she tried to push me over the rail on the stairs at our school. I didn’t think too much of it, just a mix of paranoid and a nightmare. But about a week later it actually happened. I didn’t fall over but so of my books and stuff feel about 2 stories and I caught myself on the rail (which was the only reason I didn’t go down). And it terrified me and I screamed and was freaking out and everyone was like “its okay it’s okay well help you were got your stuff you’re okay” and no one knew why I was panicking so much but yea. And little things kept happening more and more. And about a week and a half ago I had a dream and I wasn’t a part of it. I just saw people running and screaming and people with guns and explosions and people crying and it wasn’t like in my own town or anywhere I’ve ever been and it was like terrorism….. And then there were the attacks in Paris. And I saw a video that was almost the same as my dream and I’m freaking out so much I feel like I’m going insane. And last night I had a dream that there was some kind of accident in new York city but I only saw like the aftermath not the actual thing and I’m so freaked out now like my dreams don’t always happen but my sister lives in new York city and the thought I’d scaring me so bad I’m panicking and I don’t kknow what to do. And I had a “daydream” in English class today when I saw this girl who hates me for completely irrational reasons (like it’s undebatable that it’s ridiculous) and we have this huge history and all this other crap but that she attacked me and I’m not so much scared but freaked out right now someone please help me I feel like um losing my mind

    • Samantha says:

      Yo don’t freak! I have no personal experience with this stuff but it looks like your not alone. And you should really tell someone about being bullied. It is not ok. There’s nothing that should make you feel like it’s ok. And it needs to stop. I would love to hear about your dreams if you want to tell me! And I woul like to hear more about this dream of nyc please. People very important to me work and live there.

  179. Abbey says:

    Mine isn’t exciting. This is the first time it’s happened to me and I’m 12. Well I don’t remember my dreams but my dad asks if I do because last night I talked in my sleep I said no stop it stop it stop it no and the next day i said it while my friends tried to push me off a chair. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or I’m one of you but now I’m fracked out. What if I start to remember my dreams. What if I get the chance to warn someone that they could die but I miss it. I’d feel so bad.

  180. Jake says:

    Had an unusually vivid dream last night, in which I was back in my hometown (small town in Kansas). In this dream, a tornado was about the take the town, and eventually did. Now I didn’t watch the forecast or anything. In fact, it has been snowing where I am living now, thunderstorms hadn’t crossed my mind in months. I woke up and found it odd how real and detailed it all was. Later on that day, my dad tells me of a rare November Tornado touch down in western Kansas not far from my hometown. It is unusual to have a Tornado in November, and I find it very unusual to dream of it happening the night before it does.

    • Julia-Claire says:

      Sounds a little bit like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to me. Have you watched that movie recently? Was it a favourite childhood movie?

  181. Elizabet G (elizabeth_queen15) says:

    On Sunday October 25 I had a dream of a 7.5 earthquake, & in my dream the only ones experiencing the earthquake was me & my younger brother. (When me & my younger brother were younger we experienced an earthquake equivalent to that, we experience a 7.2 earthquake, while my parents were in Mexico.) I had told my dad about my dream & I told him that I felt a big earthquake coming soon. So while I was @ school on Monday, my dad texted me & told me that the earthquake I dreamt about was true, but it happened in Asia, that supposably the only reason I saw my brother in my dream was because I thought I saw Asians (when I was younger I use to think my brother wasn’t related to me bc he did look Asian.) & hundreds were killed on October 26, 2015. Then recently I found out there was an earthquake in Mexico, the place where my parents where when me & my younger brother actually experienced a 7.2 earthquake.

    On November 12, I had a horrible scary dream about shooting. The next day was the 13, the day there was SHOOTINGS! & bombing in France. Again I had told my dad about this dream & later I saw all over social media about Paris, & I was scared, I was confused, why me?

  182. Sallie says:

    I dreamt that someone in my school left and left a note that said he liked me and it happened but instead of the note someone told me.

  183. Jhon Tuazon says:

    Hi Im Always Having that One When i dream it And it Came True I Said Hey I Saw These before Im I Dreaming Again What the hell it happens To me 20+X is It Normal

  184. Sam says:

    I’ve felt like I’ve had a sixth sense my entire life. I just have a feeling about things and I know when things are going to happen. I don’t know EVERYTHING and I can’t read minds, but too many things have come true for it to be a coincidence anymore. About two weeks ago I had a dream I was at a very chaotic loud concert and everything started to fall apart and the place was attacked. Two days ago Paris was under attack and many people lost their lives at a comcert. I hope I’m wrong and this was a coincidence.

    • Joey says:

      I have always had a sixth sense too. Coincidentally, I had a dream two days before the Paris attacks that my son ( MP in Germany) was laying in the back of his car searching for his drivers license and pulled out a gun firmly stating the name Ismael three times. I called him that next morning and told him to avoid anyone named Ismael because of this dream. It has now been discovered that the first attacker in Paris was named Ismael and the car was an exact description of the car in my dream. I have never heard this name before but it stuck out very vividly in my dream and was like no dream I have had before.

  185. Makayla says:

    I know that this is not very pleasant but I have been getting tonsil stones in my tonsils – I dreamt that they all came out of my mouth and into my hand in the shower (my left hand) – the exact same thing happened last night- they all came out into my left hand with the same lighting and visualisations as the dream.
    What was the point in that? i don’t know lol but i’v had many dreams in the past (but not daily) that tells the future. Maybe this random dream about having tonsil stones falling into my hand was self proof from a higher realm that I have the ability to PREDICT things?
    Who knows- but if so, that’s a pretty weird way to show my prediction abilitys, seeing as there are much more important things to be predicting than that?… haha

  186. Nori says:

    So my dream is not very dramatic are cool like most people but it’s strange to me. This all started when i turned 18 and i was talking to this guy. That i thought i loved. But i kept haveing these strange vivid dreams (I couldnt control) like i was their and he was cheating on me in front of me, i remeber wakeing up in the middle of the night and with my pillow soak and being mad at him cause it felt so real i also checked my phone thinking it actually happend and of course i didnt tell him this was a every night dream. Untill one day i caught him cheating on me with my friend.At the time I thought it was strange but then dreams like this keep happing. Like the most recent one of a family member of mine. I kept dreaming of her giving birth like my mind was telling me she was pregant and it was really vivd kinda scarey. And I barely see her. And then I asked her friend if she was pregant she said no. But then 2 days ago she told us she was pregant.And now my friends believes me since I was 2 months earlier with the dream.and I kinda hate these dreams cause its kinda scarey.

  187. Rachael THOMAS says:

    When I was younger I always remember my mother telling me about these dreams she had, most of the dreams were about close related family and friends, and they most likely were about pregnancies, thefts, drunks, dead, illness and abuse. A few weeks after she told me about these dreams there would be news spreading the family that somebodies pregnant or somebodies ill. So my mum eventually started telling people about the dreams shes having. most the time she helped them out by giving them that extract reassurance they needed.
    The first time I ever had a one of these dreams was when I 5 years old, my great nan, who I was very close too, in my dream had woken me up sitting on the end of my bed, it looked so real, she was dressed in white, her hair done perfectly, her nails done, wearing her favorite pearl necklace, I asked her ‘why she was here’ but she couldn’t reply, I asked her ‘what she was holding’ and she didn’t reply, she looked at me, I heard her voice clear as day in my head (but her lips weren’t moving)she said to me ‘just stay strong’. Being a 5 year old kid I had no idea what she was on about, so I woke but panicking, like I couldn’t breath or I was being squeezed, I ran through to my mum, expecting to say ‘help me or i cant breath’ but instead I said ‘just stay strong’ and my mother panicked. Then like a blast of fresh air I was fine. The next day my mum had a phone call saying my nan had passed away holding a note and necklace addressed to myself and my mum. Since that dream, I’ve been abused, rape, stalked, bullied and verbally abused, I had that dream 12 years ago. I haven’t yet found out what was on the note but apparently the content was to erratic for a child, and the necklace was given to me as dying wish. If she hadn’t of came to me in that dream when I was 5, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I think she passed away because she wouldn’t be able to bare knowing that while she was alive all this would happen to me, I think she saw it all happen before it did, she couldn’t handle the pain and stress of knowing and I think that’s when she agreed she would rather be my guardian angle ensuring I stay on earth living my full life and remaining strong.

  188. Richard says:

    A few years ago I had a very vivid dream where I fell into a vat of some type of chemical. I was thrashing around drowning in this vat which was inside some type of factory. I awoke and looked at the time on my phone and it was 3am. As I awoke I had the taste of a bleach like chemical in my mouth and it lasted bout 15 seconds it was really disturbing. I went into work that morning and read the newspaper in my lunch hour. I couldn’t believe it but a man had been hospitalised after falling into a chemical vat in a factory and it had happened the same time as my dream! I have also had dreams before where I have been walking in wreckage from a tornado and the next day on the news there was a big one in the US which looked incredibly familiar to the wreckage in my dream.

  189. Reana says:

    I have been having dreams that come true for some time now,I’ve stopped telling people because they look at me as if I’m just wanting attention or just crazy so I just stay quiet. I had my first when I was 18 and pregnant with my twin boys. I had a dream that my boys had died and instead of two boys I had a girl and boy instead in the dream. I told my mom about it she said just take your dreams backwards. Death means new life she says. A few weeks later I gave birth to my boys and they both only lived for three hours each. Not even a year later I was pregnant with twins again and I have a healthy boy and girl. A couple days before Easter I had another dream,I had a dream that my daughter had gotten shot and she didn’t make it. I woke up and logged on Facebook and seen that my baby cousin had been shot and killed in the same neighborhood my dream had. The last one I had recently was that I had a car wreck,and I needed up having one and totaled my car. Everyone is ok. I hate having the dreams now because when it happens I feel like I should have seen it coming or told someone but no one wants to listen or believe me. I wish I didn’t have dreams at all.

  190. Michelle says:

    I always have psychic dreams and they bother me so much! I feel like I’m mentally tired all the time like if i Dont Rest. I Dont think there has been a day where i Dont recall at least three dreams in one night.

  191. Gavin Haas says:

    I used to have dreams like that a lot now I get them less often. This is my reasoning to believe that we live the same life over and over again and the dreams that are coming true are actually memories. (Just my opinion)

  192. maria says:

    so ~ 1. last week i had a dream about one of my teachers and his whole entire family. i have been thinking if i have to have surgery i would ask him to be there in the operating room holding space during surgery…the next day he sent a note telling me if i need him he would be there for me. 2. my friend willy was leaving to go out of town for a job and left his beach house for us to use and take care of while he is away…we have done it before…two days ago i had a dream that he and i had a difficutl time at the beach house looking for keys and something about the keys were missing and we were looking for them and puzzled by this issue. he just called me a few minutes ago and he said he was having a contractor doing some work during his absence but that one of the keys for the downstairs was missing…he said he looked everywhere…asked me if i had it?! i said no. he told me that he had to give the contractor the only key to the downstairs and to call him when i plan to go there so i can access…omg!

  193. Melodie says:

    Honestly I had a dream two nights ago about my boyfriend dumping me telling me that he wasn’t in love with me anymore and found someone else and yesterday, which was the next day,he dumped me telling me he wasn’t ready to be fully committed to me anymore and basically he led me on for 6 months.(I think he is seeing someone else though) It’s really weird though,
    I have no idea if this is a coincidence or a Deja vu alike moment.

  194. Anon says:

    I’ve had very many dreams that have come true in the future. They have all been insignificant, however, and I have no way of telling how long a period of time stretches between the dream and when they event happens. Sometimes it’s a day or two and sometimes it’s a few months. But whenever I have these dreams, I can remember the details quite well, and always wake up with a slight queasy feeling. However, lately, Ive been terrified of dreaming like this. I started getting a series of dreams almost a year ago, and they’re EXTREMELY vivid and when I wake up the queasy feeling is so strong it’s made me sick several times. I’ve had about 8 dreams total of the event. I keep dreaming of a massive outbreak of some disease. The dreams are kind of scattered along a time line but it seems the epidemic will last several years??? I know in the dreams the disease was spread across North America, and it was airborne, but I don’t know about other countries. It seems so unlikely, I want to doubt it, but my dreams haven’t been wrong yet… I don’t really know what to do.

  195. Dannon says:

    When I was a teenager I would have dreams that were about me in the future. Sometimes I would remember the dream and sometimes I did not remember that certain dream until the event happened in the future. The problem I am having now is not the fact that I am having these dreams, but the fact I am having more of these events happening in the future that I can remember dreaming about. The frequency is increasing and it is starting to scare me because I feel like death is approaching and with my current medical state that is believable to me. Just wondering if anyone would have an insight on this.

    • Mark says:

      I had a dream just last night about a plane crash. I saw the airliner pass over me and could see it was going to crash. I was so close I could somehow hear the people inside screaming. It was as though I was outside the plane and inside the plane watching as the events unfolded. There were men in the cockpit ….or I assume it was the cockpit….and one of them was screaming “shoot me! Just shoot me now! Do it!!! Shoot me!” As I watched this unfolding flames erupted from the dash and burned the people beyond recognition. I woke up to discover the Russian airliner had crashed in Egypt.
      I had a similar experience several years ago. Again a plane crash…big airliner. I was walking among the wreckage and could smell the diesel fuel. I woke up at 5 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. When I flipped on the news a large airliner had crashed in Japan killing everyone on board.
      These are the only 2 dreams I can remember having that involved plane crashes. I find it odd in both instances there actually was a plane crash happening as I was dreaming about it.
      I did also have an apparition. I was laying in bed very late one night…not yet asleep…but in that in between state. My sister who had died 3 days previously from cancer appeared hovering at the foot of my bed. I could not see her face…only the outline of her being…it was king of glowing. I somehow knew immediately it was her. She spoke to me telepathically. She said she was okay and that I had “been with her for a long time”. I remember thinking how good she looked…not sickly or weak. I remember thinking I had never seen her wear her hair that way. I was wide awake by now and paying very close attention. Still the next morning I could not remember everything she had to say.
      There are other strange things that have happened to me I don’t really have time to go into here. I have never paid attention to psychics or thought of myself as being psychic. But I am now a firm believer in the ‘other side’.

    • zaria jones says:

      Im 15 and lately i’ve been having dreams that actually happen it weird but kind of cool.

      • Mariah Surdyk says:

        Same here but mine are creeping me out my family always get hurt in my dreams and latley they have been coming true. If the mist recent one happens I will be an orphan.

        • Julia-Claire says:

          Mariah, I hope that everything turns out alright. Just try to keep your family safe and away from anything that was in your dream

  196. Benny bang bang says:

    I have had several. They are always very bizarre and make sense many years after. I lost my dad when I was 9 but the earliest dreams I remember were at 5 with them having come true recently. I don’t know if it was a warning from God or my dad trying to help me but something is definitely there. Sometimes i’m afraid to talk of the dreams because they are bad nightmares. I don’t know if its a gift or a curse and every idiot bwitb a psychology degree wants to label people so I just shut up. But I promise you I’m not making this up. I have even went as far as to warn people but they just think I’m crazy. I don’t call myself a psychic and I’m nothing special but I do have dreams sometimes that come true but they come true in stange ways. I had a dream about a life long friend. I dreamt he died in a very strange way. And he died that exact way. I am not kidding you I saw it and that’s not it either. If it only happened a couple times I’d write it off but it started happening when I fell asleep in the snow at 5 years old. The most recent dream some guy was chasing some kids because he wanted to steal there jacket. I had a chance to get a way but tried to help and as a result he shot me. I dream about it over and over. Other stuff too. Thought perhaps I was losing my mind but I pray a lot and ask God to help me. Believe me I need god in my life.

  197. syd says:

    I had a dream that I was walking down the art hall of my high school and I got a phone call saying that my step mom had gotten shot, I remember waking up and being overwhelmed with how real it felt that I checked facebook to see if anything had happened. It hadn’t but that dream was so vivid it was hard to forget. About a year or two later I had just got out of my AP drawing class when my mom called me telling me that my step mom had gotten shot, I was immediately overwhelmed because of the news but also because I had dreamed this situation over a year ago. I have dreams that happen in reality but nothing ever significant like this before. I have moments where I know immediately after they happen that I remember this happening in my dreams. usually after having one of these dreams I wake up immediately after and think to myself that that was a weird or random dream. And as soon as the situation happens that I’ve dreamed about, I immediately recall the dream I had.

  198. Elena says:

    i had a dream on august 16th that i would go on a field trip to the aodubon with my best friend and she as in the same seat and everything else happened the same way everything i had a dream since then as come true the same way.

  199. Norie says:

    I had been having dreams about one particular child who had been missing in this world for more than 8 years. This wasn’t a one off dream, many had followed and were all connected to one another. The dream about the missing child comes to me almost every day, every week or months apart. I have more than 30 dreams altogether about the child. I have kept a journal to record all the details of all these dreams about the missing child. What had really surprised me is that I dreamed of things and then days later I come across them in this real world. The place that I had seen in my dream where I saw the child’s remain was dumped or hidden does exist someplace where the child was abducted. I had seen almost everything in my dream about what really had had happened to the child. I struggled to keep up with all these dreams. I struggled to interpret and understand all of them. I am not a Psychic or anything but now I learnt that there could be a real reason for why I keep having this dreams about the missing child. The problem is that I don’t think the authorities as well as the parents of the child will ever listen to me. These people DO NOT believe in anyone who has psychic ability. I do not know if I have this gift in me. I wish I could find someone who I can talk to, who can help and understand me. My dreams are about the crime scene and no one wants to know. It’

    • Makayla says:

      You should follow your dreams and try to connect them to the real world! Does the dream reveal the location of the remains? you may be able to trace it- but be very careful if you do- because you don’t want to be accused of anything!

  200. Dawn says:

    A week ago today I woke up at 5 am from a very lucid dream. In it there was what seemed to be similar to a huge bolt of lightning strike the ground. Two houses immediately burst into flames, one was leveled to the ground. My husband and I were in a neighbouring house and he had just told me he won 700,000 cash and we were trying to get all this cash out of the house before it burned. On our drive to work I told my husband about the dream, we of course, were more intrigued about the cash, as I didn’t dream about loss of life. Now I have continual chills up my spine when I think of what happened next.
    At 11:30 am we received a phone call, my husband’s brother’s house had burned to the ground and he was missing. Tragically he was lost in the fire. The very next day I received another call and an old friend of the family and his son were killed in a small plane crash, which also burst into flames.
    I don’t want to have more dreams like that. :(

    • Emily says:

      I had a dream where, I was walking home and someone tried to kidnapp me. The next week or so I was riding my bike home, and that whole day at school I had been oddly nervous and my heart beat was in my ears when I thought about walking home. I began to ride my bike home, and in my dream there was a black car/SUV that tried to kidnap me. When I was riding home, I came to a corner where I had to ride by to get home, and on that corner sat a black car in full detail just like in my dream. They followed me home like in my dream, and then my dream ended. But in real life they say outside until my step dad went outside then they drove away & I never saw that car again.

    • Winter_rogue says:

      Me and my one sister (me and my brother twins and my two sisters are twins) have always had something about our dreams. Every time my sister would dream me or my other sister were pregnant we would find out we are ( I have 4 kids and my sister had 4)
      I will talk about two recent dreams I have had..
      Ever have one of those to real dreams? Where you wake up all upset and you can’t shake the feeling all day sometimes all night as well? Well when I have one of those I call these my repeat dreams because they always come twice. In my first dream (April 2015) I dreams about my family and we had just found out my dad has cancer where it was wasn’t very specific just in or below the stomach area , I woke up crying .. When I finally calmed down I went back to sleep this time the dream was still about my dad but he had died from a shot to the stomach area. I still remember this dream like it just happened..I had to convince myself it wasn’t really but told my husband and family because it was so upsetting ( my dad is 62 and always appeared super healthy) until May 2015 we found out he has prostate cancer (they believe for about 10yrs without knowing) and its in everyone of his bones ect.

      One of my other recent ones from a week ago I dreamed of my baby fell on her head from high up..
      And today we found out my moms and dads baby (dog) fell and hit her head and passed away instantly.
      I do not like these dreams

    • Julia-Claire says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss :( You and your family are in my prayers

  201. morgan says:

    one time, i kept hearing my phone ring and i asked my friend “i hear my phone but i can’t find it!” and she reminded my that i left it inside and we were down the street taking a walk. about 10 minutes later when we went in, there was 2 missed calls from 10 minutes ago. over the summer i kept having this feeling that there was going to be a car accident by drunk driving, so i needed to be careful.. then a few weeks later a girl from my school was in a car accident by drunk driving in which her younger sister died. then last night i was staying at a friends, and i had a dream that she woke up in the morning and gave me a brown towel, and a blue and green washcloth. when i woke up i went to take a shower and when i opened the closet.. there was a brown towel and a blue and green washcloth. things like this have been happening my whole life. these are just some recent ones. i wish i could harness this and be able to control it.

  202. Rachel says:

    I’ve had “Psychic dreams” since I was little. It started out with a dream that the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and my dream even had the exact player who skated around the trophy and the exact manor in which the cameras followed him. Some of my dreams and events I don’t fully remember, but more recently they’ve been frequent. This past week, I had a dream that there was going to be a drug search at my high school. I didn’t think much of it, frankly I didn’t remember the dream… until the school went into lock down for a drug search. I figured that maybe I had heard it from someone. But I asked a teacher, who told me that not even the principal knew they were coming, the police just showed up. The same week, I had a dream about one of my teachers who recently left on Maternity leave due to her due date passing. I had never seen her in a dream, and she wasn’t there long. Just for me to ask if she was still pregnant, and her to respond “not anymore!” I woke up the next morning to find out overnight she had given birth to her daughter. While I can’t think of specific examples at this moment, I’ve had at least a dozen of these dreams between age 9 and my current age, 17. It’s definitely something that’s bizarre, but it also is something I enjoy having. I never know when a dream is going to turn out to be real!

  203. Georelyn says:

    Since I was a child I keep on dreaming about tsunami,that I am always climbing on a top of the building or mountain coz of strong wave or water smashed the city,until it really happened. The dream of tsunami stopped last year. And before the 33 shocks in bohol I dreamed of transferring to other world coz of a strong earthquake. And now recently Ive been dreaming alot of things and its all happening.I dunno why is it.I need some answer plz do reply. My email is also my fb account…

  204. Nightmare says:

    I have a dream about my friend i was dreaming how i was in a car in the back seat in the middle then all of a sudden the car stopped but she didn’t she flew into the front car window and broke and she was laying on the ground trying not to close her eyes but she couldn’t she closed her eyes and all went black i though it was a dumb dream but then the next day it happen she died and then someone told me how she died i was so shock that i didn’t know what to do i haven’t told anyone until this website and this was only the being

  205. Greg T G says:


    Wow over a 1,000 people who are having prophetic dreams.

    Here we go…

    I had a dream but didn’t realise it was a dream.

    My friends who lived across the street were to have their daughter at age 13 die of a heart related condition.

    My dream, revealed the medical condition about 1.5 years before it happened. It went like this…

    In my dream (not realised was dream but I have no other explanation of the knowledge), I saw my wife telling me in the kitchen that Rachel was diagnosed with an “enlarged heart” condition and had to be careful with sports activities. She was told that she would have to have an operation to make her chest big enough for her large heart at 18, if things didn’t change.

    I can still see the day that my wife told me this, just like any other memory I have of my past.

    The only problem is, my wife has no knowledge of the event. She claims our friends never told her of Rachels condition, as they were not aware she had a condition.

    I confronted my wife when this happened with the “wow, that is exactly what the doctors said would happen” response and she said, “what are you talking about?”.

    Apparently she had no knowledge and never said a word to me of this. So I can only conclude that the memory was a dream I had.

    I have had several dreams that have been prophet about children being born, sex, hair colour and number of siblings to follow, others about someone dying at the time of them dying.

    I wonder why God gave me this vision?

    Would my friends have listened if I had said something after this dream (remember I didn’t think it a dream just reality, it was that real a vision). Maybe or maybe not.

    I can’t tell them of this, as it would shatter them to know that I knew something and didn’t say anything.

    Anyone else with an experience like this?

    • Alicia says:

      I don’t know about all this dreaming stuff.. is it Prophetic!? Many here only refer to it as Psychic. I have had many a dreans as if yet only a few that have come true. You speak of some where children are being born..interesting. Their has been a comment i heard from elsewhere that if we speak of the dreams before then they play out diferently or may not happen at all. The Dream world can be a deceptive world I believe and must be held up against scriptures! Still I can not deny that you were given this dream about your friends daughter. I believe it was prophetic..God must have given it to You for a reason. I don’t think all my dreams mean much. However, every so often (mostly last 9 years I have had strange dreams). What I notice odd is when I have certain dreams I wake up feeling like im in a haze…I feel confused I got hit by a Semi!! I carry a heavy feeling for some if the day and i will remember some upon waking and then more throughout the day. Anything could trigger the remembering it. So who knows unless they all come to pass i don’t know what to attribute to ..maybe my Subconcious..possibly God, but for a future time! I have had dreams at times where there was Omninous and Dark one a Couple years ago. I had 2 guys in My life that seemed to be vying for My attention…and One I had such a lack of Peace everytime he came around. So all the time this was going on I kept dreaming about Storms and Tornadoes…I had several in a row. I was spending a great deal of time in prayer and sometimes I would hear a Bible Verse. One particular dream i had at the time. In my dream we were all in a house, Me couple other people and the one guy (that seemed to be stirring up trouble). So there were windows all around us and it grew dark and cloudy then I saw a tornado approaching..i told My friends lets go run to the house next to’s getting closer. At the same time I was concerned about my othet guy friend, but this guy said don’t worry about helping him. The tornado got closer and louder So without thinking I said I’m making a Run for isn’t safe here! I ran to the other building and watched as the tornado got closer to that house..and I had My cellphone on the coffee table (as I was looking at i had this uneasy feeling why this guy was so adamant about me being concerned for my other friend (who was also his friend) then My Cellphone began to ring…I went to answer it…When I Woke up to the One Guy (troublenaker) Texting Me and I felt same uneasy feeling I had in my dreams. I believe God was warning Me to keep a lookout for this guy. Another dream i hadhad way over year ago. So I had a guy friend that moved out West and he has a Son that I still saw at Church after he moved. In My Dream I was at Church in and I could tell his Son wanted to talk to Me..and U kept trying to avoid him (cuz I didn’t want to be upsed t about the situation)..He finally got Me to talk to him. He was tt Me about his dad..telling Me that he was going north and had to turn around and now he gad to stay there..and i said something about a car whwn he says to Me O no My Dad got a new car.Then I woke up. I never tt his son or him about the dream. So about 3 months later he calls Me after over a year having been gone and us not having talked. He asks Me if I’m moving to Florida and says he wants to move back, but if I will still be here we can hang out. He continues to tell me that he doesn’t know how soon he can move back, but insists if he could move back..the next day he would. Well it didn’t i will tell You what did. This was July 19, 2014 (i have to reverse a little bit..around this time was when O had the car dream) . So on July 20th i begin seeing pics of a yellow sports cars on his fb and I start seei g them all over town and a strange feeling everytime) But i had no idea why, but it wouldn’t go away. So Sep i never spent much time on Facebook..and i had a crappy phone so i couldn’t access or always see when people posted videos.and i was very busy. I happened to be at my sis’s on her laptop one night begin Sept and I saw videos with him in this car and said it was his parked still paying for registration. I called him that night cuz ut was his Bday to wish him happy bday..and we talked. He told Me had the car for a few months. I told him about the dream ..he didn’t rake ut well..haha ,but I told him it was the truth.. It makes sense to me now he was trying to lead Me same time he wasbuying that car. Shortly after that I saw his son at church and it was like in the dream and he told me about his dad’s car and now he was staying there. I found out the other part (why he had to go back, change directions and stay there now) about 7 months later thru a friend. He bought the Car at a dealership “Buy Here, Pay Here” and Couldn’t take the Car out of state. He owed more on it then he could sell ut for..So for another 7 months he was stuck there. So if you were to ask Me can dreams have meaning I would have to say Yes. I had another where he was calling Me cuz his dog to say hasn’t happened and very unlikely he would call me. ever again now. SoThere are others that seem to be true. And for So the these are kind of the dreams I have. d then Your typical..walking down the aisle and the Man’s face is these days I tend to keep my dreams to myself and if they’re true and come to pass then I will know its of God otherwise it’s just deception of My own Heart or the Devil. I had believed that telling people my dreams and then coming to pass would be an act of faith but now to me it just seems that it comes across as me sounding crazy when it doesn’t happen or it just hasn’t happened yet therefore I just seem to be spiritually prideful. And I know God hates a prideful heart … so it’s better just to keep silent. Thank God I haven’t had any dreams to do with people dying..Myself only, but nobody else. I think for those that have those ki d of drems all we can do is tell people (if they don’t can we blame then whe we sometimes have a hard time ouselves). I believe Our First Resonse should be to Pray about the People, Situa th ion , Circumstances best We can and ask God if We need HIS Wisdom for HIS Guidance and Direction for the dream and or vision. Always have this coupled with Prayer and Scripture..need to test the Spirits! Remember God hasn’t given us a Spirit of Fear! . So for me if I begin to feel fearful I really pray about it. I believe there is a good kind of fear but also believe there is an anxious paranoia type of fear that is from the enemy! If I were to look at the dreams talked about in the Bible it seems the ones that were given to believers we’re not coupled with fear, if they were it seem to be some type of warning to give them direction to avoid danger. It was a message to give hope more of a promise or a reminder of one from God. So we must be cautious when trying to interpret a dream. These are my thoughts anyhow and I am a Christian praise and read my Bible but still believe we shouldn’t limit how God wants to speak to us or others to deliver a message for another or even that God would want to give to us. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.

