Psychic Dreams that Come True

psychic dreams that come trueHave you had psychic dreams that come true?   If you’ve had any psychic dreams and any part of them have come true please let us know in the comments section below this post.

Psychic dreams usually involve precognition or the ability to see events happen before they occur.  This is a  phenomenon that many have reported occurring.

In the video above a gentleman tells of his experience of dreaming about a train crash and then learning that one occurred while he was having the dream.   He also speaks about the interconnectedness of all those on the underlying spiritual level and how we can tap into that, especially in the dream state.   Chris in the psychic dream video also has a very nice life philosophy and is well worth watching.

I was just on another psychic site reading through an entire collection of interesting stories from those who have reported psychic dreams that come true.   Some of them are mundane, for instance, a child dreaming that she would receive a shirt, and then getting one from her mother the next day.  In another a person dreamed of a plane crashing in the woods and the next day the crash took place.

Speaking of plane crashes I remember reading of a famous (or infamous) plane crash I think it was in San Diego, in which an individual had foreseen the crash in a psychic dream and tried to contact the airport to tell them, but was not taken seriously.

What is the source of psychic dreams?  Who knows?  One explanation I’ve heard is that people with psychic dreams are able to psychically look at a projected time line from the dream state and see events that are projected to occur on that timeline.   One interesting thing I noted when looking over some of the stories of those who have reported psychic dreams that come true on a regular basis is that when they do have what they consider to be a psychic dream and then talk about them to others then the dream doesn’t always play out or come true like when they keep silent.  Don’t know if it is a real pattern or not.

One way to track any psychic dreams is to keep a dream journal.  I did that for a couple of years when I was learning lucid dreaming.  I got fairly proficient at lucid dreaming, or knowing I was dreaming and trying to control the dreams but never did recall any psychic dreams.

If you’ve had any psychic dreams that came true please let us know in the comments section below.  Thank you!

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886 Responses to “Psychic Dreams that Come True”

  1. Kristi says:

    Hello! So most nights I sleep I have very intense dreams that are very random and can be changed as if I can reverse time but what I can’t change are the conversations. These conversations constantly are showing up the next day or over the next week. I’m not sure if De Ja Vu is how I would describe it because this is word for word mood for mood. Is the normal?

  2. L says:

    i know this might come off strange and im glad to hear some people have similar things as in dreams coming true….when i was 7 i woke up crying my dad came in and was trying to calm me down…..the tsunami that hit thailand….i didnt even know where thailand was at the time and i could see people being hit by the waves and could see their lifeless bodys flowing quickly with the current. i think the one thing that haunted me and still goes to this day…is hearing the screams. 4 years ago i had a dream where i was floating and saw a girl go into a hotel and couple minutes go by she came back out she walked a good 2 blocks she was holding her cellphone texting someone. as she is turning a corner i see a man come out of his black looks almost like a uhaul van but more squared and it was just black i hope yall understand my description im horrible at it. and i couldn’t hear what he was saying to her regardless she got into the car… i saw the hotel sign in my dream i cant quiet remember it when i thought about it except i remember but something harbour. and as i looked around more exploring in my own dream i saw another sign….myrtle. i was on fb and came upon a re shared post about top 10 creepy photos i came upon the tara calico case and was interested in finding out more details to her story….as i googled it i got more and more deep into reading about other abductions and decided to check out the images….i came across a girl i dont even know but for some odd reason i was convinced i knew and seen her somewhere. as i read her story i had a huge what i call dejavu. i dreamt about this and i keep trying to remember the rest of the dream but its been so many years i cant piece it al together anymore like i use too. the girl im referring to is names is brittanee drexel. i read more about her story and it is exactly what i saw in my dream except they didnt know how she went missing and in my dream i did. but from that point in my dream when she got into the van i have no idea where she went i was unable to catch up. all i know is the van drove towards a beach…and thats all i can remember…. ive had many other dreams not just these ones they all seem to be within the same category disasters or abductions i dont know these women or men or kids but the tsunami one has to be the one i cant ever get the memory of hearing the screams out of my head….

  3. CJ says:

    I had a dream where, in my dream, I was sleep in my bed. (btw this dream felt like real life). In the dream, some one was trying to break through my bedroom window while I was laying in bed sleep. I heard someone beating on the window over and over and over again. Finally, at the same moment that they broke through my window and glass shatters, I suddenly woke up to the sound of my full length mirror falling to the floor shattering at the exact same time. This happened several years ago and to this day, it still kind of freaks me out. How did my mirror fall and shatter to pieces at this same exact time the window broke in my dream? Coincidence? Maybe. My mom has very frequent random dreams of people she knows (family, co-workers, friends) where something life changing happens to them. And shortly after her dream…..usually a day or 2….it will come true. I feel like I may have a slight touch of what she has…who knows?

  4. Monicabacker says:

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  5. My name is Danielle , I’m 16 years old and I live in Cleveland ohio. I was just looking this up because lately I have been having dreams that come true. I started to notice it when I was 11. When I was 11 I had a dream that I was Older , only a teenager and I was on the hospital bed holding a baby being pushed to another room. When I turned 15 I had a daughter and as I was being pushed to the next room I realized that the view was the exact same from the dream . Later I met a guy that daTed my cousin , I hated him with all my heart and dreamt he got shot and died. Later on I found out he got shot in the chest and died walking outside. I then had a dream that my boyfriends home was robed and shot up , the next day I was paranoid and felt like we were being watched , the next day the house got shot up , I was grazed by a bullet and had to go to the hospital. After we stayed at hotels and the house was then robbed. I’m afraid , my I be psychic

  6. Pink says:


    I saw that a big tower crashed right in front of my house and my neighbors wall crushed. After two days 7.9 Earthquake hit and i saw the destruction. My neighbors wall cud not stand the EQ . Nepals historical tower crashed down. Whenever i have a bad dream its always true.

  7. Samantha says:

    hi, i have multipule drams like this, the first one is, i was at a store that didn’t even exist at the time and i was shopping with my dad and we went in to the store at we bought some shirts for him and the next day a new shop like that opened with the sane shirts in my dream and the same guy and my dad bought the same shirts as he did in my dream. 2 months before a horrible disaster when a boy got hit by a train at my station i had a dream about the same thing with a boy hit by a train and it happened 2 moths later

  8. Lb says:

    I Had my first dream that turned out to be real when I was 12. I have only had 4 more since then. The dreams always end with me needing to make a decision about what I will do and then I wake. The first dream was about a fire, at the end of the dream I had to chose, let the horses out onto the yard where they were not safe or leave them in their stables where it was not safe, then a woke up. There was a fire at that place, started where I dreamt it started. I was the first person to see it, I remember as I saw it questioning the decision to say omg the barns on fire as it seemed so unreal that such a thing could be happening. The next dream, I was 17, my dad had rang me and was struggling to speak, couldn’t breath. At the end of the dream I had to chose, jump in the car and head down to him on the assumption he is in immediate danger or conclude he is lieing on order to get attention and go back to bed (harsh yes but it was the sort of thing he would do back then) then I woke up. The phone did ring and the dream did happen as it was, when I put the phone down I remembered the decision I had thought about after my dream and went straight down there, it was real, my dad couldn’t breath, possibly saved his life. Not something I would ever discuss with friends or family! I often wonder if as an event is taking place I create this illusion that the dream happened when maybe it didn’t? I liked that doubt, kept what I can place my finger on being a reality. Unfortunately I dreamt about a girl I had never met before, woke up again not making the decision, the unfortunate part was this dream really disturbed me so during an arty session I drew her as she was in the dream, met her later on in life! I stopped dreaming when I was about 22. I was taking antidepressants, didn’t link this to lack of dreams but since stopping my mess I’m dreaming again and checked out this site as had another dream about my dad last week, it then happened. It wasn’t significant it was just him telling me something important.

  9. Yari says:

    I had some dreams come true I had two of them that came true. It was a month ago that a had dremt that my little brother was in a soccer team and they had all came over and a month later it comes true. The other dream was casual. I had dremt that my mother and I where food shopping and we were in line paying a a week later it came true. Why do I have these dreams? And why do they keep happening?

  10. Princess says:

    My experience is a bit different. I dream of things but they happen in the further future. I never know when it will happen. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I freeze,,,zone out my body and it hits me that I have seen these things I have experienced this before. And actually it scares me because it is always bad things that I notice… I have had visions of a certain angles and its always something that stands out that points it out… I had a dream of the sun shinning on me with trees and people on top of me the picture to me was very clear…. and of coarse when I notice this vision …. I was getting jumped by a few girls and I froze up because I seen this and couldn’t help but realize I seen this before. I was about 14 years old when I started to notice.. I am now 25.. and I have had a few things like this happen .. it just sucks that I never know what or when something is going to happen… as I read these comments It gives me a idea of writing a dream book. I dream all the time and I try to forget my dreams because I don’t want them to be true,,, but maybe its time I pay attention because the recent deja vu I had was a warning about my new lover … and I had a vision before I even been with him.. scray

  11. Alysha says:

    I have had these dreams for most of my life and I’m 14 now
    The last one I had was a couple of months ago and I never get normal dreams anymore… It’s always a person, place and a thing in the dream and I dream about it and then maybe a couple days, weeks or months later it’s happening, everything that I had dreamped happens and I’m really scared because not long ago I dreamped about how I would die and it’s very depressing because I don’t want to die…

  12. Gwen says:

    I had so many dreams that came true, although nothing alarming.

    1. In my dream, my brother was driving me in his car, and I saw a building that’s all black tint.
    The next morning, my bro ask me to drop off our other’s car off at a window tinting place, and he pick me up in his car

    2. Dream: An ex that I haven’t talked to in a long time, text me
    Next morning: woke up got a text from him
    Twice this dream happen, twice he text the next morning.

    3. Dream: My mom came back early from her month long visit to VN
    Few days later my dad call to ask me to pick my mom up at the airport, two weeks earlier than her original date

    4. Dream: saw boiling water, and burning skin
    Next day: spilled hot oatmeal on my hand and burned my skin

    5. Dream: my bf breaks up with me
    A week later: he breaks up with me

    6. Dream: the same bf that broke up with me ask me to lunch (this dream happen three days after we broke up)
    Next morning: he call and ask me to lunch

  13. Clive says:

    i am 70 yrs old, and nothing really surprises me, like this dream. I awoke at around 1.00am after dreaming of a young lady. In the dream, I brushed closely past her, face to face, recognising that she had shoulder length brown hair, a cream dress with floral pattern, approx 26 yrs and 170cm in height. More importantly, her left arm had been amputated just below the elbow.

    At 11.00am, I enetered a crowded train station and brushed past this lady, fact to face as per the dream, and she was exactly as I saw her in the dream.

  14. Brenda says:

    I recently had a dream where zoo animals had escaped and that we had to maintain at home for our protection. I was feed up with being gin fear that I would be attacked by one of them I decided to go and hunt them. It was about 10 o’clock and the news had just started when my friend tells me, “Hey look there was a storm in Georgia and zoo animals are on the loose. People are being advised to stay in until they can all be found and taken back.” I was in shock, though this is not the first time that this has happened to me. I’ve had so many dreams come true over the past years. I am now 25 and it’s been happening since I was about 11 or 12. At least that is how far I can remember them happening. Those dreams that I keep to myself seem to come true more often than those that I do share with. Although some of the ones that I shared with the people that where in it have came true just minutes with me sharing them.

  15. irish says:

    i dream of a world collapsed with no lights coming from the sun, all are darkness taken in placed all bad elements, are passing through the darkness to go up on the earth and all people frightened with their voices keep asking god why this all happen but evil not stop here, i myself stand with all in the hills holding a golden shining short with a symbol of cross on the middle hand and my right hands shine with a lights to ruin all evil elements that coming on my place, angel, unicorn and a battle of goddess are in front of me protecting my shield against evil demons. And with the crowded fight a chair from the heaven are in my place and i sat on the chair to be throne as a royal crown queen of all the god’s with all the almighty god behold it’s power on her beloved last child.Always i dreamed of this moments what is this for?i hope my spirit would not make any sense to this dream…

  16. Lauren says:

    I’ve had this thing too, which hasn’t come true but I know it’s not a dream, I can see this happening. My grandma died over 10 years ago now, I was a little kid. I don’t have a whole lot of memories. But growing up without a grandparent is hard. Every few months I have a dream about her. We’re in my current house, and she and I just sit at the kitchen table and talk. Dreams have a tendency to feel like dreams, but that one never does. I know it’s her. I’ve had somewhat paranormal things in my house as well and she told me that everything that’s ever happened has been her, that she’s just here watching over us. Idk how to explain that, that’s not a dream and I know it. I can’t explain it, but it’s real. I can feel it

  17. Lauren says:

    I had this recently and any dream that I’ve ever had has always come true. The other night I had a dream that I was in my local grocery store and a big creepy man grabbed me and I started screaming but I was really scared. Several people that worked at the store had helped me and I got away. The next day, a big creepy looking man that looked very similar to the man in my dream (he was about 30, keep in mind that I’m younger than 18) came up to me and asked if I was single and he seemed very fake and rehearsed and thank God my mom was with me because I couldn’t speak because I was scared and the only thing I wanted to do was scream but I couldn’t. I’ve always had dreams like this and then later I can have déjà vu moments with it that I know are from dreams but it’s very strange. Please let me know why this is happening!!

  18. Retea Astillero says:

    It always happened to me, I dream of a place or even event, then i will come to that place, and that thing event will happen. I dont know why, sometimes im scared. Please email me. I want to understand what it is..

  19. Haley Pratt says:

    I dont know what u call it, but im only 14. And, I have dreams and i know ive dreammed them before. Like what someone says i know what they are going to say. Its very creepy. My dad has it to he calls it foresight. I have been very confused and in the last month or two it has been constant. People think im crazy in class when i say deja vu. Idk, maybe i am

  20. Tiffany says:

    Yes ive had several dreams that came true since i had a surgery at ten i was told i died but came back or said my mother. She said i had 2 blood transfusions. I later woke up and from then i been have dreams that often come true. When i was ten a year before r&b singer aaliyah died i had a dream of that music video of her i miss you with missy Elliott dmx and couple others that was in that video. I seen it in my dream a year later she died in the airplane i seen that video i dreamt of and freaked out how can someone predict the future thats weird no one belives me. That was my first experience. I have more.

  21. april says:

    all the places in my dream that I know that I have not been there and i don’t know where in earth is that place but all this dreams in one place that i have not been it all came true….in my dreams there are places that is clearly in my dreams then after a few weeks I will be there…and even in people…and another thing when I dream of a snake example my friend and i are walking and then she’s been bite by a snake after a few days i will have a problem connected to her then when I dream of a centipede I know that the problem will be solve this is all happening what do you think is the meaning of my dreams…thanks…..

  22. Zak Bland says:

    I have recently have had dreams which have come true, but they all relate to my younger sister, I dreamt that her boyfriend cheated on her, the next day I told her she looked shocked and told me she had found out that morning he did, I also told her the name of the girl in my dream her boyfriend was with, then she looked freaked out because it was the correct name. I then dreamt the next night that she was pregnant, she told the family the next day that she was pregnant. I thought the first dream was a coincidence but now two dreams in a row have came true. The thing that worries me is that I had a dream the other day that my sister died during child birth and I then adopted her baby.. This is worrying me and I am struggling to sleep at night because I am scared that this dream will come true and that I will have more like this.

  23. Selkie says:

    Okay so I’ve found myself googling dreams coming true for a while, probably since the existence of google, my whole childhood I have had such vivid dreams that have come true, and it’s started happening again. I once kept dreaming one of my little brothers (I’m the eldest of 10 kids just btw) and I were swimming in our pool, all of a sudden he disappeared I looked around to see he was stuck in child’s bath chair drowning at the bottom of the pool, I was always around 7 years old in the dream and I try to rescue him but he’s too far and I can’t hold my breath for long enough; all of a sudden my father jumped into save him; I had this dream several times growing up and then probably 3 years later from the first time I had this dream we were all down at the beach, I was swimming with the brother from the dream and one of my little sisters; she hadn’t been born yet when I had these dreams, I started to take her to the shore and looked around but my brother was nowhere to be found – he had somehow got trapped in a rip and all of a sudden he rose to the surface flailing and was pulled down again, I tried to start swimming out like in the dream but he was too far, my father dove in and swam out and saved him.. And now recently I’ve been dreaming things and they happen the very next day! Example, I dreamt of getting a package from my best friend in Australia, and it was full of tea! Well she never told me she had sent a package yet the day after the dream I recieved a package from her containing all sorts of goodies including tea. Another example; A boy borrowed a really really expensive pair shoes from this same best friend and never returned them. She had been trying for the last two years to organise with this guy to pick them up but he always bailed. Then about a month ago I had a dream, this boy who borrowed the shoes was there with me at a bar. He had given my friends boots back to her and then He apologised for taking so long and explained that he had been having a rough time and that it was no excuse but he was sorry and he hoped I could understand.. The very next morning my best friend sent me a photo.. Yep. It was a photo of the boots. She had managed to finally meet up with this guy after two years of evading her. And I dreamt it.

    • Selkie says:

      Btw, Ii don’t live in aus anymore and I know some people will think “she told you she was going to get the boots so that probably why you dreamt it” but honestly we hadnt spoke about them for a while… And she never mentioned beforehand she was still trying to get them, I thought she had given up!!! I know it doesn’t seem as grand a dream as the one of my childhood but the fact is it came true the very next day!!!!

  24. Lennon says:

    I had a dream where a native american was on a canoe in a river. There was drums beating by the riverside. suddenly the canoe hit a vortex, and the river drained. when i woke up the next morning, I turned on the tv and the 2004 tsunami was on the headlines

  25. Roselyn says:

    A few years back i had a dream about my sons 3 cousin my son was 6 at the time and hes 3 causin in he’s late 20 anyway in my dream he was sitting on top of a car looking foward and i came down parallel to the car far away he didn’t notice i was there when suddenly i see the shadows of everything in the street start to move towards him they take his soul with them back to the shadows . when some was coming towards me i felt something pull me away and i woke up histerical crying for someone i didnt even know cause it felt so real. i tried to warn him but with no luck. I moved from town and in the same house i had the dream He got shot by one of hes friends and died shortly after that in the hospital. its not my only dream i had thats come true but it is the worst.

  26. alyssa says:

    Hi, i just googled this because lately something has been awoken in me, my uncle has strong abilities and has since he was a child, he has recently quit his job to pursue it, and has clients all over the world. When I saw him last he approached me and told me that I have the gift as well, but I just don’t know exactly how to access it. When he told me this I remembered an incident that occured 3 years ago. I had a dream that a classmate from school’s mother was rushed to the hospital. I have never met or seen this persons mother, and was not even close with the person at all. The next day I mentioned this dream to someone he was friends with who freaked out because his mom was in the hospital and no one was supposed to know. Now days I frequently have dreams that come true, the most significant was a dream I had of a classmate I haven’t seen since elementary school, I am now in college and In the dream he said “hey alyssa how are you”? and we were in an alley way. The NEXT morning i woke up with a hair appt at the mall right at 8 when the mall opens, there was maybe a total of 5 people in the mall, and standing outside of the hair dressers was Julian, the classmate, saying “hey alyssa , how are you’ the exact words he said in my dream. I literally had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasnt still sleeping or just seeing things. Basically dreams like this keep happening to me and I would like to know more about it. I keep a dream journal and the dreams I have that come true are always past being a coincidence. What does this mean?
    Thank you!

  27. Nisha says:

    I have just recently started to see things coming true. They’re small, though. Nothing huge. But i have a dream my mom & I are fighting, I woke up to a long angry text message from her. I also had a dream my cousin had a date with my ex BF, come to find out she had a date with someone who had the same name as him. So it’s subtle, but it’s puts things into perspective. Is this something you guys can relate to? Or am I just overthinking?

  28. Anuar says:

    i try my best to write in english, ( english is my 5th language)

    since i was 10 yo, i have ability to see ghost but when i reach 13 i cant see ghost anymore. now im 27 yo. This year 2015, i start learn about meditation and i do meditation ever night before i go to sleep for 2-3 month. this is list of my dream that become reality

    1. 11/5/5015 very vivid dream simple and short. “LAND CRACKING AND NUMBER 13″
    # 13/5/2015 nepal and japan got earthquake for second times
    # 6/6/2015 Mount KINABALU(BORNEO where i live) got earthquake 6.2 19 death
    # i got deep feeling this month 13/6/2016 earthquake will happen again (second wave)

    2. 4/6/2015 Vivid dream, look very real “BLUE OLD BRITISH RAIL”
    # 7/6/2015 Borneo Rail (still using British old Rail for tourist attraction) crash
    # HUH…lucky no one hurt

    3.Today 9/6/2015 look real until i was shock and wake up, much complex dream “CHEAP HOTEL,
    # I hope this just a dream noting happen yet

  29. voss says:

    So last night I had an incredibly vivid dream that I was at work and I got mad at two Co-workers for going through my work bag and taking stuff. I wake up and find out we had been robbed in the early morning hours. I have had deja vu before, but the coincidence is just way too weird for me.

  30. andy says:

    I have had many dreams that later come true .the most recent was I dreamt of a man being attacked by a shark.
    in the dream I pulled him away from shark but it bit off his leg,
    next morning I read a man had just had his leg bitten of in a shark attack.

  31. Miranda D says:

    I’ve predicted the last four deaths in my family . I dream they die tell my mom so she can spend more time with them . Then months later they die . Sucks really bad cause a few weeks ago I dreamed my mom died . No I have to just sit back and worry until it happens . This is more of a curse then a gift ..,

  32. Luna (prefer not real name) says:

    I had a dream im not sure when about me being diagnosed with Lung Cancer and literally i woke up unable to breath. I was taken to the hospital. And they diagnosed me with Lung Cancer. I realized that my dream had come true and somehow it was Dejavu.

  33. Leah says:

    I dont normaly have dreams, but the times i do the come true a few months after. The night i do have a dream i have really bad headaches. Is that normal?

  34. Reese says:

    I’ve had many dreams about the future all have come true, but they arnt major things they are little things that someone says or does sometimes a whole conversation usually happen a week after the dream.also when I was born I was dead for 15 mins and mysterically came back to life don’t know if these could be related. I’m a 15 year old guy and am looking for answers

  35. derek says:

    I was playing in a soccer game once and got hit in the face with the ball, and as it happened I clearly remembered having a dream about it a week or two prior, amazing really because it happens rather often

  36. Navi says:

    When I was preganant with my son back in 2005, I would have very vivid dreams that were hard to forget, nothiing that alerted me of anything that danger was around. I gave birth to my son August 17, 2006. He was due Oct 7, 2006, so with that being said, he was indeed several weeks early. He had to stay in the NICU for a whole month. During that month I had dreams every night of my baby. One dream I remeber was I went to the NICU for my daily visit to see my baby and check on his health and how he’s progressing. The nusre stopped me before I could get to my baby and she said when one oif the nurses was taking my son out of the warming bed to clean him, she dropped him and he hit the floor. Because of the fall my baby had to get a CAT scan to check and make sure that there was no trama or bleeding in the brain. I cried and cried and cried. I woke up in sweat and immedietly reached for my phone and called the NICU to check on my baby. Without saying anything about my dream, the nurse told me that my son had to get a CAT scan on his brain to ensure that there was no trama or bleeding in the brain due to the fact that he was primi and pasing through the birth canal could be tramatic. I have had dreams of him that came true everynight that he was in the hospital. After he came home my dreams have been spread out. Some dreams are small irrelevant dreams that would come true and I would have dreams that woke me out of my sleep that came true. Agian, less regular and spreaded out. I will never, ever, ever, forget the dreams I had everynight of my son.

  37. John says:

    Only a couple of weeks before my tenth birthday, I started experiencing strange moments in my dreams! one of the first things is that I had a dream of what I would get for Christmas. One thing was real. The item was a disc full of exactly 13 songs of Hawaiian music. When Christmas came around, I had gotten it as a gift from my parents! Then It came around more and more often. Then I started telling my mom of images and actions in my dreams that came true in at least less than a week later. Before my birthday at becoming 10 years old, my 52 year old cousin, Allison, had cancer! There was a pattern. She felt fine, she felt bad, then she felt fine. I had dreamed of all of that. On the 5th hour in the afternoon on April 19, 2015, she had passed away in her home. But around 2 days before her tragic death, I had a dream! The dream first started in my house in the dinning room. It was the exact place where my mom had told my family about Allison’s death. Then the image went blank and my dream had tooken me to Allison’s future funeral. I had lemonade as a drink. Then I woke up and it was the day that Allison had died! Then my mom told me what happened, but unusually, I didn’t cry like I usually do. It was probably because I already knew it was going to happen! When we went to the funeral, everything was the same as it was in the dream! And these messages from the future happen every night now. It still continues in others too!


  38. Jamie says:

    I consistently have dreams that come true. They seem like quick glipses into the future through my own eyes. Basically, I’ll get to see some random point in my future. They are about 10-15 seconds long on average. They are normally quite confusing and have no great purpose. And during them, I’m able to think inside my own brain (I know that doesn’t make much sense). Basically, my past self (the one dreaming) is freely thinking, talking, and comprehending everything inside my future-self’s eyes and mind. My future self realizes that my last self is there and quickly tells me things. So, when the dream actually comes true (when I’m in the future), I realize that it’s happening and I basically relay a message back to myself. When the dream is coming true, everything is exactly the same. Everything I see in the dream is 100% identical. Now that I know it does on, I try to think clear thoughts that could be understood by my past self. So, now whenever my dreams happen, my future self kinda has the hang of it, so the thoughts are getting more informative. I normally just say that status of my life and major things that are going on. I see people I’ve never met, places I’ve never been, etc. The past three girls I’ve dated over the last 5 years, I saw them in these dreams before, and my future self would say things like “this is your girlfriend, you live here, you’re going to school here…” and other things like that. I want to learn how to improve this trait. I don’t know much about it. Additionally, the time frame on the dreams is completely random. I’ve had dreams that don’t happen for a year, month, week, or day. I remember having dreams about the college I ended up going to before I even knew it existed. Then when it came true and I was there, it’s like “ohhhh, so this is where you were and what you were talking about.”

  39. hallie says:

    hi im a 7th grader, and i believe that i have psychic dreams every so often, except i cant remember them until they actually happen. i also seemed to have developed being lucid in dreams (not really sure how to put that O-o) if at all possible can someone help me understand this a bit better?

  40. Carlyn says:

    I’ve had several experiences in my li fe in which I’ve had a feeling about something or a dream that came true. Any one of which I could probably explain through basic instincts or unconscious perceptions (i.e. concern for the welfare of a friend, family member, pet). Sometimes it would come as a feeling, but the strongest ones chime as a dream. These are the ones that seem to ring mostly true. I consider myself a relatively rational person, but this last one is kind of freaking me out. Up until this week it’s all been personally related. And .i guess it kind of was this time too, but on a grander scale than what I’m used to. Earlier this week, I had an exhaustive dream that I was in my apartment and it started raining, HARD. Everyone was starting to evacuate but I thought, “it’s just rain, it’ll stop eventually. And I’m on the top floor so it won’t reach me.” The dream kept on, we (whomever was with me, I can’t remember) watched movies and played board games and talked. Eventually, I took a look outside and the water had risen all the way to my balcony 15-20ft off the ground and was JUST beginning to spill over the balcony. I started freaking out, wondering how we were going to get out alive. I panicked and then I woke up. I figured it had been raining outside while I was sleeping and that instigated the dream. But then, 24-48 hours later, the flooding happened all over Texas. (I live in California now but I’m from Texas). So I looked it up online and I can’t find any record of it raining either of those days while I was either asleep or awake. I live in California, in a drought, with close family and friends in Texas, in a drought, and I had a nightmare about a flood and 24-48 hours later a flood is engulfing half the cities in Texas. It’s freaking me out. I feel like I should pack up and go because what if something worse is coming to California? I realize it’s a giant leap from logic, but typically the dreams I recall are emotional and come true to some extent.

  41. Alyssa says:

    It happened just now actually. I had some vague dream that I couldn’t really remember the details to besides that either it was who I was in the dream or some other person who started being unable to breathe. I had woken up and was just laying in my bed and I heard my brother and my stepfather telling my mom to calm down. Turns out she was having an anxiety attack of some sort with hearing loss and numb limbs.
    It was just very strange to me. It could be possible that I was in a light sleep and more aware of outside activity that integrated into my dreaming sequence. Hopefully this helps you? I don’t think something like this happened before. Although I do have an overbearing amount of Deja Vu experiences. Sometimes I’m more aware of people’s moods and the people in general. Knowing what they were going to say, that’s happened to me while chatting with someone online.
    Interesting though, isn’t it?

  42. Louis says:

    A few weeks ago I had a nightmare that I was driving with my family and I lost control and ran off a cliff and we all died. The next morning there was an article in one of the Arizona newspapers that a man had lost control of his of vehicle and drove of a cliff in Superior Arizona.

    This past Sunday night I had a dream that my family and I were out in an open field when a violent storm hit. A tornado sucked up my wife as she was trying to run away and I saw her disappear in the sky. I then spent the rest of my nightmare frantically looking for her and trying to get help with no luck. I then read this morning about the mom that got washed away in the texas flood while with her family.

    two for two.

  43. rob says:

    i will keep this brief and not tell all for personal reasons . i’mwaitingfor an elevator in huge building ilook up an see a star gate off to the left .then boom. then another boom earthsattering .the person beside me says don;t worry this building has avery thick roof 110thick then guy on phone says good by dad the roof in my office is melting.theresa lot more but i a very uncomforttable saying this after all theseyears. stupid me could not put this together 3months befor thetowers went down in n.y. i remember all my dreams since childhood all vivid i feel that i am cursed

  44. Amanda Anderson says:

    I went to sleep one night and dreamt that my nephew had died. In my dream I felt my heart pounding and I than woke up. But I wasn’t fully awake. I felt like I was inbetween sleep and reality. I kept trying to sit up from the couch. The tv was on and the lights were off. An infomercial was playing. It’s like I was stuck down. My body felt really heavy. I was crying and trying to talk but couldn’t speak. I just laid there until I fell back to sleep. The next morning my roommates daughter asked me if I was ok. O asked her what she meant and she told me she saw me with my eyes open trying to get up from the couch but it scared her so she didn’t say anything. Ten minutes later I got a horrible phone call from my sister telling me that last night my brother had passed away in a motorcycle accident in Highlands county Florida. I’ve always associated my dream as trying to tell me what had happened or that something terrible was about to happen. If only i could have woken up :(

  45. Nowshad ahamed says:

    my name is nowshad from bangladesh i also having dreams that became true in real life …. when that moment happends before my eyes i think i already have seen this before…..why this is happening with me…is this a problem of my head….no one believes me..they make fun of me.!…..

  46. Ken says:

    I had a dream that I lost all of my hair, a few months laters I was diagnosed with a small dose of alopecia

  47. Jesse says:

    I’m 18, and I’ve been having my dreams since I was little. It doesn’t happen immediately, but in a sequence of events within seconds, this could happen tomorrow, to six months. It’s the very moment that it happens is when it completely clicks in my head, every movement, everything. the dreams initially seem irrelevant, but over time I have noticed not too long after something wrong happens (I mean, everyone has hard times), but these happen a few days, to a week or two after the memory is synchronized. I know definitively that it’s something bad that will happen soon after, and I can even try to prevent everything that could make something go wrong, but it’s still one thing I don’t catch, one thing I didn’t think to prevent. That’s when the final sequence of the dream happens, this is the part of the dream before I wake up. The moment the bad situation is in full motion I can predict what the other person will say. (I have done it with family members, friends, and teachers.) Not even someone I know all that well, when that final moment happens I can literally copy their words before they say them, and I just get a creeped out look.

    I have no idea how to help it, or prevent it as I’ve tried everything possible in every situation to deter it into another motion to hopefully break the sequence. It never works, if anyone here has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve tried to tell my therapist, he tells me it’s deja vu, well does until we had an argument and I finished his sentence, then he believed me. He’s tried looking it up, he doesn’t know what it is.
    So if ANYONE has any insight on how to help it, it’d be greatly appreciated.

  48. Sara says:

    This happens to me all the time.. I dreamt about stock markets, and a plane crash the night before 9/11, I dreamt that my friend was expecting, the next day I told her to take a test, & she found out she was pregnant. Right before the earthquake in Nepal I had a dream about the ground shaking, and a mountain collapsing. Awhile back I read about being able to communicate with the dead through dreams.. My friend had passed away, so before bed the night of his funeral, I reminded myself that If I saw him in my dream to talk to him. Sure enough that night in my dream, I saw my friend standing there.. It was crazy, because I was able to remind myself in my dream that I needed to talk to him & I was well aware that I was sleeping. He didn’t say anything.. but I hugged him. This has been happening for the longest time.

  49. Nancy says:

    My first dream happen when I was around 7 yrs old. I saw a face of my mothers best friend father coming to me in a empty space closer and closer. I new he was dead or dying. He didn’t say a word but yet i knew even though I never met this man. A few days later we went to Aunt Colleen’s
    house and as soon as I met him I was confused. As we left and got in the car my mother asked what’s wrong. My reply was ” How is that man at the party isn’t he suppose to be dead?” My mother was shocked and appeared to be angry by what I said and told me never to repeat that again. A few weeks later this man passed. After that the dreams continued. I was able to tell the difference between what was going to happen, A warning and a regular dream. The dreams that were going to happen I felt every emotion as though it already happen. The warning dreams came in code. Meaning lie a puzzle with different pieces always showing someone who I know in the past trying to communicate without words. Then the regular dreams everyone seem to have, the ones with seems entertaining with no point to reality. How is this possible? My daughter has the same dreams. At first I saw this a curse then one I started to take medication due to an injury I no longer had any more dreams. I didn’t realize how much I depended on those dreams. I made choices in my life for those dreams. I never shared that info. before but without the advantage of knowing before caused me to become depressed. Finally my dreams are starting to return and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Honestly I don’t understand any of this. Any one knows anything about this PLEASE explain it to me !!!!

  50. John Somerville says:

    A few years ago I dreamed I rescued a frog out of my swimming pool. The dream itself was unlike any other dream in that it was extremely vivid in every detail. Two days later I was standing by my pool in exactly the same spot as in my dream. The pool skimmer I needed to fish out the frog was laying beside the pool in the exact place it was in my dream. It was as I was lifting the frog out of the pool that I realized I was repeating the dream I had two days before.

    The event itself is trivial (except from the frog’s standpoint) but the time warp here and my ignorance about what really was going on is beyond any words to describe it.

  51. rachel says:

    I have had these dreams since I was 19. I remember every detail. Sight, sound, smell, feel, it’s all there. Every one of them have come true thus far. They can come true right after the dream or up to years later. I have dreamt of accidents, funerals, weddings, suicides and friends in need. A few months ago I had the last one. It is coming to life at this moment. I just need to figure out how exactly I Get out of the hole.

  52. kriti says:

    I dreamt of earthquake on 25th april morning and the same day nepal faces earthquake..not only this all my morning dreams come true..

  53. Lexi says:

    Well two nights before Kentucky had that huge flooding I had a dream that KY would flood really bad in Louisville mainly. Then two nights later I see in the news that KY had, had a really bad flood. I just recently had a dream about the nepal earthqauke and then that happened. This is slightly starting to freak me out

  54. Alysha says:

    I had a dream about seeing a certain friend one night. I then spent the entire morning with this weird feeling, that somehow I knew I was going to see her, since we were having problems I did not want to see her. I dreamt about the place I’d see her as well. At the bus stop, I skipped two buses since they were too full, and finally I got on and she was there. I’ve had other dreams similar to this one.

  55. Ashley says:

    Last night I dreamt that two children were kidnapped, and their mothers knew each other or may have been related and their husbands were helping them figure out who would take them and why. And towards the end, the grandmother did someone that suspected them that it was her and soon after she confessed that she took them to a sacred Indian lake that supposedly gives life after death, I don’t remember why she did it but the mothers went searching around her house and the lake and found a journal of details about what she’s done and pictures and all this stuff. The mothers started panicking and went to the lake to find their children and couldn’t find a trace of them, and I woke up. So I never got to know if they found then alive or dead and now it’s bothering it. So I started researching aboit Indian sacred lakes and I found a post from a couple months ago of bodies resurfacing from the Ganges river, which is the most sacred Indian lake in the world. I don’t know why I dreamt that.

  56. Aishwarya (ASH) says:

    i don’t get any terrifying or deadly dreams but they r ’bout i having conversation with my bff nd realising that i saw a dream of the exact conversation…. i had this couple of times.

    i had a dream of going out wid my friends, and it came true after about 3 weeks…

    then i had a dream of watchin a horror movie wid my brother….

    the last one was that i was having an argument with a guy nd it was the most stressful of all the dreams.

    i’m not sure that this is normal and hence i want a reply and answers fo dis problem

  57. Pat says:

    I quite often dream of something and sometimes I retain part of that dream in my memory and sometimes I don’t. And even on rarer occasions, I actually experience these events and I just get this feeling as if it has happened before but then I realize that i actually dreamt about it.

  58. Nikki says:

    I can usually tell what the weather is going to be like by my dreams. I know its strange but I tested the theory and for weeks after I woke up (the mornings I remembered my dreams)
    I would recall the weather in my dreams and then I would open the curtains and sure enough the weather was what it was in my dream. I can sometimes tell other things to, and I can sometimes tell if its roughly going to be a good day or a bad day. Maybe thats just a mind over matter thing though.

    Also for years I suffered from these dreams and I was always being chased and people were trying to kill me. A big event happened in my waking life, something that changed everything. And ever since that, I now I haven’t had those dreams. If anything I’m the one chasing people.

  59. Debb says:

    I had a dream a few nights ago that my current boyfriend (a man I love, but we haven’t seen each other since June of 2014) and I had met up.In reality: After months of not talking, or seeing each other, not even running into each other in town; he popped up out of thin air, texted me at 1:36am just to ask how I was doing. In my dream: It’s 1:36 am, and his face comes into focus. He begins to mouth some inaudible sentence and my dream-self leans in to hear him clearer. Just as my face comes about 1 foot in front of his, a white butterfly flies across my point of view. All of a sudden I feel this comforting breeze, and when I look at him, he smiles. I wake up.
    Monday, May 4,2015. I wake up, I have this odd feeling at the back of my mind. I go to school. As 7th period starts, I walk on to the cross country track to have a cigarette. After a few minutes of walking, I decide to sit down on the grass. I’m just allowing my mind to ease and calm, after all my week before hadn’t been so fantastic. (Now, I don’t remember my dreams until they happen) I’m staring across the field, when all of a sudden a white butterfly flies across my path. I get this sense of deja vu and so I look to the butterfly, and asked the spirits if that was a sign. A warm breeze rose and i felt a layer of comfort being pulled over me. I begin to pray to my gods, and as I walk back into the school I get a call from my mother. I answer and she’s ecstatic, I ask her why and she answers “Guess who texted!” and I began listing the names of people who haven’t messaged me in a while. Totally ignoring the fact it may have been the man I love, from June. I ask her finally after reaching the end of my list, and she mutters his name. I felt the tug at my mind again, and i saw his face come into my unconscious once more. I couldn’t believe I dreamt this… It felt so surreal, I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not…. But I’m soo happy the gods have granted me the gift of his love…. I could not be more thankful…

    • Felicia simmons buchanan says:

      I dreamed back in the 70′s exactly how often town looks to day then my parents had divorced I dreamed one night my dad was trying to find my mother entry me I told my mother then one day while riding with my mom and dad in a car my dream hit me the day before Whitney Houston Frisco dreamed she was on the frot page news paper’s crying this was a Friday morning Sunday we found out she died wow my fiance and a friend did not know what to say we were in shock!!!!! When I when I come into a building I can since if a spiritual good or evil what do I do now??

    • wendecookiecrumbles says:

      Last year that happenned to me too..but mine was idk i think it was a dream or i was half awake or something idk , coz its the first time something dark came up to me. And so while asleep pr half asleep i heard THREE knocks 3 loud knocks. It woke me up i looked at the door but i was weirded out coz i have two doors, one outside is a metal gate and finally the second one the wood one. From the knocks that i heard it was a knock on my wooden door and not from the outside metal door so i got confused. Coz i didnt see anybody inside my room in the first place and it would be impossible coz before someone can break in i will be woken up unless someone would drug me to sleep lol! Anyway! So yea the knock came from the inside n didnt see anyone.. It terrified me, but i decided to snap back to sleep coz well its the middle of the night. Then i was woken up again but this time with a sharp pain on my chest n like theres something heavy on top of me and what scared me so much was the distinct smell. Its like idk its foul smell like a somethin sulfuric and its like idk i feel like theres something hovering on top of me and i am smelling it. But well i dont see anything coz its dark in my room but even if the light would be on i know that no one is sitting on top of me. This happened for few consecutive weeks in a row… At one time even during day time the smell will over power a certain spot and move to another. Then for like 3 nights i keep waking up hearing 3 loud knocks… From what ive read and know they said to not open the door Coz its like youre inviting whatever it is to come in. Its like youre welcoming it more. Those weeks were terrifying… So ive read about ut and researched and all that and from what ive read.. A dark entity visited me.. And the awful stinking distinct smell was a smell of a dark entity…. . After finding out all of it. I prayed and prayed and prayed so bad for it to be gone… At that time i was loosing faith with God and even asking if he was real n even told myself that he isnt real and i dont care about him anymore. Then that incident happened…

      I told myself that i am ok With dreaming dreams that really do come true in my reality. Feel things thats gonna happen even see ghost at times way back and even dream of the ones who will die or died. I even at times can feel on my own body what is going on with certain things or sometimes feel someone is feeling even when theyre outside the country.. It freaks me out… But i cant control it it just happens. I only had control over what i am gonna dream once. When i repeatedly told myself that i want to dream what school will i transfer to and who is the first person that will approach me in class. Then for 3 nights i dreamt of it. The school n every feet of cement i walked through that day n i dreamnt of the first person in class who greeted me on my first day of sophomore yr. But for me to be visited by dark entity is something i cannot and dont wanna experience… Ive never felt so shit scared in my life. And after that i never dared to turn my back or even try to turn my back with God. Coz evil really exist. And i dont wanna be experiencing it first hand inside my body

  60. Cody says:

    I had this dream the other night that I married this girl do think there is a possibility of this to come true like couple years down the line and normally when I dream about things they are recent things that just happened but this was out of the random and I haven’t to her or thought about her so I was just wondering if anyone knows if this might come true later in life

  61. Beatrice says:

    A few of my dreams have come true, but they’re all just really mundane events:

    1. I had a short dream where I was standing in a garden while looking at a window or a mirror that was in front of me. That time I wasn’t sure what it was since I was able to see myself wearing a pink dress. The window/mirror was surrounded with leaves and flowers. The dream came true several months after. After having lunch in this house I went to for the first time, I decided to check out the rest of the place. I came across a cute little guest house and took a photo of one of its windows that was surrounded with leaves and flowers. Right after taking the photo, I looked at the window and that’s when I knew I had dreamt of that moment. I was wearing a pink dress then.

    2. In another dream, I had dreamt that I was in a restaurant with a few friends. One of my girl friends ordered a spaghetti and asked me if I wanted some. Like the other dream, this dream came true after several months. When my friend started eating her spaghetti, that’s when I had a feeling the moment felt familiar, that it was more than deja vu. A few seconds later I thought, “Ohhhh snap, she’s gonna ask me, ‘Want some?’” and literally right after I thought that, she asked me, “Want some?” I couldn’t even answer her right away since I was pretty freaked out by what just happened. I just looked at her with my eyes wide open and my mouth slightly open hahah

  62. Maci says:

    I had a dream my sister got pregnant and then lost her baby not even pregnant when I had the dream 6 months later she did end up having a miscarriage in the first trimester. . I had a dream she got in a car accident and the same dream was reoccurring. I had the dream 3 times. About the same time later she got in a wreck and totaled her car. A few years ago I had a dream my brother got in a terrible wreck and he ended up a few weeks later to completely crush his car in a lake. Luckily he made it. I had a few random dreams like where I was at some park and watching a band play and I look to my left and a guy is smoking weed and A month later (yesterday) It happened and I just laughed. I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in class and two people one I knew & one I didn’t were down sitting playing with some type of sticks and trying to stand them up and me just watching them. When I had this dream I was really like why am I dreaming about people i don’t even know.. And just now the same thing happened. A classmate I know and a new girl at school doing just that. Those are just a few of my dreams I’ve had. There’s so much more. But I’m so confused as to why this is happening ?

