Psychic Power Video

This psychic power video comes with a surface layer of positive affirmations to help you realize the infinite power of your expanded mind.  Beneath the audio there is another subconscious audio layer that is subliminal in nature and also reinforces the idea that you are a being of infinite power and that your mind is also filled with unlimited power as well.   This psychic power video has also become quite popular on youtube.

Psychic Power Video

Affirmations in this psychic power video include the following:

  • Your mind is super powerful.
  • You are an infinite being of power.
  • The wisdom of the universe flows through you.
  • You are a beacon of supreme power.
  • You flow with power.
  • You are powerful.
  • You flow with light and love.
  • You are a spiritual being.
  • All are attracted to you.
  • You can persuade others with your thoughts alone.
  • You can influence others with your mind.
  • You always think of the higher good.
  • You radiate an immense spiritual power.
  • You are in control of your mind and your life.
  • You sharpen your mind through mental exercises.
  • Meditation is a powerful tool to expand your mind.
  • You meditate on a regular basis.

Feel free to rewatch this video often to help expand your mind and realize it’s infinite potential!

This psychic power video is just one of many found on the motivational videos page at Wealthvibes and on the Vitalwaves youtube channel found here:  Positive Thoughts

Psychic Power Video Videos

Subconscious Mind Power Meditation

This subconscious mind power video contains higher self soul affirmations to help you expand your mind power and super consciousness. Ideal to put you into a deep relaxed meditative state helping you consciously and subconsciously absorb the positive messages.

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  1. pratima says:

    thank you so much for the videos they are very helpful to me i saw first on
    you tube.
    please keep updating me with videos and mails.
    thanks a lot

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