    • Connor says:

      Hi I haven’t had a dream like it recently but I’ll dream of going to a place or seeing someone that I never seen before like in the Summer I had a dream about a water park then in about a couple of months later I went to that water park

  206. Nikita cook says:

    I was asleep and I saw a few of my friends in a car and they were driving to Alabama for vacation. Well on the way drunk driver hit the car and the driver was killed. I tried to tell them but they didn’t believe me and then three weeks later my friends went on vacation to Alabama and a drunk driver hit them and the driver died.

  207. Brittany says:

    When I’m sleeping I hear things, sometimes I see things and I can’t move, I can’t scream, I can’t do anything but blink. Here recently I was sleeping and heard dogs barking…. It was around 2-3 am the house was quiet, all lights and electroincs off. I ended up waking up and asking my husband what the dogs were barking at and he said their not, literally like 5 seconds later they started barking. I will have dreams about myself and then a few days later maybe weeks later those dreams come true….

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Brittany! I’ve read through your comment, and am amazed at your ability. These psychic powers you believe you have are a hallmark we search for in our students. If you are interested in further information about our organization and mastering your powers you’ve recently discovered, contact me by phone at 19189131577, my name is Ryan, and i am head of admissions. Thank you for your time.

  208. Samantha says:

    I had this happened about twice this year. One was of an old high school friend who i haven’t heard from in a long time. I had a dream that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The next morning i got a friend request and it was from her. I told her my dream and she was in shocked because she pregnant with a baby boy but didnt want to put it out on facebook and let every one know. The second time happened last week. I had a dream that one of my friend snapchatted me a pair of new black nike shoes she just bought and when i woke up i got a snap from her showing me her NEW BLACK NIKE SHOES. What does this mean?

  209. Angie says:

    I wake up because of dreams and a very happy dream last night: that my sister (who did not have contact to our older disabled mother for many years) visited my mom. It became true: I called my mom – as I do on a regular basis (she is overseas and I am here – far away) told me that my sister suddenly showed up. How can that be?

  210. Jess says:

    My dreams started right after I hit puberty. They started out small then as I gotbolder they got more intense. I can now see when people are going to die and how. When people are going to get hurt get pregnant what the baby is going to look like. But they have been getting a lot more intense I need help trying to figure out if it’s going to happen to me or someone else. They have been more frighting here lately. I dreamed my husband’s step mother got burned up in her apt cause the tree with lights on it caught on fire and her burning alive. I didn’t let her take the tree we threw it out. 2 weeks later we get a call that she was burned really bad on her face chest and both arms cause she left grease on the stove and when she walked back in the kitchen it got her half her apt burnt. I dreamed I was standing in the middle of a tornado and people were yelling and screaming for help then the phone rang I was looking at myself sleeping on the couch watched myself and the phone and soon as I did I woke up and I was sitting straight up off the couch. I dreamed my husband and his friend got killed by a guy named Dallas and I asked my husband and he knows a guy bad guy that deals named dallas Then had a dream I got lost stopped to get some help and this guy got in the car with me and my kids. He had killed someone with a hammer and tried to kill me and I woke up crying. I still out know what those last 2 mean but I am taking warning cause they will come true. Everything I dream about big or small it comes true. Every night I have dreams but unlike at it as being able to bend or change the outcome for good or to help. I’m just glad I have other people to talk to cause it’s hard coming out to other people about this certain stuff. They look as you like your a freak or they don’t believe you or want to admit you cause they think your crazy

  211. Maria says:

    I have always had odd dreams and things accurng right after. Last week Saturday morning I dreamed of a dead person laying down on a bed covered from head to toe. First thing I thought of was my brother in prison. And that he never made it out alive. And then I see my mother’s friend Josefina crying and calling out for her brother. She was on her knees beside the bed crying real bad and I felt horrible and just woke up. I just sat there thinking about it. And II look at the time and it was already 8:50. I was late for work… I work across the street and we live with my boss and her family. My boss also happens to be my mom’s friend Josefina. That morning she didn’t get up early to open up the store. We were all in the kitchen and I was rushing to go to the store. I kept thinking about my dream and I told my mom about it. An an hour later my boss received a call from her sister saying that her older brother had died. She started to cry real bad and my mom just looked at me… We both knew my dream came true. Its kinda creepy that I get these weird dreams and everything turns out exactly like my dream. Nobody told her that her brother was in the hospital and dying… I never met her brother or even think about that… I just happen to dream about people around me.

    In June I was supposed to move to south Carolina with my parents (temporally work ) and three day before I dreamed I was gonna stay with my sister and watch over her an her baby… In my dream my neighbors cousin has ran away with a dude and ended up pregnant. There days later I told my neighbor of what I dreamed and sh told me that her cousin (the one I dreamed ) had ran away with this dude because she was pregnant. And that day my parent told me that I would have to stay and watch over my sister… I was mad and shocked that everything was happening…

    I always have wierd dreams like this… I have many more but it would take for ever…

  212. Mahesh Khairnar says:

    dear friends,
    i have dreams when i was too tired. i am dreaming about the places where i will be there in future. and have vision exactly at that time. although this is all i see in dreaming but i forget it when i awake. and let know when things are actually going to happen. i am engineer and i want to know scientific reasons or guidance to find these reasons…
    thank you

  213. Patricia says:

    So many people might think I’m crazy cause anyone I tell look at me different when I do finally open up and the dreams I have been experiencing since I was 6yrs old. I just decided to start writing them down because the older I get the better I can understand them and sometimes try to “change’ them. Never really works but it doesn’t hurt to try . anyway it started inside a house in north Carolina I lived in with my mom and 4 sisters. One night I woke up out my sleep and something was standing in my door way with red eyes , you know as a kid your mom always Said if your scared count to 10, pray, or you just throw the blanket over your head and call out. Well I did it all and the more I tryed to hide it came closer. I was so scared and yelled my mother came in the room turned on the light and what she told me in the morning was that I just went back to sleep and she stayed with me until the sun came up…I was so scared of what I know had happened I didn’t want to sleep alone ever again I didn’t want anything open when I’m going to sleep because. I was scared. But every night I would dream of horrifying things happening to me and my family and than we move not cause of what was happening because I didn’t talk about it bracuse I know no one would understand or believe me . We moved back to New York to be closer to family . And while I thought everything would be better it wasn’t I was still having the dreams and I was no longer in that place any more. Mind you by this time I am 7-8 yrs old . To me I was always on the guard at night because. But it tryed to show it’s self to me again But this time I didn’t sit and wait I counted. And ran to my mom but the whole time I felt like it was rit behide me. And then there was a bright light that took my attention off what was scaring me and I went to sleep but this time I dreamt about something burning in the oven of our house and two days later something was burning in the oven of our house and I said I dreamt this mommy and she just looked at me as if I was playing a joke. But it could be anything random but most times I lay down and sleep I dream of this that “might” happen not all of them I hope won’t come true. I’m 27 and I’m starting to understand what’s happening but Why. I have been wanting answers for sooo long … I don’t know if anyone here can relate and this story is not a fake.I am a real person really looking for help of knowing what is going on…

  214. Jason says:

    It happened to me 3 times 1) I had a dream about my someone who was my teacher 3 years back and I thought of it as weird to dream about her a few days later my brother comes home and tell us that his teacher died, the one who I had a dream about. 2) I dream of a person with something around her neck the following week my teacher hurt her neck from falling of a chair. 3) and this one happened recently I had a dream of someone I used to know who was my mothers school friend , and a few days later she died. This dreams might just be coincidences so I don’t really know.

  215. Chloe says:

    I was best friends with this girl katelyn, for ages we were best friends since we were like babys , we grow up together our family knew each other. We had our falls outs then made back mates now and again but that didn’t stop us from being the best of friends. We were ded close to each other we told each other everything.
    When we were kids I was 11,years old and she was 9 this girl moved into our street she lived just across the road from my bestfriend. We all made friends and hung around together but then she started to become close with my best friend I felt frustrated with it. For a long time we all used to fall out argue and my best friend always used to go to the new girl it was a nightmare for me. Ever since then we haven’t stopped arguing and at the minute were not friends now over something really big but anyway. One night I had a dream it was weird it made me upset when I woke up and I was wish in it not to be real me and my best friend had an argument for a long time I was having these dreams and in every single one it told a story on what’s going to happen to our friendship. My dream told me we were going fall out fight and she was going to ditch me for that other girl in every single dream I had. A couple of months after we fell out over the same way we fell out in my dream she ditched me and bullied me with that other girl And my head was telling me this was going to happen it was warning me and it actually did happen its strange but is helpful on what’s to come.

  216. Kathia says:

    About two years ago I was pregnant I was about 3 months and on a Thursday night I had a dream that I had a miscarriage and I was bleeding sure enough the new morning in the afternoon I start bleeding. Then they took me to the hospital and I had a miscarriage just like in my dream.. Ive had about 10 dreams that have honestly came true wich is a little scary at first because you dont know what will come true and what will not come true ..

  217. Francisco says:

    I have had short dreams, mostly of my own life. At first i told my closest friends and they told me it was just a deja vu, but now its getting out of control. Before i dreamed of what would happened the next day at school. Like this one time i had a dream that we would have a fire drill and thr next day can you guess what happenned. We had a fire drill. 2 years back from now it was just like that a little dream or vision of the future but now im 16 and its happening more often and longer. Like this one time i dreamed that i would meet with a friend at school and he was gonna ask me if he could come over to my place i would of say yes and we would play videogames ( gta V ). Then i woke up thinking it was a dream, then when i saw him, he wemt to talk to me and ask the exact same thing he said on my dream, we did the exact same thing, and we talked about the same. Im getting curious if this is normal. Last night Oct. 3, 2015 i dreamed of my parents having a fight, my mom would tell my dad that he isnt the same as he used to be that he doesnt pays as much attention as he used to. I dont want that to happen so can someone help me. I know when i was younger i would of wish that i could see the future or have powers but now that this is happening to me i dont like it.

  218. Lucie says:

    I’m 14, and I’ve been having dreams like this for ages. Recently, I had a dream that a boy in my class was leaving school,and a teacher was aswell. When I came into school on the last day of school, the boy and the teacher both told me they was leaving. And recently I’ve been saying things before people say them, like prediciting them. And when I was really young I saw an Egyptian type man/god that you see in the inscriptions from ancient Egypt, walk across my kitchen at home. I was convinced this was my spirit guide, and my mum told me she had seen here at her childhood home too. She said she saw a Red Indian man, and my family has a strong connection to mediums / psychics, my great nan’s sister was a medium, and the crazy thing was this one time I was speaking about spirits and mediums with my friend, and I told them about my aunt, and the next day I found out she died that night. Also sometimes I see things thatve already happened, or I know what people are going to say, but I can’t force it? it’s confusing, let me know if you think I have any connections or potential, I’m very interested in everything spiritual, thank you

  219. simran rohra says:

    i saw that my ex is asking for a patchup and next day he really did . no he’s not always on my mind and i do not think about him anymore.

  220. Alli says:

    I just turned 13 and I’ve been having dreams, and then the events that happen in that dream happen the next day. I don’t understand it, but I’ve learned to try to think of what happened so I can be ready for the day. Before I turned 13 I had these dreams a couple of times, but not this often. I don’t understand what is wrong with me.

    • Julia-Claire says:

      I am also 13, and I’m also feeling this way. This is exactly what has happened to me, and it’s really weird. I don’t feel like I can tell anyone, because they might have some deeper and more personal meaning that they won’t understand. I told a few friends and family members about my dreams ( which i have commented just now if you want to read them to know what I’m talking about ) and they all called me crazy. I started a dream journal when I was around 10 or 11, and ever since then, I’ve been writing down every dream that I’ve had. Lately, I’ve been using dream calculating websites, which can help me to fathom them. Sometimes if a dream has a lot of detail, it can be hard to find out the meaning, but there re many sources out there that can help you to get there. :)

  221. Farina says:

    I dreamt that my dad was dead, 3 days later my dad died of sudden heart attack.
    Then I dreamt that my sister in law was pregnant with a son and that baby was with my dad. I to,d her my dream, she told me she was pregnant, later her son was born premature and died.
    I dreamt that my relative got a job in a school. I to,d her sister and few weeks later she said that the girl actually gotta job in the school.
    I dreamt my sister migrated to USA and when I spoke to her she said she had plans for Europe and USA is not I. The list, but eventually she migrated to USA.
    I dream my friend was proposed in 14 days. I told my friend and she said no chance. She does not even have a boyfriend, her online friend visited her and exact 14 things day proposed her.
    I dreamt I had a shipment coming through and I was looking at a software. I wrote that dream, I eventually lost my job and ended up exactly in the same situation that I saw.
    I dreamt a bundle of white cloth in the office and in the morning postman brought a bundle of cloth for my colleague.
    I saw my friend was pregnant with a baby girl. They had a scan and confirmed to me that it was a girl.
    I don’t know what’s that….. This and a lot of other experiences.
    I see dreams that comes true. Why ?? And how??? I am a sinner and not very spiritual person either.

    • Farina says:

      Each time I see a dream I tell people and exactly the thing happens later. It’s not de javu it’s dream that I see future and tell to the concerned people and then people confirm that it did eventually happen exactly as I described. I can’t really figure out what’s that??? If future is already written ???

  222. Cameron says:

    For months I’ve been having dreams that predict the future and believe it or not they are coming true whether I want them too or not I have dreamt about a kitchen for months now and now I work in that same kitchen today weird huh. Also I have dreamt that the person of my dreams will sweep me off my feet and marry me in 2 years it hasn’t come true yet but it may or it may not I don’t know but these dreams are telling me things and those things are coming true.

  223. Hector says:

    i dreamed that i had hit the jackpot at the casino in one of my dreams, at the time when i woke up surely i thought it was because we had just came back from EDC week in Las Vegas, but the itch to gamble was deep inside my skin, so i live close to the morongo in southern california, i went just trying to get the satisfaction of gambling out of my system so i can return to daily life, and the dream i had was just a few days before this, as im gambling im already 60 dollars in when the screen i dreamed of was lighting up in front of me i had done a max bet and got the screeen filled with wild giving me 2,000 just like in the dream i was so surprised and relifed because i had just came back from a long trip that cost just about that money. needless to say it was the best casino experience i got and damn good luck that i got as well

  224. Dylan says:

    When I was young I had a dream my pet fish leaped out of it’s tank and died from lack of water. The next day I went to elementary school and when I came home my mom told me my fish had died, I asked her how my fish died. She said it must have jumped out because she found him on the floor, the exact same way it had died in my dream.

  225. Jen says:

    Hi there!

    Throughout the years, I have already grown accustomed to experiencing dreams that happen in real life. I’ve got bunch of them and honestly, I can no longer keep track on the number of times those events happened. Those instances occur mostly during a short span of time, yet I am very sure that those scenes did happen once in the past- in my dreams precisely. I have tried to tell them to my friends, but they said that they are also experiencing the same. Therefore, I told myself that maybe that was just usual and common for everybody. However, after reading this article, I asked myself again. Is it really natural for us to have experiences like those or is it only for few people?

    For instance, my friends and I were having a conversation, then there was this scene when one of my friend spoke and then suddenly I blurted out in front of them that I have seen the same scene in one of my dreams. They were quite amazed. Another instance happened when me and my officemates were driving our way back to town from our team building, I can vividly recall that I had a dream wherein I was seated in the front seat of a car and three of my officemates were on the back seat. We were driving on the same road and I was the one talking. Suddenly I realized and told them that I already saw the same thing in my dreams.

    It was creepy at first, but I have gotten used to it now. I just wanted to have a sensible and acceptable explanation for this one.

  226. Ty says:

    Reading all of the other experiences, I’m not sure what to make of mine.
    Anyway here it goes.
    I had a dream where I was at work, in a different building than I normally work in, and all I did in my dream was walk up to the office, pick up a pair of scissors on the desk, open the locked medicine cabinet (i didnt have to unlock it in my dream, it just opened), and place them in the center bin of the top drawer, before closing the drawer. Once the drawer shut, the dream stopped.
    When i got up in the morning, nothing felt out of place except for me.

    When I got to work that afternoon, I had to go to the building that was in my dream when I was doing my rounds for medication time. My coworker stated that he could not find the scissors a client needed to open the medication packet. Without thinking i said that i had a dream that I put them in the top drawer of the med cart. He got in his desk, grabbed the keys, unlocked the drawer and pulled out the scissors. The look on his face made my ears turn red. “How did you know where they were? Were you in my office earlier or something? I always place the scissors in the desk, not the med cart”.
    He is the only one with access to that office in that building, so nobody else had access to those scissors or med cart, let alone the keys to get into it.
    I’m not sure what to make of this experience. He has taken up to calling me a witch as a joke, but in all seriousness he seems kinda sketched out by me ever since this experience happened.

    • Chase says:

      I had a dream where the sun turned a dark red and the sky turned to a pitch black and i saw on the news that this phenmon is where the planets alighed up, then i woke up flicked on the news then it said a solar eclipse is gonna happen,

    • Raghav says:

      I regularly catch glimpses of events before they happen
      Not on one day but on many occasions i came before an image which i thought i have seen earlier. Even the event is exactly same to foreseen image.
      First i thought i’m mad and just thought about it as co-incidence.
      Bt now i realise that i foresee events several times a month and they prove to be true.
      I haven’t told about this to anyone.

  227. Ryan says:

    I have dreams of stuff that haven’t happened yet, and when they do happen the exact way it happens in my dream, and then I start getting light headed when my dreams come to pass can somebody tell me why. This has been happening for about 10 years.

  228. preeti says:

    day before yday I got dream that me and my husband was near some hospital,and one of my friend from school, whom i have not met or talked from last 22yrs was standing there, as i went near to him i saw he fell from 2nd floor and his head is injured badly, he was full in blood, but conscious, he was taken to some hospital but then shifted to some other hospital, he was badly injured in head alone , bleeding badly but still conscious. I suddenly woke up from sleep, sweating and saw time and it was 11:20pm, I was frightened. i called up my hubby to check when he will be back and just prayed to god that the friend should be safe and his family should be ok.
    Next day afternoon i came to know that my husband cousin had an accident in some other city, his full body is fine but he got severe head injury and is in coma. He was taken to some nearby hospital by some locals then he got shifted to some good hospital.
    I dont know how can i dream of same sequence at same time when one of my relative whom i have met only once that too around 8yrs back was in same condition as i was experiencing in dream. The person is very dear to my husband.
    why we get such dreams, whats the logic

  229. Haylee says:

    I’m Haylee I’m 14 and a 9th grader I’ve had dreams like this they have been happening to me since I was in 4th grade when I was in 6th grade I had a dream tht I was in high school and I was sitting in our auditorium for band practice and in the dream ir started getting awkward I started asking my bjfriend

  230. Scott says:

    Hi my name is Scott, I have really vivid dreams and I also experience sleep paralysis quite often. Recently I’ve had two dreams come true. The first one was during a sleep paralysis attack. My face was under the covers and I could feel something next to me like a evil presence. And I knew I was going to see a hand move towards me. All of a sudden I saw this creepy hand move towards my face. I woke up out of a panic and it was actually my wife’s hand. She accidently hit my face. My wife doesn’t have creepy hands lol these hands looked like alien hands. Its just crazy to think that I knew I was going to see a hand and right after I thought of that it happened. The second one happened last night. I had a dream that I was listening to Rage Against The Machine ‘Know Your Enemy’ one of my favs! and in this dream I was really focused on the bass riff. When I woke up I went about my day with this song stuck in my head specially the bass riff. When I turned on my internet radio guess what song pop up? Know your enemy! Then I remembered my dream! Totally has had me tripped out all day! I don’t know if I’m over thinking this or maybe I do have a gift? I mean I do have sleep paralysis and I have always been addicted with reaching ufo/alien activity and anything that has to do with the 3rd eye let me know what you guys think!

  231. Robert says:

    So, first let me start by saying I am a skeptic. not like, I actively disbelieve stuff, I am simply not a believer in things (although I speculate a lot, and have a number of what can only be described as remarkable paranormal experiences best defined as a “ghost” encounter which I wont go into as its not part of this articles question)
    My experience:
    the most recent experience, and the one that got me googling to understand more about dreams coming true:
    I use twitter a lot. I enjoy it, I mostly follow but occasionally comment and engage. On any day I may get from 0-3 mentions waiting for me averaging. Once I got 8.
    Anyhow, I dont think of it too often, I dont obsess over numbers or anything of that. I never guess how many mentions I will come back to after some time away.
    I went to take a nap a few days ago from writing this post. as I was waking up, I was in a dream where, as dull as it sounds, dreaming of checking twitter (lame waste of a dream imo). in the dream, I very specifically seen 16 mentions.
    thats it. I clicked it and woke up. anyhow, like my dream, I went over to my computer,
    Because the dream was so vivid, I actually voiced the number out loud for some absurd reason.
    16 mentions.

    brought up twitter, and yep. 16 mentions waiting for me.

    I dont know what that means. As I said I dont normally try to estimate how many mentions I will have before checking (not OCD), otherwise I would just have put it down to random luck guessing the right number for once.

    I have some thoughts on the matter…nothing sensible…so will simply put it there as a unexplained phenomona. If it can be repeatable, great, but not sure how to go about that (lucid dreaming is random for me)

  232. joe says:

    it started about five years ago so when i was 12 but every now and then i will go to sleep and sometime in my sleep ill see a random image it won’t mean anything to me but the next day while walking around ill see that exact same image and it’s not that i see it the day before like ill see a random image of something so random that i know i wouldn’t have been able to know that but i see that exact image

  233. Carmela says:

    I dreamed that I was dating a man and he was at a house standing on the porch. It was a white house and he was a tall, handsome man. I can’t recall all the details of what happened. I just remembered the man at the white house. I dreamed that dream years ago. I am currently dating that man and he lives in a white house.

  234. Andrea says:

    Last Sunday, past midnight, I dreamed that there was a big volcanic eruption. I was seeing it in my dream framed by the window. I was so bothered by that dream that yesterday morning I can’t seem to concentrate at work so I drew a volcano erupting. Then last night, I was listening to the news when I heard that the biggest volcano in Japan erupted yesterday morning. This was not the first of my dreams that really happened, I always have dreams almost every night and most of them I usually remember. Those which usually bothers me are the ones that come true. Several times in the past months I have dreamed of places, then once I declared that I had to go to a mountain range because I feel like it’s calling me. Then last Saturday I went to a tree planting activity at an ecopark on a dam. I asked my group to stop by the dam for a picture taking before we go back to the city. Then I said I want to go down to area below the dam, then while I was looking at it, I remembered a dream. I knew that was the place. In my dream there is a cave just above water level when it isn’t flooded, inside was a sort of church or grotto, and everything was metallic brown to gold. I told a friend about this and said that there really are such things hidden in that area but nobody knows of its real location.

  235. Mary says:

    I am a 17 year old female and I’ve had multiple dreams the last few years it all started in the 10th grade around holloween, I had a dream that this guy who had already graduated and he came back to our school to visit me and my friends and so on holloween he appeared and found us in the same room as my dream and everything from there on went exactly as my dream which had my crying after school because I didn’t understand any of this and then I’ve had other dreams here and there but I’ve gotten pretty used to it that I forget but I had one recently; I didn’t have my phone but while I was sleeping I had a dream that a friend who has been upset with me over a year handed me my phone and smiled and I woke up like woah ok 2 days later my mom gives me my phone back and he wrote to me the most randomist things and I was like uhhhh and he sent it on the day I had a dream

    • Haylee says:

      I’m 14 and in 9th grade I started having these dreams since 4th grade and when I was in 6th I had a dream about being in the high school auditorium and then some random things happened and I knew I’ve already done it so I asked my friends if we did this like last week or something and they are like no never done this then I started thinking about it went through se of my journals and found the exact same things tht happened today and I’ve had dreams like this alot but usally they happen the next day or next few days or so never have I had one tht happened 3 years before it happened

  236. Olivia says:

    I always have vivid dreams, every night. I always remember everything that happened the next morning.

    These aren’t little Déjà vu everyone gets, it’s like I can recover people’s secrets,
    Or if an incident is going to happen I will dream what’s going to happen or I’m going dream about it (not word for word, kind of like my dreams are giving me hints of what’s going to happen)

    Sometimes I have lovely dreams but a lot of the times they are horrible, can’t even wake up if I tried.
    I’m always dreaming about the world ending.

    I had a nap earlier and dreamt for 3 hours straight about having a normal day.
    I was at an underground tube station on my way to work and a plague hit everyone, wiped out nearly the whole human race but some people survived.

    Or the time when our planet exploded.

    There was also a time where a hole appeared in the ground (everyone had to be evacuated because it was pretty deadly, if you fell/sucked up in there you would basically fall into space)

    These dreams scare me because it’s possible for it to happen and given the fact my dreams come true or have some truths to them it’s pretty scary.

    I probably sound crazy lmao

    • BRYAN CAME says:

      Over the year’s ive been having da ja vu sometimes it happens for a week then its gone then couple months later it happens again. I remember I have a dream that I was in a hospital I didn’t know the hospital ive never been there before then I see this man idk him from anywhere then I see him coughing up blood out of his mouth so rush out the hospital to call someone then I see this guy some how I know his name so I call him and he the other guy and we rush back into the hospital and we call the nurse doctor etc to help save him I was terrified I began to cry because ive never seen someone died before and we call the doctor none of them turn up to save him when he was on his last breath they came and try to save him but it was too late he died. Then last year june 2014 ive gotten sick so I go a hospital ive never seen this hospital before then the doctor say I have Tuberculosis I was shock so they say I have to stay I the hospital for 2 months so they’ve admited me on june 16, 2014 on a monday I then meet 3 patients on that day with the same illnene of the 3 patient get admited so we’ve talked and became friends 2 weeks later on monday june 30,2014 the same guy that ive meet died the same way that ive dream it. another incident that happen I was at my house when my mom come home and say that little brother father died I was like what the #@##. In my mind I didn’t see this in my dreams before. But since july 25,2015 ive been having de ja vu every day. None stop I tell my friend he say im probably a physic. Another thing is that whenever im watching television some how I know what the person gonna say like 2 seconds before they say it idk whats wrong with me maybe I am a physic what you guys think ?

    • Lynn says:

      Hi! I’ve been having psycic dreams too! But as soon as you said that you had a dream that a hole was going to suck people into space, oh my glob. Google “C.E.R.N. September 23, 2015″. This association in Sweden called C.E.R.N. has made this thing called a hydron collider to basically recreate the Big Bang and see what energy was released BUT this can cause a black hole. Black holes suck up things just like you said… but thank you so much for telling us that you dreamt about this.

    • Dylan says:

      Dreams rather than showing you the exact future might use violent images to warn you or guide you through life. For example, if you had a dream where everyone is dead where you live, this message might be saying that there is nothing else here for you, and that you may be more successful moving elsewhere. Usually these messages reoccur, and stop when you finally get it.

  237. amy says:

    the other night I had a dream that the father of my girls died when I woke I didn’t think much of it the next day or so I got a phone call from his mother that he has died in his sleep. This has gotten me tore up so I began search tring to find answers or anything that I could find so give some answer as to why I had that dream?