  63. kate gessner says:

    i often wondered if there were others out there who were having dreams that came true. i knew in my heart there had to be. the world does not want to believe that someone can dream of the future so they call us crazy. they try to make us feel like we have to hide our gift. DO NOT hide your gift. share it with the world. it is not easy. i have been trying to tell the world all of my life. i email hundreds of people every year. i started watching my dreams and really paying attention to them when i was 6. i started noticing my dreams happened 2 weeks after i dreamed them. unfortunately dreams like ours are usually not good dreams. every gift has a price. the last 100 people i have sent emails to received the same letter from me. i find it easier to prewrite what i want to tell people. i would like to share with you what i have been through trying to tell the world of my dreams. please remember you are not alone. you can contact me any time if you feel you want to talk about your gift and i am always hoping to hear from others like myself. thanks, kate
    my name is kate gessner and 52 years ago i started noticing my dreams were happening 2 weeks after i dreamed them. i was 6. ever since then i have been paying attention to them. almost 30 years ago a voice started coming to me in my dreams. he told me i was to pass on the messages he gave me to the world. he also said the messages came from God. the beginning of each message was always the same. God says He wants peace and then i would be put into a dream that would happen 2 weeks later. i started calling foreign countries and giving them Gods messages. the first was iran. i told them God says He wants peace and they had 2 weeks to release the prisoners or they would lose their spiritual leader, God would take him. 2 weeks later khomeini died. i told president bush Gods message and told him to go to the middle east and find peace. as proof the message was from God in 2 weeks he would see a ship list to one side. 2 weeks later the ship listed off the coast of n.c. it was towed into wilmington. the secret service came to my house asking how i knew the ship was going to list. i told them it was all in the letter i sent them. after that president bush went to war in iraq. i have called iraq, and israel giving them both messages. israel received 6. i have told every divinity school in the world. i sent emails to every archdiocese in the world along with many temples, mosques and the vatican. abc news came to my home and taped a dream i had so they would have proof. the dream was in their news broadcast 2 weeks later. of the thousands of people i have told i have received about 12 replies. this job i was given is the toughest job i have ever had. i have begged the world to listen but it is as if i am speaking in an unknown language and no one can understand what i am saying. i know just how cassandra felt. the world will not listen because they will not stop hating. i have begged the world governments, our religious leaders, hundreds of scholars and all the media to help me get my message out to the world. they do not know what i am saying. now i am begging you to help me finish my job. all i need is this to be passed on. take a stick and break it easy enough but the more sticks you try to break together the less they give. the power of many. here on earth money is power and knowing my dreams, i know the dreams i had of the “last days” will come true if we do not change. i worked for ford motor company as a maintenance electrician. i was the first woman electrician in norfolk va. when i first went to work there everyone told me i was wasting my time starting there because they were going to shut the plant down. i told them from my first day there the plant would not shut down until i left. i worked there 19 years and had a dream, i was told to leave ford. the plant shut down after i left. i had many dreams i shared with many of my co workers while i was there. they witnessed them first hand. i have hundreds of witnesses who have seen my dreams happen 2 weeks later. we can change the world. war is not the only way to make money. enlightenment in our hearts can change everything. please go to my web page and read my book hearts of stone. it is free. i have about 100 dreams in it. God is giving us proof of His existence. all i am asking is to tell the world. so please pass it on. that is the job i was given. if you are not interested in dreams please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. if you need proof of what i am saying i have plenty. i appreciate any help you can give me.
    peace and blessings,
    kate gessner
    hearts of stone, free online

    • anne says:

      me and my daughter are having the same dreams and these dreams are coming real. when i were young i could tell my mum thing what have happened before i were born as well. this were all done by my dreams. i never told anyone this and turn a blind eyes to them until my dreams and my daughter dreams starter to be the same as well as starting to come real. i cannot understand why this happening could you help me

  64. Samantha says:

    I have had dreams of events that happened after Ive dreampt them. I only dream when something major is going to take place. My dreams are always vivid, they are the only ones I remember the next day. I have been dreaming this way since I was ten years old. The dreams always occur three days to a week before the event happens. Yet in the past tweleve years its exactly three days after my dream. Can anyone tell me what this means?

    • bethany says:

      I’m not sure what it means, but I do the exact same thing. And sometimes in the night that I have the dreams, I have the same dream over and over but it is different in the way that I might handle it or other people reactions. But otherwise I don’t dream. Its strange and would also like to know what this is or what you call it.

  65. Angela beati says:

    In my psychic dreams I am often given information.whatever it is that I am told comes to light within 24 hours. The most recent one involved th duchess of my dream I was told she would have a girl it would weigh 8 pounds and be named Eliza as I write this the name has yet to be disclosed but the other bits of information were spot on !

  66. Kris says:

    My parents got divorced when I was a kid, and at my dad’s house I had a cat. I was particularly close to this cat (it wasn’t too long after we moved out of his house, so it was kind of like she was my only friend).

    Everything was beginning to go great for me at my mom’s. I ended up having this very strange dream one night. It was about a funeral, and it was very detailed, especially since I had never attended a funeral before. I was walking behind some people who’s faces I couldn’t see. They were carrying a small coffin with them. We just walked for a long time, uphill, until we got to the top. I woke up there.

    It gets a little stranger. I woke up with a 103 degree temperature. It came out of nowhere. I stayed home from school and we got a call from my dad. My cat had passed away that morning.

    I haven’t had anymore so detailed or immediate since, but I still dream about small things that end up happening. Usually long chains of events that happen in succession. A few years ago my mom’s aunt, who I didn’t even know, died. I had a dream a few days earlier about this woman and woke up feeling uneasy about it. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the dream, but when I saw a picture of her, I knew it was her. I also had a dream about the house I currently live in during our house hunting before we even knew about it. Room by room, the house is exactly like it was in my dream. As the only house I had a dream about, I find it sort of cool that it was the one my mom decided to buy.

  67. erika says:

    Ive had several dreams where certain people die. In these dreams i dont remember much of the dream just that i see the person laying there in the casket. Then it happends, the person dies for real. its happened about 5 times. first my mom, then my husbands grandmother, my grandfather, my little cousin, my husbands friend. They have all passed away after i dream them. i could dream them about a month before then it really happends. after my mom passed away i would be awake and i could feel something kinda go in thru my feet and go thru all my body. it would be painful , kinda like a shock feeling. It hurts and i try to turn around and yell for my husband but i cant. i cant talk or move its like there holding me down. then the same thing happend when my little cousin died. i felt like he was going thru my body and i was terrified! it always starts at my feet and moves up. sometimes i can hear them talking to me but im so scared that i dont understand what there saying. it scared the hell out of me. i also can be doing something and i can see stuff in the corner of my eye like someone move fast. i hate the feeling of being scared but then i just say “ok guys stop messing with me”! and it stops.. i just want to make sure im not crazy

  68. Scounterman says:

    I am very intuitive and i have heard that maybe having a lot of intuition can lead to being able to see the future as a sixth sense

  69. confuseddreamer says:

    It was 1st April 2015.. i work all night and go to bed very late.. that day i slept around 1am.. and i had this dream by 3.5 am and i got up trying to breathe very hardly. The dream happened in my granny’s place and that somebody died which i presumed as my baby brother… i really felt very bad and immediately i sent him a text asking if he was ok and i shared this dream with my friends telling them how bad i feel and that i was really scared.. the next day we get the news that my uncle died in my granny’s place and that he died around the same time i had the dream… 3 am… my uncle’s death has been a very big loss in our family and the experience was a real nightmare… i don’t sleep alone in that room anymore…

  70. Scounterman says:

    I am 16 and i started having dreams that every part of them come true, starting approximately two years ago, (2013). I had a suicide attempt 2 years ago and started while i was in Kidspeace. I had dreamt of stuff that would happen while i was here and it came true. Not just parts, but every part down to the last flower petal. (It was about doing landscaping) but almost every other night i would have these dreams and they would happen in real life consecutively. I’ve had religious dreams that have come true too. Me grandma gets visions during the day and my dad gets visions in his dreams too. I have dreams about Revelations and it is really accurate and freaky.

  71. Brooke says:

    This has been happening to me for my whole life. Recently it’s become more noticeable though. When I wake up I’ll remember the dream for the day but it won’t come true for like a week. When I was in the DR I saw it. I had never met the guy before but I had seen him in my dream the week before telling me and my friends the something was closed, and thats what he did.

  72. Kyle says:

    Hello, I’m 22 and I have been having these dreams for awhile since I was probably about, 12ish years old. I’ve had many dreams where I can recall most of the dream but it won’t happen for a very long time it could be months to years later. This is the fest time explaining to anyone so give me some slack. For instance I’m 22 I graduated in 2010, it was my senior year and I had a dream I was looking at myself in a casket in a funeral home in specific clothes, black dress pants black dress button up shirt and a diamond checker black and red sweater vest, though I didn’t own any of those clothes I thought it was a random dream, a few months later i barrow the same exact clothes I saw myself in. But the only difference was I had on a silky shiney white tie. So already thinking to myself that i saw myself dead in these same exact clothes. I still took them, just before the prom/dance I was in need of a tie. A different friend told me he’ll let me use a tie, the next day he brang in the same tie I saw myself in, rejected the tie out of some sort of weird fear and then decided to work and not go. I’ve had another occasion where I was sitting in my room in a very specific way play a video game I quite didn’t know but I saw a tower looking object on a tv I didn’t have. That year for Xmas I got that tv and video game and many months later I found my dream happen and I vividly remember looking at the video game tower on the same tv just like in my dream. There are many others I’ve had simple little ones of just hanging out with friends at specific locations. But what made me post here was the most current dream I had. I had a dream I actually lost my right leg. I rememer sitting in my bed crying looking and a black plastic and metal fake looking leg just thinking I can’t live like this. I did not dream the events that caused it just I’m guessing aftermath of some event. I’ve had far to many if these dreams come true to just ignore this dream. I wish I could explai it better but I really can’t and it seems that all the dreams I have are towards my well being or event that happens in my life. I’ve never had these dreams about other people or atleast that I recall or that I can remeber, they all seem to deal with me and whoever could be around me in my dream.

  73. yes yes yes! im reakng out! so many things are happening I just feel like im going crazy im scared to sleep because I feel like if I dream something bad it might come true. please what do I do. a few moths ago I dreamed that I was in a waterfall and I felt my death on its ways. Iin my dreamed I would cry to my mom and my family that I was gana die. they all just walked away. but the only person that was there in my dream whs my aint. the only one who held my hand and took care of me. ! the next day we went to the waterfalls and the same thing exacly happened I promise I was freaking out I literly cryed and I felt like I was going crazy I told my mom and like in my dream she egnored me.but my aunt graved my hand and took me to the car. ! :( idk ive been having a lot lately. ! what do I do ?

  74. Mark Christopher Olegario says:

    i had an experience, in my dream i was punched by somebody that i haven’t seen before in my life, i felt that punch and when i woke up, i spitted blood and my face really felt sore.. how could that happen?
    is there a possible medical explaination?

  75. kim says:

    I had a dream about bees being everywhere and the next day i found out that a truck full of beehives had tipped over and bees were all over the freeway. It happened at 3am while i was sleeping. The circumstance that the bees came to be all over was different in my dream but still a weird coincidence. I dont often dream of bees lol.

  76. Viv says:

    I have always listened to the signs in my dream and immediately search up symbols as soon I wake up. It is pretty crazy how the symbols in my dreams predict what is to come in reality. I have always taken dreams as important signs but just recently had a very odd experience. This may be a graphic dream to some or sexually explicit. I had a dream I had sexual intercourse with a white male and I had to take Plan B (emergency contraceptive). The next day a guy I have been talking to for months came over and we had sex for the first time. After he left my house he texted me to take Plan B because he was scared of me getting pregnant. In my dream I woke up before i took the pill and in reality I took the pill. It was so strange to me how my dream could possibly have foreshadowed what was going to happen that day!

  77. Kerri says:

    I know there are a lot of comments here but i wanted to just say i’m so glad i’m not the only one. For years people have told me i’m crazy. I saw, in my dreams, all three of my babies years before they were born. I’ve even dreampt about a house that i would be in with two of my babies and when we were searching for houses the one that was in my dream was the one that we ended up buying. I didn’t realize it until a year later when a specific situation came up. Now i have a 12 year old daughter saying she is having these same incidences and i would love to help her cause i wasn’t given any help. Thank you for this web page it’s going to help both of us tremendously. and maybe even my skeptical boyfriend

  78. Prudencio says:

    After reading the first couple of paragraphs I think i had a pyschic dream. I remember dreaming of playing pool with some friends in a dream about 4 years ago. In the dream i remember exactly who was there and the feeling of i should do something. When all of a sudden everyone yells. Now in reality i remember feeling as if everything was falling in place the people that were going and what we were going to do. A way different feeling from deja vu. When we were playing pool it was almost like a movie rewinding in my head the feeling that i remember in my dream. Then one of my friends boom made about 5-6 balls that made a score in his favor. That experience kinda freaked me out i didn’t tell anyone. Then i had a dream a co worker was killed in a dream. I did tell someone about it, I didnt see it happen and was told by another. A couple days later that same co worker i dreamed about was robbed at gun point and nobody was hurt. This next dream really scared me i was working then i remember cleaning the floors and someone walks up behind me i hear a shotgun pump then boom i wake up. I told everyone at the work place on what had happen.

  79. flavio says:

    I’ve had plenty of psychic dreams. The two most important dreams occurred once in my childhood, and once last summer. What these dreams entailed was basically an entire collection of what my future timeline is going to be. They FELT and LOOKED as if I was watching the entirety of my life on a movie screen, watching myself and every single frame of my life from a 3rd perspective. They also went really fast, like a flash. Basically, think of my life since being born, till the day I die, and I saw that, in super fast forward.

    Another really cool dream was one I had a week before a party I attended.
    Basically, the day of the party, I had an overwhelming lingering of deja vu. I then realised, everything at the party, down to the clothes people wore, down to the way stuff was arranged, down to the words said and stuff done, it was EXACTLY THE SAME THING IN MY DREAM that week before.
    Amazing stuff.

  80. Anoymous says:

    Scince I was young I’ve having dreams then suddenly in the future they come true. I’ve told my parents but they think I am insane or something

    Once I was looking up a radio code for heart (the radio). And a few days after that I hada dream the number 106.2 in my dream in black on a white background I totally ignore this and the next day I remembered the number106.2 and it was the right radio code

    Freaky but true

  81. Yunme says:

    i have been experiencing dreams that have been happening in real life. This all started when I was Still young. When I dream of something after I woke up I won’t remember any of it. But When it happen in real life it all comes back to me in an instant. This one dream is when I was in college doing a group activity with my closest friends and that moment that exact timing my dream in the past came back to me. That same people I am with, the same group answer sheet that we were doing,The same answer that I wrote on the paper. It is exact to the dream that I had. of course I dint let them notice that I had that strange experience. 2nd dream that happend is when I’m playing this computer game (DOTA). There was I playing casually like I normaly do when suddenly something struck my mind I kind of like predicted my opponents next move. And poof!! I was right about on what playstyle he is about to do. After that experience I just stopped and just sat in my chair starring at the monitor wondering what the f@&k just happend. These are some of the recent dream I experience. The old dreams that happend in real life is buried in my memory and I cannot remember them now. I want answers to what it is and why us people we are able to have this ability.

    • bhanu says:

      hi i am 21 yrs old i have the same situation like you i too see dreams and i frgt them then all of a sudden doing some thing i feel that this same situation i hv seen in my dream but i cant do anything if u gets the answer y this happens plz do tell me too thnkx

    • Mae says:

      Its called Dejavu dear. Its a gift from God. Its pretty normal for people like you that God chose to have that kind of gift. However, don’t abuse it in any way. If you want to keep it track, go and write it in your journal. If you want it to disappear just ignore it. It will disappear right away after several days.

    • Bexx says:

      I have had similar occurrences. I will have a dream of a very specific event, like one time it was a homework assignment. Then in the near future I had that assignment with the same question and I messed it up exactly the same way in my dream. I have had occasions of this and they are of very specific things my brain just can’t make up. But they never seem to be about anything important so I don’t get why I have these. My mom says she has this happened and it happened to her mom. I don’t get why this happens.

  82. Eva says:

    I had many dreams that came true. But sometimes now just dreams, my actual word of power.
    I once talked about a yellow buss I got on and how much I hated that buss, and it was the ONLY yellow buss in a HUGE student town and after a few minutes I found out I had to take that buss home. It was quite weird.

    But the most weirdest part is this.

    Even though I knew some of my dreams came true, after a while I stopped having dreams, until a few days ago.

    My family aren’t religious, but we have a necklace with a cross that Jesus was pinned on, and that necklace was blessed by the Vatican pope and was in our family ever since.
    We travel a lot with planes and boats so we always take it with us for luck and success in our journeys.
    We took a very long trip with it and after that trip we kind of, lost it.
    My mother searched for it everywhere, every possible place and we couldn’t find it. I tried to help search for it but I never found it.
    That night, that SAME night, I had a dream that I was travelling with a train, and when I traveled back I noticed that something was missing, it was the necklace so I went back the last time I saw it. There were plenty of those necklaces there and I couldn’t tell which one was ours. All kinds of different shapes and colors and I searched and searched. Then I saw a woman, who wasn’t my mother at all, she had a bag with her that looked exactly like my old moms. I tried to reach for it but that is when I woke up.
    I ran to my mother and asked her about the necklace, she told me she found it. I asked her if it was in a bag, she said yes, but not the bag I saw in my dream. But in the new bag she got AFTER ditching that old bag. I talked with my mom and she said she had a dream where the necklace appeared and that she was searching and thinking about the necklace in the dream, that’s where she went through the house yet for the forth time and found it in her bag (which she didn’t use for a while) even though she searched that bag a few times.

    I wrote a blog entry about all of what I remember, I’m going to copy paste it all of my dream and word/thoughts that came true.

    >>Last year. 2013 Summer. I went to Stockholm with my class. I had a luggage on wheels and for some reason it didn’t feel so right, it like something was stuck in it’s wheel, I only kicked it and all was fine again. After a few minutes I had a thought ”What if, a wheel will get lose?” after 3 minutes, it happened.

    Autumn. 2013. I had a dream that I was been chased by a huge black spider, and I was trying to kill it with a stick, yellow-oranged colored was quite thick. When I woke up, headed off to the buss, in the buss I felt a very weird feeling on my hand. I took a look and it was, the same spider I had in my dream except it was a mini spider, and I killed it with my finger. In the dream the huge spider was the mini spider on my hand in reality. The thick stick in my dream that was yellow-oranged color, was my finger.

    Spring 2013. I had a dream about my old teacher who taught me Swedish. I don’t remember that dream perfectly because it was a very long dream. But all I remember is that he was in my dream.
    After a year, of not contacting him, MOVING which means he had no idea where I lived, after 1-2 days of the dream he showed up near my door step. I was shocked.

    November 1 to 2. I was sleeping over at my friends place. We went to a grocery shop to buy some food. On the way my friend laughed and said that there were houses with different lights on. In one house there was a blue Sakura lamp. (Cherry tree lamp) I started to think about the pink Sakura lamp I have at home. 2-3 days after, without even mentioning it to my mom, she took it out and placed it in the cleaning room.

    Almost everyday. When me and my classmate decide to play cards (we play cards EVERYDAY) she asks me what I want to play. I say ”It doesn’t really matter, you choose) and then in my head I start to think about 1 game. And IF it is the first time I am thinking of that game, she tells the game I was thinking off.

    November 15! 2013! 4 things happened at once. WITNESS? My friend Viky. She wasn’t in all of them. But my dad was one of them too.

    1: I mentioned to her a yellow buss and asked her if she has ever seen it. She said no. I told her that there was one time when I said that I hate that buss when I was hanging out with 2 of my friends. After 3 hours I had to take that buss home and then I have explained to her that people should never insult a yellow buss. After 10 minutes, she had to go to her own buss station to take her buss home as I was waiting for my own. I HAVE explained to her before of these situations that are happening. After those 10 minutes she noticed the buss. Then I did. I was like ”really now? really…?” I climbed in the buss. I wrote her a message and telling her that it was proof of my sixth sense. (For all to know, this has been only the SECOND time I have taken the yellow buss home. I usually take the train, and that buss is not so often seen.) She answered to me that she saw the buss and started laughing like hell.

    2: I told the same person, Viky, that there was a woman in the buss that always nagged about my music. I haven’t seen her in 2 weeks now or so. Yesterday when I was going home with the same buss. She climbed into the buss after 10 minutes of ride.

    3: I mentioned the word ”hyperventilate” to her. When I got home, I read a random article with that word in it.

    4: I mentioned to my friend about my trip to spain, and I added the details of my ”face photos” where I made faces in a lot of places (same funny face). When I came home, dad all of a sudden said he’ll post that video on FB because he made a video. I didn’t even mention spain! I didn’t even mention any pictures, anything at all! WITNESS IS MY DAD I TOLD HIM THIS.

    I always wanted a cactus. Didn’t mention it to my mom. Got one…<<<

    Sometimes I keep track of my dreams and when they come true.
    One of my friends told me to keep a dream journal, which I probably should start doing, I just don't want to get the ability to control my dreams. They help me a lot sometimes.

  83. tigmanshu says:

    I often see a beautiful white
    fairy in my dreams. Who wants to talk to me and gives her mobile number to me when I call her she ask me bout how you doing today I always say that all is good but somehow she receives a another call nd says she will talk to me later. I really don’t know what does it means. Nd from the last 15 days I’ve seen this dream 10 times. If anyone can guide me please fell free to share it thoughts. She looks too happy while talking to me….

    • Tasha says:

      do you love or fancy someone who’s unavailable? this could explain why they are a fairy because fairies symbolise goodness and help, but you talk to her for a bit and not much is said, then she says she’ll get back to you but never does. this could mean the person who you like is either talking to their significant other or too busy to talk to you.

    • confuseddreamer says:

      and what happened after that.. even i have dreams that are reoccurring and i’m totally confused..

  84. Kewana says:

    The other night I had this dream of guy I know well but really don’t see for months, even years. But the dream was so weird because In it I was standing at the front of my house just looking up the street, and I could only picture him? Not sure why? But it was just that one dream of me outside of my house and seeing this guy no one else. So I woke up thinking nothing of it and over the next few days, I’m sitting with my sister and she tells me out of the blue that HE is back in town and that he is staying for the rest of the holidays? I sat in silence and straight away thought of the dream! it stunned me! I didn’t tell anyone that I dreamt of him since that’s kind of weird, but can someone please reply or help me out ?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Every time I dream that I’m pregnant, someone close to me always falls pregnant.

    1 time when I was younger, my phone got stolen by my sister but she denied and no matter how hard I looked through her things I couldn’t find it til 1 night I had a dream that she came to me and woke me up but in my dream I wasn’t in my room…I was in a bright white room and the only thing that was there from my room was my cupboard; my sister looked at me and told me to follow her so I did and she led me to her cupboard, after that she pulled out her jean jacket and opened up the pocket and guess what? My phone was in there as soon as I saw that, I woke up and ran straight to the cupboard and the funniest bit was that when I opened the pocket, my phone was in there.

  86. Allie Chartrand says:

    I have dreams that will come true all the time. The dreams i see happen are usually small, like me being in a place with a specific person or of me saying something to someone. But usually when it happens i’ll know because I feel like it has happened before. Sometimes i stop for a moment just because I understand whats happening. But I fear sometimes because the dreams I have are very frightning, in fact their indescribable. Im only 14 and I always wake up crying every night with dreams like this. Sometimes these scary dreams do happen. But I never know when they will occur.

  87. Ericha says:

    Years ago, when I was probably 8 years old, I had a dream that My mom, my older sister, and I were all going to Sunsplash ( a water park). My sister and I were floating in the river with all the inner tubes. Suddenly this Indian boy floated up next to us and was talking with my sister a lot. He stuck around and we were all floating together. They were saying how we should all go on the master blaster together and so we did. When we got to the top and were about to get on the ride they both got on the same inner tube and I had to ride by myself. After that I was really upset with my sister. I woke up and my mom told me that we were going to Sunsplash. I couldn’t believe it because I just had a dream about us going to Sunsplash! We got to the water park and at one point, I think when we first sat by the tables, we were at the exact spot where my dream began. After that point, every single thing and every detail was identical to my dream, even everything my sister and mom were saying. So I told them I was having Deja Vu and that this was my dream. However I don’t think they believed me because of my young age. Anyways, so my sister wanted me to come with her to the inner tube river and I told her no because I knew I was eventually going to be left out. So instead I was just hanging out with my mom by the wave pool. After a while my mom asked me where my sister could be and I told her she’s at the master blaster with an Indian boy. A little later, my sister came back with the exact Indian boy I saw in my dreams! We asked them where they were and they said the master blaster. My mom was so surprised and I couldn’t believe what had happened. And to this day I have never forgotten that! I have had a few other dreams that have come true but never as elaborate as that.

  88. wildchild says:


    My first experience happened when I was in grade school. I had three dreams of someone on a motorcycle with a dark glass helmet trying to run me over; each time I’d hear the bike and start walking faster just before he come around the side of my old elementary school and attempt to run me over before I got to the store to get my aunt’s cigarettes. I would wake up just before he ran me over. Later that summer, I was walking back from the store with a couple of friends when I heard the sound of a motorcycle; I stopped in my track and told my friend to tell her brother to not cross the street, he did and nearly got hit by the bike. We shouted at him to watch it and he turned around and came back towards us. We threw several rocks cracking his helmet and forcing him to leave. The dreams stopped.

  89. Flo Saforo says:


    My first experience happened when I was in grade school. I had three dreams of someone on a motorcycle with a dark glass helmet trying to run me over; each time I’d hear the bike and start walking faster just before he come around the side of my old elementary school and attempt to run me over before I got to the store to get my aunt’s cigarettes. I would wake up just before he ran me over. Later that summer, I was walking back from the store with a couple of friends when I heard the sound of a motorcycle; I stopped in my track and told my friend to tell her brother to not cross the street, he did and nearly got hit by the bike. We shouted at him to watch it and he turned around and came back towards us. We threw several rocks cracking his helmet and forcing him to leave. The dreams stopped.

    Now out of high school, my aunt applied for me to get a job in Washington, DC for the FBI. I have never been there, but, after getting accepted; I once again started have dreams in sets of three of a room in a house with a vase on top of fireplace, After moving to DC, I got a room in a boarding house with that exact vase on top of the fireplace. I asked the landlord about the vase and she said it was from her dead husband who was in the war. I stopped having dreams in three’s and now get every once and awhile feelings of someone’s essence. I have experienced some very odd encounters with people without even talking to then a sense of evil, especially when I shake their hands which is so hot, it feels like it can burn my hand. I was once saved from dying with a hand pushing me out of the way seconds before a car passed by. I can never explain this and don’t seek to know why, it is what it is. I know I am never alone, God keeps me company.

  90. Nick says:

    I have dreams all the time where they come true either the next day or a couple days or next week so one im 14 and it happens alot to me sometimes i have dreams that are just dreams imagination other times i have dreams where they end up coming true and when they do come true i immediately know it and say to myself this was in my dreams and it started a couple years ago i believe and im scared that if i dream of something bad happening to me and me seeing it happen idk if i can prevent it change it or it will just keep happening

  91. Saif says:

    I had a dream few years ago. I saw a man dressed as a soldier opening a manhole in the center of my grandfather house (where most of my childhood was), then he went to the room looking for money and jewelries to steel, he was searching through the stuff like crazy, I could see him but I couldn’t stop him as if I was hovering in the air… so scary feeling.
    then he ran to the roof and escaped.
    I told my family about this dream (which was good thing to do!), they thought I must be missing that old house and having some flashbacks from my childhood. no one took it seriously including myself.
    2 weeks later we went to visit my aunt who was living in that same old house. and I was shocked completely. she started to cry while telling us the story that happened exactly before two weeks! a thief entered the house while they were sleeping, then she suddenly felt his movement, she went to the other room and saw him, he grabbed her from behind closing her mouth which scared her to death before he ran to the roof door climbing on a tree close to the house to escape. after they told the local police there, they recognized that guy! and guess what, he was an x military lived few blocks away!!
    science can never explain this!

  92. Mary says:

    I have had a couple of dreams that came true I have told a couple of people, but they look at me like I’m crazy! The dreams I have had is usually about people whom I know. A while back I was dating this guy and prior to dating him I had a dream that told me he was crazy! I found out he was crazy he would stalk my apartment put gps devices on my phone

    Another dream I had was very graphic it was a man that was having sexual intercourse with his daughter it felt so real it disturbed me for a while. I knew the person, but its not like you can do anything because people would like at you like your crazy if you reported it

    Another dream I had before my son and before I even knew the gender I had a dream of him looking just like his biological father and sure enough he did.

    The most recent dream I have had is my Mom dying she has health problems and suppose to get a transplant I really hope this dream doesn’t become a reality.

  93. Vicktoria says:

    The recent GermanWings tragedy has brought up some unresolved psychic dreams I had in 2009. I had dreamt that night about a plane which crashed into the Hudson river, but that some of the people survived. When I herd that this actually happened, I just figured it was a coincidence and obviously didn’t tell anyone. However, the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I had dreamt about the Hudson river out of all rivers in the world ?! I thought maybe because there had been a prior plane crash in New York where the people didn’t survive. And of course I had also dreamt of this as well. I thought maybe I was having a series of reacquiring dreams. The thing is that I have always had a fear of heights even though I do travel yearly. I also don’t live in the New York area or have friends there.. So, was this a coincidence and if it wasn’t why and how did I tap into them?

  94. snake/scorpio says:

    ive been having weird dreams since i was young and the dreams happen years after and now my dreams happen days or week. before it was not something not bad like this guy i met last year ive been dreaming about him for years i met him but didnt end up well. i dont know i thought he was my soulmate and i dream of events that happens as well. and lately ive been dreaming of people getting sick or dying or going to hospital i cant really pinpoint who because the faces was blurred but it happens and i dont want it. i wake up with severe headache sometimes fever. sometimes i say things without me knowing i say it or i forget i say it but like my sister recently told my that i told her months before that her partner is sick and will be hospitalized and now she is sick real bad. i also dream of people dying sometimes and they do. it freaks me out. i want it to stop. sometimes when i dream of people dying i wonder who among the people i know and i dont like it. there was once i dream soo bad we had a huge flooding in my country and a lot of people was screaming drowning and people dying days after we had a big storm non stop and flooding happens and a lot of people die. is there a way to make the dream stop. please let me know i dont want it and it freaks me out i feel like i have mental problem but i dont. if i have a choice can i just dream of winning a lotto and having lots of money instead seeing dying people in dream and happening in real life is soo disturbing so .. give me advice on how to stop the dreams cheers!

  95. Alyssa l says:

    Hi I’m Alyssa and I have been having deja vu ALOT lately. I was writing and I decided to write about a suicide. I don’t know why it just popped in my head. Well I wrote in the last sentence and he went to the window… and ended it. The next day on the radio they explained how a teenager really close to where I live jumped out of a window. He fell fifteen story’s and survived. Also I was out on the football field with my class and I started thinking about one of my teachers randomly. A couple of seconds later I seen him coming out to substitute our class. Another thing is really really good luck or just knowing what is going to happen. Last thing is my dreams come in parts it never focuses on one thing for to long. This morning I was dreaming about picking up trash in the field in my backyard and it started raining. I woke up and it was raining and trash was all over the field from the storm. There’s other things to like when I’m talking to someone I feel like I have been there before. My grandma had dreams too, she dreamed of the nine eleven the night before it happened and saved my mom from a very bad car accident. Is this some sort of coincidence?

  96. Mark Jen says:

    Incident came true on Air Crash:
    I always have experiences on dream came true or so called “Déjà vu”. However, my below 3 dreams are seriously involved disaster. It is not just only a “Déjà vu”, and it is much more related “Psychic”.

    1) One week before Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea on 28 December 2014, I had dream about sitting in an aircraft.

    2) One week before Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of Nice, in the French Alps on 24 March 2015, I had dream about sitting in this aircraft. According to my wife, I was calling the name of Jesus very loud in my sleep. My wife said I was terribly scared while sleeping.

    3) On 30 March 2015, I have another dream that I was sitting in an aircraft which flying in the sky and then landed in the water(not sea). After landed on the water(not sea), I walked out from the plane, and I saw that I was being surrounded by a few planes and vehicles. I could see clearly that the plane landed on the water, not sea. Later the same day, I found out from news that Air Canada flight 624 has crashed on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada. The A320 Airbus was carrying 133 passengers and five crew. A total of 23 were taken to hospital for observation and treatment for minor injuries.Flight AC624 from Toronto arrived shortly after midnight (04:00 GMT) and reportedly hit a power pylon after landing. There were stormy conditions at the time, with “SNOW” on the ground.

    I want to know how and where can I develop such skills in “Psychic” which can help prevent disaster happen again.

    Mark Jen

  97. kyrin christie says:

    I had a dream on saturday that my boss was going to fire me on monday, monday has come and strangley my boss arived to tell me he had to let me go….. i have also had dreams in the past about my boyfriends cheating… each time a few days/weeks after, i had been cheated on!! so strange

  98. lauren says:

    I’m 16 and this has happened to me on several occasions, the most recent one was last year. I dreamt that I was in a hospital, and for some reason I kept on thinking that I had to go to the stroke ward and into the third room on the left. So I went into the room and saw my aunt lying on the bed next to a clock that said it was midnight. My aunt had actually been admitted into a hospital after suffering a fourth stroke a week before so I started to get a bit freaked out. Then the heart monitor started going off and doctors ran into the room and said she was dead. The clock on the nightstand changed to 5 past 12 and I heard a phone go off. I woke up, convinced myself it was a nightmare and looked at the clock on my nightstand to see what time it was. It was midnight. I ran into my parents room and just burst into tears. My mum tried to calm me down but I wouldn’t stop crying for about 2 minutes. Then I told what my dream was about and she said it wasn’t real, only to get a phone call at 5 past 12 from the hospital telling her that my aunt had passed away. I haven’t slept properly since and my mum and dad are a bit wary of what I see and hear before going to bed as it has happened before with worse results. However, not all of my dreams are bad. Well, they are but a few of them have stopped me from being killed so they can be useful at times.

  99. Cade says:

    I was getting sleepy so i went to lay down on the couch before dinner. when i woke up they were eating dinner and i thought i took a 10 min nap. it turns out that i slept through that day and the next to when they were eating weird right i must have been sleepy anyway i asked what day it was and they told me i was very shocked. later through the years i had another dream where i was walking and went to a parking lot i found some tenis girls from my schoool after i left my chrismas party and one of them i knew the other just cant remeber anyhow we were at a parking lot from a movier i just saw that night and one of the tenis girls fell off the ledge just like the movie and then i grabbed her hand to save her but i slipped and fell off and so did she i saw her hit the ground and die and right before i did i woke up when i was 1ft to the ground screaming like crap when i woke up i remeber every detail about it and then i came to this website to tell the people what i dreamed sinceit said wirte in commets below.

    • Well I had a dream about the perfect girl for me it’s like I could make a book about it and I
      M hoping it comes true once I woke up I start searching And everything and I prayed to God telling him to please help me find her so hope I succeed

  100. syed says:

    Last night, I saw a plane crashed after taking off straight way to the land. It was big white plane. It was like very large green field surrounded by hills and trees. The weather was very melancholic, Something like late September in Finland. Then my wife was reading from her iphone that a plane crashed happened in France. I immediately told her I saw a plane crash in dream. It also happened to me if my family members are in danger. I once dreaming that my mother was crying, and immediate I got a phone call and heard my mother was in trouble and she was crying. Recently I see snakes, almost every night I told my wife about it. Lets see what I see next

    • Mark Jen says:

      I do dream of snakes sometimes. And, my experiences told me that dream of snake which will have something related to a lady who admire you or want to have sex with you. Cheers!

      • Mark Jen says:

        But, the problem is you have told your wife about you dream of snakes, and so your dream will not come true, to a lady who admire you or want to have sex with you. Too bad!

    • Vanessa says:

      My Grandmother tells me snakes in dreams means powers that have not been unraveled yet. In dreams, the snake could represent wisdom, spiritual awakening, and inner power. Maybe you have a gift.

  101. Anna says:

    On Saturday I had a dream that the plane crashed. Today fell. I had the same dream four years ago and it was the same thing. I had a dream that the plane banked to the left and crashed. The newspaper then I read that the plane banked before falling to the left. I thought it’s a coincidence, but after today I’m starting to have doubts

  102. Tammy says:

    To who ever reads this all I am look for is answers .

    I have dreams where people get hurt and people die I see the time, day and details that should not be there
    Like the Time my father went hunting and I baged him not to go in my dream it was getting dark and he was in a tree and he was shot at and the next day it came true
    I seen my gramps die and I told my mom but she did not blieve me
    And seen a truck roll and roll on high way and it was my ant I don’t dream until something bad is going to happen but that’s not all
    When I am awake some times I get a feeling that I should stay home or a person I am close to stay home and I know to listen to the warning but not all listen I feel things like when a wild animal is close. Just want to know how to control it or make it stronger

  103. Me says:

    Today my grandparents were in a car accident; a tree had fallen down on top of them and broke my grandmother wrist. My mum a couple of months earlier had had the exact same thing happen. But in a dream. She didn’t know who the driver was but she was in the back of a car and my grandmother was in the passenger seat and someone was driving, they were driving through a paddock and strait towards a tree. She remembers the dream vividly and even though we are on the central coast of new Australia and they were in South Australia nearly Adelaide she knows exactly what happened

  104. Kristin says:

    My daughter had a dream last night that she was on her school bus and planes started crashing around the bus. It scared her. This morning I took her to school which is rare, and we saw an accident that included a school bus and a mini van. I am very intuitive and I believe she has the same ability. When my uncle died in 1997 two days before he died I was riding home on the bus and felt the need to check on him. Two days later I ignored the feeling and when I arrived home from school my grandmother and I found him dead.
    I need help with something. My daughter and I live in a house with a male ghost. She and I have dreamt of the same man but he is a stranger to us. I asked her to describe him in detail and as she described him the hair on my neck stood up. She said the man said his name was Tim in her dream. Is our ghost coming to us in our dreams. He has never hurt us. I grew up in this house with him and refused to talk to her about it until she came to me with her encounters. He is not evil. He is not scary. He has never hurt us. He has touched my mom and daughter but is an endearing manner. Can a ghost come to love you if you didn’t know them in real life? I need answers so desperately. I want him to move on to heaven and want to help him move on even though I am comforted by him being here. 20+ years and I love this soul so much I want to help him move on in peace. Please email me if you can help.

  105. LaReyna says:

    I have had dreams for as long as I can remember of loved ones friends and family that die and within a few days, weeks or months these dreams come true and it happens. I have had multiple episodes of Deja vu that come true within the same time lines of days, weeks and months. I seem to always know who is calling or who will text right before they actually do or when the phone is ringing or giving text message reminder, these I seem to know without looking at phone first. My husband always asks “how did you know that?” I usually tell him “I don’t know I just do”. When I dreamed of one of my oldest and dearest friends of over 34 yrs dying and woke up and felt like I had been beaten and beyond physically exhausted. I told him about the dream and when she died and I had to wake him up to tell him. He reminded me that I had dreamed about it two weeks earlier. I can feel and often know when spirits are present good or bad and often get headaches a few hours or days after these episodes happen. Children are drawn to me and animals also even the ones that are deemed not so nice. My grandfather had many of these same gifts of dreams, visions, intuition and others. I know I have these gifts from him and possibly my Grandmother who is 100% native american. I believe she has many psychic gifts herself but she rejects these out of fear. As, a child I have seen at least 4-6 ghosts both good & bad and actually interacted with them telepathically. Now, as an adult my gifts are not as strong as they once were and I have not seen an apparition in many years but I can still feel them and feel the energy in a room or area and the energy within people when I meet them. I can generally pick up on any issues they may have especially when they are ill or somehow disconnected in their lives. I have an abundantly strong faith in my God and Guardian Angels but often with occurrences or heavy dreams as I call them. I have bouts of being exhausted and dealing with depression and being lethargic. I often dream of the past of places and people that I seem to know but have never been there physically. I have seen, touched and spoken to many loved ones that have passed on after they have died. I take these gifts as they come and would like to fine tune my gifts to the best of my ability but I am not sure how to do that. Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated. Blessings, Light & Love ~

  106. Warner says:

    Hi, my name is Warner from Philippines but currently leaving in Hawaii right now. And i just want to share and if posible maybe you can give me some answer or share your thought regarding about my dreams. Since when i was young, 6 years old i always dream of something that later on the months or years it came true.. Its not instant that if i dream today the next it will come true, no- diffinately not. It would take me like months. I have 3 dreams that certainly i cannot forget that come true.. 1st was when i college i dreamed about a white guy having a cup of coffee with a filipino guy in an unknow restaurant… I cannot forget that dream so several years past I worked as waiter in restaurant and then theres one time in noon im serving to costumer, a whiter guy having a cup of coffee to a filipino.. Same settings as i saw in my dream.. That makes me wonder..

    Second dream that came true was recently.. I dreamed of washing a dishes long before and infront of it theres a seeds growing in a container.. That makes me wonder why theres a seed growing infront where i wash the dishes.. I just then realize when it came true the reason why theres a container of it cos my brother in law put it there for me to plant..

    And last one was just an hour ago.. Thats why im researching and writing this.. Its something that most my dream is happening.. Hard for me to explain but something like what im doing right now or what is happening right now was done already. Its like in the future already.and im the present time..

    Anyway i hope you can share me or i hope u can give me explanation i would appreciate it.., and if there a point to master this if it ability i would willing to research more and participate..


  107. Shawn says:

    I started having my dreams become reality a couple of years ago ! It started out that every month or so I would have something happen and think to myself ! That’s exactly what happened in my dream ! Now it’s getting more and more frequent ! Almost every day now I see something happen and go “that’s exactly what happened in my dream ” I hope it stops soon because some of my dreams were pretty dark ! Like situations where there’s not a lot left around where I live and I’m running through the desolate streets !

  108. alexia says:

    i have a family history back round my grandma used to hold something in her hand of someones and see if any thing happened to them or anything was going to. my brother has a wide mind and he can feel spirits like their energy. and then theirs me…… i daydream every day in class at home when im in the car and even sometimes when im talking when im in the car i think of a song i really want to hear then all of a sudden it plays. just a few weeks ago i was wondering how it felt like to be in a crash then all of a sudden a car goes swerving then hits my buss. i daydream on how things will happen then they come true. i don’t no where my mind is at most of the time. i see flashes in my head on what will or never happen. i have the same dreams that repeat and then with my daydreams its like they have to come up with something new then make then happen my luck goes up and down depends on the daydream. idk im only 13 but it is actually pretty cool you no?

  109. Jake says:

    When I was little I would have a lot of déjà vu moments but I soon to realize
    That when ever I dreamed I would dream about the things the day before so I wou know what would happen, Also when it’s “cold”outside I’m never cold I’m always warm. I started to Boris this when I was younger when my mom used to hold my hand when it was cold and she would say it it warm.

  110. sara says:

    fight with a person in dream and it happens after two days in real

  111. Angela says:

    I had a dream about a couple, he was very abusive to her.

    A few days later, one of my new close friends had told me how abusive he is to her. I really had nooooo idea he touches her like that. Everyone knew about their situation but me.

    The same week, I had a dream about a couple arguing and how the guy didn’t want to keep their baby.

    A few days later, my other friend hits me up and says how her boyfriend wants to have an abortion or else he would leave her.

    Ive had a few more dreams that came true but the thing is, I just don’t know when or who its going to happen to.

    I haven’t had a recent dream that’s came true but I can definitely foresee things much better now.

  112. Amber Cox says:

    im amber i live in iowa i have had many dreams come true i quit talking about them cause everytime i would it would happen but then they happened anyways i dremt my sister x husband died of a pill over dose she laughed so did him and his mother 6 months later he died its been almost 3 years i dreamt about all my kids and what theyd look like at birth that came true i drempt my 2 year old would get hit by a car on a grassy hill she almost did i dremt about a man who was running a rape slash slouder house a week later i got hierd at super 8 and saw him he was living there he would follow me around my dreams arent always on point but when i dream them i become more carefull cause they usually always come true and honestly i wish it would go away i have anxiety disorder from stressing out and its because of these dreams

  113. Alick Kalima says:

    I am a 45 year old Malawian civil servant but currently studying MBA at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Most of my dreams, more especially that have a direct impact in my life, come to pass. I will give two examples only; I had a dream about my promotion to my current post and it came to pass the following day. Secondly, I had a dream about the scholarship which I am currently studying under and it happened exactly the same way it appeared in the dream. I was afraid I had satanic powers but am glad today to learn that we are so many in this category…thanks to God.

  114. ann says:

    Every night I have dream about people at my school and family, and they come true the next day. I can’t change dreams and if the dream changes something bad happens to me .
    If I have a dream about the future I can change it but in my dream if something changes. I can’t
    when I have a nightmare something bad happens to the girl or guy I dreamed about the night before

  115. Ben says:

    Im Ben,

    Back when i was a kid, i always dream a lady whose always with me. and a couple of years i met this women. at first i wonder. i think we already met before then one day realized that she is the women in may dream long time ago back when i was a kid, then after that we being a good friends and i pursued her to be my girlfriend, after a year of relations i dream that she cheated me. after a month i found that she has another man. back then i quit on our relationship and and let her go. even though i have so much in-love on her. after a couple of months she message me and asking for forgiveness she come also to my house crying and asking and begging for forgiveness. then may heart melted and give what she is asking. because in heart i still love her. and our relationship still going steady but my trust was totally gone..but i’m still trying..for the sake of my peace of mind as well. how ever after a years that we being enjoy our companionship that dream again come that she cheated but in different scenario i woke up and scared again but i observed her quietly. just for the thought that if i have a really special gift. to sees what will happen in the future. many of may dreams came true. and it always happen. i’m totally scared because sometimes i dream of tragic case or scenario to someone and it happen. i don’t know what to do.

  116. Kate-marie says:

    So.. I’ve a strange one here, that’s actually scared me that much it’s triggered my insomnia off twice as bad,
    On March 7th 2015 I dreamt my little sister and I had an argument and ran across a road and was struck by a car, I woke up shaking and spent the rest of the night up, as it felt so real.. So the next night I was telling my little sister of the dream and she laughed and joked about it saying it would never happen, dreams don’t come true, so I left it and that night I had the exact same dream apart from this time she was holding my twin daughters, .. Around 11:00am 9th March my sister said her good byes as she usually does when going to work, and she hadn’t been gone for 20minutes until I get a phone call off our dad demanding I got to the bottom of my street, when asked why he screamed that my sister had been ran over, I actually couldn’t believe it, I had to punch a wall to make sure this was real, and since then I’ve not slept properly, not one bit, my sister is okish but not 100% she’s having to leave work due to no longer being able to stand long or walk properly, she’s 17 and got her whole life ahead of her, to me I see it was something I could of prevented and that scares me more as to me I knew it was going to happen, I warned her it was going to, and then I was warned again, I just need to know what on earth is going on, any feedback on this be so grateful

    • kate gessner says:

      you can not change what is going to happen no matter how hard you try. i have been having dreams that happen 2 weeks after i have them all of my life. i have tried to change them for years. i believe our lives were mapped out long before we were even born. it is what we do with the life we are given. will we do right or wrong. a voice started speaking to me giving me messages he said were from God. it is God who is in control. He has a plan for all of us. my dreams are foretelling me of what is coming and to prepare me for my life. i was told to tell the world but i am sure you know how hard it is to tell someone you have dreams that come true. please go to my web page. i have about 100 dreams in my book hearts of stone. it is free online. have a blessed day. kate

  117. jewelafenya says:

    how do i control my dreams, with some type of meditation? the thing is i dream and they come true. even nightmares i need to control them. help

  118. Darby says:

    I looked up “seeing dreams become reality” today to come to find this page which I am grateful for. I was particularly interested in finding some answers today – I saw two snipits of my dreams occur. Generally, I only have this happen once or twice a week, or even a month. As I mentioned before, I usually only see small bits or pieces of dreams. For example, last week, I was in the car with my mom, and we had just come to a stop at an intersection. I suddenly had this feeling, like I knew what was going to happen. I picked up on it quickly since it has happened before. I rushed to rack my memory and within a few seconds, I remembered having a dream at an intersection exactly as we were stopped. Sort of reliving my dream, I remembered waiting for the light to turn how my dream played out. I saw a moss green colored jeep, a yellow bug, and some other purple car cross the intersection. Sure enough, I watched the jeep, the bug, and the purple car pass the intersection.