  238. Vizier of the Dead says:

    Okay so to start I will let you in on my past a little bit, just in case there are similarities.
    As a kid I did witch craft. It worked. I opened the gates and called out the demons of the Lesser keys of Solomon. The Ars Goetia. I almost burned my home down during the ritual, because I didn’t know the candle flames would shoot up 2 feet into the air. This means, I didn’t end the ritual guys. Was very dumb. But oh well. Since then I left the wiccan religion behind and went on with my life as normal. I always believed in God , that never strayed. The rituals were curiosity only. Upon finding it real, I stopped. Things increasingly became bad. My life became haunted. I saw many spirits, UFO’s, and heard many disembodied voices and sounds. The demon that came forth when I opened the gates was Amon. This was when I was 11 years old. At 16, I decided to get an ouija board to speak to the spirits my family and I kept seeing. When I pulled the board out and used it alone, I got a familiar name. He said he was Amon of Judah. He said that his father invented the Ouija board, King Manasseh. Amon claimed that the ancient kings, some being fallen angels, whom once made people worship them and not God, were thrown into Tartarus. He claimed he was now a demon, and never got a chance to repent like his father. Armed with all the information I gathered that day, I set off to research it all. I had no idea about any of this prior using the ouija board. So there is NO WAY, I subconsciously moved that plancet. Amons story is even in the Bible, so I began to read it. Okay, now we have that out of the way and you know of my terrible past, lets get started with what you seek.
    _When I was 15 I had a dream about being chased by zombies. Fun right? I ran so much in this realistic dream I lost weight and sweated from it. I ran past a foggy basketball court, and across a corn maze. Zombies fast on my trail. I kept running, in hopes of finding someone alive to help me, or at least a safe place to gather my thoughts and maybe a weapon. I ran past a lot of old wooden buildings and finally came upon a really old home, from around the 1800′s. I walked through the first floor, and when I started up the second floor, I woke up. I had never been to a place like it before in my life, till a couple years ago, when a Haunted house was looking for workers. I accepted the job, and upon visiting this, 2 hour drive away location, I was shocked to see that it was where I had the dream. What is more amazing? I am now the zombie and get to chase people and scare them!
    _Another time was when I was about 19 and we were moving, Yay! I had a vision of my panty drawer being spilled out onto the gravels in front of our old home. The movers apparently allowed the drawers to fly open, revealing all my underclothes. I turned and told my boyfriend to remind me to bag up my drawers clothes. Upon the day, the movers came, and went STRAIGHT to my drawers and took them out before I had a chance to do anything. And bam. They all spilled out, just like in my vision. 3 or 4 men got to see my undergarments. So embarrassing.
    _I had a dream I was int he car with my father, and we were going down a hollow. When a boy ran up with a bloody bandage on his nose and he said. “Go up there, get that cop and ambulance that just passed, My uncle just shot my mom. He was stressed to the max, and very sad. We went and stopped the cop and told him he passed the boys house. They thanks us and went back. the very next day, my father calls needing a ride to my cousins house. In we hopped and sure enough, here comes the boy running out of the house, and things happened exactly like the dream.
    _I would be here all day guys, if I went thought everything. I will just throw something out there. Time does not exist, it is man made. Only the stars exist. We are spiritual beings, we have a soul, a core energy.
    We have recently found bloody scratches in my house after I blessed it and asked God , Jesus Christ and the angels to not allow evil here. It looked like something was trying to get out of the door. They looked cat like, but were going from the top left to right middle of the door. Many of them, and all were still wet when we fund them. There was no noise made. I also found 3 bloody finger prints in the back of my closet, which was behind my old dresser I recently replaced. They were not there when we moved in. We almost didn’t get the house, because they were single paned windows. Well, the neighboring graveyard was getting a grass cut and a penny just happened to fly over into the yard, hit the window and busted it out, only one pane, showing that it was double paned. We got the house pretty cheap because of that, if not we wouldn’t have moved into it. I have seen several spirits over there to. I just want to show to you guys that there is a lot more than you know that has to do with this. God will give you visions, Angels will give you visions, and demons will to. I even think that, if we send visions back to our previous selves, we will get them. Make any since?
    _From Wiki:
    Marquis Aamon
    Main article: Aamon
    Aamon[4] (or Amon, Nahum) is a Marquis of Hell who governs forty infernal legions. He appears as a wolf with a serpent’s tail who can breathe fire, or as a man with a raven’s head, sometimes depicted with canine teeth. He tells of all things past and future. He procures feuds, and reconciles controversies between friends and foes.
    _He has been a large cause of what I have seen, but let me tell you what else I got to see. God let me see Heaven and Hell when I gave up witchcraft. He let me see far more than the curse that Amon let me see. Who would ever believe me? God and Jesus Christ blessed me and saved me from the demons.
    Was your visions from someone saintly or a demon?

  239. Asia says:

    Two weeks before a meteor hit Russia in February 2013, I had a dream about a meteor.

    The sky was blue and the sun was shining bright in a beautiful green field. There was water surrounding a little dock where a house/shed lay. It was very peaceful and the weather was perfect. All of a sudden, a bright light appeared and it was growing fast. I somehow knew it was a meteor, even though I did not know that they just appear as white lights if they are heading towards you. I knew I was going to die, but I was okay with it. I told my dad I loved him, and then I closed my eyes and prayed to God, thanking him for everything. Then I opened my eyes, and I was standing in line. This made me pay attention to the dream more than ever because I had never gone past the point of dying, and still been dreaming. The next part of the dream was maybe not prophetic because I have no idea whether or not this happened to someone. Either way,there were boys in one line, and girls in another. I was at a kind of boarding school. We had assigned beds and everything. But I remember wondering why I was there.

    I told my dad about the dream when I woke up because I knew it was special, and it was very weird to discover it actually happening two weeks later. Anyway, that’s my biggest prophetic dream. I have had more, including scary ones where I half-way wake up and cannot move, and see a tiny black figure (or two) next to my bed. It’s really freaky stuff but I’m getting less and less scared of it as time goes on.

  240. Tyler says:

    I can Never remember my dreams…as I wake up they are just out of my reach, but for the first time since I was a child on the 1st of August I had such a vivid Dream that it woke me up!
    The dream was so bad that I typed two details of it into my phone so that I would remember to tell my family about it.
    On the 1st of August I had a dream about a mall Shooting that I was in! It was very traumatic as there were a lot of deaths! It woke me up and had me in tears!
    Exactly one month and 3.45 hours after my dream I witnessed a mall shooting in the mall I work in!
    If that’s not crazy I don’t know what it!

    • Alicia says:

      When you have dreams like this I believe We should pray and tell others to do the same..maybe prayers will prevent the occurrence.

  241. Grace says:

    My dreams aren’t as explicit nor accurate as everyone else who has commented however I have experienced more and more dreams that are coming true. They aren’t anything like the dreams of plane crash, deaths etc. There more so smaller things, like TV shows or conversations I’ll have at school etc. I’ll have roughly ten dreams at night and I can remember about three when I wake up and they always come true, other times I’ll get extreme deja vu. I’ve always had deja vu but lately my dreams are becoming more vivid and what I dream of is beginning to happen in a matter of days.

    • Wade says:

      Since I can remember.. My dreams have come true but until lately I didn’t understand what the dream ment untill it was happening …. But lately like you.. They have been more vivid and almost straight to the point … Weird right

  242. Crazyyay says:

    Sometimes I have a silly déjà vu like when I go into the hallway I recognise something.

  243. nancy says:

    I constantly dream about current events that come true. Earthquakes, people in the news getting caught or awarded or being in some accident. Sometime (once a month or so) I dream I’m dating someone, last night it was Robert Deniro. Ha weird, I like him, but not obsessed or anything. Anyway when this happens with a specific person, (I usually turn on the news or the Today show in the am) and the person I have dreamt about is right there, being interviewed!! It kind of creeps me out and I never tell anyone because it’s so strange. I constantly think “did I see him yesterday Ina movie or last week on TV but that’s just me trying to dismiss the strangeness of it.

    What is this, can you help me process what is going on?
    Thanks for any advice and or explanation.

    Best, Nancy Spencer

  244. Maria says:

    I’ve had a couple of dreams worth noting. One dream was of a past event that I was not previously aware, and the other was of a future event that took place the same day after I awoke from the dream. Both of these dreams left me with a strange, unshakable feeling that lasted for about an hour after waking up. Here are the details of those two dreams:

    When I was 14 years old, I dreamt that I was in a basement of a home somewhere unfamiliar, and I felt a gunshot to my chest or upper body.  It was very real, like without knowing I KNEW this is how it felt to be shot.  It was icy cold and white hot at the same time and also at the same time there wasn’t as much pain as I had imagined there ever would be. I guess I always imagined that being shot would be the most awful pain you could ever feel, but it wasn’t like that at all.  In my dream I died and floated up to heaven and it was a very peaceful feeling. A few months later I visited my new boyfriend’s house for the first time. The living room/hang out area were in their basement so naturally we headed down. I had never been in his home prior to the dream, but the first time I saw the basement, the dream was recalled in my mind so vividly that I was stopped dead in my tracks.  This was the basement of my dream. It was the exact same place.  I immediately told my boyfriend about the dream I had had months before, and it was then that he told me how his father had taken his life there by shotgun to the chest.

    Ten years later I had a dream that occurred just before I awoke and in which I was awoken quite suddenly after it occurred. I typically wake up gradually in the morning, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings and the sounds and slowly my dreams will fade away as I lay there waking up. Not this time. So in my dream I dreamt that everyone was rushing around kind of in a panic.  Like they needed to hurry up and get to where they were going quickly.  I was driving down a road into blackness, and in my rear view mirror, I could see cars with their headlights on quickly approaching me and passing me and heading off into the darkness.  I recall feeling like we needed to hurry, we needed to go go go, hurry up.  But I recall thinking, “But why are we hurrying into darkness?  Shouldn’t we be heading in the opposite direction away from it?”  And then abruptly I woke up and was left with that strange feeling that hung around for a while. Anyway, I got up out of bed and began getting ready for the day.  At first when I got up, I couldn’t shake the feeling, but as time continued and I got showered and ready and got my two young sons up and ready to go, the strange feeling subsided. As we were getting ready to leave the house, I looked out the window for the first time that morning and noticed it was cloudy and that it might rain. I immediately went into rush mode – rushing around, getting jackets, and trying to get the kids out the door and to the car and on our way to the babysitter’s before it began to rain.  I just wanted to get to where we were going before it began pouring – didn’t want to get all wet.  We pulled out onto the street of our home and then turned left at the first traffic light, and that’s when it hit me – my dream.  I was driving into darkness and in my rear view mirror cars with their headlights on were also rushing toward the dark clouds.  It was a dark, black storm approaching from the West directly ahead and it would be only moments before it reached us and began pouring buckets of rain.  I was stunned.  It was exactly what I saw and felt in my dream only an hour or so earlier. When I thought back on the moments before this happened, I realized that I was feeling the exact panic and urgency I felt in that dream – go go go, hurry hurry!

  245. Bonnie. B says:

    I have been having numerous dreams of events that have been coming true. honestly, they are starting to scare me first it was just simple things like how I made a position on softball team, then, it was names of people so I would search them and see they have all been arrested for committing crimes and sentenced to death, now it’s at the point that I see how people around me community deaths exactly 72 hours before they die, So please someone help me,

    • Dylan says:

      You should do something about it next time it happens. Try that. There is no need to be scared of this, nor should you need help because it’s not a bad thing. I think you need to start making connections about these to try to understand them. Also definitely attempt to warn people in advance.

  246. tara says:

    i had a dream that my friend called me in the morning and told me there was a shooting at his school. but the people who were shooting up the school was him and his friends. so i woke up and my friend texted me saying there was a shooting at his school, and so i looked back in our messages and i even asked him if he had told me that before. ( maybe thinking i just dreamt of it) but he said no and there were no previous messages of him telling me. but in real life it wasn’t him who was shooting the school it was a girl from a gang.

  247. Margaret says:

    HI, WOW, glad to see so many that understand.. T can be scary sometime. Anyway, I am just going to list my dreams that came true ( ones I can remember)
    Starts with the earliest…I think I was 14…I’m now 51.

    1. D- Two men, one chopping a tree:
    A- Riding my bike to school and saw a aman sitting on a stump in a cemetery
    2. D-driving in fast lane, drove between a white car and wall.
    A- sister got in accident, push between freeway fast lane wall and a white van.
    3. D- my husband’s astrainged niece was crying
    A- birthday that day. (We didn’t talk about her before)
    4. D-searching for my pearl earrings I had lost.
    A-Husband woke and first thing he asked was “where are your pearl earrings?”
    5. D-places,houses,etc…
    A- eventually will see them throughout my life
    There is more but I think you’all get jist.
    These are not dejvu’s. I do not get scared when my dreams come true.
    Thanks for reading,

  248. Lucy kitty says:

    So I am not really sure how to say this, but I’ve always had dreams ever since I was little. Just random dreams that came true but I never really thought anything of it. The past two years however, have been bothering me since its been happening more and more often. I go for days without sleeping because its scaring me and making me feel like a freak. When the dreams are not the ones that come true, they are horrible dreams with beasts of every sort and the people i love the most say and do the most awful things. Dream catchers do not work anymore and I just don’t know what to do because i am not getting enough sleep. Sometimes, I even have random thought in my head that come true and it just upsets me so much. At other times, i have awful feelings that something bad is going to happen like my mom is going to have a seizure or my parents are going to fight or even one of my parents friends is going to die and it always always comes true. This is making me feel so horrible and even though my mother thinks its all perfectly all right, I am not sure what to feel about it. Is there any advice I can get from anyone that’s went through any of this so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy?

    • Alicia says:

      I believe God is showing You to warn them or at least pray for them and as others to pray too! We are called to be intercessors! Are you still have feelings that something else was going to happen to my loved ones as well. I mostly believe that when you’re scared and fearful that way it’s not of God. All I can say is that in my own life most of my fears have diminished if not disappeared since I’ve given my life to Jesus. I still think sometimes dreams can have meanings but other times we just dream things up and other times it’s from the enemy. Become so afraid to live. Living and moving forward with our lives and that is not of God. My advice to you would be if you don’t know God please pray that he will come into your heart and life and help you to get over your fears. And I hope you don’t have any more scary feelings or nightmares I know all too well how those feel like! Take care and do not fear

  249. Black katt says:

    When I was younger I had a dream of my older brother getting hit by a man in a white truck and and years later it happened almost everything that I am going through best believe I have had a dream about it

  250. Anthony says:

    I’ve been having dreams like this for about 3 years now. It’s like I’ll dream about seeing events before they even happen if wake up in the morning and try to remember the details and as the time goes by I forget and like the day the exact things I saw in my dream happen I remember that I had the dream about it. It scares me but i think we have the works of higher power a sixth sense. I keep telling myself it’s not something to be afraid of but the more it happens the more it gets to me.

    • allison says:

      i feel the exact way , its been happening to me since I was around 13 ( 21 now )
      when I wawke up I have such a weird feeling and the dream feels so real and as the day goes on, and the harder I try to remember it fades
      if I say it aloud it doesn’t come true or it ends twistedly.
      if I don’t say a word , I can instantly remember the dream as its happening/ right before…

  251. Glenn Canal says:

    Please help me my visions are becoming a curse i dont know what they are or why im having them but its ruining my life

    • Jess says:

      Some are and others are not I have some very disturbing dreams sometimes you just have to work through them when they arise. You are not alone. We are here to help

  252. elaheh says:

    i have seeing dreams that come true……
    it happens a lot …..
    unfortunately i dream about someones death right 24h before it happens
    its been about a year or more
    bur recently i have visions too…. i can see it when i’m awake and i can feel it …..
    by feeling it i mean my heart hurts and i cant stop crying ….
    it really bothers me…… i can see the exact scene of the death….
    for example i had a vision about a boy lying in a hospital bed and i was above him watching him then he slowly died and the day after axact time one of our friends died and few days later i found that he had cancer and died in hospital……
    please help me ……….

  253. Chelsie says:

    So i had a dream about a month ago i was sitting in the back seatwith my sisters in my moms 2010 camaro and she was driving down the road and a black mustang hit us in the back left quarter panel. … a week ago i got a call from my mom saying she had been in a car accident with my sisters.. before she said anyhing else i asked her if it was a black mustang… she said yes then asked her if it was in the back left quarter panel and she asked why and well yeah… ive had alot of moment like his over the years any idea how to control them? Either to make them stop or have a better sense of them its driving me crazy >_<

    • Dylan says:

      Consult a professional psychic for help, not their predictions, but their advice. In the meantime try to use these to stop bad things like car accidents from happening.

  254. catherine fleming says:

    I have dreams that cum true all my life,i.e. my aunt had a sore hip,she went the doctors and was told it was siatica,that night i dreamed she had terminal bone cancer with 9 months to live,6 months later we found out she had bone cancer and lived for 9 months after diagnonsis,thats just visit 1 dream as i have many ☺

  255. Megan says:

    I’ve always experienced strong, vivid dreams but they’ve never quite played out so in-tune to real life until recently. Two nights ago I had a dream about someone getting fired from a place I used to work at 2 years ago. For some reason “rabbit teeth” stuck out in my mind from that dream and I woke up thinking that someone with rabbit teeth that worked there would get fired. I just knew someone would get fired. It wasn’t a “hunch,” I sincerely felt that I knew for a fact this would happen.

    Yesterday my friend told me that a girl (that does in fact have rabbit teeth) got fired from that same place I used to work at 2 years ago. Prior to knowing this, I had not told anyone about my dream.

    This isn’t the only time this has happened before. One day I was talking to a coworker about how great it was working with this other coworker of ours and said, “I’ll be so sad if he ever moves to a different company.” The very next day he was fired.

    Both have been eerie experiences for me, though others have been telling me there is no correlation. Some guidance would be much appreciated.


  256. Daphiny says:

    I’m not a psychic, I don’t have magical powers. Even if my friends say otherwise. But this was kinda creepy. One night I had a faint dream of dropping my phone in water. In my dream I remember putting it in rice, like you’re suppose to do. I went to a lake that morning and I was sitting at the edge of the water. I reached for my phone to check the time and I heard a splash in the water. I was watching my phone sink. Yeah yeah you may be thinking that’s just another day in life. But consider this: I’ve had a phone for 5 years now and yet have I broken one nor have I dropped it in water. I was freaking out. Sometimes I think maybe it was just a long, realistic dream. My phone was completely fine after I dried it off. A normal iPhone wouldve broke and I wouldn’t be typing this right now. I know this is no plane crash or anything but for me it sure feels a little off.

  257. Lucy says:

    For as long as I can remember I just know when someone. Is .going to pass.sometimes its a feeling an sometimes it’s a started back in 1990,when my mother passed away. That night we went back to her house to try an get some rest from the worst day of my Iwas ssleeping I heard walking I never open my eyes someone was poking me to wake but I just screamed my sisters said it was my mother trying to tell me something. About 8 year later my my grandma passed away. The next day my daughter who was 7-8 at the time dreamed the whole service down to the dress she had on. An Imean she dead on. Later that year my bbrother passed I had been having dreams that he would pass but put it out my mind. 2 weeks before he passed I was so depressed an didn’t know why life was great.when he passed I knew why I had the feeling. I always dream about the person before the pass. I wonder many times why an how do I know its going to happen. Just recently I dreamed about my cousin an her mother its been less than a month an I was told my cousin has less than 24 hours to live. How do I know these things

  258. Cai says:

    My first psychic dream was when I was in High School, I dreamt about a funeral of my classmate’s grandmother. I told my classmate about but he got mad and called me a freak, a week after my classmate told me that his grandmother had died… I was in a state of shock…

    My 2nd dream was about my grandfather who already passed away during that time, I haven’t gone to the funeral as I was out of town and would only be going the following day.. I dreamt that I had went to the funeral and came near his coffin where i saw him and he had money rolled up in between his fingers. I haven’t spoken to any of my relatives yet during that time but when I arrived at the funeral and paid my respect and went near his coffin.. i saw the exact same thing… I, again was in shock..

    My 3rd dream just happened recently wherein i dreamt about a girl and his boyfriend, apparently in the dream, the girl had been feeling that something is going on between me and his boyfriend and on that dream, she made it clear to me that she was suspicious of things like his boyfriend had been seeing someone else and she had a feeling that it was me… The next day i received a mysterious phone call but was not able to pick up and later found out it was the exact same girl in my dream..

    If i can recall the very time this ever happened to me, my third eye just opened but I got a bit scared and didn’t know how to handle seeing entities and so I tried to ignore it ever since…

    But it was only this year, that I have had several strange encounters and several strange things happening or going on… there are a lot of things that I would want to understand but then I just really do not know who to talk to…

  259. Taylor says:

    Hi I’m 13 turning 14 in October and before the age of 10 I would sometimes have dreams that would come true. I be having déjà vu sometimes now but I’m not really sure if it’s because I dreamed about an event happening, because I can’t remember dreaming the event all I know is I saw it somewhere before ( déjà vu ) but I know for a fact that before the age of 10 sometimes I would dream about something and it would come true. When I was 3 I had this dream that I kept waking up the same way idk how to explain it but in the dream I was laying on my back and then my head popped up from a dream and the dream was the dream that I was having of my head popping up in my dream I just kept waking up the same way until in real life I finally woke up the same way I kept waking up in my dream. Also I remeber this other dream I had after I told my mom about how I always have dreams that come true and my friends mom said it was just déjà vu then that following night I slept over my friends house the one who’s mom said I was having déjà vu , anyway I had a dream that I woke up and my friend was already awoke playing with her dollhouse and when I walked over to her she was binding this pink rubber thing in her hand and I told her I was having déjà vu. So when I woke up the same thing happened just like in my dream it was just sooo weird. Before the age of 10 I would have dreams that would come true like 3-4 times a week but as I got older I would forgot the dreams so I would just be stuck in this déjà vu state like where did I see this before? or this already happened I just can’t remember when.

  260. Jessy says:

    Since I had my first dream that actually came true I been keep on happing them I really hate them some of them are bad it’s like a horror in real life some of the dreams I had i forgot when it came true I member what’s going to happen next the dreams that I have I can’t change them i tried once but it was to late I don’t know how to stop this…..

  261. Raymond Siddiqui says:

    Well, First of all, I’m really glad I’m not the only one.
    I’m 16, from India, and I’ve just finished a week-10 days of depriving myself of sleep and staying up late and studying( For really important exams)
    The exams gave over yesterday, So to celebrate our freedom, my best friend decided we should go out and smoke some weed and just have some fun.( I know its wrong but i need to mention this)
    So here’s my experience :
    During that period of exerting myself and studying all night, I’d sleep for about 1-2 hours and wake up and go for the exam, come home and start studying and repeat the process. During the 1-2 hours of sleep, I started dreaming much more than I ever have in my life, most of them were nightmares of things which I thought were too drastic to happen, for instance, lightning struck a pole right outside my house and the sparks flew in and my house caught on fire.(this has not happened in real life and i pray it does not) But 2 days ago, I dreamt of something completely random. In that dream, I was buying something for myself and I overheard some people talking (strangers)
    One was wearing yellow, and the other was wearing red.And there were a few others one of them wearing a black and white striped shirt. And they were talking about the delievery of some kind of goods. The guy in yellow was the first to speak and then the guy in red responded. They were arguing about the arrival of goods and whether it has arrived as yet. The arguement carried on until the guy in black and white stripes came in between ( he was not present there at first, he was standing behind me and I had not seen him until he came up front ) and said ” The goods have arrived, out of which I must keep one piece for ‘Shadab bhai’ (Shadab bhai was probably his brother as ‘bhai’ means brother) and the rest will be given to you at night.” ( the conversation was in Hindi which is the language most of the common people in india speak but I translated so it makes sense here)
    So when I woke up from this dream, I remembered a bit of it and then forgot about it as the day went on, as it happens to us with any other dream.
    Coming back to the celebration of our freedom, I got a little high(not very) on some weed and I had not smoked in about a month since I was studying but I used to smoke it on a daily basis before I had started studying. My friend and myself stopped to buy ourselves something to drink cause our throats hurt after smoking the joint. While I was buying the drink, I noticed a person standing in yellow and immediately told myself ” I’ve seen him before” and then another guy in red, and again thought to myself ” I’ve seen him before too”. Just then, the guy in yellow said ” I spoke to him, the goods have arrived.” (this is when I realised I’ve seen these people in my dream) Then the two started arguing exactly in the manner in which they were in my dream. Each word was exactly the same. And in my mind, I started predicting what they would say next, and each time i was right. I couldn’t believe this. I whispered in my friends ears ” A guy wearing a black and white striped shirt is gonna come in between and say “The goods have arrived, out of which I must keep one piece for Shadab bhai”
    Seconds later, it happened right before our eyes, he said it, in the exact same tone and voice modulation as I remembered in my dream. (which was rather funny as the person had a funny accent)
    My friend was shocked at first but then thought that those people are known to me in some way and that I have something to do with those goods and thats why I knew what he was going to say, But then he thought for sometime and realised that even if I was related to the goods in some way, how would I know what another person was going to say, at a specific time , and the exact words without even speaking to that person all day. And he’s my best friend, and has been for years so he knows all the people I hang out with and that I do not associate with men in their early 40′s.
    I did some research on this and the scientists only provide the theories which eventually lead to, in some way or the other, “the brain playing tricks into making us believe we actually saw something, but we only just have seen something similar to that at some point in our lives”
    But I’m strictly against any theory like that and I advise anyone with an experience similar to mine, NOT TO BELIEVE THOSE THEORIES because I firmly belive what I saw, was a glimpse of the future. I predicted the entire event and I’m glad i decided to tell my friend while the event was happening so now I have someone to believe me. And I reassure all of you, I have never seen those people in my life, ever before.
    Psychic dreams DO come true.
    I was a person who never believed in anything superstitious, supernatural, paranomal, psychic, deja vu, or anything like this. In fact, I was against it and would get annoyed when people believed in it ( like my brother, who also told me my brain was playing tricks on me when i told him about it ) All of my beliefs changed in one day.
    Well the proof is in my mind, and my friend’s.
    The only way I can make others believe is by triyng to remember what I see in my dreams, If I find myself in such a position again, tell them what will happen next.

    • mitch says:

      Your right , scientist are 100 percent wrong. They are only assumming. Because they don’t know the real answers . we all are not wrong . the millions of us that this kinda stuff happens to on a daily basis.

  262. RA says:

    Is it stange that 90% of my dreams come true, half my life feels like I’ve already lived it. I have moments which are literally deja vu. And it’s both big events and small … like my brother having a serious car crash he did about a month later … to conversations I have with random people even with people I’ve not even met yet.

  263. zack says:

    my birthday last year i started having visions in my sleep and the next day the same thingsfrom the vision in my sleep happens

  264. bharathi says:

    hello everyone very good evening to all
    my really very stressed and my brain is paining alot there is alot of stress… getting dreams and that are really becoming true with in 1 week im unable to sleep iam really scared to close my eyes also to face the dream which is becoming true.i coulndt belive why im getting these kind of dreams not everyone know about this in my friends and family i got dream about my brother that he’s dead while crossing railway track i have clearly seen what happend in that dream i do remember im really scared and the very next day i told my mom about this she scolded me like shup up and she bro really met with accident evrything exacltly happend .im in shock again i got dream 1 week back that my friend father died in that dream i tried to tell my friend but i dnt knw how she will react and he passed away yesterday i dnt know why this happens to me im unable to sleep my nervez are paining give me some suggestons what is my problem pls i felt soo bad becoz i couldnt help my frnd

  265. Koko says:

    There have been about 4 dreams that have come true in my case in last 2 years. Which is very scary.
    In the first one I saw my Uncle’s father passed away and the next day I woke up, it freaked me out when I got a call from my mother to inform me about the same.
    2nd, I dreamt of a small baby boy in May2013, and in a few weeks I got to know my sister has conceived and she gave birth to a baby boy.
    3rd, When I was pregnant I dreamt of a small pretty baby girl, and I gave birth to a girl :)

  266. teecee says:

    For the last six months I have been under enormous stress at work and home. About three months ago I began dreaming about visiting doctors – where sometimes they told me I had cancer, but not to worry. Other times I just dream about doctors quite a lot. It’s quite repetitive. However, a few weeks ago I had some tests done and my doctor called me the other day to say that they have discovered early cancer cells in my stomach.He told me I was very lucky to catch this so early. Needless to say I am pretty shocked, but the dream told me not to worry, so I think I’ll trust my intuition. Since the diagnosis, my doctor dreams seem to have ceased.

    • Miss Anonymous says:

      Hey, I’m just replying to you since this website seems to not let me just comment.
      Anyway, whatever I have to say in the next couple of sentences is my story, and my opinion that why its called a comment so please, please, no haters. Keep it to yourself(I’m young and sensitive).
      I have been having dreams like this since I was 6 and I can remember a lot all of them, since they where so realistic, I could feel the wind in my hair. I saw what seemed to be Heaven, Judgement Day, and what happens in my daily life.
      An example would be when I was 12, I saw a car crash in my dream and then when I woke up in the morning, the television was on and on it was the same car with the same licence plate(of course I don’t remember the digits), in pieces.

      I spewed the cereal I was eating.

      Luckily, like I said, this had been going on for a while and most of my family understood why the flat screen was covered in cornflakes and milk.

      O.K., for my opinion. I am a Muslim, I wear a hijab( with NO bomb concealed under it). I wouldn’t know about Christianity or other religions but we believe there are signs for our Judgement Day. One of these is that many people will have dreams of what will happen.
      In fact sooo many have occurred that there is only a couple left.

      I understand if you don’t like me or my comment because I’m a Muslim. The media have been portraying what little percentage of us that they show under an negative light. They don’t show what good we have done and can do. Seriously, this is a sign in Islam for Judgement Day, and if you can show enough care( I’m saying this in a positive tone),
      look it up.

      No, this comment is NOT due to self-destruct,


  267. Evie says:

    When I was about eleven, both me and my friends dreams came true, sorta. Once my I spoke to my friend asking if she wanted to write a song with me and apparently she had had a dream the previous night of us writing a song. A few weeks later I had a dream of a boy who annoyed me and the next morning he was cycling round my estate. It wasn’t much but it was enough to creep me out.

  268. Crystal says:

    Hi I am very young early 20′s and I have had physic dreams that come true I have two most recent dreams come true the death of my aunt and my marriage but I have been having these dreams since I was a kid. I have had one dream that came a couple of years ago when my mom grandma and sister went to the store to by chocolate milk and a couple weeks after that they came back with that milk. The most recent one happened with in 3 years I had a dream a year and a half before my aunt passed away that she was going to pass and the other one was 6 months before I got married to my husband I watched us stand in front of the judge and was pronounced man and wife maybe this is the cause of all my head aches that I get please help me

  269. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with this. So here’s my story.. My mom never knew her dad, never talked to him, never has even seen him. Years ago she had dreams of coffens and people dying that were very close to us and there was just no explanation why this was happening to her. Later that year her mother sat her down and told her that her father that she never met had the same thing and she didn’t feel as frightened that she wasn’t the only one as well..

    So now here’s MY story.. I don’t dream much .. And when I do the only ones I can remember are the bad ones.. I haven’t had a bad dream in probably 8-10 years .. (I am 18). Last week for the first time in years I had a dream that I was in a funeral home looking into a casket and my grandmother in it.. Dead.. In the dream I was just broken down completely a reck.. I got up the next day and found out my 18 year old cousin savannah passed away that night. When I had not a clue about it.. I was instantly petrified.. I didn’t want to have what my mother had.. It still has me feeling unsettled because I don’t get why this happened.. THEN two days later I have another bad dream that I can’t really remember much of.. But I woke up the next morning to my dad crying over finding out his friends mom who is like a second mother to him, has cancer everywhere in her body and chemotherapy wouldn’t even help what she has..

    I couldn’t tell you guys enough how scared I am.. It seems everything is just happening at once and I don’t get it.. I don’t get why this happens, and I’m so scared.. I’m so scared of what else I’m going to find out before it happens or before I find out about it.. Please if someone can talk to me about what I have.. I would truly appreciate it.. My email is

    Thank you lots

  270. Iyen go says:

    I had a dream ,my self will fall on the balcony of stair my knee is chilling i feel like im gonna fall and im searching ‘carlo’ that im going to save him but i dont know who’s carlo im going to save. 5 days ago it happen today.. My friend carlo without knowing him he fell on the 8 feet stair balcony in accident cracked face.. I always dreaming something happen always:( i dont know what to do.. I can phsyc people whos in death row and or in accident my means of dreaming..;( is it a cuirse,?

  271. Rin says:

    There is this audition that I am preparing for. My friends were supposed to go with me, but I had a dream that they left me right before the audition started. Now my friends are telling me that they can’t attend the audition and the audition is nearby.

  272. Nomie says:

    I’ve had plenty of dreams coming true. From seeing pregnant classmates lives play out in my dream and every thing turning out to be exactly like how I saw it, saying good bye to my colleagues and finding another job and have that actually happen, to seeing my boyfriends with other women and them eventually confessing to everything I saw in my dreams.
    My whole life I have been guided by my dreams.

    There’s one occurrence I will never forget: I had a driver who had been showing inappropriate interest in me when I was younger. One day I was tired and was sleeping until early in the afternoon. I was awoken by a knock on the door and I tried to ignore it, thinking the person will go away but the person didn’t. When I got out of bed to go see who it was (My bedroom door is the first one) I heard the door open slightly and that made me get out of my bedroom quickly to see this intruder. when I looked at the open door I saw what looked like a male shoe fleeing and as I ran to see who it was, there was nobody in the yard. our gate did not even open or close and our gate makes quite a loud noise when being opened or closed. This startled me, so I locked the door and sat in the TV room because I was now awake.
    A few minutes later I saw our driver driving by my house and I wondered where he was going because he wasn’t to pick me up that day but I dismissed it thinking he had other people to pick up in my area. two minutes later I then heard our gate open and a rush of fear and anxiety came over me, which was strange because I knew this man and so did my family but something told me to run.
    With my heart pounding, I went and hid in my parents bedroom, which is the furthest one, while listening to him knocking the very same way as the previous knockings I had heard but the difference now was that my name was being called. He knocked a few times and when I didn’t reply he then tried me on my cell but I ignored his calls and texts until he finally left the yard and closed the gate.
    I waited until he pulled away from my house then called to ask him what he had wanted and he said he wanted to wash my back, when was I taking a bath. Creepy much??

    I am not sure what to call that, but I do believe I was woken up by my guardians to lock the door because they knew he was coming to harm me. Because every thing that happened upon my waking with that invisible intruder, was the exact same thing he did when he arrived.

  273. Emma says:

    This happens to me regularly I yell my husband each time and then it happens!! I even take photos of my conversations so I know it’s not just coincidence!!

  274. Chantel Cunningham says:

    Last Saturday night I had a dream that there was a fire at the local McDonalds, 6 days later it came true.

  275. Caitlynn says:

    I have only had one dream come true and it wasn’t anything like a car crash or the such. After several sleepless night, I finally got some sleep. I had a dream about me getting caught with weed. The next day I did. Besides all the trouble I gotten into, I just can’t seem to stop wondering how my dream came true or how did I even dream about that?…

  276. olivia says:

    I had a dream I give birth to a little girl I had a C-section her father was in there with me. I saw she looked just like her father even his green eyes. well in june 2011 I gave birth to a baby girl she looked just like her father only brown not green eyes. another dream I was the only jackpot ticket holder of the powerball ill let you know when it happens

  277. Kim says:

    I started having a repetitive nightmare when I was in junior high. The ice world in Super Mario Bros 2 was the back drop. I was riding my bike home from school. I was struck by a car……I got up, shook off, got back on my bike and rode home.
    I told everyone about this dream because it was so real and so often!
    When I was in 10th grade, we were let out early because it was snowy and icy.
    I was walking home, crossed the street and was hit by a car.
    I got up, dusted myself off and started walking home.
    My brother stood there white as a ghost……he told me he watched the dream I always spoke of play out in real life.
    There have been numerous other incidents.
    I would love to tap into this more intensely and see what I can really do.
    I have always kept it pushed in the far back corner of my head, never telling anyone.

    • Kim says:

      This was in 1992.
      I am now 39 :)

    • Nayah says:

      Hey, I’m 14. My first dream happened about a year ago. And I was in science class and my dream came to life. Except that dream didn’t happen until a year later ( this year ) Ever since then this has been happening frequently. I don’t remember my dreams at all until they happen. My most recent one I was sitting in my living room with my family watching tv and a moment happened in my dream in real life, then I remembered what would happen next, the phone would ring so I said; “phone” and then the landline began to ring. Another story is I recently went to New York and attended at museum exhibit and I saw a painting that I had realized I’d seen in my dream. As well as the time I was at my soccer game and the goalie on my team punted the ball and just as it happened in my dream everyone was in the exact same places and my team scored. Sometimes I freak myself out along with other people.

  278. Breanna says:

    Ok, so through the years I have been having dreams that later, sometimes years later come true. Most of the time the dream has people that I haven’t met yet. The dreams are normally about simple things like getting a certain text message from a random person, or a sport tryout. At first I put it off as nothing, just a coincidence. Maybe this is all deja vu, I just want to reach out and see that maybe it is something more. Like most people their dreams symbolize something that is to happen, mine tend to be exactly what happens.

    • Yash says:

      Same thing happens to me… is it for a few seconds and then its over and sometimes you forget but when it happens then you recall seeing it in you dream?

  279. karim zreika says:

    Had a dream of an girl from asian descent, she gave me her number where I then messaged her and she messaged me back. Suddenly she disappears out of the blue and I wake up. Two days latter I get a message from a Thailand girl, and I have been talking to her ever since I saw the dream!!???

  280. Aliesha says:

    I’ve been having weird déjà vu since I was very young. I didn’t realize that the things I was dreaming were where I had seen these things before until I was 11. I had heard of people having premonitions of airplanes crashing and people dying, but nothing I experienced was ever that severe. I had perfect memories of motions and scenarios, and when they would play out in real life it was very strange. I dreamed the endings of movies that wouldn’t come out until years later, and conversations with people I hadn’t met yet. I’m a very science-oriented person, so I’ve looked up every theory to debunk what I’ve encountered, but so little is known about dreams that there’s no way of proving of disproving my experiences. It happened again today, so I was prompted to post this. Hopefully we can reach some explanation eventually as to why this happens.

  281. Luca says:

    I have a friend who has been having dreams come true lately. It starts with little things like seeing someone she never met before then seeing them days later and then it traveled to seeing her boyfriend break up with her. She’s even seen her parents death happen but it looked like it was way into the future. These are starting to scare her and she wants to know why she’s getting these. Help.

    • Alicia says:

      Seems to be a great deal of people asking for help on this site. Who really has the real answers. The little help I can give you is to say that I was young once and I remember having feelings in dreams such as these kind. But I understand that if you have scary dreams and you constantly feel fearful they don’t always mean anything but just what we dream up in our imagination. It’s been said that 90% of what we think about never comes true! I used to think and have these weird feelings that something bad had happened to my loved ones and majority of the time it really just was me being paranoid.. and they were fine. I can’t speak for you but if I have dreams now and they really make me fearful I pray if they have to do with people and there’s something bad that happens to them I pray that God will either get a message to them or I can get through to them and prevent whatever it is that was supposed to occur from not occurring through prayer.. but again I can’t speak for you I’m a Christian this is how I deal with things. And honestly it helps a great deal I have way more peace in my life than I ever have… and mostly I don’t have nightmares anymore! I hope you can find peace and this helps a little.

  282. Cansady says:

    Hi okay so I do have dreams that come true but I dont remember the dreams in till they happen. I know thats kind of weird but it’s true. I’m only 14 years old and I have these crazy dreams. I told my parents but they keep telling me its de ja vu. Can someone please help me.

    • Nayah says:

      You legit just explained my situation exactly. I’m 14 too! Someone help us please!!

      • Jessica says:

        same here I’m only 15 but my dreams don’t happen very often. I’ve tried talking to my parents about it but they just ignore talking about it.

  283. Angel (nickname) says:

    Hi my nickname is angel.

    Its kinda weird bc when im grade 9 I dream about there will be a new student I saw that girl but its blur bc I dont have glasses that time!! Then I woke up. I went to school then im SHOCKED bc we have new student and its a girl. For me that time its just. Coincidence or something. Im grade 10 right now last 3 weeks I dream about a boy we will have a new student again then after the dream. I went to school im shock again bc we have new student. Then yesterday I dream about an EXCHANGE student his hair is blondy hair its a boy then awhile ago!! Our teacher told us abount the exchange student. I KNOW ITS KINDA WEIRD. IM NOT LYING OR SOMETHING. IM TELLING THE TRUTH!! IF YOULL NOT BELIEVE ME ASK MY BEST FRIEND OR MY CLASSMATES!! EVERYTIME ILL TELL MY CLASSMATES ABOUT MY DREAM IT WILL BECAME TRUE!! And some dreams I dream about became true this is just an example of dreams that became true

  284. Chiharu says:


    SO i had a really vivid dream about a car crash, where a lorry crashed into a car…
    THe next day it happens in my area, and I contact my friend to tell her about the dream (not about the crash in my area) and she tells me that very close to her house there was also a car crash where a lorry had collided with a car…

    This is very odd and creepy.


  285. Haley says:

    When I was in elementary school, I had a nightmare about my parents divorcing. A knife was involved and so was arguing and they were in a different house. That dream burned itself into my memory. (My parents had never fought before that) since then I had a feeling, like I knew that one day they would split. Gradually they started fighting, about 2 times was it physical, though no punches were pulled. I moved in middle school to a house and out of our apartment. Then when I was about 12 years old, they split almost exactly how my dream went.

  286. Robyn Young says:

    I had a dream one night it was about a candlelighting for someone. I didn’t know who in the dream I heard the name Dylan in the dream. 2 weeks later I was at my friend’s house and this kid she knew had killed him self 3 days before the candlelighting I did not know about it until the day of the candlelighting. I went with my friend to support her, she had shown me a pic of him and told me his name before we went. Shockingly to me the name was Dylan More. At that time I did not rember my dream. Once we got there I just had a feeling like I’ve been hear before or seen this some where. I had never been to the park it was held at, once it was dark and we had lite all the candles I just sat down and closed my eyes for a min cause I felt sick, during that short time period I had rember my dream and how I’ve seen all of this and heard all of this. I couldn’t believe it. My dream was about this one boy I had saw before at a water park but never talked to him a whole lot of people I knew were friends with him. I just don’t understand how I could of had the dream then 2 weeks later be at the place were my dream took place and everything being the same..

  287. JT says:

    I often have dreams, and wake up and hear about the dream becoming a reality on the news. For instance, last night I dreamt that there was a shark attack, it was at a beach I have never been to before, but only seen on TV and in photos. Then i woke up and the first thing i read about was an Australian surfer being attacked by a shark, but surviving. just like my dream.
    On another occasion, because this happens probably 2-3 times per year to me, I dreamt about a missing teenage girl, I woke up and there it was on the news, am i crazy?

  288. Caroline says:

    I don’t have dreams of major events. In May I dreamed I was floating in a float with my sister. I woke up and wrote it down. I soon forgot all about it. Last week, I floating in the ocean with my sister and had the feeling of déjà vu. It happens a lot. The dream takes months to even years before it happens, but I write them down and when I fill déjà vu I find my dream was right. It’s starting to happen more often now. I am scared because no one I know has this problem either. At first I thought it was just déjà vu, but there is such detail things that I don’t even know about until I am there.

  289. BRYAN says:

    I’ve had 3 experience’s where I had dreamt of my closets friends dying involving death by sickness and selfharm. About 2 days later it came true. But when I woke up from those dreams, I woke up crying, sweaty and I couldn’t not breathe, I was gasping for air, also while waking up I’ll see some sort of shadow and I would feel scared. And recently I had a dreaming of a friend crying, because she was in a car crash but in my dream I felt so sad like if someone was dying and felt what my friend felt. Once I woke up I again could not breathe, sweaty and saw that dark figure feeling fear like never before. 2 days later I found out my friend was in a bad car accident wit her cousin who was close to dying. It surprised me and shocks me to think that I can see what happens for before it actually does. I don’t know what it means, but it scares me to have another dream and it becoming true..

  290. Seth says:

    it happens a lot. since i was in elementary school. I’ve dreamt about things then they suddenly happen. Weirdest was one I had in the 5th grade. I dreamt that I was with a person (I didn’t know her at the time) and we were walking along a bridge. then recently it happened. I’d forgotten about it completely till it happened. there’s usually a big time gap between the dream and it happening

  291. Jazlyne says:

    ive had many dreams that have come to life but in different ways. For example, i had a dream of these buildings and there was a large fence in front of it and then a couple months later i see the exact same building in my textbook. Also i had another dream where there was an earthquake in an alleyway and then i see the exact same alley in romeo and juliet which i saw at school. So im saying that the places in my dreams come true and i see them in real life or in movies or books.

  292. poknjnj hubj hg gvfgbhnjmkojnhubgyvfgybhunjimko,omjinhubgyvbhunijmok, says:

    i had a dream that the minecraft update came out and went to my cousins EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPEND IN THE DREAM HAPPEND WHEN I WOKE and it was for xbox the control to sprint was touble tap the right trigger and my cousin could not know how to sprint after i had the dream i tried the control on the controller that i had in my dream and it WORKED I WAS AMAZED i am never going to forget that dream

  293. Richard Vincent says:

    Since around the age of 12 I started to notice that dreams I would have would come true. The first was a dream that I was on a bridge and the bridge started collapsing and a week later I learned that a bridge in Minnesota collapsed.
    The second I had a dream that I was in a truck that was stolen and used to rob a bank, a few days after my best friends stepdads truck was stolen and used to rob two stores.
    The next was a few months later and it was of a litter of puppies being stolen, my grandfathers lab had just had puppies around the time of the dream so I told my grandfather to keep a close watch on the puppies and they did not get stolen.
    When I was 18 I had a dream that my cousin I was living with was pregnant, two weeks later she found out that she was roughly 4 weeks into her pregnancy.
    I have had other dreams they are few and far between and simpler but still come true.
    I am now 20, and I do not dream often but when I do I always look into them now.
    I also feel spirits, this scares me. I have only tried to communicate with one spirit and the experience was troubling my head started to spin and I had many things going through my head fe the spirit, this was two years ago. I recently figured out who the spirit was due to the things that it was telling me. The spirit was my cousins baby that she aborted, the reason it contacted me I believe is because my cousin was pregnant and was planning on having another abortion. The spirit made me see red, blood red, and made 11 run thru my head along with murder.
    My cousin was 11 when she had the first abortion. It really scared me so I made myself go to sleep and didn’t think about it until recently last year and that’s when I made the connection.
    I get a feeling over my whole body, I can tell if it is a woman or man, around what age they were when they passed, or if it is an evil spirit.
    I can also get the feeling from objects that have spirits attached to them.
    I think I am passed the point of feeling crazy, but I have tried to suppress all of these things and they are starting to push their way through.
    I am starting to dream just when dozing off, and getting that “feeling” just when I’m in public.
    I don’t know what to do.

    • Alicia says:

      I read what you had to say I cannot this mess that your dreams had meaning to them. , I believe it seems that you were given some of these dreams as a form of warning or direction may be a message to give to another.. and that is regardless if they believed it or not. I don’t know what you believe in as far as God but I am a Christian and a firm believer in God. I wouldn’t mess with trying to contact any spirits. I believe the spirit world is real but I believe we should be very careful in our interactions. I believe we should pray to God and seek truth in the scripture. Anytime I am left feeling very fearful I am concerned it is not of God… he doesn’t want us to be scared.. that is not HIS spirit. So even when I have nightmares now I still feel safe because I know Jesus as my savior and HE helps to calm my fears.. because I used to have the scariest of dreams and nightmares before I gave my life over to Jesus! For me he has been the only True help! I pray and hope you find peace in your no longer fearful.

  294. denise says:

    when i was 10-17 i would have these stupid little dreams like walking into a room then someone talking and then the next day or so they would happen and i would be standing there just watching it. it felt as if i was in the dream itself. I then started having dreams that involved people i never knew and i was helping them with house work about 5 years later the people i didnt know turned out to be my husband and his brothers. One dream i had was walking next to a wall on a beautiful day, my husband just walking up ahead and a lorry goes past, then i see on the other side of the street commotion, two men are running out of a white building, guns are going off and then i’m shot a woman behind me screams and there a four children standing behind me i now reconise them to be my three boys and my neice. I fall to the ground look back at the building and there’s my husband running towards me he then gets shot and lands two metres away from me and all i kept thinking was hmm dying aint so bad. I was 16 when i had that dream and didnt know my husband at the time. I know that this will happen but now i’m terrified of leaving my kids, they are the same age now as they were in my dream. Its only a matter of time. We’re going abroad in a few weeks and i know that before i go i’m gonna right my i love you letters so that when they come back they’ll always know that there mum loved them.

  295. conor says:

    this was my first dream, I was in tahoe with my friends but I was staying at there friends house because they didn’t have enough room at theres. It’s our last two days and on the second night I go to bed and dream about if the guy who owns the house would be here tomorrow. Next thing we know is that our friend has called my mom and told her that he is here and you guys can come live with us for a day

  296. Elisa says:

    I’m a nurse. I worked on a Neurology floor for 10 years. For about 3 years I would have a vivid dream that I was a labor and delivery nurse and in the dream I delivered a baby when the doctor did not arrive in time. The dream was repetitive and very detailed. I actually had always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse when I was in nursing school. The dream made me think about that wish again and I applied for a job at a hospital closer to home. I got the job! As I was orienting and training I told my preceptor about my dream in joking. She told me that at our hospital the nurses very very rarely had to deliver babies because the doctors never leave the unit when on call and that there were two groups of MDs and if one was busy they would help each other out. Now let me just say that nurse assisted deliveries are in most hospitals not all that rare.. I mean it happens and nurses are well trained. So before my orientation was up I asked again about being trained. I was sort of blown off.. “I told you we never have to deliver..” Etc. fast forward to my last day of orientations and this is when the story gets interesting. First thing in my shift I decide to tell my preceptor about the dream. She kind of laughs and we talk about it on the elevator to go get coffee and some oatmeal. (Let me just interject here the details of the dream…)

    In the dream I have a patient who is a new mom, first baby and being induced. I start her pitocin at a low beginning rate and within a few minutes she is calling out to the nurse’s station saying she is in a lot of pain. I walk in with my trainer and she is sitting on the side of the bed crying. She wants her epidural. We call anesthesia and when he walks in he takes one look at her and says- “you might want to check her first” He says this because she is now sitting on the side of the bed but leaning.. We go and help her to lay back on the bed to check her and we see the baby crowning. Thingsove fast. Delivery cart rolls in. Doctor is called but he’s not answering. The nurses prep for delivery. My preceptor says you’re going to delivery this baby. Slides on the sterile gown over my scrubs, and gloves, she’s tying he back of my gown while I basically run forward with several other nurses there also telling the patient not to push.. She is out of control and crying and of course pushing. I take over start to control the birth as the baby’s head is turning and he is taking the turns to be born.. I even use confer pressure around his face and on her perineum like I’ve delivers 100′s of babies. I feel a complete calm and peace come over me and I deliver one shoulder then the next and he is out in no time flat and I towel him off, rub his chest and he doesn’t cry. But his color is great.. The other nurses clamp the cord and I place him gently on mom’s chest. She is so happy and that is when the shock hits me of what happened. In walks the doctor and they put on his gown and he says oh great job! She doesn’t even have any lacerations. I kind of step to the side, completely in shock and he delivers her placenta. I looked at the baby and it’s a white male, long and lean and so calm. Sweet boy, lots of hair.)

    So back to the elevator. She says ok well first of all we will help you don’t worry..
    The elevator door opens and the secretary looks stressed and tells us… “You guys your first time mom is freaking out and she already wants her epidural!” The other nurse laughs a little and says ok. We go to the room and there she is sitting on the edge of the bed leaning…

    From there it is my dream down to every single minute detail…
    She’s crowning. The comment from Anesthesia to check her, the baby’s turns, the controlling his birth so well she doesn’t tear, the way even the nurses talk to her.. The doctors comment about no laceration, laying the baby on his chest.. He is long and lean and sweet little boy named Ian born on the first day of Spring. I delivered him like he was 1,000th delivery. I left labor and delivery just a few months after that and went back to Neurology. I think that moment and that delivery was the only reason I got that job. Didn’t really mesh with the labor and delivery crowd and you should have seen the way she looked at me after that!! Lol… There is no logical explanation for that day. It simply is what it is! :)

  297. Katie says:

    Hey there. So as of late my dreams keep turning into reality. It started with something as simple as me dreaming about someone and then waking in the morning to a text from them. Then last week Wednesday night I had a very interesting dream. I had a dream I was at some kind of event with a group of people from all over the country. We were sitting doing some kind of team building. There was a very handsome man with brown hair sitting across from me. We started talking. He wanted to pursue a relationship with me but he lived in Philadelphia. As I am only 4 months sober I told him I was not in a place to date or having any kind of relations at the moment but that I was very attracted to him. He gave me a dove bracelet.

    A few days later I was at a meeting and there was this attractive man in the room. We made eye contact but didn’t say hello. We saw each other a few more times between Friday and Sunday morning in meetings. Then I went to this picnic and he was there also. The picnic was tied into the meetings. I thought maybe he was new into the meetings so I just shrugged it off. Later Sunday night I was at a burger festival and this same guy comes out of nowhere and comes and says hello, as we get to talking I ask him if he lives near by. He tells me no, I live in Philly. I was in shock! How can this be? I don’t understand how I dreamt of this man days before and the. I met him.

    I remember something similar to this happened to me in 8th grade but I just shrugged it off. I don’t know why my dreams keep coming true. But they are.

    I am much more connected to a higher power and I meditate daily so maybe that is helping me open my heart to these things. But this to me is just bizarre. We are going out for the second time today and then he leaves for Philly tomorrow. I will post if he gives me a dove bracelet. Bc if that happens I might just faint haha

  298. Sara says:

    hi, I’ve lately got a dream ….its a dream about me ( 11 year old )and my brother ( 3 years old ) getting kidnapped …… Please could you tell me if it will come true or not ? because 2 months ago I had seen in my dream that I’ll get good marks in my math exam ….. and it happened so please tell me ….. its freaking me out

  299. Cheyenne says:

    i have very regular dreams that usually come true, whether it being a year or a week later, it happens. Usually I forget the dream and then it happens in real life but while it’s happening I remember the dream I’ve had and I’ve always said what’s going to happen next out loud to whoever a around to I guess keep my self sane. It’s almost like a dajavu. For instance, I had a dream ages ago that I went ice skating for the first time and my friends were helping me along the way, one on either side of me holding me up- anyway I eventually let go and went on my own but I ended up falling over and breaking my teeth.
    I recently went ice skating for the first time and the same thing happened. My friends were on either side of me helping me, and I remembered the dream and just blurted it out to them, and they were kind of shocked but then I went off on my own and I fell over like I did in my dream but I didn’t break my teeth.

    I’ve been researching this stuff because as I’ve gotten older my dreams have become more regular and it’s kind of alarming. My friends Aunty who’s studdied psychic stuff (sorry I don’t really know any of the terms) was having a conversation with me about it all and I told her that I have lots of dreams that do come true and she told me to keep note of every dream I have because she thinks that I do have psychic abilities. Something to do with my birth year? (1997)
    But ever since that conversation, I go to recount my dreams and I can’t remember a thing, only that it was important and I’d need it later on.. If anyone else has had this happen to them let me know because it’s amazing but it’s also kind of scary,

  300. saiesh shetty says:

    when i was in 3rd std i had dream of standing with my friend discussing about something and it came true after few days exactky same it occured for two times but i didnt showed interest in it but today morning i saw a dream about my friend thats why i started to find the reason of this thing.

  301. Grace says:

    Okay, I have this dream that came true. I dreamt of this about 2 years ago when I was a Junior Highschool student, I’m 15 years old that time. I had this one friend, she’s a girl and she is crushing on a Senior student. Then I dreamt of them becoming a official couple and the next morning, I told her jokingly about my dream. After a month or a few weeks, I heard the news that they become a real couple and that shocks me because I think they WILL NEVER BE A COUPLE BECAUSE THEY RARELY TALK. Well, expect the unexpected. I dreamt of the breaking up and yeah, they broke up in my waking life. And there times that I can predict what will other says before they can speak it out loud. Like my sister asking about eiffel tower and it’s weird that I already knew what is she going to say.

  302. Andrin says:

    Hello everyone. I had 3 very vivid dreams about one event in a period of time. I am still very close with my ex boyfriend no matter all circumstances and time passing. We just couldn’t be together but remained very close friends. So, last year he announced that he is getting engaged. I really wished him all the happiness in personal life. And I did hoped for that. Then, after few weeks he got engaged I had a very strange dream. It was 8 months ago now and I still remember this dream like I had it tonight. Actually, I dream him very rare so even the fact he was in my dreams is very strange. And all the dreams he is in are very vivid and stay in memory for a very long.