    Though I only see few seconds of dreams, I have yet to fully experience a long dream. The longest I can recall was a dream which lasted a good thirty seconds. I am fifteen and this happened when I was around ten. We were in my cousins basement playing a game called check-ring-ring, or a land version of marco polo. This game is played in the dark however, and the person was on their knees. My sister was six at the time and was scared of the dark. We had just come back from a break, and I remember turning the light switch and having a strange feeling. The person that was it called out “check” and the other people called out “ring ring” as the reply. After a good fourty five seconds, I realized I didn’t hear my sister replying. She usually acted that way when she didn’t want to be it, but I realized it was something else. I ran to turn on the lights and found that she wasn’t in the room. Instead she was in a closet and was crying about voldemort. I am laughing about it now, but then I was freaked out because she had never heard of harry potter before in her life. I had a dream six months prior to this night that played out exactly the same way.

    Another instance I would like to share was christmas when I was five. Back then, I wanted a Nintendo DS, yet I hadn’t told my parents. I had this dream twice in a row on the day before christmas eve, and christmas eve night. It was about exactly my presents and what order I was going to open them, but most surprisingly, I opened a pink DS and was thrilled. On Christmas morning, I found that I opened all my presents in that exact same order however I didn’t realize it until after the fact.

    Back then, I didn’t think too much about these strange instances, but now I think about them all the time. They are never too important or deathly, but are usually out of the blue and surprising. It has sure pushed me to pay more attention and has further guided me to constantly keep a dream journal to record all the dreams I can remember.

  119. Amber says:

    Yes. I have had dreams come true before. They were just stupid little ones that people might call a coincidence as they were just little conversations between my friends and I about certain things going on with their lives. Last night I had a dream that I was talking to a psychic about wishes I have for myself and if they would come true. She had turned to me before I woke up and said “You’re a psychic why don’t you figure it out.” I woke up startled because for once in my life I felt like everything had finally made sense. I told my mother about them and she had told me when I was little I had imaginary friends just like every little kid but I acted different with them. I acted as though they were real people. They had real names, Jack and Sarah. One day my mom was cleaning up around the house and my imaginary friend Sarah had gotten stuck in my moms hope chest, which at the time was completely empty. I was hysterical and flipping out. After that my mom did research online and found out that I could be psychic but she never told me in hopes that I wouldn’t go searching for answers. Today I’ve spent all day searching online for answers and trying to find why I could never put the pieces together. I took several psychic tests and all of them had the same results saying that I was indeed psychic. I’ve also been having a very vivid reoccurring dream about the possibilities of my future. I like what I see but I can’t decipher if it’s my visions or if it’s just something I want so bad that it’s becoming something I see in my dreams. I guess the point I’m trying to get at is why didn’t I know this all these years until now? Who knew that one dream could change your whole life? Why am I the way I am? And if the dreams I’m having about my future really are going to happen or if it’s all in my head?

  120. Mackenzie says:

    I once had a dream that I was walking with a dark figure at an amusement park. Above me was a roller coaster that was distinctly green and yellow. I waas walking with the person beside me and there were people everywhere. I remember seeing the coaster but nothing else.
    Six months later, I am walking down a path in Busch Gardens with my dad, whom I had not seen in quite a few years. I look up and I see that exact same coaster (which later had technical problems even though I got to ride it.) Best day ever. That was two years ago, when I was 11.

    • madison says:

      i keep having these dreams, not seeming important but extremely short. they seem soo real, and none of them make much sense. some time later what happened in the dream happens for real. one dream was me being in a room with a bunch of different kids in a circle with a globe in the center. later to find out i was actually on a field trip to a science museum. i was a little freaked out. that was the first time, than it started to happen more frequently. i distinctly remember one dream of the world ending… im scared seeing it obviously hasent happened yet. im happy that more people have sort of the same experience.

  121. sam says:

    so, i have an uncle paul. He had blood clots in his lungs over xmas this past year. About a week ago i had a dream that my mom called me to tell me my uncle had passed. well i felt like i had to tell her about this and he was fine of course but the next day the unthinkable happened. my best friend was admitted into the ER. About7 hrs later the doctors told her that she had 2 blood clots in her lungs… my age.. my best friend. she is fine today and back home with her baby girl. i couldnt have managed to cope with a loss of a best friend, mostly because her baby sister just died two years ago.. her parents are my family and i know it would kill them to lose both of their girls. anyway back to the dream. i want to experience this more often or at least have more control of it but also it is very bittersweet because it is always death. never good things that i dream and come true. maybe i just notice the death part easier. any suggestions to help channel this thing whatever this is. please help.

  122. Louis says:

    I have these abilities as well I’m glad I’m not alone this is my first time looking it up I’ve been seeing into the future since I was a kid I am now in my mid 20′s and I want to test myself to see if I can control it to win the lotto or powerball wish me luck guys. I’ll start a foundation if I do to really study our abilities! It’s my word!

  123. lizzy says:

    Please help ok im 14 and having dreams that feel like im awake but im not and its hard for me to wake up from and i dream up characters things and extr. but later they come to life and all things mostly i have nightmares come to life and people see them and one time i dreamed up a murder and later i was in my room alone and someone grabed me from behind and closed my door and i turned around and he was there then he jumped out my window what is wrong with me 0.0

    • lizzy says:

      and i dreamed up event that will happen like i almost got killed by almost getting hit with lightning and one of friend died and my grandfather death

  124. Joshua Hart says:

    I am only 15 years old from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma and I am a young African American male and a Freshman at Piedmont High School. I have been doing lots of research on controlling my reality. I started this once i realized i kept having day jah voo or whatever that is but I started to quickly noticed it was coming from my dreams. My father told me that he could dream the future and while back and I never believed it until then. Now I am on my way to being a school genius , rich, and famous young child. I have started meditation and getting small results from all the Physic abilities and trying to find a group of specialists in this field to help me or mentor me. My dreams all come true and I can remember which days they came from now. I noticed I only dream about myself though and it always comes true. All the school events , parties , vacations everything. It all comes true. I next goal is to start lucid dreaming because once I can control my dreams, I can control my future faster than ever before. If you have anyone who can help email me back ASAP time is special. -Joshua Hart (A.K.A protector of the earth) if you forget me you will remember me in later years.

  125. sam says:

    All my dreams are legit coming to life in 5 years 20years or even the next day all of my dreams come true I don’t why

  126. leila curtis says:

    I’m 13 now and when I was 5 I had a dream about going to this park that i’ve never seen before and I accidentally killed a little girl. My friend had a sleep over and the next day we had to wait for 2 other girls and we decided to go to the local park. From the first moment i saw that park I recognised it everything was the same even the weather and the thing that scared me the most was the girl I saw dead looked at me.
    The girl I killed in my dream was there and she looked at me but she must of only been 5 maybe 6 so I saw her before she was born. don’t worry I ran away from that park as quick as i could and i’m never going back ever again.
    this happens to me a lot and its starting to scare me I fell like i should tell someone but i think they will say i’m insane and I need help.

  127. tia says:

    I have always had these dreams but the very first one I had that I actually paid attention to I dreamt that my son was going to pass away I told everyone I came across but they called me crazy long behold one morning 6 in the morning I took my kids to the baby sitter I go back to my house to get my things ready it started raining I looked out the window and just said ok god I know you had to take him the phone range and the baby sitter says come back I get there and sadly he was gone crazy now after that I dreamt of everything I would be looking at someone and would know what they did how they feeling and I could tell them how to get their bad situation but I to nervous I met my husband and I know everything we are going to go through how to make it out but he doesn’t listen and I have proved it to him plenty times when it happens I get so tired of saying I told you so. I dreamt my sister best friend was going to have this beautiful baby girl but if she stays with her baby father he kills her so I told her about the baby but not him cause they will call me crazy and I don’t want that I just wish I could meet other people like myself its so scary idk what to do

  128. Jazmyn says:

    I’m only 15 & I think I have physic dreams. I can dream about whatever & like a year or a few months later it happens, like a month ago I had a dream about being in class & we were getting ready to watch “TKAM” (To Kill a Mockingbird) & everyone was talking & my teacher started yelling, kids were throwing stuff & then it hit me.. I was thinking about were I saw this vision from & it was from my dream. Sometimes I have bad dreams & I’ll see it happening in person & try to do something to change the dream I had.. Most of the times it works. Not many people are able to do this.

  129. Angel says:

    All of my dreams keep on happening in real life. Sometimes, not only on my dreams when I sleep. I have visions when I am awake. When I am doing something, visions just keep coming on my head. Just out of the blue. Well I remember most of them, especially when I dreamed that someone is going to die. It’s my grandfather who died. In my dream, I was in a chapel with my family. All of us were crying. Although I didn’t see who died, but I know its one of our family members. I also dreamed about my grandfather after he passed away, he is smiling at me, and left me a message. He said “you’re gifted, don’t let anyone take your abilities for granted. always take care of yourself, I love you my Angel.”

    I have dreams that I instantly forget when I wake up. And the dreams that keep on happening in real life stays on my mind for a long period of time, until they happen. There are too many dreams that keep on happening in real life. And I am already afraid. Could someone please help me. No one else knows about this dream thing because I am afraid they’ll think I’m crazy.

    • YOSEFF says:

      YOU are not the only one. I remember my dream within the week or month when it will really happen. One of these when I’m at grade 6 and I dream about a room and a boy(I’ll not put the name) , when I asked my classmate when they know him they say yes (I forget that at summer but I remember that when at athe enrollment in schools) and when I am now at grade 7 I saw him, he is my classmate. But I get use to this it always happen to me….. THEN I COULDN’T FORGET WHEN THE MY DREAMS COME TRUE……………….!!!!!!!

    • Ariana says:

      I’ve had that before. You know, forgetting the dream you just had and then it happens and you remember it. Every dream I have ever had in my life plays in my life. Sometimes it is the next day, the second after I am done dreaming, or a few weeks or months after the dream and I can remember it once it happens or I just remember it.

      For example, one time I had a dream that my dog was still really sleepy after waking up and it was about to be time to get ready for school and my dog was actually being nice to my sister whom he hates and he hardly can trust anyone except for me and my mum. She was cuddling with him and laying on my bed on the left side next to the window and Toto (my dog) was just giving her kisses and letting her TOUCH him! Honestly I thought that this dream wouldn’t come true except right when I woke up it happened. Exactly that dream.

      I also have day dreams, you know like visions. When I was really little I had a vision of me around the age twelve to thirteen and going to this new school, walking through the gates and to my friends that I had never seen in my life. They were chatting and I couldn’t really hear what they were saying except then one of my friends looked at me and said “someone likes you.” I asked them who and they said “we can’t tell.” Later on in my dream I found out who the boy was and he gave me a note asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and then I declined him for a reason unknown at the time. Later on (being the thirteen year old I now am) my dream had happened 4 years after it came. The reason why I had declined him was because he had just gotten over a relationship and I felt like he deserved someone (and he still does) better than me.

      There is only one dream that has not happened in my life and it scares me to death because I have had this dream ever sense I was 4, when my psychic dreams started. Once a year (on my birthday to be exact) I have a horrid dream that I am scared to death will come true. Even though it seems very unlikely who knows what could happen…

      Okay so here it goes. This dream scares me because I would never want to let anyone go. When I first had the dream there were people I didn’t even know in my life, along with my dog Toto, and my other dog Teddy was there except I had already known him. People that I was going to meet in the future were all in this dream, except that was just a warning for me.

      It starts off with me in a hallway, pitch black to the the point I can’t even see myself. I hold onto the walls as it is the only support I have and as I am walking I soon see a flickering light. I walk towards it sense I am scared of the dark and once inside the light I see everything clearly. The walls, the ground, the ceiling, it wasn’t any of those things at all. The walls, ceiling. and ground, they were all made of organs! I screamed in my dream and then heard a chuckle behind me. I turned around scared to death and there I saw the one and only, The Devil himself. He wasn’t the ordinary devil though like everyone thinks he looks like. He had long nails made out of medal and a smile that would stay on his face, making him very scary. He had red skin, the color of blood, and eyes dark blue. The horns on his head made him somehow more terrifying. With one look at him realization hit me. I was in hell. Light flooded the hallway and I saw the hallway just keep going on, to a never ending straight line. Even though it was like that I had no other choice, I ran. Running and running I kept on seeing the organs everywhere I lay foot on. Soon enough I saw something. Something bright yet small floating, only able to fit one person at the very most. The devil was running after me and after seeing the box he ran faster. I ran towards the bow and jumped inside and right when I did the Devil screamed in rage. At least for a while. As I was holding my knees together looking at the horrid monster I saw him start to smile again as he looked behind me. I turned my head and that is when I saw everyone I loved. Whether I didn’t know them or I did it didn’t matter. I had to save them, except I didn’t know how. Before I could even act the devil raised his hand and in one wave all of the peoples faces were gone, only left with the blood and skull they had. I screamed out “NO!” as the tears flooded into my eyes, not able to even try and hold them back. I look back at the devil and told him off I guess you could say. “YOU MONSTER! YOU MONSTER! YOU KILLED THEM! WHY! YOU MONSTER! Y-YOU Mon-ste-er!” The devil smiled crookedly at me and then took off his face as well, only to reveal someone I wished I never loved, my old boy friend who hurt me to the depths of my heart. He took off his devil face and after he noticed I saw his true face he disappeared. I looked around one last time and saw the walls had changed as realization hit me, those organs are the organs of those who just died, the ones I loved. And their faces were now hanging on the wall with them.

      That is the one dream that has not come true yet, and I feel like it most likely will not until happen I have met all of those people. No I am not religious or anything and actually in my religion we don’t believe in heaven or hell so it is strange to have this dream. Please someone find out why this is happening before fate comes to get me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Sincerely, Ariana.

      • Rtown says:

        How can dreams come true in reality and you know the future if it hasn’t already been laid out before you ? Meaning someone (God ) has already wrote our life’s in the book of life. Accept Jesus christ into your heart ask for forgiveness then the whicked one has no power or control over you. I take this dream as a warning. Consider your self lucky to have such a dream. Some people are never fortunate to make it to the light.

  130. Kevin says:

    I have had this happen a few times in my life. It has been about random things that seem to have no meaning but I feel like there is some meaning to it. I am a Christian and I don’t believe in couinsidense. I feel like there is some reason for these dreams but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  131. Micaiah Dendy says:

    Im 16 and i think im having pyshic dreams i dont know if they are coming true or not but it started when i was in middle school and i saw this picture on a bullieten board but i wasnt in school i was still in my bed asleep. When i got to school that day i saw the same picture on the board as it was in my dream. And now lately i have been dreaming of me in situations where people can or have died. One was when i was trapped in a room and sufficated to death another was when i was i the water and was drowning during the day another was when i was captured by a group of people and shipped somewhere on a boat probably somewhere tropically another was when i was kn the highway driving and got into a car accident another was kinda weird i was at school but then was transportrd to space and got lost but when i got back to the rocket ship to go home back to earth i only had about 30 minutes of oxygen but to get to earth it would be about 40 minutes i think that was my imagination but it i think someone from my high school who graduated wanted to be an astronaut went to space got lost and died up there trying to get home again. Another was more recent when i was driving at night and me and my dad and some another guy was in the car we stopped at walmart and a gas station in middletown to get gas and food and other stuff i can see everything clearly and i could hear want my dad and the guy were saying perfectly but i cant really remember all the details but i could remeber the inside of the car it was clean and the brakes were lose so was the wheel. My dreams from middle school to now have gotten clearer and more precise and i can hear sounds in my dreams now and now im dreaming about people in my life and whats gonna happen to them like one time I dreamt my sister hurting her shoulder but it was a dream becuase when i asked her about it she didnt know what i was talking about and she didnt have a bandage on her shoulder. I feel like im crazy and my best friend says i need a doctor…i wonder if she is right…also i never sleep long enough to finish the dream so i dont know if its true and people are dying in my dream and real life and i dont know where they are completely i just know what happens and where it happened

  132. Emily Waldron says:

    Okay, so I know this sounds completly fake, I kid you not, I have these strange dreams and a few days later, they come true. I don’t know when I will have them, wht they will be about, and when i do have them i think its just some strange dream, then they come true. The first time I remember this happening, I dreamed I was on a plane and it crashed into a Ferris wheel, out of fear I woke up and I told my friends about this strange dream. A few days later, a plane in Austria crashes into a Ferris wheel. The dreams usually happen but I am the only person in the dream that can communicate and everyone else ignores me in them. And just recently I had a dream that I was pregnant, but I wasn’t the mother and my friend just found out that she may be pregnant, A FEW DAYS AFTER. And usually they are bad things, a boat I was in in my dream sunk, a few days later people were trapped in the cabins of a sinking boat in Korea and die, just like my dream, but replace them with me.

  133. Shannon says:

    So I’m a junior in college and my alarm went off this morning. I pressed snooze and went back to sleep. Upon waking up from my second alarm I had a dream that my night class had been cancelled. I was disappointed when I woke up to find that it had only been a dream. So I’m in my current AM class and checked my school website to check my email. I received and email saying that my night class was going to be cancelled today! I was freaking out I couldn’t believe it. I have psychic things like this happen daily just from randomly saying something is going to happen, and then it does, but this experience really confirmed my beliefs that I have psychic abilities.

    Another account was when my boyfriend was watching TV. There were so many extra innings and I don’t follow baseball and don’t enjoy watching it on tv and wanted it to be over already. I had not been paying attention to the game but randomly I looked up and said, “hey this guy about to bat…he’s going to score a home run and win the game!” My boyfriend said I was ridiculous because he was not a good player. Then when the player batted, he hit a home run and won the game. My boyfriend was in disbelief, and so was I! Crazy stuff.

  134. Becca says:

    Two come to mind – mid-June, 2014 I had a vivid, lucid dream that my deceased grandmother visited me and answered any questions about death. Following her visit, my living grandmother visited me -only in my dream she had died tragically. I asked her many different questions like, did it hurt and was she in heaven. I woke up hysterical and emotional. I believed either my grandmother had died that night or was in the process of dying and I had a strong urge to go home immediately (I lived 12 hours away.) I called my mom and she assured me my grandmother was alive. (Note, there was no crazy, dramatic stuff going on with the family or in my life that may have triggered this. My grandma seemed in good health.) I couldn’t shake the feeling and made a last minute trip home to see my family and my grandmother a few days later. It was a nice trip. I made the 12 hour drive from home to where I was living and a few days later got a call from my dad that my grandmother had committed suicide by jumping off a balcony. All of the questions I had after her death she had answered in my dream, before she had actually died.

    I also dreamt that my best friend who lives in another state (we talk every few weeks) was engaged. She called the next day to tell me her boyfriend bought a stone for an engagement ring.

  135. White says:

    Throughout my life i have seen dreams which have almost 90% of the time come true. I can almost distinguish between which dreams can come true and which will never happen. I freak out in my mind when i see the event which i had seen in my dreams occurring in-front of me and sometimes i try to alter the course of events if it is possible to do by me at that moment. i have been able to change the outcome very few times as i tend to remember the dream after the event has occurred. I really don’t understand how come everything in my dreams related to my life comes true..

  136. kailyn says:

    can someone please help me im 15 and have these dreams that come true later in my life i feel what others close to me feel know things i cant possibly know about others and sometimes can know what they are thinking i am scared and want to know how to channel or control it i have been this way for years. since about six years old. i dont remember anything from before five years old on my birthday which i would not find strange if i didnt remember every moment of that waking day how i had no memory of anything and only knew how to talk and do other basic things when i saw my adoptive mother and father i had no idea who they were or where i was and i just felt as if i was in a different world. as life went on i started having the dreams i even dreamt there was a monster eating my mother from the inside slowly crippling her she died of type 4 cancer two years ago and the doctors described the cancer as a virus basically eating her slowly just like my dream and many more after that came true not in any order but i always remember them the day of and walk around in a trance for hours until it begins when ive spent time with people i can tell what they feel or think and sometimes get visions by touching them ive had information i should not know come to mind when teachers ask a question and have even answered questions years above my level of education. i see shadows in the shape of people with no physical features except for strange glowing eyes that hurt me at night and one that feels different from the rest that watches me but does not harm me they scare me as well please someone help me figure this out and help me control it i am not kidding if you think i am contact me at and i will tell you about everything you want to know i just want some answers please anyone who knows something help me.

  137. Vicki says:

    Hi I had many different dreams that many people died. At different times years apart. Two weeks after each dream they died. I’m serious. I just had another dream someone died a couple of days ago. I don’t know him well. He is around 20 years old. I’m a 27 year old mom of four little boys. This started happening when I was 13. Am I crazy? I feel like warning people but I don’t want them to think I’m nuts. I think maybe I’m a freak. But I feel bad like I can stop it from happening. Or warn them. What wrong with me??..

    • Lisa says:

      I am blown away by the accuracy of my psychic dreams. I have been able to put a time frame from dream to actual happenings to 3 years precisely. My most recent realization is with a dream I had of my daughters family who have passed. It wasn’t the people in the dream that give me goose bumps. It was the details of the building we we’re at that have floored me. Lavish upscale condominium community. Large concrete patios at the base of the building with seating under umbrellas, lighting, metal accents, shopping,rock walls surrounding a flowing river under the patio. I have since learned of an upcoming project of a condo community coming to my city and I watched the video. The details of this structure is exactly as my dream. It blows my mind with the accuracy. Also, just before I started my new job, I had a very vivid dream of showing up for work at a certain location of my city and entering a very detailed building to start my shift. As it turns out, our business is moving to that very location, same lot, same building is being built. We are set to move in July of this year. These dreams never get old, and always amazes me when they come true. It’s so entertaining and fascinates me beyond belief every time I see my dreams come to life.

    • dakota says:

      i have had something like this happen to me but i am 14 when i was around nine i moved into my new house and i fell asleep the first night and i dreamed i was at six flags the place was abandon but shoping vendors carts were moving on their own i heard voices when i woke up i was going to think nothing of it at the time but at that age i was still getting nightmares so i didnt know what to think about a month later me and my family went to six flags and i started to get a headache and i suddenly remembered the dream i started freaking out and by the time i calmed down i had left six flag and was on my way home with my family

      • dakota says:

        also a few weeks after that one happened i had another one i was at my school every one in my class was just a shadow it scared me at the time but i calmed down and learned that my teach was different a few weeks after the dream my math teach had been promoted to 9th and 10th grade teaching and his sister came to take his place. just trying to be clear that my dreams freak me out when they come true i had forgotten about this up until last night i had a dream that my brother had got in a car accident with a grey car and i saw the very same car on the ride to school this morning

  138. Porsha says:

    I am 15 years old . I recently started to have nightmares . My first one was of a red vehicle getting hit by an eighteen wheeler and almost a week later my aunt’s Nephew was hit by an eighteen wheeler in his red car and killed. Last night I had another Nightmare . In my dream my mother told me Koda (my bestfriend) was in a car accident and was killed . Today as we were going down the road out of no where she told me that Koda was in a car accident a couple days ago, but he wasn’t killed , he was only hurt badly . I am scared .. I don’t know what I need to do . I am thinking of going to a doctor, but I don’t want to seem crazy . My mother knows what’s been happening , she says I’m fine .. but I think differently .

  139. bonny says:

    I’ve had several over the years ..they freak me out …I’d rather not have them ..

  140. Sarah says:

    I would like to know what goes on with dreams that come true through out your life.
    I have had 3 big ones through out my life, and a couple of little ones, and think its time to read up about this stuff. Any suggestions on good books or websites to read

  141. C.J. says:

    I had a dream that came true about 3 weeks ago. I dreamt that my ex girlfriend would break up with her boyfriend and go back out with me, and Strangely enough it happens 3 days ago. It was weird stuff. Sometimes I don’t even have to be asleep to make something come true.

  142. maria says:

    it happened last 2 months ago.. i dreamed for a person that he is attempting to kill himself by trying to tie a rope around his neck,with a black person beside him..then it was like a picture that he is lying on his bed…dead, he is more like a 12 year old boy.but yeah, it happened…. i just heared the rumors… it do came true.. just like i dreamed of fire,the death of my grandma and my 2 kittens

  143. Ashley says:

    My family and I (grandma, mom, aunt, cousins) have had dreams since we were children. The past 2 years I have been having them more frequently. Last year my grandpop was ill, he could no longer walk, well in my dream he was playing softball and running around. He was happy and care free. I woke up crying knowing he was going to pass away but also happy he was going to be free of his body that trapped him. After that dream my grandma, who has passed, telling to to visit my grandpop. The night he passed away I had another dream, this time he was with my grandma, they were both so happy. Any time some one close to me or my friends have someone pass away I have a dream of them passing away something along those lines. My husband pokes fun at me but also knows my dreams come true. I would like to see if there is a way to explore these abilities to enhance them or something. Any input would be appreciated!

  144. do says:

    Has anyone else dreamt about malaysian airlines flight 17? I had this experience last year, sometime during the last week of January. I remember this time specifically because I was camping in the Arizona desert at a Crystal and gem tradeshow, not usually my thing, but friends invited me. I should also say that while I’d like to believe wholeheartedly in things like psychics, spirits and everything happening for a reason,my beliefs are much more grounded in facts and science. I have also never experienced a dream like this one and I do not claim to be psychic.
    Anyway, my dream started like a normal dream. I was at a friend’s house from high where a gathering of many people who I had once been good friends with we’re. This portion of my dream felt the same as all other dreams,kind of out of touch and surreal. I could explain this segment of my dream as residual feelings from the . I had been on various social media sites and had been looking at pictures of old friends and wondering what they were up .
    Suddenly I then found not in this scene I described, but in a middle aisle passenger seat of a large plane with no other people. I recall the interior of the plane being a light blue, a screen with a service announcement being played and also being close to a stewardess station. I felt what seemed like an ascending motion in the plane, quickly changing to a plummeting sensation. I then tried the best I could to secure my seatbelt while feeling very panicked.
    Just as suddenly, I was no longer on a plane but “standing” In front of something taller than myself that was on fire. The ground around me was dark or burned and covered in what I imagined to be indistinct debris. I then found myself moving around and inside a small, apparently abandoned concrete building with a few windows. Then I was outside again, looking at a field of beige kinda dry looking grass. I found myself keenly observing this detail as well as what looked like a knobby stunted tree, old cracked pavement with grass growing here and there as if unmaintained or just not used in a while, and also what seemed like old electrical poles.
    The feeling I had in this dream was way more connected and grounded than I’ve ever experienced in a dream before. When observing these elements, I felt purposeful, as if intent on remembering and being keenly aware of the details for a reason.
    After having this dream, I told everyone who would listen. A few weeks later an airplane went missing over the Indian ocean. I insisted, based on the details of my dreams, that everyone had it all wrong. The plane did not crash in the ocean, it had to have crashed on some remote piece of land somewhere they hadn’t looked yet. I told this to anyone who would listen too. Months passed, but this dream would not leave my mind. I think I told my boyfriend the details every day so as not to let myself forget. Then one morning while on vacation, I turned on the tv to the news. There, right before my eyes, no clearer than I had seen it months previously, the same burning and wreckage laden field was being projected onto the television set as if stolen directly from my own memories.
    Now, again, I don’t claim to be psychic. But what is a scientifically driven brain like mine supposed to think? I’ve been leaning towards explanations involving the relativity and perception of time. I just don’t know what to think. Do you? Has anyone seen and felt what I have? Are we special? Or just coincidental observers of a glitch in our perception of time and space?

  145. Claudia says:

    Hi I’m just here to say that all my dreams so far have come true and i have been like this since I was about 4 years old…Ive been looking for answers on why I’m like this…idk what to do though because I mean I haven’t dreamt up anything bad only pointless stuff like me and my friend running around her yard and walking around her tree…I’m just a bit scared because what if I do dream something bad and it comes true…it would be all my fault…

  146. Jay says:

    This is really true and my quest for this phenomena has lead me here. I started dreaming about things when i was 12 i guess, i don’t really remember correctly. But as i have grown older my frequency of dreaming has become more and i dream about events 2 3 times a month and they always come true 80% or in the summary with a span of 2 3 months may be less.
    I want to know if i can nurture this gift. ANYBODY CAN HELP?

    • Michael says:

      I also possess this sort of power, but I wouldn’t consider nurturing it cuz I just dreamt of the doomsday yesterday, which really bothers me.

  147. Char says:

    Hi all.. Will tell you all about a pretty freaky dream I had last night. Well first of all I had a similar one a month or two ago where I was walking somewhere (can’t remember details) but I think I all of a sudden just felt my stomach cave in and suck In and I couldn’t control it, it ended up happening to me in real life while I was dreaming about it and I had the sorest stomch the next day. Felt like a strain? Anyway last night the same thing happened again! Except people came and operated on me and after wards I went into the hospital to ask them what was wrong with me. They told me I have “Albatross syndrome” and that its fatal. When I woke up I told my BF and then went on to look it up to see if it actually existed.. Low and behold it does! It’s a stomch related syndrome that supposedly affects people with personality disorders that have had stomch operations before.. I never have but tomorrow I’m off to see a psychic and see what she has to say about it :/ freaky stuff..

  148. Vilez says:

    Well recently it happened to me thrice. First, my laptop stop working and i kept it for few days and one night i dream t i was working on my laptop with this i woke up early morning and took my laptop and amazingly it worked. Second, i was in the hostel and unaware of any news back in my place, i dream t my cousin been appointed as the director, next day i call him and he told me that he had been appointed as the director. thirdly, i told about my dream to my buddy the same night i dream t about him and told him the next day, he said it was true and it happened to him few days back.

  149. Samantha smith says:

    This Wednesday,i dream that what if my fiend’s boyfriend had broken up with her in public and then the next day in the front of mount miguel everyone was looking at my friend and her boyfriend broke up with each other over a little rumor about her.

  150. Pia says:

    Last Tuesday I had a dream I don’t remember all but me and my friends were in Mcdo and after going we were all nervous all a sudden and we were like feel my heart and mt friend took my hand and out it on her chest, same thing happened exactly and after going Mcdo we were all nervous because my friends phone almost got stolen my a stranger and we were like ” feel my heart.” And she did the same thing she took my hand and put it on her chest

  151. Adolf fuller says:

    A couples of years before ,I dreams of a house that i have never been before,its situated in a small hill that make some kind of attractive to my eyes in a way that i can remember it clearly ,its compound is quite big,its colour is mixing with green and yellow, in my dream i remember we are playing outside the house and can’t remember with whom i am playing but after a few months when i travel around 50 km from my places ,i saw the house and its definitely the house that i dream of, it make me so shock at that moment and feel uncomfortable , weak and cool,my heart start to beat faster and faster for a few minutes, but actually the house is still under construction and almost done…i can’t keep thinking of this house and its a strange feeling i ever had in my life, i used to think if its okay to findout whose house it is…

    • Stella says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I have been looking for a simular story to mine. About 10 years ago when i was 5, I would have chronic ear pain and i would have this reoccurring dream. It would start off as pixils (white) building up into a void. I would walk around in it until i found a white door with a silver handle, i’d open the door which led to a sprucy kinda hallway. As i walked down the hallway i’d pass 3 rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a computer room (which were not yet there in my dream, i’ll explain more later) To the left, there was a staircase about 7 steps down. You know how theres like fences along the open side? well i look through there only to find my mom, dad, and some stranger i didn’t know. The stranger was short and grubby. they were whispering and saying, “What are we going to do with her? they’ll take her away” and they whispered and whispered in such an irritable way that i’m scared of now. That’s when i woke up… 1 year later, we moved to Alberta. Nice house, nice street…. as we went inside, the first thing i noticed was the stairs… I walked up and saw the same three rooms i passed which my dad had already moved in before us cause he worked on the rigs. My mom doesn’t believe me but we moved out of that house, it terrifies me to this day.

  152. Kerrie says:

    All my dreams have come true. Whether it bowl it on the head like the time I dreamt my son was being abused and had bruises on his arm when I woke up the next morning and checked his arm he had the bruises it was true!

  153. Eric obrien says:

    Hello my name is Eric o’brien I have also had some of these dreams that have come true. Sometimes in my dream the event happens to me but when it happens in real life it is always to someone else. One very memorable one was I had a dream that my garage was on fire. I thought it was pretty strange so I told my dad about it. Not even two days later a houses garage down the street from my house caught fire and burned to the ground. I have also had dreams where I was being attacked by a spider and then within a couple days a friend was bit by a very poisonous spider. I have had dreams anywhere from school fights to dangerous situations I have been in and even a couple times world events happening. Never knew what to really make of it but this has helped out a lot thank you.

  154. rahul says:

    it happens to me many times ,, sometime i cannot remeber the whole dream or i ignore them , but sometimes i see flashes in dream . when i constantly think of only thing , having worry about something ,, constantly keep on thinking about that , i see some flashes related to that which came true in some days ,, its 95% exact , what i dreamt in unconsiousness,,.
    i woudn’t reveal that 4-5 dream that i remember
    But there is one DREAM ,,
    i was in some market place (IN THE EVENING),, i make a call to my professor , i tell him that i want an urgent help , because i got less marks , but he said i will be goig for a week ,, college is off due to festival ,, and some noise is coming from behind ,,so at last i hang up my phone,,
    i called my professor ,, i told him that i want help from you , and he was in the market ,, because same sound was coming as in my dream, ,, he said that college is off for a week for a festival ,, (THIS IS SHORT STORY )

  155. PT says:

    I have had many dreams that have came true. Some aren’t really a bid deal. I have had a few that are a big deal to me.

    I have had a few dreams where it was a funeral. In my dream I did not know who’s funeral it was. Until I walked up to the casket and seen my friend in there. This happened 2 different times and both times those friends died not to long later.

    This kinda freaked me out. Can any please explain this to me?


  156. raja says:

    hello, i had this dream once in the morning just beofre i actually opened me eyes and was “conciously aware”. In the morning i told my GF about my dream. The dream was that I was sitting in a room with my GF and her sister, then a guy walks in and i described him to her. I also mentioned the presence of a chocolate bar. Then in about 30 mins we were going somewhere directly no where else. Then someone changed the plan and my GF was given a parcel. On the way to our destination my GF told me she had been given a parcel to take back to her sis’s home. I was relucatant but agreed. We went to her sis’s house and strangly to me, there was no one else at home except her sis. They both sat down in a room and i remember standing up looking at them both and feeling weird. I was asked to sit down. I was very reluctant to sit down. But then i decided to agree on the way to the sofa I saw some freshly made chocolate cake pieces and was offered one, i declined. A few minutes later a young lad walks in and matched the description I gave my GF before. I felt a bit intimidated by his presence as though he was trying to do some harm to me.

    After we left, I mentioned this coincidence to my GF who didnt have a clue what I was talking about, she did not see the coincidence or that what i mentioned about the dream more less happened. weird first time its happened.

    What do you make of this and things like dejavu, i think when people have dejavu and say “ive seen this before” or “ben here before” they just dreamt about it but dont remember it until something similar happens in real life. You just make a sort of correlation with something you THINK you have seen before in life but havent.

    If you have these sort of dejavu dreams what is the reason?

  157. Anna says:

    I am looking for some more solid information; which, seems harder than I thought it would be so far. When I was 9 years old I saw a man taking a handful of pills with a glass of water and then woke up suddenly feeling like it was real but not being able to explain, then a couple months later I found out my father whom I had not seen since I was 3 had committed suicide by taking a handful of sleeping pills. I then went on to have SEVERAL dreams that came true; which, terrified me and even made me fearful to fall asleep sometimes. When the events from my dream would begin to happen exactly as my dreams I would find myself closing my eyes and telling myself it wasn’t real, but I knew it was and could not stop it. I spent several years trying to control the dreams and understand them, but when that did not work I tried everything I could to stop them. Over the last few years I have learned to understand and appreciate them, but they hardly ever happen now. My bigger concern is that my son just told me today that shortly after he turned 9 he started having the same thing happen. He has not had any seriously bad premonitions like I did, but I know they can develop into that and I want to help him control and understand. I always thought I developed the ability as a way to defend myself from a harmful life, but my son has had no such experiences and had a very good life with no major stressors to trigger such abilities; which, has me believing this is hereditary and I want to really start understanding how such things can be passed on and how to control the ability so that it does not affect my son the way it did me. I do not want him to be afraid of it at all, but it can be very frightening sometimes and I want to spare him as much of that as I can.

  158. Bob says:

    I consider myself a pragmatic individual. I don’t look at the world through cosmic eyes and reading too much into my dreams. In fact, I pride myself on being highly disciplined from a mental standpoint. As a result, I’ve learned to control my dreams, and dream about… basically what I want. So this whole thing about reading into why I dreamed up a pink pony means I miss my daddy doesn’t really ring home for me.

    However, Ever since I was a kid I’ve had dreams that come true. Not dreams that kinda come true, or I vaguely had a dream about this once, but 100% exactly what I dream comes true. It’s like my dreams let me look through a window into the exact future and showed me what was going to happen. This has happened my whole life and I know many who said this happens to them too sometimes, so I thought nothing of it, and whatever this is became less and less frequent…. Until recently.

    In addition to that, I have premonitions that have served me well… as I’m successful in my career because I “go with my gut”.

    I don’t want to be a believer in all this, but it’s starting to freak me out.

    • Kelley Ann says:

      I understand what all of you are going thru. My whole life my dreams tell me things that are going to happen and often more than not I can not control what is about to happen and it is usually too late to stop the horror that is about to happen. A very significant dream was the terrible plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky. I dreamed of the plane no survivors (except one) couldnt see the flight number or how many people were aboard just that it was a huge plane with alot of people engulfed in flames. I woke up that morning to the news and there it was all over the tv stations. These dreams have freaked me out so bad i had to seek therapy. Still no real understanding of this gift. I used to call it a curse but really it is a gift. I want to learn to control it and how to use it for good to help people. Not only that I have empathy that is unmagnitude to the upmost respect and eamotion. I can walk into a room and pick up on others energy and feel a strangers pain or happiness. I can emulate there exact feelings and feel there weakness and strength. And just knowing things before they happen that is a whole other gift that eludes me at times. Help I want to learn to perfect my craft ….my gift ….that is no longer a curse!!

  159. Nicholas Lim says:

    I constantly have minor dreams of every day life come true.. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? I don’t really understand it, and it baffles me.

  160. Mikayla says:

    Last night I had a dream about my cats dying, and now 2 are dead. The same thing happened last year when I dreamed about being at this guys funeral and then waking up the next morning to find out he died. I once dreamed a whole English class and then the class happened and i was writing down the dialogue for the class before it was even said because i remembered it from a dream.

  161. deepika says:

    i am deepika. today is the third time when i saw a dream and a part of it has come i finally decided to google it and got to this link.
    one dream that came true few months before was about a train accident which carried 20 school children.i woke up in sweat and saw it was 5am and at around 11am i saw the news that this has actually happened.
    this is something that i am not afraid or worried about, because my intutions are very strong.
    but i want to know if anybody can help me use this power of my dreams to do something good in life.

  162. Ariel says:

    I honestly thought i was weird and didnt wanna tell anyone about the dreams i been having since i was young until i talk to a good friend about them and he told me that it wasnt weird or worng, that there are others out there that experience it and i’m glad i look all this up. Well i’ve been having these dreams for a while now and im 23 years old. I’ve had dreams where i seen two of my uncles deaths and funerals, one of my aunts and one of my very close cousins. They all bothered me and hurt me as they came true. I dont understand it but i’ve had dreams of buildings burning and waking up to find it actually happened, i’ve had some where i seen my BF at the time cheat and it happen like a couple months or a year later. Ive had some where I had conversations with two of my best friends now that i didnt even meet when i had the dream. Some are very just small things, sort of like deja vu. I dont understand them and never talked about them because i told two people and they thought i was crazy. Well i’m glad i know i’m not the only one out there. I just wish i understood this or why this happens to me or us.

  163. Karen says:

    I keep having dreams that come true and to be honest it’s starting to freak me out a little bit. I used to just have the odd one, and it would be something small, but lately they’ve become more frequent. They range from huge disasters to smaller mundane things, but are usually about bad things that will happen. I dreamed about two separate major disasters that happened in one week, but I ‘saw’ them in one dream. I dreamed that my partner had a heart attack. I dreamed that I crashed my car when it slid on ice. They have all happened shortly after my dreams. There have been many others but they’ve been smaller more mundane dreams. It seems to be only the dreams of bad things that happen. The good ones don’t seem to happen. Now I’m a bit scared to go to sleep each night because I just don’t know what I’m going to dream. I’m starting to feel like I make bad things happen by dreamng them.

  164. Arlene says:

    Last night i dreamed i lost my job. This morning i told my mom the bad dream. Moment’s ago my phone was ringing and i swear to god i had a feeling it was a specific person calling me, it was my union representative telling me that I was fired.

  165. Eileen says:

    I’ve had this “dreams come true” thing for as long as I can remember. I dreamt a lot of things that I see come true on the news and my everyday life. Planes crashing, tsunamis, fires, kidnappings, war and so on. I get deja vu regularly. At a point it got so bad that I was afraid to fall asleep bc I didn’t want to see or know what was going on. It was so on point I knew, my now, ex hubby was cheating on me down to the girls name phone number, when, where and details. When I’m pregnant I dream how my babies look before even meeting them. About 5-6 years ago I went to a spiritual man who reads cards and what not and asked him to take it away. He did so and now just recently it has came back stronger than before. My grandmother has this ability long with my mother, sister and my three oldest kids. When something family related or serious happens we all dream the same dream or similar dreams. For now I have decided to try to understand and it.

    I had an incident as a teenager where I went out to a club. I was walking to my location when all of a sudden i realized i was reliving my dream. In my dream my friend and I went into a club got kidnapped raped and killed. In my dream i saw the killer, a face i never seen before. We were in the club for about 10 minutes when I seen the killers face staring at us. I freaked out and we ran out of there. He followed right behind us! Luckily we got away. I’ve had a lot of incidents like these. Another time I was having a recurring dream of my father having a heart attack and dying. I started him right away on aspirin. a couple weeks later he actually had a mild heart attack and we were told if it wasn’t for the aspirin the outcome could’ve came out worse. Like i mentioned above i will try to understand it and live with it.

  166. Lilith says:

    I was wondering if remembering dream since child is a common thing.

    I could still clearly remember the dreams I had when I was 4, 5 years old.
    I don’t think there are certainty my dreams will come true, but it did happened. I remember dreaming two of my friend met up. The next day, I saw their picture meeting up on Instagram
    There are times where my dreams felt real. I was dreaming someone hold my hand, I woke up feeling a warmth sensation on my hand. I was sleeping alone.

    Would appreciate if anyone reply with the same experience. Thanks x

  167. Kim says:

    I have had two dreams, both around 30 years ago. The first one i was with my fiance and another man i did not recognize. We were sitting at a picnic table in the desert. Shortly after that we ended up movi g to a desert city and my fiancees coworker took us out in the evening in his jeep to the desert and there we were, three of us sitting at a camping picnic bench in the desert!
    The second dream was one very small but specific. I was sitting at a dinner table, i sensed there were several people around. Then someone was telling a story about a shaggy dog and right then and arm reached across the table and placed a cup and saucer on the table to the person next go me. When I awoke I told my fiancé of the dream. Within a couple of weeks we were invited to dinner at a couples home with another couple. After dinner the host commenced telling a story about a dog he had, a shaggy dog. And then his wife began serving coffee, she reached across the table with the cup and saucer. After we left I reminded my guy of the dream I had told him about and he was tripping out saying, no no no I don’t want to hear that.
    The funny thing is that the host of the dinner was also the man in my previous dream of the desert picnic! I am so glad I told my (now husband) about my dream because it proved it was not just a deja vu but an actually dream of future event!
    Both dreams in occurred between spring of 1980 and spring of 1981. Ive not had any dreams ,like that before or since that I was consciously aware of. But I am convinced that “deja vu” is an experience from precognitive dreaming and possibly past life experience. In my case I believe it was a sign that we were where we supposed to be at that time.


  168. Maddie says:

    So lately I’ve been having these incredibly vivid dreams. I guess I’ve always had fairly vivid dreams, especially in times of stress, and I have even been able to lucid dream before. However they don’t ,to my recollection, usually come true. Well the other night, I had a dream that I was at the super bowl (2015), the game had just ended and the patriots had won! I was out in the field and it was this massive celebration, but half the people there were really angry, so I knew it had to be a close game. I told several people about this dream and to add even more credibility, I tweeted about it before the game started, and sure enough the patriots came out on top with one of the most insane super bowl games I have ever seen.

  169. priya singh says:

    My friend always have sensation about people’s dying.. And after few days its true…
    He is really very stressed about this dreams…. He was very close to his grandma and he dream that she is taking him with her… Actually his grandma is no more…… I don’t know why he is having such dreams…

  170. priya singh says:

    My friend is always having dreams that the people will be dead and its true.. He had a dream that his neighbour is died and after few days he heard that his neighbour is died…. He always dreamed That his grandma is taking him with herself… He really loved his grandma. And he regularly dreamed it…

  171. Jess says:

    I had a dream just last night of a powerful godlike women who had wings and other bird like featurs; she was pregnant in my dream as well. I asked someone what she was and they replied dankini. When I woke this morning I remembered the dream completely and looked up the word and its definition discribes the women in my dream perfectly. Before this dream I had never heard of such a thing or seen any person that had bird like features. Just strange.