    So, the dream. I was at his his parents home, where all his family members were – parents, sister’s family, brother’s family and me. In real, I never met them, just had a chance to talk with his sister. They were all very nice to me. We were waiting for him and his wife to come back after honey moon. Me and his mother were cooking, all chatting and happy. Then his mother asked me to go to his room and pick cloths for him to change after he is back. I went to his room, looked around and in a closet. I was very surprised, because half cloths there were my own husband’s and I acknowledged that in a dream but didn’t pay much attention to that and picked the cloths I liked and which were not my husbands :) Put them on a chair and went back to the living room. At that moment my ex and his wife returned and all were saying hi to him. His wife just enter the door and somehow disappear from the apartment and from my dream. He saw me, smiled, hugged me, kissed me to the cheek and remained holding his hand on my shoulder. We all felt happy, laughing, eating, joking etc. Then in a middle of having fun someone asked him, where is his wife and he just smiling replied that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. And like nth happened we all were having fun at a table. I felt little bit uncomfortable and said sorry, I don’t know there culture and don’t know how should I behave at the table and they all laughing said to me – don’t worry, be as you are, it doesn’t matter at all. And I felt so good, like I am at home, with my own family. My ex was all the time putting hand on my shoulder and then he kissed me again to a cheek and that’s when I woke up. When I did, all the dream emotions were with me, it felt very strange.
    For few days I was thinking about this dream. Then, after few days I had another flash dream with him, where he called me and said that his engagement is canceled. After he said this news I woke up, again with very strange feeling.
    Now I thought about these dreams for few weeks. Even asked in some forum what this dream might be, although I’ve never payed attention to my dreams. The girls there said probably this dream doesn’t mean anything, it’s just me, my emotions and subconscious and reaction to the news. Since it was arranged married for him all came up very fast and sudden. They said maybe because we couldn’t be together, but I know him very well, it might be I am thinking in my subconscious they won’t be together as well or something like that. And I started thinking maybe they are right, maybe I am having hard time accepting, that our connection will change when he is married, that he won’t have time to chat with me and so on. I tried to stop thinking about this and it looked like I succeeded.
    There came a day he got married. I did had high emotions, I won’t deny it. Maybe for a week it was hard for me to accept the fact he is already married. They went for honeymoon for about a week or 10 days. And in that time I put my emotions back together and accepted the fact. He came back home after honeymoon and the very next day he wrote me asking some questions and telling about problems the are having with his wife in sex life. He was little bit suspicious about her, her reactions, but I tried to calm him down and find excuses from her side.Then came weekend and we don’t talk on weekends. Really, emotionally I was fine at that time, life goes on for both of us. And then, out of nowhere on Sunday night I had another strange dream. In that dream, I was just walking with all those emotions I had for a week after his marriage and which seemed to be overcame now. Those emotions and feelings were very intense, like can’t fit into my chest and wants to explode. Then I saw my grandfather, who in reality passed away many years ago, when I was still a little kid, but I loved him very much and had closer relationship than with my parents. I don’t dream him as well, just few times in 18 years. He was roosting like he used to when was smoking. Not sure if he was smoking in a dream though. When I saw him, I felt like I hit a jackpot, like all I needed for feeling better was meeting him and I did. He looked very very young and handsome. And actually in a dream I realised, that in real he is dead. Although I wasn’t scared or questioning how is it that he is here. We didn’t even say a word in that dream, all were feelings. When I saw him, I ran to him, he stood up smiling and we hugged. I felt warm, comforting, friendly (don’t even have right words to describe it) energy coming from him and I started crying. But it was good crying, like a relieve, like my grandfather’s good energy moved away all my feelings that wanted to explode. They didn’t explode, they left with tears. And I felt very good. As I said, there were no words spoken, but it felt like he was saying “it’s alright, all is gonna be ok with you, you don’t need to worry or suffer”. And then I woke up with real tears on my face although feeling was not that good and light as it was in a dream, it was heavier.
    The next day I got message from my ex, asking if I have time to talk to him. He told that he is emotionally broken, that his wife is in mental hospital, she has mental disorder everyone hided from him and his family, that she can not lead normal life, that this is not something curable and she will be on medications for all her life. That not being able to lead normal life, she will be preventing him from normal life. And that he wants divorce. I don’t want to say much about their personal life, but they are not living together since then and preparing for divorce since it’s is not so easy to get it in his country. And since then he is back in my life as he was before she stepped into his life. The first dream came true almost literally, just, I was not there at home, but I was always by his side when he needed me, to talk or advice, I was there when he went through all this realisation, acceptance and plans what to do next stages and after that he thanked me few times for all this. As he said, he was really broken and I helped him to pick up his pieces back together.

  303. ryanna says:

    i only have like 7 dreams a month… but when i do they always ome true no matter what the dream is. So i started a journal to write down each dream then when it comes true or something related to it comes true i write it down

  304. Even says:

    Hi It’s been many of my dreams makes real the place, position of every person and our conversation was most like the same as what I’ve dream. I remember also when I was young I’ve dream about a place and yes it happen by the next days or weeks maybe I am standing on my reality dream.

  305. jhong says:

    it really happen to me that some dreams happened,but more often it happen after 3 weeks. I wish that we can controll it .

  306. Kristi says:

    Hello! So most nights I sleep I have very intense dreams that are very random and can be changed as if I can reverse time but what I can’t change are the conversations. These conversations constantly are showing up the next day or over the next week. I’m not sure if De Ja Vu is how I would describe it because this is word for word mood for mood. Is the normal?

    • Alden says:

      Your dreams seem fun, being able to reverse time and such in them. I’ve never done that in a dream before, but otherwise, I’ve had a similar experience in the dreams later coming true in real life.

      On about 10 occasions, I’ve had very realistic dreams that seem to be set in mundane situations where I was talking with a person or some friends about nothing in particular. After a few months went by, I found myself in the exact situations that I had dreamed: standing/sitting in the exact spots with the exact clothing, with the other people exactly where they were in the dreams with their own exact same clothing on, and we were discussing the exact same things with the exact phrasing as I had dreamed so far ahead of time.

      Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any way to plan ahead in life to expect exactly when they would have come to pass, and it’s been a bit annoying that there weren’t anything that I could benefit from like lotto numbers or stock tips. On the other hand, I’m glad I hadn’t seen any dangerous situations either.

  307. L says:

    i know this might come off strange and im glad to hear some people have similar things as in dreams coming true….when i was 7 i woke up crying my dad came in and was trying to calm me down…..the tsunami that hit thailand….i didnt even know where thailand was at the time and i could see people being hit by the waves and could see their lifeless bodys flowing quickly with the current. i think the one thing that haunted me and still goes to this day…is hearing the screams. 4 years ago i had a dream where i was floating and saw a girl go into a hotel and couple minutes go by she came back out she walked a good 2 blocks she was holding her cellphone texting someone. as she is turning a corner i see a man come out of his black looks almost like a uhaul van but more squared and it was just black i hope yall understand my description im horrible at it. and i couldn’t hear what he was saying to her regardless she got into the car… i saw the hotel sign in my dream i cant quiet remember it when i thought about it except i remember but something harbour. and as i looked around more exploring in my own dream i saw another sign….myrtle. i was on fb and came upon a re shared post about top 10 creepy photos i came upon the tara calico case and was interested in finding out more details to her story….as i googled it i got more and more deep into reading about other abductions and decided to check out the images….i came across a girl i dont even know but for some odd reason i was convinced i knew and seen her somewhere. as i read her story i had a huge what i call dejavu. i dreamt about this and i keep trying to remember the rest of the dream but its been so many years i cant piece it al together anymore like i use too. the girl im referring to is names is brittanee drexel. i read more about her story and it is exactly what i saw in my dream except they didnt know how she went missing and in my dream i did. but from that point in my dream when she got into the van i have no idea where she went i was unable to catch up. all i know is the van drove towards a beach…and thats all i can remember…. ive had many other dreams not just these ones they all seem to be within the same category disasters or abductions i dont know these women or men or kids but the tsunami one has to be the one i cant ever get the memory of hearing the screams out of my head….

    • Victoria says:

      No way!! I had also had dreams about two weeks before the Tsunami hit. In one dream i was in my bathroom and I opened the shower curtain and there was dark, bloody water and hair in the bathtub. From what I remember, I’m pretty sure there was also a girl in the tub. I tried to leave the bathroom when suddenly both handles of the faucets turned and I was being drowned in the sink. Another dream was where I was sitting outside and there was a black car in front of me. I looked into the window of the car and all of a sudden it was filled with water and moments later, there was a hand pressed against the window. Unfortunately, whoever it was drowned. Another dream i had was a car crossing a bridge that all of a sudden disappeared because it was enveloped by water?? Lastly, there was a teacher who rode her bike to save her school children and was able to get them on top of a building to save them from a flood that was coming. All these dreams I had about two weeks before the huge tsunami hit and that strangest part about it all is that since then, I’ve never had a dream about water, nor did I have any before the incident!


    • Sydney says:

      Um maybe you should contact the fucking police????? I just researched the case and what you’re saying is very accurate.

    • Amanda says:

      I also had a dream about the tsunami before it hit but all I seen was the water just coming & coming & a little boy on some furniture & a man going after him! I’ll never forget that! But tonight I had a dream of a man backing a old white Oldsmobile in his driveway & stopped then right before shutting the garage door he slammed down on gas to back into garage & hit front side of garage he fell out of car into garage with some of the car laying on him & door coming down on his legs it’s creeping me out!!!

  308. CJ says:

    I had a dream where, in my dream, I was sleep in my bed. (btw this dream felt like real life). In the dream, some one was trying to break through my bedroom window while I was laying in bed sleep. I heard someone beating on the window over and over and over again. Finally, at the same moment that they broke through my window and glass shatters, I suddenly woke up to the sound of my full length mirror falling to the floor shattering at the exact same time. This happened several years ago and to this day, it still kind of freaks me out. How did my mirror fall and shatter to pieces at this same exact time the window broke in my dream? Coincidence? Maybe. My mom has very frequent random dreams of people she knows (family, co-workers, friends) where something life changing happens to them. And shortly after her dream…..usually a day or 2….it will come true. I feel like I may have a slight touch of what she has…who knows?

  309. Monicabacker says:

    my husband broke up with me about two weeks ago, he didn’t give me a reason why, he just told me that he wanted to be honest and that he didn’t love me anymore, I loved him so much but he does is to travel with different girls to unknown destination, I was all over the internet trying to find who could help me out with my situation but no results at all or little signs, I was about to give up, then luckily i found robinsonbuckler@ yahoo. com in the internet, that this spell helped a woman who had the same issue as mine, when i contacted Mr Robinson , he said he will help me and just as he said, I received a call from my husband begging to reunite with me again, i accepted him and things really changed he stopped his bad habit, We came back together and I was astounded because so many say they are the best but can’t back it. but Mr Robinson buckler really surprised me with his spell,

  310. My name is Danielle , I’m 16 years old and I live in Cleveland ohio. I was just looking this up because lately I have been having dreams that come true. I started to notice it when I was 11. When I was 11 I had a dream that I was Older , only a teenager and I was on the hospital bed holding a baby being pushed to another room. When I turned 15 I had a daughter and as I was being pushed to the next room I realized that the view was the exact same from the dream . Later I met a guy that daTed my cousin , I hated him with all my heart and dreamt he got shot and died. Later on I found out he got shot in the chest and died walking outside. I then had a dream that my boyfriends home was robed and shot up , the next day I was paranoid and felt like we were being watched , the next day the house got shot up , I was grazed by a bullet and had to go to the hospital. After we stayed at hotels and the house was then robbed. I’m afraid , my I be psychic

  311. Pink says:


    I saw that a big tower crashed right in front of my house and my neighbors wall crushed. After two days 7.9 Earthquake hit and i saw the destruction. My neighbors wall cud not stand the EQ . Nepals historical tower crashed down. Whenever i have a bad dream its always true.

  312. Samantha says:

    hi, i have multipule drams like this, the first one is, i was at a store that didn’t even exist at the time and i was shopping with my dad and we went in to the store at we bought some shirts for him and the next day a new shop like that opened with the sane shirts in my dream and the same guy and my dad bought the same shirts as he did in my dream. 2 months before a horrible disaster when a boy got hit by a train at my station i had a dream about the same thing with a boy hit by a train and it happened 2 moths later

  313. Lb says:

    I Had my first dream that turned out to be real when I was 12. I have only had 4 more since then. The dreams always end with me needing to make a decision about what I will do and then I wake. The first dream was about a fire, at the end of the dream I had to chose, let the horses out onto the yard where they were not safe or leave them in their stables where it was not safe, then a woke up. There was a fire at that place, started where I dreamt it started. I was the first person to see it, I remember as I saw it questioning the decision to say omg the barns on fire as it seemed so unreal that such a thing could be happening. The next dream, I was 17, my dad had rang me and was struggling to speak, couldn’t breath. At the end of the dream I had to chose, jump in the car and head down to him on the assumption he is in immediate danger or conclude he is lieing on order to get attention and go back to bed (harsh yes but it was the sort of thing he would do back then) then I woke up. The phone did ring and the dream did happen as it was, when I put the phone down I remembered the decision I had thought about after my dream and went straight down there, it was real, my dad couldn’t breath, possibly saved his life. Not something I would ever discuss with friends or family! I often wonder if as an event is taking place I create this illusion that the dream happened when maybe it didn’t? I liked that doubt, kept what I can place my finger on being a reality. Unfortunately I dreamt about a girl I had never met before, woke up again not making the decision, the unfortunate part was this dream really disturbed me so during an arty session I drew her as she was in the dream, met her later on in life! I stopped dreaming when I was about 22. I was taking antidepressants, didn’t link this to lack of dreams but since stopping my mess I’m dreaming again and checked out this site as had another dream about my dad last week, it then happened. It wasn’t significant it was just him telling me something important.

  314. Yari says:

    I had some dreams come true I had two of them that came true. It was a month ago that a had dremt that my little brother was in a soccer team and they had all came over and a month later it comes true. The other dream was casual. I had dremt that my mother and I where food shopping and we were in line paying a a week later it came true. Why do I have these dreams? And why do they keep happening?

  315. Princess says:

    My experience is a bit different. I dream of things but they happen in the further future. I never know when it will happen. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I freeze,,,zone out my body and it hits me that I have seen these things I have experienced this before. And actually it scares me because it is always bad things that I notice… I have had visions of a certain angles and its always something that stands out that points it out… I had a dream of the sun shinning on me with trees and people on top of me the picture to me was very clear…. and of coarse when I notice this vision …. I was getting jumped by a few girls and I froze up because I seen this and couldn’t help but realize I seen this before. I was about 14 years old when I started to notice.. I am now 25.. and I have had a few things like this happen .. it just sucks that I never know what or when something is going to happen… as I read these comments It gives me a idea of writing a dream book. I dream all the time and I try to forget my dreams because I don’t want them to be true,,, but maybe its time I pay attention because the recent deja vu I had was a warning about my new lover … and I had a vision before I even been with him.. scray

    • Alden says:

      I had very similar experiences with the dreams coming true months/years later. I tried keeping a dream journal for about half a year after the first few dreams came true in life, but those dreams I journaled were all figurative and none even close to being realistic. It is interesting to re-read the fantastical ones though, but it’s too bad I wasn’t able to record evidence of one of the foretold circumstances.

  316. Alysha says:

    I have had these dreams for most of my life and I’m 14 now
    The last one I had was a couple of months ago and I never get normal dreams anymore… It’s always a person, place and a thing in the dream and I dream about it and then maybe a couple days, weeks or months later it’s happening, everything that I had dreamped happens and I’m really scared because not long ago I dreamped about how I would die and it’s very depressing because I don’t want to die…

  317. Gwen says:

    I had so many dreams that came true, although nothing alarming.

    1. In my dream, my brother was driving me in his car, and I saw a building that’s all black tint.
    The next morning, my bro ask me to drop off our other’s car off at a window tinting place, and he pick me up in his car

    2. Dream: An ex that I haven’t talked to in a long time, text me
    Next morning: woke up got a text from him
    Twice this dream happen, twice he text the next morning.

    3. Dream: My mom came back early from her month long visit to VN
    Few days later my dad call to ask me to pick my mom up at the airport, two weeks earlier than her original date

    4. Dream: saw boiling water, and burning skin
    Next day: spilled hot oatmeal on my hand and burned my skin

    5. Dream: my bf breaks up with me
    A week later: he breaks up with me

    6. Dream: the same bf that broke up with me ask me to lunch (this dream happen three days after we broke up)
    Next morning: he call and ask me to lunch

  318. Clive says:

    i am 70 yrs old, and nothing really surprises me, like this dream. I awoke at around 1.00am after dreaming of a young lady. In the dream, I brushed closely past her, face to face, recognising that she had shoulder length brown hair, a cream dress with floral pattern, approx 26 yrs and 170cm in height. More importantly, her left arm had been amputated just below the elbow.

    At 11.00am, I enetered a crowded train station and brushed past this lady, fact to face as per the dream, and she was exactly as I saw her in the dream.

  319. Brenda says:

    I recently had a dream where zoo animals had escaped and that we had to maintain at home for our protection. I was feed up with being gin fear that I would be attacked by one of them I decided to go and hunt them. It was about 10 o’clock and the news had just started when my friend tells me, “Hey look there was a storm in Georgia and zoo animals are on the loose. People are being advised to stay in until they can all be found and taken back.” I was in shock, though this is not the first time that this has happened to me. I’ve had so many dreams come true over the past years. I am now 25 and it’s been happening since I was about 11 or 12. At least that is how far I can remember them happening. Those dreams that I keep to myself seem to come true more often than those that I do share with. Although some of the ones that I shared with the people that where in it have came true just minutes with me sharing them.

  320. irish says:

    i dream of a world collapsed with no lights coming from the sun, all are darkness taken in placed all bad elements, are passing through the darkness to go up on the earth and all people frightened with their voices keep asking god why this all happen but evil not stop here, i myself stand with all in the hills holding a golden shining short with a symbol of cross on the middle hand and my right hands shine with a lights to ruin all evil elements that coming on my place, angel, unicorn and a battle of goddess are in front of me protecting my shield against evil demons. And with the crowded fight a chair from the heaven are in my place and i sat on the chair to be throne as a royal crown queen of all the god’s with all the almighty god behold it’s power on her beloved last child.Always i dreamed of this moments what is this for?i hope my spirit would not make any sense to this dream…

  321. Lauren says:

    I’ve had this thing too, which hasn’t come true but I know it’s not a dream, I can see this happening. My grandma died over 10 years ago now, I was a little kid. I don’t have a whole lot of memories. But growing up without a grandparent is hard. Every few months I have a dream about her. We’re in my current house, and she and I just sit at the kitchen table and talk. Dreams have a tendency to feel like dreams, but that one never does. I know it’s her. I’ve had somewhat paranormal things in my house as well and she told me that everything that’s ever happened has been her, that she’s just here watching over us. Idk how to explain that, that’s not a dream and I know it. I can’t explain it, but it’s real. I can feel it

  322. Lauren says:

    I had this recently and any dream that I’ve ever had has always come true. The other night I had a dream that I was in my local grocery store and a big creepy man grabbed me and I started screaming but I was really scared. Several people that worked at the store had helped me and I got away. The next day, a big creepy looking man that looked very similar to the man in my dream (he was about 30, keep in mind that I’m younger than 18) came up to me and asked if I was single and he seemed very fake and rehearsed and thank God my mom was with me because I couldn’t speak because I was scared and the only thing I wanted to do was scream but I couldn’t. I’ve always had dreams like this and then later I can have déjà vu moments with it that I know are from dreams but it’s very strange. Please let me know why this is happening!!

  323. Retea Astillero says:

    It always happened to me, I dream of a place or even event, then i will come to that place, and that thing event will happen. I dont know why, sometimes im scared. Please email me. I want to understand what it is..

  324. Haley Pratt says:

    I dont know what u call it, but im only 14. And, I have dreams and i know ive dreammed them before. Like what someone says i know what they are going to say. Its very creepy. My dad has it to he calls it foresight. I have been very confused and in the last month or two it has been constant. People think im crazy in class when i say deja vu. Idk, maybe i am

  325. Tiffany says:

    Yes ive had several dreams that came true since i had a surgery at ten i was told i died but came back or said my mother. She said i had 2 blood transfusions. I later woke up and from then i been have dreams that often come true. When i was ten a year before r&b singer aaliyah died i had a dream of that music video of her i miss you with missy Elliott dmx and couple others that was in that video. I seen it in my dream a year later she died in the airplane i seen that video i dreamt of and freaked out how can someone predict the future thats weird no one belives me. That was my first experience. I have more.

  326. april says:

    all the places in my dream that I know that I have not been there and i don’t know where in earth is that place but all this dreams in one place that i have not been it all came true….in my dreams there are places that is clearly in my dreams then after a few weeks I will be there…and even in people…and another thing when I dream of a snake example my friend and i are walking and then she’s been bite by a snake after a few days i will have a problem connected to her then when I dream of a centipede I know that the problem will be solve this is all happening what do you think is the meaning of my dreams…thanks…..

  327. Zak Bland says:

    I have recently have had dreams which have come true, but they all relate to my younger sister, I dreamt that her boyfriend cheated on her, the next day I told her she looked shocked and told me she had found out that morning he did, I also told her the name of the girl in my dream her boyfriend was with, then she looked freaked out because it was the correct name. I then dreamt the next night that she was pregnant, she told the family the next day that she was pregnant. I thought the first dream was a coincidence but now two dreams in a row have came true. The thing that worries me is that I had a dream the other day that my sister died during child birth and I then adopted her baby.. This is worrying me and I am struggling to sleep at night because I am scared that this dream will come true and that I will have more like this.

  328. Selkie says:

    Okay so I’ve found myself googling dreams coming true for a while, probably since the existence of google, my whole childhood I have had such vivid dreams that have come true, and it’s started happening again. I once kept dreaming one of my little brothers (I’m the eldest of 10 kids just btw) and I were swimming in our pool, all of a sudden he disappeared I looked around to see he was stuck in child’s bath chair drowning at the bottom of the pool, I was always around 7 years old in the dream and I try to rescue him but he’s too far and I can’t hold my breath for long enough; all of a sudden my father jumped into save him; I had this dream several times growing up and then probably 3 years later from the first time I had this dream we were all down at the beach, I was swimming with the brother from the dream and one of my little sisters; she hadn’t been born yet when I had these dreams, I started to take her to the shore and looked around but my brother was nowhere to be found – he had somehow got trapped in a rip and all of a sudden he rose to the surface flailing and was pulled down again, I tried to start swimming out like in the dream but he was too far, my father dove in and swam out and saved him.. And now recently I’ve been dreaming things and they happen the very next day! Example, I dreamt of getting a package from my best friend in Australia, and it was full of tea! Well she never told me she had sent a package yet the day after the dream I recieved a package from her containing all sorts of goodies including tea. Another example; A boy borrowed a really really expensive pair shoes from this same best friend and never returned them. She had been trying for the last two years to organise with this guy to pick them up but he always bailed. Then about a month ago I had a dream, this boy who borrowed the shoes was there with me at a bar. He had given my friends boots back to her and then He apologised for taking so long and explained that he had been having a rough time and that it was no excuse but he was sorry and he hoped I could understand.. The very next morning my best friend sent me a photo.. Yep. It was a photo of the boots. She had managed to finally meet up with this guy after two years of evading her. And I dreamt it.

    • Selkie says:

      Btw, Ii don’t live in aus anymore and I know some people will think “she told you she was going to get the boots so that probably why you dreamt it” but honestly we hadnt spoke about them for a while… And she never mentioned beforehand she was still trying to get them, I thought she had given up!!! I know it doesn’t seem as grand a dream as the one of my childhood but the fact is it came true the very next day!!!!

  329. Lennon says:

    I had a dream where a native american was on a canoe in a river. There was drums beating by the riverside. suddenly the canoe hit a vortex, and the river drained. when i woke up the next morning, I turned on the tv and the 2004 tsunami was on the headlines

  330. Roselyn says:

    A few years back i had a dream about my sons 3 cousin my son was 6 at the time and hes 3 causin in he’s late 20 anyway in my dream he was sitting on top of a car looking foward and i came down parallel to the car far away he didn’t notice i was there when suddenly i see the shadows of everything in the street start to move towards him they take his soul with them back to the shadows . when some was coming towards me i felt something pull me away and i woke up histerical crying for someone i didnt even know cause it felt so real. i tried to warn him but with no luck. I moved from town and in the same house i had the dream He got shot by one of hes friends and died shortly after that in the hospital. its not my only dream i had thats come true but it is the worst.

  331. alyssa says:

    Hi, i just googled this because lately something has been awoken in me, my uncle has strong abilities and has since he was a child, he has recently quit his job to pursue it, and has clients all over the world. When I saw him last he approached me and told me that I have the gift as well, but I just don’t know exactly how to access it. When he told me this I remembered an incident that occured 3 years ago. I had a dream that a classmate from school’s mother was rushed to the hospital. I have never met or seen this persons mother, and was not even close with the person at all. The next day I mentioned this dream to someone he was friends with who freaked out because his mom was in the hospital and no one was supposed to know. Now days I frequently have dreams that come true, the most significant was a dream I had of a classmate I haven’t seen since elementary school, I am now in college and In the dream he said “hey alyssa how are you”? and we were in an alley way. The NEXT morning i woke up with a hair appt at the mall right at 8 when the mall opens, there was maybe a total of 5 people in the mall, and standing outside of the hair dressers was Julian, the classmate, saying “hey alyssa , how are you’ the exact words he said in my dream. I literally had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasnt still sleeping or just seeing things. Basically dreams like this keep happening to me and I would like to know more about it. I keep a dream journal and the dreams I have that come true are always past being a coincidence. What does this mean?
    Thank you!

    • Frederick Hamilton says:

      Hi, I have had the phenomenon of dreams that come to reality my whole adult life, too many to even think of writing out. Are you a lucid dreamer? I am, I have always had the ability to control my dreams as they happen (if I choose to control them) and I can pick back up where a dream is interrupted from me waking. Part of how I know I am dreaming is the control part….if I can make something happen in the dream, then I know I am dreaming. As well, if I am freaked out in a dream or I don’t like what is happening or what I think may happen, I simply wake myself up.

      For the dreams that come true, my dreams are different. They feel “real”, I cannot make things happen and in the “bad” dreams I get very uncomfortable and can wake with a lingering creepy (I can’t think of a better word right now) feeling. As well, I sometimes lose the ability to wake myself from the mental discomfort in the dream.

      I’m interested in communicating with others who have this and would really like to delve into this more deeply. I keep a journal, digging more deeply in control, discerning and how to better access whatever this is. Just looking for others to communicate with and maybe learn.

      Kind Regards,

  332. Nisha says:

    I have just recently started to see things coming true. They’re small, though. Nothing huge. But i have a dream my mom & I are fighting, I woke up to a long angry text message from her. I also had a dream my cousin had a date with my ex BF, come to find out she had a date with someone who had the same name as him. So it’s subtle, but it’s puts things into perspective. Is this something you guys can relate to? Or am I just overthinking?

  333. Anuar says:

    i try my best to write in english, ( english is my 5th language)

    since i was 10 yo, i have ability to see ghost but when i reach 13 i cant see ghost anymore. now im 27 yo. This year 2015, i start learn about meditation and i do meditation ever night before i go to sleep for 2-3 month. this is list of my dream that become reality

    1. 11/5/5015 very vivid dream simple and short. “LAND CRACKING AND NUMBER 13″
    # 13/5/2015 nepal and japan got earthquake for second times
    # 6/6/2015 Mount KINABALU(BORNEO where i live) got earthquake 6.2 19 death
    # i got deep feeling this month 13/6/2016 earthquake will happen again (second wave)

    2. 4/6/2015 Vivid dream, look very real “BLUE OLD BRITISH RAIL”
    # 7/6/2015 Borneo Rail (still using British old Rail for tourist attraction) crash
    # HUH…lucky no one hurt

    3.Today 9/6/2015 look real until i was shock and wake up, much complex dream “CHEAP HOTEL,
    # I hope this just a dream noting happen yet

  334. voss says:

    So last night I had an incredibly vivid dream that I was at work and I got mad at two Co-workers for going through my work bag and taking stuff. I wake up and find out we had been robbed in the early morning hours. I have had deja vu before, but the coincidence is just way too weird for me.

  335. andy says:

    I have had many dreams that later come true .the most recent was I dreamt of a man being attacked by a shark.
    in the dream I pulled him away from shark but it bit off his leg,
    next morning I read a man had just had his leg bitten of in a shark attack.

  336. Miranda D says:

    I’ve predicted the last four deaths in my family . I dream they die tell my mom so she can spend more time with them . Then months later they die . Sucks really bad cause a few weeks ago I dreamed my mom died . No I have to just sit back and worry until it happens . This is more of a curse then a gift ..,

  337. Luna (prefer not real name) says:

    I had a dream im not sure when about me being diagnosed with Lung Cancer and literally i woke up unable to breath. I was taken to the hospital. And they diagnosed me with Lung Cancer. I realized that my dream had come true and somehow it was Dejavu.

  338. Leah says:

    I dont normaly have dreams, but the times i do the come true a few months after. The night i do have a dream i have really bad headaches. Is that normal?

  339. Reese says:

    I’ve had many dreams about the future all have come true, but they arnt major things they are little things that someone says or does sometimes a whole conversation usually happen a week after the dream.also when I was born I was dead for 15 mins and mysterically came back to life don’t know if these could be related. I’m a 15 year old guy and am looking for answers

  340. derek says:

    I was playing in a soccer game once and got hit in the face with the ball, and as it happened I clearly remembered having a dream about it a week or two prior, amazing really because it happens rather often

  341. Navi says:

    When I was preganant with my son back in 2005, I would have very vivid dreams that were hard to forget, nothiing that alerted me of anything that danger was around. I gave birth to my son August 17, 2006. He was due Oct 7, 2006, so with that being said, he was indeed several weeks early. He had to stay in the NICU for a whole month. During that month I had dreams every night of my baby. One dream I remeber was I went to the NICU for my daily visit to see my baby and check on his health and how he’s progressing. The nusre stopped me before I could get to my baby and she said when one oif the nurses was taking my son out of the warming bed to clean him, she dropped him and he hit the floor. Because of the fall my baby had to get a CAT scan to check and make sure that there was no trama or bleeding in the brain. I cried and cried and cried. I woke up in sweat and immedietly reached for my phone and called the NICU to check on my baby. Without saying anything about my dream, the nurse told me that my son had to get a CAT scan on his brain to ensure that there was no trama or bleeding in the brain due to the fact that he was primi and pasing through the birth canal could be tramatic. I have had dreams of him that came true everynight that he was in the hospital. After he came home my dreams have been spread out. Some dreams are small irrelevant dreams that would come true and I would have dreams that woke me out of my sleep that came true. Agian, less regular and spreaded out. I will never, ever, ever, forget the dreams I had everynight of my son.

  342. John says:

    Only a couple of weeks before my tenth birthday, I started experiencing strange moments in my dreams! one of the first things is that I had a dream of what I would get for Christmas. One thing was real. The item was a disc full of exactly 13 songs of Hawaiian music. When Christmas came around, I had gotten it as a gift from my parents! Then It came around more and more often. Then I started telling my mom of images and actions in my dreams that came true in at least less than a week later. Before my birthday at becoming 10 years old, my 52 year old cousin, Allison, had cancer! There was a pattern. She felt fine, she felt bad, then she felt fine. I had dreamed of all of that. On the 5th hour in the afternoon on April 19, 2015, she had passed away in her home. But around 2 days before her tragic death, I had a dream! The dream first started in my house in the dinning room. It was the exact place where my mom had told my family about Allison’s death. Then the image went blank and my dream had tooken me to Allison’s future funeral. I had lemonade as a drink. Then I woke up and it was the day that Allison had died! Then my mom told me what happened, but unusually, I didn’t cry like I usually do. It was probably because I already knew it was going to happen! When we went to the funeral, everything was the same as it was in the dream! And these messages from the future happen every night now. It still continues in others too!


  343. Jamie says:

    I consistently have dreams that come true. They seem like quick glipses into the future through my own eyes. Basically, I’ll get to see some random point in my future. They are about 10-15 seconds long on average. They are normally quite confusing and have no great purpose. And during them, I’m able to think inside my own brain (I know that doesn’t make much sense). Basically, my past self (the one dreaming) is freely thinking, talking, and comprehending everything inside my future-self’s eyes and mind. My future self realizes that my last self is there and quickly tells me things. So, when the dream actually comes true (when I’m in the future), I realize that it’s happening and I basically relay a message back to myself. When the dream is coming true, everything is exactly the same. Everything I see in the dream is 100% identical. Now that I know it does on, I try to think clear thoughts that could be understood by my past self. So, now whenever my dreams happen, my future self kinda has the hang of it, so the thoughts are getting more informative. I normally just say that status of my life and major things that are going on. I see people I’ve never met, places I’ve never been, etc. The past three girls I’ve dated over the last 5 years, I saw them in these dreams before, and my future self would say things like “this is your girlfriend, you live here, you’re going to school here…” and other things like that. I want to learn how to improve this trait. I don’t know much about it. Additionally, the time frame on the dreams is completely random. I’ve had dreams that don’t happen for a year, month, week, or day. I remember having dreams about the college I ended up going to before I even knew it existed. Then when it came true and I was there, it’s like “ohhhh, so this is where you were and what you were talking about.”

    • Frederick Hamilton says:

      I would be interested in hearing more in how you are communicating with yourself in the dreams. I do not have another me in my dreams and my dreams that become reality are never about me but I relate to how you describe your realization of what is going on inside your head. Sometimes I can discern the meaning of what I am dreaming and others are less clear until, for example, I hear what I dreamed occurred, but I couldn’t quite figure “everything” out while I was dreaming. My events revolve more around events and deaths. Deaths have been people whom I knew, some recent some people I’ve not seen in decades. Events are strange as in could be local, national or international….again the inability to discern while dreaming, the scale of the event. Most recent example was I saw a family of 3, car on side of the interstate, there were gun shots, I knew some had died and I woke myself as the discomfort from the dream was so strong, I told my wife as my stirring had woken her. The next day it happened, it was a local event. Most of mine are next day events. Just curious how you are getting yourself to the point of communicating in your dreams.
      Kind Regards

  344. hallie says:

    hi im a 7th grader, and i believe that i have psychic dreams every so often, except i cant remember them until they actually happen. i also seemed to have developed being lucid in dreams (not really sure how to put that O-o) if at all possible can someone help me understand this a bit better?

  345. Carlyn says:

    I’ve had several experiences in my li fe in which I’ve had a feeling about something or a dream that came true. Any one of which I could probably explain through basic instincts or unconscious perceptions (i.e. concern for the welfare of a friend, family member, pet). Sometimes it would come as a feeling, but the strongest ones chime as a dream. These are the ones that seem to ring mostly true. I consider myself a relatively rational person, but this last one is kind of freaking me out. Up until this week it’s all been personally related. And .i guess it kind of was this time too, but on a grander scale than what I’m used to. Earlier this week, I had an exhaustive dream that I was in my apartment and it started raining, HARD. Everyone was starting to evacuate but I thought, “it’s just rain, it’ll stop eventually. And I’m on the top floor so it won’t reach me.” The dream kept on, we (whomever was with me, I can’t remember) watched movies and played board games and talked. Eventually, I took a look outside and the water had risen all the way to my balcony 15-20ft off the ground and was JUST beginning to spill over the balcony. I started freaking out, wondering how we were going to get out alive. I panicked and then I woke up. I figured it had been raining outside while I was sleeping and that instigated the dream. But then, 24-48 hours later, the flooding happened all over Texas. (I live in California now but I’m from Texas). So I looked it up online and I can’t find any record of it raining either of those days while I was either asleep or awake. I live in California, in a drought, with close family and friends in Texas, in a drought, and I had a nightmare about a flood and 24-48 hours later a flood is engulfing half the cities in Texas. It’s freaking me out. I feel like I should pack up and go because what if something worse is coming to California? I realize it’s a giant leap from logic, but typically the dreams I recall are emotional and come true to some extent.

  346. Alyssa says:

    It happened just now actually. I had some vague dream that I couldn’t really remember the details to besides that either it was who I was in the dream or some other person who started being unable to breathe. I had woken up and was just laying in my bed and I heard my brother and my stepfather telling my mom to calm down. Turns out she was having an anxiety attack of some sort with hearing loss and numb limbs.
    It was just very strange to me. It could be possible that I was in a light sleep and more aware of outside activity that integrated into my dreaming sequence. Hopefully this helps you? I don’t think something like this happened before. Although I do have an overbearing amount of Deja Vu experiences. Sometimes I’m more aware of people’s moods and the people in general. Knowing what they were going to say, that’s happened to me while chatting with someone online.
    Interesting though, isn’t it?

  347. Louis says:

    A few weeks ago I had a nightmare that I was driving with my family and I lost control and ran off a cliff and we all died. The next morning there was an article in one of the Arizona newspapers that a man had lost control of his of vehicle and drove of a cliff in Superior Arizona.

    This past Sunday night I had a dream that my family and I were out in an open field when a violent storm hit. A tornado sucked up my wife as she was trying to run away and I saw her disappear in the sky. I then spent the rest of my nightmare frantically looking for her and trying to get help with no luck. I then read this morning about the mom that got washed away in the texas flood while with her family.

    two for two.

  348. rob says:

    i will keep this brief and not tell all for personal reasons . i’mwaitingfor an elevator in huge building ilook up an see a star gate off to the left .then boom. then another boom earthsattering .the person beside me says don;t worry this building has avery thick roof 110thick then guy on phone says good by dad the roof in my office is melting.theresa lot more but i a very uncomforttable saying this after all theseyears. stupid me could not put this together 3months befor thetowers went down in n.y. i remember all my dreams since childhood all vivid i feel that i am cursed

  349. Amanda Anderson says:

    I went to sleep one night and dreamt that my nephew had died. In my dream I felt my heart pounding and I than woke up. But I wasn’t fully awake. I felt like I was inbetween sleep and reality. I kept trying to sit up from the couch. The tv was on and the lights were off. An infomercial was playing. It’s like I was stuck down. My body felt really heavy. I was crying and trying to talk but couldn’t speak. I just laid there until I fell back to sleep. The next morning my roommates daughter asked me if I was ok. O asked her what she meant and she told me she saw me with my eyes open trying to get up from the couch but it scared her so she didn’t say anything. Ten minutes later I got a horrible phone call from my sister telling me that last night my brother had passed away in a motorcycle accident in Highlands county Florida. I’ve always associated my dream as trying to tell me what had happened or that something terrible was about to happen. If only i could have woken up :(

  350. Nowshad ahamed says:

    my name is nowshad from bangladesh i also having dreams that became true in real life …. when that moment happends before my eyes i think i already have seen this before…..why this is happening with me…is this a problem of my head….no one believes me..they make fun of me.!…..

  351. Ken says:

    I had a dream that I lost all of my hair, a few months laters I was diagnosed with a small dose of alopecia

  352. Jesse says:

    I’m 18, and I’ve been having my dreams since I was little. It doesn’t happen immediately, but in a sequence of events within seconds, this could happen tomorrow, to six months. It’s the very moment that it happens is when it completely clicks in my head, every movement, everything. the dreams initially seem irrelevant, but over time I have noticed not too long after something wrong happens (I mean, everyone has hard times), but these happen a few days, to a week or two after the memory is synchronized. I know definitively that it’s something bad that will happen soon after, and I can even try to prevent everything that could make something go wrong, but it’s still one thing I don’t catch, one thing I didn’t think to prevent. That’s when the final sequence of the dream happens, this is the part of the dream before I wake up. The moment the bad situation is in full motion I can predict what the other person will say. (I have done it with family members, friends, and teachers.) Not even someone I know all that well, when that final moment happens I can literally copy their words before they say them, and I just get a creeped out look.

    I have no idea how to help it, or prevent it as I’ve tried everything possible in every situation to deter it into another motion to hopefully break the sequence. It never works, if anyone here has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve tried to tell my therapist, he tells me it’s deja vu, well does until we had an argument and I finished his sentence, then he believed me. He’s tried looking it up, he doesn’t know what it is.
    So if ANYONE has any insight on how to help it, it’d be greatly appreciated.

  353. Sara says:

    This happens to me all the time.. I dreamt about stock markets, and a plane crash the night before 9/11, I dreamt that my friend was expecting, the next day I told her to take a test, & she found out she was pregnant. Right before the earthquake in Nepal I had a dream about the ground shaking, and a mountain collapsing. Awhile back I read about being able to communicate with the dead through dreams.. My friend had passed away, so before bed the night of his funeral, I reminded myself that If I saw him in my dream to talk to him. Sure enough that night in my dream, I saw my friend standing there.. It was crazy, because I was able to remind myself in my dream that I needed to talk to him & I was well aware that I was sleeping. He didn’t say anything.. but I hugged him. This has been happening for the longest time.

  354. Nancy says:

    My first dream happen when I was around 7 yrs old. I saw a face of my mothers best friend father coming to me in a empty space closer and closer. I new he was dead or dying. He didn’t say a word but yet i knew even though I never met this man. A few days later we went to Aunt Colleen’s
    house and as soon as I met him I was confused. As we left and got in the car my mother asked what’s wrong. My reply was ” How is that man at the party isn’t he suppose to be dead?” My mother was shocked and appeared to be angry by what I said and told me never to repeat that again. A few weeks later this man passed. After that the dreams continued. I was able to tell the difference between what was going to happen, A warning and a regular dream. The dreams that were going to happen I felt every emotion as though it already happen. The warning dreams came in code. Meaning lie a puzzle with different pieces always showing someone who I know in the past trying to communicate without words. Then the regular dreams everyone seem to have, the ones with seems entertaining with no point to reality. How is this possible? My daughter has the same dreams. At first I saw this a curse then one I started to take medication due to an injury I no longer had any more dreams. I didn’t realize how much I depended on those dreams. I made choices in my life for those dreams. I never shared that info. before but without the advantage of knowing before caused me to become depressed. Finally my dreams are starting to return and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Honestly I don’t understand any of this. Any one knows anything about this PLEASE explain it to me !!!!

  355. John Somerville says:

    A few years ago I dreamed I rescued a frog out of my swimming pool. The dream itself was unlike any other dream in that it was extremely vivid in every detail. Two days later I was standing by my pool in exactly the same spot as in my dream. The pool skimmer I needed to fish out the frog was laying beside the pool in the exact place it was in my dream. It was as I was lifting the frog out of the pool that I realized I was repeating the dream I had two days before.

    The event itself is trivial (except from the frog’s standpoint) but the time warp here and my ignorance about what really was going on is beyond any words to describe it.

  356. rachel says:

    I have had these dreams since I was 19. I remember every detail. Sight, sound, smell, feel, it’s all there. Every one of them have come true thus far. They can come true right after the dream or up to years later. I have dreamt of accidents, funerals, weddings, suicides and friends in need. A few months ago I had the last one. It is coming to life at this moment. I just need to figure out how exactly I Get out of the hole.

    • Alexia says:

      I’ve had similar dreams throughout my life. I have dreams of the funerals of loved ones weeks or years before they actually pass. I CLEARLY see myself and what I’m wearing. The person in the casket is never revealed to me, but I ALWAYS see myself, and specific details of the church/ funeral home. IN EVERY CASE, I’ve worn exactly what I wore in my dream, and the physical details of the church/funeral home are always the same. It scares me quite frankly.

  357. kriti says:

    I dreamt of earthquake on 25th april morning and the same day nepal faces earthquake..not only this all my morning dreams come true..

  358. Lexi says:

    Well two nights before Kentucky had that huge flooding I had a dream that KY would flood really bad in Louisville mainly. Then two nights later I see in the news that KY had, had a really bad flood. I just recently had a dream about the nepal earthqauke and then that happened. This is slightly starting to freak me out

  359. Alysha says:

    I had a dream about seeing a certain friend one night. I then spent the entire morning with this weird feeling, that somehow I knew I was going to see her, since we were having problems I did not want to see her. I dreamt about the place I’d see her as well. At the bus stop, I skipped two buses since they were too full, and finally I got on and she was there. I’ve had other dreams similar to this one.

  360. Ashley says:

    Last night I dreamt that two children were kidnapped, and their mothers knew each other or may have been related and their husbands were helping them figure out who would take them and why. And towards the end, the grandmother did someone that suspected them that it was her and soon after she confessed that she took them to a sacred Indian lake that supposedly gives life after death, I don’t remember why she did it but the mothers went searching around her house and the lake and found a journal of details about what she’s done and pictures and all this stuff. The mothers started panicking and went to the lake to find their children and couldn’t find a trace of them, and I woke up. So I never got to know if they found then alive or dead and now it’s bothering it. So I started researching aboit Indian sacred lakes and I found a post from a couple months ago of bodies resurfacing from the Ganges river, which is the most sacred Indian lake in the world. I don’t know why I dreamt that.

  361. Aishwarya (ASH) says:

    i don’t get any terrifying or deadly dreams but they r ’bout i having conversation with my bff nd realising that i saw a dream of the exact conversation…. i had this couple of times.

    i had a dream of going out wid my friends, and it came true after about 3 weeks…

    then i had a dream of watchin a horror movie wid my brother….

    the last one was that i was having an argument with a guy nd it was the most stressful of all the dreams.

    i’m not sure that this is normal and hence i want a reply and answers fo dis problem

  362. Pat says:

    I quite often dream of something and sometimes I retain part of that dream in my memory and sometimes I don’t. And even on rarer occasions, I actually experience these events and I just get this feeling as if it has happened before but then I realize that i actually dreamt about it.

  363. Nikki says:

    I can usually tell what the weather is going to be like by my dreams. I know its strange but I tested the theory and for weeks after I woke up (the mornings I remembered my dreams)
    I would recall the weather in my dreams and then I would open the curtains and sure enough the weather was what it was in my dream. I can sometimes tell other things to, and I can sometimes tell if its roughly going to be a good day or a bad day. Maybe thats just a mind over matter thing though.

    Also for years I suffered from these dreams and I was always being chased and people were trying to kill me. A big event happened in my waking life, something that changed everything. And ever since that, I now I haven’t had those dreams. If anything I’m the one chasing people.

  364. Debb says:

    I had a dream a few nights ago that my current boyfriend (a man I love, but we haven’t seen each other since June of 2014) and I had met up.In reality: After months of not talking, or seeing each other, not even running into each other in town; he popped up out of thin air, texted me at 1:36am just to ask how I was doing. In my dream: It’s 1:36 am, and his face comes into focus. He begins to mouth some inaudible sentence and my dream-self leans in to hear him clearer. Just as my face comes about 1 foot in front of his, a white butterfly flies across my point of view. All of a sudden I feel this comforting breeze, and when I look at him, he smiles. I wake up.
    Monday, May 4,2015. I wake up, I have this odd feeling at the back of my mind. I go to school. As 7th period starts, I walk on to the cross country track to have a cigarette. After a few minutes of walking, I decide to sit down on the grass. I’m just allowing my mind to ease and calm, after all my week before hadn’t been so fantastic. (Now, I don’t remember my dreams until they happen) I’m staring across the field, when all of a sudden a white butterfly flies across my path. I get this sense of deja vu and so I look to the butterfly, and asked the spirits if that was a sign. A warm breeze rose and i felt a layer of comfort being pulled over me. I begin to pray to my gods, and as I walk back into the school I get a call from my mother. I answer and she’s ecstatic, I ask her why and she answers “Guess who texted!” and I began listing the names of people who haven’t messaged me in a while. Totally ignoring the fact it may have been the man I love, from June. I ask her finally after reaching the end of my list, and she mutters his name. I felt the tug at my mind again, and i saw his face come into my unconscious once more. I couldn’t believe I dreamt this… It felt so surreal, I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not…. But I’m soo happy the gods have granted me the gift of his love…. I could not be more thankful…

    • Felicia simmons buchanan says:

      I dreamed back in the 70′s exactly how often town looks to day then my parents had divorced I dreamed one night my dad was trying to find my mother entry me I told my mother then one day while riding with my mom and dad in a car my dream hit me the day before Whitney Houston Frisco dreamed she was on the frot page news paper’s crying this was a Friday morning Sunday we found out she died wow my fiance and a friend did not know what to say we were in shock!!!!! When I when I come into a building I can since if a spiritual good or evil what do I do now??

    • wendecookiecrumbles says:

      Last year that happenned to me too..but mine was idk i think it was a dream or i was half awake or something idk , coz its the first time something dark came up to me. And so while asleep pr half asleep i heard THREE knocks 3 loud knocks. It woke me up i looked at the door but i was weirded out coz i have two doors, one outside is a metal gate and finally the second one the wood one. From the knocks that i heard it was a knock on my wooden door and not from the outside metal door so i got confused. Coz i didnt see anybody inside my room in the first place and it would be impossible coz before someone can break in i will be woken up unless someone would drug me to sleep lol! Anyway! So yea the knock came from the inside n didnt see anyone.. It terrified me, but i decided to snap back to sleep coz well its the middle of the night. Then i was woken up again but this time with a sharp pain on my chest n like theres something heavy on top of me and what scared me so much was the distinct smell. Its like idk its foul smell like a somethin sulfuric and its like idk i feel like theres something hovering on top of me and i am smelling it. But well i dont see anything coz its dark in my room but even if the light would be on i know that no one is sitting on top of me. This happened for few consecutive weeks in a row… At one time even during day time the smell will over power a certain spot and move to another. Then for like 3 nights i keep waking up hearing 3 loud knocks… From what ive read and know they said to not open the door Coz its like youre inviting whatever it is to come in. Its like youre welcoming it more. Those weeks were terrifying… So ive read about ut and researched and all that and from what ive read.. A dark entity visited me.. And the awful stinking distinct smell was a smell of a dark entity…. . After finding out all of it. I prayed and prayed and prayed so bad for it to be gone… At that time i was loosing faith with God and even asking if he was real n even told myself that he isnt real and i dont care about him anymore. Then that incident happened…

      I told myself that i am ok With dreaming dreams that really do come true in my reality. Feel things thats gonna happen even see ghost at times way back and even dream of the ones who will die or died. I even at times can feel on my own body what is going on with certain things or sometimes feel someone is feeling even when theyre outside the country.. It freaks me out… But i cant control it it just happens. I only had control over what i am gonna dream once. When i repeatedly told myself that i want to dream what school will i transfer to and who is the first person that will approach me in class. Then for 3 nights i dreamt of it. The school n every feet of cement i walked through that day n i dreamnt of the first person in class who greeted me on my first day of sophomore yr. But for me to be visited by dark entity is something i cannot and dont wanna experience… Ive never felt so shit scared in my life. And after that i never dared to turn my back or even try to turn my back with God. Coz evil really exist. And i dont wanna be experiencing it first hand inside my body

  365. Cody says:

    I had this dream the other night that I married this girl do think there is a possibility of this to come true like couple years down the line and normally when I dream about things they are recent things that just happened but this was out of the random and I haven’t to her or thought about her so I was just wondering if anyone knows if this might come true later in life

  366. Beatrice says:

    A few of my dreams have come true, but they’re all just really mundane events:

    1. I had a short dream where I was standing in a garden while looking at a window or a mirror that was in front of me. That time I wasn’t sure what it was since I was able to see myself wearing a pink dress. The window/mirror was surrounded with leaves and flowers. The dream came true several months after. After having lunch in this house I went to for the first time, I decided to check out the rest of the place. I came across a cute little guest house and took a photo of one of its windows that was surrounded with leaves and flowers. Right after taking the photo, I looked at the window and that’s when I knew I had dreamt of that moment. I was wearing a pink dress then.

    2. In another dream, I had dreamt that I was in a restaurant with a few friends. One of my girl friends ordered a spaghetti and asked me if I wanted some. Like the other dream, this dream came true after several months. When my friend started eating her spaghetti, that’s when I had a feeling the moment felt familiar, that it was more than deja vu. A few seconds later I thought, “Ohhhh snap, she’s gonna ask me, ‘Want some?’” and literally right after I thought that, she asked me, “Want some?” I couldn’t even answer her right away since I was pretty freaked out by what just happened. I just looked at her with my eyes wide open and my mouth slightly open hahah

  367. Maci says:

    I had a dream my sister got pregnant and then lost her baby not even pregnant when I had the dream 6 months later she did end up having a miscarriage in the first trimester. . I had a dream she got in a car accident and the same dream was reoccurring. I had the dream 3 times. About the same time later she got in a wreck and totaled her car. A few years ago I had a dream my brother got in a terrible wreck and he ended up a few weeks later to completely crush his car in a lake. Luckily he made it. I had a few random dreams like where I was at some park and watching a band play and I look to my left and a guy is smoking weed and A month later (yesterday) It happened and I just laughed. I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in class and two people one I knew & one I didn’t were down sitting playing with some type of sticks and trying to stand them up and me just watching them. When I had this dream I was really like why am I dreaming about people i don’t even know.. And just now the same thing happened. A classmate I know and a new girl at school doing just that. Those are just a few of my dreams I’ve had. There’s so much more. But I’m so confused as to why this is happening ?

  368. kate gessner says:

    i often wondered if there were others out there who were having dreams that came true. i knew in my heart there had to be. the world does not want to believe that someone can dream of the future so they call us crazy. they try to make us feel like we have to hide our gift. DO NOT hide your gift. share it with the world. it is not easy. i have been trying to tell the world all of my life. i email hundreds of people every year. i started watching my dreams and really paying attention to them when i was 6. i started noticing my dreams happened 2 weeks after i dreamed them. unfortunately dreams like ours are usually not good dreams. every gift has a price. the last 100 people i have sent emails to received the same letter from me. i find it easier to prewrite what i want to tell people. i would like to share with you what i have been through trying to tell the world of my dreams. please remember you are not alone. you can contact me any time if you feel you want to talk about your gift and i am always hoping to hear from others like myself. thanks, kate
    my name is kate gessner and 52 years ago i started noticing my dreams were happening 2 weeks after i dreamed them. i was 6. ever since then i have been paying attention to them. almost 30 years ago a voice started coming to me in my dreams. he told me i was to pass on the messages he gave me to the world. he also said the messages came from God. the beginning of each message was always the same. God says He wants peace and then i would be put into a dream that would happen 2 weeks later. i started calling foreign countries and giving them Gods messages. the first was iran. i told them God says He wants peace and they had 2 weeks to release the prisoners or they would lose their spiritual leader, God would take him. 2 weeks later khomeini died. i told president bush Gods message and told him to go to the middle east and find peace. as proof the message was from God in 2 weeks he would see a ship list to one side. 2 weeks later the ship listed off the coast of n.c. it was towed into wilmington. the secret service came to my house asking how i knew the ship was going to list. i told them it was all in the letter i sent them. after that president bush went to war in iraq. i have called iraq, and israel giving them both messages. israel received 6. i have told every divinity school in the world. i sent emails to every archdiocese in the world along with many temples, mosques and the vatican. abc news came to my home and taped a dream i had so they would have proof. the dream was in their news broadcast 2 weeks later. of the thousands of people i have told i have received about 12 replies. this job i was given is the toughest job i have ever had. i have begged the world to listen but it is as if i am speaking in an unknown language and no one can understand what i am saying. i know just how cassandra felt. the world will not listen because they will not stop hating. i have begged the world governments, our religious leaders, hundreds of scholars and all the media to help me get my message out to the world. they do not know what i am saying. now i am begging you to help me finish my job. all i need is this to be passed on. take a stick and break it easy enough but the more sticks you try to break together the less they give. the power of many. here on earth money is power and knowing my dreams, i know the dreams i had of the “last days” will come true if we do not change. i worked for ford motor company as a maintenance electrician. i was the first woman electrician in norfolk va. when i first went to work there everyone told me i was wasting my time starting there because they were going to shut the plant down. i told them from my first day there the plant would not shut down until i left. i worked there 19 years and had a dream, i was told to leave ford. the plant shut down after i left. i had many dreams i shared with many of my co workers while i was there. they witnessed them first hand. i have hundreds of witnesses who have seen my dreams happen 2 weeks later. we can change the world. war is not the only way to make money. enlightenment in our hearts can change everything. please go to my web page and read my book hearts of stone. it is free. i have about 100 dreams in it. God is giving us proof of His existence. all i am asking is to tell the world. so please pass it on. that is the job i was given. if you are not interested in dreams please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. if you need proof of what i am saying i have plenty. i appreciate any help you can give me.
    peace and blessings,
    kate gessner
    hearts of stone, free online

    • anne says:

      me and my daughter are having the same dreams and these dreams are coming real. when i were young i could tell my mum thing what have happened before i were born as well. this were all done by my dreams. i never told anyone this and turn a blind eyes to them until my dreams and my daughter dreams starter to be the same as well as starting to come real. i cannot understand why this happening could you help me

  369. Samantha says:

    I have had dreams of events that happened after Ive dreampt them. I only dream when something major is going to take place. My dreams are always vivid, they are the only ones I remember the next day. I have been dreaming this way since I was ten years old. The dreams always occur three days to a week before the event happens. Yet in the past tweleve years its exactly three days after my dream. Can anyone tell me what this means?

    • bethany says:

      I’m not sure what it means, but I do the exact same thing. And sometimes in the night that I have the dreams, I have the same dream over and over but it is different in the way that I might handle it or other people reactions. But otherwise I don’t dream. Its strange and would also like to know what this is or what you call it.

  370. Angela beati says:

    In my psychic dreams I am often given information.whatever it is that I am told comes to light within 24 hours. The most recent one involved th duchess of my dream I was told she would have a girl it would weigh 8 pounds and be named Eliza as I write this the name has yet to be disclosed but the other bits of information were spot on !

  371. Kris says:

    My parents got divorced when I was a kid, and at my dad’s house I had a cat. I was particularly close to this cat (it wasn’t too long after we moved out of his house, so it was kind of like she was my only friend).

    Everything was beginning to go great for me at my mom’s. I ended up having this very strange dream one night. It was about a funeral, and it was very detailed, especially since I had never attended a funeral before. I was walking behind some people who’s faces I couldn’t see. They were carrying a small coffin with them. We just walked for a long time, uphill, until we got to the top. I woke up there.

    It gets a little stranger. I woke up with a 103 degree temperature. It came out of nowhere. I stayed home from school and we got a call from my dad. My cat had passed away that morning.