    • kristin says:

      Outside at a type of gathering…kind of like a pathway stairs but old concrete or white stairs a woman told you in passing about dankini…were all the same is what it means

  172. Randi says:

    2 months ago I dreamt that I was in an accident, and I remember being in a white car with black interior I was a passenger in it.. last week I was in the accident I dreamt of, the crazy part is that because the dream was so vivid.. I told my friends about it, so now that I was in the actual accident I had described it scares me.. last week I dreamt a far flying off a fwy into a pond .. yesterday there was a car that went thru the exact same thing 2 blocks away from my house exact scenario … and I don’t feel crazy because I share my dreams with friends.. but now my dreams are becoming more and more random and I see people’s faces and homes and read their thoughts… it slightly scares me.. because I don’t want people thinking I’m crazy.. I don’t know how to stop them.. I dreamt of an earthquake happening and the destruction of Southern California.. Help

    • Arlene says:

      When does this earthquake occur?

    • derek says:

      Hi, You are in the same situation like me. three days ago, I dreamed of myself getting into a car accident and in that dream, i fled away after the accident occured (hit and run). Next morning i woke up and getting ready to go to work. I got in my car and remembered about my dream last night. I tried to brushed off that thought but still i keep telling myself to drive safe that day because that dream might mean something. And unfortunately, i got into a car accident that day on my way to work. The scary thing is that the scenerio of the accident in reality match exactly like how it was in my dream. Plus the location of the accident was exactly where it happened in my dream. For some reason, i took a different route to work that day because i had to picked up something. And that cannot be a coincidence. Like in my dream, i fled away after the accident. In reality, i fled away too. I dont know why i did that and i know its stupid. But i think whatever happened in my dream cannot be changed in reality. It has already been scripted and meant to happen. I had dreams that became real in the past but recently my dreams occur more oftenly and very very clearly now. I’m confused and scared like you too my friend.

  173. Alex says:

    Just woke up about 10 minutes ago!

    This dream was so unique that I had to search for it on the internet. It was a dream about the next steps in my life.

    It was as if I fell asleep but then continued to do the things that I would’ve done if I didn’t fall asleep.

    So, I had been taking this test for this job and I needed to get every answer right before I can get the job, and I took it twice and kept getting one answer wrong. And then I had been dating this guy who has been really slow with his communication lately, like not replying like he used to. So I had sent him a message but I was worried that I was being clingy for sending him those messages.

    Any way, I fell asleep and then I dreamed that I got out of my bed and I was getting dressed, I went for a walk and I saw an old friend who lives in the city that I live in. I went to the store and went back home to check my email and had a new email from the company telling me the I still only had 1 question wrong on my test and then I gave them a call and I was on the team!
    Then I checked my phone and the guy Im dating replied back to my message.

    Then I jumped up out of my sleep almost in a panic. I couldn’t believe it was a dream! I thought all of those things were happening! I immediately checked my email and to my surprise, I had an email from the company congratulating me on my test and that they’ll set up a call soon.

    Then I checked to see if I had a message from the guy, and I did!! Its like I was sleep but my mind was giving me information about the things that were happening while I was sleep. I was also very stressed about both of those things so I think that my mind was putting me at ease or something. Literally the strangest thing that has ever happened to me! Just WOW!!!

    The old friend, I haven’t ran into him yet but I have this strange feeling that something is about to happen involving him. That dream was way too accurate!

    Another part of the dream was me getting stuck between floors on the elevator. Im guessing that this wont actually happen but its symbolic of my constant struggle with trying to move forward in my life. I got on the elevator and it got stuck between the floors and wouldn’t move up. Everything in my life lately has been stuck in a way that Im not used to. Im used to things moving fast for me. But now Im in the limbo about everything! My apartment situation is on hold, my other job, Im still waiting for them to call, the guy Im dating, Im waiting for it to move forward. The other company, I was waiting for them to approve my test and to start working for weeks! I’ve been in this weird space, it feels like Im suspended in time. My dream made me feel better. Its like it reminded me that things are moving, rather I see it or not.

  174. Gio says:

    When I was younger my parents were still together and I remember having a dream about having a conversation with my mother and that she was leaving us. About a year later she separates from my dad and that exact same conversation occurs. Another dream I had was of a person I’d never met before having a conversation with one of my bosses at work and come a couple of months later we get a new guy to start working and its the same guy I had the dream about and they had the same conversation at the exact same location. I’ve had many more but I’ve ignored them, I realize that I need to pay more attention to them and will be learning how to read my dreams better and go into a lucid dream state.

  175. John says:

    i have a dream but its seems really weird, its connected in past ,present and future, directly, happened that i cant figured out, it takes few days, month or even a year before it happened. but sometimes i think its just only my bare of emotion or imagination.
    please let me know.

  176. suraj says:

    well i had seen the future in dream many time not very far ahead of time just a day ahead or few min .like for instance just now i was taking a nap and i had a dream of my friend (sanket ) he was calling me and he drop hi pan drive which was flashing blue light or neon light and then suddenly my phone rang i looked at my phone and it was my friend sanket and i have a sony experia sp and it was showing blue light ..the strange thing is my phone show random light for phone call …..this kind of event had hapened so many times with me i am not saying that i have some type of power and all i just wanna know what is this is this normal ?
    i use to think that its normal but its now giving very clear sighn..i m very curious please reply

  177. Catcat says:

    So, I was dating this guy and I had a dream during the time we were still together. He was in it, can’t remember what he was doing, but there was this other person from school in he dream too. I didn’t directly know her, just recognized her name from facebook. So, about a week later I see my bf in the hallway at lunch talking to the same girl that was in the dream. Then later that afternoon he broke up with me and told me that he told the girl that he liked her. I was a bit weirded out that my dream seemed to hint at what would happen later on o_o

  178. Bethany says:

    I have had many many dreams that have come true for ex every time i have a dream about a snake ill see one the next day, it has never failed. Once i had a dream that me and my little cuz kelley were at a carnivel and we were sitting in my dads car people watching and we saw a man following a group of girls he later kidnaped a blond headed girl from the group and the next day when i was watching the news the girl from my dream was announced missing, i remember her name but im not gunna post it here. And when i was 10 or 11 years old i had a dream that a girl wrecked her car into the old creak i used to swim in and the next morning i heard sirens racing passed my house, my grandfather used to be a cop so we had an old police scanner in our house. When i heard the sirens i went to the police scanner and heard them say that a teen girl had been driving to church from her friends house and fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the creak, she didnt survive. And a few months ago i had a dream that i was in the car with my old roommates and we stoped at a stop light and when it turned green they went and then we got pulled over. I told my roommates about my dream and warned them to be carful that day because they aknow that most of my dreams come true well they were carful and stoped at a stop sign and then went but they got pulled over anyways and got searched and got a ticket and a court date. Gotta love how cops do their jobs the “right way”. Almost every dream i have ever had has come true in some type of way no matter how small the detail. Ill have dreams about friends that i havent seen or thought of in years and then the next day i see them its crazy. One time when my parents got remarried, on the night of there wedding wjen they were on there honey moon i was asleep and had a dream that my mom got arrested and my parents broke up, when i woke up my dad was sitting at the end of my bed and said i got to talk to you, he went on to say that him and my mom were gunna go somewhere nice for there honey moon but my mom wanted to go to a bar so they did. And my mom got drunk bit a cop and got arrested and my parents broke up. Thats a crapy dream to come true, that wasnt a good day. Sometimes its cool to know whats gunna happen the next day cuz i can avoid the bad but usually i cant escape it no matter how hard i try, pretty cool that i get a warning though.

  179. Alice says:

    What I’d like to add about this man I met on the site: 3 years ago I tried hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and when I was under hypnosis, I was taken into the future 1, 3, and 5 years. In my 3 year “vision” I saw myself with two blond boys, much older to be mine, a little dark haired girl (I’m dark haired), and a guy whose face I couldn’t see. He was tall, that’s all I knew. We were all standing in this kitchen and I clearly saw those two boys faces.

    Obviously, I brushed this off as some sort of inner wish and thought to myself how funny those kids were blond… I don’t even like blond!

    Two years later I meet him online and after chatting for a bit he shows me photos of his kids. Two blond boys. But not any two blond kids. They were the kids of my vision!

    No explain this internet! Please!! I’m too curious!!

  180. Alice says:

    It seems like I have those weird dreams too. I never really knew or know what to think, but they have a different intensity than other dreams. Not that I often remember my dreams anyways, but let’s just say they feel somehow different.

    Anyways, with the intention to not bore anyone, here my sum up:

    When I was little I had a dream of a friend of my father’s. He was standing there, looking at me and all he said was that he had to go. Then he disappeared behind clouds and an Ace Heart card appeared. He died of a heart-attack that night. The next time I remember having a dream like this, was when I dreamed of a commercial airplane crashing in the ocean, just by the shore. What a nightmare, I thought. My ex was there, calmed me down and told me to just relax. That was in 1998 and it turned out my dream happened the night/morning a Swiss Airplane crashed near Halifax.

    For years, I believe to have had quite intuitive dreams, but those two scared me the most.

    Recently, November 2014, I had my first confirmed one again. Again, a friend of my father’s who neither he nor I have been in touch with for decades, appeared in my dream. He said he was sorry and that he had to leave. And that he was sorry, again. (He had sexually touched me the wrong way when I was little, nothing that harmed me up to today, but not anything minor I won’t ever forget either.) When I woke up, I had no idea what to make of it. Forgot about it immediately. Until I logged onto FaceBook and saw one of his sons (who I also only know on FB these days) post that his father had died last night. I mean WTF!!!! Ok, so that was weird and sad. Again!

    And now. Just the other day, last week, to be exact. I dream of someone I met last year. He swept me off my feet. He didn’t want me and although it was particularly hard to get him off my mind and out of my heart, I had moved on. Now, I am single and use online dating, I met him there a year ago. He’s not been online for months, neither have I. But I had this dream of seeing him back online. I ask my friend to check (she’s still online) and he wasn’t. So glad, because the intensity of my dream was pretty disturbing. Almost like a sign, but ok. Later that day, my feeling that my dream was a true persisted and I asked my friend to check again…well, and there he was!

    I almost fainted. Not because of seeing him there, but because of this weird feeling to know my dream came true. Again! It’s irritating. I don’t know what to make of this. How is one supposed to read those dreams. I wonder how often my dreams or other horrors I sometimes feel I see, are actually all true!!??

    P.S. I am a scientist and believe in rationality and reasoning. Yet, this dream stuff keeps leaving me mind blown!

  181. Caroline says:

    I’m 37 years old. I’ve put that as so many of you on here seem to be a lot younger. I once read that you are at your most spiritually perceptive in your teens and after your 40′s! I’m writing as I’ve had a recent experience and it moved me emotionally. I dreamt my friends wife died and in my dream I met him on a bench outside a white building there was grass in the background. I sat next to him and kissed his cheek. I told him that everything would be ok. Then I woke up. Now the dream could be a huge coincidence as I knew his wife was dying but that morning when I awoke I learnt she had passed away.

    I have had vivid dreams since I was a child. I used to believe I could control what I dreamt about and it always used to work.

    I had an out of body experience at around 15 years old where my boyfriend at the time saw me walk down the stairs and smile at him, but I was in my bedroom staring into a mirror thinking about going down stairs. Took him a long time to come near me! That house was haunted though so may have been the ghost.

    I’m writing this thinking I sound a bit loopy but too many unexplainable things have happened to me to be logically explained.

    I also tend to dream about buildings. Twice I have dreamt about places I know I was meant to live but when I have told others the dream after seeing the places (one my mum was moving to the other my friend and I viewed at uni) I never moved there.

    My husband tells me I flinch a lot when I sleep, perhaps that’s relevant.

    I record all the dreams I remember some are very random, some can be explained rationally from what I have done or seen or concerns me that week. Some are just feel different and are too real to rationalise.

  182. Kyle says:

    i am 24 years old..when I was about 12 or 13 I had a dream I walked to the park went into the woods and saw a desk..i punched open the desk drawer and behind it was money…I woke up thee next day and just for the heck of it I walked to the park went in the woods saw the same exact desk punched it open and found 70-80 dollars

  183. clinton says:

    Many of the dreams that I had as a child seem to come true they were so clear but seem crazy and weird and even silly back than. Now i know that it was me seeing segments of my life that hadn’t happen yet experiences and places still foreign to my understanding. Now I almost never dreams at 50 if i do I can’t remember or separate a dream from reality. I always had deja vu i would think of a person i hadn’t seem in years and they turn the corner or call out of the blue one of the weird things to me is meeting people ten and twenty or much more years later that don’t remember me but i remember them the conversation what was going. I’m able to guess things about some people right on the nose or certain peoples signs mainly women who are Aquarius like me or Cancers. OK CAN ANYBODY HELP ME UNDERSTAND !!!!!!!!!!!!I

  184. beckylou26 says:

    I have since I was a child, but never w/ enough detail to prevent anything. Of special note was a time I dreamt of a friends home before ever going there. We drove in a car together there, just like in my dream. How do you dream of somewhere you have never been? I have to concur with those who say if you tell someone, it does not come true vs not saying anything. Other times it just may seem like de ja vu. Most generally it seems my dreams come true within 3 months of the dream. Sometimes when people are about to die I just dream that someone is extremely sad, not long after they loose someone close to them. I should write down my dreams, but I just don’t. I debate whether to tell people when I dream of them – I don’t see the point if I can’t actually stop something negative from happening.

  185. Liz says:

    For the past couple years i have been trying to figure out why I have so many dreams that come to reality literally day dreaming or sleep dreaming. I can honestly say these dreams are happening more often. The last dream i had was tragic 2 months ago my receptionist had joint custody of her 2 year old daughter the father would pick her up once month since the dad live in California and we live in Vegas. The week before the baby got pick up i had a dream that the father daughter got in a car accident on the way back from California. This dream unfortunately came true both the dad & baby passed. I’ve never paid close attention to my dreams but after this there no way i can a void this any longer my dreams do become reality. i don’t know if this is a gift i don’t know why this happens. I would love some guidelines but knowing this happens frequently to other gave me some peace.

  186. Emily says:

    The other night I had this dream about this 2 or 3 year old girl, the only creepy and disturbing thing about this dream was that the little girl had been sexually molested. I had woken up after it and went back to sleep. The next day my grandparents and I went to a friends house and we were looking at photos of her great grandson who is in his teens, then I see a picture of his little sister who is about a year or two old. It was the little girl in my dream. I stared at it for a few minutes until they asked me what was wrong when I told them I had seen her in a dream, they asked what went on and I lied saying that she sat on the couch with her and watched cartoons. I didn’t want to scare them with the graphic ness of the dream.

  187. croga says:

    if u ask me pagan know more about dream and meeting god if u ask me.

  188. croga says:

    Hello Everyone.
    My name is holly welch and I Have alot goddess or alien coming in my life off and on.

    First I Must Waring u everything that i have witenss are real and this poppy goddess are real as well look it up!

    Since I Was very little I Was 2 year old when I’ve my First Out of body Experience and I Do remember the damn whole thing.
    When I Was flying around my room My deaf sister gone then I run to my bad and start to notice myself sleeping on the bed and I Ask myself Why Am I Not on my body so I Sit and wait for someone to come and waiting so then the 3 unknow lights came in and they share me this nun lady in unknowing screen. They ask me do I Like Nun lady and the religion’ they remove me out of my room and i saw my sister came back and They show me the door there were 2 door one was the god sun and the other was the moon goddess they have no face but the strong energy so i felt warm welcoming from goddess and she open door for me and I Saw my soulmate

    Since that I Saw my soulmate again in real life this time but at the time I Was not so sure if my faith is right path for him and I. So then when I Got older I Was moving in the apt and I Found him again but I Didnt know he was the same guy from my school speaking to me in his inner spirit and he felt that as well but funny thing is that he was in college and i was 8 year old explain that one.

    later on me and my soulmate moved in together then we start asking eachother about unknow experience and he is the helper dreamer what they called it and i his soulmate that he send.
    It was hard at first of believing it cuz I Been believe this unknow inner spirit for a damn long time without having asking him who he is like i know everything about him even me and him never share real life together but in our inner self we do.

    in 2012 While I Was living that apt I Did dream about poppy goddess and i have see them since i was little NOW THIS IS VERY SHOCKING I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM IN REAL LIFE BUT AFTER RELOOK ABOUT THEM I WAS SO DAMN SHOCK OF WHAT I FOUND THEM.

    In dream of poppy goddess don read of what a person post about poppy goddess is know for killing people no that not what happens to me!
    what i saw was so differ unhuman life
    They put me in a ship a small ship I Ask them why not join in they say they are the control so they were outside carrying me in flying ship. while i was in space i saw my planet and i believe its my home planet that they are waiting for me to come home from a long time journey inner life if u know what i mean And they as so explain to me that they heard my prayer but they don believe in that they seen to believe in pagan more then religion cuz of me pick that.,
    when i was religion I Been having hard time founding out what it was in my life time experience and Since I became a pagan The door start to open and the knowing.

    I Believe I may have talked to alien angel of some kind and no i do not believe in just one god or alien i believe they are both people sometime just don want to bother to found the that made sence in our path that people could not explain and now they have a time to get to together that is the more importing to them what they share me but they want people to believe in hell at that time to grown up and start acting like it.

  189. vanessa says:

    hi…i always have this ‘dreams came true’.I ever involvedin an car accident when i was 12…One hot friday noon while i was going home…when i cross the road to the other side of the road where my parents waited…i was hitted by a van…a white colour van…and this incident had been a dream of mine…the same road and the same car…and one more is that i had dreamed that i was being switched sitting place by my teacher…and my friend was just sitting right behind me when i turn around with a jean jacket on…after a few days,it really happend and everything was the same…and things keep happened like when i was doing something and ssuddenly it just strikes me that what i am doing i had dreamed before.

  190. James says:

    so ive been dealing with strange events that are occurring after i talk about it in conversation no dream or anything it seems as if i think about natural occurring thoughts that i consciously decide of mention and shortly after i notice these things take shape i mean like from mentioning a song or singing it in my head and all the sudden comes on the radio of how im in a long distance relation ship last night me and my gf made a plan to move out and in the following morning i was called about a job that pays very well that would allow me to complete these goals….i cwouldnt be lookng this deeply into all this and i ddint have to read more then 20% of this article to be able to figure out if this is relative to what im experiencing…i used to be a dream chaser if you could call it that looking for strange event to take shape but i want to know more about this, it cant be by chance.

  191. Sandy says:

    I had a dream with my new boss.. He looked puzzled as someone spoke to him. I felt bothered by the dream, and low and behold, I go to work a couple of days later and my boss tells that someone went to him with gossip about me over the weekend, and wanted to get hired for my position. He was curious and wanted to ask me if it was true. Of course it wasnt, but I have dreams that come true all the time. Almost like warnings of what is currently happening when I’m not there. Does this make me psychic?

  192. Jennifer says:

    It started out fairly recently I had some weird dream of walking over to my desk to grab a piece of chocolate or something and I remember the whole desk swarming with ants. A few days later I forgot about a massive Toblerone chocolate I had on my bookshelf which I received for Christmas. I thought “oh yea I’ll go have a piece”, only to see it infested by ants they were everywhere, now I have an any problem in my room, yay. Another time I dreamt of a light plane crashing. I was watching an air show from my balcony and remember watching this one plane go up suddenly and then flip and was heading straight down it shut off it’s engine but couldn’t restart it before it hit the ground. A few weeks later the small airport down the road was having their yearly air show and the same day I was watching the news and they announced that a pilot flying one of the small stunt planes had done the exact same thing that happened in my dream. I was so shocked after seeing the wreckage because I also saw that it was red. I also one time recently I had a dream about having a big fight with my brother. Growing up him and I never fought we were fairly close. However the other day that exact thing happened we had a massive fight and didn’t speak to eachother for ages. Not in regards to prophetic dream telling, but I also remember me and my mother have had the same dreams before. One night I dreamt I was pregnant and I woke up the next morning and I said to mum that I had the weirdest dream ever and she was like so did I and you were pregnant. To me that was so strange and unusual. As I said it’s happened before as well.

  193. John says:

    I sometimes dream something normal like being in school,with friends…and I hear voices of my friends,I wake up and I remember little things. After days and weeks the dreams happen in exact same way,the words,the moves,everything and it made me fell that I can control my future,but i fidn this very odd,indeed.

  194. lakaspoh says:

    This one occurred when I was a kid. I dreamed of a powerful storm is coming and I told my family that a really strong one will come and they don’t believe me and then another day a report on TV shows a storm is coming towards our Country but my families doesn’t remember me saying anything about it to them

  195. Joe says:

    Recently i dream of a things that came to pass, my dreams alway come inform of proverb i find it difficult to understand the meaning but when it happened i will now understand. I dream of me playing a ball which enter into a nice and beautiful place but when i want to go and collect the ball i cant enter the place it look as if the place was walled will bullet proof glass. I try to enter but i couldnt then how did the ball pass into the place. can someone explain to me my email is

  196. Phelysha says:

    I have had 2 dreams where I see babies and know their sex, name, and actual physical apperence before they are born. 1st experience was my nephew about a year before he was born I had a dream I was holding him I knew he had a J name knew it was a boy and knew exactly what he looked like and after he was born I had déjà vu the way I held him in my dream happened in real life. 2nd time was with a family friend (my aunt) I had a dream she had a baby and that it was a boy and I knew what he looked like again I was holding him I also knew he would have a K name. 5 days later she called me at 4am to tell me she was pregnant. I told her about my dream and she swore it was a girl and no k name, well she had a BOY and his name is Keanu…. The 3rd baby dream was my own child she looked so beautiful and her eyes were stunning, I have yet to have a baby. But if I do I feel like it could be her. I also had a dream that on March 24th something is going to happen I don’t know what but it’s going to be big. One more incident I happened to be awake it was around 8pm I was in bed writing in my journal and I heard a car screach and a dog yelp as if it were hit. I then became EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED with the feeling my family was hurt. I called everyone, when I got to one of my cousins she said were fine but stretch (her dog) was just hit by a car a killed. BINGO that’s what I heard and felt. Not sure what to make of this gift or how to use it. I’ve been looking for help i don’t know what to do. It scares me because I just want answers

    • Risaan says:

      I have psychic dream quite regularly but never are any of them necessary or important like the guy who predicted it. However most of the time I only realise I dreamt it after i have experienced the event but I wish I know how it work

  197. Sarah T says:

    Hi guys, I just came across this site because last night I had a dream I was back in high school and I conversated with an old hs friend and then we went our separate ways, like a normal school day. I wake up from my dream to find out, that very same friend passed away in her sleep. We weren’t that close at all. And I just got a very terrified shock feeling. Stuff like this has happened but not so specific. I don’t remember our conversation in the dream though.

  198. John says:

    I had a dream that my house got broken into and they stole items loaded up my car and stole the car. I got a few neighbours and went out driving to look for them. We were involved in a high speed chase but they got away.
    2 nights after this I got up in the morning to find my car had been stolen and they had fished the keys through the letter box. The next night I was a passenger in my dads car when a car came flying out a junction and it was my car. I called the police while my dad followed behind them. They picked up a couple of people in a cul de sac and as we followed they must have noticed they were getting followed and put the boot down. We gave chase for a while but it got to dangerous to pursue and they got away. This is just one of many dreams that I’ve had since I was a teenager that seem to come true. Not normally as dramatic as this one though.

  199. Sam says:

    I regularly have dreams which at the time i cannot remember until something in my everyday life seems recognisable, as if i have already done it, some times i remember it so clear that i can predict what someone is going to say.
    Also when i was younger i had a dream that my grandad who recently passed away at the time took me on a walk through the mountains which he used to tell me stories about and i can remember the dream so clear since and this was over 10 years ago, my mother went to a spiritualist and they told her that her father went to your daughter in her sleep to say goodbye to her as he didn’t get the chance to.
    Another experience i have had was when my granddads brother was seriously ill i had a dream that all of the family was in his house apart from him and other family members who have passed away, all of the children in the family went upstairs where all of our family who have passed away were there including my granddads brother they were saying to us how they are all okay and looking after us. The next morning i had a strange feeling about something and then not long after i woke up my mother came in and told me that he had passed away that night

    • sami says:

      Hello sam I am sami I am an air force brat that has had dreams like yours my whole life. When I was young they were beautiful good dreams that you may not remember because of your innocence. As I grew older and got into troubles I dreamed of only bad premonitions. I died at birth from being almost 2 months premature and was brought back to life by machines. I believe that’s what made me see what I can see. Later I survived pneumonia, and have had several serious car accidents. Once you are touched by death and escape it so many times you are open to the unseen. The reaper is on my left shoulder but always an angel on my right. Call me crazy but as a child I only opened up to my big sister about these things because I knew no one would believe me. Now that I am getting older and it’s more in my face I opened up to my mother when I saw an old man die in my dream then I woke up and it was happening. It scared me half to death. My mother then tells me she had this gift and prayed to God to take it away. My mother passed it to me and wishes she still had the gift. Do not try to make it go away embrace it. I’ve learned how to control it but it freaks my family out everyday lol btw never use your gift for money that’s only asking for trouble. You are a seeker! Just like me :)

    • sami says:

      Some even call us finders Sam…

  200. Ryan says:

    Hey guys so what happens to me is not too exciting as such.
    I am 15 years old almost 16 now and live in England
    I have no idea how or why it happens but for some reason I can foresee complete convesations and events, for example me and my friends who I have know for at least ten years or so ,were having a conversation I cannot recall what it was about , I think it may have been something fairly normal ? Anyway my friend Jamie said something and then I replied and just after I had replied I froze up and remembered that I had said that exact sentence in that exact location , you could call it coincidence as before I read up on it I ignorantly did and dismissed it as pure chance.
    Here’s the weird thing, it happened again and again for about a month or two months and I became more and more reluctant to belive in what was happening.

    The worst part about this precognition is I have no control over when it happens or who is involved and it must have been about two months ago I had a dream/precognition of one of my close friends called Joe and we were out side hanging out and all of a sudden he crossed the road which was around 20 feet across or so and before he reached the otherside an orange T.N.T van (a delivery van) hit him down.
    Naturally being alarmed at this as I have had things like this come true before, I told him that what had happened in my dream/precognition was likely to become true and he laughed at first and then realised that I have had things like this happen before. He luckly hasn’t had this happen to him and I don’t know if it was because I warned him of this ?

    A great example of how weird my brain is , is that I have no memory of anything before the age of five except for one thing , I was in the car with my foster parents and a baige “man” truck/Lorrie came crashing into the back of the car I was in . I can remeber this event to the finest detail but nothing else before the age of 7 in the same amount of detail or significance. I can remember the odd things but apart from that its pretty hazzy.This could be due to the neglect and abuse from my birth parents but I do not know.

    I would love to learn more about this type of thing , as in precognition and future telling.

  201. Raul says:

    I didn’t always have dreams. I almost died when i 10. I was pulled out by a current. saw something that day and have never been the same. At first it was cool. The my dreams started happening. As I got older I started seeing things. Not just in my dreams. I’m not crazy. I get chills when I walk past places as if I can feel the foul things that happen there. My dreams are in color too. My dreams have saved my life and tearing me apart at the same time. I can’t be in big houses alone. Yet I have put my life on the line to help my fellow man. Idk why I run to help those in danger. It all started with my dreams. The get stronger and stronger. Figures I use to see have faces. If you can help point me in the right direction, I would be truely great full. If not thanks and enjoy your day.

    • vishal Kanchan says:

      Raul I think you should start mediating. I am facing precognition too but I think in your case it is not precognition. I think you are more sensitive to supernatural experiences. I know its hard to believe but Meditation will help you in controlling that. Just try it buddy. Check Indian Meditation and I hope it’ll work out for you.

  202. Megan says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I only ever have two kinds of dreams that I remember, nightmares and premonitions. I have dreams at least once a week that end up coming true within a week from the day I have them. They are usually just completely random, about people I don’t know. Upon occasion I will dream of a close friend or family member. Either way, when it comes time for the dream to be playing out, it always happens the same so I’ve taught myself to recognize a specific thing in the dream I’m having, so that if it happens in real life I’ll quickly recognize the premonition. When the premonition is taking place I can sit there and tell you everything that is about to happen before it happens. Every detail, the sound of every voice, word for word every conversation, every detail of the surroundings, what clothes people are wearing, every feature of their faces, every move of their bodies. You get the idea. What I really would like to know is if anyone else has experienced, anything like this.. I had a dream last week, it started out that I was riding the car with my mom and we had just pulled up to the drive through window at burger king, when I look over and see a man carrying a small child wearing pink boots. (I instantly told myself that the pink boots would be my sign for if this ended up being a premonition) so we laugh and joke with the server, grab our food and leave. We follow along the same road for quite a while, not saying anything when we have to brake suddenly and because of the roads crappy, snowy, slushy conditions, even with the four wheel drive on we slid into on coming traffic, where a jacked up dodge 4×4 with the 10ft cab, proceeds to T-bone my side of the car and I die. I remember every single detail from the moment we left burger king. Time slowed completely down to where I could hear the beat of my moms heart not just my own, and sharp intakes of breath. I woke up from that dream and didn’t think much of it. I have nights all the time so why freight… But last night, as I’m riding in the car with my mom, we pull up to the drive through window of burger king when I look over and see the same man and small child wearing her little pink boots. over the text 15 minutes I sat quietly, watching every detail before for the second time. and when the same sudden stop spun us into on coming traffic and the same jacked up dodge 4×4 came barreling my way, I looked at my mom. kept anticipating every move she’d make before she made it. but then all of sudden she jerked the wheel in a way I didn’t see coming. Yes the truck still completely totaled her car, but we both walk away. I feel as though I’ve cheated death, I was meant to die in the car.. now I’m just trying to find some clarity. If you feel you can relate or you can offer legitimate advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • sami says:

      Megan, I have been having such dreams my whole life. I’ve have died in front of my own eyes but it is only a chapter of life that dissipates, like in a book when you turn to a new page a new chapter begins because you are still here to read it. A dead person can’t turn a page of a book… well in theory lol The pink boots could be a new beginning of life though the premonition in your dream feels so inevitable and real, it is simply déjà vu meaning already seen in French. Yes your mind has already seen what has happened but you have yet to take the meaning for what it is. Your mind is made to play tricks on you. In your dream like many of mine you were not necessarily meant to die but meant to learnt from the visions that have followed. You cannot stop fate when it is time. What is meant to be will be but what happens to those around you in your dreams is not about them it is about you and what you can gain from it. Your mind will forever wonder and as long as you can grasp what is reality versus imagination you will always be alright it is when you lose touch of reality you will lose your mind!

    • vishal Kanchan says:

      Megan I have seen such dreams before. My dreams also come true but there is no time limit for them to being real. But what I feel is that we mostly see dreams in which we die is just because our mind wants us to wake up, if there will be some other break then no such dream will come. Because I felt same. I saw some same dreams as u had in last one but this is the only reason I think.

      Megan try Meditation (Indian Meditation). I think it will help you to ease out your mind and will give you more control on your dreams.

  203. Valentino says:

    Ever since I was a kid ( I guess I still am I will be turning 15 in a few days) I have had dreams that were very clear and at that time had no purpose but then the dreams started to happen exactly the way i saw them in the dream. i mean every single thing where i was my head movement what I looked at,the noises I heard,the exact order of the dream was perfect in real life eventually the dreams would be about months apart from when they would actually happen. i kind of am scared. i dont know what to do or how to control it. i need to control it. Yesterday, i had heard on the bus the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.I had heard of this song before on the radio but I did not know when it came out.I have known about this song for years but did not know what the name was or who it was by but i looked it up and it cam out in 2013 !!! This song has been popping up in my head for years and i did not know what it was called yet i knew the whole song.These dreams that I have, I don’t know if I should try and control it or just leave them be.Please I need help

  204. lo says:

    I have vivid luid dreams almost every night . sometimes when I would be conscious inside my dream I would get scared and try to wake up but my mind would wake up and not my body no matter how hard I tried to move my arms it was like someone was fighting me . in my dreams now though as I’ve come to accept that I can’tcontrol waking up in m dream state I’ve been able to control things in my dream such as fixing a bed using my mind. I’ve had friends in theform of angel and later on in the year those people pass. 3 months after my dad passed he visited me in my dream and told me things that made meknow he was really seeing me! my ex is gone (jail) I had a dream once that he texted me the next day he texted me he was out but in a different state. Now I had had another dream he came to see me unexpectedly 2 nights ago so I’m freaking out I don’t want to see him!!!!!!! But the worst by far , my fur baby angel was attacked by a cayote when we we’re on a hike, it killed him. The night before I dreamt that he had a big row of sitches on his left side, the same place the coyote got him . I hate having these dreams I can’tstop or control them and iI don’t understand them until its to late. Please help me!!!!

  205. Juan says:

    I had several dreams that have come true.

    Usually they are about running into/meeting and old acquaintance, at a certain unusual place and talking about something.
    They happened too many times to be just coincidence. Some details are not exactly the same.

    I don’t believe in anything, except what happens in reality.
    Don’t attribute this to any religion or higher power, but there has to be an explanation, that we may not have the intelligence, nor the knowledge to know yet.

  206. Madi Strumpfer says:

    I am young . Only 13 years old . But psychic powers have been known to occur in my family . For instance my mom has dreams about a different spirit almost every night . We both think she’s a psychic medium . I have dreams about certain things that will happen the next day . Or have thoughts that will happen rather soon after I thought of it . Like I had a dream I came across my favorite book . And the next morning I was looking for a puzzle , and guess what I found. My favorite book . I have these dreams a lot of the time . A certain song or thought or feeling will come to my mind and it often happens . It’s weird . I always have weird gut feelings about people I care about that come true or I warn them about something I feel . I always pick up my phone right before it rings which is odd . A psychic also told me & my mom that we have psychic abilities . We just have to learn how to channel them . It could be a possibility that I have psychic abilities , but I could be wrong .

  207. Janelle says:

    I am only 20 years old and I have no clue what dreams can actually mean or if there is a deeper meaning but within that past week I have had two dreams that came true the next day. The first dream happened 2/3 days ago. In my dream I was driving and I seen one of my old friends (who I haven’t spoken to in years) I pulled over and talked to him a little bit and he kept saying “my baby will be born today” “she’s in labor” “I’m going to have a child today” and I woke up and didn’t think anything of it and a few hours later seen that he posted that his child was born that day. It was so weird and as soon as I seen the information it clicked in my head about the dream. I went to both of their Facebook pages to see if maybe the posted something about it that I seen and then had a dream but neither of them posted anything like that the night before. I knew his girlfriend was pregnant I found out months ago and I never had talked to her and don’t talk to him at all anymore so It was really weird. Then last night I had a dream that my little sister asked my parent’s for her cats ashes that passed away and then she got upset and today I was sitting on my couch my sister was sitting next to me and then she says “can I get Sassanis ashes?” and then it hit me again that I had a dream like that. This has never happened before and I don’t even know if it means anything because I thought dreams were just dreams. This is so different…

  208. acrux says:

    I am 16 year old
    My 3-4 dreams comes true in a month
    but my dream are of very small interval.
    First I don’t believe this but I started believe when I see death of a person In my dreams and its become true.

  209. Kristy montgomery says:

    I can remember my dreams coming true since I was a child. It could be the most meaningless thing sometimes, like being home sick one day with my mom and we were running errands and she bought me this little stuffed animal, a dark brown dog with white ears, and we went through the drive through bank and I knew every word spoken before it was said between the teller and my mom and the stuffed animal was the trigger, I remembered the dream that had for some reason stuck with me though of no real importance. Sometimes it’s a dream that is 100% a perfect reinactment of my dream, other times it is symbols that represent something else! Teeth falling out or someone getting married, nearby death every time! I also have the ability to recognize I am dreaming and recognize that I am and some how take a mental note. In the beginning or ending stages of dreaming I can affect the dream. If I don’t like the outcome I make a mental choice to rewind and change an important moment, sometimes it works other times the dream still takes the course it wants even though I may rewind and try to take control more than once. Even in deep sleep I have a beliefs that snakes are evil so no matter how deep in sleep if I see a snake I grab it by the back of its head and wrangle it so that it can’t bite me! Sometimes it can be quite a struggle but I don’t give in, sometimes there are multiple snakes but I fight them off if not physically then by fire, because always a semiconscious decision I make, even though I am asleep!

  210. Lisa says:

    I fell asleep in the back seat of my sisters mini van and I had a dream of a 4 digit # and said “wow I just dreamt about a number and think I should play it in the lottery, she stopped and I played it…went to Moms house watching the Sunday football game with the family and the winning number scrolls across the top of the TV screen exactly like I dreamt it…we were all freaking out….how does this happen? I won over $3500.00

  211. John Smith says:

    I don’t remember when I had the dream but it must have been at least five years prior to the real experience. I woke puzzled on why i dreamed about filling out a paper of the choices of sandwhich ingredients i wanted and watched as this woman made it. A couple days ago iit happened. I have never been to oahu let alone a whole foods and every detail started to emerge and i rembered the dream everything was happing exactly the same, the old woman that walked behind ne and the guy drinking a beer at the bar all the way across the store and everything inbetween. I looked at the woman and remmbered seeing here in this dream i even predicted the price of the sandwich. Later when i took a bite and realized it was the best sandwich i have ever tried. I dont know what the meaning of this is as it seems to be a subvoncious joke about a sandwich but their must be a meaning. I do encounter a lot of deja vus maybe three a week. but never like this

  212. Emily says:

    Hello, my name is Emily. I’m 15 years old, and all throughout my life I’ve had dreams that seem so very realistic, and after in the future they occur. One dream of mine, I had in the beginning of 8th grade. I was in a different school, with all different kids, and a different teacher. About two months later I was expelled from my school due to racism. And I ended up at the school in my dream. With the same kids in that class, teacher, and where I was exactly sitting. Another time now I’m 15, in the beginning of the year I had a dream that I dropped my pencil, and this boy behind me made a comment saying “You’re clumsy as f***.” about five months later that happened. And right when I realised it, I had a feeling in me that something was gonna happen to someone near me. Later on in the day this friend of mine was arrested at school. I keep having dream’s that happen in the future over and over again. And I never really looked into it when I was younger, but now that I’m getting older, it’s interesting. Because none of my friends have these dreams either, or anyone in my family. I also can see ghosts, espically when I was younger. I could see the outlight and figure of the spirit. Now I can feel it, and see a dull outline of it. But whenever I go somewhere haunted, or claimed to be haunted, I take photos with my IPhone, and so does my mother and our friends. And they never get anything, I’m the only one who can get the spirits figure. I don’t know if I should worry about this or just not care about it and see what happens as I get older…

  213. Paul says:

    My sister woke up nen years eve said she had the worst dream ever very bad .wouldnt say more then 4 :30 that afternoon posted she had a felling that something was going followed by I hope I’m wrong next more she passed away in her sleep

  214. Briana says:

    A psychic my mom went to told her that my aunt and I have this gift, but I have never experienced anything like this… or I don’t think think I have. Is there any way to access this so-called “gift” I have?

  215. April Nicole says:

    Hey I am 14 , I dream thing in the past , present or future all the time my dad and mom said I am crazy so I look it up and this what it is pychicpower . I dream what going to happen to us,friends,people I don’t even know ,and family .scary huh ? I know it is for me and stuff cause they happen and I know I have seen it before or heard of it

  216. Tyrin says:

    My name is tyrin jones I have a dream at least 3 times a week .the thing about my dreams is as soon as I wake up I can barley remember what I just dreamed about . But then it happenes in reality and I remember it clearly. Sometime when I Wakeup I remeber the dream clearly but when that happens it’s like I’m seeing someone else’s future. I’m nineteen now , I wouldn’t dare tell anyone of course nobody will believe me . Hell you probably won’t either. It’s like I already lived this life before and I’m reliving it . Any way I’ll just keep it to myself cause I’m not tryna end up in some crazy mental instatution .

  217. ajy says:

    Last night i dreamt about a long list friend texting me …..n as soon as i woke there was his text in my inbox ..this is so weird

  218. Justin says:

    I had a dream that a skeleton pushed over an extremely large tree. Then woke up and a huge tree fell on the apartment.

  219. Steven says:

    I have psychic dreams frequently

  220. malkia menguene says:

    Hello. What im about to say is true so please no trolling. I once had a dream that my grandmother died. I had several dreams and it felt so real that i wook up crying. I remember a particular dream in which i was in school and someone called me on the school phone telling me my beloved grandmother has died. I shook that dream off. But then in 2012 i was in a tournament in NC and my mother left early. She called me later on telling me that she left because my grandma was sick ( but i later on found out she died that day ). What is this called?

    I also have a lot of dejavu moments when i dream of something then in real life i know in my gut i seen this before.

    Now i have another strange dream. its about a boy. I have very strong feelings this boy, im friends with him and had liked him a couple months ago. i dreamt a dream so real that i thought it was real and i think i wook up immediately. I dreamt we were in a room with a bunch of other students and we had no uniform. the boy put his hand around mine and he kissed my cheek. It felt so freaking real just like me grandma death. I felt his lip the scratchiness of it. i think i kissed him back then he was about to kiss me on my lips but said psych naw and laughed with me. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

  221. Daniel says:

    i have a dream that i’ve had for over 13 years now i have met 7 people who have the same dream we are in a great crowd of people and everyone is quiet probably 10s of thousands of people are in the crowd everyone i’ve met who has this dream i’ve already met in the dream and they have met me when we met 3 of us immediately knew each other from the dream and 2 of us have been able to speak to each other thru lucid dreams we have become convinced that everyone in the dreams is supposed to meet that we have something we are supposed to do but none of us knows what further more the only reasons we’ve all met is because i do alot of traveling work i met warren in kentucky houston in tennessee i met henrietta in kentucky andi met john in florida i met tj in virginia and i met corey in north carolina we all meet up a few times a year and talk we’ve been like old friends since the day we first met if you have this repetitive dream please contact me i want to try to find everyone we all want to get together at a great dream gathering my name is daniel if we’ve met in the dream i’m always the one wearing the all black standing in the open area with a cowboy hat on crouched down talking to a guy in a military uniform(which is warren whom i know in real life now)


  222. Nancy says:

    I’m physic I see ghot Ihave exsprend paranormal acittiy and I was persist by a demon I have seen ghots people I have dreams they come true I get scared I had friends I had feeling they were going to pass away and they did I see them one day and they are gone the next it’s sad there was this kid missing willaim tyrell I had a feeling he has been taken by a man his real dad I have not meeting him before I feel his family has something to do with it if they really care about son they would on 7 news and giving out and searching for son but haven’t something also happened in Martin place in Sydney when I was on the train I had a bad feel something was going to happen a booming a tracti attack and it happened it was I was ment to be there and I was ent I had a dream to day for news eve were I live they had fire works at the shop it was on fire and spread big large that no one could stop I hope it doesn’t happen I can read people and stuff about them I can discibe things to them I should because it’s not good for me I can heel my hands have a strong power a lot ghots come to me always I have sprits touch me playing with my hair ect I don’t no what gift I have and I want to learn how to use it I feel like I here to save this plant with my power were ever I go nothing happens but if I’m not there something bad happens why

  223. Miles14305 says:

    I just want to give a word of encouragement to everyone on here. I hope that some of you can see what you are experiencing as a gift and for those of you who don’t just hopefully over time you can see some positive aspects of this gift. Since my early teens I can remember having vivid dreams and dreaming something and it happens. I see this as a gift and hope to use it someday to help others. With that this recent experience has taken me for a loop.

    So I had a dream a few months back where I was working on this runway. I was helping planes land and take off. The interesting thing about this runway is that it was connected to skyscrapers, which were very tall. At any rate, in the dream I was trying to hurry and lay more runway space to ensure that each plane had enough runway to land and take off safely. Fast forward to about three weeks later I was somewhere and as I was walking I turned to the right of me and there was a picture on the wall of what I had dreamed. It was airplanes landing and taking off on runways that where connected to skyscrapers.

    Any suggestion as to what that means?

  224. Lanie says:

    I am 14, I have dreams a lot whether it be from the past as a baby or future and I can sense when things are near without looking, the hairs on my skin will stand and my ears will ring a bit and my heart will beat really fast, those usually happen when acquaintances or family die and I feel like they are trying to tell me things (I don’t know). The dreams are REALLY vivid and happen every few days. If I stare at someone and observe them, when I close my eyes I can see bits of their life. I also had this dream where I was sitting on an electric box outside my house and a house was on fire behind me, turns out when I was 3 I put a can of ravioli in the microwave and our house caught on fire. I also remember a few years ago I was dreaming that I was at a party at someones house and I walked down to the basement to find a young boy dead. He had killed himself. Then police lights flashing, but I didn’t go to a party. THREE DAYS LATER, a sophomore at a nearby high school, threw a party when his parents were not home and was doing drugs, when the police got called he shot himself. I was so upset because I could have done something or told someone, but I thought everyone would think that I was crazy or something and wouldn’t believe me. My mom says it runs in the family (the dreams), but I feel as if what I have is different from what my family has. I don’t know, maybe I really have gone crazy.

  225. Michelle says:

    It’s so calming to know that I’m not alone in this as read some of these. Couldn’t specifically place one dream in particular. I see too much while at night and during the day. Very glad Im not alone…

  226. Sam says:

    I had a dream that my cousin was in danger and the next day I found out that she had had a medical emergency on the plane while I was sleeping. I don’t know what this means but I’m kind of freaked out.

  227. Kim says:

    Since I was young I have had dreams of people that I know and that are close to me. Some were good and some were bad that started to scare me to where I can’t sleep for a few days. The first dream I had was about a couple that needed help, for a minute they seemed like strangers but they weren’t. The lady was my Sunday school teacher and her husband. I dreamt that they were in a accident but someone had saved them. A few months later that scene came true and when I found out it kind of spooked me. A few years ago I had a bad dream about my best friend being murdered. Again a few months later he was murdered and I fell apart when I learned what happened. What was so scary is that after I had that dream I wrote him and warned him of what I dreamt. I even asked him to please be careful. He responded back by saying I was being silly but for the details of what happened to him was exactly the way I dreamt it. His killer was caught in Mexico eight years later. I even dreamt of him being caught. Now I’m having the dreams returning and again it scares me. I’ve dreamt of family members dying and it happens later on. To this day I would catch their scent, a voice telling me positive things that puts me at ease, and every now and then I would dream of talking to them as if it was real. The dreams I’m having now are really making me nervous. I told my boyfriend of a dream I had of us and his friend. I told him that in my dream he (his friend) had a black mist behind him and warned him (my boyfriend) not to let him in. He did and in my dream I asked my boyfriend to check up on him and he (friend) had passed in his sleep. Once I told him that he told me he doesn’t want to hear anymore. Honestly I’ve been feeling empty and fear. It’s like I’m waiting on the call about his friend. What really threw me for a loop is that I don’t allow strangers to touch me or shake my hand because I get vague imagines like glimpses of their life. A lady touched my shoulder and I had flash of an elderly man that is sick. I jerked away from her and told her everything will be ok and he will be ok. Her eyes got big and teared up. She smiled and shook her head as if she knows. I have tried to ignore the dreams the glimpses of people’s life but now it’s as if it’s getting more significant where I can’t avoid it. I feel as if I’m some kind of freak, just want to be normal. I could see people for what they are and I can see people with that black mist that just lingers around them. I just look away and convince myself it’s all in my head. Just wonder if there really are other people like me?

    • Levi says:

      Hi Kim , you’re not alone. We are quite simillar. I’m in a different league , same sport , can’t tell if its bigger or lower than yours. ( pardon in advance for my english , not native)

      My story began at the age of 15th now i’m 23. To be super-precise , it was my 15th birthday. I held my birthday party at my grandmas’ house that day. I’ve invited loads of friends over and at that time , parents were invited too , kinda like a big neighbourhood grill party. The guys gathered up and we were thinking about what shall we do. And i came up with the idea , how about we borrow some bicycles from the neighbours and we ride in the area for a while? We were 6 or 7 i guess , a bit blurry that part. We manage to get the bikes and we rode.
      We started riding them and on my grandamas street , there is the regional church aswell and at the priests house which is on the same street , there was a wedding held , probably friends of him or something. And here it gets interesting..
      As soon as we we’re passing by the wedding , it was about 9-10pm , 4 guys came out of the house and wanted to climb in , in a 525I Bmw. And as soon as i have seen them , trying to get into the car , they looked a bit drunk aswell , i’ve heard a voice…
      I’ve heard my own voice , like my thought , in my own head , saying out loud..clear as a ocean water. “These guys will have an accident in half an hour. ”
      As soon as this thought , or whatever it was…went acrossed my mind , i was like…”whaaaa?” Probably an intrusive thought.. i guess , right? Nee…
      In about half an hour , can’t say precisely how much it went by.. sure it was under 45 minutes.. us , the guys we were chilling nearby the wedding place. Theres a small forest with a driveroad trough it , and we could see the road from this tiny hill , where we were resting.
      We hear the engines , i see the car coming into the valley , and the driver keeps pushing the cars limits till he loses complete control of the car till he runs into a tree with about 50 km/h about , 30 mph. The tree was about 15-20 meters away from me … so i ran up to them , helped them get out of their cars… After a few minutes , i realise what have happened…i tried to deny what have happened.
      When i accept it , when i’m on the same..wave with my spiritual length..or whatever… I can do things like , influencing odds , predicting speeches , situations , but small game only..
      It comes super naturally …i cant force it to come.
      Once i’ve told my friend at a local party , there was somekind of a lottery between the people who have been invited around 300-400 , that in two more rounds (the lottery has already started) , that in two more rounds precisely i am going to be next. BOOM ! Next…
      These are the positive…
      Now come the negative.
      Have to mention one thing before i starts , since my childhood it was 1999 , i was going to church with my whole class and i was getting so bored that i was trying to influence the way the flame of the candle , how it bent… Guys , was 1999 , i was 8 years old…
      8 Years old then ,compared to todays 8 , its a huge , difference , had no interenet , had no knwoledge about stuff like this. I was always a spiritual guy , looking for more..

      The negatives.
      One night i woke up at the age of 19 and i have seen a black figure in front of my bed. Shit scared , paralysed… (had sleep paralysis) i tried to move , scream, nothing. Suddenly manage to snap and i’m able to move…and he dissapears.. The same night it happens for three more times..closer , and closer to my face… Paralysed of fear…really close by shitting myself physically guys.. Two year pass by since the first incident. I’ve started seeing him more often , as i got sleep paralysis , but in time..he kinda got bored of me? Or job done? Hope not. Why am i telling this…. after two years , almost three….i had big chest pains .
      Not from heart or muscular , it was bone pain…from my sternum. Long story short , i’ve paid 2 thousand pounds worth of money , had a biopsy , doctors asked me , was i hit by a truck? Sledgehammer? it seemed like i had it all . Did tests in multiple countries…so that i can find out that i have a thing… called Syndrome Tietze , which is chest pain , no known cause why… no treatments…practically a big “?” …it comes like in every few months a small period of time.
      So i tried to do some research…and i have found out that.. Sleep paralysis in the medieval folklore it is a depicted in pictures as a demon standing on your chest. May this have a connection?

      other unrelated :

      1. once a spoon was thrown in my room from one way to another , grandma witnessed it
      2. my friend had a SP , and he heard his name whispered in his ear , (there were no black figures) ,had the same house , in his bed , my name.
      3.sculpture in my home , falls from the wall , twice , when parents left town
      4. fucked up as hell… as soon as i got together with my new girlfriend ( now ex) we both had alarmingly high number of paranormal shit happening..especially to her , and when we were alone. Hearing footsteps and shit , she had it way worse..
      But there is one thing… we were alone one night and i tried to take a picture , but accidently pushed the button eariler and this is what i have taken.!36339&authkey=!ACslDjGabo5c-yw&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

      Now guys…somebody tell me , give me some ideas. Help me , to find out more about myself..

      • Marly says:

        Having dreams of someone standing over your bed getting closer and closer is a common dream dream of people that were sexually abused as young children and they can’t remember who the perpetrator was or would be too traumatized to know so they don’t see the face of the person.
        Pains in the chest/rib cartildge joint on either side is common and relatively harmless condition but the pain can be severe and stabbing is called Costochondritis.. The area gets inflamed and hurts terribly and feels like you are having some sort of heart condition, but it is harmless and the only thing that helps is time and aspirin or other antiinflamatory and the condition comes and goes.. just like someone with arthritis in a knee will experience it coming and going. Chiropractor adjustment might help if your back is out of wack and contributing to the condition.
        I am a sexual abuse survivor and I have had the same dream of the dark figure coming near me at night and I have had many incidents of sleep paralysis. I do not think it has anything to do with demons or anything paranormal. Lots of folks have sleep paralysis. I do believe in psychic phenonmenon by the way, but connecting to the spirits or minds that are not seen is not something to fear. Be happy.

      • Tyra says:

        Hi my name is Tyra i live in Mesa, Az. I was reading your story and was kinda shocked cause i to have had experiences of this, 14 years ago I was opening my heart and soul to our Lord Jesus, I had a couple bible studies in my home and was very interested in the bible. I had a son of 2 months and a husband, one night there was a story about the Bible and the codes that were found so I had stayed up to watch it, I layer a comforter down on the living room floor and put my child down to sleep, my husband was asleep in our bedroom, so as I layed there i had decided to just sleep there since my baby was already asleep, i turned the t.v off and fell asleep on my tummy with my arm over my baby, shortly i awoke but strangely not awake were i could scream or move I felt my heart start racing beating so fast and for some reason i started to pray the our father and tried scream out to my husband, finally it stopped I sat up thinking to myself did this really happen to me and soon after this i started to hear 2 woman talking it was pitch black in there and i could hear one say to the other do you see her at that time i grabbed the remote and turned the t.v on no one was there i was so scared i grabbed my child and went to my bedroom with my husband and went to sleep next day i woke up with my left are sore as if i had a heart attack. I told a few friends about it and they really didnt believe me but one friend gave me a verse from the bible to read every night inn which i did and didnt have anymore problems. 2 yrs later we moved to a bigger home and i had a different type of incident happen, I was sleeping awoke to a feeling of some one touching my legs I opened my eyes and seen white figures of people only from the beast up floating towards me , not scared at all but felt ok. A year or so ago I was going to bed and I looked up at the ceiling noticed a weird vision of someone in black stretched out in a hooded black cape, i kind of brushed it off cause i thought it was just something that the ceiling fan made shadow like, so I went to sleep and hours later I turned on my back opened my eyes and this figure was right over me looking down right at me, At this time I was still into learning more about our Lord and was told never to show the evil ones you are scared cause the Lord’s power is stronger so I at that moment turned to my side and fell back to sleep and haven’t been bothered since.

      • Diana says:

        Hi Levi,
        I can relate to a few of the things you’ve gone through but especially with one of your negative experiences. I am also 23 and I had sleep paralysis when I was 19 as well. I was pretty scared at first when I realized I couldn’t move but what really got my attention were the really loud,high pitch, static noises that came out of nowhere. Then came a variety of people conversations with a little boy laughing in the background. As soon as I heard the little boy I managed to relax. When all of that disappeared, I saw the tall dark shadow standing in front of me and I couldn’t look away for a good minute or so until I realized that I could move so I ran out of my room at the time and never saw the shadow again. My question is if you remember hearing anything at all during your experience?

      • Hayden says:

        I’ve been having dreams since I was about 8. And at first they weren’t bad and they still aren’t. For example I dreamt that I sat in a recliner watching some old western movie and all of the sudden something walked in front of the T.V. But then the dream was over and in the next month or two it happened. I was at my friends house and my dream came true. The dreams aren’t bad at all. But they have been happening more frequently than usual. And I’m still young very young so I’m sort of worried. And can you blame me. When I told my sister what was happening she told me it was deja vu. And the dreams slowed for a while after. So I’ve decided not to tell anyone else in my family. But this isn’t something normal.
        And okay what if it is deja vu. That still doesn’t answer the question as to why humans are able to get a glimpse into the future. Only God should have that power am I right.

      • Jazz says:

        You are a liar and a cheat and you faked that pic stop scaring people with fake stories

    • Karen says:

      I feel your pain. I have had similar experiences. This is a gift even if it causes you pain. The warning of a coming tragedy is not so you can change the feature. The warning is to give you time to see that person one last time and set things right.

      A warning can also help you cope. You experience lloosing the person before it happens. It allows you to deal with the loss before it happens. When I lost my father I saw it coming months before it happened. Experiencing these bad dreams were scary but looking back I spent more time with him. I asked him questions about his past. I wouldn’t have those memories if I wasn’t scared of losing him.

      Sometimes the dreams come and the person has already passed… Those are the hardest.

      If your boyfriend does not like hearing of your prophecy then just encourage him to see that friend. Say, “hey you haven’t seen Bob in awhile maybe you two should hang out.”

      I understand feeling alone and scared. This is a gift, a special ability and we can learn to use it. Normally I get paranoid when I experience a dream happening. I wonder if something bad is going to happen. Now, I choose to be bold, stand up for myself and what I know is right. You can only live once and I will make sure I don’t regret not doing something.

    • Emily says:

      I’m just like you but you sound more advanced but I can only see through my dreams and when I’m awake I get an unexplainable weird unusual feeling i know what’s gonna happen before it happens but I can’t choose when or can’t control when I get these feelings and dreams it’s automatic like it hits me every time but I know who’s involved an everything where when the whole thing I’ve been like this ever since I can remember i told my grandma and she said my mom was the same way she would have dreams that came true so I asked my mom bout it n she said yea she even remembers me doing the same thing when I was little she said I would know exactly when she would be back home for days after she left without anyone telling me and I knew where she was but I don’t remember that anyway ask your mom or grandma see if they can do the same thing no matter how strang it sounds it could be hereditary mine is so that’s why I suggest that but I’m use to it now im 19 so it’s easy to deal with now but I believe in God and he gave you a incredible gift he wouldn’t give it to you if thought you couldn’t handle it so do some research and ask your family see if it’s hereditary then learn to use them for good not evil take care

  228. sammy says:

    okay so i recently got in a really bad car accident I was sleeping when it happened so all i remeber from that day was hearing the sound or the cars hitting felling the impact taking the first breath after it and then someone pulling me out of the car the accident happened around 4 pm but after the accident I have been a little scared to sleep a week later I woke up from a bad dream at 4;00 am the dream was about getting in a car accident and that scared me but the thing i got most scared of was that i heard and felt the impact of that night we got in the accident i wanted to know what that means

  229. RusstY says:

    hear is a just a time situation out of my own words more Or then less but as is how close this one came up to me as I remember. NOTE I Dchoose not to mention this much or ever’ ok first in the dream from what I do remember was that some time after I had helped a close friend move from one state to another true ok but this was not the dream he moved 5 states after he was married to his wife whom moved away because wife moved off base
    This close friend of mine we had not talked on the phone in over a couple monthes well one night I HAD THIS CRAZY DREAM fuck as I can only say my buddy was dead on the floor from what I can not say really but during the dream I was woken up from my fateh whom broke intro my room telling me my friends brother was on the phone something serious and for me to get on the phone So I was told over the phone m friend commited suicide and was dead I lyed there seriously thinking how I just dreamt that and this happping so close no time lAPSE like usually given times are most log never like that before ive had some very explicit dreams of large size waves crashing through homes out my home windoe I live 100 mile aqbove the water on bluffs

  230. Shylo says:

    I’ve had premonition dreams before. One time was when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I dreamt about this park near my place. The dream was a view as if i was floating towards this area in te park with this huge pond, in the pond there was a human skull. I woke up afraid but thought noting of it as I walked through that park the same day and I figured it was my mind messing with me. The next day around 6 pm my mom was watching the news and there was a story about how the police found a little boy drowned in the water after slipping and falling and hitting his head on the rocks. They showed video of the area of the pond that the boy was found in and it was pretty much right where the skull in my dream was.

    Another time I was sleeping and I woke up crying from a dream about a funeral and me walking up to a coffin. The next day we found out my uncle died that night.

    And the last time was about 3 years ago. I was 23 years old at the time and I had this dream that this lady that my father is friends with in the building came knocking on my door and I answered and she kept asking for my father. The next day we saw an ambulance come …she had died that night.

    In my life I have only known about 5 ppl who have died and 2 out of the 5 I had a dream about the night before. What does this mean.

  231. Matt says:

    My dream:

    I was in a small rowing boat. I was sat still not moving in this boat. The sky was blue there was lush forestry on either side of the lake. Eventually another small rowing boat apears in the distance. the boat slowly drifts towards me. As the boat gets closer I can just make out a women and a little girl inside. The boat keeps drifting closer and closer until it’s right next to me. As I look across at the boat I realise the women and little girl are my ex and 6 year old daughter. After looking at my ex I glance down at my daughter and with complete and utter shock I see that my baby’s face is scared. The scars were like all over her face. I start to shake feeling scared, upset, angry and devistated my beautiful baby girl has been hurt and scared all over her face. I start screaming and shouting like a mad man at my ex asking what happened to our daughter. My ex says nothing and finally drifts past me and out of site.

    One week Later I’m sat at home watching tv when suddenly my mobile rings. Unknown number at 10:30 at night. I answer the phone ands its my ex. To cut to the Chase for those who may read this, she tells me my daughter was atracked by a dog and was bitten on her face. She needed stitches and had been left a scar.

    Did I forsee this???

    I have also woken up to seeing a man holding a baby in the tree outside my window.

    Two weeks later my current partner had a miscarriage.

  232. Alyssa says:

    Hi my name is Alyssa..I’m 16 and actually just this morning I found that I had a dream about something that might have occurred last night while I was asleep. I had a dream that I got a nose bleed. While I was dreaming, I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought it was a nose bleed and nothing more. I woke up and went to go take my morning shower when I seen blood in the sink, on a rag, and on the light switch. I checked my nose to see if I had been sleep walking, but it was completely clean. My cousin stays with me so after he woke up, I asked him if he had a nose bleed last night because the blood wasn’t fresh so it had to been there for several hours and he had said yes. He woke up in the middle of the night with a random nose bleed. I really don’t know what this means..I don’t think it’s anything big. I just thought it was unusual.

  233. mike2253071095 says:

    Hi i have been deeling with this dream thing for a very long time we all seam to have have that in common and obviously we see some impossible things i have called my self crazzy bunch of time and i do beleve that not all that i have seen is the future maybe something like an alternate realality my dreams haveto do mostly with my self and others perfect momentary pictures little conversation video me looking at my self recently i had another one so i desided to look in to this i got to say thow if everything im doing every step i take leads up to that moment or short video or perfect picture thrn who is in control ? Me? The fact is even if i know its going to happen everything i do even trying to avoid it or change it will still take me up to that moment i have seen some bad things happen and even if know they are going to happen try to avoid them and yhe still happen once againwho is inin control? And y ? Is my future set ? If we are all tide in together and my future is set t your future is set too ahhh its enough to drive you crazy. Eny one ever try to enhance it or ddeveloped it with eny success?

  234. Zero says:

    i have had this occur on many occasions ive timed it its a perfect dream state in your own time line its like watching the dream from a camera view or a tv episode the dream happens 4 days later i dont know why its 4 days but its always 4 days the dream happens in real time i only have rem sleep im gonna figure out how to control it id like to watch the news from 4 days in the past

  235. Buck says:

    I begin with the statement that every dream that I have comes true in life. I have always had this ability and as I become older it becomes more focused. The visions, for that is what I refer to my dreams as, are very vivid. Always they are in color, the individuals I see clearly, the place, time of event, and even why the event it is happening are clear to me. I dreamed last night of the Ryugyong Hotel, in Pyongyang, North Korea. There near the top of that hotel next to the window outlook, a elder woman dies. She is a employee of the hotel there. Dressed in a white work shirt and dark slacks, she lies there the virus the cause of her death. A deadly virus, that is highly contagious and one that will spread from there into the surrounding city and beyond. The communist government unable to keep it’s secrets the epidemic becomes known to us in the west. Spreading fear as it grows worldwide. The epidemic eventually stopping due to the very deadly nature of this bug.

  236. Zac says:

    I had a dream a few months ago that I got lost going home from school and wound up at a train station I had never been to before. Earlier this week I actually did get lost and wound up at the train station from my dream

  237. jennifer says:

    I have had a few dreams that have came true it’s always the bright colors and read and they will always bother me I’ve had 5 and also I had a dream that I was attached by some thing true to swear my air out or grab my heart I wiggled my big toe tell I could wake up I went back to sleep and it happened again in all it tried three times

  238. Ryan says:

    I recently had a dream On December 6 2014 of walking through a park or landscape
    During the noon hours, and noticing two owls one larger then the other one and I recall the small one hooting at me.

    Turns out the meaning of the owl from said this

    To hear the hoot of an owl in your dream denotes disappointment and death, your subconscious May be trying to get your attention.

    Turns out 5 days later I was told by my mother, my beloved pet dog died of canine parvovirus.
    I only wish I could go back in time to stop the one person who entered the house that day who’s dog had parvo, maybe I could have saved her if I was there by not lettin that person in and so now death and disappointment has happened which is now the name of my dream journal page for that day
    Which is titled (Death And Dissapointment) dated 12/6th/2014

  239. Jessica says:

    Last night I had a dream that I had been shot in the leg and a friend of mine was shot in the head, when I woke up from the dream my mom told me that a friend of mine was shot in the head and a girl who he had been with was shot in the leg! Really freaked me out! I’ve always had dreams that come true I really want to hear more about it.

  240. mc says:

    had a very uncomfortable dream about my friend (wont say a real name, so I will call him Chris)

    I dreamt Chris sexually abused me, it was the most horrible dream I ever had and I don’t know why I would ever dream such a thing.
    However, in reality, 4 days later I check my facebook feed and I see chris posted a news article explaining how he had just went to the police and reported his Uncle for sexual abuse. he had been assaulted from 2008 to 2010.
    I don’t understand how I would have a dream about this sort of thing? then have it revealed that there actually was a link from my dream and reality.. granted the people being abused were different, but it was still Chris and still the same subject. I would never ever have dreamt this type of thing before. if it was a sign, why would it come to me in this way?? why didn’t it come years before when he was being abused back in 2008 – 2010? its too late to help, either way I would have found out about it thru facebook.. I wish I knew what the connection really meant.
    im very proud of my friend coming forward and he was really brave to face his demons. maybe this is telling me I should face my demons too…no matter how different my demons are to chris’s.

  241. Angie says:

    Hello. I woke up at around 2am Thanksgiving morning and while I was heading back to my bed I had a very distinct premonition that my father was outside, dead. My logical mind rationed it away and I remember laying back down thinking: if he really is dead I won’t be able to go back to sleep but if he is ok I will be able to sleep. And sleep I did. I woke up late around 10am and took a shower when I got out my husband was motioning towards the front door frantically saying…your dad…your dad…my father laid lifeless on our sidewalk. And I’ll forever be ashamed of myself for not at least checking on him.

  242. josh says:

    so i have had dreams of video games before there made like when halo 2 came out i dreamed of playing halo 3 exactly. i dreamed about assassins creed before that franchise even started, but for about 10 years i have had 0 dreams i just go to sleep and wake up. but now i have had dreams of what i can only describe as alien invasions for the past week i have had dreams of drop pods from space hitting a city area but some times i go into a basement area (which is impossible i live in Florida we cant have basements cause) they would flood with our water table right below ground level and there things falling through the floor without leaving a hole ever night i wake up with my bed soaked but it like water or sweat no stain just matter what the dream is. so has anyone played a game like that or seen a anime like that if not that only leaves aliens landing, they were really attacking just like showing up. the strangest part is the dreams seem to last hours and feel like they last at least 3 hours but ill be asleep for like one hour. its really strange.kinda like that one movie where the aliens make some people dream about them coming so the world don’t over react when they show up and we start attacking them. anyone else have dreams like this?

  243. tinky says:

    Hello everyone

    for me, every night i see so many dreams… and most of the times they came true.. even my coworkers started telling me to stop dreaming… well, that won’t happen for sure.. simple example i once had a dream that my friend as work is at risk to be fired because they no longer need her position but they are still evaluating this issue,.. the next day out of the sudden we were notified that they might eliminate this position form the organization and she might lose her job.. she was so surprised that my dream came true.. one of the frequently occurring dreams, if for instance i had planned a vacation with my boyfriend, the night before i dream that he’s calling me to say he was requested for duty and we had to cancel the vacation.. the exact thing happens the next day… yesterday i had a dream that him and i were supposed to meat, i called him to see why his late and i heard noises as if he’s fighting with someone and he hung up… the same thing happened today….. these are few samples of what happens.. i sometimes enjoy it.. but so many times i’m afraid of my dreams specially if it was one i hated…

  244. Cj says:

    I took a nap at 2:30 pm today and had a dream that I went to go with my roommates parents in a car ride instead of him and during that ride we got in a bad accident. I went downstairs to tell my roommate when he said hey I have to tell you something, my family got into a bad car accident last night and are in the hospital. I was so tripped out because I had no clue about the car accident besides my dream and to find out it happened last night without him telling me anything I dreamt about it.

  245. Kristie says:

    I’m Kristie, I’ve had 3 different versions of the same dream, it’s really disturbing and I’m not sure why I dream about it but I dream about planes crashing, and I would dream about it but I have no idea where it occurred but the next day or a couple days later it would happen and I would see it on the news, it’s crazy! Last night I had a dream about a plane crashing and this morning a jet crashed into a home and killed 6 people!! I don’t know why it’s happening!!!! I would like to know what it’s called?!

  246. Noemi says:

    Hi I’m noemi and I’ve had a psychic dream basically was to warn me that I was gonna get back with my ex and a couple days later it had came true than I had a dream the next day when we got back together that he was gonna sleep with me and than eave me and it came true once I told the close people I talked to about it I hardly have had psychic dreams it comes on and off but my dreams have always been basically warning signs to change my future to stop it from happening.

  247. jen says:

    i frequently have such dreams. I have many dreams so it will be very long. I dreamt such dreams a week before it is happen.

  248. nazerin says:

    Sometimes I have a dream and when I wake up forgot about it untill it happen, usually the time for the dream to came true are difference 1 day or maybe 1 month or more.when the event in my dream come true,I cannot change the conversation or things that will happen even when I knew it will happen.well words sometimes can be change like saying the same word with other people.usually the dream about a conversation or doing something in a group for my cases.

    • nazerin says:

      Forgot to add that my body feel like it was floating and the feels scare the shit out of me.feels like I’m dead when it happen.

      • Dessi Fung says:

        I feel the same way if some one dies in my dreams i feel like i am that person its hard to enplane, but it scares me i dont know how to deel with it

  249. Jessica says:

    I used to get these dreams at least three times a week, I would dream about something than completely forget about what it was about after waking up, (plus I usually had more then one every time I had these kind of dreams) but then I would remember my dream while it was happening in real life. Sometimes if it was long enough I would try and change it but it was never that big of a change. Now these dreams would go on and off every now and then, and I’ve had them for years… But as soon as I met this guy and started dating him (also sleeping with him) my ability to dream about future events has decreased to almost zero future dreams. And now he is claiming to have these dreams! Now what the hell is going on I want my ability back :/ I miss it actually. Could someone give me answers?. And this isn’t the first time that something “psychic” has happened,… I. The past I had a boyfriend that was my first in bed and about a month after sleeping with him I felt his presence in my room when I woke up from a deep sleep, I thought he just went to the washroom for a minute. So I thought he was coming back but he didn’t, I woke up more and then realized he wasn’t even over,… But that’s not even the weird part because the next day him and I were hanging out and I told him about that night, he told me that he also thought that I was over and that I left his room for a quick washroom break but then realized I wasn’t actually over. Now what the hell is going on? Am I psychic and do I have an ability to transfer some of my ability to others that I have a special relationship with? Someone please answer. :$

  250. Preeti says:

    Yes, my dreams have come true in real life. Mostly these include the important (happy) events of my life which i foresee in my dream and some are those that might take place within a day or two or some months and years later. These days I receive dreams which take within a period of one week at the maximum. Another thing is apart from dreams if there are any negative events which are going to take place…for these I simply…get that thought flashing through me for a second that before I think about it the thought gets vanished due to which I am unable to track down and eliminate these events or overcome them as they never stay in my mind more than a second…its amazing..I have experienced this many a times….

  251. rosna says:

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  252. I had a two part dream! The first part was a massage written on my living room wall, witch is all white. Seemed as if it was written on some kind of board (dry erase board) “it’s not a penny”! “It’s not a penny” I continued to repeat it over and over in my dream, to the point to were I was laughing because of the repeating of the word “penny” reminded me of Seldon from Big The second part was me messing up the amount of water used in a biscuit recipe for a home style bake! So in my dream I try and use pancake mix to thicken it up, and it turns out all wrong, and ending up tasting just like pancakes! The very next day, while awake and lucid, upon returning home from a day of errands, I find a penny placed carefully on the nob of my screen door, as if someone left it there! I still have that penny, and I have never discovered who left it there! Later that day I go on to make that home style bake, because I had planed on it anyway. I purposely use less water remembering that dream. And would you know it, the mix still turned out too runny! And yes I used that pancake mix! And low and behold if the biscuits turned out fine! They didn’t even taste like pancakes…lol This dream has just baffled me to the core. This is the first premonition dream I have had that’s this close in relation to the facts and the dates! I’ve even done resurch to find a meaning on the words “it’s not a penny” and if there’s any symbolism behind leaving one at ones door! Thank you for letting me tell my story! Amber

  253. Bailey says:

    I have dreams of places I’ve never been before but then months later I see the exact same thing I dreamed about. Why do I have these dreams?

  254. sebastian says:

    i have in counter about those dreams since when i was 9 years old.. i don’t know what do they call this dream.. i don’t know if it is a dream or a past.. i i i don’t know about this.. every time that it happens it makes me stop and think.. i was totally shock.. this past few days i experience it again.. every day that happens my friends was asking me about what happen to me but? the only one that i was answered to them was “I ALREADY DREAM ABOUT THIS”… they saying that i was kidding but its true..


  255. Alicia Thomas says:

    When I was 11 years old-I am 13 now-I had a dream about my being in an old, worn down Chuck E. Cheese. I was in the office, and I could check the cameras, open and close the doors on my sides, turn the lights on, everything. I could also see the animatronics. They would move every night, and when they’d be in my office to get me, they’d shake and scream in my face. I still remember waking up in a cold sweat screaming. Sound familiar? Yep, just like Five Nights At Freddy’s. That game came out this year-2014-the dream I had was in 2012. Bonnie’s eyeless face still haunts me to this second.

    another time, at the age of 11 again I was playing a game online called Poptropica (I still play it) and I was stuck on a level in an island (counterfeit island). I went to sleep that night and had a dream on how to exactly beat the island, I woke up, wrote it down, went to school, came back and tried it out. it worked.

    once more at 12 years old in the month of October (after the 5th) I had a dream about going to a convention at a huge convention center and hotel, seeing tons of people with grey face paint and horns (which were just Homestuck troll cosplayers) and seeing myself in a blue outfit (John Egbert God Tier). I had no idea what anime was or what homestuck was, I even saw my friend Stephen there in my dream, but I had no idea who he was nor have met him, he lived several states away from me and we have never met until now (we are great friends though)

    I have no idea what is going on here, if I can get some help it would be highly appriceated. this is seriously terrifying me, I have no clue what happened.

  256. jlunlisted says:

    So, I keep having dreams of stuff, and the next day they happen. I usually only remember them as soon as they start happening in real life… If this is real, please help me harness this

  257. Mark de Korte says:

    I had a random dream occuring, which i couldnt even think of. It was the weekend before my testweek started. I dreamt about a PE lesson( which is every tuesday), in which we had to do the rings. I had this weird dream that i felt out of the rings (and on wednesday the testweek starts) and the dream kept saying: “Testweek tomorrow, testweek tomorrow.” So i woke up on saturday and I still had the message: “testweek tomorrow” and i flipped out. However, I quickly realised that it was only Saturday and I had some more days to learn. Monday on school I told my friend about this weird dream. Completely forgotten the dream, I went to school on tuesday and I was on my bicycle riding to PE lesson. I still had completely forgotten what I dreamt about. That Tuesday it actually happened!
    I had no idea how I did it, however it is on video. With my dismount i ended with my head on the ground and I had a total blackout. I got a light concussion and was transported to the hospital. No real effects had occured and I was grateful for that. The only thing that struck me was that weird dream. Today again. It was not such a quite big deal now. It was about my football match tomorrow. I didn’t want to play, because it was only a friendly match and we had to play away, which is like 1 hour driving. So I dreamt yesterday that somehow the match was canceled. I told the same friend my dream again on school today, because this dream appeared at random and not to my knowings. And I was struck again. In the evening I got this message on WhatsApp from my trainer: Sorry guys, the match has been cancelled. Our adversary team has to supply players to higher teams. Still I’m kinda scared about this whole telepathy thingy.

  258. I had such dreams my whole life, but became more keenly aware of it around 2009. After being harassed by a lot of people in Chicago for two years, I became more religious and looked into my dreams to find God’s answers to my questions. I became able to sue a large number of people afterwards. Sadly I was harassed by the CIA. The CIA does not believe in psychic dream or in spirituality. They insulted my religious beliefs and insisted that I intentionally set people up so I could sue them. They kept insisting that I was getting extra information by touching or looking at things.

    I don’t recommend that anyone cooperates with the CIA if they become successful with their dreams. They continuously harassed me for over five years. They caused me to be in a constant state of poverty and have also caused me to havr physical injuries. Those bastards do go way to far trying to get people with ESP in their control. So now you’ve been warned. They are so obsessed with the issue that you will never be at peace even if you accepted the job they want you to do.

    I have dreams that symbolicly represent the future, what has and is currently happening outside of my five senses and of other people’s deaths.

  259. Harshit says:

    My phsyic dreams are not like you mentioned.. they’re somewhat personal and includes just me… like some kind of surprise or spending a whole day just like I dreamed.. they’re kind of uniform.. like one per month.. I don’t know if they’re actually psychic or not

  260. aditya prakash says:

    its amazing! i see diffrent things in dreams and they come true its not within a day or so but even months or like 6 months and i completely forgets about the dream untill that moment comes in which the xact situatn hapens as was in my dream! and it is not just one time it has happend with me over 20 times!! t is amazing ! just let me give you an example when i was in standard 8th i had a dream that iam going to b kicked out from my school i wake uo terrified and thought of changing myself but after 6 months i got kicked out!! its amazing!! its like i can see the important things which will happen with me but still i cant change it

  261. Ellie says:

    Same to me. Thing is I have memory loss so my dreams go away easily. I had a dream of moving light going towards my friend pretty fast. Next day they got hit with a car but survived. Most dreams of mine are bout spirits and the undead. Every person I dream of ends of with a lurk of death in my dreams. As if death is testing me. More occurred. I had one two hours ago. My friend is warning that person now. The dark dreams are the worst. The dark visions are the ones that don’t surprise me. But who knows I may be wrong. I am only one person. With the terror of dark. Where faces tend to show. Faces of spirits.
    I am Ellie btw. I’m 15

  262. Red says:

    I’ve had these dreams for as long as I remember and I’ve been drowning them out with drugs for over ten years now. I’m clean and they have returned and I just thought it was my demons that I’ve been running from but there not because there coming true I have a dream and it takes 4-7 days to come true but there coming true and it’s been freaking me out remind me why I’ve tried drowning them out with drugs. I can’t sleep well but my dreams help me and others

  263. Jordan Wilkins says:

    My name is Jordan I’m 19 in the military for as long as I can remember iv had dreams that came true I’m not sure. About the always though they were a coincidence they were never really anything important always random things like a girlfriend I haven’t dated yet or me sitting in class or having a conversation with someone I never really see them coming because usually I have forgotten about they by the time they happen but if I do I try to change the outcome or atleast try to just to see if I can anyone know if this is a real thing or not is like to know more

  264. Sarah says:

    So, I don’t normally dream.. When I do remember them, at least, it ends up being a nightmare or just a REALLY weird dream. These dreams tend to be very vivid. Recently, I’ve started dreaming every night. I’ve tried my best to interpret these dreams or remember them entirely, but they’re usually so weird and twisted that it’s just too hard to interpret correctly. I’ve written a couple of them down and they make NO sense, whatsoever. But last night was probably the least confusing dream that I’ve had in a long time.
    I don’t remember much of it because I didn’t get the chance to write it down, but…
    I remember riding in a bus with family members that I hadn’t even thought about in a long time. Two of my cousins, my sister, my aunt, and my uncle were on it with me. Long story short, the bus crashed and my aunt was severely injured while my uncle died. My uncle’s name was Jeremy.
    Tonight, I found out that someone in my town who was well known died in a car crash the night before-while I was sleeping. The guy’s name was Jeremy. Was this just a coincidence or am I not reading too far into this?

  265. william says:

    hi there. psychic dreams are no stranger to me, i’ve had them on and off for years.
    recently i had a collision with a car and i was a cyclist i was catapulted in the air and landed heavily on the road. I walked away without a scratch.I am into tarot cards and get some inspiration from them and have done them for about 14 years, but the last few days i have been dreaming about articles in the newspaper that i read about when i get up. I see the photographs in my dreams and the story of the article is acted out in my dreams. I think the time has come to embrace the experience and use my abilities to help others………..years ago i did get the tsunami in my dreams . also i get football results but that is a rarity if only i got them weekly.

    • aleyah says:

      Hi I’m aleyah, I’m 14 years old. I have been witnessing these types of dreams since I was 7… I had a dream one time that my friends broke up like they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and they broke up. I had so many others. I’m just telling u my recent ones. The last dream I had was last night I had a dream that I was at a cheer competition at this convention center. Well my friend is on a different cheer team then me. So she went to Cincinnati and took a picture of her at the convention center that I had dream of!

    • cheryl says:

      hello I am seeking any help I can get as to help understand a dream I had last night. I will give u the basic ok ..
      I was at a friends or moving in to a new place and my deceased younger brother called me on my cell telling me to come to be with him. I asked if he had a car he said no and I told him I would take the bus he told me I wouldn’t have to..and its like I agree to be with him, no I know he died in 95 but it was like he was alive I need some answers plz this is not a joke thanks so much

  266. Angel.. says:

    hai- im angel and im 13 years old. like any other teen, i like anime. most my dreams are anime related or have something to do with me in the real world. my most recent one (which was 1 hour ago) was about:
    I was in my room with my bestfriend Melanie..and she was cutting slits in my arm with a knife. i couldnt feel the pain but i saw the blood going donw. Next thing i know, my boyfriend,Sebastian, shows up at my door and we hang together along with my other best friend Kaylee. Sebastian lives in california though, i liv in nc, so this was wierd, especially when we watched a snake shed its skin and it? im deathly afraid of snakes. After that my grandma shows up and tries to drive him out. she gives up and we go to downtown were we meet up with some of his friends. i ended up loosing him and was now in some kind of maze, like in a building of marble. this wierd, snotty, girl shows up and tries to get me out but i land in a plane, right before i see my ex. i get on the plane and he is right next to me. he says were still togethe but then, the plane crashes and out of my window i see sebastian looking at me through the window with wide eyes. the plane crashes and i remain concious but i couldnt move. i could faintly hear sebby yelling my name and my ex , charles, next to me shrugging me to get up. there both next to me and i black out. thats when i wake up and i see slits on my arms ( i have scars of slits from my past attempts but they werent this big and fresh) and idk wat to do cause my mom doesnt know i used to cut.
    And ive had dreams before, ive actually had a dreams about a colorado school shooting.
    Any help pls?..

  267. kim says:

    i had a dream lat night which involved me looking after a little baby that i have never met but i do know who her parents are. In this dream i was ment to take this baby back to her mom but i kept falling asleep eventually at night time i took her to the car and strapped her in went back in the house and used the loo, as i shut the door i saw a scary bad man walking in our garden he came into our house and opened the bathroom door and attacked me. After a big struggle i managed to free myself and i check the little girl was unharmed and she was fine. i took her back to her mother. Weird thing is that i see on facebook that this ladies home was broken into last night and they took all her stuff but thankfully left her baby unharmed…… When read this i got shivers… it s almost like i had the baby with me whilst this was all going on in the house….. who can explain this …

  268. Nick says:

    Almost every night i have a lucid dream but sometimes after having a dream months even years later it comes true but the weird thing is that its only about movies. Like when i was like seven i had a dream about world war z, now im 14 and i watched the movie i was like ive seen this before even though it was the first showing. But other dreams that come true is video games, idk why i can only see the future about games and movies. Execpt this one time i had a dream me and my friend was palying in a ditch and a bee flew by and he fell in, then it happend the next day but i saved hime from falling…..

  269. danielle says:

    2 years ago my dad passed away and the night before I dreamed he passed away. I was beyond terrified and kept quite becuase I didn’t want to worry anyone or make anyone think I was going crazy besides nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I talked myself into believing it would come true, but it did. to this day I am beyond terrified that more my dreams will come true and since I didn’t talk about that one until it was too late, I talk about mine now and hope they remain just dreams. it sucks waking up from a nightmare in constant fear it will come true.

  270. Akshat says:

    Hey everyone…!!

    It happens with me that when something takes place I realize that I have seen exactly the same happening before. But I don’t remember where I had seen it

  271. Thomas Romio says:

    You are true . i did have many dreams that have came true . as it happened 2 time wich was the biggest one , an event during my sister marrage .that inspired me to find out how really it happens . i found out that the dreams wich we forgets wich we didn wants to before we wake up or a short while after wakeing up offen happens .as you have written above . the time may differ may be the next day or it may took a year ..

  272. Drea M. Real says:

    I don’t usually respond to these but I would like to share my experiences. First of all I keep a journal of every dream rather if they are good or bad. I’m finding that all do come true I was 16 when I had my first witness to this. I won’t go into details but I shared my fishing dream with a friend,girlfriend and her mother….needless to say they were all astonished when it played out just as my dream. I was nice for me to prove it to someone that they do come true. I have used them to protect people as well, I have dozens of real accurate stories and unfortunately for me my worst nightmare is happening now. I dreamed back in March that something tragic would happen to my family on the 21st of some month I wasn’t sure of the exact month just the day. Needless to say my non smoking healthy father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in October, he now only has days to live. Then on 11-13-14 my mother fell and broke her neck causing her to be paralyzed and she to now only has days left to live. It is 11-18-14 and that leaves me 3 days, who knows maybe this time I will be wrong…..say a prayer… but regardless this totally sucks :(

  273. B.S.M. says:

    This happens to me frequently,every few months, enough that I do not even get scared anymore. It happened today, very mundane but definitely a premonition, an object in my dream last night was on the ground in the woods today. The first time that it really made me fearful of maybe “making” these things happen, instead of seeing them before hand was frightening. A few years ago while working at a gas station I had a dream a car caught on fire. The next day at work a man ran in the store with a panicked look about him; the hairs stood high and straight on my arms. With a shaky voice, and without seeing any signs of the car burning I asked if he needs a fire extinguisher, and he took it from the wall. I asked him if his car was on fire, and he looked at me oddly, thinking that I had to already know about the car in flames having immediately assisting him with the fire extinguisher. As he ran out I walked slowly, stunned, out the door and across the parking lot and sure enough a white car on fire, just the same color as the one in my dreams. After that, I honestly have been trying to control it in some way for gain, but it is too variable. It can only help if your reflexes are triggered by these “repeats”, without knowing when and where something will happen it has more of a paralyzing quality. I am glad I asked if the guy in the store wanted the extinguisher, I used my premonition to save a few seconds at least in a dire situation that day.

  274. Zeek says:

    I had a dream last night that my car wouldn’t start. I woke up, got ready for school. then i go to leave and my car wouldn’t start. In disbelief, after school i checked my dream journal, and sure enough i wrote down my car wouldn’t start as last nights dream.

  275. Lisa says:

    I do believe that it doesn’t matter if you tell someone about your dream. If it’s meant to happen it will. On two occasions I remember waking up and telling my husband about my dreams (both distressing). One dream was I saw my son (he was 2 at the time) in an accident. There was blood all over his face in my dream. That same morning he ran straight into the lounge room, slipped and banged his head on the edge of the table. Needless to say, he was bleeding profusely, and yep – blood all over his face! My husband walked through the door, looked at my son’s face, an then just froze in shock. Interestingly, I’ve had many other dreams that have come true, some about extended relatives becoming ill, others about animals (I’m not sure why I have dreamt about animals). The thing I’ve learnt is, there is no telling when you can expect the dreams to come true, and its only apparent after the event that I had dreamt it – perhaps the same day, or weeks or months later. I was in a really bad car accident 10 years ago and seriously injured. I ‘sensed’ it very strongly about 1 hour before it happened that it would happen and I dreamt about it years before it happened (when I was just a child). Since I ‘knew’ it was coming my way, I was prepared (as well as I could be), so I just closed my eyes and told the driver to wake me up when the trip was over. Sadly that trip ended the way I expected it to.

  276. Norry says:

    This happens all the time to me, or rather the universe around me, I know it when the dream is important and will announce the details to those around me, they are always amazed as the events occur, in detail.

  277. Shayna says:

    So when I was younger i would have plenty of dreams. One was of dinosaurs chasing humans and fire and stuff so maybe a month or two later I seen it but it was actually me watching Jurassic park. But a scene in the movie was the scene that had played out in my dream. When I had the dream I hadn’t ever watched Jurassic park so I had no clue where it came from until I seen the movie. Another was similar to that but I seen olive from Popeye then seen the movie, again I had the dreams before I seen the movies. Another was maybe when I was around 10 or 11 I seen a guys face, had no clue who it was. I got a boyfriend at around 15 or 16 and that boyfriend was the guy I seen in my dream when I was 10 or 11. The most recent one I had was last week with my boyfriend of me slapping the shit out of him, I had no clue why but during the dream I felt like it was because of cheating, I told him about that dream and we laughed about it. 2 days ago I found out he was cheating on me which of course led me to being physical with him. I dont know what these are I know I’ve had more but those are the only ones I really remember. When the occurance happens in real life I remember it from the dream and I get this sort of déjà vu feeling. Any suggestions would be terrific !

  278. Brittany says:

    Since I was about 7, I’ve had instances in my dreams that take place in real life days or weeks later. Normally I don’t remember that I had previously dreamt of these until they take place. This happened again earlier tonight. Once the event took place, I remembered that I had dreamt about it two nights ago. Can anyone explain??

    • joseph says:

      I have the same thing. It just basically happens. it happened to me about 15 minutes ago which is why i looked this up. In my dream i was on a website and it was a strange color and a couple lines down it had the word molly. i woke up and forgot about it. 10 minutes ago it happened i read the article got to molly and bam remembered the dream. i have had it were i have said things and the next week i say those exact words without realizing it until after. i dont know how it works. i just know it does. here is the website im talking about

  279. Shawn Barma says:

    I literally teared up and got shivers on through my body as soon as I opened this page. Initially today I was searching for if there was any significance of my gf and I having somewhat similar but opposite dreams (I guess it’s hard to explain without actually telling them). Anyways I had one psychic dream when I was younger. I may have had more but just didn’t realize it. I was in fifth grade, and it was about a week before basketball started ( I had just joined a team at my school). I had this dream that my dad had taken me somewhere I had never been before, we had to go up some stairs, into a room with a bunch of guys, one woman, a coffee table and a dry erase board. I had never met any of these people. We all sat down on fold out chairs and I looked around. I quickly noticed the window which I proceeded to look out. Across the street I could see a brick building with bars on the windows. In my dream one of the men ended up making out with the woman. I was so confused. I woke up not thinking too much about it besides that barred window. After my first basketball practice my mom had to work late, so my dad had to pick me up. He had an AA meeting shortly after my practice finished so I had to go with him. When we got there it was where I went In my dream down to a t. I went up stairs, sat down and when I looked out the window, there was the brick building with bars on the windows. No one ended up making out with the woman there, but when all the men went outside to have a ciggarette they all talked about how hot she was. Who knows maybe one of them did end up making out with her after we left. That’s my story though.