    I haven’t had anymore so detailed or immediate since, but I still dream about small things that end up happening. Usually long chains of events that happen in succession. A few years ago my mom’s aunt, who I didn’t even know, died. I had a dream a few days earlier about this woman and woke up feeling uneasy about it. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the dream, but when I saw a picture of her, I knew it was her. I also had a dream about the house I currently live in during our house hunting before we even knew about it. Room by room, the house is exactly like it was in my dream. As the only house I had a dream about, I find it sort of cool that it was the one my mom decided to buy.

  372. erika says:

    Ive had several dreams where certain people die. In these dreams i dont remember much of the dream just that i see the person laying there in the casket. Then it happends, the person dies for real. its happened about 5 times. first my mom, then my husbands grandmother, my grandfather, my little cousin, my husbands friend. They have all passed away after i dream them. i could dream them about a month before then it really happends. after my mom passed away i would be awake and i could feel something kinda go in thru my feet and go thru all my body. it would be painful , kinda like a shock feeling. It hurts and i try to turn around and yell for my husband but i cant. i cant talk or move its like there holding me down. then the same thing happend when my little cousin died. i felt like he was going thru my body and i was terrified! it always starts at my feet and moves up. sometimes i can hear them talking to me but im so scared that i dont understand what there saying. it scared the hell out of me. i also can be doing something and i can see stuff in the corner of my eye like someone move fast. i hate the feeling of being scared but then i just say “ok guys stop messing with me”! and it stops.. i just want to make sure im not crazy

  373. Scounterman says:

    I am very intuitive and i have heard that maybe having a lot of intuition can lead to being able to see the future as a sixth sense

  374. confuseddreamer says:

    It was 1st April 2015.. i work all night and go to bed very late.. that day i slept around 1am.. and i had this dream by 3.5 am and i got up trying to breathe very hardly. The dream happened in my granny’s place and that somebody died which i presumed as my baby brother… i really felt very bad and immediately i sent him a text asking if he was ok and i shared this dream with my friends telling them how bad i feel and that i was really scared.. the next day we get the news that my uncle died in my granny’s place and that he died around the same time i had the dream… 3 am… my uncle’s death has been a very big loss in our family and the experience was a real nightmare… i don’t sleep alone in that room anymore…

  375. Scounterman says:

    I am 16 and i started having dreams that every part of them come true, starting approximately two years ago, (2013). I had a suicide attempt 2 years ago and started while i was in Kidspeace. I had dreamt of stuff that would happen while i was here and it came true. Not just parts, but every part down to the last flower petal. (It was about doing landscaping) but almost every other night i would have these dreams and they would happen in real life consecutively. I’ve had religious dreams that have come true too. Me grandma gets visions during the day and my dad gets visions in his dreams too. I have dreams about Revelations and it is really accurate and freaky.

  376. Brooke says:

    This has been happening to me for my whole life. Recently it’s become more noticeable though. When I wake up I’ll remember the dream for the day but it won’t come true for like a week. When I was in the DR I saw it. I had never met the guy before but I had seen him in my dream the week before telling me and my friends the something was closed, and thats what he did.

  377. Kyle says:

    Hello, I’m 22 and I have been having these dreams for awhile since I was probably about, 12ish years old. I’ve had many dreams where I can recall most of the dream but it won’t happen for a very long time it could be months to years later. This is the fest time explaining to anyone so give me some slack. For instance I’m 22 I graduated in 2010, it was my senior year and I had a dream I was looking at myself in a casket in a funeral home in specific clothes, black dress pants black dress button up shirt and a diamond checker black and red sweater vest, though I didn’t own any of those clothes I thought it was a random dream, a few months later i barrow the same exact clothes I saw myself in. But the only difference was I had on a silky shiney white tie. So already thinking to myself that i saw myself dead in these same exact clothes. I still took them, just before the prom/dance I was in need of a tie. A different friend told me he’ll let me use a tie, the next day he brang in the same tie I saw myself in, rejected the tie out of some sort of weird fear and then decided to work and not go. I’ve had another occasion where I was sitting in my room in a very specific way play a video game I quite didn’t know but I saw a tower looking object on a tv I didn’t have. That year for Xmas I got that tv and video game and many months later I found my dream happen and I vividly remember looking at the video game tower on the same tv just like in my dream. There are many others I’ve had simple little ones of just hanging out with friends at specific locations. But what made me post here was the most current dream I had. I had a dream I actually lost my right leg. I rememer sitting in my bed crying looking and a black plastic and metal fake looking leg just thinking I can’t live like this. I did not dream the events that caused it just I’m guessing aftermath of some event. I’ve had far to many if these dreams come true to just ignore this dream. I wish I could explai it better but I really can’t and it seems that all the dreams I have are towards my well being or event that happens in my life. I’ve never had these dreams about other people or atleast that I recall or that I can remeber, they all seem to deal with me and whoever could be around me in my dream.

  378. yes yes yes! im reakng out! so many things are happening I just feel like im going crazy im scared to sleep because I feel like if I dream something bad it might come true. please what do I do. a few moths ago I dreamed that I was in a waterfall and I felt my death on its ways. Iin my dreamed I would cry to my mom and my family that I was gana die. they all just walked away. but the only person that was there in my dream whs my aint. the only one who held my hand and took care of me. ! the next day we went to the waterfalls and the same thing exacly happened I promise I was freaking out I literly cryed and I felt like I was going crazy I told my mom and like in my dream she egnored me.but my aunt graved my hand and took me to the car. ! :( idk ive been having a lot lately. ! what do I do ?

  379. Mark Christopher Olegario says:

    i had an experience, in my dream i was punched by somebody that i haven’t seen before in my life, i felt that punch and when i woke up, i spitted blood and my face really felt sore.. how could that happen?
    is there a possible medical explaination?

  380. kim says:

    I had a dream about bees being everywhere and the next day i found out that a truck full of beehives had tipped over and bees were all over the freeway. It happened at 3am while i was sleeping. The circumstance that the bees came to be all over was different in my dream but still a weird coincidence. I dont often dream of bees lol.

  381. Viv says:

    I have always listened to the signs in my dream and immediately search up symbols as soon I wake up. It is pretty crazy how the symbols in my dreams predict what is to come in reality. I have always taken dreams as important signs but just recently had a very odd experience. This may be a graphic dream to some or sexually explicit. I had a dream I had sexual intercourse with a white male and I had to take Plan B (emergency contraceptive). The next day a guy I have been talking to for months came over and we had sex for the first time. After he left my house he texted me to take Plan B because he was scared of me getting pregnant. In my dream I woke up before i took the pill and in reality I took the pill. It was so strange to me how my dream could possibly have foreshadowed what was going to happen that day!

  382. Kerri says:

    I know there are a lot of comments here but i wanted to just say i’m so glad i’m not the only one. For years people have told me i’m crazy. I saw, in my dreams, all three of my babies years before they were born. I’ve even dreampt about a house that i would be in with two of my babies and when we were searching for houses the one that was in my dream was the one that we ended up buying. I didn’t realize it until a year later when a specific situation came up. Now i have a 12 year old daughter saying she is having these same incidences and i would love to help her cause i wasn’t given any help. Thank you for this web page it’s going to help both of us tremendously. and maybe even my skeptical boyfriend

  383. Prudencio says:

    After reading the first couple of paragraphs I think i had a pyschic dream. I remember dreaming of playing pool with some friends in a dream about 4 years ago. In the dream i remember exactly who was there and the feeling of i should do something. When all of a sudden everyone yells. Now in reality i remember feeling as if everything was falling in place the people that were going and what we were going to do. A way different feeling from deja vu. When we were playing pool it was almost like a movie rewinding in my head the feeling that i remember in my dream. Then one of my friends boom made about 5-6 balls that made a score in his favor. That experience kinda freaked me out i didn’t tell anyone. Then i had a dream a co worker was killed in a dream. I did tell someone about it, I didnt see it happen and was told by another. A couple days later that same co worker i dreamed about was robbed at gun point and nobody was hurt. This next dream really scared me i was working then i remember cleaning the floors and someone walks up behind me i hear a shotgun pump then boom i wake up. I told everyone at the work place on what had happen.

  384. flavio says:

    I’ve had plenty of psychic dreams. The two most important dreams occurred once in my childhood, and once last summer. What these dreams entailed was basically an entire collection of what my future timeline is going to be. They FELT and LOOKED as if I was watching the entirety of my life on a movie screen, watching myself and every single frame of my life from a 3rd perspective. They also went really fast, like a flash. Basically, think of my life since being born, till the day I die, and I saw that, in super fast forward.

    Another really cool dream was one I had a week before a party I attended.
    Basically, the day of the party, I had an overwhelming lingering of deja vu. I then realised, everything at the party, down to the clothes people wore, down to the way stuff was arranged, down to the words said and stuff done, it was EXACTLY THE SAME THING IN MY DREAM that week before.
    Amazing stuff.

  385. Anoymous says:

    Scince I was young I’ve having dreams then suddenly in the future they come true. I’ve told my parents but they think I am insane or something

    Once I was looking up a radio code for heart (the radio). And a few days after that I hada dream the number 106.2 in my dream in black on a white background I totally ignore this and the next day I remembered the number106.2 and it was the right radio code

    Freaky but true

  386. Yunme says:

    i have been experiencing dreams that have been happening in real life. This all started when I was Still young. When I dream of something after I woke up I won’t remember any of it. But When it happen in real life it all comes back to me in an instant. This one dream is when I was in college doing a group activity with my closest friends and that moment that exact timing my dream in the past came back to me. That same people I am with, the same group answer sheet that we were doing,The same answer that I wrote on the paper. It is exact to the dream that I had. of course I dint let them notice that I had that strange experience. 2nd dream that happend is when I’m playing this computer game (DOTA). There was I playing casually like I normaly do when suddenly something struck my mind I kind of like predicted my opponents next move. And poof!! I was right about on what playstyle he is about to do. After that experience I just stopped and just sat in my chair starring at the monitor wondering what the f@&k just happend. These are some of the recent dream I experience. The old dreams that happend in real life is buried in my memory and I cannot remember them now. I want answers to what it is and why us people we are able to have this ability.

    • bhanu says:

      hi i am 21 yrs old i have the same situation like you i too see dreams and i frgt them then all of a sudden doing some thing i feel that this same situation i hv seen in my dream but i cant do anything if u gets the answer y this happens plz do tell me too thnkx

    • Mae says:

      Its called Dejavu dear. Its a gift from God. Its pretty normal for people like you that God chose to have that kind of gift. However, don’t abuse it in any way. If you want to keep it track, go and write it in your journal. If you want it to disappear just ignore it. It will disappear right away after several days.

    • Bexx says:

      I have had similar occurrences. I will have a dream of a very specific event, like one time it was a homework assignment. Then in the near future I had that assignment with the same question and I messed it up exactly the same way in my dream. I have had occasions of this and they are of very specific things my brain just can’t make up. But they never seem to be about anything important so I don’t get why I have these. My mom says she has this happened and it happened to her mom. I don’t get why this happens.

  387. Eva says:

    I had many dreams that came true. But sometimes now just dreams, my actual word of power.
    I once talked about a yellow buss I got on and how much I hated that buss, and it was the ONLY yellow buss in a HUGE student town and after a few minutes I found out I had to take that buss home. It was quite weird.

    But the most weirdest part is this.

    Even though I knew some of my dreams came true, after a while I stopped having dreams, until a few days ago.

    My family aren’t religious, but we have a necklace with a cross that Jesus was pinned on, and that necklace was blessed by the Vatican pope and was in our family ever since.
    We travel a lot with planes and boats so we always take it with us for luck and success in our journeys.
    We took a very long trip with it and after that trip we kind of, lost it.
    My mother searched for it everywhere, every possible place and we couldn’t find it. I tried to help search for it but I never found it.
    That night, that SAME night, I had a dream that I was travelling with a train, and when I traveled back I noticed that something was missing, it was the necklace so I went back the last time I saw it. There were plenty of those necklaces there and I couldn’t tell which one was ours. All kinds of different shapes and colors and I searched and searched. Then I saw a woman, who wasn’t my mother at all, she had a bag with her that looked exactly like my old moms. I tried to reach for it but that is when I woke up.
    I ran to my mother and asked her about the necklace, she told me she found it. I asked her if it was in a bag, she said yes, but not the bag I saw in my dream. But in the new bag she got AFTER ditching that old bag. I talked with my mom and she said she had a dream where the necklace appeared and that she was searching and thinking about the necklace in the dream, that’s where she went through the house yet for the forth time and found it in her bag (which she didn’t use for a while) even though she searched that bag a few times.

    I wrote a blog entry about all of what I remember, I’m going to copy paste it all of my dream and word/thoughts that came true.

    >>Last year. 2013 Summer. I went to Stockholm with my class. I had a luggage on wheels and for some reason it didn’t feel so right, it like something was stuck in it’s wheel, I only kicked it and all was fine again. After a few minutes I had a thought ”What if, a wheel will get lose?” after 3 minutes, it happened.

    Autumn. 2013. I had a dream that I was been chased by a huge black spider, and I was trying to kill it with a stick, yellow-oranged colored was quite thick. When I woke up, headed off to the buss, in the buss I felt a very weird feeling on my hand. I took a look and it was, the same spider I had in my dream except it was a mini spider, and I killed it with my finger. In the dream the huge spider was the mini spider on my hand in reality. The thick stick in my dream that was yellow-oranged color, was my finger.

    Spring 2013. I had a dream about my old teacher who taught me Swedish. I don’t remember that dream perfectly because it was a very long dream. But all I remember is that he was in my dream.
    After a year, of not contacting him, MOVING which means he had no idea where I lived, after 1-2 days of the dream he showed up near my door step. I was shocked.

    November 1 to 2. I was sleeping over at my friends place. We went to a grocery shop to buy some food. On the way my friend laughed and said that there were houses with different lights on. In one house there was a blue Sakura lamp. (Cherry tree lamp) I started to think about the pink Sakura lamp I have at home. 2-3 days after, without even mentioning it to my mom, she took it out and placed it in the cleaning room.

    Almost everyday. When me and my classmate decide to play cards (we play cards EVERYDAY) she asks me what I want to play. I say ”It doesn’t really matter, you choose) and then in my head I start to think about 1 game. And IF it is the first time I am thinking of that game, she tells the game I was thinking off.

    November 15! 2013! 4 things happened at once. WITNESS? My friend Viky. She wasn’t in all of them. But my dad was one of them too.

    1: I mentioned to her a yellow buss and asked her if she has ever seen it. She said no. I told her that there was one time when I said that I hate that buss when I was hanging out with 2 of my friends. After 3 hours I had to take that buss home and then I have explained to her that people should never insult a yellow buss. After 10 minutes, she had to go to her own buss station to take her buss home as I was waiting for my own. I HAVE explained to her before of these situations that are happening. After those 10 minutes she noticed the buss. Then I did. I was like ”really now? really…?” I climbed in the buss. I wrote her a message and telling her that it was proof of my sixth sense. (For all to know, this has been only the SECOND time I have taken the yellow buss home. I usually take the train, and that buss is not so often seen.) She answered to me that she saw the buss and started laughing like hell.

    2: I told the same person, Viky, that there was a woman in the buss that always nagged about my music. I haven’t seen her in 2 weeks now or so. Yesterday when I was going home with the same buss. She climbed into the buss after 10 minutes of ride.

    3: I mentioned the word ”hyperventilate” to her. When I got home, I read a random article with that word in it.

    4: I mentioned to my friend about my trip to spain, and I added the details of my ”face photos” where I made faces in a lot of places (same funny face). When I came home, dad all of a sudden said he’ll post that video on FB because he made a video. I didn’t even mention spain! I didn’t even mention any pictures, anything at all! WITNESS IS MY DAD I TOLD HIM THIS.

    I always wanted a cactus. Didn’t mention it to my mom. Got one…<<<

    Sometimes I keep track of my dreams and when they come true.
    One of my friends told me to keep a dream journal, which I probably should start doing, I just don't want to get the ability to control my dreams. They help me a lot sometimes.

  388. tigmanshu says:

    I often see a beautiful white
    fairy in my dreams. Who wants to talk to me and gives her mobile number to me when I call her she ask me bout how you doing today I always say that all is good but somehow she receives a another call nd says she will talk to me later. I really don’t know what does it means. Nd from the last 15 days I’ve seen this dream 10 times. If anyone can guide me please fell free to share it thoughts. She looks too happy while talking to me….

    • Tasha says:

      do you love or fancy someone who’s unavailable? this could explain why they are a fairy because fairies symbolise goodness and help, but you talk to her for a bit and not much is said, then she says she’ll get back to you but never does. this could mean the person who you like is either talking to their significant other or too busy to talk to you.

    • confuseddreamer says:

      and what happened after that.. even i have dreams that are reoccurring and i’m totally confused..

  389. Kewana says:

    The other night I had this dream of guy I know well but really don’t see for months, even years. But the dream was so weird because In it I was standing at the front of my house just looking up the street, and I could only picture him? Not sure why? But it was just that one dream of me outside of my house and seeing this guy no one else. So I woke up thinking nothing of it and over the next few days, I’m sitting with my sister and she tells me out of the blue that HE is back in town and that he is staying for the rest of the holidays? I sat in silence and straight away thought of the dream! it stunned me! I didn’t tell anyone that I dreamt of him since that’s kind of weird, but can someone please reply or help me out ?

  390. Anonymous says:

    Every time I dream that I’m pregnant, someone close to me always falls pregnant.

    1 time when I was younger, my phone got stolen by my sister but she denied and no matter how hard I looked through her things I couldn’t find it til 1 night I had a dream that she came to me and woke me up but in my dream I wasn’t in my room…I was in a bright white room and the only thing that was there from my room was my cupboard; my sister looked at me and told me to follow her so I did and she led me to her cupboard, after that she pulled out her jean jacket and opened up the pocket and guess what? My phone was in there as soon as I saw that, I woke up and ran straight to the cupboard and the funniest bit was that when I opened the pocket, my phone was in there.

  391. Allie Chartrand says:

    I have dreams that will come true all the time. The dreams i see happen are usually small, like me being in a place with a specific person or of me saying something to someone. But usually when it happens i’ll know because I feel like it has happened before. Sometimes i stop for a moment just because I understand whats happening. But I fear sometimes because the dreams I have are very frightning, in fact their indescribable. Im only 14 and I always wake up crying every night with dreams like this. Sometimes these scary dreams do happen. But I never know when they will occur.

  392. Ericha says:

    Years ago, when I was probably 8 years old, I had a dream that My mom, my older sister, and I were all going to Sunsplash ( a water park). My sister and I were floating in the river with all the inner tubes. Suddenly this Indian boy floated up next to us and was talking with my sister a lot. He stuck around and we were all floating together. They were saying how we should all go on the master blaster together and so we did. When we got to the top and were about to get on the ride they both got on the same inner tube and I had to ride by myself. After that I was really upset with my sister. I woke up and my mom told me that we were going to Sunsplash. I couldn’t believe it because I just had a dream about us going to Sunsplash! We got to the water park and at one point, I think when we first sat by the tables, we were at the exact spot where my dream began. After that point, every single thing and every detail was identical to my dream, even everything my sister and mom were saying. So I told them I was having Deja Vu and that this was my dream. However I don’t think they believed me because of my young age. Anyways, so my sister wanted me to come with her to the inner tube river and I told her no because I knew I was eventually going to be left out. So instead I was just hanging out with my mom by the wave pool. After a while my mom asked me where my sister could be and I told her she’s at the master blaster with an Indian boy. A little later, my sister came back with the exact Indian boy I saw in my dreams! We asked them where they were and they said the master blaster. My mom was so surprised and I couldn’t believe what had happened. And to this day I have never forgotten that! I have had a few other dreams that have come true but never as elaborate as that.

  393. wildchild says:


    My first experience happened when I was in grade school. I had three dreams of someone on a motorcycle with a dark glass helmet trying to run me over; each time I’d hear the bike and start walking faster just before he come around the side of my old elementary school and attempt to run me over before I got to the store to get my aunt’s cigarettes. I would wake up just before he ran me over. Later that summer, I was walking back from the store with a couple of friends when I heard the sound of a motorcycle; I stopped in my track and told my friend to tell her brother to not cross the street, he did and nearly got hit by the bike. We shouted at him to watch it and he turned around and came back towards us. We threw several rocks cracking his helmet and forcing him to leave. The dreams stopped.

  394. Flo Saforo says:


    My first experience happened when I was in grade school. I had three dreams of someone on a motorcycle with a dark glass helmet trying to run me over; each time I’d hear the bike and start walking faster just before he come around the side of my old elementary school and attempt to run me over before I got to the store to get my aunt’s cigarettes. I would wake up just before he ran me over. Later that summer, I was walking back from the store with a couple of friends when I heard the sound of a motorcycle; I stopped in my track and told my friend to tell her brother to not cross the street, he did and nearly got hit by the bike. We shouted at him to watch it and he turned around and came back towards us. We threw several rocks cracking his helmet and forcing him to leave. The dreams stopped.

    Now out of high school, my aunt applied for me to get a job in Washington, DC for the FBI. I have never been there, but, after getting accepted; I once again started have dreams in sets of three of a room in a house with a vase on top of fireplace, After moving to DC, I got a room in a boarding house with that exact vase on top of the fireplace. I asked the landlord about the vase and she said it was from her dead husband who was in the war. I stopped having dreams in three’s and now get every once and awhile feelings of someone’s essence. I have experienced some very odd encounters with people without even talking to then a sense of evil, especially when I shake their hands which is so hot, it feels like it can burn my hand. I was once saved from dying with a hand pushing me out of the way seconds before a car passed by. I can never explain this and don’t seek to know why, it is what it is. I know I am never alone, God keeps me company.

  395. Nick says:

    I have dreams all the time where they come true either the next day or a couple days or next week so one im 14 and it happens alot to me sometimes i have dreams that are just dreams imagination other times i have dreams where they end up coming true and when they do come true i immediately know it and say to myself this was in my dreams and it started a couple years ago i believe and im scared that if i dream of something bad happening to me and me seeing it happen idk if i can prevent it change it or it will just keep happening

  396. Saif says:

    I had a dream few years ago. I saw a man dressed as a soldier opening a manhole in the center of my grandfather house (where most of my childhood was), then he went to the room looking for money and jewelries to steel, he was searching through the stuff like crazy, I could see him but I couldn’t stop him as if I was hovering in the air… so scary feeling.
    then he ran to the roof and escaped.
    I told my family about this dream (which was good thing to do!), they thought I must be missing that old house and having some flashbacks from my childhood. no one took it seriously including myself.
    2 weeks later we went to visit my aunt who was living in that same old house. and I was shocked completely. she started to cry while telling us the story that happened exactly before two weeks! a thief entered the house while they were sleeping, then she suddenly felt his movement, she went to the other room and saw him, he grabbed her from behind closing her mouth which scared her to death before he ran to the roof door climbing on a tree close to the house to escape. after they told the local police there, they recognized that guy! and guess what, he was an x military lived few blocks away!!
    science can never explain this!

  397. Mary says:

    I have had a couple of dreams that came true I have told a couple of people, but they look at me like I’m crazy! The dreams I have had is usually about people whom I know. A while back I was dating this guy and prior to dating him I had a dream that told me he was crazy! I found out he was crazy he would stalk my apartment put gps devices on my phone

    Another dream I had was very graphic it was a man that was having sexual intercourse with his daughter it felt so real it disturbed me for a while. I knew the person, but its not like you can do anything because people would like at you like your crazy if you reported it

    Another dream I had before my son and before I even knew the gender I had a dream of him looking just like his biological father and sure enough he did.

    The most recent dream I have had is my Mom dying she has health problems and suppose to get a transplant I really hope this dream doesn’t become a reality.

  398. Vicktoria says:

    The recent GermanWings tragedy has brought up some unresolved psychic dreams I had in 2009. I had dreamt that night about a plane which crashed into the Hudson river, but that some of the people survived. When I herd that this actually happened, I just figured it was a coincidence and obviously didn’t tell anyone. However, the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I had dreamt about the Hudson river out of all rivers in the world ?! I thought maybe because there had been a prior plane crash in New York where the people didn’t survive. And of course I had also dreamt of this as well. I thought maybe I was having a series of reacquiring dreams. The thing is that I have always had a fear of heights even though I do travel yearly. I also don’t live in the New York area or have friends there.. So, was this a coincidence and if it wasn’t why and how did I tap into them?

  399. snake/scorpio says:

    ive been having weird dreams since i was young and the dreams happen years after and now my dreams happen days or week. before it was not something not bad like this guy i met last year ive been dreaming about him for years i met him but didnt end up well. i dont know i thought he was my soulmate and i dream of events that happens as well. and lately ive been dreaming of people getting sick or dying or going to hospital i cant really pinpoint who because the faces was blurred but it happens and i dont want it. i wake up with severe headache sometimes fever. sometimes i say things without me knowing i say it or i forget i say it but like my sister recently told my that i told her months before that her partner is sick and will be hospitalized and now she is sick real bad. i also dream of people dying sometimes and they do. it freaks me out. i want it to stop. sometimes when i dream of people dying i wonder who among the people i know and i dont like it. there was once i dream soo bad we had a huge flooding in my country and a lot of people was screaming drowning and people dying days after we had a big storm non stop and flooding happens and a lot of people die. is there a way to make the dream stop. please let me know i dont want it and it freaks me out i feel like i have mental problem but i dont. if i have a choice can i just dream of winning a lotto and having lots of money instead seeing dying people in dream and happening in real life is soo disturbing so .. give me advice on how to stop the dreams cheers!

  400. Alyssa l says:

    Hi I’m Alyssa and I have been having deja vu ALOT lately. I was writing and I decided to write about a suicide. I don’t know why it just popped in my head. Well I wrote in the last sentence and he went to the window… and ended it. The next day on the radio they explained how a teenager really close to where I live jumped out of a window. He fell fifteen story’s and survived. Also I was out on the football field with my class and I started thinking about one of my teachers randomly. A couple of seconds later I seen him coming out to substitute our class. Another thing is really really good luck or just knowing what is going to happen. Last thing is my dreams come in parts it never focuses on one thing for to long. This morning I was dreaming about picking up trash in the field in my backyard and it started raining. I woke up and it was raining and trash was all over the field from the storm. There’s other things to like when I’m talking to someone I feel like I have been there before. My grandma had dreams too, she dreamed of the nine eleven the night before it happened and saved my mom from a very bad car accident. Is this some sort of coincidence?

  401. Mark Jen says:

    Incident came true on Air Crash:
    I always have experiences on dream came true or so called “Déjà vu”. However, my below 3 dreams are seriously involved disaster. It is not just only a “Déjà vu”, and it is much more related “Psychic”.

    1) One week before Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea on 28 December 2014, I had dream about sitting in an aircraft.

    2) One week before Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of Nice, in the French Alps on 24 March 2015, I had dream about sitting in this aircraft. According to my wife, I was calling the name of Jesus very loud in my sleep. My wife said I was terribly scared while sleeping.

    3) On 30 March 2015, I have another dream that I was sitting in an aircraft which flying in the sky and then landed in the water(not sea). After landed on the water(not sea), I walked out from the plane, and I saw that I was being surrounded by a few planes and vehicles. I could see clearly that the plane landed on the water, not sea. Later the same day, I found out from news that Air Canada flight 624 has crashed on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada. The A320 Airbus was carrying 133 passengers and five crew. A total of 23 were taken to hospital for observation and treatment for minor injuries.Flight AC624 from Toronto arrived shortly after midnight (04:00 GMT) and reportedly hit a power pylon after landing. There were stormy conditions at the time, with “SNOW” on the ground.

    I want to know how and where can I develop such skills in “Psychic” which can help prevent disaster happen again.

    Mark Jen

  402. kyrin christie says:

    I had a dream on saturday that my boss was going to fire me on monday, monday has come and strangley my boss arived to tell me he had to let me go….. i have also had dreams in the past about my boyfriends cheating… each time a few days/weeks after, i had been cheated on!! so strange

  403. lauren says:

    I’m 16 and this has happened to me on several occasions, the most recent one was last year. I dreamt that I was in a hospital, and for some reason I kept on thinking that I had to go to the stroke ward and into the third room on the left. So I went into the room and saw my aunt lying on the bed next to a clock that said it was midnight. My aunt had actually been admitted into a hospital after suffering a fourth stroke a week before so I started to get a bit freaked out. Then the heart monitor started going off and doctors ran into the room and said she was dead. The clock on the nightstand changed to 5 past 12 and I heard a phone go off. I woke up, convinced myself it was a nightmare and looked at the clock on my nightstand to see what time it was. It was midnight. I ran into my parents room and just burst into tears. My mum tried to calm me down but I wouldn’t stop crying for about 2 minutes. Then I told what my dream was about and she said it wasn’t real, only to get a phone call at 5 past 12 from the hospital telling her that my aunt had passed away. I haven’t slept properly since and my mum and dad are a bit wary of what I see and hear before going to bed as it has happened before with worse results. However, not all of my dreams are bad. Well, they are but a few of them have stopped me from being killed so they can be useful at times.