  280. tony says:

    My name is tony I have dream that come true. A week or two later every now and then . The first one .I dream I was walking thru a path way me and two kids at the time I didn’t have any kids . A guy walking thru the same pathway shoot me and the two kids for no reason couldn’t see his face. A week or two later a young lady and her two kid was shot in there apt. Two complex away from me sad.I didn’t understand it then.the second incident I dream I got shoot again and this time I felt the bullet when it hit my body . I woke up for some reason I call my cousin to check on him he was the first person to come to my mind was him .he said he was ok i told him about my dream .I remind you this is at 2 in the morning he laugh it told me to go back to sleep he was ok .i said ok but I had a bad feeling bout this dream I couldn’t shake it so I call my cousin the next day told him I’m going to start hanging out with for a lil while on my off days he said ok . One Friday two weeks later 6 years ago I went to my cousin place of business sit with him for a lil while he said he was closing up for tonight that I can go home he’s good he was eating .he said as soon as he get done he’s going home to his wife .he told me to gone head home I said ok 45 min.later my had been shot 11 time thank god he still with us today Crazy huh. The next one two years ago I dream my aunt was in the hospital in icu I can see the back her in my dream I know it was her .so I woke up call my sister and her when was the last time she talk to our auntie she said lIke a week or two ago and I said we need to give her a call to check on her and I did she was ok. I told her about my dream she said I’m ok baby I’m aright auntie love you . Two to three later day before Thanksgiving her son my other cousin had got shot 4 time was in icu its like my dreams hurt people. The other night I’ve just dose off and I felt something or someone on me had me pin down not hurting me or nothing just sitting there so I try to get up couldn’t move ( remind you this happened multiple time so I’m like ok with it now ) . So I managed to Crack one eye opening and seen it my description (you know the color fire white and blue it was just sitting there I couldn’t see the face just body strange huh . Someone please give me some answer

  281. eric says:

    about 4 months ago i had a dream that was so real i felt the changes in temperature the pain of it all remember my thoughts and even dreams from my dream everything since i woke up has come true with 100% accuracy including my post to this site it all ends with me dying i would explain all of what transpired in the dream but i would be sitting here for hours explaining the entire 5 year period this transpires over 2 days after this dream my trainer at my current job who i didnt even know at the time was in a lobby with my sisters boyfriend i hoped on the mic and told him everything that he told me about himself during my training wich just actually happened last week but i told him all this 4 months ago i dont know what is happening i do remember that after my death in the dream i was talking to god and he told me i was being punished and that i had lived this before 3 times and then i woke up on my sisters couch exactly the way that my dream had started can someone help explain this to me

  282. Melquinda says:

    Hello.. im not sure what to say. i read if my dreams come true then write a comment. My dreams has always been coming true since i was a little girl it started off as little things ex ( my friend drinking water from the fountain ) now its getting bigger ex (Obama winning president i dreamt it and it happened i dreamt of a car accident and it happened i dreamt many things that come true i forget it most of the time then when its about to happen everything flashes in my head.. sometimes it changes sometimes it doesn’t. no one believes me they say its dejavu i know its not dejavu I’m 100% sure! others say its a demon because I’m 18 and i have everything I’ve ever wanted I’m told i have the power of “manipulation” anyway i don’t know how it relates to my dreams coming true but i think it does. i was also told by a woman blessing our house i have a dark spirit latched on me… i have dreams of random things that come true like my family and i watching tv.. i had dream i found out my bf was cheating on me in a hospital, the next day it happened.. its getting out of hand because my dreams are turning into nightmares….

  283. Margaret says:

    Hi there

    Got a question that someone may be able to answer. Many years ago I was told I had the ability of clairvoyance, over the years I had seen this gradually increasing and being able to provide messages to others through healing and angel cards. My question is why do I get dreams that show me death, this is the second time I have dreamt of a loved of passing away and within a matter of days they do pass away. Why are the workers with me allowing this to happen. I do not attend any churches any more at the moment as my life is just so hectic but I was wondering if any one help me with this. Love and Light God bless

  284. Anonymus says:

    I’m 13 and I’ve had so far 2 dreams come true in the past week and one came true yesterday. My first dream was that my grandfather called my father to tell him that my grandmother had died, and then in real life…like 3 or so days later my father received a call from my grandMOTHER telling him that my grandFATHER is in the hospital and is most likely going to die in like 7-10 days or if he’s lucky, 6 months. Next, I had a dream that I was pregnant and my teacher was the same age as me and was pregnant too and I can’t quite remember what happened in the dream, but all I know is that when i woke up I had this anxiety that soon left and for some reason I became very excited. Several hours later, I’m with my teacher and all the students including me sit in our seats and then boom. She tells everyone that she is pregnant with her very first child. What the frick is happening. Like i’m kinda excited but also scared to go to sleep tonight, because what if I dream about something terrible and then all of a sudden it becomes true.

  285. Leonnie says:

    I’ve had a number of dreams about places, and then later on I’ve seen a picture of the place and am hit with a huge wave of deja vu.
    Example, I once dreamt of a grand house with many windows and walls. I even remembered how it looked inside. Recently, I was scrolling through tumblr and saw a picture of a place I thought was vaguely familiar. The building itself was in America and that was scary, because I’ve never been there and I recognise this building both inside and out…?

  286. vix says:

    Hey, i can’t remember a specific dream, but I quite frequently will have a dream, don’t remember it in the morning, and then later that day or a day later i will be awake doing something and then almost déjà vu will hit me and I realise that I dreamt about it already happening. Sometimes it will happen more than once in day. Does anyone know what this means or had a similar experience?

  287. Kristen says:

    It was like 4 years ago and have been having dreams like this my whole life.I had a dream I was brutely beatin raped and starved I was kept in this hall or school or something I wasn’t sure at the time I had managed to escape I followed these train tracks that were surrounded by trees for awhile and finally came to an opening in the trees and saw a hospital I ran as fast I can when I got there my father was standing in the Emerg I ca lapsed. Then I awoke .. It bothered my for a week I had talk to my husband, my Father and even my friends I couldn’t figure it out it was so vivid.. I woke up one morning and my husband said look. So I did … Some teenage girl was kidnapped and it was exactly like my dream like I swear that was my dream in the paper.. I still get dreams like that now.. I have a place where I don’t feel alone and talk about them maybe one da I will help someone Thankx for reading … Good Day

  288. susana says:

    I had some dreams that have come true, but the one I remember the most was the one in when my grandfather died. In the dream my grandfather comes up to me and talks to me which I’m like it’s wierd cause I barely knew him, but he hugs me and we say our goodbyes. I wake up freaking out, I tell my mom what I just dremt five mins. later my dad calls saying my grandfather had just passed away. To my grandpa 9/5/2011

  289. uriel says:

    hello, my name chosen name is uriel. Id like to tell you a story. Recently i started recorded my dreams for astral projection. That was about a month ago, 2 weeks in i kinda fell off the wagon but i can still remember many of my dreams without the journal. Well yesterday i was on my way to a military event at the kema boardwalk. I was in a van with the other future soldiers. All of the sudden the conversation became one of my dreams. Literally. I know because it was only a few days ago that i had the dream. It wasnt quite like deja vu. I literally had just dreamt that i was in this exact place at this exact time with the same exact people and the same exact conversation. The weirdest part though is that 5 minutes later i completely forgot the dream and reliving it. I mean i know it happened but i cant remember the dream now. Kinda spooky.

  290. Anna says:

    I’ve had a few dreams that have came true and some other creepy things that have happened to me as well
    1. I had a dream about hiking with my family up a mountain when suddenly the air started going black and we were running away from it. We then made it o out house and what in my dream i thought were meteors, where fling down. A couple of weeks later i was reading the news paper and there was a article about a volcano exploding in Hawaii or something with a picture as if it was taken out of my dream.
    2. This one has happened two times, I dreamt cracking my iPad the night before the day i cracked it, both times.
    3.Often I dream about people before i meet them. The most recent incident was a guy i had a dream about being in the school play with, and today i saw him at church. Turns out he’s going to my school next year and he’s into musicals.

  291. Brittney says:

    The first meaningful experience happened when I was a freshman in high school. I dreamed my new boyfriend of only two weeks was driving away with a blonde girl in a red car. Come to find out after jokingly asking him and continuing to joke with him about it all morning between classes. He did cheat on me with a 6 th grader. She was blonde and he had kissed her after church the day before.

    The second time I dreamed of a baby in the womb. Come to find out my sister was pregnant with her first child and did not know it.

    The third I dreamed of my fathers death. The next day my aunt came and got me from work bc my dads heart had stopped during a routine operation on his foot and when they recessatated him he was not waking up. He ended up waking up and being fine, but a month later he had a stroke and went home on hospice care.

    My aunt told me that gift runs in our family. My granny had psychic dreams and almost all the people in our family just don’t talk about it, but they do too.

    • Brittney says:

      I can also feel when a spirit is around and their intentions. It tends to freak people out when i mention the presence in the room and the emotion that is attached to it. I can almost always tell if it is a man or woman.

      I get these senses almost on a weekly basis. Happens way more often than my psychic dreams.

  292. allen says:

    im 14 and i have dreams that come true.

  293. Tori says:

    I had a dream that I met this really cute guy and he gave me his number. When I woke up, I remembered that number. A couple days later, I saw the same guy at my local starbucks that I saw in my dream.

  294. Nivek says:

    im always having dreams of people i have never met, and in 1-5 years later i meet them, i do get deja vus of locations, my sister dreams of people in death related situations and they come true, like a uncle being shot down. (actually did happen the day after).

  295. She'Toya says:

    Ok I really do not know where to begin nor did I read any of the comment s above mines. I have dreams that ALWAYS come true, if I dream it 3x it happens and I also have dejavu more than the average person is suppose to. Ex: last year I had a dream that my ex and I was going to break up due to him getting someone pregnant, I had it once, then again, then a third time so I shared it guess what? We are no longer together because of that. Before that I had a dream that one of my kids was going to get their tooth knocked out but I never knew which one had it 3x shared it with my granny and guess what? My child tooth got knocked out. Before that I had a dream that my great granny was going to die it happened. Before then my friends wanted to go to New Orleans to vacation. That week I had horrible dreams about floods etc so I told my friends we shouldn’t go, they listened and Hurricane Katrina hit. I have been like this since I was a little girl I don’t if it’s because I am from Louisiana or what. I’ve often heard I had the gift of discernment. I can since the good and bad in everyone but what does that have to do with my dreams coming into reality. I often will sit and dejavu will hit me quite often, and I sit there wondering when it happened etc. It’s like I stepped back into time or something. I also wake up sometime with these strange scratches on my back. Not knowing where they came from. If you can just e-mail me because 9x out of 10 I won’t be back on here to check anything.

    • Valentino says:

      I hope you are going to read this because I can also sense the good and bad in people (I do not know if you meant since or sense in people) and your dreams happen three times but mine happen only once.I was wondering how often does this happen?

  296. Hector says:

    I had a dream of my school catching fire. I know it was my school but it was a very different layout and just an abstract scene. The school mysteriously caught fire and there was no exits at all. The dream ends. My friend today calls me and said that half of his school was in flames

  297. caroline says:

    hello every one my name is caroline and i have been married for 4years and i have a break up with my husband 3months ago and i was worried and so confuse because i love him so much. i was really going too depressed and a friend directed me to this spell caster Dr. store and i made all my problems known to him and he told me not to worry that he was going to make my husband to come back to me and in just 48hours i receive a call from my husband and he was appealing that his coming back to the house. i have never in my life believe in spell and but now it have just helped me and i am now so happy. Thanks to him and if you also want to have your lover back to yourself then his email is

  298. Tessa Gonzales says:

    I’m Tessa and I’m 17 year old. I’ve been dreaming always every night. But when i woke up, i forgot what i dreamt even when i tried hard to recall it. then after few months (can happen in years too) my dreams we’re as the same as what is happening and then i was like “Oh my God! i’ve dreamt of this before!” I just don’t know why these things happen but can you help me explain what is actually happening in my life? thankyou!

  299. Paul Bryan De Mesa says:

    Hi i’m Bryan, i have dreams that come true but not really the exact dream that i had. It’s more like its “related” to my dream that I will encounter the day after that dream. One example is that the dream i had where i saw a snake bite someone (its a bit random I can’t remember some details), on that day after that, I saw a post on Facebook which is an article about a girls foot rotting because of a snake bit it. Its not very eventful dreams that can warn someone, but this happens so many times. I don’t know if it is just coincidences.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I will not share by dream but this has happened to me since I was very little and I don’t know why so please help me understand why I am having these dreams but one I saw a war site. And it was on the news later that week.But after I wake up I get this really bad headachs for days at a time.

  300. Danielle says:


    i have strange dreams where people close to me are dying, dead, stuffed in cases or ready to pass on lying in coffins. when i dream i am fully aware of what is happening and can control my movements. but am very weak and can not move things, i can ask questions and get a response some times.
    usually i waken scared and find out usually by the afternoon parts of it have come true.

    i had one where i was trying to find my sister cause she needed help, when i got to her house, a family member just sat and laughed and my dad ran to her rescue, when i got to her she was stuffed in a duffle bag, i was crying and at that point noticed it was a dream as there was a large tank in the room.

    that afternoon i went to my family home and saw her crying on the couch with my mum holding a duffel bag. it was at that point she told me she was kicked out of her place by the other family member in my dream with no where to go, so my dad picked her up

    how can i make them stop?? or why is it happening?

  301. Jewlz says:

    My dreams coming true a lot often !! Maybe someone can help me please !!!! Their not good ones. Email-

  302. Jewlz says:

    I am 22 years old and I’ve been having dreams that are very deep I say, because it’s all with blood death and tears trap sometimes. In reality that’s what ii wake up too. The fighting yelling idk what all this means in my dreams. I tell people about them and no one believes me. Please help !!!

  303. Jade says:

    I have dreams that come true but sometimes that dream comes true fives times and I feel like I’m in a time loop. In that dream I usually say, “I had this dream before.” People don’t believe me because I don’t realize I had the dream before until it happens and I say it all the time so people just stopped caring. One time I actually remembered the dream before it happened and I told my sister. When it happened she believed me but she didn’t really care after a while. Also I sometimes can see in my mind where my family members are. One time I wanted to know where my brother was so I closed my eyes just to see if I could find him that way. When I closed my eyes I say him at his friends house.(neighbor) I went outside to see if he was there and he was. I was so surprised and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not. So that’s my story.

  304. Michael says:

    I have had dreams about disasters woke up told one of my brothers and than we will see it on the news
    I will have some that don’t make any since like weather and climate changes an place they shouldent be
    Some don’t happen like I said but a lot do

  305. Michael says:

    Ok how do you stop these dreams from happing from car crashes and people dying to my kids being born to the fall of my mirag and people,events that occur happen I also have dreams that don’t come to be but a lot of them do happen I can’t stop them even when I try I don’t want them any more im sick of it I even tell people but they say I’m crazy but my ex wife know a lot of them happen Cause I told her and when it happens she seemed scared also I answer some question people think Than they look at weird cause they didn’t say any thang I can’t use it as I want i would like someone that has expirenc with this and if any of this has happened to any one I need help advice pleas

  306. Molly says:

    I dreamt about cancer last night – literally just dreamt about conducting an online search on cancer.
    I woke up this am and thought it was a strange dream. I checked my horoscope and it said on the 17th of Nov a male family member would have a health issue that required my attention. I checked my husbands horoscope and it mentioned the same thing – a male family member would have a health issue on the 17th. No other signs had this horoscope.

    Sure enough, this afternoon my husband got a call that his step mom had throat cancer. His father has been battling cancer too will have to postpone his treatment until she is done with hers. My husband will likely go back this month to help them.

    I’ve been having weird instinctual feelings the past 48 hours. Calling ppl when they are mailing me a letter, hearing voices tell me where my phone is when I can’t find it. I wonder what it all means??

  307. Adam says:

    Okay so I thought it was just a coincidence for the longest time. Every once in a while, about once or twice a month I will have a dream of normal activities happening and in about a week or so they will come true exactly how I saw them in the dream. I have been having these since I was in 2nd grade and now I am a senior in high school. The dreams are not anything huge like a natural disaster happening but I do see little things happen exactly like they will happen. When I was younger they were small things like I would see myself falling from the tree in my dream or cutting open my foot and in the immediate future it will happen the exact same way I saw it. I had gotten in trouble at school a few weeks ago for reasons I will not reveal that had led to me transferring to a different school, about a month before I had a dream of myself being called out of class and was taken to the deans office and they confronted me about what I did. The thing is in my dream I had the same exact conversation we had and we were wearing the same clothes as I saw in the dream. I knew exactly what he was going to ask me once I went it, it was a huge deja vu to me. Even if I do not remember the dream, once the innocodent comes true i immediately remember when and how I dreamed it. I know I sound crazy or like every other person who comments on here but this has been happening to me my whole life and I have never told anyone because I thought it wasn’t a big deal until I started to know exactly when the in innocodent will happen. I do not think I’m a psychic or have powers of seeing the future but I don’t have any explanation for why this always happens to me. It’s not like I’m some guy who is going to open shop and look at your hands and tell you what you want to hear, but there has to be something because not just everyone sees what is going to happen to them. All I want is an explanation for this because idk maybe I do have something different about me in that way but I’m not going draw any radical conclusions. I just want answers.

  308. Cara C says:

    I’ve had dreams like this all my life but they don’t happen that often. And usually when they come true it’s months to years later. For instance the first time I recall this happening was when I was in around 2nd grade. I remember my dreams pretty well if they were interesting, and I have really crazy dreams, and I remembered dreaming about making little paper towel butterflies in a class and the kid next to me was being a brag about it, then at least a year later I was sitting in class making paper butterflies and the kid next to me was being a brat about it. A more distinct memory of when this happened was when I had a dream that a guy friend from school was spending the night at my best friend’s house with me. I know this was a dream because I told my best friend about it cause it was funny since our parents would never let guys spend the night. Then bam a couple years later he was spending the night with us in the same place and everything. Also this summer I kept having slightly differing dreams that I was going to miss the first day of my geology class this semester then surely enough my alarm refused to go off that morning. I’ve never dreamt of big things like disasters or anything. Just silly little things like that. But it seems to be happening more often lately.

  309. Rawan says:


    My name is Rawan, I’m 13 years old and I have had alot of dreams that have come true, and I’m still having dreams like that.

  310. Erin says:

    I have had many deceased friends and family come to me in my dreams …they patiently try and tell me something ( that usually makes no sense at the time) and I wake up extremely puzzled….later that day, the foretold event will happen…I also have more ominous dreams that appear average at best but later prove to be premonition based…Most recently, I dreamt that my mom and her boyfriend where going to break up (there had been no preceding events from which to draw this conclusion) as well as a flashback of my more rebellious years in which I experimented with shop lifting..the next day I was on the phone with my mother when she got a text from her bf saying he had left a letter for her on the porch…it was a break up letter. They had been together for 17 years. As I was heading over to consol her, I stopped in the supermarket and wound up catching two teenage shoplifters. I have always tried to convince myself that it was coincidental ….even while typing this, I fight the urge to deny it..but it has happened soooo many times….and from a very early age…I’ve just learned to roll with it.

  311. Aerial says:

    I have had some strange experiences.. actually ever since i can remember.. Ive been having dreams of soon to come events. I first started having nightmares in early childhood. but as time progressed.. I can remember more and more dreams that i had just forgotten about as time flew by. Here recently more and more of my dreams have been coming true. More than 5 within the past month. The odd part is i do not see myself in the dream. I see the other people around me… but its very rare for me to see myself in these dreams. I swear its like i have lived another life and im looking back on my life to “redo” these things. I have no idea what is going on… but im reaching out to see if there is someone out there that can help me. With finding information about this topic. PLEASE HELP!

  312. Bailey says:

    So lately I have been having dreams of me dating this blonde guy. I’ve never dated before, but in these dreams we seem totally in love and the dream keeps happening repeatedly. And also the dream was in somewhere that I recognized. Does this mean something? I’m not sure and I need help with figuring this out. If someone can help me email me at please help I really need help. I’m so confused.

  313. Tony Williams says:

    Hi these happen quite frequently for me. It won’t be until the event which happens usually 3 months to a year or more, takes place in front of me. The strongest was when I was in Afghanistan, just been hit by a grenade to the head, I prayed to God that if he got me home safe I would settle down with a girl and start a family. I prayed for this because I was 26 and realised I had nothing and if I had died out there then that would be my existence gone from the world, no part of me to pass on. It was only when I returned to the front following a week of rehab, luckily was only minor shrapnel wound. It was then I dreamt of meeting a girl who would then become the mother I of my child. I dreamt of going for a meal in Manchester, Trafford centre in England in a noodle bar, I remember telling my friend in the patrol base of that dream. Anyway couple weeks later I was shot multiple times and should have died. Had 52 units of blood transfusion, but I wasn’t panicking about the impending doom. I knew I was going to survive. 2 years later going through rehab, I learnt that I may not walk, have kids or bladder or bowels. But started talking to this girl I was just drawn too on a spiritual level. 7 months later me and her went to the Trafford centre and couldn’t decide where to eat, I had forgot about that dream but we sat down at this particular restaurant and she started to speak. It all then came flooding back. We now have a 9 month old daughter and I have had dreams of her which have come true in real life weeks/ months after.

    I believe these are clues that I am on the right path in life.

  314. Poppy says:

    I’ve never really thought much of it until now. I dreamt a week or so before I lost my job that it would happen. And guess what I lost my job which I loved. About two weeks before Christmas I dreamt my grandma fell ill and this illness would lead to her death, and my grandma fell ill and died in hospital 2 days before Christmas. I dreamt that I would get hit by a car and a few days later I got knocked over.I only just put the pieces together. is this coincidence?

  315. Brandon says:

    Hello everyone, I’m scared an need some help. Ever since I was 4 I have been having dreams that come true. Not only that also alot of weird things happend around me as well. Things like knocking on the walls, Things falling of tables an shelves, Lights flickering, and so on. When I was younge I was scared but I am more open as to what are or who is this force trying to get my attention. I have been looking an searching for years as to why these things happend, People say im cursed some say Im blessed. If anyone can help please please EMAIL me or visit my blog you can talk to me threw asking questions, Sorry if I wasted anyones time, Email- and my website blog is, thank you all, blessed be,

    • Helper says:

      Sometimes I think I see things and hear things… but there is no telling if they are real. I will tell you about one time. My siblings and my grandparents were watching a movie that night and I had to go use the restroom. so I went and I turned around and there was a tall shadow leaning on the restroom door. I ran through and went and sat in between my grandparents, not telling them.

      • Kristen says:

        One time I had thought someone was trying to break into my new home so I called my cousin my phone was dead which was unusual because it was on the charger fully charge I went to the front and back door scared the door handles were shaking so I ran to the front door and just as I was getting closer I had seen a black figure ran past and up the stairs in my baby’s room my baby like starts screaming I grab a knife thinking the intruder got in I went up stairs and there was nothing any where to be found after that taps would turn on stereos things would be moved or thrown i was sitting on my couch one time and some sat beside me but no one was around omg I was so scared I ended up movin. I hope you don’t think I’m krazi.. Good day

  316. AnonGirl says:

    I’ve only been having these “psychic” dreams as of recently. They aren’t really big things, such as dreaming about a natural disaster before it happens – they’re more particular to my own life. Anyway, the first one occurred a few weeks ago. I dreamed about this boy I used to have the biggest crush on 2 years ago. I should mention that I dream about him all the time, actually. I’m not sure why I have these dreams… but it makes me want to talk to him! Back to the dream though. So in this particular dream, I was at a table in the lunch room with a friend, and he comes and sits at our table. Doesn’t say anything to me though, just stares at me. huh. So I had that dream on a weekend, and when I come back to school, what do you know? He coincidentally decides to sit at my lunch table! We have the same lunch, but it’s not like we’re friends. After he was finished eating lunch he just decides to come sit at the end of our table, and he brought a friend. I totally could have said hi, but I didn’t! Anyway, a week or so later, I had two dreams that sort of came true: one was that I got in a really stupid fight with my best friend. Crazily enough, we got in a huge fight the next day and didn’t talk for a couple days. I also had a dream about the same guy from the first dream. It was a real quick one, we just walked by eachother and I noticed him but he completely ignored/didn’t notice me. This is different from all the other dreams I have of him, where practically stares into my soul. Not to mention in real life i’ve noticed that we STILL make significant eye contact if we’re in the same room, despite having not talked in two years. The next morning I happened to check my fbook – come to find out on my homepage it says he’s in a relationship with someone. And recently in school he hasn’t been staring at me anymore. Not that I blame him haha, we haven’t talked in forever. I just think the dreams seem connected somehow..or maybe it’s all just coincidence…haha. i dunno. But i did have another dream about him last night. it was a good one, and now i’m wondering if it’ll come true, but i’m not gonna get my hopes up or anything, eh? :)

  317. JB says:

    I sometimes have this dreams and they come true. One specific dream is that I was walking through a cemented road and getting to a plant I was talking in a different language. WIthin 3 months I was transferred to a place and when i landed there and was walking towards the plant i could feel it was the same path that was in my dreams. I has happened before also. It is not very frequent but it happens in between. I had a dream that my mother died. I woke up and was in tears . I took up bible and prayed to God to not to make it true. I opened it and found the paragraph in which a king was begging for curing his illness and God answered his prayers and extended his life. That afternoon I got a message from home telling me that my mother fell unconscious suddenly and was unconscious for almost 8 minutes and they thought she was dead. It is sort of weird.

  318. ledal says:

    hey i’m 15 years old . from the last 2 years i’m suspacting that most of my nightmares and dreams are coming true …recently i dreamed of a party at a creepy unknown house and that one of my classmate was inviting me and some unknown friends.after waking up and going to school i came to know it was the same classmate’s birthday.even once i saw a ambuliance crossing infornt of my dads car same happen in reality the following day when my dad was driving me school and taking about my wrost nightmares i see death of my parents and my grandfarthers and many unkown people.sometimes a wake up at 5am or 3am scared and crying even…

  319. nazario jr ruiz says:


  320. Hawkeye says:

    I’ve had premonition dreams since I was little and they have always been weird or small things that would happen months or years before it actually happens the same way it did in the dream I like when I was little before I even knew my friends I have today I remember a conversation we had and when we met and that conversation happened I was just surprised and confused saying I remember this from a dream before I met you and she said weird. As well as a dream that I’ve been having since I was little of meeting someone when I was older but I was in a wheel chair and as I got older (i am 17 now) and I saw a few more faces the person in the dream got clearer and clearer but I never noticed the wheel chair until my back and leg problems started acting up more then they should and I started have a dream where my neurologist told me I’ll be in a wheelchair and a few days ago my neurologist said In I few years or less I might be in a wheelchair with how quickly my MS is attacking my nervous system

  321. Phoebe says:

    I had a recurring dream that I woke up and my husband was gone. I couldn’t find him anywhere. He just disappeared. But he came back a long time later and was a very different man. And then it came true. I woke up and he was gone. He eventually returned. That was several years ago and he has never been the same since. I know this sounds bizarre but he changed dramatically. He tells me that it was a decision on his part to be a new person. This new person has lost his kindness and love. He is now cruel and angry. We later found an old psychiatrist report on his great great grandfather. It was from a London Institution for the Insane (that’s what they called them back then). The report stated that the patient had gone away to Italy for awhile and he returned a different man. His family took him to the lunatic asylum when he exhibited signs of psychosis. The report described him as emaciated and delirious, often singing silly songs when happy and growling when angry. My husband has similar behaviour. It is frightening. I am doing my best to keep myself at a friendly distance until I can figure out what to do.

  322. Lara says:

    I woke up 15 mins ago from a dream that I was back at my old school doing a running competition I was following clues to get to a finish line. 1 of these clues would lead me to the school Café. I started walking through the hallway to get there when a man was strangling a pupil and walks into the cafeteria sits down so I followed him in it was seriously crowded in there as well. He pulls out a shotgun and starts firing at the pupils. I woke up felt sick and heart was racing I turned the news on and it’s actually happened as I was dreaming about it!!

  323. melody says:

    i dreamed last night that one of the celebrity here in our country will perform wearing all white dress and now i saw the report, they really do wear white dresses.

  324. Trey says:

    Hello guys and gals, my name is Trey. I’m 15 and have experienced many psychic dreams. I mean like last night, I had a dream about a specific conversation would take place in my 4th period class. Today, without even thinking about it, o was sucked into the conversation and then I realized that I had a dream about this the night before. I then tried to explain to everyone but they thought I was crazy. I know that i am not crazy and I know that I’m not the only one who has these dreams as frequently as I do.
    (Frequently every week; sometimes multiple times in one week)

  325. Deborah murphy says:

    I kept have the same dream for about 4 months, where i woke up and my car was being stolen off my drive, i told my husband, he said dont be silly my car is parked behind yours. one night he woke me up and said your car is being stolen, got out of bed went to the window and what i seen was exactly as i seen it in my dream, they had broken into my house took car keys for both cars, they had already took my husbands car is why i didnt see his in my dream. so scary but now when i have a dream i get so worried.

  326. dr.Divya says:

    hi i have a lot of such experiences. one i wish you to discribe here is that I am a vet,dr and when i was working in a hospital, a dog was admitted for minor skin problems and was quite healthy. few days later its boarding , that night i had a dream at midnight that the dog is having greenish diarrhoea and it was looking at me just like a kid looking at its mother. immediately i woke up from my sleep and i had severe stomach pain and loose motion. then i thought since i was having stomach pain , it felt it as a dream , i went to latrine and came back and slept. next day morning when i went to the hospital and checked the dog, i found him dead soiled in greenish coloured diarrhea.

  327. juan yepes says:

    i can never remember any ofmy dream but since i was a little kid parts of the dream i would remember cause i would live them small things like been with a group of people specific places where i would be situation that all would come true now that i am getting older this premenision are becoming more and more comon i dont know what to think of it its starting to freak me out

  328. venkatramana says:

    HI this is Venkat from India, I got this types of dreams lots of times and they really happened in my life. I was seriously f**ked up with those dreams as i am seeing my life in my dreams and all the events which are going to happen. I was 19 when my father died due to paralysis and i got that as a dream one day before but on that day he was normal. I usually get tsunami, earth quakes worlds extinctions in my dreams i don’t know why ? i usually sense my self as i was in that situations when the actual thing is happening. It seems like i was living a life in a dream and when i dead there i suddenly woke up here. This happens lot of times with me and i still remember those dreams. I did researched in lots of web site find what exactly it is but didn’t get any idea on it, still doing research. please guide me, help me by contacting me at

  329. Nolensville says:

    I generally take sleeping pills and smoke pot to avoid the dreams. I don’t like when I have the dreams. Mine come in two forms the first which really scare me is general panic attack about something, hard to explain it I just get panic attacks when a specific top pops in my head and I almost become obssed with the thought. It generally goes away after an event has happenned and all is normal. I have had two – three of these events that I remeber I’m sure there were more but I never payed attention to it until recently.

    The second type are generally vision type to where I either get a hot flash or I get light headed. I recall when or where I was when what I’m currently seeing is what I was dreMing about. This one is hard to explain it’s like sitting at your desk then bam I recall I’ve seen this before and that I remeber this from a previous dream. It’s like seeing an old movie you forgot about but being able to predict what’s going to happen next but you still don’t remeber seeing the movie, just this segment has been seen before.

    I only have a hand full of events to pull from mostly because I ignore them and don’t like thinking about it. Two major events that happened changed my views about this. I use to think it was cool and a unique gift it’s not and I hate it. Were not suppose to know the future And seeing thing before they happen really mess’s with your head.

    9/11 and lose bolts falling from the space station through The roof and passing through someone’s bed. When these events happenned it was as if some one was screaming at me to pay attention. These two events were the panic attack type events. I worked at the airport and even took flying lessons, right before 9/11 I had a fear of planes and the idea of getting on o e terrified me. I love flying I even went sky diving once but this fear was hard to explain other than under no circumstance was I going to get on a plane. After 9/11 my fear of flight went away.

    The space station happenned after 9/11 and I remeber thinking I had this feeling before and I knew somehing was going to happen. My fear is I can’t tell if I’m fearing for myself or events that are happening to other people. After the second incident I do what ever I can to not dream sleeping pills for some odd reason reduces these visions and the pot helps as well. I hate dreaming and wish I could stay awake 24/7. I don’t fear dreams I fear what I will see. Hopefully I’m just paranoid lol and everybody has this happen to them at some point in life???

  330. Matrix says:

    I sometimes see the start of an event that I have dreamed nd predict where I’m going to look nd what’s going to happen.It was the first day of school after summer I had a dream that our school yard had changed nd it had when I saw it.

  331. Myah says:

    Well just today like after 4pm, I was sitting in the car while my mother was in the grocery, just sitting there day dreaming I had a vision about my mom driving and she was on the phone and she was slamming on the brakes trying to avoid hitting someone a little child and there was a woman standing on the side of the road in shock I like mouthed the words “she’s on the phone” and then after my mom came back from the grocery we was in the same area and driving on all of a sudden I saw a cat in front of the car and my mom was on the phone slamming on the brakes trying to avoid hitting the cat and there was a woman standing there and she was like thinking my mom was going to hit the cat but she avoided it but I was in utter shock because I just had a vision similar to that and I was like wow I can’t believe I actually happened

  332. Caz says:

    In the past week I have had three dreams that have puzzled me. The first involved me taking a pair of unusual headphones from a draw at a friends mums house. I have never been to this persons house. I described the draw and the headphones to my friend who got her sister to photograph the drawer. It was the same drawer and the same headphones. My next dream was that my good friend scraped the side of his car, when I asked him the next day, he had in fact scraped his car and when I looked at it, it was the same size, colour and pattern from my dream. The last one actually is two dreams with the same person in that I have never met. In one dream he fell on top of me and died and the second he was behind me, kissing my neck. Today whilst online I came across a photo that the local police had put up this morning (he is suspected of a crime). It is the same man and I have never come across this man in my life.

  333. TheConfusedGirl19 says:

    Ever since I can remember…starting at about the age of 6, I’ve had these dreams that have come true. Sometimes it’s just little things, things I shove off as mere coincidence such as the one night during my summer before the beginning of 2nd grade, I dreamed about picture day. I dreamed about everything my friends would wear and what they would say to me. I dreamed about how long we would stand in line and about how this one kid was going to knock over one of the cameras. When picture day came months later everything in my dream happened. Detail for detail. I’ve had worse things come true as well. I dreamed about my mothers death a year before it happened and so on and so fourth. I don’t know if it’s all coincidence or if somehow my dreams are really coming true…but whatever is going on..I hope it ends soon. It’s either a gift or a curse..or I’m just crazy. Hell, I’m only 19..I don’t know what to believe.

    • ET18 says:

      hi! I’ve been looking into this same sort of thing. I’m 18 and like you I’ve had this sort of thing happening ever since i could remember. More recently it’s gotten to a point of things happening one day and a refrence of that random occurance the day before in a different context. Like yesterday, i found an airsoft bb on my floor just randomly, haven’t touched mine in years. Today i walk into a class of mine at school and my teacher has a container full of the exact bb’s for a project. Many other things have happened. A chair appeared outside of my home this weekend while i was home alone that was in my garage. I guess that could be paranormal if anything. It’s just weird. Just thought i would tell you I’m in the same boat as you. Have a good life.

  334. Spencer says:

    I have these dreams like once every three days,I never can remember them but when I do it could be in 3 years or 10 days,I don’t know how to explain it.My family doesn’t believe me but I know they just happen I have no control over them.I don’t know if I will ever be able to control them.Its an ongoing conundrum for me and I have OCD so when I don’t know something that happens often I either get curious or angry about it.

  335. srijana says:

    Well talking about myself i also have a dream but my dream is connected to my life. From my childhood , the phase of life when i was able to understand from that time i have been realizing that mine each and every dream is connected to what is going to happen to me and my surrounding . Dream is not only the ones that are going to occur in the near future but i do also see those dreams which will be real in 1 to 2 years. Not only some dreams but all the dreams that i have saw has become a part of my life .It is obvious that what we do dream about the thing that we think but in my case the thing that i have never expected and those dreams come to be the truth and the reality.

  336. I was dating this girl before, for about 1 year and 9 months. And for 1 week straight, I had dreams that she left me for someone else. About 2 months later, she ended up breaking up with me and hooking up with someone from the nearby area. I thought it was crazy how I dreamed that. It freaked me out.

  337. Danielle says:

    I have been having these dreams for the past year in a half. Its not about events occurring or anything like that. My husband was married before me and they had two kids together. She isnt the greatest mother in the world or anything and the kids hardly hear from her. It might be once a month or once every 4 months. Like I said I have been having these dreams for the past year in a half and in those dreams are the kids mother (husbands ex), In the dreams there is nothing special that happens, its like i’ll dream that we are fighting (exchanging words) or i’ll see her in the market (not fighting) and then after I wake up from that dream, she will call my husband that day. Like I said we rarely hear from her, but every time I have a dream with her in it, she calls. I had a dream about her last night and I woke up and thought (wonder what time she’s going to call), and sure enough she called in mid day. It never fails. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what does it mean?

  338. rachael says:

    When I have dreams and they come true can anyone tell me why I go dizzy an feel like I could pass out when I realise I had a dream about it the night before.

  339. sweety says:

    7 year back i had a dream about my results of 10th class. I could clearly see that I got 515 marks in total. the only next week when I got my results. the figure was exactly same it is 515. I was really surprised. I didnt know how is this possible?

  340. yuuki says:

    also have the same… happens to me all the time but most of it is, I’m involved
    does bed dreams have any connection in seeing ghost? hope not

  341. kala'i says:

    I have had the same thing but at a time when i was 5 i dreamt of me running away from a chicken for no apperent reason but then the next day it happend last night in my dream i saw my step cousin kiss my friend somi told him dude don’t stay away from her but yet i seen them and kept my cool when i was taking a nap today i was like okay i had enough and my dream was my white $50 chicken getting killed from a fight i woke saw him dead with a rooster standing right there and said this is for my chicken bastard.

  342. Frank Cardamone says:

    I really need help with this —- if some one can point me in the right direction….

    that is

    when my dreams in the future come true–like when they start — i get this awful feeling– like death – say — its so terrible i make feel awful…

    Once the future event stops…. I instantly stop feeling awful….

  343. Frank Cardamone says:

    I have ver very different dreams to most of you…..

    I actually dream the future,,, often – with no mistakes – dates times events – people names – locations……

    mine are not sort of dreams – mine are dead on accurate to the last detail

  344. Myisha jones says:

    I dreamed about my son getting shot in the head years ago at least eight years ago and this year aug 21, 2014 my son was shot in the head the scene was set up just like it was in my dream I seen the blood coming out the back of his head in the dream and everything I seen in my dream was exactly the same as it was in reality I ask my self could I have stopped it. I dreamed of the day I found out my mom died the expression that my sister had in the dream was the same expression she had when she got out the ambulance in reality that is how I knew my mom was dead I knew before I even went in to see her just like my son I just knew the police didn’t tell me I just knew I felt it I felt my baby spirt and my moms spirt go through me. I have been wanting to do a sleep study to really see where I travel when I’m sleep I know I astro travel in my sleep I have been doing it for years

  345. Tammy g says:

    I always have dreams about a person I haven’t seen or thought about in months or years than see them the next day, all the time blows me away

  346. Hannah says:

    So I nanny for a family, and while the little boy naps for two hours, I end up taking a power nap. Within the first month I had multiple vivid dreams of a demon being inside their house trying to do something to the little boy. Everything in the house is always the same and even the same situation, the demon is always in his room trying to attack him in his crib. Which is where he is while I’m having these dreams. I don’t have any weird feelings about the house so I don’t know why I’m dreaming these things. The other day, I decided to lay down for a nap on their couch after I put the little boy down for his nap. Once he was asleep I ended up dozing off. I had a crazy vivid dream about how the mom ended up coming home early, it was a little after 3 in the dream, and I was a little stressed because the little boys toys weren’t put away and I didn’t clean the dishes yet (I usually do all of that before I rest but for some reason I didn’t do it that day) I figured I would just do it after I woke up. Well I woke up around 2:55 and I thought to myself “what if she does come home early” But then I was like no, it’s just a dream, she never comes home early! Well, two minutes later she texted me saying that she is on her way home and that I get to leave early!! 5 min after that she got there… didn’t get to clean up or do the dishes in time. So weird. It was exactly how my dream played out.

  347. Ruby says:

    Well my dreams have been coming true since I was little and I think it’s strange that I dream about people and they’re in danger in my dream and in real life they turn out to be in danger I find this very weird for example I had a dream that my friends dad was yelling at her for nothing and then the next day I talked to her about my dream she cryed and told me what happened with her dad.!

  348. Jame says:

    I have had 2 sets of dreams that have came true.
    The first set was a set of 3 dreams that happened over a week about my pet dieing. A few days after the 3rd dream my pet died.
    The second set was a set of 3 dreams that also happened over a week about my partner breaking up with me. The day after the 3rd dream, she had broken up with me.

  349. Tiffany Mizell says:

    When I was a few years younger I had hamsters, I had 3. 1 after the other. The first hamster was named vanilla no dreams about him.. to bad cause his death could have been prevented…I broke his back with my elbow, I didn’t mean to. Anyway after him i got a black bear hamster named brownie, when he got older i had a dream about him it was a weird dream he yes HE had babies like alot like 10 then one by one they all died (they poofed- dissapeard and thats how my dream showed them dying) then the last one alive was brownie he died but didn’t disappear he laid there cold and hard then i woke. a week later he died. and i thought that maybe that dream was just timed right or was a coincidence but then I got another hamster a winter white hamster…named tony i named him after tony hawk. Anyways had him for few years then had that same exact dream of tony i had of brownie. then a month later tony died. then about a year ago i had a guinea pig named porkey like porkey pig lol get it cuz hes called a guinea…PIG lol sorry anyway i had the same dream of him dying like i had of my hamsters and few months after the dream he died. this aint the only thing crazy that happened to me… after tony died i still had his cage and for about a WEEK EVERY night his hamster wheel would moved i heard it.. got up and turned on the lights and SAW it moving the cage was empty he just died that happened for a week then nothing. then after porkey died i hadnt cleaned out his cage his food and water and bedding was in their i left it exactly how he had it food and water was still in their. anyways porkey was pickie when it came to his food hed push unwanted food out of the bowel with his nose. anyway when he died i heard his food fling out of his bowel then i heard his water bottle that still had water in it move back an forth like it would when he drank. After that night i wanted to test to see if he was really there so i cleaned his cage and put bedding in their and patted it down and smoothed it i put food in his bowel his fav food on bottom and put fresh water in the bottle. that night heard the bottle move heard food fling i woke up in the morning and looked in the empty cage and saw food had been flung. 2 more things happened.. one time when i was maybe 10 i was sitting still on my bed playing ps2 and i had a feeling that something bad was goin to happen i tried to ignore it but somethin told me to move as soon as i jumped off my bed and looked behind me the glass picture frame fell face down where i was sitting. that woulda been bloody if i hadent moved lol the other thing that happened is i was walking home from school and fyi theres no side walks so im walking as close to the persons yard i can get so im walking and i get the feeling somethin bad gonna happen so i turn around and a car is driving around 30-50 and increasing i cant see the driver cause he trying to reach something on the floor i jumped out of the way just in time. just today i had a dream i was mad at my dad (which I am) and him and my mom got into a divorce (they tried to divorce years ago they still married today) and i became a rapper (i want to be a rapper) if this dream comes true or a part of this dream comes true i hope its the rapper part people say i can rap an that i should be a rapper

  350. Gerry says:

    Approximately two years ago i had my first and only dream of this nature. In my dream i was in my biology class and my teacher was wearing a bright red dress shirt and brown slacks. In this dream, for whatever reason my teacher had damaged vocal cords and simply could hardly speak. The very next day I go to class as usual and as soon as i walked in i saw him in the same outfit he had on in my dream. This Immediately freaked me out. And had my mind racing. After the tarty bell rang he walked to the front of the class room. He attempted to speak but his voice was really raspy. My heart dropped and hands were sweating perfidiously. He than explained to the class that he had lost his voice over the weekend from some sort of sickness and will try to talk as little as possible. I have never in my life been so scared and confused… I have never spoken of this to any body for the pure fact of mockery. Just recently my father informed me that he has had the same dream almost every night of his life for going on 60 years. I begin to think that these have some sort of weird connection, quite possibly some weird hereditary phenomenal.

  351. telmo says:

    I have had many, many so many dreams that come true!!! But they are always short and never about something important. At first it kind of scared me but i just learned to live with it. Its part of my life now. I wish someone could explain whats going on with me. I hear other peoples stories about them having useful dreams or something important that comes true. The only precognitive dreams i have are about trivial things, like me riding in the car with my mom telling her about a book. Me watching a series and thinking “this is really cool” before i have ever even heard about it. One time,i had a dream where my cousin was showing me how to crochet and i was using this bright green needle and i said “so your grandma taught you this?” I woke up, told my cousin about the dream, and a few months later, it all happened.

  352. Julian says:

    Hi, I’m 12

    I always have this feeling of me having the 6th sense. I always (well not always but mostly) have this psychic dreams. The dream sometimes is from daydreams or when I go to sleep. And the dreams mostly a random 1st person picture (so my vision) or rarely (had it only once) a film, still 1st person so i cannot see my face. But in the morning or later I literally forgot all about the dreams, as if I didn’t have 1. Then several weeks later or days (the longest 1 I had was 1 month) that picture is there! So this is one of it, the dream was outside and in front there is a picnic table next to it was a griller. In real life, I also look at the same thing, literally! The angel of the picture as well! But ‘I’ didn’t realise this, instead my brain told me this. It will say, “wait we were here, and the place looks exactly the same, everything” So the brain reminds me of the dream again and made comparison, I didn’t control this! It sounds weird but I also what I think about me, I have another kind of weird thing about my brain. I feel like I have 3 people inside me. 1 of them is me, the other 1 is the brain (or the guy who keeps on asking stuff) and the other one is ‘neutral’. Always if I’m lonely, I hear someone asking something random, like a test! Then I would answer him in my mind, not out loud. I would answer until I found the end or the other person (the ‘neutral) say something. I would go on answering for ever, but the ‘neutral’ person would suddenly say to ‘me’,”Dude, you can stop now please, you were asking yourself and you were answering yourself, It was you! It wasn’t someone asking you!” Then I would say,”Oh right yeah” and I’d stop.

    I don’t know if I am a different minded/thinking person. I always ask myself if I do think super different than every other kid. I know I sound too… idk how to say it but you know… but I always ask myself about this and telling that I’m a genius TO MYSELF! crazy right?! Well this is me. And…

    Another thing about me. I always feel someone is guiding me. It feels to me that it’s that ‘brain’ guy (who keeps asking stuff). This ‘brain’ guy always tells me about other people. It’s like the instinct. He tells me if I should trust the person or not. And I would ask myself, I can actually read someone’s mind?! And sometimes well it’s like he “tells me about the future”. Once me and my cousins were playing. there was this random woman came to our house. 2 of my cousins went out to see who it was and they let her in. We didn’t know who she was. BTW this is a true story. I was playing. For some reason, I was in 2 different states. 1 (which was the ‘brain) was very curious about what’s happening, and this ‘brain’ knows who and where all of my cousins are even though I’m not looking (I had to take care of my cousins since I was the oldest, well there’s 1 which is a few months younger). While the other state (which was the true ME) was busy playing computer games. this woman came in front of the door of the room where all of us were. This woman then came and said hey where’s the son of this woman (she said my mom’s name) then without me controlling my body, I just moved and went to her without saying anything straight away and do this traditional thing in my country where if you meet someone who is older (formal) you would take their hand and either kiss or touch it to your forehead. so I did the forehead part and went back to playing. then the woman said can I have that laptop and iPad next to you. and suddenly I hear voice, well I think it was this ‘brain’ guy saying ,”DON’T you give those to her!”. So I didn’t and instead was saying awkward stuff to her. I was literally off my mind, maybe even half hypnotised by her and my other half soul was by the ‘brain’ guy because one of my cousin who was 10 didn’t even realise what was going on. he was just looking at his laptop, He didn’t even hear anything he said, after the event ended. Then the woman left the house, saying to my other cousin, don’t forget to close the gate of the house. Maybe so then we didn’t see the number of her vehicle.

    Well yeah basically this 3 people in my body are really, helping. they guide me. Or maybe even the voice who was guiding wasn’t the ‘brain’ guy, maybe it was god…

  353. John says:

    In college, 26 years ago, I had a dream about a girl I had a mad crush on. I always had the feeling it was mutual but with both her and I being so shy, we never did anything about, needless to say there was always a lot of staring and flirting. One night I dreamt I was on the school bus going home and she came on. The first strange thing was that she walked straight past me, not even noticing I was there, like I was invisible. Even worse was there was guy at the back of the bus where she walked straight to, hurrying in fact with obvious joy and happiness. I had never seen this guy before but he had very distinctive features, very blonde hair, blue eyes but short…she only had eyes for him and through disbelief I even tried getting her attention by waving my arms at her, but she didn’t see me even though the bus was practically empty. Obviously they were in relationship together.
    This was the worse dream I have ever had and still remains the worse to this day. Six months after I had that dream, I found out she started dating a guy…when I saw the guy I was in shock horror. He was the guy in my dream, blonde, blue eyed and short…
    What I learnt from the dream was that in reality her feelings for me were not real (hence why I was invisible to her in the dream) and secondly i had this dream about her because to this day I still think constantly about her – she is my soul mate but I am not hers. Therefore I believe when you are incompletely in love with someone or something, there is some higher power that enables you to see into the future – for better or for worse.

  354. Ann says:

    I was 11. Had a dream that my father came home with blood all over his face and body. I woke up and told my Mother. She told me to go back to sleep. Later that night, he came home just like what I’d seen in the dream. He was jumped at a bar and beaten.

    Another time I dreamed I was being robbed at knife point. At the same time, my husband was being robbed at a truck stop. There were many simularities, so many.

    I dreamed of tree trunks falling and about three days later my son was almost crushed by a tree being cut down.

    Three days before JKF Jr.’s plane went down, I dreamed something simular. Again many things that I can’t write here.

  355. Dreamer says:

    I constantly have dreams that come true in one way or another. I had a dream my boyfriend was going to leave me for his kids mom.. a few weeks later I found out he was texting her telling her he missed her. I used to have dreams of having a baby and someone taking my baby, and dreams that I couldnt get pregnant.. only to find out I had Chlamydiaand it was effecting my fertility. I have had dreams where ive been at a house ive never seen and had a whole dream there.. and later on in life for a few seconds ill see that place while driving by.. or a new friend will live in a house that is identical to the one Ive seen. I RARELY have good dreams.. almost 99% of the time they are night mares.. but they really dont scare me like they should I guess.. I have gut feelings about things and it almost always comes true.. things like that. Got kinda esp in me I guess.. my little brother has it too. He thinks about things, says them, and they all of a sudden happen. Its weird.

  356. Tori says:

    This happens to me a lot, and not just when dreaming. About a week ago I was on Netflix watching a tv show when I got a text from my mom, the show jumped ahead when the text showed up but then went back to normal. When I went looking for the text I couldn’t find it. I asked my mom to resend me the text and she didn’t know what I was talking about since we hadn’t texted since the night before and I had responded to that. Confused I went back to my video and a few minutes later she sent me the text that I had seen before.

  357. George says:

    I don’t consider myself psychic – however, I did have a dream in my late 30s: I dreamt that I was sitting in a train which was about to leave a station; the whistle blew and the train proceeded out of the station into a tunnel; Half-way into the tunnel the train stopped – all lights went out and everyone was left in complete darkness. I reached into my bag and retrieved a torch, and turned it on; whereby those around me exclaimed, “he has a torch!” In reality – two weeks later, I was sitting in a train about to leave a train station: the whistle blew and the train moved from the station into the tunnel; half-way into the tunnel the train stopped and all the lights went out, whereby everyone was left in complete darkness. I reached into my bag and retrieved the torch that I had purchased as a reaction to the psychic dream I’d experienced previously, and turned it on: whereby, those around me exclaimed, “he has a torch!”. Normally I would discredit myself concerning this type of dream/experience, – however, there remains the fact that I purposely went out and purchased a small torch and placed it in my bag at the first opportunity as a reactopm to my psychic dream. Can anyone explain my experience/dream to me?

  358. Chibi Rabbit says:

    i had a dream about the riots in London a year before it happened i told everyone about it before it happened then everyone laughed, when it did happen they came to me saying maybe psychic or your some x-man, i don’t know how it happens, or what causes it but most things i say normally comes true i don’t get it or understand it, i even thought maybe it was just a a stroke of luck that it happens or just really good timing, i don’t get it at all maybe i have a gift that what i say comes true but hopefully there is someone out there that can explain this better

  359. Anon says:

    I had a dream that a white SUV of some unknown person was parked in my driveway, and later on it was somehow moved into my neighbors driveway. At almost 10AM on the day I woke up, a white SUV (very similar) parked in my driveway and it was someone visiting my neighbors house (they parked at the wrong house). No one has ever parked in my driveway by accident before.

  360. Mary says:

    I have had two dreams in my life that came to pass in shockingly accurate detail many years after I had the dreams. one, I was seated in a packed stadium and the people were sedate, and anticipating some type of big new of political importance. I felt anxious thinking that we were going to hear some tragic news – that we were going to war or something very important. Then the crowd erupted in joyous shouts, thunderous as someone came into the stadium, but I could not see because the crowd was so large and blocking my view. I was aware that we had gotten wonderful news – but I did not know what it was – and then doves were flying up into the sky and circling and everyone was cheering and happy. And I was relieved and joyous.

    Now, many years later I went on a trip with my church to see Pope Benedict when he came to NY – at Yankee Stadium. I did not relate it to the dream I had had until the Pope entered the stadium – and the crowd erupted in cheers. I was stunned – It was exactly like my dream – even the doves. I guess it’s not such a far stretch that I could have dreamed seeing the Pope at a stadium someday as I am a Catholic and certainly would go to see the Pope if I ever had the opportunity to do so. But it was still a little freaky because the details were so right on and it felt like I was now understanding the dream I had had many years earlier.

    Humans have the ability to create such vivid scenes in our imagination. We can imagine – in pretty fine detail – what it might be like to walk in space, go deep sea diving, fly without the aid of an plane… or any other fantastical thing that we usually do not or can not do in real life. But we can invasion ourselves in many situation – especially with the help of movies and Television to enhance our ability to imagine. So, probably not ESP, but still pretty cool.

  361. Ells says:

    Last year I had a dream that my mother died. I was extremely sad in the dream and I remember talking to one of my coworkers (in the dream). A few months later my grandfather who was like a father to me passed away and the same coworker I spoke to in my dream had the same conversation with me in real life. A few weeks after my grandfathers death, I dreamt that he had fallen down and couldn’t get back up. Where he fell was on my street and no matter how much I tried to help him, I couldn’t help him up. Later on I spoke to my grandmother and she said that he did in fact fall on our street and he did have trouble getting up! I’ve had other dreams about cheating and life events including déjàvu that have come to pass.

  362. josh z says:

    When I was 10-11 years old I had a recurring dream. It was more of a nightmare. My neighborhood was under siege from a group of unknown assailants. In my dream I was rushing to get to a weapons storage facility about 2 km away from my house. At the time in real life the location that I was constantly trying to get too was just a wooded area. There were no buildings anywhere near it.
    This dream was so vivid and I had it three times a week or more for the better part of a year. I never made it all the way to where I was going before waking myself up as I realized I was in a dream. At some point I decided to start training myself to recognize that I was in a dream. I taught myself to control my dreams in an effort to avoid having this nightmare. This became a very powerful tool to have as I gained so much control I could eventually manipulate in real time every aspect of my surroundings in my dream state, right down to the smallest detail.
    Twenty years later that location I was always fighting to get to was developed into two sections. One section is residential small homes and the other section is warehouses. The other day my friend who is in the military informed me that in that small complex is an unmarked weapon storage facility.
    I was in shock when he told me. I haven’t talked about that dream that plagued me as a child. That one reoccurring dream that was so vivid that it forced me to change the way I dream. Now I learn that the central element that the dream revolved around came into existence. In the most unlikely location.

    Coincidence??? or did I have some precognition of something that wasn’t going to exist for decades in a very precise location?
    I’m not sure what to think right now. Opinions please! Thanks

  363. Shy says:

    I’ve had dreams like this for as long as I can remember, I’m 15. I also saw a “shadow man” during the daytime. My dreams were never anything serious such as lotto numbers or death of loved ones. They’re mostly like “I have had this conversation before” and ” I thought I already picked that up” I am worried about some dreams I have though where I have actually died in my dream, I was being suffocated or choking, and I just blacked out and then woke up. The pain I felt was dull and then sharp for a split second. I woke up and went over what happened in my head and then I felt something in my room, and I just started hyperventilating and crying. I calmed down soon after convincing myself that some dreams just don’t happen. I didn’t wake my sister or tell my family. I don’t have asthma so I’ve never had an attack. But I wonder if maybe I was witnessing someone else’s misdirected cry for help. I hope it was just a bad dream.

  364. April says:

    I had a dream that me and my
    Boyfriend would break up but then get back together. It actually happened.
    And then one time I had another one where we broke up and this time it actually happened and it been a while but I had another one with him in it and it showed him coming back again. Still don’t know if this one will come true but I’m waiting to see. I have had many others of car crashes and then waking up and hearing my friends getting in them within the next day or week. I finally noticed that most of my dreams were coming true.

  365. liz says:

    I have had dream where it was with my friend and her cousin at this camp in the cabin next to the woods and we were also talking and it came true

  366. Lily says:

    As a child I had strange dreams, I shared dreams with my sister. We both saw the Virgin Mary and she told us we were safe and everything was going to be alright. While she didn’t actually talk to us but that is the message we both took from the silent dream. We both saw her while in our own beds sleeping. Another, strange thing that occur when I was a child was I could hear my sister’s phone conversations. When I woke up I told her I knew who had called her and what the details of their conversation were…
    Lastly, my most horrible dream, one that I am still ashamed of and have only told a few people about… Was the dream were I knew my best friend’s parents died. They really did died a few days later. I still wish I would have shared it before it occurred and maybe that would have stopped it. This occurred 15 years ago and ever since, I haven’t had any more strange dreams. I was really traumatic for me to have known something that horrible before it actually took place. :(

  367. Ganesh says:

    I had dream that I’m going to cut a slice from a birthday cake. 3 months later, which was on 16 September 2014, that same situation and condition occur and it gave me a very big shock. The same chocolate cake and surrounded by the same friends. I’m used to get all this kinda dreams since my childhood… I wonder whether I’m quiet peculiar than others. -_-

    • r82 says:

      Sometimes our brain takes a little longer to think about what we are seeing, particularly when tired or run down. As a result we think we have deja vu, “I’ve seen this before!’ And you have, but the delay from your brain interpreting the eye what is seen by the eye on this occasion means it was only a millisecond before, maybe not a psychic?

    • Joan says:

      I periodically have dreams that actually happen. I dreamed about the Thailand sunami 3 days before it happened. I went to work and told my boss at the time about the dream. When the disaster hit she said she got chills. I have other dreams that came true although it is very random. Just recently I dreamed about a flour fight (I know it doesnt make sense) I had with a co-worker. When I went to work I told him about it and he told me that his son and he were at a bread baking at their church over the weekend and when he left the room and came back, his son and his friend were having a flour fight – there was flour everwhere. The odds of this being a coincidence is slim to none.
      My mother once told me that my father’s mother was very phychic. I’m just wondering if I should try and sharpen this intuition I have and how would I go about doing it?

  368. tara says:

    i had a dream that a friend told me there was going to be a shooting at his school. and when i woke up we were texting and after a couple minutes he told me there was suppose to be a shooting at his school that day..and i asked him “did you already tell me this?” and he said “no i don’t think so”…so i looked in our messages, checked twitter, or instagram to see if he might of posted about it and maybe i looked at it last night and dreamt of it.. but there wasn’t anything that talked about the school shooting..this has never happened to me before.. its a little weird.

  369. Tenie says:

    hi there

    I have been having psychic dreams for a few years now…I met a psychic who told me that I did have a gift. I mostly dream about pregnancies and baby sex. A few new job predictions as well.

    I never know when it is going to happen. However I have started telling my husband as soon as I awake.

    I would love to know how to hone in on this skill.

  370. mc says:

    I dream or see things behind my eyelids. I ask the people that are in them about my thoughts or feelings and they confirm. Like I knew when someone had a fight ext…..

  371. Jerry says:

    I have had psychic dreams that have come true. Yes….. I see things in dreams….. I am fortunate. I get explanations. I am led at times and guided through to situations. At times, they lead to something that is different from what I thought would happen, but later I see why…… I saw myself working in a grey place and 6 or 8 months later when I was working in such a place… but just couldn’t figure out what the dream meant at the time. I said to myself….. “I dreamed this”….. and was quite amazed. At times, you don’t know what it is meaning, but later ….. it makes sense.

    • Mary says:

      perhaps because you can imagine yourself in these settings, but you can not imagine the exact details. So while it seems like a dream is coming true, it is actually what you had dreamed could happen – and once you are put in the similar situation in reality it feels familiar. Now you have the details to fill in the blanks that your mind could not supply when you were only dreaming or imaging it. Probably not ESP, – just a really good long range planner and thinker.

  372. christina says:

    Since i was little before i was in school i use to live in this house and my brother also when we were kids we always had spirits around us and we could also see them at that time i was about 3 yrs old and i started at that time i started having these visions awake not sleeping of my mother dying so when i turned about 11 my mom got sick and eventually died 2 weeks before my birthday but early on i just blew it off then after that me and my brother both heard our mother calling our name but at the same time it seemed since we were young we have had spirits follow us where ever we moved there were spirits then i would start seeing my grandfather getting sick but i had this vision before i was 18 i had moved to montreal my gandfather had died every thing that happend in that vision happend as i said i use to always get freaked then my cousin my uncle and the so far my grandmother but each time i had seen everything that happend right down to the hospital and still everything is the same from the beginning i still have spirits around me and now since my grandmother and my uncle died i can now see shadow0s as well as like they r right there and i feel them but everytime i always go in to transes when i say thes things whats going to happen it now freaks my husband out

  373. Katie B says:

    My name is Katie. For as long as I can remember, I’ve experienced “déjà vu” so to speak. I never thought much of the little incidences that I had dreamed of that occurred in reality shortly after. However I felt this one was worth sharing. Last Wednesday I had a strange dream. I was in an unfamiliar apartment with my boyfriend. Suddenly something happened (it was unclear in my dream as to what this was) and I began bleeding profusely. In my dream it was unclear as to where I was bleeding from or what had made it occur. But the most significant image in my dream was my boyfriend standing in front of me with a towel smeared in my blood. I was actually shaken by the dream within my first few hours of waking up, but after a short time I had forgotten about it. Then on Friday I had gone to the beach with my boyfriend. Somehow when I was swimming in the water I managed to slice my foot open. I made my way back to our blanket and my boyfriend proceeded to wipe off my blood with his towel. It wasn’t until he stood facing me with the blood smeared towel that I realized that what I was seeing in front of me was the exact image I had seen in my dream two nights prior. What might this mean??

  374. V I AM says:

    I am so glad I am not alone…I see things all the time man…I dreamed about Paul Walkers my dream I was being killed in the car that he was killed in. I don’t always see the person dying in my dream. I saw my grandma in a hospital bed on life support & I saw her death..which really happened the exact way a year later. I saw the ft hood Texas army shooter in my dreams…I’ve seen car crashes & etc.. I have some good dreams as well. I saw my first job & I saw my daughters birth.

  375. Danika says:

    I’ve had a lot of dreams that have come true. I usually kept it to myself… But when my cousin went missing for months I had a dream about finding her. She came to me in a dream and told me where to find her, but I couldn’t hear her.. It sounded muffled. She was went though.. And she kept trying to dry herself off with a towel while repeating to me over and over “You know where to find me..” And the rest just kept being muffled. About two and a half months into her being missing I told mom that I’d dreamt of her a few weeks back and told her she was in the water just like this girl who was with her the night she went missing said. Mom and Granny said her body would be there or hidden… Like in a ditch or in private property hidden. No signs of her body or vehicle were found in our county or two surrounding counties. I kept telling them she’d be in the water… Off the boat ramp. It’s not hard to go off of it because it’s down hill. Sure enough almost three months after she went missing they found her car in the river with her body still in it. I was relieved… That’s one if the major ones that’s come true, but I have them frequently. I don’t why it happens it just does. It’s usually not as big a deal of that was, that was a hard thing for the family to go through. Like I said I’ve had these quiet often, the farthest one I can remember having was in fourth grade. After that they became regular every so often I’d get them. At first it I didn’t hunk much of it but it’s kind of freaky to know those things. Like you think it’s just another dream (even if it feels real) and then it just happens. I’d to learn more about these kind of things.

  376. Maurice says:

    Its strange
    the gift I have, I don’t understand it, I am a travel can travel in a dream and remember everything, like when my mother pass . i dream it four months before it happen she was not sick, i could see her in the hospital room next morning i could tell you the hospital what room what color of the rooms whats in there and never been there before, same for my wife , dream seven months before she had a heart attic, saw her in the hospital what room everything they did to her i knew and never been there,
    I can read the paper and dream that night and tell where and when even if its thousands of miles away, now I do not sleep at night only doing the day even then my dreams scare me because they come true all of them, during the day sometime, i see numbers and my right eye start blinking and that evening that number come out in the lottery never fail. like something tell me hour before it falls

  377. CJ Jazzborne says:

    The reason the airport wouldn’t listen to me when PSA flight 182 came down in San Diego was because, at the time, I was a teenager. They thought I needed some type of therapy. I was even threatened with a visit from police. The plane came down very close to my aunt’s house, who I’d been doing work on her car. I was on the way there when the plane actually came down in the neighborhood, and was on scene at the location where the school was hit before emergency crews showed up. The most horrible thing you could ever imagine. Unfortunately it was not the first nor last thing I’ve seen. Some are good, some are bad, but there have been many. I rigged a rescue vehicle and drove to Northridge just in time to arrive in the aftermath of their quake. Helped free trapped people that time. Been a rescue volunteer ever since. Now I dream of where I need to be before someone gets in trouble, and I’m there there in time to help. It’s brought me a long way from where I grew up.

  378. cara says:

    I’ve had dreams and several have came true. The most vivid in my mindare dreaming I had a baby around the holidays and I thought it was a boy whom looked just like his father. I later had a daughter born 2 days after Christmas after being told I couldn’t have children. She looked just like her father. I also had a dream I had a son whom looked like me and I did. I’ve also had dreams about life and death for others that have also came true

  379. Joann says:

    I have dreams where I see movies before I have watched them, every time I dream of pregnancy I know someone is pregnant and I have had dreams where I have been places I haven’t then month days or years later I’m in the place in my dream. Used to happen more often but haven’t had it occur in awhile. Wondering what it is.

  380. Camilla says:

    My dreams have came true many times because there are some things that I feel like they happened before because I rember some part of the dreams in a way. Unfortunately, it has got to me. I am dulutional, which I think that EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IS CONTROLED by an unseen force. I cry for no reason, I think that some of my feelings are not mine but my voices feelings. I get paranoid for no reason in my house now when I’m alone since I can ”sence” a bad precence around me mostly at night. And the worst part, I’m living in a family where nobody knows me really. My parents think the reason I’m screwed up in the head mostly is because of videogames. but really it’s not. My antipsycotics are not working and my parnoia had started and stoped when I was nine. My mom drinks and is dultional which she thinks that everything I do will end up on the news because my Russian grandpa is an admiral. She even said once that the bullies where really trying to be my friend even though they where trying to beat me up.(she was drunk) I NEED HELP!!!

  381. Christie says:

    I have dreams about certain types of places and times in my life. Dreams I had when I was younger involved me living around large buildings, then 8 years later I was living in downtown Los Angeles. I’ll have the same “style” of dream for months, and then years later that is where I am living or how my life is.. in that same “style”. I guess it’s hard to explain. I can’t predict plane crashes or anything, but before I got married I had a dream. We were in a hotel (the hard rock casino where we did actually get married, before I knew any of that I dreamt it) and there were all these girls around me. They all had football jerseys on and we kept trying on funky shoes. I eventually ran off with all of them. Two years later I left my new husband for a woman I met while playing roller derby. Now I am surrounded by sporty women all the time. I had no female friends before when I had this dream. So the football jerseys represented the roller derby uniforms, the shoes represented the skates.. and so on. This is how my dreams eventually come true. In weird ways they all represent different things. I just have to pay attention to them and be able to decode it.

  382. Daryle Bryant says:

    I don’t have a lot to say but, just to keep it simple… My dreams come true all the time. I have seen entire movies, episodes of tv shows and places that I’ve never been. Sometimes I know songs; lyrics and music are familiar that I’ve never heard before, I know them because I can remember them all from my dreams and most times I can remember when I had the dream, time of day or where. I noticed that I had seen an entire season of the unit prior to ever watching the show a day in my life. Sometimes I know what’s about to happen. Those are times when I’m living it out step for step and I tell my lady that we were here before in one of my dreams. Most cases it seems to happen weekly, sometimes like every other day. I’ve seen places around the world before I’ve even been to them and remember them from dreams so they never seem unfamiliar. I just don’t want it to creep people out that why I told my lady. The only other person I told was my grandmother who said I have my great grandmother’s gift and that she had a very strong gift of foresight. I see me dreams a lot if they’re spread out like a month apart a lot of times those are the ones that are the most vivid and deeper ones. I climbed a mountain a couple of years back. Never have I done this ever and on the way up I knew where the turns were, where the curves were, and the views and when I got to the top I knew what it all looked like beforehand. It was awesome but, who other and my lady would believe it. It happens all the time. I know conversation sometimes which is creepy or I’ll hear someone talking and remember everything from my dreams. I’m just saying. I’ve often times wanted to understand it more. Just thought i’d share.

  383. jamie says:

    I had a dream about someone I follow on tumblr. We were talking about hair dye and she pulled out this box of bright red hair dye. Not even a week later she dyed her hair that exact same color. .

  384. Sherry Fernandez says:

    I had a 2 dreams of about death in 2003 and in 2004 my son father was murdered the day before his bday…the worst thing I have ever been thru. I seen him in my dream today and I haven’t seen him in years. Miss him like crazy and the sad part is my son was to young to remember him.

  385. stevie says:

    I was 11 when i had this dream.
    I dreamt I was at a school dance.
    in comes this foreign man in fatigue.
    There is a box of puppies in the gym floor (please keep in mind I am 11 haha)
    He walks over and throws a grenade in it.
    I jump on top if it to try to save them.
    I remember floating up and watching everyone.

    The next year it is all over the News of Saddam Hussein testing chemical war fare on his people.
    He was the man in my dream. I freaked clear out when I seen him. Almost passed out!
    The puppies in my dream signified the innocent people dying.

    But i have these dreams all the time.
    No sleep. Waking up at the same time every night for a week(s)
    It is very exhausting.
    sometimes the details are all mixed up in my dreams.
    Then something occurs and it all falls together.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  386. chaiee says:

    I always have vivid dreams i think alot of my dreams did come true but didnt pay much attention to it and just thinks of it as deja vu or something… but the ones that i cant forget forget was when i have a girl friend who really wants to get married soon but didnt have a bf yet but that night after we talked i dreamt of her getting married, i told her about it and shes so happy she wish my dream would come true and it actually did after idk 4-5 months she got married.

    Another dream that i wouldnt forget was i dreamt of running up and down of this particular stairs of a bldg. that i have no idea where i feel like im busy with something and i see people studying in chairs like the ones in schools while dreaming i was actually thinking “why am i here? Am i studying again? Im in school again?” I was kinda lost thinking why im there and why do i have to go to school again lol and then days months passed i forgot about that dream and igot a new job from another city as a site I.T, then one day i was working and im so busy running about i was running up and down this flight of stairs on my heels then_ i suddenly stop like everything, my surrounding the cemented stairs that i was standing at , the view of the trees outside even the cracks of the walls, the stairs railing that i was holding and the feelings that im having at that time i remember seing and experiencing them before like i know ive been there before.. im like whats happening? and then i remember the dream that i had.. im like wow it came true.. everything made sense im working in a school as site IT but i was also educ, secretary and part-time teacher.. in the dream i thought i was a student again but i was actually working in a school no wonder i was so busy i was handling alot of work at that time. Its amazing though at the time of the dream i was not working, i actually dreamt of my future job.

  387. Susan Berwick says:

    As a young child I saw spirit .. I would pray to God to please protect me and make the spirits come in my dreams .. God blessed me and removed them from my sight .. Since then , I have predicted the deaths of my mother , aunts , brother and sister ..Sometimes I misinterpreted the dreams .. Also we moved into a home in which the lady that owned it was later mursered by her son .. He came to me in a dream in a black hooded jacket .. I never meant him .. Told my cousin that his father who died of cancer came to me .. He now has cancer .. I have tons if stories ….

  388. Paula devenport says:

    I’ve dreamt a few times now where they have come true but this is the first time I have looked on the web to see if there were any others out there. The most recent dream I had four nights ago involved dogs being hung up like pigs with their paws tied together and strung up. I woke up distressed about this but did not tell anybody about my dream. I have just read today a dog had been found the morning after my dream in Norwich somewhere strung up and unable to move. Told my family yet again after not telling them about my dream and I think they think I’m nuts? I am def going to start writing them down.

  389. Abbie says:

    When I was in a serious relationship with my ex he went out for the night & I dreamt that he was having sex with another women, it didn’t feel like a dream it felt like an out of body experience that I was watching with my own 2 eyes! When I spoke to him & got the truth out of him I found out that the exact time I was dreaming it he was actually having sex with someone else! We’ve been split up over a year now & last week I dreamt that he was out with a group of people (girls & boys) & they all dressed up, the men in women’s clothes & the girls all dressed up sexy! I woke up & thought what a weird stupid dream that would never happen! I’ve now just seen pictures of him that only went up today of him & a group dressed exactly how I saw them! I only seen to dream it about him when he’s doing something that will hurt me & i don’t dream it before it happeneds I dream it as it’s happening! What is this?!?

  390. weirdedout says:

    Hi all a few years ago i was with my ex for 11 years we were trying for a baby for a few years to no avail. So we decided to go for IVF the day we were due to start IVF found out she was pregnant.
    Well to cut a long story short a month or so later the dreams started i dreamed that the baby was not my baby and was actually one of my brothers i have 4 but in the dream it showed me what one. so after a while it started to effect me so i told her about this dream as at the time did not think she would do that sort of thing she just laughed at me and said i was going crazy lol .
    Anyway we had the baby 4 months later after still having the dreams it come out again after a while she come out and told me it was my brothers baby and the dream was 100% correct.
    Now i have dreams all the time that come true and now for the past few days have been dreaming that my new girlfriend is pregnant i have not said anything to her yet but today she told me she thinks she could be how weird.

  391. katie says:

    I had a dream that I was going to help my mom pick out carpet colors in our laundry room for her office. The next day i found myself helping her to choose a carpet color!! this isn’t uncommon, i sometimes have dreams that come true the next day or week. Last night, i dreamed my house was on fire and i ran inside to save my cats. I was not able to make it back outside with my family, so i turned on cold water in the bath tub and sat in it with my cat. If the fire came close, i would squirt it with water.

  392. Elizabeth says:

    Last week I had a dream that our friend and his niece he brought up from Out of town were in a bad boating accident and his niece got hurt bad. Told My husband about the dream he thought I was crazy for dreaming it. Our friend called us a couple days later and said his niece got in a boating accident! They were fishing and she got a hook in her eye :(
    Happend the day after my dream.

  393. Francois says:

    I have been having these dreams for a long time now…many of them do come true like I dreamed my cousin was moving back to town and she did…. dreamed that she was going to have a baby girl with blond hair and dark eyes and she did…I dreamed that my other cousin was going to get married and they laughed about it and few months later she did get married….but my last dream that come true was weird….I dreamed that I was running and trying to warn everybody about something that was going to happen but did not know what….and after waking up it still bothered me and later that day there was a earth quake in South Africa and that does not happen that much or as big as the one we had…

  394. shayla says:

    I had a dream while i was pregnant that i was my boyfriend in the dream i felt very intoxicated and i was in the back seat of a explorer the radio was on and i was having sex with another woman well after i had my son my boyfriend got drunk and his friend offered him a ride home well needless to say that’s not all she offered and the exact way i dreamt it is how it happened

    • stevie says:

      That is usually how my dreams are Shayla.
      All the details are all mixed up, but in one way or another they all come together and form what my dream actually meant

  395. Marcus Hayes says:

    I had a dream once that i was gonna have a sub in a class and when everyone was on the bus saying i cant wait to see Mrs Steurwald i was just like, “were having a sub today” and they looked and laughed at me, then when we got into class they looked back at me and was just like “wtf khai how did u know” and then one time i had a dream i was gonna get hurt riding my bike and in the dream i had almost got hit by a car so when the situation came up in real life i thought hey if it is real ill be ready and wont get hurt but little did i know it wasnt the car that hurt me it was the sign that i ran into avoiding the car its like i had the dream of getting hurt and i tried to stop it but it just wasnt meant for me to stop

  396. Lili says:

    I had a dream two nights ago that my house caught on fire and my hamster was trapped inside. I had to rescue him and when I picked him up he was barely breathing. I rushed him to the emergency room but we were too late . That same day at around 10pm, I went to check on my hamster and he wasn’t moving. He didn’t open his eyes and his breathing was slow. He was in the exact same position as in my dream. My mother and I drove him to the veterinerian but we were too late. He die of a heart attack in my arms. Now I’m afraid my dreams will keep on coming true since they always involve someone dying.
    RIP Peanut Jr. I love you.

  397. Kayleigh says:

    I had a dream the other night about my dog walking out the back gate. The next morning, I woke up and discovered she had run away.

    • Shy says:

      what if your spirit left your body for a little bit and you were actually seeing your dog leaving while you where lying in your bed. And when we dream of the future our spirit can travel wherever and leaves it’s “vessel” so it can. That’s my theory.

  398. Lisa says:

    In 2006 i started having dreams of having a child and marriage , i thought it was with my current boyfriend at the time but something was different. the dream was in a hospital with different people and a guy wearing a truckers hat.. Fast forward and its 2009 i meet my boyfriend ( who isa truck driver) and a few weeks later i was pregnant , the hospital looked the same but there was something different, the future mother in law was there as well in my dream.. i seen my own daughter in my dream.. marriage is next year and i dreamed of having another child and all this i am truly happy and gifted with what i have, i bless everyday with who i have in my life . Every dream i have comes 3 years later .. I’m very truly blessed.

  399. Natalie says:

    About a week and a half ago I had a dream and in the dream my grandmother was laying in a hospital bed, and two days after that dream, my grandma was in hospital…. She is still in hospital, she’s actually having her gall bladder removed today… The doctors hope that will help her. I told my parents what happened, but they usually don’t reply. I don’t think they believe me, even though my mum (And my grandma) are clairvoyant, so they are psychic in a way. But this kind of thing happens often to me,but not all of them are as dramatic as that. Sometimes when I’m dreaming I’ll see images (Never sounds), and sometime later the image I saw in my dream, I see it when I’m awake, or whatever I saw happens. I know I said ‘deja vu’ a lot when I was little, or told my family members I’ve felt like this has happened before, but recently I’ve started in interest in dreams and I’ve tried remembering them, and I realized what was happening quite recently… Maybe four months ago? And I’m 14, if anyone’s curious.

  400. Dhruvin says:

    i’m having a lot of dreams that happen to come true in the future…plss reply why this is happening

  401. Kara says:

    I am 33 years old and I started noticing my dreams from when I was a child but I didn’t really understand what was happening. I know my parents used to tell me I had night terrors and I do remember having dreams that were not pleasant. I remember having a dream of my bedroom that I was awake but I couldn’t move my body. I ended up pinching myself to wake myself up… It was scary.
    During my recent pregnacy it got really intense and I started remembering details more. I drempt of and ex boyfriend who I was with for 5 years that I kept in contact with off and on. He worked at his job for 14 years and I drempt he was getting layed off and was really embarrassed about it and didn’t tell anyone. The next morning I contacted him and told him about the dream. He thought it was some kind of sick joke and he was shocked because he was layed off the hour before I texted him. Also, he had known it was going to happen but hadn’t told anyone at all.

    They aren’t always negative but i get really freaked out about them. My husband told me I should just embrace it and not be scared. I am just not sure if the vividness will go away after I stop breastfeeding our son ( because my body technically still thinks I’m pregnant) and lots of people say you have a sixth sense while you are pregnant. I think my pregnancy just brought it out more in me but it was always there.

    • j.l. says:

      I had my baby on Jan 15 2013 and finished breastfeeding on March 7 2014, it hasn’t stopped for me yet. Its gotten more intense I feel a presence when no one seems to be there and I see things out of the corner of my eye all day long. I think becoming a mom really intensifies things. My son points at things that aren’t there. Sometimes he does this in his room at night after waking up crying. I show him nothing is there but I’m sure it was something that scared him. I had “night terrors” as a child which is just another way of saying weird things visit at night, scare the crap out of you, and no one believes you.

      • Shy says:

        I used to see a “shadow man” which is my name for a shadow in the shape of a man that is always in the corner of your eye. Your son could just be afraid something he doesn’t find familiar, but you didn’t say anything about the presence being hostile so it could just be my shadow man. After I stopped seeing him I’ve gotten more frequent dreams that occur. It’s never anything serious though, just saying Hi to someone or picking up something. email me about the shadow man if you want (

  402. Angella says:

    About 6 years ago I was in a nearly fatal car accident that killed my unborn son at 38 weeks gestation. Approximately 1 week before my accident I dreamed of being in a terrible car accident killing my son and leaving me to fight for my life. This wasn’t the first time I had, had a dream that came true. When I was a child I dreamed of my aunt rolling her van down a hill and the next day it happened. Then about 5 years ago my baby sister took her act/sat and the night before she received the results I dreamed of her coming home from school and telling me what she got. So the next day when she came home and got the mail her results were there I looked at her and said it’s going to be a 32 then she opened it and she received a 32. I don’t understand why this happens to me. It kinda freaks me out

  403. Kevi says:

    I have had deja vu many times. But I remember seeing and doing everything in a dream before. Usually these deja vu moments happen months after my dream, sometimes up to a couple years. How is this happening? And how am I able to recall dreaming these moments after many years. I am an 15 year old male, without any medical issues or anything.

  404. naomi says:

    I dreamt my paternal grandfather giving me the news that my maternal grandfather passed away, it was just 4 days after that, that he actually did. This is the 1st time I dreamt of something like that and it came true, since then I’ve been too disturbed and scared.

  405. angelica says:

    most of the time I dream of certain places that I don’t know and for a few weeks or a month I find myself going to that place. There’s one incident that we were doing our feasibility and went to places to get the requirements, we went to the fire protection department I found it familiar though that was the first time I went there so I said to myself maybe I dreamed about this place, while we were walking up the stairs there’s a man and said “hey! how was your on job training here?” he’s looking at me, I was shocked because I didn’t know him and that was the first time I went to that place. Also, while we were working with the requirements anywhere I go people seen to know me, and while I was talking to someone in the municipal he suddenly got mad and said to me that I already got there last week, he also said that “I only give one copy in each person, but I will forgive you”. That happened three times they kept on saying I went there. Then we went to our last destination to health and sanitation department I didn’t talk to anyone there I just sat and look at the place and I saw it my dreams but in my dreams I wasn’t sitting I was looking at people from above, I was looking at four people. And to my surprise we were five pupils in-charge in getting the requirements.

    That got me really scared, my friends told that maybe I have a double there. I don’t know, do I? I’m just scared of what if. What if my double will do something not good to others and from the time I went there I’ll get prison? But I know myself that I won’t hurt anybody unless they do something to me. If I have a double then why does the place look familiar? We look through each other’s eye? I want to know who she is.

  406. Angel says:

    im having a lot of dreams that happen to come true at one or d other point ….in d future…plss reply y dis is happening

  407. Anonymous says:

    I had a nightmare the night before the death of Robin Williams. I dreamed that he would have passed away the night that I was dreaming. When I woke up the next day, I waited a few hours, then took a nap. When I woke up again, I found out that he had indeed passed away. I was speechless for two reasons. One: for the sudden death of one of the greatest actors of all time. Two: the nightmare I had the night before about his death. I don’t know if this was coincidental or if it really was psychic. Altogether, it was crazy and saddening.

  408. michelle says:

    I have had 13 dreams come true- some I had and when I woke up I saw it on the news or web, and some happened within days usually, one was a week [my father passing away], and then it happened. Unfortunately they have mainly been tragic things. Which is what is so upsetting. I have not had them for a few years now due to high stress in my life but now past 2 years even with high stress I have been given almost like clues[?] to follow and by doing so I got out of situations that could have been much worse had I not followed the clues/assistance. If I tried to ignore them something else would pop up and keep pressing me. It is very odd but I have seen these things happen to other people not just me. I don’t know if I will ever have the dreams again, but the ‘assistance’ on things in my life seems to still be going on.

  409. h says:

    I found this site on a search after what I experienced last night that also bore similarity to an event in my past…

    Last night, I had a dream that my boyfriend and I had a cat who passed away. We do have cats in real life, but the cat was not any of our current pets. I saw it looking like it was frozen, with ice all over it, and it looked like the cat my family had that I grew up with (from age 8-21, I’m 27 now). Suddenly, the cat came back to life and I gave it food and water, and it then looked instead like the cat my dad got shortly after our family cat passed. That cat then proceeded to die.

    When I woke up (around noon as I work second shift), I had a text from my dad saying that they had to put the cat down this morning. Apparently she had been losing weight and the vet diagnosed her with liver cancer, and my dad and stepmom made the tough choice today: but I had not known she had been sick as I had not talked to my dad in the past couple weeks. The cat was also not particularly old, she was 7, so I would have had no knowledge or reason to dream of her dying. Furthermore, given my sleep schedule, it is highly likely that I had this dream as the event was occurring, or very shortly before or after. I knew this cat well for a year when I lived with my dad right when he got her, but after that, I only saw the cat when I visited him… so while I was always fond of her, I can’t really say I was close to this pet, at least not for the past 5 years. However, when my dad had gone to the shelter to get a new cat, I went with him and this cat grabbed at me through her cage, we always joked that she picked me, and now I had that dream…was she saying goodbye?

    It reminded me of when my uncle passed away. I was 13 and he died in a fire
    At the time I was away on a band trip and sharing a hotel room with three other girls. One morning, they said I had bolted up in bed, gasping like I was in a panic as if I was struggling for air, they had to wake me up and remind me where I was. I didn’t remember any of this or the dream that caused it and brushed it off, as I had a tendency to sleep talk, but then my mom informed me of the tragedy, which had actually occurred around the same time as the dream (again, possibly shortly before or after). As far as closeness here, I was close to my uncle in a typical niece fashion and saw him relatibely frequently, but he was not, say, my #1 closest family member or something.

    Interestingly enough, I have had people and animals closer to me than these two die over the years and have not had such dreams about them. But on the other hand, those deaths were all expected (ie with the earlier family cat, I was part of the whole process of finding out she was sick, knew when she was scheduled to be put down, etc. My grandmother was in hospice before she passed and we knew it was coming. But with both of my dreams, the death was unexpected- at all in the case of my uncle, and to me, in the case of the cat).

    I had filed the experience with my uncle away as a weird thing that happened, saved to be brought our in casual conversations of “do you believe” and the like, and similarly the cat alone could be a coincidence or the dream interpreted to some kind of metaphor of change, I suppose… but taken together, I’m definitely wondering now. Wondering if any other dreams have come true and I just haven’t noticed, if they were of something mundane rather than a death.

    • h says:

      Wasn’t all clear, when I said my dad went to the shelter to get a new cat and she grabbed at me, I was talking about the cat who just passed.

  410. new123 says:

    My dreams comes true I remember it all started when I was aroud 12 now I am 19 .I really have 2 kinds of dream One in which I know I am dreaming and still I continue to dream and the second the one in which I don’t know I am dreaming and these dreams come true . There were so many dreams that came true but let me tell you one of them which made me believe that It is not a co-incidence there is a relative of mine who live just near my house. One day I had a dream that thier son returned home (he stays In other city for work) with his wife and a baby boy they called baby boy “Aryan” on a tonga pulled by one horse . Next day in the evening My sister told me look he has retuned with his wife (but not with that chariot which I dreamt of) then suddenly some one in the colony came from a chariot and exactly the same one.after few days we came to know she was pregnant.Months passed away we got information that she had delivered a baby boy after an year they named him “Aryan”. how can this be a co-incidence and between those months I felt so many similar experience I never really told it to anybody . I lost it for 2 years and now just a week back its to get rid of it ? every time I dream this kind of dream I wake up exhausted and feel like I haven’t taken a proper sleep.

  411. Britany says:

    I have dreams that come true all of the time, but the most prominent one that i vividly remember is, i had a dream that a house was going to burn down in Ticonderoga New York and that a young boy was going to pass away from the fire, no more than a week later the house right next to my grandparents house had a really bad fire and an 11 year old boy passed away in the fire. The people happened to be distant relatives of my family as well. That was probably on of the weirdest things that have ever happened to me.

  412. Aaron says:

    I’m having trouble coping with something that has been going on since I was a child. I am 33 years old now and I have been dreaming/day dreaming/visualizing events that happen almost daily, since I can remember. Today was a bad day and I apparently let a lot in and didn’t mean to. I have seen my wife’s dead grandmother and gave my wife an exact description, I told my mother about her personal secret she has told NO ONE! I saved my son from falling down the stairs. I told my mother her father (my grandfather of course) that he was involved in his best friends murder back during the great depression. Like I said it was a bad day!

    I have had many vivid conversations with dead friends, acquaintance’s, and even see dead pets of mine or friends pets. I have had an out of body experience (no joke it was 100% real). I have told people on numerous occasions what was coming up on the radio or was currently playing on the radio (down to the word). I have seen ghosts in my dreams and experienced their past. I have had vivid conversations with dead friends.

    Not everything I experience is a dream. Some are a kind of daydream, some are just flashes or pieces of things that I get, and have to put them together. The ones I typically focus on are the dreams/daydreams that I can immediately feel as real or truth. Some take time to develop!

    I have finally told my wife, mother, brother, and son today about all that has been happening to me. To my surprise no one thought I was crazy or even weird. I personally have mixed feelings about what this is, and what I want out of it. Do I contact someone to help me develop it? Do I try to ask God to help me forget it and remove it from my life? I’m torn because it scares me to death. Not because the visions are scary but because my son sees things too. He’s only 3 and I am terrified for him. He was capable of describing my wife’s grand mother/grandfather in full detail. They had been dead for 10+ years prior to his birth and he has never seen their picture!

    He talks about his past lives and how he went UP each time he died and how he chose his mommy and daddy. He has told me numerous times since he was 2 that he died in a fire and went up, then chose me and my wife. He’s now 3 and its not any less hard to swallow. He has since told me that I was his brother in a previous life and that he has known me for a LONG time!

    This makes me feel good to know that what I believe is true in that we stay together through our new lives and we meet again and again. My son is truly gifted and I may be as well!

    I have decided to embrace this for my sons sake, and would love some input on what this is, or how this should work. I am truly struggling to get a grip on reality right now. It has been flooding in so fast lately, I am having trouble keeping up. I don’t want my son to go through this. I want to be able to help him as I have not had any.

    Thanks for reading

  413. Mayra says:

    I’ve been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years now. So three days ago Augusts 5th ,2014 my 11-year-old daughter Rachael came up to me to tell me that she had a dream I was pregnant. Last night I had a dream that a little African-American girl that looked mixed maybe between the ages of three or four years old with medium length curly hair came up to me and put her hands on my tummy and said there’s a baby in there. Gillian my middle daughter woke up 3 hours later that day to tell me she had a dream I was pregnant. It gets crazy!
    My sister Tanya three days ago had a coworker come up to her and tell her she had a dream that she was pregnant. But she said, she looks like you but it doesn’t.
    So my sister Tanya decided to show her pictures of all her sisters. Her coworker freaked out immediately and said that’s her, that’s her!!! She pointed right to my picture. She said this is the woman in my dreams and she’s pregnant.
    Not only that but the little girl that I had a dream of last night that was between three or four years old mixed, describes my sisters co worker’s daughter to a T. My sister’s coworker is Spanish and her husband is african- American and her little girl which is her only little daughter is three years old about to turn for 4 this year. She has curly hair and is mixed. This gave me goose bumps all over and thought I should share. I’m due to test for pregnancy on the 14th of August. Hopefully it comes true.

  414. Ms says:

    I don’t know if this counts for anything at all, but I have had dreams where I dream that tornadoes are going to happen. I have even had a few nightmares in which I have dreamed of these terrible F-5 tornadoes or F-4, I don’t know. Anyways, these tornadoes seemed to be really destructive and right about the moment they would come after me, I’d wake up or something. I tell my dreams to my dad and he says that he had similar dreams as a child. It could be hereditary, these dreams I have, but I am unsure. I just know that this last week ago on a trip back to my home state, I encountered a tornado that was trying to form in the sky while I was there. Luckily, it didn’t, but I still do not understand the meaning of these dreams to this day. I have also had different dreams that do not relate to tornadoes, that are really weird, most of them of which I forget. Still have no clue as to what they represent. Oh well. I guess life goes on, whether our dreams come true or not.

  415. Nikki says:

    I’ve had several_ usually if it is something significant to me and sometimes if it is someone significant. Like when Gerald Levert died, I had a dream the night before and I wasn’t even really familiar with him. I dreamed about the day my boss quit and the next day she announced her resignation. I dreamed my apartment was going to get broken into 2 times, and it happened both times. I dreamed that there was going to be a fire in a building that I was in and we were all rushed out; and it happened exactly as it happened. That was the first time I had a premonition where it happened EXACTLY the same way it happened in real time. I had a dream my sister was going to have twins and I didn’ t want to tell here because she was already worried about how her and her husband were going to take care of one new child. Then she later had it confirmed. I have them all the time. I think deja vu is when you have them and don’t remember having seen it before it happened. I get scared when I have dreams about people dying because I can never tell if it is a premonition or just a dream about something else.

  416. Talley says:

    I remember the first time I had a dream that came true. I had a dream I was playing with play dou and then a year after, it happened. Every since then I’ve had dreams that keep coming true. It happens every week and I freak out every time. Idk what it means, but maybe I am phsycic. Just today, I had e feeling that somethin my sister did was similar and it was a dream I had. Every time I go to sleep, I’m afraid to because I don’t know what to do. Every since I was nine, I’m fourteen now, I’ve had dreams like these. Any ideas?

  417. Sara says:

    Last night I had a dream of looking at my phone and someone had sent me a picture of their beaten face , she had a cut eye and bruising . The next morning my sister calls me to say she had been beaten up the night before and had a cut eye and bruising . I have these dreams often but I really struggle with knowing what they mean and there are always parts missing but basically the same details . I have had these dreams for at least 20 years and I do not know how to use them , they come true but what is the point of me knowing if I cannot stop it ? It’s frustrating and no one believes me .

  418. Ritzel says:

    I have these Strange Dreams I’ts Happening So Often That i Can Travel Trough Time the years are 2019-2025 2055 And It’s really Strange And I have Some Premonitions about some viruses that will spread i Don’t know when it will happen i from Philippines but the premonitions is about in USA … I’m only 19 years old i Don’t know if i have psychic abilities but its really happening too often and some of my dreams and premonitions came true and I’m really confuse about this can you please explain to why it’s happening ? And i’m so worried about this because it’s really happening often for almost 2 months but before it’s only just once but now it’s really happening too often .. I did some research about it that maybe i have some psychic power that can’t be explain . Can you please tell help and tell me why it’s happening to me ?

  419. Gayle says:

    I am freaking out right now because a few nights ago I had a dream that an acquaintance of mine was killed in a car accident. This guy is really close with several of my coworkers. I saw that he posted on Facebook the next morning and I thought “phew. That was just a dream”. I just found out that he was killed in a car accident last night. I feel physically sick. I saw this a couple of days ago! This isn’t the first time I have had vivid dreams that have come true. A few years ago there was another acquaintance that had gone missing. I had a dream that he was in the woods hanging from a tree and two days later that was how he was found! Wtf?! Why is this information coming to ME? I was freaking out before Sept 11th and telling some friends about death being in the air and I was feeling uneasy for a week before it happened. This was while I was still living in NYC. I have always had vivid dreams but these horrible ones are the ones that stick out. Can’t remember any small, positive or mundane ones coming true….. Except when I was pregnant and I dreamt it was 2 girls and it was!

  420. simon says:

    I was driving back from Oklahoma and I seen a familiar truck and I thought of the owner. The truck was a platnum colored humvee. I seen this exact humvee on 81 in Tennessee with Mass plates, I thought of him… three days later I see on FB his daughter had posted he had passed away… I was going to msg her the story but I feel they need thier space and the last thing they need is some nut job from the old neighborhood telling her a story that

    seem to have any meaning… it is a shock to me to see that humvee same color, same state plate and to think of him before he tragically passed… there was no indication of a warning or anything in my thoughts of him… I would have seen him driving in my parent’s neighborhood and flagged him down and said, “hey where u on 81 in tennessee back in late july?” He would most likley say,”no” and I would say,”ok” and we would go about our busines… its happened before with more accuracy then just thinking of someone and they pass. I dont know how to exercise this ability, I dont even know how I use it or why I can think of something specific and it come to fruition right after the words leave my lips… I told my father that the Redsox where going to win the next 4 playoff games and go on to win the World Series. Down by 3 games my father said,”fat chance”. The Redsox became the first team in MLB history to come back in the playoffs from 3 games. Before I deployed to Iraq our mobilization was at Ft. McCoy, Wisconson… I had an inccedent involving a bald eagle that was imbarassing… some one had stolen another troops wallet took all the money out of it and dumped it in the trash. Our LT. got wind of it and had a formation and began to scold us for who ever did this… she gave an opertunity at the end of her ass chewing for the person to step forward… some time had passed I noticed a Bald Eagle flying over our heads…. I raised my hand and was called on… I thought the subject was over and I was so excited about the bald eagle I pointed it out to everyone… bad timing on my part, everyone thought it was me who took the wallet… after getting into country I did convoy security at the company and battalion levels I met SGT Baldeagle of the Sioux who is a direct descendant of Sitting Bull… I would like to find people who have this same ability. No scamers because Im not giving anyone a dime. I just want to know how to do this like I’m drinking a coffee rather then breathingl

    • Janet says:

      The best way to exercise your ability’s is to not deny what you see if you hear a name in your head or have a foreboding feeling about a place or someone let it out write it down or just let that person know in a casual way WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING that’s the best way to practice your gift .when you see things in your minds eye pay attention to it let it be known if not to the person its about then just to yourself.People may start to shun you or look at you in a different way but its better to let it out & deal with a clear conscious than to deal with { I wish I had said something} thoughts

  421. John says:

    Here’s a dream i had 2 days ago about my cousin at first she was going to a school called gentilly terrace my aunt signed her up and everything then came the dream i had a dream that my cousin was at langston hughes i thought it was just coincidence because of how i wanted her to go to my school so bad but suddenly my aunt tells us that the school suddenly didn’t have my cousin on the list for their school and now she goes to my school wearing what she wore in dream and walking in the halls like the dream i don’t know if this is even considered a psychic dream but i always dream about my family and friends and some come true in the future p.s i always have dreams like this one

  422. Nocturnal says:

    At first I would often have dreams that were somewhat meaningless such as winners of football games and their margin, questions on tests at school,little mishaps that would take place ect.. I neglected them claiming them to be just mere coincidences until one night I awoke in a panic and drenched in sweat. I had dream of a women being murdered (stabbed to death by a man) in her living room while her three children were in the next room. Throughout the dream my viewpoint shifted at the start i was much like a fly on the way then it changed to myself as the child walking out and viewing the scene and lastly I was in the viewpoint of the victim.The dream was more than vivid, it felt as if it were my self, from the fear to the pain. The next morning told my mum of the ‘nightmare’ that shook me to my core. The following day i awoke to my mum Shaking me and dragging me to the tv where believe it or not a news report was delivering the news and sure enough discussing the details of the murder of a women who was brutally stabbed to death in her living room home while her three children lay in their beds in the next room. If that wasn’t enough they put a remembrance photo of the women on the screen.Its safe to say last nights dinner was no longer in my stomach and I didn’t sleep for the next two weeks. Up to today I have dreamt a total of 9 peoples deaths since them and every single one of them has come true.

  423. Jacob says:

    Hello everyone I am 16 turning 17 in like a month but here’s the deal I have had these dreams on more than one occasion throughout my life starting when I was about 4 or 5 but the most recent dream took place about near the beginning of June the night I had received a ticket for something I did not do. I knew I would go to court and have to fight it. Later that night while dreaming I had dreamt of a room where I was standing in line and all the walls were white with a big flower bed in the middle. I went to court on Thursday and I stood in this line with the same people I encountered in my dream. I didn’t make much of it at the time because I was worried more about court but I have had this type of thing happen to me throughout my life.

  424. james says:

    i have dreams five years ago that come true now an every decision i make can alter reality causing a butterfly effect also i see others around me either die or change all due to persenal reality choices causeing one vessal to drop in a reality an rebirth in another

  425. Nick says:

    I have dreams that come true like 8 times a month

  426. Jessica says:

    I dreamed my sister-in-law was pregnant. I told my mother-in-law about this strange dream. Three weeks later I found out that my sister-in-law was indeed pregnant. I now have a three-month-old niece. My grandmother dreamed about the assassination of JFK while it was happening. She laid down for a nap and when she woke up called her sister to tell her about her strange dream and that was when her sister told her that JFK HAD been assassinated. This kind of stuff seems to run in the family.

  427. Jen says:

    my very first dream that came true was when I was 11 yrs old. In the dream I was at a wake, not sure who died but I sat in a corner and had a flower dress on, my youngest brother had a grey suit on and was flicking lint from his pocket at me and I was yelling for my mom to make him stop. A month later I was at the same funeral parlor, wearing the same dress, in the same corner and my annoying brother flicking lint at me. When we got into the car I broke down out of fear, my mom started explaining death but I told her I was afraid that I had dreamed all that had happened that day right down to the clothing I had on. My mother said not to be afraid because she dreams of sick or dying loved ones also. The only time I have problems sleeping and wake religiously at 3am or dream psychically its ONLY when someone I love is sick, dying or died.

    • Jamie says:

      I too have dreams about death of friends and family that started when I was young. as a child it scared me. Only as an adult did I grow to appreciate these things and find them interesting.
      I also have experiences where I have already dreamed them right down to every detail. I remember some of my dreams from my childhood just like they were last night, I am 51.
      I travel and go places that I know already and have dreamed about. I remember churches, landmarks etc in towns where I have never been prior.
      My mother knows about my dreams but this is the first time I have shared this with anyone outside of family because I know it seems made up. I know this is a fact and don’t want to defend myself.

  428. Lee says:

    I have had many psychic dreams. Most of them are meaningless to most people, but come true none the less. For example I’ve had a dream in which I stayed at my cousin’s appartment for the night, a cousin who I rarely see in real life and have never had dreams about before. In the dream a man comes in and talks to us, and once he leaves she informs me he is her new boyfriend. The next day on Facebook I see she is in a new relationship with some guy. Another one I had was a dream about a party. While I was at this party me and some friends were wondering where my one friend Jodie had gone, since we hadn’t seen her all summer. After we are talking about her, she comes out of the bathroom and explains she went to Ohio and didn’t tell anybody. Next day I am thinking about where my friend actually was because I really had not seen her all summer. I find out from a friend of hers that she went to Ohio to be with family and didn’t tell anyone she was leaving.

  429. francisca says:

    I’m only 12 years old and I rarely have dreams like this. Once I dreamed that one of my best friends was cutting and they cut so much that He had to go to the hospital it was scary and I called him and told him don’t cut and He was cutting while I was talking to him He was crying so I told him to calm down and that I was there for him.I wanna have more dreams like this does anyone know how I can keep having these dreams to help people??

  430. Luke says:

    This happens to me all of the time, I can genuinely say I don’t really believe in the whole psychic thing but I do have dreams that typically involve specifics in a roundabout way and the dreams always come true within about a week at most.

    There’s things that I dream about sometimes that I don’t even know about yet or plan on doing but sure enough one way or another the thing that I dreamed about that was quite a specific event or interaction happens.

    By roundabout way I mean things are specific but when the dream happens in real life its only then you realise. I recently had a dream that I saw a friend of mine at work that is a unique nationality and they were upset as i didnt speak but the shop was extremely busy which is why, within a few days I saw the only other person I know that was that specific friends nationality as well and it was a busy environmennt at a restaruant I saw them but they didnt see me and I didnt speak.

    The above sounds weird but when I think about the dream it covers all aspects, I hadn’t seen the person I saw in about 5 years so to happen only a couple of days after my dream about the only other person I know of the same nationality in a busy environment which this was is odd OH and I worked with this person and the person in the dream as mentioned as notably at their work.

    I have dreams that come about like the above all of the time, it’s frequent and almost a weekly basis just little things. My mother has similar dreams but about big events that are on the news, often a week or so before things that are unique and arent a coincidence.

  431. Tundi Kit says:

    Usually the feelings I get are not in a dream, but a feeling I get during the day. Like with the Malaysian crash. I was actually in the shower and had this strong feeling of a plane crashing. Did not know where, why, how, just had this horrible strong feeling. I have had dream come true as well, but those are more on a personal level for me. I would love to know why this is happening. I don’t like having these feelings, I find them draining.

  432. Van Nguyen says:

    I had a lots I mean a lots of dreams that come true.I keep wondering a I am I a psychic or not I search a lots about psychic.then I had this dream about me and mom we’re talking or something then the bell ring just like my dream.My other was my aunt,my other aunt,my sis,my mom and me were going to see my aunt new house and I was playing with game then i has a feelings that I already go through this and I remember one of my dream. So if anyone could tell what going on and if I am a psychic or not.Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………

  433. Joanne Learney says:

    When MH370 went missing I dreamt that it was by windmills and a lake, spent ages trying to see if there was anywhere on its route resembling it. To my horror this Friday after MH17 went down , the news showed mourners on a lake surrounded by windmills made me physically sick. I have always had vivid dreams and de ja vu, but this is something else.

  434. NoName says:

    I saw my boyfriend in a dream before I met him. In my dream I was at my batshit grandma’s house (she lives far away and I hardly ever go there). And when I’m there in real life I always look at the pictures on the wall in her living room. So that’s what I was doing in my dream, looking at the pictures. And one of the pictures was of these three kids, and one was a baby. I met my boyfriend a month later, and a few months after our relationship started he sent me a picture of 3 kids, and one was him as a baby. And I realized that this was the picture on the wall I saw in my dream. It was just weird. But that’s not all. To get even weirder, I told him about it, and that picture was taken only a few miles away from my grandmas house. So that’s really freaky. I think it might be a soulmate thing, because I’m sure that he’s my soulmate. Maybe I met him in another life (if that stuff’s real). Not sure but this kind of thing happens to me all the time.

  435. Ashley says:

    I used to have dreams that came true through out life and most of my dreams came to real life the very next! But this one really freaked me out when I dreamed I was on a plane and while I was on flying I all suddened was watching another plane try to not crash! I even seen the people freak out hold on for there lives but it couldn’t or wouldn’t stayed up it even almost hit my plane I was on but it didn’t and ithe plane crashed in a cities and no one lived and that morning I woken up freaked out of my mind never felt like that befor I was going to go online or look on the news about it because it felt so real but then I shook it off. Till earlier that day my mom called me and was telling about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash and killed all those people. I couldn’t believe it! But I just wanted to share my story with someone because I know my friends would think I’m crazy or I thought I would share with you all. And if anyone can tell me what it means To have dreams like this come true or any dream that’s comes to life?

  436. Brianna says:

    On Mother’s Day of this year the night after I had a dream that my grandmother had died and her dog died as well(my grandmother had been living with us) she had been in and out of the hospital multiple times that year but at the time of my dream she was doing very well and had no complications. Then on my birthday I felt a weird sense to check on my grandma before I left for school and she was acting really weird. She got taken to the hospital that day and died a day later. It all happened so fast and I was so confused how my dream had predicted her death. My dad says that my mother (who is also deceased) used to be able to “see the future” in her dreams on occasion as well.

  437. Elysia says:

    I had a dream a few months ago that I was teleported to a city I have never
    been to and I could not go back home because I was in a different time. I was trying to adjust to
    the city very quickly. I had no food and I was in the heart of the city. Suddenly a large plane went up and mysteriously started to come down right over the city to the west. I was now seeing under the plane crash and an evil woman came running out from the crash, she looked to be of
    Government personnel. She was wearing a red pencil skirt, but also resembled a real estate lady.
    There was a big explosion before the plane hit. I saw one building that stood out
    To me. I heard on the news recently, and after the dream i knew it was somewhere in Russia. I had a big feeling to find the exact city. The dream was real to me. In the dream it was real as well. The plane that was in my dream was the recent Malaysia flight that was just shot down, it is now July 19, 2014. This happened a few days ago.. I looked up the town, it was of the same feel. The plane was the same shape, and the white large building was the one in my dream. It had the same lines and architecture. I am taking note of these dreams and I do not really understand, as I am quite logical. It may be a coincidence. I will study this further.

  438. iain carpenter says:

    I have a dream once a week of what is going to happen to our around me

  439. Barry says:

    Hi.. Where do i start.. I had a accident when i was 8.. Now i have a semi circular fracture across the the frontal lobes.. I started having these dreams a number of years on aound about 16. This one i remember the most .the people i saw would not come into my life for 8-10 more years was my ex wife and my child who was not born until 2008. Further dreams have happened some shockingly unwanted.. Which led me to believe that i cocould change the outcomeby changing items or furniture so that they would never happen.. Seems crazy .. Ive seen and remembered others. But theyy are all todo with my own fate/life. I dont know what to do about it… I believe wholely in what i have seen. I know i have battles coming i know i survive ive seen and felt how i die. And its not nice.. I have had others i do not know how to comprehend properly or work out where in my life they occur. Ive seen future wars submarines in deserts men pouring from their broken hullswhile being cut down by what appears to be beam weapons from aliens. Im observing this from the sky and it is still as clear as day in my mind. This whole dream fate thing got me thinking are we all reliving life or a black hole playing havoc with our time or is it just im nuts.. All i know is its scary. and does destiny fate actually exist.. ??? I dont know whatto think anymore.. If someone else jas had similar experiences please contact me

  440. Armand says:

    i don’t know why and how but, every week i have these dreams…and every single dream i have comes true.the dreams i have ALWAYS involve me, and people i’ve never met before. once i dreamt that i was going to get hurt and the same month i did. every dream i have happens one week, one month, one year, later, their each distance from each other but i have tried to see why their happening and have tried to control them. never works the most i got was that i saw myself dying. yet again, i had another in which i was married, with children, and had a job. i am starting to think my dreams are being determined by my actions of my self as of right now and then as i’m sleeping my dreams show me my result if i continue doing what i do. my dreams are showing me people i’m going to meet and love, lose, and forget, they seem so real; i even have these dreams during the day when i’m awake. and sometimes the dream comes true the same day.

  441. dylan b says:

    i had a dream of the man in blue UN united nations came in my house barge down the door and took me and my dad to a camp on the dumpster like train then i woke up

  442. Desiree says:

    most of my dreams come true I don’t remember all of them or similar stuff will happen .. Some will happen a couple days later its liked I can see the feature . pretty weird I say . well I’m 13 an have no clue y this happens .. An I sometimes wake up in my dreams I’ve had some with dreams its horrible …

    • Desiree says:

      I’ve had dreams with demons* d

    • Gabriel says:

      I’m very scared, I’m having alote of dreams that come true I don’t know what happening my folks say am crazy, people laught at me saying am crazy, but the thing is my dreams are just images there’s no conversation in them and there’s normal things of my life like playing a video game watching tv and opening the refrigerator. But I’m having them now like 3 to 5 days in the week am scared, please anyone just tell me thanks or just talk.

  443. drew says:

    I had a very nice watch that went missing for 6-8 months. Last night I went to pray with the Lakota Sioux Indiana’s and it was lovely evening. That night I came home and found that watch in a long forgotten travel bag. The next morning I got up and was answering some emails and my wife walked in with the watch and said “Hey I found that missing watch”! I said no you didn’t I found it when I came home last night! As we talked and began to realize I had dreamed it. WOW, just mind blowing.

  444. Kezia says:

    Hi. It freaks me out that most of my dreams happen. It gives me crazy ideas. And also, i’ve lnown of time loop. And everything almost happens. Exactly how I did it. It freaks me out. Could someone please give me some kind of explanation please?!

    • dylan b says:

      i know it all started when i was 12 then i saw into the future a day then two days then a week a month and now 6 months and im 14 and everything came true

  445. Brandon m says:

    I’m not going to describe my dreams because there’s been too many but in all of them there’s certain thugs that happen in m life that I know I dreamt before being in certain places I’ve never been meeting people I’ve never met dying In a few then reliving the dream yet the not thing different is I don’t die I at least have one dream a week where I’m flying like over towns over city’s over fields I just lift off and go I levitate and I’ve worked it out I usually have the dream four months before it happens and everytime someone in my life experiences tradgedy I feel horribly I’ll like sick to y stomach that somethng bars gooing to happen to me but never does I dunno maybe so won can tell me what’s going on

  446. ash says:

    I have dreams like everyone else but every once in a while I have a dream that comes true. Like im either watching a tv show or meeting someone 4 the first time just things that will/might happen with in my life, I have a dream before hand. almost like its important.

  447. Cassidy says:

    I had a terrifying dream in it ,it was like I was just watching this happen like I wasn’t even there anyways I seen this young woman at a train station and she and this other young Oman went to the rest room on there way they let hearing foot steps behind them so they hurried to the restroom when they got there a bald man pushed them into the restroom and knocked on to the floor put something around their hands and feet and raped them it was such a traumatic dream I weak cover in sweet and cryinglater that morning I turned the news on and there was a picture of the man I dreamt of and they said he was charged or beating and raping two women in a train station ladies room and the two women were in thee hospital I almost had a heart attack I still to this d
    ay have horrible dreams just about every night I still don’t even know what to do with whatever the heck this is I know just about every woman generation in my moms side has it.

  448. CortnieJ says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Every instance that I attempted to find the infoation that I wanted I would always find ‘dream interpretations’ etc. which is fun. But my dreams need no interpretation. There’s usually no unusual objects or persons in my dreams (the ones that actually take place.) I’ve been dreaming of the future, but my personal future, for the past couple years. I’m 20 now, 21 in October (Woohoo!) and my most recent dream was a day ago.

    I was sleeping next to my boyfriend in our house. I dreamed that I was laying right where I was and it was early morning, the light was white outside so assuming about 6:30am in my dream. Anyway, he turned his head to me and motioned with his hand that he wanted a drink, smiled and then winked. Then he turned back over and went to sleep again. I woke up (kinda, it was super early) and I got my man a glass of water. He said “How did you know?” And proceeded you down the entire glass.

    This happens quite frequently. I will tell him what’s about to happen within the day, just foolin around. And when it happens he will ask “how did you know??” I just say “I had a dream it would happen that way.” I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but every time this happens I feel it’s seething more

  449. lisa abbate says:

    I was born in March of 1964. my father died of a brain tumor in September of 1965. I was one and half years old when he passed. He died at the age of 26 My mother was 25 years old and a widow with three children. I was the youngest of the three. I have had dreams my entire life that come true. The dream that made me aware of my dreams that comes true was this;

    I took a nap on the coach it was in the afternoon I dreamed my grandmother had died and that my cousin Jackie who is a distant cousin of mine was arguing about money. I was so scared in the dream I was sweating and the minute I woke up I called my grandma to make sure she was o.k. She was and I was so happy how-ever she told me my Uncle had a heart attack and was in the hospital-How-ever i was so Happy it was not her but the cousin Jackie that I dreamed off was my uncle Harrys daughter. Anyway I could never understand why they were argueing about Money for my grandma was poor and did not have money. I figured out the dream a year later when my cousin Jackie was having a baby shower and when I arrived to the shower everyone looked at me and said did you pick up grandma.? I said ow my God my dream grandmas dead. Then I said No I will go pick her up when i got to her apartment and she did not answer I new that she was dead and she was. So I was very close to my grandmother and I was for warned of her death and even told her ,her own death a year before she died . I dreamed this dream in 1989 and she died in 1990.. I figured the entire dream out know what it meant was my grandma prayed that night that her son would not die from the heart attack and that she would die on Jackie baby shower that is why Jackie was arguing about money in the dream my Uncle Harry died a year after my grandmother. My Grandma died in 1990 and her oldest son died after her.. I have had so many dreams in my life that have come true I have dreamed of every death in our family that has happened before it happened I dreamed of the end of the world and I have dreamed of in 1992 the very names of the people who were watching my children in 1994 when they were flown their with out my permission any way if ever want to know all the dreams and their details I will let you know. You can contact me at my e-mail

  450. Patzz says:

    When i was younger i had a dream by boyfriend was cheating on me with my friend and it was true.

    My aunt phoned me and told me i was going to have a baby and a few months later i fell pregnant. when i was pregnant i dreamt my partner changed all his passwords and was speaking to a girls asking to meet up and the next day i checked and that was all true.

    recently i dreamt my childs dad was having a baby boy, i phoned him and asked him and he said his girlfriend wasnt pregnant. 1 month later he phoned me and said his girlfriend was 3 months pregnant.

    I always get a feeling when someone is betraying me and it won’t go away and then i dream what the betrayal is and later that month it will come true.

    since that call i have been looking into psychic dreams and i am really interested in them. My ancestors are romane gypsy and a few people in my family have dreams that come true.. is this just a crazy coincidence?

    I don’t like asking people because i feel like they think I’m mad

  451. Bailey says:

    Hi, I thought I was the only one who has these dreams! My dreams have bothered me from being a child. I used to dream I could fly, I’d never fly far from home but would always be chased back home by a man dressed in a leather black jacket whose face I could never see. I knew he used to scare me. I’ve dreamt of events that were just daily even such as a conversation in the gym and then it would happen and I’d be dumbfounded because I knew what I was going to say before the other person had even spoken. It’s a strange feeling of just knowing what is happening. I also lost a friend about a year ago to suicide but it ended on bad terms, I had a dream he and to me and we had a conversation in general we was in a field and be mentioned this was my happy place, but I have no idea where it was, he said I’d grow to love this particular spot, however I haven’t found it yet. He said he’s happy and I haven’t dreamt or felt grief about whole thing since. Strange how dreams can make you feel :)

  452. James says:

    Thank God I am not the only one. I’ve had a couple of these dreams but they were strangely basic or mundane. One the really sticks out is this time that I had a dream of a crushed pop can in a river bed. Well, weeks, months, or years later I saw the same Damn pop can in the same damn river bed. My friends were also there both in my dream and the real life moment. I don’t know what I have whether its a gift or a curse but it never ends to amaze me what my mind can do. That pop can was my first “psychic” dream.

  453. K.D.M says:

    i had a dream that i got in a motorcycle accident and a week later i got in the same accident, in the same place, because i recognized the road in my dream. and i sat there for while and crazy i don’t know if i was suppose to die haha i coud’ve broke my neck if i didn’t have my helmet and this is in the middle of nowhere.

  454. Cassandra says:

    I have dreams and visions since I was a child. Mostly, they are harmless and mundane. I see places that I later visit, people I have not met yet. My friend once found a cat and called me about it, and I immediately knew the cat’s name was Lily. When I walked to her flat I found a notice posted by a man who lost his cat Lily, and I took it with me to show her. It was the cat she found. I know when people and animals close to me are about to die. Before my uncle died, I dreamed of a psalm which I wrote down, a psalm I had not heard since I was little. A few days later I found out he had lung cancer and he died within weeks. The pastor selected the psalm to read at his funeral. I dreamed that our cat would die and within days she did. I saw 9/11 five years before it happened, although I did not recognize the twin towers in my dream. I have never told anyone, but I’m writing this because I hope it will prevent a dream that I had when I was 17. I dreamed that a devastating war will take place in 2023, which I believe to be WW3. I wonder if anyone else had this dream, since I know a lot of people dreamed about 9/11 before it happened. I know a man walking with a brown suitcase across an empty square in Washington will play a fundamental role in starting this war. I know that another man with black hair and blue eyes will be important. The only other thing I know is that this war, if it starts, can not be won. I have always believed that there are many possible futures and I only ever see one possibility. I hope that this one will never come true.

    I don’t know why I have this gift, because it has never helped to prevent anything, and people would not believe if I told them anyways. But if you had the same dream, I ask you to please speak up. Maybe it can be prevented.

    • Automatic shit says:

      I dreame as same as you, not most but, i dreame that ww3 will happened in 2021 not 23 but thank god iam not the only one who dreamnt ww3

  455. Kaylene braziel says:

    Hi I’m 17 right now but when I was 10-16 I had dream of death come started with my cat spot when I got him I had a dream when I met him then I had a dream when he was attack by a dog and it came true next I had a dream about being my cat spot under my house later on my father found him dead under our house next I also saw Mr.salena my cat through his eyes that he gets run over then my aunt call and told me he was run over and found dead.Next I saw through my brother bird eyes how he dies then it happen a bit later on we found the bird dead.then for my dog monkey I saw through his eyes later on while being away from home my dad call and said monkey got sick soon after he pass away.after that I saw through someone eyes I didn’t know she play a prank on her friend then she got hit by a car soon later through the year it came true.if you want to hear more message me I had a lot of dreams related to death or someone get hurt.

  456. My phycic Maria told me I was going to win money

  457. Christine says:

    I had a dream, where I was walking down the road, and everywhere I looked, people were wearing red shirts with some kind of writing on them. I remember seeing one woman’s face specifically. Years later, I joined a Christmas parade, and they gave us red shirts to wear, and as I started walking, I saw the woman’s face. In another dream, I met a girl who talked about her uncle with a lime green shirt. When I woke up, I drew her face so I’d remember it. A couple months later, I met that same girl, and she did, in fact, have an uncle with a lime green shirt. These are the only times I had a dream come true, but still, that’s twice they’ve come true.

  458. Maria says:

    I think this is what is happening to me.Many say I’m crazy or lieing,but it’s 100% true.At first I thought it concidence,then it became sort of deja vu. For example every time I dream of a place I have never been at it would happen in real life.One time I dreamt this weird object floating because it was held by a string.This strange black shape was surrounded by stairs and the surroundings were white.Few months later,I went to LACMA Museum for the first time ever.The point is I saw the same object there.
    Thank God I’m not the only one with these type of dreams.I thought I was crazy.:3

  459. John says:

    I see many dreams about things and places that i find myself in later on in life. The places and events that happen are 90% the same as the dreams. This has been happening for a long time and for several times, more that 20 dreams.

    • John says:

      These dreams happen randomly. But one time i was walking on the side walk when i smelled the scent of freshly dug dirt, later that night i had a dream about the sea,

  460. Kristen says:

    I’ve always had a good intuition and have said things before they happened or before I knew they were true but something like this has never happened to me before. Me and my ex hadn’t spoken in about 3 weeks or so and I had a dream he came to my house to pick up some of his stuff that was left here and the next day he called me asking to stop by to get his stuff. I was shaking, it was one of the greatest spiritual feelings l have had in a long time. Maybe it was because I’ve been wearing the lithium quartz he bought me.

  461. Dean says:

    I had a dream that my mum went to help her ex get this lady out of his house (he had a stroke he can’t do much she keeps hitting him) so she went down to deal with all this stuff and my mum and her ex got back together. It all came true and I mean all of it

  462. Darshni says:

    I had a dream of a stranger,a girl, who was wearing a white dress. I was actually going on a road trip with my family when this girl came with us to the trip. just when we were about to cross my street end, we crashed on a tree. the weird part was that, when that happened, the door, by which the girl was leaning, opened up and she fell down. She got hurt so badly that her dress was drenched with her blood and it became red. i had another dream before this. and i remember another road accident in it which was associated with someone who was dressed white. the next day in the morning, when I was out for a walk, I saw my neighbor in a white shirt. Surprisingly, as soon as I reached home, I got a phone call that he was in an accident. Till now, his face is deformed from that accident!

  463. MaryGraces says:

    For a couple of years now I’ve had dreams that come true! The first time I can remember it happening is when I was ten! It still happens more frequently today and now I’m eighteen. I had a dream over the summer that I was at a bonfire with all these people I wasn’t really friends with and two months later it happened and I sat there dumbfounded when I realized this had already happened. The most recent one was probably two months ago I had a dream I was watching a video of my friend Kevin, who I hadn’t seen in years, while eating lunch and two days ago it happened and it felt so weird! I’m not sure why it happens but now when I have dreams about people and places I wait for them to happen! I currently am having a reoccurring dream about a place I’ve never been

  464. Lonna says:

    I have had a few dreams that have come true.Thought I was the only one. All of them are about me or someone close to me. Usually warning of danger to come years ahead. They are different then normal dreams for they lose the misty dream quality and take on a feel of being real in the moment as if it is happening. I had one that I was in a college parking lot and on my way out in the dark a stranger came behind me and before I could plead for him not to hurt me he slit my throat that fast. I can even imagine a bit what he looks like. Well I changed plans and did not attend college. Never had the dream again. As far as telling people about the dreams while I woke from a very real one about my mother and best friend in a car accident in detail. Four years later after I forgotten about it as my future was much, much changed IE adopted and my mom in old folks home etc. The dream came true and my friend turned to me and gasped..”its your dream”. I wondered if it caused the accident . My daughter had one as well. she woke up screaming and crying her dad had been in a accident. It was early in the morning he was on a hunting trip with a friend and ten minutes before I called to see if he was okay they had almost hit a deer. It clipped the fender but they were alright just scared. So I got fed up with my dreams scaring the shit out of me and prayed they would stop. I also has daydreams or wool gathering as they used to call it and dejavu a lot. Most times comes with a sense of doom. Not fun to have really. I can also feel how others feeling they call it em-path I believe. Why did you want to know if we had these dreams????????????????????????????

  465. pooja says:

    Heyi, I am pooja. I had dreams which always come true. I saw a dream when I was just 9-10 about my school camp, after that, when I was 12 , I was going for camp, when I reached at the camp sight, suddenly I have realized that i already know about this place, people and all.

    My second dream about my 12th class friends. When I was in 9th class, I saw them with me in school gallery, at that time were talking about something and Lough. And after that in 12th class I saw my new classmates, suddenly again I have realized that I knew them already, same gallery, same gossip and all.

    I have lots of dreams which always come true. I have another problem with me, I really don’t know what’s that.

    Sometimes when I meet with some people I don’t why but I always strongly realize that I know them already.

    Even when I’m in my home and watching t.v serials even fresh episodes, sometime I feel I saw this already in same room, same time, same couch and etc.

    There have lots of incident.

  466. Christina says:

    I have had dreams from the past that I didn’t bother to remember until I noticed that they were coming true. Like I had a dream where it was me and my mom and her boyfriend walking in a cemetery looking at the graves. The next year on Memorial day all three of us were walking in the cemetery. And I was wearing the same shirt I did in my dream. But in my reality from when I had my dream I didn’t get that shirt yet. Another time when I had a dream about me and my friend that I wouldn’t normally hang out at a pool with and another friend who I barely know and we were all against a walk with kids running in between us while we were talking. And there in the dream the friend I varelty knew had a swimming suit just like they did in reality only ive never seen him wear it before. Now tonight I had a dream about my ex boyfriend who I love a lot die. And I was at his funeral with his family crying on his grave. So will this one come true too? I hope not…

  467. phelysha says:

    I have dreams about family & friends unborn children what sex they are how they look and what there name will start with. It all started when I was 14 and has only happened 3 times but each time I was right on the dot with everything I dreamed. Another occasion I had a dream about my friends grandpa who I’ve never met or seen pictures of I described him to her and when she showed me a picture I was dead on. And one weird one I was actually awake watching TV and I heard a car screech and I dog yelp. I ran out side to look and nothing was there. It sounded so close I swore it happen right out side my house. I then became panicked and called all my family. When I got to my cousin she sounded kind of upset. Well turns out her dog was just hit by a car and died right in front of her house! I don’t know what to call or why this happens to me but it scares me

  468. Megan says:

    I dreamt that my friends mum was pregnant with a baby boy and I hadn’t seen any of them for over 5 months and so I met up with my friend and he said that she had a baby brother and I was freaked out. Then I dreamt that my friend was moving schools and going on a cruise and she hadn’t told anyone and that freaked her out a lot! What do I do these dreams happen a lot!!

  469. Amir says:


    I don’t know what’s going on, but sometimes I feel that I have psychic powers without me realizing them until they come true.

    My experiences these days are coming more true than ever. However, my first premonition that came true was back in September 2012, I had a dream where me and my friends, 6 of them were all together in a school hallway, we were wearing outfits that I hadn’t seen before,throughout my life with them, I never saw them wearing these outfits. Surprisingly, the next day, they had the exact same outfits that I had imagined just like my premonition, I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to tell them about the dream, they were both freaked out yet surprised to my premonition, at that time I wasn’t quite sure if it was just a coincidence or was it actually a real premonition.

    My latest dream involved me arguing with my older brother which had turned true the very next day, and nothing had happened the day before that triggered an argument. I was quiet for some time after trying to comprehend the event that was taking place at that moment as well as the dream.
    Since that day till now, my dreams have been coming more and more real whether it’s related to friends, or future events.

    If anyone knows, can you tell me what does this mean, if it is related to psychic powers or is it just random events that are a coincidence??

  470. Fools_Gold says:

    I once had a dream of Me and a beautiful girl with dark brown hair playing guitar on stage together. In my dream she was beautiful and I couldn’t stop looking at her. At the very end of my dream she looked my direction with the most beautiful smile on her face and I woke up. I got a very clear look at her face. That was four years ago and I eventually forgot all about it. I recently started talking to a girl and she wanted to meet in person. As soon as we met, four years after my dream, My dream was suddenly brought back to my full attention. It was the exact same girl in my dream!!!! Craziest part is that this girl plays guitar and the more I talk to her the more I realize how much we have in common.

  471. gina says:

    I was out of the country visiting my husbandand all night on the first nightI dreamed of the number 22 over and over again it just kept repeating woke up very irrated. 3 days later I went to the us my cell phone rang my father died on the 22nd

  472. Mary says:

    I had a dream about 4 nights ago where I jumped off my balcony in my apartmentand usually in that type of dream I would jolt awake while falling or wake up before hitting the ground. This time, I stayed asleep the whole time and even hit the ground in my dream. I was laying on the ground, conscious in my dream but could not move my body. I woke up the next morning and couldn’t stop thinking about this dream.. It really upset me. I’m one of those people who read the news daily, and today I brought up my city’s news online and the first page had a article stating that a women in my city had plunged off her apartment building balcony and killed herself. I think that May be why in my dream I did not wake up before hitting the ground in my dream. This whole thing really upsets me and freaks me out

  473. Alana says:

    Two years ago i had a really odd dream about my boyfriend at the time’s ex. In the dream i was delivering her child and after i delivered her baby boy i had rejoined her back together with my boyfriend. Embarrassed with the fact i had this dream i never told him. A month and a half later we found out that she was pregnant and then when she went for her ultrasound she found out it was a boy. And a month before the baby was born he dumped me for her. Also about six months ago i had a dream about my friend having a baby. In the dream i walked into her house to see her holding a newborn baby boy. She had gotten pregnant and wouldn’t tell her parents until he was born. The baby had blonde hair and large ears. She is currently almost two months pregnant and her boyfriend has blonde hair and big ears. Psychic powers ? Maybe …..

  474. Joy says:

    Way back in the 1980′s I had a dream that began from an aerial view. I was looking down to at least a seven story building that faced the SE primarily made of mossy green colored glass. This huge building was facing a parking lot.
    The next part of my dream involved me being at the end of a hall in this building and knowing that a room down the hall to the right was important. Me and someone were having a conversation in the room while something was drawing our attention down the hall.
    The next part involved me looking into a room down that hall in horror because I knew someone probably my mother was very sick in that room. I was terrified when I woke up. I shook it off as just some crazy dream, I also prayed.
    About eight years later, I took my mother to a neighboring city for bladder cancer surgery. I had never been to that location. There it was the building in my dreams. Then we stood in that same hall. “Mom I know where your room will be,”
    Sadly, I was correct. It all played out just as it had in my dream,

    This would begin her approximate 3 1/2 year courageous fight against cancer.
    I am deeply spiritual.
    This event is something I can’t explain after all these years.
    After her death, I had what I believe to be a visit from her or something very calming (that’s and understatement).
    Those events happened over 20 years ago. I have had one-similar dream that I call my snap shot dreams that was accompanied with a feeling that something woke me up to make sure I remembered the dream,
    The other night I had a dream that about my husband dying from an apparent heart attack. Now I am concerned about what is going on?

  475. Danny says:

    I have had several dreams that come true all the time! When I was 5 i dreamed of a truck rolling backwards towards river at gas station a few days later my step dad fgot out of his truck and didnt set brake. While he was inside my sisters and I were in the truck. The truck soon rolled backwards towards the river behind us before my dream had ended or I woke up I pulled the lever for the E brake. I also had a dream of my dad getting bit by a rattlesnake on our porch I remembered Everything in detail baseball gear we were carring , the order we were walking in to the front door dad being last behind mom carring brother and where i heard the rattle and the first dog to bark (goldie)at the time. I stopped and told my mom in the dream RATTLESNAKE! she said no its a locchust and nudged me on and I woke up. The nextnight after my game we came home and the scene played out….I got nervous I was first walking up and rattle goes off I stop…mom nudged me on ….dad comes up last says what happened two steps more rattle goes off again he gets Bit! I had a dream night before wrecking my car twice in my life about one at 18 and one last year! I rememberd the car the persons name even the last one I had. Next morning I saw the car on road that looked like it from my dream and was nervous as hell cause she was driving crazy . anyway for bout 10 miles she was in my zone u could say I kept an eye on her close she caused a bad wreck and ended up slowing down enough to get my truck hit only by debris and got everyone behind me to be able to not be part of the pile up. Cop asked me how I kept from not getting hit I told him my story and he said he believed me I barley escaped with only a rubbed tire! I also had had dream of being laid off 8yrs ago and it happened last yr but got way better job now! And I have a reoccuring dream of winning lotto with new detail each time I have a list of numbers its not complete yet i try to remeber or if its on my mind as soon as i wake up I put it down…wish me luck! there are alot of others too tired now!

  476. Vivan says:

    I have this dream real and I dreamt it nearly everyday. The dream is that I keep dreaming someone I like but that person doesn’t seem to care in reality but when I dream, I see my crush with me talking, and stuff but I never talk to him In reality but I keep dreaming of my crush everyday talking with me and more stuff we do, I wanna know if it real or not

  477. Princess says:

    Two days in a row, I had a dream that my husband got a girl pregnant. She was at our house for a family get together with the baby boy. She needed help and for some reason, I was the only person who could help her. Each day after the dream I told my husband about it. He confessed a few days later that he did in fact have a week old baby with someone else. How strange is this?

  478. Hailey says:

    Ive had lots of dreams that have come true for example i was sat in a class full of kids my age not knowing any of them and then a year later i see the exact same thing and im actually in my english class in year 7 and the things that are said and done in the dram happen in real life

  479. mike thomas says:

    I had a lot of dreams that came true and one i that I also saved my own life I dreamed about a tree falling across the road and my truck slammed into it and a branch went through the windshield and inPaling me in the chest to the seat I woke up later on the next day on my way home starting raining and storming bad and I got some sort of feeling that came over me as I some how that I have already been going through this somehow then that deja vu feeling came over me I new what was going to happen soon.I was doing exactly everything that I was dreaming before I seen.and then I knew what was going to end up happening to me so I just went into the other lane without no warning and as I did I just miss the tree that was going down across the lanes and save myself from crashing into it like in my dream…

  480. DMM says:

    When i dream of an event, and wake up in a sweat. The event is going to happen. Does not matter if I tell someone or not, for instance I told three people of a bank robbery date, time and the end result everyone laughed but when the event happen as i said it would they got scared and stayed away from me. This has been happening to me since the age of eight. I also have found lost items by visual contact with a deceased person who was gone for years. I have used this in my current job, I know who is going to be in meeting I know how to always turn the ball back on the very person who is trying to get you removed from a position. The out right meaning of all this is good and bad, your lonely because you can’t be fooled unless you want to be fooled, AND the worse is knowing bad things to come.

  481. Erin Hauglin says:

    even sometimes I have these dreams where I am in this ice and snow place with a volcano that’s on fire and all around in this world are runes and simbles. alo I am wering this blue dress with red braclit and a green ring it freaks me out every time.

  482. Erin Hauglin says:

    I have had these dreams since I was 3. my first one was about how I was at this party and there was a jumpy house and balls and there was this girl layla she had a blue dress and white polka dots. the next day it actualy happened . there are more but I do not want to type them all so another one was I was next to my bird cage and I was crying because my bird had fell and hurt something and was dying the next day my mom told me there was something to say. I said I know and there was my bird. my 2nd most recent one was I was sitting with my family and my uncle dissapeard the next day on the news my uncle who worked at the star treck experience (tom deishly) was dead.

  483. shamseena says:

    my dreams do come true . for ex: i have seen my mom declining my holiday suggestion and it happen like with the same dialogue but i only remembered it when it happened!

  484. Maria says:

    Quick dream because I was on the couch at work and crashed for like 10 mins while watching tv.

    Monday Night

    The Dream: I was sitting somewhere everything was white and this person who is apart of a very large group I hangout with every once in a while. I had only spoke to this person maybe twice ever. This person sat next to me and I felt weird.

    Friday Night

    I went to a small party and the person was there and had an actual conversation with him. It was just weird because I hardly ever spoke to the person to begin with but for some reason I had a dream about him.

    inside akward. normaly its not hard for me to make new friends but this time it was weird.

  485. Marie_22 says:

    Hello there,

    I hardly dream but when I do it is usually about other people, and bad things are happening. All have come true. All times, I have spoken of my dreams to one other person.

  486. shy says:

    I have so many dreams that come true,for me its strange im usually in it and most of the time it is i happening to me in the dream,a perfect example i had a dream i was being attacked by freddy krugger my best friends sisters friend was getting stabbed by her ex boyfriend. My dreams happen like this maybe oncea month or so

  487. Marie says:

    I have dreams about normal stuff that really happens almost every day, sometimes it’s only something someone tells me and i heard it in my dream, sometimes its an object and the day after there is someting about it happening.