  404. Cade says:

    I was getting sleepy so i went to lay down on the couch before dinner. when i woke up they were eating dinner and i thought i took a 10 min nap. it turns out that i slept through that day and the next to when they were eating weird right i must have been sleepy anyway i asked what day it was and they told me i was very shocked. later through the years i had another dream where i was walking and went to a parking lot i found some tenis girls from my schoool after i left my chrismas party and one of them i knew the other just cant remeber anyhow we were at a parking lot from a movier i just saw that night and one of the tenis girls fell off the ledge just like the movie and then i grabbed her hand to save her but i slipped and fell off and so did she i saw her hit the ground and die and right before i did i woke up when i was 1ft to the ground screaming like crap when i woke up i remeber every detail about it and then i came to this website to tell the people what i dreamed sinceit said wirte in commets below.

    • Well I had a dream about the perfect girl for me it’s like I could make a book about it and I
      M hoping it comes true once I woke up I start searching And everything and I prayed to God telling him to please help me find her so hope I succeed

  405. syed says:

    Last night, I saw a plane crashed after taking off straight way to the land. It was big white plane. It was like very large green field surrounded by hills and trees. The weather was very melancholic, Something like late September in Finland. Then my wife was reading from her iphone that a plane crashed happened in France. I immediately told her I saw a plane crash in dream. It also happened to me if my family members are in danger. I once dreaming that my mother was crying, and immediate I got a phone call and heard my mother was in trouble and she was crying. Recently I see snakes, almost every night I told my wife about it. Lets see what I see next

    • Mark Jen says:

      I do dream of snakes sometimes. And, my experiences told me that dream of snake which will have something related to a lady who admire you or want to have sex with you. Cheers!

      • Mark Jen says:

        But, the problem is you have told your wife about you dream of snakes, and so your dream will not come true, to a lady who admire you or want to have sex with you. Too bad!

    • Vanessa says:

      My Grandmother tells me snakes in dreams means powers that have not been unraveled yet. In dreams, the snake could represent wisdom, spiritual awakening, and inner power. Maybe you have a gift.

  406. Anna says:

    On Saturday I had a dream that the plane crashed. Today fell. I had the same dream four years ago and it was the same thing. I had a dream that the plane banked to the left and crashed. The newspaper then I read that the plane banked before falling to the left. I thought it’s a coincidence, but after today I’m starting to have doubts

  407. Tammy says:

    To who ever reads this all I am look for is answers .

    I have dreams where people get hurt and people die I see the time, day and details that should not be there
    Like the Time my father went hunting and I baged him not to go in my dream it was getting dark and he was in a tree and he was shot at and the next day it came true
    I seen my gramps die and I told my mom but she did not blieve me
    And seen a truck roll and roll on high way and it was my ant I don’t dream until something bad is going to happen but that’s not all
    When I am awake some times I get a feeling that I should stay home or a person I am close to stay home and I know to listen to the warning but not all listen I feel things like when a wild animal is close. Just want to know how to control it or make it stronger

  408. Me says:

    Today my grandparents were in a car accident; a tree had fallen down on top of them and broke my grandmother wrist. My mum a couple of months earlier had had the exact same thing happen. But in a dream. She didn’t know who the driver was but she was in the back of a car and my grandmother was in the passenger seat and someone was driving, they were driving through a paddock and strait towards a tree. She remembers the dream vividly and even though we are on the central coast of new Australia and they were in South Australia nearly Adelaide she knows exactly what happened

  409. Kristin says:

    My daughter had a dream last night that she was on her school bus and planes started crashing around the bus. It scared her. This morning I took her to school which is rare, and we saw an accident that included a school bus and a mini van. I am very intuitive and I believe she has the same ability. When my uncle died in 1997 two days before he died I was riding home on the bus and felt the need to check on him. Two days later I ignored the feeling and when I arrived home from school my grandmother and I found him dead.
    I need help with something. My daughter and I live in a house with a male ghost. She and I have dreamt of the same man but he is a stranger to us. I asked her to describe him in detail and as she described him the hair on my neck stood up. She said the man said his name was Tim in her dream. Is our ghost coming to us in our dreams. He has never hurt us. I grew up in this house with him and refused to talk to her about it until she came to me with her encounters. He is not evil. He is not scary. He has never hurt us. He has touched my mom and daughter but is an endearing manner. Can a ghost come to love you if you didn’t know them in real life? I need answers so desperately. I want him to move on to heaven and want to help him move on even though I am comforted by him being here. 20+ years and I love this soul so much I want to help him move on in peace. Please email me if you can help.

  410. LaReyna says:

    I have had dreams for as long as I can remember of loved ones friends and family that die and within a few days, weeks or months these dreams come true and it happens. I have had multiple episodes of Deja vu that come true within the same time lines of days, weeks and months. I seem to always know who is calling or who will text right before they actually do or when the phone is ringing or giving text message reminder, these I seem to know without looking at phone first. My husband always asks “how did you know that?” I usually tell him “I don’t know I just do”. When I dreamed of one of my oldest and dearest friends of over 34 yrs dying and woke up and felt like I had been beaten and beyond physically exhausted. I told him about the dream and when she died and I had to wake him up to tell him. He reminded me that I had dreamed about it two weeks earlier. I can feel and often know when spirits are present good or bad and often get headaches a few hours or days after these episodes happen. Children are drawn to me and animals also even the ones that are deemed not so nice. My grandfather had many of these same gifts of dreams, visions, intuition and others. I know I have these gifts from him and possibly my Grandmother who is 100% native american. I believe she has many psychic gifts herself but she rejects these out of fear. As, a child I have seen at least 4-6 ghosts both good & bad and actually interacted with them telepathically. Now, as an adult my gifts are not as strong as they once were and I have not seen an apparition in many years but I can still feel them and feel the energy in a room or area and the energy within people when I meet them. I can generally pick up on any issues they may have especially when they are ill or somehow disconnected in their lives. I have an abundantly strong faith in my God and Guardian Angels but often with occurrences or heavy dreams as I call them. I have bouts of being exhausted and dealing with depression and being lethargic. I often dream of the past of places and people that I seem to know but have never been there physically. I have seen, touched and spoken to many loved ones that have passed on after they have died. I take these gifts as they come and would like to fine tune my gifts to the best of my ability but I am not sure how to do that. Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated. Blessings, Light & Love ~

  411. Warner says:

    Hi, my name is Warner from Philippines but currently leaving in Hawaii right now. And i just want to share and if posible maybe you can give me some answer or share your thought regarding about my dreams. Since when i was young, 6 years old i always dream of something that later on the months or years it came true.. Its not instant that if i dream today the next it will come true, no- diffinately not. It would take me like months. I have 3 dreams that certainly i cannot forget that come true.. 1st was when i college i dreamed about a white guy having a cup of coffee with a filipino guy in an unknow restaurant… I cannot forget that dream so several years past I worked as waiter in restaurant and then theres one time in noon im serving to costumer, a whiter guy having a cup of coffee to a filipino.. Same settings as i saw in my dream.. That makes me wonder..

    Second dream that came true was recently.. I dreamed of washing a dishes long before and infront of it theres a seeds growing in a container.. That makes me wonder why theres a seed growing infront where i wash the dishes.. I just then realize when it came true the reason why theres a container of it cos my brother in law put it there for me to plant..

    And last one was just an hour ago.. Thats why im researching and writing this.. Its something that most my dream is happening.. Hard for me to explain but something like what im doing right now or what is happening right now was done already. Its like in the future already.and im the present time..

    Anyway i hope you can share me or i hope u can give me explanation i would appreciate it.., and if there a point to master this if it ability i would willing to research more and participate..


  412. Shawn says:

    I started having my dreams become reality a couple of years ago ! It started out that every month or so I would have something happen and think to myself ! That’s exactly what happened in my dream ! Now it’s getting more and more frequent ! Almost every day now I see something happen and go “that’s exactly what happened in my dream ” I hope it stops soon because some of my dreams were pretty dark ! Like situations where there’s not a lot left around where I live and I’m running through the desolate streets !

  413. alexia says:

    i have a family history back round my grandma used to hold something in her hand of someones and see if any thing happened to them or anything was going to. my brother has a wide mind and he can feel spirits like their energy. and then theirs me…… i daydream every day in class at home when im in the car and even sometimes when im talking when im in the car i think of a song i really want to hear then all of a sudden it plays. just a few weeks ago i was wondering how it felt like to be in a crash then all of a sudden a car goes swerving then hits my buss. i daydream on how things will happen then they come true. i don’t no where my mind is at most of the time. i see flashes in my head on what will or never happen. i have the same dreams that repeat and then with my daydreams its like they have to come up with something new then make then happen my luck goes up and down depends on the daydream. idk im only 13 but it is actually pretty cool you no?

  414. Jake says:

    When I was little I would have a lot of déjà vu moments but I soon to realize
    That when ever I dreamed I would dream about the things the day before so I wou know what would happen, Also when it’s “cold”outside I’m never cold I’m always warm. I started to Boris this when I was younger when my mom used to hold my hand when it was cold and she would say it it warm.

  415. sara says:

    fight with a person in dream and it happens after two days in real

  416. Angela says:

    I had a dream about a couple, he was very abusive to her.

    A few days later, one of my new close friends had told me how abusive he is to her. I really had nooooo idea he touches her like that. Everyone knew about their situation but me.

    The same week, I had a dream about a couple arguing and how the guy didn’t want to keep their baby.

    A few days later, my other friend hits me up and says how her boyfriend wants to have an abortion or else he would leave her.

    Ive had a few more dreams that came true but the thing is, I just don’t know when or who its going to happen to.

    I haven’t had a recent dream that’s came true but I can definitely foresee things much better now.

  417. Amber Cox says:

    im amber i live in iowa i have had many dreams come true i quit talking about them cause everytime i would it would happen but then they happened anyways i dremt my sister x husband died of a pill over dose she laughed so did him and his mother 6 months later he died its been almost 3 years i dreamt about all my kids and what theyd look like at birth that came true i drempt my 2 year old would get hit by a car on a grassy hill she almost did i dremt about a man who was running a rape slash slouder house a week later i got hierd at super 8 and saw him he was living there he would follow me around my dreams arent always on point but when i dream them i become more carefull cause they usually always come true and honestly i wish it would go away i have anxiety disorder from stressing out and its because of these dreams

  418. Alick Kalima says:

    I am a 45 year old Malawian civil servant but currently studying MBA at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Most of my dreams, more especially that have a direct impact in my life, come to pass. I will give two examples only; I had a dream about my promotion to my current post and it came to pass the following day. Secondly, I had a dream about the scholarship which I am currently studying under and it happened exactly the same way it appeared in the dream. I was afraid I had satanic powers but am glad today to learn that we are so many in this category…thanks to God.

  419. ann says:

    Every night I have dream about people at my school and family, and they come true the next day. I can’t change dreams and if the dream changes something bad happens to me .
    If I have a dream about the future I can change it but in my dream if something changes. I can’t
    when I have a nightmare something bad happens to the girl or guy I dreamed about the night before

  420. Ben says:

    Im Ben,

    Back when i was a kid, i always dream a lady whose always with me. and a couple of years i met this women. at first i wonder. i think we already met before then one day realized that she is the women in may dream long time ago back when i was a kid, then after that we being a good friends and i pursued her to be my girlfriend, after a year of relations i dream that she cheated me. after a month i found that she has another man. back then i quit on our relationship and and let her go. even though i have so much in-love on her. after a couple of months she message me and asking for forgiveness she come also to my house crying and asking and begging for forgiveness. then may heart melted and give what she is asking. because in heart i still love her. and our relationship still going steady but my trust was totally gone..but i’m still trying..for the sake of my peace of mind as well. how ever after a years that we being enjoy our companionship that dream again come that she cheated but in different scenario i woke up and scared again but i observed her quietly. just for the thought that if i have a really special gift. to sees what will happen in the future. many of may dreams came true. and it always happen. i’m totally scared because sometimes i dream of tragic case or scenario to someone and it happen. i don’t know what to do.

  421. Kate-marie says:

    So.. I’ve a strange one here, that’s actually scared me that much it’s triggered my insomnia off twice as bad,
    On March 7th 2015 I dreamt my little sister and I had an argument and ran across a road and was struck by a car, I woke up shaking and spent the rest of the night up, as it felt so real.. So the next night I was telling my little sister of the dream and she laughed and joked about it saying it would never happen, dreams don’t come true, so I left it and that night I had the exact same dream apart from this time she was holding my twin daughters, .. Around 11:00am 9th March my sister said her good byes as she usually does when going to work, and she hadn’t been gone for 20minutes until I get a phone call off our dad demanding I got to the bottom of my street, when asked why he screamed that my sister had been ran over, I actually couldn’t believe it, I had to punch a wall to make sure this was real, and since then I’ve not slept properly, not one bit, my sister is okish but not 100% she’s having to leave work due to no longer being able to stand long or walk properly, she’s 17 and got her whole life ahead of her, to me I see it was something I could of prevented and that scares me more as to me I knew it was going to happen, I warned her it was going to, and then I was warned again, I just need to know what on earth is going on, any feedback on this be so grateful

    • kate gessner says:

      you can not change what is going to happen no matter how hard you try. i have been having dreams that happen 2 weeks after i have them all of my life. i have tried to change them for years. i believe our lives were mapped out long before we were even born. it is what we do with the life we are given. will we do right or wrong. a voice started speaking to me giving me messages he said were from God. it is God who is in control. He has a plan for all of us. my dreams are foretelling me of what is coming and to prepare me for my life. i was told to tell the world but i am sure you know how hard it is to tell someone you have dreams that come true. please go to my web page. i have about 100 dreams in my book hearts of stone. it is free online. have a blessed day. kate

  422. jewelafenya says:

    how do i control my dreams, with some type of meditation? the thing is i dream and they come true. even nightmares i need to control them. help

  423. Darby says:

    I looked up “seeing dreams become reality” today to come to find this page which I am grateful for. I was particularly interested in finding some answers today – I saw two snipits of my dreams occur. Generally, I only have this happen once or twice a week, or even a month. As I mentioned before, I usually only see small bits or pieces of dreams. For example, last week, I was in the car with my mom, and we had just come to a stop at an intersection. I suddenly had this feeling, like I knew what was going to happen. I picked up on it quickly since it has happened before. I rushed to rack my memory and within a few seconds, I remembered having a dream at an intersection exactly as we were stopped. Sort of reliving my dream, I remembered waiting for the light to turn how my dream played out. I saw a moss green colored jeep, a yellow bug, and some other purple car cross the intersection. Sure enough, I watched the jeep, the bug, and the purple car pass the intersection.

    Though I only see few seconds of dreams, I have yet to fully experience a long dream. The longest I can recall was a dream which lasted a good thirty seconds. I am fifteen and this happened when I was around ten. We were in my cousins basement playing a game called check-ring-ring, or a land version of marco polo. This game is played in the dark however, and the person was on their knees. My sister was six at the time and was scared of the dark. We had just come back from a break, and I remember turning the light switch and having a strange feeling. The person that was it called out “check” and the other people called out “ring ring” as the reply. After a good fourty five seconds, I realized I didn’t hear my sister replying. She usually acted that way when she didn’t want to be it, but I realized it was something else. I ran to turn on the lights and found that she wasn’t in the room. Instead she was in a closet and was crying about voldemort. I am laughing about it now, but then I was freaked out because she had never heard of harry potter before in her life. I had a dream six months prior to this night that played out exactly the same way.

    Another instance I would like to share was christmas when I was five. Back then, I wanted a Nintendo DS, yet I hadn’t told my parents. I had this dream twice in a row on the day before christmas eve, and christmas eve night. It was about exactly my presents and what order I was going to open them, but most surprisingly, I opened a pink DS and was thrilled. On Christmas morning, I found that I opened all my presents in that exact same order however I didn’t realize it until after the fact.

    Back then, I didn’t think too much about these strange instances, but now I think about them all the time. They are never too important or deathly, but are usually out of the blue and surprising. It has sure pushed me to pay more attention and has further guided me to constantly keep a dream journal to record all the dreams I can remember.

  424. Amber says:

    Yes. I have had dreams come true before. They were just stupid little ones that people might call a coincidence as they were just little conversations between my friends and I about certain things going on with their lives. Last night I had a dream that I was talking to a psychic about wishes I have for myself and if they would come true. She had turned to me before I woke up and said “You’re a psychic why don’t you figure it out.” I woke up startled because for once in my life I felt like everything had finally made sense. I told my mother about them and she had told me when I was little I had imaginary friends just like every little kid but I acted different with them. I acted as though they were real people. They had real names, Jack and Sarah. One day my mom was cleaning up around the house and my imaginary friend Sarah had gotten stuck in my moms hope chest, which at the time was completely empty. I was hysterical and flipping out. After that my mom did research online and found out that I could be psychic but she never told me in hopes that I wouldn’t go searching for answers. Today I’ve spent all day searching online for answers and trying to find why I could never put the pieces together. I took several psychic tests and all of them had the same results saying that I was indeed psychic. I’ve also been having a very vivid reoccurring dream about the possibilities of my future. I like what I see but I can’t decipher if it’s my visions or if it’s just something I want so bad that it’s becoming something I see in my dreams. I guess the point I’m trying to get at is why didn’t I know this all these years until now? Who knew that one dream could change your whole life? Why am I the way I am? And if the dreams I’m having about my future really are going to happen or if it’s all in my head?

  425. Mackenzie says:

    I once had a dream that I was walking with a dark figure at an amusement park. Above me was a roller coaster that was distinctly green and yellow. I waas walking with the person beside me and there were people everywhere. I remember seeing the coaster but nothing else.
    Six months later, I am walking down a path in Busch Gardens with my dad, whom I had not seen in quite a few years. I look up and I see that exact same coaster (which later had technical problems even though I got to ride it.) Best day ever. That was two years ago, when I was 11.

    • madison says:

      i keep having these dreams, not seeming important but extremely short. they seem soo real, and none of them make much sense. some time later what happened in the dream happens for real. one dream was me being in a room with a bunch of different kids in a circle with a globe in the center. later to find out i was actually on a field trip to a science museum. i was a little freaked out. that was the first time, than it started to happen more frequently. i distinctly remember one dream of the world ending… im scared seeing it obviously hasent happened yet. im happy that more people have sort of the same experience.

  426. sam says:

    so, i have an uncle paul. He had blood clots in his lungs over xmas this past year. About a week ago i had a dream that my mom called me to tell me my uncle had passed. well i felt like i had to tell her about this and he was fine of course but the next day the unthinkable happened. my best friend was admitted into the ER. About7 hrs later the doctors told her that she had 2 blood clots in her lungs… my age.. my best friend. she is fine today and back home with her baby girl. i couldnt have managed to cope with a loss of a best friend, mostly because her baby sister just died two years ago.. her parents are my family and i know it would kill them to lose both of their girls. anyway back to the dream. i want to experience this more often or at least have more control of it but also it is very bittersweet because it is always death. never good things that i dream and come true. maybe i just notice the death part easier. any suggestions to help channel this thing whatever this is. please help.

  427. Louis says:

    I have these abilities as well I’m glad I’m not alone this is my first time looking it up I’ve been seeing into the future since I was a kid I am now in my mid 20′s and I want to test myself to see if I can control it to win the lotto or powerball wish me luck guys. I’ll start a foundation if I do to really study our abilities! It’s my word!

  428. lizzy says:

    Please help ok im 14 and having dreams that feel like im awake but im not and its hard for me to wake up from and i dream up characters things and extr. but later they come to life and all things mostly i have nightmares come to life and people see them and one time i dreamed up a murder and later i was in my room alone and someone grabed me from behind and closed my door and i turned around and he was there then he jumped out my window what is wrong with me 0.0

    • lizzy says:

      and i dreamed up event that will happen like i almost got killed by almost getting hit with lightning and one of friend died and my grandfather death

  429. Joshua Hart says:

    I am only 15 years old from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma and I am a young African American male and a Freshman at Piedmont High School. I have been doing lots of research on controlling my reality. I started this once i realized i kept having day jah voo or whatever that is but I started to quickly noticed it was coming from my dreams. My father told me that he could dream the future and while back and I never believed it until then. Now I am on my way to being a school genius , rich, and famous young child. I have started meditation and getting small results from all the Physic abilities and trying to find a group of specialists in this field to help me or mentor me. My dreams all come true and I can remember which days they came from now. I noticed I only dream about myself though and it always comes true. All the school events , parties , vacations everything. It all comes true. I next goal is to start lucid dreaming because once I can control my dreams, I can control my future faster than ever before. If you have anyone who can help email me back ASAP time is special. -Joshua Hart (A.K.A protector of the earth) if you forget me you will remember me in later years.

  430. sam says:

    All my dreams are legit coming to life in 5 years 20years or even the next day all of my dreams come true I don’t why

  431. leila curtis says:

    I’m 13 now and when I was 5 I had a dream about going to this park that i’ve never seen before and I accidentally killed a little girl. My friend had a sleep over and the next day we had to wait for 2 other girls and we decided to go to the local park. From the first moment i saw that park I recognised it everything was the same even the weather and the thing that scared me the most was the girl I saw dead looked at me.
    The girl I killed in my dream was there and she looked at me but she must of only been 5 maybe 6 so I saw her before she was born. don’t worry I ran away from that park as quick as i could and i’m never going back ever again.
    this happens to me a lot and its starting to scare me I fell like i should tell someone but i think they will say i’m insane and I need help.

  432. tia says:

    I have always had these dreams but the very first one I had that I actually paid attention to I dreamt that my son was going to pass away I told everyone I came across but they called me crazy long behold one morning 6 in the morning I took my kids to the baby sitter I go back to my house to get my things ready it started raining I looked out the window and just said ok god I know you had to take him the phone range and the baby sitter says come back I get there and sadly he was gone crazy now after that I dreamt of everything I would be looking at someone and would know what they did how they feeling and I could tell them how to get their bad situation but I to nervous I met my husband and I know everything we are going to go through how to make it out but he doesn’t listen and I have proved it to him plenty times when it happens I get so tired of saying I told you so. I dreamt my sister best friend was going to have this beautiful baby girl but if she stays with her baby father he kills her so I told her about the baby but not him cause they will call me crazy and I don’t want that I just wish I could meet other people like myself its so scary idk what to do

  433. Jazmyn says:

    I’m only 15 & I think I have physic dreams. I can dream about whatever & like a year or a few months later it happens, like a month ago I had a dream about being in class & we were getting ready to watch “TKAM” (To Kill a Mockingbird) & everyone was talking & my teacher started yelling, kids were throwing stuff & then it hit me.. I was thinking about were I saw this vision from & it was from my dream. Sometimes I have bad dreams & I’ll see it happening in person & try to do something to change the dream I had.. Most of the times it works. Not many people are able to do this.

  434. Angel says:

    All of my dreams keep on happening in real life. Sometimes, not only on my dreams when I sleep. I have visions when I am awake. When I am doing something, visions just keep coming on my head. Just out of the blue. Well I remember most of them, especially when I dreamed that someone is going to die. It’s my grandfather who died. In my dream, I was in a chapel with my family. All of us were crying. Although I didn’t see who died, but I know its one of our family members. I also dreamed about my grandfather after he passed away, he is smiling at me, and left me a message. He said “you’re gifted, don’t let anyone take your abilities for granted. always take care of yourself, I love you my Angel.”

    I have dreams that I instantly forget when I wake up. And the dreams that keep on happening in real life stays on my mind for a long period of time, until they happen. There are too many dreams that keep on happening in real life. And I am already afraid. Could someone please help me. No one else knows about this dream thing because I am afraid they’ll think I’m crazy.

    • YOSEFF says:

      YOU are not the only one. I remember my dream within the week or month when it will really happen. One of these when I’m at grade 6 and I dream about a room and a boy(I’ll not put the name) , when I asked my classmate when they know him they say yes (I forget that at summer but I remember that when at athe enrollment in schools) and when I am now at grade 7 I saw him, he is my classmate. But I get use to this it always happen to me….. THEN I COULDN’T FORGET WHEN THE MY DREAMS COME TRUE……………….!!!!!!!

    • Ariana says:

      I’ve had that before. You know, forgetting the dream you just had and then it happens and you remember it. Every dream I have ever had in my life plays in my life. Sometimes it is the next day, the second after I am done dreaming, or a few weeks or months after the dream and I can remember it once it happens or I just remember it.

      For example, one time I had a dream that my dog was still really sleepy after waking up and it was about to be time to get ready for school and my dog was actually being nice to my sister whom he hates and he hardly can trust anyone except for me and my mum. She was cuddling with him and laying on my bed on the left side next to the window and Toto (my dog) was just giving her kisses and letting her TOUCH him! Honestly I thought that this dream wouldn’t come true except right when I woke up it happened. Exactly that dream.

      I also have day dreams, you know like visions. When I was really little I had a vision of me around the age twelve to thirteen and going to this new school, walking through the gates and to my friends that I had never seen in my life. They were chatting and I couldn’t really hear what they were saying except then one of my friends looked at me and said “someone likes you.” I asked them who and they said “we can’t tell.” Later on in my dream I found out who the boy was and he gave me a note asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and then I declined him for a reason unknown at the time. Later on (being the thirteen year old I now am) my dream had happened 4 years after it came. The reason why I had declined him was because he had just gotten over a relationship and I felt like he deserved someone (and he still does) better than me.

      There is only one dream that has not happened in my life and it scares me to death because I have had this dream ever sense I was 4, when my psychic dreams started. Once a year (on my birthday to be exact) I have a horrid dream that I am scared to death will come true. Even though it seems very unlikely who knows what could happen…

      Okay so here it goes. This dream scares me because I would never want to let anyone go. When I first had the dream there were people I didn’t even know in my life, along with my dog Toto, and my other dog Teddy was there except I had already known him. People that I was going to meet in the future were all in this dream, except that was just a warning for me.

      It starts off with me in a hallway, pitch black to the the point I can’t even see myself. I hold onto the walls as it is the only support I have and as I am walking I soon see a flickering light. I walk towards it sense I am scared of the dark and once inside the light I see everything clearly. The walls, the ground, the ceiling, it wasn’t any of those things at all. The walls, ceiling. and ground, they were all made of organs! I screamed in my dream and then heard a chuckle behind me. I turned around scared to death and there I saw the one and only, The Devil himself. He wasn’t the ordinary devil though like everyone thinks he looks like. He had long nails made out of medal and a smile that would stay on his face, making him very scary. He had red skin, the color of blood, and eyes dark blue. The horns on his head made him somehow more terrifying. With one look at him realization hit me. I was in hell. Light flooded the hallway and I saw the hallway just keep going on, to a never ending straight line. Even though it was like that I had no other choice, I ran. Running and running I kept on seeing the organs everywhere I lay foot on. Soon enough I saw something. Something bright yet small floating, only able to fit one person at the very most. The devil was running after me and after seeing the box he ran faster. I ran towards the bow and jumped inside and right when I did the Devil screamed in rage. At least for a while. As I was holding my knees together looking at the horrid monster I saw him start to smile again as he looked behind me. I turned my head and that is when I saw everyone I loved. Whether I didn’t know them or I did it didn’t matter. I had to save them, except I didn’t know how. Before I could even act the devil raised his hand and in one wave all of the peoples faces were gone, only left with the blood and skull they had. I screamed out “NO!” as the tears flooded into my eyes, not able to even try and hold them back. I look back at the devil and told him off I guess you could say. “YOU MONSTER! YOU MONSTER! YOU KILLED THEM! WHY! YOU MONSTER! Y-YOU Mon-ste-er!” The devil smiled crookedly at me and then took off his face as well, only to reveal someone I wished I never loved, my old boy friend who hurt me to the depths of my heart. He took off his devil face and after he noticed I saw his true face he disappeared. I looked around one last time and saw the walls had changed as realization hit me, those organs are the organs of those who just died, the ones I loved. And their faces were now hanging on the wall with them.

      That is the one dream that has not come true yet, and I feel like it most likely will not until happen I have met all of those people. No I am not religious or anything and actually in my religion we don’t believe in heaven or hell so it is strange to have this dream. Please someone find out why this is happening before fate comes to get me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Sincerely, Ariana.

      • Rtown says:

        How can dreams come true in reality and you know the future if it hasn’t already been laid out before you ? Meaning someone (God ) has already wrote our life’s in the book of life. Accept Jesus christ into your heart ask for forgiveness then the whicked one has no power or control over you. I take this dream as a warning. Consider your self lucky to have such a dream. Some people are never fortunate to make it to the light.

  435. Kevin says:

    I have had this happen a few times in my life. It has been about random things that seem to have no meaning but I feel like there is some meaning to it. I am a Christian and I don’t believe in couinsidense. I feel like there is some reason for these dreams but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  436. Micaiah Dendy says: